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Big Brother 19 – Saturday Feed Updates


Today is a big day in the Big Brother house that could completely shift the entire future of the season.  If Cody is picked to play in the PoV and wins…

Oops, scratch that.  They already drew names and Paul & Mark are the people who are going to play today (along with Alex and the noms). This means there is about a 99% chance whoever wins the veto uses it on someone and Cody is the replacement nom and first in jury.  While that could change, it’s unlikely to because the power in the house doesn’t need him, the non-powers of the house don’t believe they’re non-powers, and he’s just going to sit in the HN room all week and not try.

Maybe production will toss Cody some hints on the angles he can work to stay in the house, but something tells me he just doesn’t care and wouldn’t try even if given a roadmap to avoid eviction this week. There is almost no chance Cody is going to want to talk to anyone in the house and try to strike deals because he just doesn’t like anyone and isn’t going to fake it. That’s the way he is, so if you’re a Cody fan, get all you can this week because he’s almost certain to go home on Thursday.



  • 9:40 am – Alex, Paul, and Jason are in the HoH room having a little sewing circle to trash people
    • (and it’s ironic that Alex is doing it while wearing a ‘petty’ hat)
    • The talk starts with Kevin and how they’re not really buying his act anymore.
    • Paul says that Kevin only says he misses his family but doesn’t really
    • Alex says he was all depressed and faking it when Jillian was evicted. Playing the ‘old man role’
    • She said Christmas agrees that Kevin is getting weird
    • Talk turns to how weird Kevin is with Christmas
    • Jason then talks about how Christmas was all over her until he broke her foot
    • Alex says Christmas is super crazy lol
    • Jason says he can’t stand the pair of Matt and Raven
    • Jason asks why Kevin has to be such a douche
    • Oh I forgot to mention them mentioning how much Raven eats for someone so sick
  • 10:45 am – The talk is done and everyone waiting for POV now
  • 11:00 am – Josh and Jason are talking
    • Josh is explaining his problem with Mark. He is still upset over the pickle juice incident despite multiple apologies from Mark
  • 11:23 am – Christmas tells Paul something she saw about 9 blocks. Sounds like she’s speculating it’s going to be a face morph type of puzzle for veto.
    • I’m not sure how she got a peek of that
  • Shout out to Latoya for the donation! Thank you!
  • 12:20 pm – Kevin, Paul, Jason, and Josh are sitting around chatting while some of the girls are in the bathroom getting ready
  • 2:00 pm – Cody is chatting with Kevin and Mark about random stuff. I’m sure this conversation would be Christmas-approved, but I’ll keep my ear out for any reference to the show or house.
    • Mark isn’t taking any chances of Christmas rolling on by and catching them talk. He’s keeping his back to Cody!
  • 2:10 pm – Stepping away for a bit. Veto should happen soon and that could take some hours. I’ll check in when I get home!
    • If you want some laughs, watch Josh try to educate Paul on what is going on in the house. Paul is doing a great job humoring him and making him feel important, but it’s almost embarrassing watching Josh tell Paul about the house. It’s like me trying to give Tom Brady tips on football.  Ok maybe not that extreme, but still funny
  • 4:15 pm – I’m back, feeds are down for veto.
  • Huge shoutout to Cooper for the donation today. You guys are amazing!
  • 4:55 pm – Feeds back. Josh rambling about how awful someone is. I’m guessing Elena
    • Yup, it’s Elena he’s calling selfish, etc
    • Christmas is tossing around the idea of getting out Elena. I wonder what happened during the PoV. They may keep Cody?
    • There were prizes and punishments
    • Sounds like Alex has to wear a costume and serve hotdogs?
    • Jason picked the veto but someone took it and gave him what sounds like a punishment. Maybe unitard
    • Christmas talks about sometime being able to play. Nobody cares, Christmas. You’re only still in the house because you can’t play in comps
    • Kevin jokes about Paul and maybe Alex getting plenty of time to know each other. I think they’re going to be linked together
    • Alex says that they were final 2 and Elena told Alex not to worry about being cursed, but cursed Alex.  Uh oh
    • Random but Alex got the coke she wanted from the HoH basket
    • What I gather is that Alex had a cash prize but Elena took it from her and now Elena may get evicted
    • Someone got an Outback dinner
    • Someone says ‘Raven is coming’ and a few people grumble
    • Jason leaves and Alex trips him. He falls on his face.
    • It sounds like Matt may have won the PoV which could definitely screw with plans if he takes himself off (there is no replacement for him)
    • Mark finish 5th place but was able to snag a trip to Colorado from it

Veto results….

