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Christmas through all the fun today

Big Brother 19 – Friday Fun. Temptation Plus Nominations!

Christmas through all the fun today

I have to put it out there… I’m done with Jess and Cody.  By ‘done’, I’m not referring to being a fan or not (I don’t like anyone!). What I mean is that there really is no hope for them and they’re at the point of just wasting our time like everyone else. I was pulling for Cody to return to the house because I felt he was the only one who would challenge the big group and stir the pot. Nope. He’s been a complete dud since returning and just spends most of his time attached to Jessica.  We would have been better off with Cameron or Dom returning than Cody, but can’t change that now.  As far as Jessica, she has potential to stir things if Cody leaves, so I’m going to be rooting for her to win safety this week to prevent her from getting the boot. Overall, the best thing moving forward is for Cody to leave and Jessica to seek vengeance.


That brings us to today where we have nominations and the temptation competition. The entire house (minus Christmas) is planning on playing in the competition to ensure one of them wins and one loses (a pawn). Last I heard, only Cody plans to play because those two didn’t want to risk a situation of one winning and one losing. Little do they know, Paul would rather a pawn lose because it would be better for Cody/Jess to be regular nominees than the 3rd nom (and don’t get me wrong, this is Paul’s HoH)

Regarding updates, I am shooting up to my parents at some point this weekend, so you guys will have to self-update in the comment section again.  I am not sure if that will be tonight or tomorrow yet, but I’ll keep you updated on that.

So that’s where we stand. The week of Josh has begun. What will he do?  Whatever Paul wants him to do. I have a suspicious that Paul is going to want to overthink the week once again so he can make a big splash come Thursday night.  I’ve come to the conclusion that he’s playing the game to be recognized as the best player in history and is going to keep doing what he considers big move after big move.  Early indications are a backdoor attempt at Jessica because there is nothing better than kicking someone while they’re down.



  • 9:30 am – Feeds have been down for 20 minutes or so. I’d assume they’re already jumping right into the temptation challenge, or at least doing the thing where they go up to the room and say whether or not they’re playing in it
  • 10:15 am – Feeds are back, going to find out who is playing
    • Meanwhile, Christmas is humping Jason who is in a headlock by Paul
  • 10:50 am – Went to get coffee, came back, feeds down. I assume for the comp.
    • Oh and sorry for initially calling this Saturday thread.  I have no clue why this season has thrown me off.  Quite a few weeks I’ve called today Saturday, but it has only happened during BB season. I want to say because of a comp today but that only started last week.
  • 1:15 pm – Feeds still down. With almost the entire house playing, it could take awhile
  • 3:30 pm – Still down!
  • 5:00 pm – Very long comp as expected. Feeds still down. I had a feeling it was going to be long when they woke them up at 9 to choose if they wanted to play and jumped right into comp less than an hour later
  • 6:15 pm – Feeds still down.
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    • Also, a fan wanted me to do a shout out for her. She said it would mean a lot for me to do it, so Audrey this is for you!  Thanks for being a fan of the blog!
  • 8;30 pm – Feeds are back!
    • Sounds like Cody won and Jessica finished last. This means Cody is safe and Jessica is a 3rd nom.  Probably worst case for Paul
    • Josh is trying to figure out who to nominate now. Right now it’s leaning Mark and Josh.
    • Now that Cody is safe and there is a chance that Jessica is if Cody/Jess win veto, Paul is trying to manage the jury already. I guess he did learn from last year. Not a good idea to call a potential jury member a c*nt (even though she voted for him to win)
    • Paul wants to get Jess, Cody, then Elena out.
    • Paul keeps hammering home his plan and eventually leaves
  • Josh is doing some cam talking to give us some real info
    • Josh tells us he wants Elena out
    • Josh feels comfortable knowing where Jessica and Cody stand while he doesn’t respect Elena playing both sides
  • 8:45 pm – Mark comes in to talk
    • He asks what’s going on.  Josh tells him that Mark is going up as a pawn, and Elena is going up next to him for the same reason
  • Mark leaves and Josh tells him to send Elena up
    • Josh goes back to the cam talk
    • He says he has a huge crush on Elena, and she’s gorgeous, but she’s shady and he can’t trust her.
  • Paul comes back into the HoH room
    • Josh retells a bit of the Mark conversation
    • Elena comes in and Josh asks her how to use the remote control before he lets her know he’s going to nominate her
    • Elena jumps right in ‘So you want to put me up as a pawn?  Good’ … ‘even though you told me yesterday that I’m ok’
    • Wow Elena calls Josh right out on his lame excuse of saying that Elena was a good competitor. She said there are plenty of people better
    • Elena takes off her jacket to (likely) distract Josh
    • Josh is mumbling and Elena knows she has him on the robes so she busts out math. She says past statistics and averages shows that Elena isn’t a better competitor in the game
  • 9:10 pm – Feeds down for nominations most likely
  • 9:30 pm – I am dead tired so I am going to pass out.  Expect Matt and Elena to be nominated.  I really hope there isn’t drama when the feeds return. Well I hope there is but I want to cover it 🙁

Check back for updates


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  1. Avatar

    Should this be Friday fun? Sorry just got confused. I am unemployed so forgetting what day of the week for me is common. I have plans on Saturday and freaked when I saw the title.

  2. Mel

    It may blow up in his face but apparently Josh wants to back door Elena this week, make a side deal with Jessica and Cody and not tell Paul what’s going on. It’s obviously too soon to know if this is just big talk but I would love to eat my words from last night when I said that this is Paul’s HOH. He’s been discussing it with Christmas in private and she seems to think it’s a good plan as long as he can secure the votes. Josh was telling Christmas that his red flags are the fact that Elena is tight with Jessica/Cody and Matt, Raven and Paul. He also said that keeping Elena is good for Paul’s game but not his and he knows this. He really didn’t like when he got sent on an errand for water and basically kicked out of his own HOH room so that Paul could speak with Elena in private. I’m not going to get excited too soon but it would be hilarious if meatball boy is the one who takes the first stand against Paul’s weekly Co- HOH.

    • Avatar

      Omg that would be great..maybe Josh grew a pair……

    • Avatar

      You know what they say…..a fool and his money are soon parted……brave move by josh …smart? Not so much

    • The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

      Well just last night everyone was complaining that this would be a boring week because Josh would just do exactly what Paul tells him. Now Josh is considering making a bold move and now we’re complaining that he’s being foolish by not going along with what Paul wants. Which do we want? It’s definitely a risky move and it’s going to take a LOT of work on his part to get it done, but I thought this is what everyone wanted to happen.

