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Big Brother 19 – Saturday Night Feeds And Nom Results


Quick correction from my earlier post – there is no Den of Temptation today.  I looked at the voting page, and the vote doesn’t end until the 19th. No clue why they’re making this one a roughly two-week vote, but it should give Alex power two weeks in a row (unless someone else sneaks in and wins it. Kevin maybe).

Alex has been really cryptic on her nomination picks because I think she’s trying to play by the rules (Kryssie and her rule book approved!). You were probably not aware of it because people talk about it so freely, but there is a rule against specifically telling people they’re being nominated.  They typically let that slide, but Alex was playing it safe and only letting it slip a few times. She mostly hinted around that it would be Jess and Dom, so that’s who I expect tonight.

In other news, Christmas is back in the house and playing innocent with her hinky vote of Ramses last night. She is obviously acting like she voted out Cody in order to pin the vote on someone else.  I really like when Kevin did it last week, and don’t know why that doesn’t happen more. I most certainly would toss out the hinky votes to stir things up. It’s fun!


Alright, feeds are back up, time for updates

  • 6:30 pm – Feeds return and Kevin is talking to Jess in the apple room.  She says she has to win the veto, but he says Dom is the target for some reason
    • Jess and Dom are nominated
    • Meanwhile, Dom is taking it well
  • 6:50 pm – Matt, Mark, Elena, and Christmas are in the bathroom
    • All but Christmas are talking about the hinky votes
    • Christmas is trying to push it off on the other side of the house
    • Christmas looks concered
    • Christmas leaves to get meds and Mark says “I love being lied to my face”
    • Mark is saying Christmas said Cody didn’t tell her any names
    • They know this because Cody told Paul “Christmas wanted to tell you but…” so they gather Christmas knew what Cody was talking about and she is a liar
  • 7:00 pm – Mark goes into the bedroom to talk to Dom
    • Dom says Elena knew because she (E) kept asking Dom to talk to Alex today
    • Dom says she is going to pick Mark to play veto if she can
  • 7:13 pm – Paul is talking to Christmas in the apple room
    • Christmas admits she was a vote for Ramses. She asks who the first and second voters were. They know Jess, but he can’t remember the other
    • She wants him to remember because she can probably confirm something
    • (theory, she was on the phone still and heard Julie say ‘3 votes for Ramses’ before heading to commercial break)
  • 7:25 pm – Talks everywhere.
    • Kevin is up in the HoH room with Jason and Alex
    • Alex confirms she wanted to put up Mark
    • They talk for a bit, Mark comes up and the two guys leave
  • 7:30 pm – Mark and Alex
    • They go back and forth discussing things in the house
    • Finally Mark asks if Dom is her target this week. Alex says ‘yes’.
    • Reaction…
  • 7:55 pm – Dom comes up, Mark leaves
    • Alex tells Dom that she wants Jess out even though she told Mark that dom was her target.
    • Dom claims it’s a jealousy thing but she can’t figure out why

Stepping away for a mental break

  • 10:30 pm – Watched some TV, came back and the feeds are down for the PoV!
    • It’s speculated that the veto competition is early because they will be doing battle back this week and need time in the backyard to construct the sets
    • (which means no outside this week. Ouch)
    • Kevin, Jason, and Christmas were picked to play. I assume if physical that means Christmas is auto fail and it becomes a 5-way challenge
  • 11:10 pm – PoV has been going on for abou ttwo hours now. I can’t keep my eyes open. Hopefully you guys can report winner in comments and I’ll post it tomorrow am

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  1. Avatar

    Wake up and smell the coffee, its an easy week for Alex if she would only see it.

    • Alex should use “2 chains” Pauls know it all big brother wisdom bulls**t against him in a subtle but effective way. Play dumb a bit, but all the while stay focused….
    • He has vehemently showed disgust and a willingness to target Ramses and Dom for eviction, so nominate one of them and Christmas if she is available (who should always be a pawn on the block with the madness of unfair advantage BB has shown towards her). Tell Paul it’s the classic but effective backdoor plan, that he just used when he was HOH and the target was Cody (stroke his ego some).
    • Your real hope is that neither you (throw the veto if you don’t have the stones to keep the noms the same), nor the nominees win the veto, thus keeping huge target Jessica around for a future eviction date. But swallow your pride and of course act like you are doing Jessica a favor and perhaps you can work together, gaining some trust from her.
    • Hope that BB is all about real drama and they rig, I mean have a comp that perhaps will favor the talents of Cody so then yet another huge threat comes back in the house and let them do your dirty work, like taking down popular but at times very annoying vet in Paul, or other outspoken people who are losing favor in the house.