  • Mark – Trip to Colorado
  • Jason – Unitard
  • Paul – Strapped to Christmas for 2 days
  • Alex – May have to make hot dogs for a week
  • Elena – won money
  • Matt – Veto winner
  • 5:15 pm – Cody comes into the bedroom and calls Elena crazy for taking the money.  She asks if she should have done that. He says he thinks it’s great
    • Elena asks if taking 5 grand will make her more of a target, and Cody says yes, but she’s already a huge target (good to see Cody is still observant)
    • Elena thinks that Matt is going to use the veto on Jason. Cody calls him a pussy
    • Elena is realizing that she’s going to be a pawn until she’s voted out.  Cody is stoked, it’s crazy seeing him happy
    • This is definitely going to be framed as if Elena may go home for not taking the veto. She won the comp and could have picked any prize
    • Paul was almost going to be strapped to Cody which would have been hilarious.  Paul asked Cody and he almost said yes
  • 5:30 pm – Matt says he is 100% using the veto to save Jason which will get Cody on the block
    • I know it won’t happen but I’d love to see Matt get voted out for not saving himself
    • I’m stepping away until things settle down. They are getting some booze tonight, so I need to rest up and be ready for night feeds. I’m going to probably start a new thread when I return

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  1. ElaineB

    Guess it is time for Cody to go stare at walls in the jury house.

    • ElaineB

      He did talk a bit with Kevin, so maybe he will socialize a bit more.

      • AIO_7

        At this point, with the showmance over, I’d like to see Cody stay.

      • Avatar

        I get the feeling that Cody will get evicted and we’ll see him escaping the jury compound in a white bronco with helicopters following the chase. Or they’ll give him a boatload of cash to stay at the jury house.

      • Sassy

        They may have to offer him a ton of cash to get him to stay. I would not blame him if he walked out… Make the jury 7, the next person would be PISSED…

      • NKogNeeTow

        I think Cody might be looking forward to the JH. He hates the people in the house so badly that he’s probably looking forward to having the Jury house all to himself for at least a week.

      • AIO_7

        It’s double eviction week….two people will be going to jury. Cody will have about half an hour alone there.

      • Sassy

        I would not blame him if he walked out of jury house, making it so both evictees go home… I can’t imagine he is going to like these people any more when they arrive at Jury with him…

      • Sassy

        I would not blame him if he walked out the door and went home…

  2. AIO_7

    This bitch is so full of herself, and Paul is trying to equal her in bullshitery.


  3. Avatar

    I’ve been watching BBAD this morning and Paul is bugging the holy living shite out of me. Several different people have been talking about their feelings in the house and every time Paul brings it around to himself and how he felt and acted after last years experience . Dude, it’s not alway about you. Let these people talk if they want to. He does love the sound of his own voice.

    • NKogNeeTow

      Same here. I just finished watching last night’s BBAD and was confused about what the heck was going on with Paul. What was with him running around the house like a jackleg Dr.Phil making house calls? In any other circumstances, it might have been the right thing to do, but with him, it just seems out of place and I don’t buy it from him. I knew he had gone over the top when he strolled into the HN room and volunteered to be a sounding board for Cody….Are you frikken kidding me? In WHAT parallel dimension did Paul EVER think that Cody would confide in him about ANYTHING!

      • Ann

        Paul is starting to get a little too big for his britches. The game is far from being over & things change on the dime there so he’d better slow his roll. I’m a Paul fan & I don’t want him to be the one to get evicted in the double eviction & then have to be alone with Cody in the jury house. What a wonderful vacation that would be.

      • ElaineB

        Now Ann, that would be camera feed worthy to have those two in the jury house.

      • Ann

        @ElaineB, yes ma’am it would be if they would let us watch. Paul would be added to the missing persons list. Cody would make him disappear with a quickness. Lol

      • ElaineB

        Either that or Paul would follow him around with his ‘Messiah Complex’ telling him what an important human being he (Paul) is to the outside world. Then Cody would be on the missing persons list, cause he would find a way to disappear himself.

      • Ann

        @ElaineB, if I was Paul, I would keep my ass the hell away from Cody. Cody does not look stable & he always looks like he’s dangling on by a thread & ready to go off at any minute. He would probably snap Paul’s neck like a chicken bone.

        Wath out there now Paul……

      • Sassy

        I think they will be fine in the JH, they seem to be having descent conversations with each other tonight.

      • Avatar

        Probably working on jury votes.

  4. AIO_7

    Kevin and Cody were having a heart to heart and BB switches all the feeds to Cowpoke and Slosh pretty much talking about nothing.


  5. Mel

    This would never happen but I would love it if Mark won the veto and pulled Matt off the block. Elena or Jason would have to go home. There was a time before Jason drank the Kool-Aid that it could have been a beneficial game moved too. Jason and Mark have been quietly working together for a while, there was a time when Jason was very open to working with Cody, a time when Jason wanted to target Paul and a time when Cody, Matt and Mark had an alliance. Elena would go home and you would have three strong male competitors plus a cereal eating chair working together against the rest of the house. It would completely change the game…. but it won’t. It was only a thought.

  6. Avatar

    Lettuce pray that, in this lamentable season of rigged BB temptations, BB production has one more trick up their sleeves and figures out a way for Cody to win PoV.

