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Big Brother 19 – Saturday Discussions


After about 30 hours of downtime, the feeds returned to be about as disappointing as the downtime itself. Is that going to be the rest of the season?  With Josh in the house, probably not, but it was still a boring night in the house.

When they returned, Christmas and Raven (odd pairing) were talking while Paul was sleeping in his bed…errr, the HoH bed. Downstairs most of the guys were sitting around the bedroom talking. That’s it.  Later on in the evening, talks came up about the new twist and the veto today which can probably be summarized in two sentences but for the sake of this blog I’ll try to make it into three or four.

First, the veto.  As you know by now, Jason and Matt were nominated as pawns.  As expected, Christmas is making a MAJOR move by trying to backdoor the one remaining person on the ‘other side’ of the house.  Bold. We already know this huge move will go down in the Big Brother archives because nothing is more exciting than 7 people following 1 person while picking off others one by one.  To those who don’t know me – this is obvious sarcasm. Back to the plan… if Mark doesn’t win veto, he’s going home.  If he does win veto, Matt will probably go home but that could cause a little drama from Raven when she realizes she’s not safe. Would she team up with Mark to form some makeshift alliance to take down the top? Doubtful. She’ll just piss and moan about it until she’s evicted herself.


Also, the new twist was revealed as you can see in the image above. There are 6 ‘temptations’ with various rewards and punishments.  Most are pretty stupid, and one of the fairly decent ones ‘save a friend’ was already picked by Mark who decided to save Paul.  Really. I don’t know why Mark picked that, but my guess is it’s random as ‘save a friend’ is a stupid pick for someone with no friends left in the house.  He used it on Paul because Paul is safe anyway with Christmas running the show (so much for Christmas making an actual ‘big move’ this week). Rather than try to shake up the house by saving the house pawn, Matt, Mark threw the prize away. No matter who he saved would be useless, so this is super minor nitpicking, but the last person I’d use it on would be Paul just out of pride.

I personally have a few things scheduled today so I won’t be able to really update until later. That said, I really don’t expect a whole lot. Saturday afternoons are notoriously boring as people wait around for the PoV and then the veto comp usually takes a few hours.  With this house of duds, I’m expecting an already boring Saturday afternoon to be extra boring. The only thing that can shake up this week is if Mark is picked to play, and wins the competition.  If that doesn’t happen, well… I  guess this week would be a great time to enjoy summer before it ends?


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  1. hogwild

    Wow these major game moves almost left unable to type this comment.

  2. Avatar

    I think the show on Friday was a waste of the viewer time. They made sound like it was going to something interesting. This season is a joke,they kick out the real players for cry babies. I wish someone tournaments on Paul he is playing them,I don’t want Paul to win anything,If Paul ends up being one of the last three people standing . I am not going to watch this show any more and I love Big Brother, These people don’t know how to play.

    • Sassy

      Joan – I am also #teamanyonebutPaul. This is a disappointing season, and I have considered turning it off myself, yet I am still here… I keep hoping something exciting will happen, yet it doesn’t. I continue to hold out hope that someone/anyone will get their head out of Paul’s ass long enough to breath the air and think about how they can win the 500K! Wishful thinking, and I am prepared to be disappointed for the next 5 weeks.

      • NKogNeeTow

        Sass, you’ve heard the old saying “It ain’t over till the fat lady sings”? I am team Paul, I also like Kevin, Jason, and the way Alex plays (when she’s not being an ass, which lately, she’s been frequently). Some of the HG that people wanted to win, are either already gone or on their way out. The pickins are slim right now…real slim. But you never give up hope. Even though everyone says Paul has already won, I never take anything for granted. Something could always happen at the last minute, to turn things around. You never know. But no matter what the outcome or how much we bitch, moan and complain, true BB lovers will stick it out till the end, then come back next year for more. 🙂

    • NKogNeeTow

      Joan, just because you don’t like the players, don’t give up on the game.

      And Welcome to the Board 🙂

  3. Avatar

    So on Friday show Paul mentioned in DR being surprised he was completely safe during a DE night. He has to be wondering if some of these people are acting and have secret plans to get him out now that numbers are gettting smaller. They don’t but he can’t know that. It will be amusing if Paul begins to get paranoid and stressed for no reason becaue he can’t figure out who is plotting against him and will be the ones to blindside him.