      • Mel

        It is what I want to happen. It would take alot to pull it off but he isn’t being stupid about it. Josh said he’s fine with Jess or Cosy leaving and he isn’t going to focus on Elena unless the opportunity is there based on temp comp winners and loses and the veto. I like that he isn’t trying to force it. We’ll see where it goes.

      • LindsayB

        Get outta my head Gerardo!! Lol

      • g8trgirl

        I think if Josh can keep his mouth shut and not tell too many people of his plan, he may be able to pull it off. But, what are the chances he can be quiet?

      • The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

        Mell: I agree. I think Josh is aware that there are a lot of variables this week (safety comp, veto, cat ears, dumb ass Ravens, etc), and will only pursue this option if it makes sense. He’s actually turning out to have a pretty good “feel” for the game.

        Lindsay: I’m sorry, I guess I’ve been hanging around Dom too long, lol.

      • kneeless

        I have always thought Josh has some good insight & strategy but he can’take pull it off. So far, he’said been allowed talk. Props to Josh if he can pull this off. Someone needs to start making bigger moves.

      • Sassy

        I’ve been waiting to like a player this year, Josh may shoot to the top of my list if he even attempts this!

    • Avatar

      I love this move by Josh. I mentioned the other day that he seems to have grown a lot in his short time there. I thought he’d leave the house a better person but I NEVER expected him to have come up with this plan. I can’t wait to see if he can execute it. I hope he can or gets pretty far with it because it definitely moves this past the standstill that we’ve been in for the last week. Plus, this will force Jessica and Cody to stratagize and engage and we’ll see if it gives them life or they continue to just hole up and do nothing. #goJosh

    • Cindy

      That would be so awesome!!! I would love to see someone side with Cody and Jessica and start taking charge instead of everyone following Paul. Who would have thought It would turn out to be Josh. Go Josh!! Fingers crossed Paul doesn’t hear about it and strong arm Josh into doing his dirty work. I am so tired of watching these people act like drones blindly following whatever Paul tells them to do.

      • AIO_7

        I understand that sentiment, Cindy, but I want at least one of JODY gone before Jury. Then I say let the fun begin.

      • Mel

        I don’t really care who goes to jury. I won’t be there so it doesn’t matter to me. LOL The only moves we’ve seen are bads ones from Jess and Cody and good ones from Paul so I’m just ready for any moves from the “others” as Charles Barkley says.

      • AIO_7

        “I don’t really care who goes to jury. I won’t be there so it doesn’t matter to me.”

        Why wouldn’t you care who is in jury? They vote in the end.

      • LindsayB

        This wouldn’t necessarily be him siding with grossica. He knows they will still be huge targets next week so it’s a non issue if one of them doesn’t go home this week.

      • AIO_7

        “so it’s a non issue if one of them doesn’t go home this week.”

        A “non issue” unless one of them wins HOH next week.

      • Mel

        They aren’t voting for me tho. If I was going to care based on players I like at this point, (Kevin ,Jason and Josh) having them in jury would possibly be good for Kevin and Jason. Jessica and Cody would probably give the money to them unless they were against Elena. That’s only at this stage of the game though. Things change and it’s too early to know who anyone would vote for. (DaVonne last summer is an example) This is why I don’t care if they are in jury or not.

      • Avatar

        It’s not even about Paul….it’s his alliance with Alex,Cowboy and Kevin that has me worried about Josh….
        Christmas has no pull with Alex and Cowboy….
        So yeah I guess if you want to see the house shake that way and put Cowboy and Kevin out it’s great!!

      • Mel

        How would it put Kevin and Jason in danger?

      • Avatar

        @Mell…..because Jessica hates Alex….who are her closest allies? She told Mark they were….Mark told Elana…Elana will more than likely discuss with Jessica…I just think that josh may be biting the hand that feeds him when he feels like Alex and Cowboy and Kevin all need to stick together…..why put any of them at risk?

      • Mel

        Jessica and Cody have no interest in going after Kevin whatsoever.

      • LindsayB

        AI, if grossica made it thru this week I wouldn’t be mad if one of them won HOH. My #teamPaul status doesn’t override my #teamplaythegame status. I wouldn’t mind watching Paul have to survive their HOH, even if he didn’t. It would be fun to see the pound turn on each other and watch who comes out on top.

      • AIO_7

        Fair enough, Lindsay.

        MMMMMMM Cookies.

    • Avatar

      Wow impressed with Josh. Maybe he wants to be perceived as the big dumb guy willing to do what everyone tells him but really has his own agenda. Hmmm… I like that he at least wants to do something for his own game and not Paul’s.
      Haven’t been watching the feeds or any other site for updates. I’ve been totally uninspired to watch the cbs episodes for the last 2 weeks. Didn’t even tune in last night.

      • Mel

        Cyn, You mean you missed the soap opera editions of the TV show?

      • Avatar

        Did anything unexpected happen? If not, I’ll pass. lol I may watch the feeds today, since I don’t work today just to see who wins the temp comp.

      • The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

        Josh is overly emotional and maybe even a bit crazy, but he’s definitely not as dumb as the other HGs seem to think he is. Whenever he talks game with someone it’s clear that he has a better understanding about what’s going on in the house than anyone realizes. I think Josh respects Paul and is grateful to him for saving him last week, but I also think Josh knows that he’s nowhere near the top of Paul’s priority list in the house.

        If I had to guess, I would still say the most likely scenario is that either Jess or Cody will be evicted this week. I don’t think it’s likely that Josh will be able sway enough of Paul’s crew to get Elena out this week. Still, I am happy to see some of the other HGs like Josh step up and show some signs of life.

      • Mel

        Cyn, it was the love story of Jess and Cody including their ups and down along the way. Blah blah… Jason’s speech at the veto ceremony wasn’t nearly as bad as people made it sound (Mainly Paul and Jessica) The best part was Jess and Codys speeches or lack of them. Paul and Xmas got a very generous edit for their part in the blow up. That’s about it.

    • Yael Sara

      Love the concept of this. (making a side deal with Jessica and Cody and not tell Paul what’s going on.)