  7. Mel

    *Paul and Christmas both agreed that neither of them like talking about themselves.
    *Christmas said if she had really wanted to be famous she would have became a pornstar.
    *Cody told Kevin that he had a 5 year old daughter and that his brother died in a motorcycle accident. This conversation didn’t evolve in a feel sorry for me and vote to keep me kind of way.
    *Alex told Jason she can’t promise him she will take him to the final two instead of Paul.
    *Alex also said she’s happy to come in second to Paul since Paul’s brand is friendship.
    * Matt told Raven she’s so much cuter when she isn’t speaking and she’s pouting over it.
    * Alex has a new theory which is that Kevin sees her as a shot caller so he needs to overthrow her to become the boss.
    * Matt and Raven are very excited that once Cody leaves Paul can probably make it all the way to final five without having to worry about being nominated. They are very happy about this and feel Paul is perfectly willing to be a pawn but that it isn’t necessary.
    * Paul Jason and Alex appear to be very serious about cutting Kevin and letting Christmas take his place along with Josh in their final five.
    * Jason told Alex about his conversation with Mark and Mark wanting to target Paul. Alex told him that Paul already knew.

    * Yes, this is the level of stupidity we are really at in this house.

    • g8trgirl

      The racist season (was it 15?) was the worst season and this one comes in second, with season 17 and those obnoxious twins coming in third. But hey, I’m still here. Lol

    • Avatar

      If Paul’s brand is friendship, Alex’s must be stupidity.

    • Shivani33

      The other night, Maven were alone talking about how no one in the house has even noticed that they have a F3 with Paul. Paul has F2 or F3 deals with Alex and Jason, with only Alex, with Kevin, and last night Christmas & Josh had a private chat about their impenetrable F3 with Paul. Even Elena sees Paul as her crown jewel to some extent. The best laid plans of mice and men….

      Also, though it’s possible that Jessica kept Cody’s confidence about having a daughter, his brother’s death on a motorcycle has been mentioned occasionally by other players throughout the game. Cody hasn’t been secretive about it but also hasn’t wanted to go on and on about it, either, which I think is natural in these circumstances. Most people tend to keep devastating experience deep in their hearts and open up about it mainly with loved ones and close friends. Cody only had one person in that house with whom he opened himself. Kevin and he are sharing their mutual melancholy, now that the end feels so real. But Kevin said that he gave up trying to work with Cody as a gamer after the Josh, Jessica and Cody encounter.

      I do wonder if Kevin has caught the “I give up” disease some time ago, somehow all on his own, or if it’s just a phase. My sense is that he is worried a lot about having damaged himself on camera with his family watching/ listening, and it’s been breaking him. From things that Kevin has said, this isn’t at all the first time that he has put his wife and kids through tough experiences. It could be that he’s afraid that they’ve had enough.

    • ElaineB

      The goals from this experience, of so many of the newbies, ‘have been met’ according to the convos I have been hearing. Heck, we might as well just stop the game now, since they all seem to be in agreement that losing to Paul is a good thing. The HGs that put Paul’s name in the air are being targeted. Guess at F4 they can draw straws for the 50K and all go home. This is ridiculous.

      • ElaineB

        Dr. Will isn’t going to have to sit down with these dodos to discuss pros and cons of the F2 candidates. Why bother? Lol.

    • Gerardo (Domini-CAN not Domini-CAN'T)

      “Alex told Jason she can’t promise him she will take him to the final two instead of Paul.”

      If that doesn’t wake Jason the hell up, I don’t know what else possibly could.

  8. Shivani33

    When Paul went to see Cody last night, as I mentioned before, Paul said that the two could talk anytime, if Cody were to be feeling alone and just wanted a non-gaming conversation. As Paul went on and on, finally he said, “even if you just want to talk about motorcycles.” Cody’s brother died in a motorcycle accident while Cody was stationed abroad. Paul knows this and ironically chose the very most painful, “random” topic to encourage Cody to want to chit-chat about with anyone. I can only imagine how the melancholy Cody felt listening to this. My God.

    I’m not pro-Cody or anti-Paul and don’t have one particular favorite to win BB19. As sharp as Paul is vs. how sharp he might see himself, this moment exemplified for me Paul’s youthful imperceptivities with regard to hearing and listening. And talking. He was going on about how he was hurt in his previous Season and had hardened himself to keep a line between personal reactions and game responses. Then, whether inadvertently or not, he put in a seemingly casual remark about motorcycles. Way to go, Paul.

    • Avatar
      Helen (5154 comments)

      In Paul’s defense ( I think I am the only person left on this site not bashing Paul ). Cody has repeatly said he is an avid motorcycle fan and has been around and ridden motorcycles since he was 2 years old….

      • LindsayB

        I’m still here Helen!! #teamPaul

      • Mel

        I bash the way the games going. I think Paul is a crappy person but I haven’t said he’s playing bad. It isn’t his fault this may actually be the worst players that have ever played this game. I’m not one of the viewers who says that every year and I do not say it lightly.

      • ElaineB

        I am not bashing Paul, and he will win. I am bashing the lackluster game play of the other HGs that are so-called ‘competing’. In reality, all of our discussions here are about who will be sitting next to Paul and get the second prize. The rest is history because these HGs are ‘awed’ by Paul, rather than ‘angered’ by him, which they should be for 500K. I am resolute that Paul will win. Guess you all are entertaining enuff to keep me here….for now.

      • Alda

        Team Paul here too!