    • Mel

      Susan don’t believe anything any of them say in the diary room. It’s all scripted. Before anyone jumps on the bandwagon of this being a conspiracy theory, listen to the houseguests because they complain about it too and have for years.

      • NKogNeeTow

        Alex said it the other night Mell. Someone asked her the other night, what took her so long in the DR. She said she kept messing up what they wanted her to say and had to keep doing it over. That was the first time I had ever actually heard someone admit it. What I found funny was Production didn’t catch it and cut to fishes in time.

    • Mel

      Susan, my sarcasm wasn’t directed at you. I was just putting it out there in advance because if you state a fact regarding production that has been proven over and over again, you still get labeled a conspiracy nut and if you criticize Paul in any way, a few will start telling you how you must hate him and hate Big Brother.

      • AIO_7

        HMMMMMMM…I wonder who that could be.

      • LindsayB

        Jesus Christ people. Just say my name. Passive aggressive isn’t a good look. For the record, it’s obvious diary room sessions have to be led. They have to talk about something that has already happened in a way that it’s happening currently. They also need to vet out different scenarios to have DR clips. The ridiculous bullshit that I point out is just that. Ridiculous.

      • AIO_7

        Now, now, Lindsay.

      • Avatar

        Lindsay, I love ya, sister. You and I disagree on many things, but agree on a few things too. Regardless of our differences, I respect you and your right to have your opinions. (Still, I know you are absolutely wrong because I am absolutely right….KIDDING!).

      • LindsayB

        Love you too Sauce!!

      • AIO_7

        “Lindsay, I love ya, sister.”

        Me too; and I like her spice.

      • LindsayB

        Well shit. Things just got all sweet up in here. Thanks AI. I love ya. Even when we disagree.

      • Mel

        Lindsay, I didn’t say your name because I wasn’t referring to you. I suppose it could describe you at times on this site but I wasn’t specifically referring to BBJ and you weren’t remotely in my thoughts when I typed that. Its not my issue if you think you resemble that comment. I also think being passive aggressive on a site like this is a much better choice than being aggressive. We all have differing opinions and joke about them daily. I’ve never intentionally disrespected anyone on here in the past and I especially wouldn’t do it since I’ve began writing posts on Steve’s blog this year. I wanted to clear that up so there wouldn’t be any misunderstanding.

      • LindsayB

        Fair enough. Odd tho since I’m by far the most vocal Paul supporter and anti conspiracy theorist on here.

      • Mel

        As I said, I wasn’t referring to “on here.” BBJ is home but I go on a lot of sites and spend quite a bit of time on Twitter cracking up at how insane the comments are. The Paul and Jody fans are completely nuts on there. I chat on several sites too a little but this one is by far the best imo so when I’m venting or ranting, I usually do it here. I love Steve’s blog and it’s also the only one I’m writing editorials for so I consider it home. No worries…

      • caRyn

        I love Paul. I loved Justin on BBOTT. You like who you like. I learned about how DR sessions went with BBOTT. The hg read the question from the card(s). Regular BB may be the same only production speaks and then their questions are edited out. Idk.

  4. Avatar

    Not only did BB production get this one wrong by handing out 8 immune friendship bracelets, I think they are also realizing that Paul really cannot carry a whole season of Big Brother.

    If his gameplay was so stellar you wouldn’t have to create silly Temptations Just to equal out things on the other side.

    Not only is the majority of people left in the house recipients of the friendship bracelets. Their main guy is now actually using the nights to sleep.

    In reality I would still like to see Paul up and out of there just for the sheer drama and climactic affect it would produce, and have somebody like Kevin maybe even Mark win it all.

    But as of now as we fans have suffered through an awful season minus a couple of fire worked filled weeks, I too would also like BB production to come and join us in the suffering as well.

    And there’s only one good way to make sure that happens, we would need Raven to sit in the final two and ultimately win the 500K.

    This is Pure Fantasy but one can dream right!

    • Colby

      I was right there with you until you mentioned Raven winning.
      That would not be a dream, or even a nightmare. That would be a night terror!