      But why have Elana be the focus? What is the true strategy, as Paul actually has Elana and Mark on his short list. Or is it just that, going against him not putting up Jessica or Cody – but not making it blatantly obvious and doing so by putting up someone more like Alex or Raven.

      Can we just back door Paul? PLEEEEAAAASE!

      • Mel

        His reasoning is a couple of things. He knows she voted to get him out so no matter how much flirting she does, he isn’t fooled by her. The second and more important reason is that she’s in good with Jody (sorry, I hate that name but it’s faster) and she’s in with Paul. She’s also good with Mark, Matt, Raven. Other than Paul, Elena probably has the most allies in the house. That makes her very dangerous.

      • AIO_7

        ….”Jody (sorry, I hate that name but it’s faster)”……

        Steve mentioned that too. Do you have a bad association with the name Jody?

      • Mel

        Not at all…just shomance names.

  3. AIO_7

    I’ve been saying it all season; you have to respect the Whistle-Nut jerseys. I never thought that we’d get to see them both at the same time.


  4. Jannie

    Wow…you guys are great!
    This is, by far, the smartest bunch of commenters you have amassed yet, stevebeans.
    Because I haven’t been as involved this year, I read when I can to catch up. And I must say, this bunch is spot on with their assessments. Well, most of the time. And kudos for your conflict resolution skills…way better than in the BB house!
    Watched the show last night. Sorry, but I will believe Josh can make his own decisions when it actually happens. He loves to talk “meatballs”, but I find him a bit of a “meathead.” Paul says, “turn it up to 30, Josh” and meathead dances around like a circus monkey.
    #STFURaven – Don’t even get me started. Every time I see Matt touch her I want to slap him. She makes me dislike him, even though I think he’s probably a decent human being. And reading here about all of her illness nonsense and grifting…she needs to go.
    As far as the rest, there is no side to really take between Jody and Paul/Minions. They have all behaved badly. In some cases for strategy, and in some because they are just awful people. But I will say that Cody does have a strange personality. I kinda felt sorry for him when he said that he was estranged from family and friends. He has no social skills. But I wouldn’t want to be the girl to try and fix THAT.
    The only HG’s that I tolerate(today) are Kevin, Jason, and (sometimes)Mark. I thought Elena was ok, but then I read about her late night antics and…ugh.
    Thanks again all! You guys are a smart, witty bunch and very entertaining!!!

  5. Avatar

    It will play into Josh’s hands if Jessica or Elana or Cody is last in the temptation challenge. That will put all three on the block and let them duke it out during power of veto. Winner comes down and the house votes out one of the other two.

  6. Renee

    When will any of them come to their senses about Christmas? She would be a huge target due to her physical ability, had she not been horsing around and injured herself (although she tries to make Jason feel guilty). Can’t any of them see she is floating her way through because they no longer see her as a threat. She is officially a floater with good game sense. She will float to the end undetected if they don’t wake up soon.

  7. Cindy

    Just my two cents here… Cody and Jessica like them or not i see it that those two are the houses only way to break this Paul cult up. If they can get a few more people to wake up to what’s actually happening then Paul’s reign in the house will be over and just maybe we will start to see more people actually playing for the money instead of settling for being in jury. Right now they have Cody Jess and Mark, if they can get Josh and Christmas to finally see what’s going on then we will get to watch big brother instead of the Paul show. Clearly in not a huge Paul fan i wasn’t even in his original season but this year it’s gone beyond just game play. I see him as very arrogant and the way he orders people around makes me sick. I feel like big brother purposely put weak people in the house this year that clearly can’t think for themselves and for some reason act like their scared of him. I know there’s always at least one alpha in the house but there are times that he takes it way to far. Just my two cents.

  8. Avatar

    Just wondering when Josh will recognized that he is just a Paul-stooge, will he bang pots and pans at him when that realization occurs

  9. AIO_7

    CONTEST: I think that Christmas is trying to affect the look of a nationally “popular” person with this parted in the middle flat hair look. Who do you think it is.


  10. Avatar

    When Paul told Josh to “turn it up to 30” I wish Josh would have said do it yourself! I wonder what Paul would have done or said? If Josh goes against Paul he will gain a lot of respect from a lot of viewers and even the hg’s who are still in Paul’s trance. It might still be a few more weeks before you have the votes to turn on Paul but it’s nice to see someone have their own thoughts. Then again, maybe Josh is putting the Elena thing out there to see how friendly she will get with him if she learns she is in trouble.

    • Mel

      I think it’s genuine because he didn’t tell anyone but Xmas and she’s the one he fully trusts.

      • Avatar

        He also knows if he only tells Xmas his plan of getting Elena out and someone approaches him about it, that Xmas must have told him. Good way to find out if someone is a snitch. Not trying to give him too much credit but if you only tell one person a plan and it gets back to you, you know who spilled the beans first. And who you can no longer trust.

  11. AIO_7

    That’s right, Christmas, horseplay some more and break your other foot. Looks like she will find any excuse to dry hump some body.


  12. Mel

    Yes, I hate showmances and yes, Jessica and Cody have played pretty badly but I’m not ready for them to go home yet. I would much rather Elena leave this week if it was at all possible. Floating is a strategy that has its place in the game so I don’t hate it sometimes but I’d much rather have Cody/Jess standing up to Paul than watch Elena float. All the romance drives me nuts and always has but Elena sits around playing with her own body parts so I’m forced to watch some form of sexual activity either way. As far as how they are playing, most of the house is playing badly so what does that matter? I eluded to it yesterday when I said I would be cheering for Jess or Cody to get hoh. It doesn’t mean I’m fans of theirs. I look at this the same way people who make those one week deals in the house look at it. It doesn’t mean I’m on their team but it might give me what I want for one week. There I’ve said it so bring on the thumbs down. I’m ready. Lol

  13. Avatar

    I think Kevin and Jason know Paul needs to go at some point if they really want a shot at winning. But first, Kevin has to make an attempt to win. Jason needs to act on his own thoughts and not Alex’s opinion of who to target. Matt and Raven, I don’t even pay attention to them. Christmas she was a favorite initially but what is the point in keeping her around now? Josh, still undecided… Cody/Jess I like them because they’re the only two willing to actively go against Paul but I think they’ve mentally given up.