      • Shivani33

        Helen, I’m fond of Paul and have been since he first showed up on BB18, even when lots of people didn’t like him at all. However, I don’t see him or others through rose-colored glasses. To be fair, he’s like all of us, with favorable/unfavorable aspects being seen through an ever-evolving set of viewpoints, mine included. I still love Abrahamian. ♡ This is regardless of critiques or observations.

      • Avatar
        Helen (5154 comments)

        @Elaine……I disagree that Paul will automatically win 500k.
        If he is up against Kevin….Kevin will win it
        Alex. Alex is in an alliance with Paul but she is also making sure that the other HG think she is Paul’s mouthpiece……so that if she Is sitting next to him in F2 he will more than likely be blamed for the people getting evicted,not her…….votes would be pretty close with those 2. She would have several for sure votes
        Jason…Alex is also setting Jason up in the event he is sitting in F2…..he also has several for sure votes
        Paul may get to F2 but based on prior years and bitter juries that 500 k will certainly be just as elusive for him this year too

      • Ann


      • ElaineB

        Helen~ From your lips to the BB gods’ ears, I would be thrilled if my prediction about Paul is proved wrong. In fact, it would be sweet to have him in the F2 and lose….again. At this point, I am not seeing anything but reverence for Paul by the other HGs and I believe that he can get five votes. Hey girl, I am ready to be proven wrong…..bring it on HG!

      • Mel

        I don’t see the jury giving Kevin the money over Paul…no way. The houseguest don’t feel that he’s done anything so even if they like him, they won’t respect his game. In a normal season I would say that if he was the one to take out Paul he would gain respect but I actually think whoever takes out Paul will lose to a bitter jury as a punishment for taking Paul out.

  9. kneeless

    Christmas is like like a dog with a bone. She keeps telling & retelling her confrontation with Mark last night. I swear she & Paul could talk about nothing all day long. These idiots are driving me crazy!! It’s pretty pathetic when Cody seems like a good option… almost!

  10. Shivani33

    Christmas and Elena assuring Raven that her Go Fund Me must have more $$$ than she’ ll make in game/jury, as Raven frets about car payments and health insurance and what she’ll have after the game. Christmas said that her anti-nausea pills cost $110 apiece. Raven counters this by talking about her thyroid meds. MattRess congratulates Christmas for telling off Josh.

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  12. Sassy

    I can only hope that Matt wins and takes himself off the block.

  13. Shivani33

    Paul says he’d like to throw the Veto comp to avoid controversy about saving someone. He said he’d save Cowpoke, but that it doesn’t matter if Elena gets saved either.

  14. Shivani33

    Raven was just alone again up in the HoH room. I watched her take new eye makeup out of Alex’s HoH basket. Quickly , she used an eye shadow shade and put it back in the basket. Who knows if she had permission, but she looked sneaky, despite her habit of playing to the cameras. Incredibly unsanitary and seems like the acting out of a mean girl.

    On the other hand, Christmas hid one of Alex’s big Cokes last night and is sitting back with enjoyment seeing who’s been getting blamed.

    • KelBel

      I wish Alex would get wind of this and backdoor her dying a** outta the house! She may look cuter when she doesn’t talk (bahaha!!!) but she’d look a whole lot better not being on my tv!

    • Avatar

      I do believe I called that one.

      • Shivani33

        You sure did! And Elena has kept some secrets for Raven about her shifty fingers, ever since Alex had her first HoH. Elena told Raven (after Raven admitted some stuff) that if she was ever caught or encountered about stealing or hiding things belonging to others, “deny, deny, deny!”

    • Mel

      I’m sure she was sneaking. Did you notice between each time she applied it she looked up at the monitor that allows them to view downstairs? I think that was her making sure no one was coming up the stairs.

  15. Alda

    I’m team#Paul,but I was wondering if he wins the big money will the houseguests want to give him the 50k too?Just as a surprise gift.That would make their day,wouldn’t it.

    • Ann

      Don’t forget about America’s Favorite Player. Whoever wins that may want to surprise Paul with that too. Hell, why shouldn’t Kevin just go on & hand over his $25K too. Bunch of dummies.

      • ElaineB

        Even Jason was saying that though 500K would be great, but that he has already gotten so much out of this experience. As I listened to several convos, they were so ‘defeatist’ and matter-of-fact. To echo Ann, ‘bunch of dummies’.