      • Avatar

        Ha, that night of terror is exactly the reaction I want production to have, thus that’s why in fantasy I would want her to win. She would be the worst player in history to win it, the most undeserving, and production would be besides themselves with a great cap to wrecked season.

        Of course I really don’t want her to win, but serves them right if she did, with all this fixing and manipulating that has just turned into an epic failure.

    • Avatar

      Agreed on everything until you mentioned Raven winning. the totality of Raven’s game rests on drumming up sympathy from the HGs by talking about herself.

      I know not everyone agrees that Paul had an unfair advantage coming in, but I do think it is pretty obvious. Now, one could argue that production has to give vets a leg up to ensure that they aren’t the first ones out, but it wouldn’t be an issue at all if they JUST STOPPED BRINGING VETS BACK. All Star seasons are for people who have played before. I’m down for watching the good players from season’s past play against each other to see how they would modify their games to defeat others who have mad BB skills. It would be fun to watch. But, let newbies play newbies so we can see if any of them are game geniuses with moves that wow and impress us.

      I don’t think BB did any favors to the show or Paul by bringing him back. People are unhappy at production about it and it certainly seems to me that Paul’s popularity and “star power” may have taken a hit.

      • AIO_7

        ….”and it certainly seems to me that Paul’s popularity and “star power” may have taken a hit.”

        Oh, it has. CBS and Paul have forgotten that Victor was a big part of Paul’s popularity last year. Also, Paul was the “best” of a very bad final 4 last year.

      • Avatar

        Totally agree with you, QUIT BRINGING BACK BB VETS… and besides who would they ever think to bring back from this group!!??

      • Avatar

        I will preface this by saying I did like Cody and Jessica because I thought they were there to play. I may not have liked them if they were in a house full of more dynamic people. But, if BB decides to bring back a vet next year, which I hope they don’t, I would like to see Cody actually have a chance to play. The odds were not in his favor the second Paul showed up with his friendship bracelets and 3 weeks of safety.

  5. Avatar

    Production did a TERRIBLE job of casting this year. Just not the right combo of personalities. I will say I’m sure they anticipated much more from Megan and were caught completely off guard by her self eviction. But that was ONE person. And even though I know they don’t want the audience to know or think they do this, but production has also done a TERRIBLE job of directing this year. It would be interesting to know changes and turnovers on the BB production team, mainly the casting team. It might really shed some light.
    Anyhow bigger hopes for BB20!!

  6. AIO_7

    Some of you might have already seen Cody’s post BB house comments, but I just saw them.

  7. Avatar

    BB producers need to take a lesson from Survivor, when people started figuring out when merge & other things would a occur they changed it up & kept changing so it was new, this nonsense of knowing when certain comps would play, when de would happen etc. Is just dumb. Wake up production same stupid games with different themes is still same stupid games.

    • AIO_7

      That, and they always seem to have to have reoccurring names and obligatory dudes from Texas.

      • Avatar

        They need to do something next season to shake things up so people are forced to play to survive. Otherwise, they run the risk of only getting HGs who are there for exposure rather than to play. Knowing what’s coming just gives those there for exposure more opportunity to maximize their time in the house by doing nothing noteworthy to risk their “game.” I’d rather watch paint dry than watch people just sitting around not even trying. I think that is why Cody’s popularity surged. He was at least there to play. Paul also does well in popularity polls because he is there to play. Raven, Elena …. not playing = not popular. Regardless of whether we like how someone plays the game, we want people to actually play.

  8. Jannie

    Didn’t they show Halloween in the DR last night at the end of the show saying that she really needed to win the HOH so that she could “make a really big move that none of them would see coming?”
    What a joke.
    It will be Alex, Jason and Paul in the final three. While I would like to see Jason win, Paul will take the $$. And let’s face it, he would deserve it.
    And with all the talk of “meatballs” from Josh, I have found myself referring to him as a MeatHEAD for weeks.
    He’s Paul’s little organ grinder monkey.
    Like we all say every year…”they all suck!”

