Today is a big day in the Big Brother house that could completely shift the entire future of the season.  If Cody is picked to play in the PoV and wins…

Oops, scratch that.  They already drew names and Paul & Mark are the people who are going to play today (along with Alex and the noms). This means there is about a 99% chance whoever wins the veto uses it on someone and Cody is the replacement nom and first in jury.  While that could change, it’s unlikely to because the power in the house doesn’t need him, the non-powers of the house don’t believe they’re non-powers, and he’s just going to sit in the HN room all week and not try.


Maybe production will toss Cody some hints on the angles he can work to stay in the house, but something tells me he just doesn’t care and wouldn’t try even if given a roadmap to avoid eviction this week. There is almost no chance Cody is going to want to talk to anyone in the house and try to strike deals because he just doesn’t like anyone and isn’t going to fake it. That’s the way he is, so if you’re a Cody fan, get all you can this week because he’s almost certain to go home on Thursday.


  • 9:40 am – Alex, Paul, and Jason are in the HoH room having a little sewing circle to trash people
    • (and it’s ironic that Alex is doing it while wearing a ‘petty’ hat)
    • The talk starts with Kevin and how they’re not really buying his act anymore.
    • Paul says that Kevin only says he misses his family but doesn’t really
    • Alex says he was all depressed and faking it when Jillian was evicted. Playing the ‘old man role’
    • She said Christmas agrees that Kevin is getting weird
    • Talk turns to how weird Kevin is with Christmas
    • Jason then talks about how Christmas was all over her until he broke her foot
    • Alex says Christmas is super crazy lol
    • Jason says he can’t stand the pair of Matt and Raven
    • Jason asks why Kevin has to be such a douche
    • Oh I forgot to mention them mentioning how much Raven eats for someone so sick
  • 10:45 am – The talk is done and everyone waiting for POV now
  • 11:00 am – Josh and Jason are talking
    • Josh is explaining his problem with Mark. He is still upset over the pickle juice incident despite multiple apologies from Mark
  • 11:23 am – Christmas tells Paul something she saw about 9 blocks. Sounds like she’s speculating it’s going to be a face morph type of puzzle for veto.
    • I’m not sure how she got a peek of that
  • Shout out to Latoya for the donation! Thank you!
  • 12:20 pm – Kevin, Paul, Jason, and Josh are sitting around chatting while some of the girls are in the bathroom getting ready
  • 2:00 pm – Cody is chatting with Kevin and Mark about random stuff. I’m sure this conversation would be Christmas-approved, but I’ll keep my ear out for any reference to the show or house.
    • Mark isn’t taking any chances of Christmas rolling on by and catching them talk. He’s keeping his back to Cody!
  • 2:10 pm – Stepping away for a bit. Veto should happen soon and that could take some hours. I’ll check in when I get home!
    • If you want some laughs, watch Josh try to educate Paul on what is going on in the house. Paul is doing a great job humoring him and making him feel important, but it’s almost embarrassing watching Josh tell Paul about the house. It’s like me trying to give Tom Brady tips on football.  Ok maybe not that extreme, but still funny
  • 4:15 pm – I’m back, feeds are down for veto.
  • Huge shoutout to Cooper for the donation today. You guys are amazing!
  • 4:55 pm – Feeds back. Josh rambling about how awful someone is. I’m guessing Elena
    • Yup, it’s Elena he’s calling selfish, etc
    • Christmas is tossing around the idea of getting out Elena. I wonder what happened during the PoV. They may keep Cody?
    • There were prizes and punishments
    • Sounds like Alex has to wear a costume and serve hotdogs?
    • Jason picked the veto but someone took it and gave him what sounds like a punishment. Maybe unitard
    • Christmas talks about sometime being able to play. Nobody cares, Christmas. You’re only still in the house because you can’t play in comps
    • Kevin jokes about Paul and maybe Alex getting plenty of time to know each other. I think they’re going to be linked together
    • Alex says that they were final 2 and Elena told Alex not to worry about being cursed, but cursed Alex.  Uh oh
    • Random but Alex got the coke she wanted from the HoH basket
    • What I gather is that Alex had a cash prize but Elena took it from her and now Elena may get evicted
    • Someone got an Outback dinner
    • Someone says ‘Raven is coming’ and a few people grumble
    • Jason leaves and Alex trips him. He falls on his face.
    • It sounds like Matt may have won the PoV which could definitely screw with plans if he takes himself off (there is no replacement for him)
    • Mark finish 5th place but was able to snag a trip to Colorado from it

Veto results….

  • Mark – Trip to Colorado
  • Jason – Unitard
  • Paul – Strapped to Christmas for 2 days
  • Alex – May have to make hot dogs for a week
  • Elena – won money
  • Matt – Veto winner
  • 5:15 pm – Cody comes into the bedroom and calls Elena crazy for taking the money.  She asks if she should have done that. He says he thinks it’s great
    • Elena asks if taking 5 grand will make her more of a target, and Cody says yes, but she’s already a huge target (good to see Cody is still observant)
    • Elena thinks that Matt is going to use the veto on Jason. Cody calls him a pussy
    • Elena is realizing that she’s going to be a pawn until she’s voted out.  Cody is stoked, it’s crazy seeing him happy
    • This is definitely going to be framed as if Elena may go home for not taking the veto. She won the comp and could have picked any prize
    • Paul was almost going to be strapped to Cody which would have been hilarious.  Paul asked Cody and he almost said yes
  • 5:30 pm – Matt says he is 100% using the veto to save Jason which will get Cody on the block
    • I know it won’t happen but I’d love to see Matt get voted out for not saving himself
    • I’m stepping away until things settle down. They are getting some booze tonight, so I need to rest up and be ready for night feeds. I’m going to probably start a new thread when I return

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