      • Alda

        Ann,that might happen with this bunch.Lol

  16. danmtruth

    @addy08 mell with all due respect i must comment
    *Paul and Christmas both agreed that neither of them like talking about themselves.
    (#) pot calling the kettle black much ,,,, when don’t the talk about themselves
    *Christmas said if she had really wanted to be famous she would have became a pornstar.
    (#) some how the world survived and went on
    *Cody told Kevin that he had a 5 year old daughter and that his brother died in a motorcycle accident. This conversation didn’t evolve in a feel sorry for me and vote to keep me kind of way.
    (#) unlike james the dead beat dad who was behind on child support before and AFTER being on BB
    Cody hes not allowed production to parade her out Not sure how much contact he has with her
    any way
    *Alex told Jason she can’t promise him she will take him to the final two instead of Paul.
    (#) Zach in season 16 was Derrick ride or die they worked TOGETHER Paul has told all the house
    guest he will drop anyone to advance his game Alex you are no more special than Xmas or Raven
    to Paul
    *Alex also said she’s happy to come in second to Paul since Paul’s brand is friendship.
    (#) is there a dumber thing she can say ? Jessica was a fool for throwing 500K for a man just what are you
    * Matt told Raven she’s so much cuter when she isn’t speaking and she’s pouting over it.
    (#) I think what he men’t was she’s so much cuter with something in her mouth than anything coming out of
    * Alex has a new theory which is that Kevin sees her as a shot caller so he needs to overthrow her to become the boss.
    (#) it’s so nice to see when someone takes a lie said to them and runs with it Kevin told her that 2 weeks ago
    trying to pump her up
    * Matt and Raven are very excited that once Cody leaves Paul can probably make it all the way to final five without having to worry about being nominated. They are very happy about this and feel Paul is perfectly willing to be a pawn but that it isn’t necessary.
    (#) the fact that they did not say this to Paul to suck up to him but to each other puts them close to the Alex saying she would be happy with second
    * Paul Jason and Alex appear to be very serious about cutting Kevin and letting Christmas take his place along with Josh in their final five.
    (#)Alex Jason want Josh in final 4 because their is nothing he can win again est them
    * Jason told Alex about his conversation with Mark and Mark wanting to target Paul. Alex told him that Paul already knew.
    (@)Paul knows all according to Alex Now go study because Paul said the next comp will be a true /false or a spelling , or a A-B comp ,or ,,,,,,,

    * Yes, this is the level of stupidity we are really at in this house.
    (()) sorry Mell for stepping on your toes just need to vent Each comment you made was a jem

  17. Avatar

    Just read these two things over on Jokers about Raven. I know someone already mentioned the first one but HOW RUDE! I hope Alex says something to her about it..and then the 2nd comment just has me literally shaking my head. I’m sure @gerardo will just Luvvvv that one!

    11:25 AM Raven pulls a new eye shadow container out of Alex’s HoH basket and applies some to her eyes while in HoH alone

    1222-Raven says how her mom said that Rave doesnt have a lot of years left & she should go on the show and get out of dance studio

  18. Ann

    @Jessica, we haven’t heard from you today, are busy at work? How much have you made today?

  19. jimbo

    I think CBS should change the veto system. To make this game more interesting in the future, let the person who wins veto decide who is their replacement — and not the HOH. Atleast make it a 50-50 chance (by draw of the hat) on whether the veto winner decides that week or the HOH decides. Backdooring and all that BS is thus WAY more tricky, and it would bring way more drama and unpredictability to the game because of that. An HOH that has numbers on their side cant just steamroll through the season as easily, which gets dull. STEVEBEANS — what do you think? Use your power at CBS (ha ha) to put this in their minds. Just give me credit….j/k. But, I do think it would liven up the game.

  20. AIO_7

    I’m assuming that Veto is going on since we are getting critters.

  21. Mel

    Cast of BB 16- “We’re are the dumbest cast in the history of this show. ”

    Cast of BB 19- “Hold my beer.”

    • Avatar

      DYING…..out laughing!!!


    • Avatar

      Mell you always nail it!

    • ElaineB

      Heyyyyyyyyyyyy I liked Season 16!……No vets!

      • Mel

        Derrek was a good player and they had no vets. Those are the only two good things that can be said about season 16 imo. The cast is widely recognized as the dumbest cast ever until this year. It’s also widely considered one of the worst seasons of BB. Obviously there are exceptions and not everyone feels that way but if you get on a lot of different sites you’ll find that the majority do. Hell, I don’t mind being in the minority, (I started rooting for Jessica) I just don’t happen to be in this particular case. Lol

      • ElaineB

        Well I am definitely not a BB expert, so I feel that most things I like about the game don’t rank up there with the ‘true BB fans’.

      • Mel

        Elaine, I think that’s one of the great things about BB, we can all like what we like and they can all be different things. If I’m not mistaken I think I remember Steve posting about season 16 and I think he liked it a lot as well. Don’t quote me on that because I’m not sure. The worst seasons for me ever and I’ve seen them all are-15, 9 and 16 in that order. 15 is the season I hated the most and had the worst final three ever but sixteen is the one I think had the dumbest cast. I don’t think that made 16 the worst season though.

  22. Alda

    Kevin was telling Paul how Cody had lost rights to his daughter? But,would have been able to see her this summer,but he went on BB.So he won’t see her at all.

    • Mel

      Thhat was also making it sound like he had parental rights and got them taken away. He wasn’t married to the mother and possibly didn’t live where she lived. A traditional every other weekend visitation may not have been practical due to that situation and that could be why he only her in the summer instead. It’s very common way of handling long distance parents. The mother is on social media and is extremely supportive of Cody this summer. I believe Paul’s insults and Kevin’s chiming in are proof the Cody was correct in keeping it mostly to himself. It took Paul all of a minute to turn it around into something negative. Shame on both of them when they know nothing of the situation. Neither do I for that matter.