    • Mel

      They definitely do and they’ve talked about it but based on their conversations, it seems they want to keep him further than I personally think is a good idea. Paul is already winning comps that he played and won last year. if Paul makes it to the final 8 and/or doesn’t leave during a double eviction, I see him going to the end. They want a final 4 with him. I agree if Alex would shut up, they may be happy for someone else to take him out earlier. Alex told Jason recently that they can’t win without Paul. She will be those guys’ Achilles heel.

      • Avatar

        Your anylsis is always spot on. I don’t get why Alex think she needs Paul to win? What if she’s using that we need Paul to win just so it can be them as final 2. I think she’s playing Jason, personally. Anchilles heel reference was hilarious

    • Sassy

      You are right not to pay attention to #RavenSTFU, she will die before eviction night…

  14. Shivani33

    There are two points wherein Josh doesn’t agree with Paul. One point Josh expressed out in the open in front of Paul last night. Josh said that he wants Cody to go more than Jessica, and Paul wants Jessica gone first. Paul ceded that point to Josh, saying that as long as both get evicted, he supposed that it really didn’t matter who of the two goes first. Josh wanting Elena on the block also somewhat conflicts with Paul’s wishes, since he’d like Mark gone next on his list, after Jessica and Cody.

    Elena is not liked by several houseguests right now. Alex fought with Mark some last night, but they cooled off and actually communicated. But Elena is mad at Alex. Alex would help get rid of Elena, Christmas would too. Jessica or Cody will vote out anyone who isn’t Jessica and Cody. Josh has a relationship with Kevin and Cowboy by proxy. Christmas has his ear, in some ways more than Paul. Thanks to Josh for bringing in some excitement and fresh energy as HoH. I’m still watching to see what decisions he’ll really make, because Paul has done a lot to help Josh survive, and Josh really does listen to Paul. But Josh said that his HoH is going to be what’s best for his game. I don’t know what Josh means by that, specifically. Not yet!

  15. Shivani33

    A couple of sidenotes: Kevin didn’t want to try winning last night’s HoH comp. He putted with no interest and even walked off while his ball was still rolling. He knew that this week would be a rinse & repeat to get rid of Jess or Cody and obviously didn’t care to head it.

    Another thing is that Kevin was going to sleep in the HoH room last night, and Josh even told Paul so. But Paul took that spot. Paul also got Josh a little pissed by sending him out of his own HoH room so that Elena and Paul could talk privately. Josh said to a couple of others that he resented that. He didn’t feel so good about being ordered around to go downstairs and get water, etc., etc., either.

    • Mel

      The most obnoxious part about Paul staying in the hoh was him saying he had nowhere else to sleep. How about the bed Josh just vacated? Lol

      • Avatar

        Mark is back to HOH with pickles, wearing Josh’s bandana. Josh invites Paul and Kevin to sleep in HOH NT – LiZinTeXaS
        11:17 pm

      • Avatar

        That’s what I thought and one of the other houseguests brought that up. Paul said he didn’t want to sleep on a bed with Vaseline on it. *eyeroll*

    • Avatar

      Josh invited BOTH Kevin and Paul.

      • Avatar

        I did hear Josh at he didn’t want to be up in the hoh room alone. He said he’d probably still sleep downstairs.

      • Shivani33

        Not how I saw it, really…and I was watching, too. Kevin was going to stay in the HoH room with Josh. He didn’t do that and stayed elsewhere after Paul said that he had nowhere to sleep. Josh was polite about it and extended an invitation to Paul, but Josh at first did tell Paul that Kevin was staying with him. It was obvious that Kevin changed his mind about sleeping in the HoH room with Josh after Paul decided to stay.

  16. Mel

    Does anyone know if the rumors are true about Matt, Raven and him being the recipient of a BJ? Sorry Gerardo, I know you hate those visuals but I can’t help it this time because if I have something else to slam Raven over, I need to know!!

  17. Avatar

    Why does anyone want Jody to stay? As far as I can tell from BBAD,all they do is lay around and snog, they very seldom talk to any of the other HGs and all they’re really good for is being a target. Most of the time it feels like there are only 10 HGs and all they do is get their rocks of by discussing J/C. I’d like to see them go so someone else can be a target and shakeup the house. Am I missing something?

    • The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

      Nope, you’re not missing anything at all! You hit the nail on the head! What people don’t realize is that Grossica staying in the house is actually helping Paul, not hurting him. As long as they’re around, the house has a common enemy to go after. Once they’re gone, these “walkers” are going to be forced to turn on each other when feeding time comes. And just as you mentioned, Grossica bring NOTHING to the game save for an occasional flare up with Paul or Josh. Grossica serve no purpose, and I have no clue why so many people have put so much of their BB hopes and dreams into them.

    • LindsayB

      No. That’s pretty accurate. They have both shown that they can win comps tho. They are stupid players but if one of them got HOH they would at least make the pound have to choose between their own which could kickstart some actual game play from someone besides my beloved Paul.

  18. Avatar

    Josh’s best option is to lay low and do what Paul wants him to do. I think Paul would take Josh all the way to the final two if he could. Josh, of course, wouldn’t get any votes from the jury. Second place ain’t bad. It’s really the best that Josh can do in this game.

  19. Avatar

    Here come the thumbs down….

    Is there anything that happens in the house that can possibly be the fault of someone besides Paul?
    How is his strategy to manipulate josh different than Christmas doing the same thing?
    Paul hit it spot on the day he came in the house …..easy to blame the returning player for everything….
    Why should anyone admit they are playing a crappy game and made mistakes when you can blame those mistakes on someone else…
    Jessica and Cody are the worse…Jessica blames Paul for Ramses going home…..no Jessica….your crappy strategy sent Ramses home ….you had the power to keep Ramses and you chose not to….everything that happens to them is Paul’s fault….

    • LindsayB

      Cuz haters wanna hate. Haters want to blame Paul and blame production. Haters want to act like they know what’s going on in the house when they aren’t even watching. Haters can’t see beyond their hate. It’s just straight pettiness. Nothing more. Nothing less.

      • Avatar

        From what I’ve been reading, it sounds like people are more frustrated with others for their incompetence. Paul is playing a phenomena game IMO , well relative to the rest of the house. I also respect bad game play more than no game play, that’s why I’ll give a pass to Cody and Jess, they’ve have been strategically woeful, but they’ve been playing.

      • Mel

        Who’s blaming Paul?

      • Sassy

        I am #teamanyonebutPaul, I do not blame Paul and I think his strategy is working well for him thus far. I would just like to see others play the damn game and start thinking for themselves. My dislike for Paul will never change but I give him props on his manipulation skills, that is just as much of the game playing as the competitions are.