  2. Avatar

    If this is how this week unfolds, it will be a dull week indeed. I hate majorities within Big Brother. The fun is always in the divide. Loving someone in one episode, and growing to hate them in the next. Alex is a strong player, I hope she doesn’t just limit it to her physical performances. The house really needs someone strong and charismatic at this point to challenge Paul.

    • LindsayB

      I completely agree with you on this!!

    • jimbo

      The only person who may challenge has to walk back into the house next week since he was just voted out.

    • Avatar

      there’s a handful of people who mention the fact that Paul at least gets annoying, that he was on las season (since he never shuts up about it), etc. So if they just decide (after he’s not safe from eviction) to do something “big” they can actually get him out, but the chances of them doing that are meh until he gets on more people’s nerves.

    • Avatar

      BBAD was so boring last week because everyone was on the same page, let’s get some factions going, stir the house up. I still don’t have a clear cur favorite and I want some better lines drawn.

      • Avatar

        same, when we first saw everyones profiles, I liked a few of the houseguests, but when they came in, I like some others I wasn’t expecting. Like Kevin is hilarious, and I really think he should at least be americas fav. And (like I’ve said in other comments), I actually enjoy Dom, and would like to see what she can do further down the line, so I’m hoping she can survive this week. I do like Alex, but I really liked that girl who told Cody to “eat she”, though I feel she should’ve had a little more social game with Cody when he initially talked to her before putting her up. But also I’ve not liking her going from “big move blow up the showmance’s” talk to putting up Dom and jess, most likely due to Paul coaching her and the “house wants” for Jessica to leave

    • Mel

      Are we watching the same show? Lol What majority? The house just split into multiple sections. Marks with Dom but Marks with Elena, Marks with Paul but Dom suspects Paul now, Elenas with Mark no wait Paul no wait Matt and Raven, Christmas doesn’t like Alex but she’s with Alex, Alex hates Jessica but she may have just saved her, Mark and Matt just got divided, Jessica hated Ramses but now he’s her BFF, Cody could come back, Kevin may get busted with the voting, Jason wants to pull Jessica off the block if he wins veto even tho his ride or die Alex will kill him for it, Kevins with Paul but Kevins with Jason and Pauls out to get Jason, Raven lied about pouring out Alexs’ coke but Alex is ‘for now’ with Alex. This is fantastic imho.

  3. Avatar

    I have a question please. On Thursday show just before Julie said their was a buy back, did she say this was the last Den of Temptation? I might of heard wrong.

  4. Wendy

    Looks like one of
    Kevin’s blue eyes has a patch of brown. I like him!!

  5. Shivani33

    Paul and everyone else in the house knows who voted second. Paul is covering his and Kevin’s asses. Too late .

  6. Avatar

    Is it bad that I completely forgot about Dom until last nights episode and I saw her… I also dont watch the live feeds, but it doesn’t feel like shes playing the game? Or maybe they aren’t showing it in the aired tv episodes.

    • Avatar

      she is playing, mostly by just gathering info, talking with her psych sessions with mark, and her “talk show”, she mostly has gathered info though, but on tv, the most they showed was on yesterdays episode since she’s been pretty silent until then

  7. Mel

    Steve, granted I had a very busy and long work day but did I actually lose a day? Lol

  8. Avatar
    Helen (5241 comments)

    I would prefer Jessica go …..esp since there is a good chance Cody is returning to the game….I can’t stomach the two of them together all summer! Please spare me….one or the other but please not both!!

  9. Avatar

    Dom is right! I’m starting to notice this trend too… black girls are always being targeted and/or stereo typed. Dom has had the group’s back with all their decisions and now she’s up. Alex irritates my soul now. I was a total fan but she has all it wrong putting Dom up now. They have no clue, Kevin is Paul’s puppet and voting against his own alliance. Only reason Zykiah made it as far because she was attached to Paulie. They always find a reason to have a issue with the black girl and want to target them early.