    • Mel

      I’ve had a feeling Jason may have to go. I don’t see Paul wanting to keep Alex and Jason together that close to the end. I do think it will be interesting to see how Paul gets him evicted so that Alex doesn’t hold it against him. He’s already planted seeds with Matt and Raven so maybe he’s hoping one of them will get an HOH and do the dirty work. I still think he wants Josh Alex or Christmas for a final two. They’re also the main three people he has go after everyone getting evicted. If the jury is bitter, it’s better for Paul if they have images of those three slinging the insults before people leave.

      • Avatar

        If Paul is smart …. and I think we can all agree he is …. his F3 has to be Christmas and Josh.

        I think Cody was right that Alex and Jason will be targets. Stupid of them not to listen. He may have been their shot at winning. Collectively, Alex and Jason are too close to each other for Paul’s comfort. It actually has the potential to be a stronger pairing than most showmanes because it is based entirely on genuine friendship and respect with no hormonal interference. Individually, Alex is a strong competitor. Jason has good relationships with outliers like Kevin, which could translate into votes. This will make Paul nervous so I don’t see him taking either of them that far. In an F3 scenario, the odds are strong that Alex and Jason cut Paul before F2, especially if Jason’s wife is pregnant. Plus, they would have to know that their odds of winning are lower against Paul than against each other. Not to mention, in F2, they both get money. Paul will nurture the seed Cody planted into a redwood of distrust with everyone else in the house and they will turn on Alex and Jason soon. Question is when …. I think right after Mark is evicted. He’ll need the numbers with Matt and Raven to get Alex and Jason out.

        Kevin – gone, but depending on who wins what, he could last a couple more weeks. People like him, which makes him a threat to jury votes for anyone in the F3.

        Matt and Raven – gone. It would be 2 against 1 in any F3 scenario. Too dangerous because they could take each other to F2. They both stand a much better shot at winning against each other than against Paul and even those blockheads have to know that.

        That leaves Scooter and the Puppet with Paul at the end. Scooter can’t compete in physical challenges, which equals no threat. Josh is a twit and no one would vote for him to win. Paul knows this.

      • Mel

        I agree with that. I see Josh and Christmas as his first choices but I throw Alex into the mix because she may not go down so easily and he may not have a choice. Lol

      • Avatar

        Agreed, Mell.

      • Avatar

        I think Paul’s ideal F3 would be Josh and Matt. No one will give Joshy boy a winner’s vote, nor would they give Matty a vote. Besides Raven, of course.

        Paul will have this game in the bag no matter who he brings to the final two. But, I think Xmas ‘might’ be more likely to get some votes if she were sitting next to Paul. So Paul would be smart to not bring Xnas to final 3, IMO.

      • Mel

        Stemmie, Matts actually a good choice too. I didn’t even think of him & I think it’s because we forget he’s there. If it ended today Matt won a veto by default Because the actual winner didn’t take the veto. The only way Paul would be in trouble with him is if instead of speeches, they have to race to plow through a box of cereal while the jury watches.

      • Avatar

        Haha, yep Mell.

        OR Josh and Raven in F3, and I think they’d both take Paul to F2, and Paul would beat both. Raven would get Matt’s vote. (Unless he thinks she is terrible in bed… then she might not even get his vote.)

  9. Alda

    Paul told Josh he wants Mark then Jason out.I think he’ll want Josh in the final three.Not so sure now who he wants for the third person.

    • Shivani33

      Also, Paul said that Alex and Kevin “will never work together.” The plans don’t seem to be set in stone quite yet about which of these two would be better to clip, in part because they are lower on the eviction pecking order. If Mark becomes unavailable for eviction, then evicting Cowpoke is gaining lots of ground. One reason is simply to separate Alex from him, as Paul doesn’t want to keep Alex having any conflicting loyalty to Paul vs. the cowboy. And Paul knows that Alex is more supportive of him than Cowpoke is.

      I don’t think that anyone REALLY wants to bring Alex to the end though, except Cowpoke. She isn’t weak enough to risk keeping much longer. Kevin is seen as easier to get rid of than Alex, (and Kevin knows too much sauce about Paul) so Kevin has a spot on the very adaptive eviction list. But then again, so does Alex. One question: when will Raven go? Is she, like Josh, being kept around for late-game disposal? When, if ever will she get busted for being, as Kevin put it, “the healthiest sick girl he’s ever seen”?

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  11. Mel

    Mark gets to play in Veto.