    • Avatar

      Helen I agree, Jess did ultimately seal Ramses fate by keeping him on the block. She had total power and did nothing with it.

      Side note: I don’t know why folks are big MAD. Paul still sucks. lolzz As if they know more than the average viewer with the same feeds, cbs network access etc.
      How is it that humans are 70% water if some of them are 100% salt?” hmm…

      • LindsayB

        But sweetie you aren’t even watching them so until you do…..

      • Avatar

        Oh Linds, do you know exactly what I haven’t watched? Obvious I’m still chiming in because I have been watching the feeds more often. I didn’t watch the last two cbs episodes, please do tell me what I actually missed that didn’t take place on the live feeds??! You may want to stretch a little more in that reach.

      • LindsayB

        So when you said this earlier:

        “Haven’t been watching the feeds or any other site for updates. I’ve been totally uninspired to watch the cbs episodes for the last 2 weeks. Didn’t even tune in last night.”

        That doesn’t pertain now? You’re funny when you’re riled up.

      • Avatar

        Wow you seem very intuitive today. However I don’t need you paraphrasing what everyone can clearly read for themselves. I guess you forgot to mention the part where I also been catching up on the feeds because I’m off work today. Yeah, make sure when you quote, you mention every detail not just what fits your weak comeback.
        And you’re hillarious when you’re SALTY af! We good or nah? Teehee…

      • Avatar

        Linds, I’m more impressed then insulted that you took the time to come for me in another failed attempt. #TeamAnyoneButPaul
        I got time today, sis. All day in fact. 🙂

      • LindsayB

        I’m great. I’ve been great all day. You’ve been extremely entertaining.

      • Avatar

        I’m glad. We both are great. I got all day though 🙂

      • LindsayB

        Do you want some kind of trophy for having all day? A participation prize? A cookie? A pat on the back? An atta girl?

      • Avatar

        I’ll take a cookie. Been craving it since starting my diet 2 months ago. I’ll take the “store buy brands” because you know salty folks messing with your foods don’t go well together. I’m just saying…

      • Jenny

        please stop with the fighting. k thx

      • NKogNeeTow

        Lindsay, Cyn…..TAKE IT PRIVATE!

        Thanks 🙂

    • Mel

      Most people complaining about puppets arn’t blaming Paul for it. It isn’t “Paul hate.” It’s frustration over wanting people to wake up.

      • LindsayB

        With an extremely healthy dose of Paul hate

      • Avatar

        Exactly wake the heck up and play like 500K is on the line. The way they complain about being broke, homeless, bike needing repair, no car, etc. you’d think these people start playing or at least try to win a comp.
        yeah, I watch the feeds…

      • Mel

        I’ll rephrase: For myself and possibly many others, there isn’t hate for Paul. We are capable of being frustrated with the game without blaming Paul. Geez, Linds, do you get paid for every comment you debate? Lol

      • LindsayB

        Mell, There’s plenty of people who are frustrated with the lazy HGs and plenty of people who just blame Paul and production for the pathetic group of people that are in the house. Theres a difference between the two but both groups of people are out there. Debate happens. Sometimes I’m involved. Sometimes I’m not. As are you. We just have different styles.

      • Avatar

        Then she be a rich bish because don’t let other people have an opposing opinion. All hell breaks loose! lol

      • LindsayB

        You can have whatever opinion you want. Just as I’m entitled to mine.
        Got some cookies for ya Cyn

      • Avatar

        I actually like the sandies pecan cookie by Keebler. The only ones I care for personally. If you can find that and crop it to your profile, gracias.

      • LindsayB

        Can’t do that one for ya Cyn. Those are gross. Oreos are amazing. Not sure if we need to debate this one or just agree to disagree.

      • Avatar

        Oreo cookies are bland I guess I can see why they’re your favorite, no pun intended 🙂 Most of all they leave dark pockets in your teeth that are gross. I’ll stick to my sandies!! We’ll have to disagree on this one.

      • Mel

        Lindsay & Cyn, I like you both because you can both obviously give and take a joke.

      • Avatar

        @mell, Linds know I love going back and forth with her. lmao Every season, we go at it. It’s never personal 🙂

      • Sassy

        I hope when production is reading this blog tonight or tomorrow, they message both Cyn and LindsayB for spots next season.

    • Avatar

      You are spot on. How would the season have gone of Paul hadn’t been in the house. Who would have stepped up a a leader? Sure as hell not Josh, Jason, Kevin, WIR, Matt, or Alex. Or Cody for that matter since he has absolutly no social game. These HGs seem to all be followers and that’s what a good leader needs. That leaves Jess cuz she smart and can play a good social game if she needs to and Christmas sans busted foot, she’s crafty and would have been a physical threat. Else as pretty good too but there’s something I can’t put my finger on about her and I be really surprised if she could lead these people.

      • Sassy

        I think it would have been a great season! The women would have tried to lead, it would have been a season of broken promises, back stabbing, and cat fights…

  20. ElaineB

    How many weeks is the Temptation ‘consequence’ third nominee?

  21. Avatar

    This will be a long comp….feeds were down for what 5 hours last week with only 4 competing? 9 or 10 competing today …

  22. Avatar

    My reason for wanting josh has nothing to do with what Paul wants. It just happens to be in agreement with Paul on this..
    The day Jessica nominated josh to go on the block and told him on national television that he was a disgusting human being and did not deserve to be in this game was the day I started cheering josh on to stay and win HOH so he could be the one that sends her trashy azz home

    • Seattle Kari

      Thank you for reminding me of that I completely forgot. I just hope Josh does something good with his HOH even if Paul does help him out a little bit

    • Alda

      So why would Christmas want Josh to try and mend fences with Stone Cold Cody and Jess,if she had his best interests in mind? She is going to get Josh in a bad situation in the house if that happens.Jess and Cody both have said terrible things to Josh from the get go.