    • NKogNeeTow

      I have to call BS on that one Cyn. Dom was fine with the house, as long as she was in good standing. The first time they nominate her, she plays the race card. So she’s mad she’s OTB, hell, all or most of them will be OTB at one time or another. What logic would you use for the other people who have been or will be on the block? Ram because he’s gay? Josh because he’s Hispanic? Paul because he’s Armenian? And I’m sure there’s a Jew somewhere in the house. Sometimes people being put on the block are just that.

      You are spot on about why Zykiah made it so far. She attached herself to Paulie. And that’s ALL she did. She added nothing to the house except to be Paulie’s bed warmer. I had high hopes for her. She let me down.

      • Avatar

        @nkogneetow That’s just my personal observation, its just ironic Dom mentioning it as she has that right, just like you’re allotted to feel indifferent. It’s not meant for everyone to understand because everyone isnt always treated equally. Also referring to other ethnicities does change the facts that the “black girl” is often targeted because they’re either too loud, too aggressive. What’s the issue with Dom, too intelligent, too religious?! It’s my opinion and I’m basing it solely on what I’ve seen so far… Dom isn’t just up there, she’s the clear TARGET. So I’m curious as to why?? I hate when other people tell people they’re using the “race card”, huh?? What does that even mean?! I won’t elaborate either because then this will become another topic and I wont go there.

      • Avatar

        @nkogneetow And let’s be clear, you often don’t see all those groups you mentioned facing the same diversities. That’s all I’m say about that one. But thanks for sharing your opinion;)

      • NKogNeeTow

        You’re right Cyn, this could lead into a whole different conversation. And let’s be clear, my point was you (and not necessarily you personally) can’t always blame someone’s being put up, on their race. At some point or another, they all or at least most of them, will be put up, no matter what race, ethnicity, handicap, or whatever they are. All of them are going to go until it gets down to the Final 2. Thanks for your opinion also 🙂

      • Avatar

        @nkogneetow yup it can only be one winner but that wasn’t the point I was making. But thank you for your insight as well.

    • Avatar

      Not sure that is accurate, Davon not once but twice in two seasons became outspoken and executed poor game moves that din’t sit well with the majority of votes she needed to back her, Jodi was a casualty like Cameron was, as she was only 6 hours into her season when Dan the legend had to make a tough cut on his team early on. Chima poo-pooed around with a primadona bad attitude all of the time and then self evicted. Dominique was doing very well until like many other contestants who make bad game moves early, she became a know it all driving a wedge between Mark and Elena, hosting a show that took a turn for the worse when she put Ramses on blast about his sexuality in front of the house, and of course not winning any favors from Paul when its either Pauls egotistical friendship mantra or Dominiques weekly/nightly show. Paul is not giving up his allusion that America is all about friendships.

    • ChiKelz

      Hey Cyn, Nkog (thanks for the Welcome Back) and Ritchie I must admit that all of you have made valid points. I don’t watch the live feeds so I can’t and won’t comment on Dom playing the “race” card. I did see the episode of BBAD that Dom “started to smell herself” (as my Grandmother would say) and I think she may have made her bed, but I have seen others do worse and not get on the block. Paul did warn her “it wasn’t cool”. That said; I am struggling with how any of them would ever consider keeping Jessica, unless it’s to look at her boobs! I just don’t see how Dom became the target over Jessica. SMH When and if Cody comes back, those that vote for Dom to leave will deserve and suffer the consequences.

      • NKogNeeTow

        @Chik: In all fairness, I didn’t hear or see Dom play the race card but went by reading Cyn’s comment. If what she says is true, then yes I have a problem with it. Dom didn’t do anymore or less than anyone else did. She played her game her way (collecting info, steering people to think the way she wanted them to, etc), but that’s a chance you take. If there are 13 people in the house, you have a 1 out of 13 chance of being put up. She’ll just have to fight to get herself off, then fight to try to regain the trust of the house. I personally think she got a little to cocky thinking she had some kind of mind control over the people she “counseled”.

        I do agree that they should get Messica out for now…just in case Cody comes back. The last thing we need is to see the 2 of them hooked up again. It’s bad enough that Mark and Elena are playing tonsil hockey every time you look at them.

      • Avatar

        @chikelz Thank you!!!! My sentiments, exactly! People are looking for any excuse as to why Dom needs to go and over Jessica? Really. I said what I said and mean it. I think it’s foul because she been with the group’s decision making thus far. I think she sensed something was off and that is why she’s been recently isolating herself. Christmas (who I adore) went against the group and she’s not even nominated. It’s straight BS! Black women are too stereotyped, I’m sorry if anyone is offended but it’s the truth!!!