  23. Mel

    We aren’t even watching a competition show anymore. It was always an entertainment show but at least it was competitive. Everyone in the house is happy to be in jury, doesn’t plan on winning and doesn’t even try to hide what they’re goals are. We’ve always had a few of those in past seasons and I got the impression that production wanted that type of conversation kept to a minimum. Do you remember when they used to get shut down for that kind of talk? CBS wanted to at least have the illusion that everyone was there to play the game. We know the houseguests don’t care and it’s as if CBS doesn’t either.

    Elena has made trying to further her career and actual argument for not going on the block. She tells everyone who will listen she needs to make as many episodes as possible for the exposure but isn’t really trying to win the game. We’ve known that was Christmas’ plan as she has also been vocal about it. Alex said she was there to win until she saw Paul come in and since his brand was friendship, she’s happy to let him have it, Matt and Raven are giggling over the good fortune that once Cody’s gone, Paul should be safe until final five. Jason volunteer to go on the Block because he was afraid someone might try to take a shot at Paul and he mentioned today that he’s only there for the contacts. He said that’s why he doesn’t want Elena to go for a while because of the contacts she and her father have in Dallas.

    The only person at this point even trying to win is unnecessarily running everyone through a meat grinder of emotions. He doesn’t even really want to compete to get to the end if you factor in some of the shit he’s tried. Don’t get me wrong, Paul will and should win this season and he should be given a big fat bonus when it’s over. He’s the only one playing to win. (Cody & Jess wanted to but they sucked at it) Along with trying to win a game, he’s the only person who dishes out reprimands and punishments when the others don’t fall into line or are breaking the rules. That’s what CBS used to do.

    This is like watching some bizarre hybrid of a talent agency mixed with watching job interviews. This is what the new BB generation has turned our BB into and it’s a shame. I don’t think anyone in that house should even be allowed to say the names of the iconic people who’ve played this game in the past. It’s completely unrecognizable.

    • jimbo

      Agreed…that is sorta why I had the idea above for changing the veto. If it was changed, this week would be completely unpredictable. These players nowadays have this backdoor system down pat. It’s a yawner. Changing the veto would allow an underdog on the block to make a big move if they win the veto and could change it to who THEY want on the bock. The house could do a 180 degree turn in a flash…that’s interesting!

      • Mel

        I think Cody will be the 1st BB player to ever be truly back doored 2 times. I’m down to trivia now since there isn’t strategy to talk about.

  24. Avatar

    I thought Jason was a tough BB competitor who is waiting for the right moment to strike but cmon man…,

    The only alliance in the house this season – means its a real alliance with a name (Alex-Paul /// AMF)
    1) Alex tells you to your face that she can’t promise to take you to final 2.
    2) She’s so into the alliance with Paul that she also tells you that she wouldn’t coming in 2nd to him.
    3) You bring her intel and she shrugs it off by letting you know that that is old intel, we already know.
    4) This pretty comes to life while your a$$ is sitting on the block (as a supposed decoy)…

    And you haven’t broke off the cord from her yet? Why are you not trying to gather some alliance members of your own especially with you butt on the block?

    Could it be that like many other houseguests this year, gaining fame and acceptance, with your Whistle-nut shirt and cowboy image, is really the only thing that matters and is more important than winning $500K?

    You could give this cast a pot prize of $4 Million, and minus 3 people (Kevin makes 4), you would get the same broke a$$ gameplay that has just plagued this less than stellar BB season.

    • Mel

      You’re 100% correct Ritchie, Jason has been disappointing more and more lately but I was completely taken aback when he started talking about only being excited for the contacts he was going to get after this. He knew nothing about the game and I actually did get the impression he came in to compete but Alex has had time to work on him and…. it’s worked.

      • Avatar

        America needs an eject button like 3 of them each year, and its a special episode where 3 people voted by America will be alerted that they are up for ejection this week. In addition if you are ejected from the game, you do not get the Jury house, you simply go home.

        I would love to use an eject button this week for sure.

      • Avatar

        How many people become rich and famous after the season ends? There have been over 200 contestants on this show and only a handful are even thought of now. How can these people not know this? The zingbot should come in and name a hundred people who have appeared on bb and see if any of the hg’s recognize them.

      • Mel

        Antsal, , that would make a great comp for this group but sadly I don’t think any of them would catch on. Lol

  25. hogwild

    Who do you think will be Paul’s first target after Cody is gone? My order would be this.
    Paul and Josh in the final two Paul wins no problem.

  26. Avatar

    The fights with Josy were much more explosive and better than this mess —-> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oOKbQdvSUqU

    • NKogNeeTow

      Thanks for the link Ritchie. I missed that fight and after seeing it, I’m glad I did. It goes right up there with one of the dumbest in history. Every time Xmas goes into attack dog mode, it makes me cringe. And who the hell does she think she is to approach and attack someone in that condescending tone. And Josh, well, every time I get a little glimmer of hope from him, he snatches it back. He reminds me of one of those yappy little dogs that get excited easily and wags it’s tail fast and barks over nothing. Every time Josh hears excitement, his ears perk up, he gets over excited and starts barking. In reality, he should be the quietest one in the house. If Paul makes it to the end, Josh is a guaranteed F2. Why shouldn’t Paul drag him to the end? He’s the perfect example for why Paul should get the money. He’s nothing more than the house clown, the sacraficial lamb, the house whipping boy, the house pet. His reward for obedience will be F2. He needs to find a corner, sit down and relax. And somebody needs to put a muzzle and collar on Xmas.