      • Avatar

        Look at all the targets crippled Christmas is putting in front of her though…..she’s just adding josh to that list is all

      • NKogNeeTow

        Alda, I personally believe that Xmas is doing it so that if Josh mends fences with Messi/Grody, they team up to go after Paul. Which removes him or gets him away from Josh. Josh is in the middle of a tug of war between Xmas and Paul. As I’ve said before, Paul just doesn’t know it yet. Xmas is determined to pull Josh away from him. Watch her. I mentioned this in last night’s comments, he got Josh away from Paul and told him “I love Paul to death but don’t anything he tells you”. She has also told Josh on numerous occassions (sp), that if he needs anything or needs to know anything to go to nobody but her. She uses subtle persuasion on him. When that doesn’t work, she uses the mama bear approach. When that doesn’t work, she uses guilt. I’ve seen her do it to him countless times.

    • Avatar

      I’d love for Josh to take out Jessica before jury, just for that comment alone. It would be the best!

    • Avatar

      I was cheering last night when he won not cuz I’m a fan but because it’s gonna hit Cody like a ton f bricks that Josh will be the one who boots his a$$. Karma’s a beotch.

  23. Avatar

    I learned more about Matt and Raven today then I wanted to know. If someone decides to take Matt to the end and a bitter jury picks him as the winner he has had the easiest summer. Socializes all day, helps himself to whatever he wants in the house, barely plays the game and gets serviced every night. I saw him lick his hands clean after eating once, soap and water were too much effort.

    • The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

      “Socializes all day, helps himself to whatever he wants in the house, barely plays the game and gets serviced every night.” LOL! Yeah, I’d say that’s a pretty sweet deal!

      “I saw him lick his hands clean after eating once, soap and water were too much effort.”
      YUCK. The one negative part of watching Big Brother (especially the feeds) is that it has severely exacerbated my already severe case of germaphobia.

      • Avatar

        Let’s put the germaphobia in remission. I tend to cut my feeds when the camera focuses on anything related to Matt/Raven. I happen to catch them kissing accidentally this week in the Rose room I believe and it was horrific. I never seen anyone kiss so hard as they did, it was very unnatural. They just seem off to me.

      • The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

        They are absolutely nauseating Cyn. The other night I had the feeds on but was in the other room, and I had to come back to see what the hell going on because I thought my TV had flipped itself to Animal Planet. I thought I heard a hyena cackling or some poor animal being mercilessly mauled to death. It was Matt laughing.

      • Avatar

        @gerardo you are too funny. I’m still waiting for Raven to win something. She acts if they’re competition beasts if need to be.

      • Avatar

        They will need to remove the roof and just pour bleach over the whole place after this season. 🙂

      • Avatar

        Oh Raven is a competition beast as long as it is a pole swallowing comp.

      • Avatar

        It could just be more like a peanut swallowing comp… Who really wants to know how endowed Minute Man is… Certainly not me!

  24. Seattle Kari

    I realize they have to find things to do to occupy themselves out of pure boredom but I have a feeling that Jason’s wife is not going to be a happy woman when he gets home..

    Might as well just hand the HOH over to Paul because you know damn well is he that is going to be making the decisions yet again. That being said I hope somebody wakes the hell up and kicks Paul’s ass out soon. on the other side of the coin I really don’t think production is going to let it happen. People can disagree with me all they want on that but I think production has way more of a hand and what’s going on then they’re ever going to admit. Just like certain gifts being handed to Paul and Jessica. You think that wasn’t done purposely? America’s vote? I’m sorry bullshit how are we to know who really got the votes? I’m guessing that every player has to sign a confidentiality form before they’re ever allowed to play so they can never tell people what’s really going on behind the scenes.

    I have loved Big Brother for quite a few years now but this season is horrible. I know I’m not the only one feeling this way. I’ve been following your feeds rather than watching the show just to keep up on what’s going on. Your humor and reading everybody else’s comments is what’s actually more entertaining than the game itself…

    @stevebeans, I appreciate everything you do and I am keeping your father and your entire family in my thoughts and prayers.

    • Avatar

      Methinks Kevin’s wife might not be too thrilled either although something tells me that his behavior with cripple creek Christmas will be nothing she already has dealt with over the years….hopefully neither she or her children watch the feeds to see what Kool Papa is up to

    • Zach

      “That being said I hope somebody wakes the hell up and kicks Paul’s ass out soon.” Why? It’s smart to let Paul take the blame for getting a bunch of people evicted and then at the right moment when it is down to 6-7 players, you back door him and take credit for getting rid of the vet.

    • AIO_7

      ….”but I think production has way more of a hand and what’s going on then they’re ever going to admit. Just like certain gifts being handed to Paul and Jessica. You think that wasn’t done purposely? America’s vote? I’m sorry bullshit how are we to know who really got the votes?”

      Kari; Stalin once said, “It’s not who votes that count, but who counts the vote that matters.”

      Some people around here think Production is squeaky clean.

  25. Avatar

    Sorry totally completely off topic but does anyone know if coming into the house – Did Paul know he was going to be the only returning player?

  26. Avatar

    Off topic, but is that really Harrison Ford’s son in ad section?!

  27. Avatar

    Anyone that thinks Paul is running josh…..I have a bridge for sale

    12:50 am (Friday) Christmas tells Josh not to do everything that Paul asks during his HOH and to blink once and Josh blinked once.

  28. Avatar

    Do you think it is simply gameplay by Christmas or do you think she wants a steady hookup? I don’t watch feeds regularly but when I do I see her rubbing and putting her body on Kevin, Paul or Jason. All the guys who claim to have a relationship in the real world.

    • AIO_7

      I think that Christmas just needs some stimulation in that area. A washing machine on spin cycle would come in just as handy at this point. In real life I figure she swings partly, if not mostly, toward other women.

      • Avatar

        She’s into women? What makes you believe that. Idk maybe I missed it on the feeds. The way she’s been flirting with old man Kev, says otherwise.

      • NKogNeeTow

        Cyn, it was something she said one night. Forgive me, I can’t remember exactly what it was, but it did make it sound like she is “fluid”…lol

      • Avatar

        If her fiancé truly did cheat on her before she entered the house (with a break up too), then she’s probably feeling very hurt. She would be looking for the validation from the men in the house that he took from her by cheating. Being cheated on makes you feel so worthless that she may be looking for her own self with these men in the house. Then, for her to be injured on top of that has to be extremely hard mentally and emotionally. Sounds like she’s had a lot taken from her right before entering the house and with her injury. It’s also not her fault if the men are allowing her to do it (like Kevin allowing her to rub on him).

  29. Avatar

    Breaking News…..

    From: Helen,Head of the Department of Speculation
    It is my great pleasure to announce that The Department of Speculation will resume full operations later this evening….