      • Avatar

        @nkogneetow Dom shared her feelings with Mark. I can’t remember the time stamp but heard it myself watching the feeds. I think jokers may have caught it.l as well. Check it for yourself. It has always been my feelings I’m just shocked she said it out loud.

      • NKogNeeTow

        There you go again Cyn. I DO agree with you that Jess should go home…and FAST! What I don’t agree with is that you keep bringing race into it. I didn’t see anywhere where anyone stereotyped Dom. No one said she was loud, or obnoxious, or anything else demeaning….just annoying with her holier than thou attitude sometimes. But most of the people in the house have big heads and overblown egos. Now I’m going to let this go before it blows up into something much bigger than it is now. 🙂

      • Avatar

        @nkogneetow great you agree with Jessica. Secondly, I didn’t say anyone in the house specifically stereotyped Dom but often it is the black girl targeted early on everytime one is casted. As for Dom, she shared her feelings on the livefeed and I wholeheartedly agree with her. So, I’m not sure why you are so pressed by my agreement. It’s something I’ve noticed myself and I agree. If you or anyone else is offend by that, I’m not sure what you expect me to say but it is my feelings. We good? because I am.

      • NKogNeeTow

        Yep Cyn, we’re good. Whether I agree with someone or not, I don’t hold grudges. Life is short and so am I 🙂

      • Avatar

        Cool because my opinions are def not grudge worthy:) Teehee…

      • Mello_One

        @Cyn & @chikelz
        I have been watching Big Brother since it started…I have also watched Survivor, & the Amazing Race since both Reality Shows have begun.

        I have waited Patiently for 19 Seasons to see a African American actually Win Big Brother?! And when Dom is evicted I will be waiting yet another Season for a Black Person to the Game…Whereas TAR, & Survivor have all had Multiple African American Winners…Imvho.

      • Mello_One

        *Person to Win the Game*

    • Avatar

      Looks like she is playing the “all the girls are jealous of me” card instead.

      • NKogNeeTow

        Cyn 😀

      • LindsayB

        She made herself a target with her stupid talk show the other night. Up until then she had just been playing the sponge and the psychiatrist. Annoying to watch, but not causing issues amongst the HGs. She showed her hand with the way she questioned Ram and Cody. She showed that she’s way more in tune to things than anyone thought. It made a lot of people I way and showed them that she’s more of a threat than they thought. And she is. She’s stealthy. Alex isn’t wrong for wanting her out. That being said, I would love for Jessica to go cuz I think she’s a vile human being. Jessica is less of a threat (currently) than Dom. Both have made themselves targets, just in different ways. Either way, they’ve both done it to themselves. Either one could leave and I’d be fine with it.

    • Jenny

      I think you are wrong about this, and I sincerely HOPE you are wrong. I’d like to believe that race makes no difference but recent events have taught me that racism is still alive and kicking in this country. I’ve said for years that BB needs a more diverse cast. All respect to you and again, I hope you are wrong!

  10. Yael Sara

    What a twisted house. As I play catch up, I am becoming quite disappointed in Christmas and my original cheer for her has very quickly spiraled downward. For all I care now she can she on the short list now.
    Would be great to see Jess out this week so that in the buy back only one the two, Cody or Jessica can come back and we are not stuck with both of then in the house together.
    While I am not against showmances, this seasons.. Meh! Not sure what is real and not with Mark, Am I missing informative information on the live feeds – or are his undermining ways just hearsay?
    Wouldn’t mind so much Raven out of the house, I feel like she contributes less than Christmas resting her foot on Elana while sitting on a couch. Also, to see Matt’s game without her hanging on her side.
    And on that note… I think Matt and Kevin should chat a bit! The two of them in a quiet alliance I think would be awesome and could go far!


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  12. Avatar

    Wish BB would have a double eviction night every other week. Floaters and weaker players alike would have to scramble early and often, as opposed to contributing to the boredom of very predictable weeks. The top dogs and personalities can only pick each other off but for so long.

  13. Mel

    I was about to admit I was wrong about Alex and say that she had indeed stirred up the house. But….no. She’s already outed a confidence with Elena without realizing it, told Dom too much and wants Jess out again already. She got the big alliance splitting off from each other and then talks to Dom and Mark and reassures them that Elena did nothing. I thought the point was to break up the group…for more than an hour.