  12. Mel

    Mark Paul and Raven were picked to play

    • Avatar

      Well we know Raven isn’t winning veto… unless Paul has an opportunity to throw it to her.

      • Mel

        It may depend on what the competition is because she’s came in second at least twice. Apparently Christmas got to pick and she picked Raven to play because Jason got a little nervous over that decision.

  13. Avatar

    This is where Cody needs to relax for a week then start to go to work with each juror as they walk through that door if he truly doesn’t want Paul to win the money.

    And if Paul is the smart cookie as he appears to be, he not only should let other HOH’s do the dirty work of nominations, but after each Veto he should reassure the dead man walking that he is doing everything in his power to keep them there when in reality he really isn’t.

    Because the votes right now are not a slam dunk in his favor, and Alex along with Josh hold the two biggest evictions thus far (Jess and Cody) on their HOH weeks; even though Paul orchestrated as such.

    Getting rid of Matt right now is not in his best interest, and he should push for a tie, make Christmas be the villain with the tie breaker, and blame it on Kevin who is already next man up after Mark.

    • Shivani33

      Kevin isn’t that high on the eviction list. Complaining about Kevin amongst houseguests is being used as a distraction for now. It keeps other, more immediate targets complacent about their place in the game. I think after Mark, or before Mark depending on how things go, Jason is the real target.

      • Avatar

        That’s why he must blame it on Kevin to keep the distraction going, if they decide to put Kevin up, its simply because he’s always been a back up plan that now takes front and center.

        Slam dunk evictions with 6-0 votes does not equate to great gameplay, which Paul will need vs Jury votes.

  14. Avatar

    honestly at this point i only see paul and alex not in the finals if mark or kevin gets hoh…was sad to see elena go…matt and raven are furniture who complain about gastro-whatever and eat cereal 24/7,josh is that one person i would rather not ever meet in my entire life, kevin i see some people like him,honestly i dont,but hes ok.jason is just doing whatever alex wants.oh,yeah,christmas…i think she lost her brain along with the capacity to walk…so yeah,rooting for a miracle happen to mark and he stays(maybe turning on matt,apparently they wanted to do that in the double eviction but josh swayed people agains elena)

  15. Shivani33

    Jason was asking why Christmas chose Raven rather than Alex to play in the Veto comp. Lol.

  16. Avatar

    If Christmas doesn’t backdoor Paul, this season is toast for the entire house. I wish someone would explain that to them so they will wake the frik up. This is worse than watching paint dry. I don’t really care who wins, even Paul, I just want to see some game play.

  17. Tinkerbell

    Matt is a Have Not. No cereal – he’s going to die .

  18. Tinkerbell

    YIKES! I’m wrong. So sorry. Josh and Mark volunteered. All I heard was them joking about Matt wouldn’t be able to have cereal if he volunteered. Sssooorrryyy

  19. caRyn

    There are 6 males and 3 females left in the BB house. I haven’t heard anything in the past few days about Christmas, Alex or Raven being targets. I have heard they want Mark and Matt out. FYI: I am only watching BBAD.

    • caRyn

      I just watched BBAD. Paul and Josh were talking in the storage room saying Mark and Jason need to go. Paul said Alex and Kevin will never work together. After Mark and Jason are evicted Paul said Matt and Kevin are next.

  20. Avatar

    Wish I could take five of these players and make them America’s player where they would have to perform given tasks given by people on this blog or else they get evicted immediately!

    With some of the good analysis and gameplay thoughts that I’ve read on here we could turn this season around real quick.

  21. McCoy

    Matt has to know if he or his “alliance” doesn’t win veto that he is going home. I actually think that if Paul/Alex/Jason were smart they would form an alliance with Mark. If they could actually be loyal to eachother they would run the table to final 4. Matt this week, and then pick off the weaklings one by one. Paul could convince Mark he wants to give him another chance all along voting out Mark in 4th place and then the last comp would be for all the marbles between the 3 left.

  22. Tinkerbell

    Oh.My.Gosh! These wack jobs are complete morons. They are so jealous of Cody, and completely obsessed with him. He is all they talk about……day and night. I want to Cody to win AFP to shove it in their flippin’ loud mouth faces

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