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  28. kneeless

    Oh no, call 911, Raven needs medical attention. ..again. The only “normal” thing about her, (her teeth) has been compromised! She’s throwing her 9,964th pity party!

    • Mel

      Does it make me a really evil person that I’m very happy she chipped a tooth?

    • Ann

      What happened to the hospice patient this time?

      • kneeless

        Chipped tooth. Paul told her he’d buy her a new tooth & as distraught as she was about her tooth she replied something about but buy me … 1st. I couldn’t hear what she said. But, clearly her tooth was a horrible thing that happened!!

      • Mel

        Knees, she said ok but first could he buy her some other stuff like theodore. (The name she gave her next pacemaker)

    • Avatar

      I thought it was funny his week when Kevin referenced a Raven injury and then said something like DR must be so tired of all this seasons players. Yup and they are not the only ones. I agree with people’s comments that casting too many non competive people this year was a mistake. But Christmas and Alex originally seemed like strong woman who would not differ to someone like Paul so this follow-the-leader cast may not have been planned.

      • Mel

        I actually agree with that. I blame CBS for putting so many TV and social media ambitious people on the show but I do believe they’re even shocked and how nuts the season is going.

      • Avatar

        I dont blame casting. People say what they want people to believe in interviews. U never truly know what ur going to get. Maybe thats why they throw some vets in there just in case?? Maybe?? Who knows.

      • Mel

        Yes but when they go recruit people who tell them they never watched big brother instead of choosing people from their applicants, they have an idea what they’re getting. That’s especially true when they recruit cheerleaders and Instagram models.

    • Alda

      Here we go again! Paramedics!! Paramedics!!

  29. hogwild

    I know it won’t happen but I think it would be funny as hell if Matt used the veto on himself and left the vote Between Jason and Elena.

    • Sassy

      Elena says her and Raven have talk about a final four, IF that is true, they could have the votes to get rid of Jason IF they could sway Kevin.

      • Alda

        what about backdooring Cody.That’s Alex’x call to put him on the block.

      • Sassy

        They still intend to backdoor Cody, but Elena thinks she has a final four with Mark, Raven, and Matt, but Matt and Raven are all about their final three with Paul.

    • Avatar

      It won’t happen in my opinion. Raven met Paul before the show. Matt knows that too. If I’m Paul, I don’t want the other HGs finding out about that, which means he’s safest taking them to F3 to keep that under wraps. He can easily beat either/both of them because no one else can stand either of them. Anyone else Paul has F3 deals with would probably have some support from jury, but I don’t see either of them having support. Even Cody would probably vote for Paul over Matt or Raven. The only thing that surprises me is that Raven has kept her mouth shut about it. She loves being in the spotlight so much and she gets jealous fairly easily, so I’m amazed she hasn’t blurted it out yet just to make herself look important.

  30. Avatar

    I’m so glad Matt won! Let’s see if he came to win 500k!!

  31. Avatar

    If Matt doesn’t use the veto on hinself I would like CBS to give me a 5 second pass in the house to kick him in the ass as hard as humanly possible.

  32. Avatar

    himself…what is it with me, wine, and that damned n key?

  33. Sassy

    Elena asked Mark if he thought this season was a dud, Mark said, “No, Paul is on it!” Seriously?????

  34. Avatar

    Was Matt told he was allowed to try and win the veto? If not he could then be in trouble w the house lunatics who are always ready to fight. Christmas is obviously dying for some air time.

  35. kneeless

    I am kind of hoping Mark or Elena win HOH. Based on their convo, this evening, I think they might shake some things up. I like Mark’s comment about there being strong personalities but not strong competitors.

  36. kneeless

    Oh my God, Raven hurt herself again. I think a cut, this time! She really needs medical evacuation, STAT!

    • hogwild

      The shock will be when she goes a day without hurting herself.

      • Avatar

        Maybe all of Raven’s injuries will be the numbers comp with the chalkboard. Personally, I would love to ask questions like:

        “okay houseguests, which day was Raven rushed to the DR because stubbed her toe on the pattern in the carpet?

        “In what order did Raven develop these fears: pots, stairs, circus music, Cody’s unwanted advances?”

        “On which day did Raven develop pink eye from Alex’s eye shadow?”

        “When did Raven first complain of a yeast infection from the hot tub?”

        “On which day did Raven develop acute protein poisoning from giving Matt too many BJs?”

      • Avatar

        I meant that I would love to hear Julie ask ….

    • Ann

      I am so surprised King Paul hadn’t said anything to her yet about always & constantly having some illness. I want him tell her how ridiculous she’s looking on national tv.