  14. Avatar

    The group would have still been intact but timid player Elaina was afraid to nom people! Why are you playing then? Paul can’t win every competition, it takes a group effort and with Christmas, raven and Mark injuries…they won’t make it!

  15. Avatar

    Alex keeps mention people being concerned about Dom. What is the concernment, really Alex?!! Cody will be back together with Jess and hope they feel stupid not taking Jess out this week. Idiots

    • Avatar
      Helen (5241 comments)

      Yup. She should have put up either Ramses or josh as second nom next to Jessica……power moves are great…but timing is essential….first three weeks of the game and each HOH has wanted to make “power” moves…..josh and Ramses were pretty solid with their times in last POV…..Jessica is a manipulator and a liar and everyone knows it….I think Alex nom of Dom was not necessarily the best move on her part

    • LindsayB

      We have to remember that they aren’t aware of the battleback. They’ve speculated, but don’t actually know for sure. Jessica is an easy one to just “save for next time”. It’s dangerous to save a target for next time but there is some validity to keeping someone so hated as a shield. You just can’t keep them too long. We know it’s smart to remove Jessica because of the likelihood of Cody winning but they don’t.

  16. Yael Sara

    Wait… “Saturday Night Feeds” Should I not have been at work today? Did I miss a whole day of R&R? Is it only one day now til GOT?

  17. Avatar

    I just finished watching last nights eviction episode and I’m glad I got to see that side of Cody. I live in eastern Canada and can’t watch the feeds, so I always thought of Cody as someone very difficult to approach and have a conversation with. He actually does have a sense of humor and a hint of a personality. If he didn’t show that side of himself in the house, maybe he should have. If he had, and he was a bit more trusting and polite, he would probably still be there instead of having to battle to get back in.

    • LindsayB

      I agree. I think the fact that he was truly leaving this early kind of smacked him in the face. Humbled him a little bit. Only a little bit. Lol. I love that he can’t be “led” but I hate his sense of superiority. If he does come back in and can slightly adjust his game I think he could do well. I was actually surprised by his lack of adaptability but saw a glimpse of the possibility of it in that episode. If he does come back, I’d love to see an alliance with him and Paul. It would be full of distrust but also full of fun for us to watch.

      • NKogNeeTow

        That could be fun Linds, the only problem with that is Cody is rigid…very rigid. It would be hard for him to change. He might come into the house trying to adapt, but it wouldn’t take long for him to revert to his “real” self.

  18. Lynn

    The live feeds just showed the hg talking about having picked the veto players tonight and questioning whether or not the actual veto comp would also be tonight.

  19. Colby

    POV: Christmas, Jas, Kevin picked, with Paul hosting.

    • Lynn

      I thumbs-upped you for the info……except that “Paul hosting” part. Why is he constantly in the lime light? #bobbarkerwannabe

      • LindsayB

        Probably because he’s great tv. People love him. He’s quick witted. He has great one liners and will give CBS plenty of stuff to work with to make an entertaining episode. I’m fully aware that not everyone loves him, but the majority do.

      • ElaineB

        Paul told Alex that he wanted to be host.

  20. NKogNeeTow

    What are you watching Colby? I only see puppies 🙁

  21. Shivani33

    Notice the reruns on BBAD? Hellzapoppin’ in the house.

  22. Shivani33

    Is it possible that POV is being played right now? Is there a fight going on or a new medical situation? What’s with the puppehs?

  23. Avatar
    Helen (5241 comments)

    Dom is on her own in this one…Christmas is useless….the rest are team Alex. I think elana made a fatal mistake for her team giving up HOH last night…..

    • NKogNeeTow

      Helen, there was a time (in other seasons) that everyone wanted to be HOH. This is the first house I’ve ever seen where most of them want to pass. It’s like they all crow about wanting someone out and making big moves, but they all want someone else to do it. This season has some of the biggest (size/physique wise) people I’ve ever seen in 1 season. Yet they all act like cowardly little wimps. Each of them want someone else to take out their target. I figured there were going to be problems when they started talking about making it to Jury on the first show. These people started off with lower expectations. Who does that?!? At least we don’t have to listen to any of them talking about “getting blood on their hands”. None of them will make a move to get blood on them.

    • Avatar

      I thought that the very second it happened, Helen!