    Thank you for your patience and understanding…..we look forward to providing you with the most accurate and up to date information of all things speculative…..

  30. Avatar

    After careful consideration it may actually be a great idea if josh were to put up elana and Jessica..one would go home…as long as the third nom was off the block …..if Elana goes Jessica loses an ally and conduit for info….if Jessica goes Elana has nowhere to turn

  31. Avatar

    Does the next person evicted go to jury ?

  32. Avatar

    Off Topic….

    Lala Kent makes Jessica Graf look like one of the stepsisters in Cinderella

  33. danmtruth

    was gone for a bit Miss a little miss a lot
    # Xmas has a long time partner / fiance she was stunted to learn how close in age she is to Josh mother She is 35 Josh said his mom was 42
    #as with most things Josh 1/2 truths The plan to backdoor Elena was Paul’s This was started just after Josh won Pulling her in saying how hurt he was that she voted to evict him over Ramses This idea that he is mad because she did that is a lie He knew what the plan was Now Josh was able to go tell Matt & Raven that Elena threw them OTB about keeping her in the dark The thing that is pure Josh is him looking to get her out this week instead of either J or C
    #zach the better to wait till latter to get Paul out Too many season when the player people wanted out stayed because people got distracted by personal things With three noms that one less vote to count A small group of mutineers can affect big change
    #we all need to see who wins safety Who wins POV
    #can we get Cody to choke Raven out with the banana hammock

    • Avatar

      Can we get Cody to choke Raven out with the banana hammock, priceless… Hahaha

    • Avatar

      If Raven goes near the princess banana hammock, we’re more likely to see Messi choke out DMW & Grody though!

      • danmtruth

        Morgana we can only hope dream then setup a go fund me page fro her defense Hope it’s a jury headed by Mell

      • Mel

        According to the hg’s stories, Raven tried very hard to get near princess banana hammock the week before feeds. She also tried with Paul. Once everyone was coupled up, she went for Matt.

      • Mel

        Thanks Dan I don’t know if that’s good or bad. haha

      • Avatar

        Dan- you have me in stitches tonight! Instead of a Go Fund Me for DMW though, her’s is more like a Go F**k Me.

        What I don’t understand with Mattress though is why he would decide being her sloppy thirds was a good move?!?!? Seriously man, when you get out of the house, go buy some dignity!

  34. Shivani33

    Paul already knows about Elena being a target for Josh. At 1:54 a.m. Fri., 3 discussed it together – Josh, Paul and Christmas. Josh explained why he thinks Elena is “shady.” Paul said that both Mark and Elena are aware that they are secondary eviction targets, and he deflected the idea of Josh trying to make Elena a primary target. Paul explained his thoughts well and without sounding like the boss. Josh took it in graciously, but still has his opinion re Elena. We’ll see. So much hinges on who wins and loses the temptation comp.

  35. Avatar

    I would like the temptation comp added to shows format for good. The other temptations I could live without.

  36. Avatar

    On another site it has been stated Christmas admitted her boyfriend/fiance cheated so they broke up months before show started.

    • Avatar

      That’s awful. Nobody deserves that, and it would explain some of her constant need to be all over the guys, she’s looking for validation and worth, since that douchecanoe Chester on her. It’s really sad.

    • danmtruth

      Susan Cran maybe this is what they read ; Christmas got engaged to Geoff Kercher on October 10, 2015 and the couple plan to get married on September 3, 2017 in Raleigh, North Carolina. Christmas was previously in a relationship with and subsequently engaged to photographer Josh Holmes till 2014 but they split up before their trip down the aisle.

      Being on shows like this opens you up for things like this This was from a bio page The famous people

      if you want to know

  37. hogwild

    Since the Cody and Jessica saga is basically over it ‘s now just a question of who goes out first and second and when not if they go which makes me wonder after that is done will anyone challenge the lord and master of the house Paul? I would really like to think one or more of them would finally realize if they want any shot at winning this they will have to wake up play the game and try and take Paul out but right now I really don’t see anyone willing to do this if that’s the case it will be really boring going down foreward.

  38. Avatar

    It would be smart for Josh to evict Jessica because there is no way that she would give Josh the money if he made it to final two, none.

  39. Avatar

    Think production doesn’t have a thing for Paul ? He was on last year, the online Big brother, 1st episode of Candy Crush & now this season

  40. danmtruth

    This is what confuses me about why he wants Elena out before Jess or Cody Is he just so set in wanting to make a “big” move on his own To prove he is not under Pauls control Yet it also goes against the house / dogpound How can he try to justify it Saying he took out someone who tried to vote him out When the dogpound knows he was never in trouble and it was Elena & Mark who got chump

    • The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

      His explanation to Christmas for wanting Elena out was not so much about her voting against him (I think he’s just using that as an excuse when he talks to Elena and certain other HGs), but more so that she is untrustworthy in general and would eventually turn on them. It would also pretty much destroy Mark if Elena left. He also mentioned that he feels keeping Grossica in the house for now is better for his game because it will keep the focus off of him and on the Paul v. Grossica battle. He also said that he would only go after Elena this week if one of Grossica gets off the block, and Christmas added that he should make sure he has the votes before he makes his decision to go after her.

  41. Avatar

    I think these housepets create a challenge for production to get adequate footage to edit for an episode…..good grief. Going on 6 hours for a comp? LoL. We watched a live one last night that lasted what? 10 minutes?

  42. danmtruth

    Gerardo I did not explain myself properly I did not think Josh was evicting her because of the vote just that he might use the excuse As hollow as it is Who beside Cory Jess Mark and Elena herself did not already know the plan
    The point about keeping Paul distracted and occupied is a valid point Many house guest have gone after there own enemy’s Leaving the bigger threat as a shield and job for someone else
    Perhaps Paul did not know how true his words were last week when he said now we play Big Brother for real All Pauls alliances will start to compair notes

  43. Avatar

    Last night when the Hex was used I realized that there have only been three people sent home. If Megan had not self-evicted, then we would possibly be sitting here on day 40 with only 3 evictions. I was watching the show with my daughters (they got me sucked into this about 3 years ago) and they were groaning because they just want to game to move forward. The whole show is stuck in neutral.