  37. Mel

    Paul insulted the kind of father Cody is but now he’s decide that Cody’s probably lying and doesn’t have a daughter and didn’t have a brother die on a motorcycle. People may have a lot of issues with Cody but does he seem like a liar to anyone? Sneaky? Ummmm, hiss directness and unfiltered honesty have been 2 of his biggest downfalls in the game.

    • hogwild

      Sounds like Paul is starting to go down the same road he did last season when he called Michele a cunt. Seems he might be forgetting the people in the jury house will have a lot of time to compare notes and he won’t be there to bullshit them.

      • Avatar

        Exactly. Now that people are going to jury he has to stop sharing his insulting observations about everyone. People will repeat everything in jury and this is a sensitive bunch.

    • Avatar

      Paul probably doesn’t really think Cody is lying, but he also doesn’t want any of his blind followers to start to humanize Cody so he’ll plant seeds.

  38. Avatar

    I have never heard Matt and Raven discuss being a couple outside of the house.

  39. kneeless

    Haha, Raven just said she knows where everyone’s head is at, right now, except Kevin. She is such a skilled player, cough, cough!

  40. Avatar

    There is no way Matt and Raven continue this sexmance outside the house. He is getting constant jobs and action whenever he wants, and gets irritated with her crabbing about her ailments, etc. She is some fun, and something to do, there is no quality there like Jody. Everybody is a plane ride or two away, but the exposure for both is the key to boost their social networks after the show is over.

    Matt still has looks, and his quality may have dropped in some females eyes, but chicks like Raven who job away whenever and wherever are a dime a dozen for him. You just don’t take her home to momma!

  41. Shivani33

    Mat just confirmed that he’s using his veto. He’s putting it into his cereal bowl and eating it.

  42. Sassy

    Cody, Paul, and Alex are talking and laughing. Most of the house is there, but have very little to comment. Every time they show Josh and Xmas, their faces have a disgusted look on them.

  43. Wendy

    Just came to say how much I hate Ravens makeup….. what’s up what that blush and dark lip stick. I bet she could look a little better by just not wearing makeup.

  44. Avatar

    They received some punishments. Christmas and Paul will be chained together for 48 hours. There will be non stop stories told about themselves and their many possessions. I wonder if Christmas will make a move on him.

  45. kneeless

    Where is our Head of Speculation today? I think she would have some good insights on the goings on of the day.

  46. kneeless

    I realize Alex is posse at Alex over the $5,000. But, with Alex being the BB fan she is, she shouldn’t be so pissed about her “punishment.” I so wanted to like Alex but then I can say that about most all these bafoons!
    Oh, and don’t get me going on Matt’s laugh, UGH!

  47. Yael Sara

    Can they please tell Mark to remove his mic when he eats. Stop smacking your food. #misophonia

  48. Yael Sara

    I thought about trying FitAid once. Now that won’t be happening. Christmas keeps coming up on my FB feed in their dang advertisements.

  49. Avatar

    Alex complaining to Cody about Elena. And him saying if she puts him up he is gone, let him stay around. She says she can’t because 5 people will then target her. Glad to see him trying but w Paul’s hold on this house it won’t happen. Paul knows he can’t control Cody like the others. But Elena told Mark she is kinda over Paul before bed. If she says that to others before the veto meeting Cody has a tiny glimmer of hope.

  50. Alda

    I wonder if Elena will be gone in the double eviction.I sure hope so.

  51. danmtruth

    Quick drive bye
    Alex the eco-friendly marketing rep seems to take a lot of vacation I’m starting to think mom & dad subsidize a large part of he life style Might explain why she does not care if she wins the 500K Talking about another trip to Tideland and backpacking thru Vietnam She was also talking to Cody The isolation embargo must have been lifted by Paul She is talking to Jason and Cody about going on a hunt for deer Thats nice but she turned it into a blood lust Rambo type hunt quickly The boys were trying to explain the difference in bow, rifle, and shotgun hunting Alex wants bow after Cody explain tracking with a gilly suit on Alex began to sound like she might have an orgasm
    Karma has kiss Paul with being link to Xmas Finally a small dose of justice Perhaps Paul will be the one to crack and self evict Between hef literal whispering in his ear To him doing his Hordoor impersonation dragging scooter around Along with her doing the cute wagon train whipping sounds Make it last longer
    Raven what a waste of human flesh
    Matt will pop a nut faster than with Raven when Paul tells him good job when he keeps himself on the block and takes down Jason
    Am I the only one who feels frustrated to watch Cody connect with different HG now that he is all but out the door ? Where was this social game 50 some days ago ?
    Glad Paul is not getting personal and only keeping it game related Can you get any lower than questioning if a person even has a child Or than questioning there parenting style Keeping it classy thats Paul I will give him the benefit of a doubt on the motorcycle comment Cody has talk about owning and working on bikes So I wont say Paul saying how they can talk about bikes if he wanted too was a dig at Cody dead brother
    Is Raven one of the few HG who have flip the script on production Coming into the house production made it a point to show her with the ghost buster theam With the Temptation Season it was a nice fit Ghost-buster girl in spooky house Raven got in and decided t make it a pledge drive for her go fund me account ( all indication that’s not going well )
    sorry so long winded just question drifting thru my synapse

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