    • LindsayB

      Is Dim truly on their team now? Is there a full team? From what I’ve seen, there are a few people on that team that wouldn’t be mad at Dim leaving. The team has some fractures. I never agree with the deal making situation at the end of a comp but Elena isn’t the most athletic person in the world. She probably knew she didn’t have much time left in her and just made the deal as a last ditch effort.

  24. NKogNeeTow

    I swear Shiv, you’re reading my mind. The puppies are cute and all, but they’re not what I’m here

    • Avatar

      The puppies need sleep! Turn the lights out and switch the feeds back to our hamsters, CBS!

      (They are super cute, though. The tan one looks exactly like a live version of Tramp from Lady & the Tramp. ☺️)

  25. Shivani33

    Two sites are reporting that the Veto comp is happening now, Jokers and Hamsterwatch.

  26. CLangley

    BBAD also showing a ticker at the bottom that the house guests are in a competition tonight and it will return tomorrow night so they’re showing re-runs of BB. Wonder how long of a comp it’ll be?!?!

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  28. Avatar

    i really hope mark gets backdoored,if jess goes the game will start to get pretty boring.

    • Shivani33

      Hey, pedro. Mark getting backdoored would get rid of some tension. He’s coming and going between 2 women in one house. That’s not such a bright idea. This isn’t Sister Wives, for crying out loud.

  29. Avatar
    Helen (5241 comments)

    This must be some kind of individual timed comp. over 3 hours on a comp where no one said anything about hearing any building going on in the backyard?

  30. Avatar
    Helen (5241 comments)

    I do know one thing though…I am going to LMAO if this was something Christmas can do and she wins veto making herself safe and taking Dom off…..if Alex has to renom she could be in a pickle,esp of that renom is mark because mark and Cowboy are buddies……….

  31. ChiKelz

    Jason Won POV. Paul told Alex to have Jason use it on Jessica and put Mark up so Elena will have to vote out Dom.

  32. NKogNeeTow

    Sounds like Alex won whatever competition it was. (Sorry, tired and can’t remember).

  33. Shivani33

    When feeds came back it looks like this is a fast-forward week with eviction on Sunday. Wow! Could it be?! Jason is getting pressure, as POV winner, to take Jessica down so that Paul can make Alex replace her with…drumroll..Mark ( and not Christmas anymore.) Mark is looking like Wreck It Ralph due to his fits of temper since Dom was nominated.

  34. Shivani33

    Cowboy said he’ll decide tomorrow. But it’s looking like the goal for Alex is still to evict Dom. This is all creating chaos, especially since nobody is any good at keeping these ideas quiet.

  35. NKogNeeTow

    Now Cowpoke and Alex are talking about putting up Matt or Raven. They were saying “he hates Raven” (I think they were talking about Kevin).

    Alex is also very suspicious of Kevin. She said something about it being kind of fishy that Kevin has been involved in the wildcard vote cast in the last 3 votes.

    Is it just me that Cowpoke goes off on a wild tangent and doesn’t want to listen when Alex is trying to talk to him about Noms?

    • Shivani33

      Cowpoke does get cuckoo. Alex has heard that Raven sneaks around doing mischief like throwing out other people’s Coca-Cola and hiding their headbands with animal ears. The outrage!

  36. NKogNeeTow

    Now Poprah is doing interrogations asking people (so far, Not-So-Raven, but she intends to ask everyone), if they have ever betrayed her. Does she expect some sort of Perry Mason answer where they just jump up and confess?

    She just told Not-So-Raven that she wants her to understand that she’s in the house because of spiritual reasons and if she leaves it will be because it’s time for her to go because her higher purpose has been fulfilled.

    • LindsayB

      Gag me. Did all that come to her in a dream? Why doesn’t god just give her the info she’s seeking in a vision? She doesn’t need to ask people, just take a nap and all will be revealed.

  37. Shivani33

    Mark and Elena having tense discussion. He is getting bitchy about her being a flirt. It’s his dumbass way of building up steam before he makes his confession about his other woman, to justify his attraction to Dominique the Dominator. His heart was pounding out of his chest when cameras switched. We’ll see where Wreck It Ralph sleeps tonight.