    That is what I am stuck on. I don’t know what to think about Paul, Christmas, Josh, Kevin, or any of the house guests. The house has consistently wanted Cody and Jess out. Cody and Jess are disinterested in trying to bridge the divide between them in the house and are content to hang out together and talk about how unfair everything is. Its old and everyone just wants to move on. I think there are some good players in this group who want to make rational big moves and are just waiting for an opportunity, but they also know that Cody and Jess are toxic so trying to work with them (which is pointless because they will probably say screw you, you betrayed them) or even just being cordial and talking with them puts a target on your back.

    Just get these two out so we can move forward.

  44. ElaineB

    I agree Russell. It does seem like “Groundhog Day”.

  45. Shivani33

    Julie Chen today in Entertainment Weekly said that a Josh HoH is equal to Paul winning HoH as Josh is Paul’s puppet. Julie also said that said she is “currently Team Jessica” and complimented Jessica’s playing abilities. Julie did leave room to change her mind with “currently” as her adverb of choice. Now, I agree to disagree with both of Julie’s remarks. Jessica has been pretty inactive, but I hope that she’ll feel like doing more to advance her game soon. And Josh is too big to be Paul’s puppet, Lol.

    • Avatar

      I just lost some respect for Julie Chen with her “Team Jessica” comment.

      • Avatar

        Me too…..

      • Avatar

        Because she’s team Jess, she loss your respect? I guess it’s the end of the world now. lol Is she suppose to be “team your fav” to appease you or anyone else. I like that she has someone she’s rooting for! Don’t we all 🙂

      • Avatar

        Not because she is team jess….because as hostess of the show she can root for who ever she wants..but her opinion to side with anyone she be private not public…..I think it’s pretty childish (and gross) to drink out of a milk carton and put it back in the fridge for everyone else to drink out of ….but since I’m not a public figure my opinion means nothing….hers does and should be kept to herself

      • Avatar

        Well I think the hg’s are liked more based on how they’re perceived on the show from game plays, personalities, etc. Julie Chen is the host but still human. Is it that serious that she lost the respect of some? I think that is more petty, honestly. And that dislike isn’t from me, just an FYI.

      • Avatar

        Can we agree on Lala Cyn?

      • Avatar

        She is prettier…..Lala I mean

    • AIO_7

      “Julie also said that said she is “currently Team Jessica” ”

      There is no way that that would influence Production to give the Hex to Jess.

  46. Avatar

    I wonder if this is the comp where they all hide their pics & the housepets trash the house looking for the pics, and whoever is the last pic found is the winner? Wait, probably not now that I type that because it would be hard to have a clear loser in that comp.

  47. Avatar

    Okay…can someone run over and adopt these kitties and puppies so we can have feeds back?

  48. Avatar

    A very reliable leaker has said it’s the Haunted House comp from OTT

  49. LindsayB

    Feeds are back up. It looks like Jess may be the third nom from what I can tell.

  50. NKogNeeTow

    HOH: Josh talking to America

    He wants Lips O-U-T, REGARDLESS of what Paul says.
    He say’s he will fight for Paul till the end but Paul just doesn’t see what he sees, so he’s just going to go along with it, then blindside Elena.
    He says he’s doing what’s best for his game and the house and hopes that Paul will see that later.

    Mell, our little Meatball has grown up! …lol

    • LindsayB

      The thing is that he’s gotta convince everyone to vote Elena and if Paul is leaning another way that could get tricky. As HOH, once you put up the noms your power is gone except for the few times there’s a tie breaker. Jess learned that lesson already.

  51. NKogNeeTow

    This chick is fast talking her azz off…lol

  52. NKogNeeTow

    I don’t know WHICH thread to comment on…..this one or Mell’s…lol

  53. NKogNeeTow

    Lips keeps saying that if he’s going to put her up, she’s going to accept it with dignity and grace….Yet she’s tap dancing as fast as she can.

    What’s that I smell in the air……Oh yes, DESPERATION!

  54. Avatar

    He should putbupnAlex with Elana….but he won’t….something tells me he’s going to change his mind about mark

    • Avatar

      Elena is just having a little hissy fit isn’t she? One minute she’s fine with going up the next she’s demanding to know why her..next minute she’s okay and the next she’s telling Josh she quit her job just to be on the show and…….
      Well, you get the picture – so much for grace and dignity!

      • NKogNeeTow

        Yep. And the fact that she keeps repeating how she quit her job for this, if I were Josh, I’d tell her “Tell me in 25 words or less why I should care”.

      • Avatar

        Bahahahaha!! You’re cracking me up Nkogg!

        Oh…and please don’t change your profile pic! Between danmtruth and lindsayb plus convos going on in 2 threads at once is making my brain get a little woozie!

      • NKogNeeTow

        Mine too Shan. I keep jumping back and forth between Threads because people are commenting on both of them. Since I usually stay up late and report until they go to bed, tonight might be a b!tch to keep up with…lol

      • NKogNeeTow

        Oh and Jessica Rabbit isn’t going anywhere unless Warner Brothers comes after me. She’s my favorite cartoon character 🙂

      • Avatar

        I was wondering when she was going to bring up the no job situation. She will probably say something like “I just need to make it one more week so I can at least make it to jury. Please Josh. Ill do anything!!”

  55. Avatar

    josh is in BB heaven at the moment…..3 of his 4 targets on the block all at the same time!!!

  56. NKogNeeTow

    One thing…..While she was pleading her case like a man on his way to the guillotine, did I hear her say something about being there to get further in her career….or something to that effect? If so, not a very good as an argument.

  57. Avatar

    Lips is just throwing everyone under the bus…telling josh put up Alex and Paul….then goes on to ok how about Matt and Raven…
    The one thing mark and Elena have right is Christmas is up to no good. Lol

  58. Avatar

    Feeds are bad today!! They have pretty much been off all day! So much for 24/7 all access lol

  59. Avatar

    Omg. JoshSTFU! Why are you apologizing to Messica? Give me strength!!!

  60. Avatar

    Hard to believe Alex justvpromised josh she would vote out Elana instead of Jessica!! Alex…you deserve to go home for that!!

  61. Avatar

    I am so disappointed in myself ….I have been cheering for Josh for a couple of weeks now for him to win HOH so that he could do what he’s wanted to do since week two…..evict either Jessica or Cody…..he finally gets HOH and the minute he gets in there out of the blue he decides nah. I think I’ll just evict elana instead…..
    What a goober

  62. hogwild

    Josh making a move have to admit he’s the last person I expected to see do that.

  63. Avatar

    How did Paul feel about Josh’s noms?

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