  38. NKogNeeTow

    Oh oh, she went to have that betrayal conversation with Elena and Elena turned the tables on her. Elena told her about hearing that Dom had been saying things about her. Elena says that might sway her vote. I noticed when Dom was with Raven, she was talking quite a bit when she was trying to find out info. But once Elena brought up the question, Dom got kind of quiet. She then asked Elena to tell her who she heard the info from and she’s tell her whether or not it was true. I’m curious as to why Dom asked her WHO said it, instead of WHAT was said. Elena finally mentioned the rumor about her being jealous of Mark. Dom thanked her for asking the question. Then proceeded to dance around the answer. She also told Elena that when she was in the bathroom reading her Bible, she asked God who was the head of the snake. She said God told her 3x, the name of the person. She asked God if he was sure and he told her yes. She then told Elena that she did mention that Elena may be jealous of her relationship with Mark, but assured her that what she and Mark has is nothing like what he and Elena has. Dom told her that the person who said it is maybe trying to plant seeds of deception.

  39. NKogNeeTow

    Alex and Cowpoke are telling Mark they want him as a pawn. He is most unhappy and he is also unhappy that Dom is OTB. They make all kinds of excuses to him as to why she’s on the block and why he will be safe. Finally Cowpoke tells him that they are trying to sniff out Kevin.

  40. NKogNeeTow

    Mark is fighting really hard for Dom but he’s telling them that 1 person that wants to stir the pot is Kevin. They say Xmas is also doing it to. He says that Kevin is an old man who just walks around stirring the pot. He says he loves Kevin and doesn’t want them out the house, but he knows he’s stirring things up.

    Mark is asking them (Cowpoke and Alex) if he can trust Matt and Raven. He is now suspicious of them. They bring Paul in. Mark ask them why not get rid of Xmas and Ram. Mark says Ram was suppose to be the target this week. He is very frustrated with the conversation. Paul acts like he didn’t know about Mark going up as a pawn and ask Mark for clarity.

  41. NKogNeeTow


    Paul tells them that he asked Dom if he could talk to her and she rolled her eyes at him and said “sure”.

    The 3 of them are still trying to convince Mark and he is still resisting. Paul tries to use logic on him and run numbers to him. Mark still doesn’t understand and wants to know why they don’t put up and out Ramses.

    Mark has thrown half the house up to the group. Now he’s asking why not Josh. Paul is explaining to him that if he’s (Mark) is up on the block, then he can’t vote to keep Dom and no one will be suspicious of him voting against the house.

  42. Avatar

    Paul looks like a possum! I think it’s so wrong how they are playing Dom. She’s been playing for the team. Cody may have been right about Paul with his manipulation. At this point, I hope Cody comes back and Paul is taken out. Alex is just an idiot and also under Paul’s manipulation.

  43. Avatar

    Mark is screwed either way. I think he realizes they’re all lying!!

  44. NKogNeeTow

    Lord this conversation is exhausting. I’m tired and I’m only LISTENING to it. This is why I dislike meeting to tell someone they are going to be nominated. I say just nominate them and let the chips fall where they may. You know whenever you tell someone you’re going to nominate them, they are either going to make excuses why they shouldn’t be up there or you’re making excuses why they should. Just EXHAUSTING!

    They have been trying to convince Mark for over and hour now and he’s been resisting. At some point, somebody should just walk away for the conversation. Now Mark wants Elena brought into the convo. Paul goes to get her and Alex tells Mark she just didn’t want him blindsided.

    While Paul has gone to get Elena, Cowpoke throws another monkey wrench into it and whispers to Mark (who is already resisting), “Why can’t we just throw Raven up there?”.

    Elena comes in and Mark just sits there quietly while Alex explains the situation to her (which Paul had already done before sending her upstairs). Cowpoke throws it up again, that Raven should be up there instead of Mark, which sets Mark off again. He ask Alex “Why are you doing this Alex?”. (I keep waiting for Alex to backhand Cowpie. Every time they almost have Mark convinced, Cowpie opens his mouth.)

  45. NKogNeeTow

    I switched cams to Dom and Paul. They are both on a quest for truth….to a certain extent.

    Back in the HOH: Alex/Mark/Elena/Cowpoke:
    Conversation STILL the same. Mark is still offering up other people in the house (now it’s Kevin, Josh and Ram), and Cowpie is still acting like he has a wild hair up his azz. Paul has now joined the group and they send Elena to go get Mark (who has left the room).

    When Elena leaves the room, Alex jumps on Cowpie and tells him don’t fight her in front of Mark. (At this point, I’d just throw Cowpie’s ass up there). She tells him he needs to shut up. Paul tells him to just bacck up everything Alex says.

    Meanwhile downstairs, Dom is now interrogating Matt. I’m really surprised that people are going along with all this questioning. At this point I’d just say “Bye Felicia” and go to bed.

    She’s finish with Matt now. Josh’s turn. She wants to know who betrayed her. He tells her that he doesn’t know because nobody talks to him. He then ask her if she knows if they are talking about him. She tells him that she knows who the snake is and she knows who “his” workers are. She quickly corrects herself and say “her or whoever”. Poor Josh is influenced by whoever it is he’s talking to at the time and they all “have a good heart”.

    She tells Josh that she’d rather Mark save his game than hers. She believes he can go far. She says Mark is upset that they are coming after her because he knows that if it’s her now, he’s next.

    Just switched back to HOH. Same conversation, same results. Mark is still resisting. I’m at the point I’m about to volunteer to go on the block myself. They are justifying, over justifying. Mark looks like he’s about to cry.

    In the Wave Room, Dom is telling Josh that they want to get rid of her because she can “see” things. Josh says he’s a wise guy and he puts things together. He tells her the only way he can help her is if she tells him who voted to keep Cody. She tells him she doesn’t know. (But she just said not 2 minutes ago that she sees things and knows everything, that’s why they want to get rid of her. She needs to pick a story and stick to it). She ask America that if she’s going to be framed, give her a heads up so she can fix her hair. (Again, if she sees all, why would she need a heads up?). Josh tells her again that he sees everything. (With so many soothsayers in the house, why don’t they just tell us who wins the game, and everybody go home?)

  46. NKogNeeTow

    Okay, I can’t do this anymore. Enough of this fuckery, I’m going to bed.


  47. Avatar

    I’ll say this lastly. Dom is misunderstood and tonight with her one on one questions, she trying figure out why is her team choosing Jessica over her? What has she done that she is now such a huge threat other then secretly figure Paul (bearded midget) out.

    • Shivani33

      Cyn, Dominique isn’t a huge threat. She has lost her status and standing because of her own actions and words. She has caused many other players to feel reluctant to trust her anymore in the game. She knows that her last talkshow created discomfort and problems, since quite a few people have tried to discuss it with her openly, both about the Ramses and Cody segments. She knows as well that her interactions with Mark and unkind words to others about Elena have made a poor impression. Unless she’s clueless, Dominique knows that bragging about her religious and “psychic” advancement has turned people off. Nobody likes listening to somebody who boasts and tries to come off as superior. Big Brother isn’t Dominique’s platform to try converting others to her beliefs.

      Her interrogations of everyone since she was nominated have increased her eviction odds as she goes around looking for someone to blame for betraying her. ( Her word, “betray.”) This looks like her bruised ego has got the best of her. Most everyone gets nominated at least once. She isn’t misunderstood. She’s a pain in the ass. And my family is multi-racial, as are many of the families of Junkie posters.

      • Avatar

        Not sure why you inserted your multiracial ancestry. But since we all need to inform people, I’m Hawaiian and Black. Anyway, yes this is a social experiment lacking a lot of diversity. Someone mentioned a Gay, Cuban, Armenian and Dom also living in the house. Yes, very true but that has nothing to do with my previous thoughts and agreement with Dom. I said what I said and I’m standing by it. I really cannot careless if I continue getting thousand dislikes by it. The way I’ve seen people attack Dom from the very beginning even on this thread is just not cool. Last year, it was the too loud and too aggressive Davonne. Not cool. The house rallied up against for questions she asked openly in which she didn’t ask to do the interview with Cody. Prior to this interview, she had no conversation with Cody/Jess. But this group of brainless imbeciles are taking out one of their own over…Jason, Jessica?!! All who were close to Cody. Like I stated, Dom has done nothing to be the target this week. Who’s next, Josh or Ramsey, I presume? The POC will always have it the hardest in these social experiments that lack the diversity to begin. I commend Dom for staying true w/ her belief to God and seeing clearly that Paul is the snake. She would have been the player to eliminate the actual threat in the house. Just because she is religious doesn’t mean she has been trying convert anyone. So please stop falsely attacking her character. That’s not cool either. But thank you for sharing your interpretation with me 🙂

      • Avatar

        @shivani33 forgot to tag you.

    • Painter1

      I think she put herself in the spotlight by rattling up the snake comment. If there is one thing we learned from BB is less is more. You dont want to make waves when your on the block just sit back and keep calm while keeping the light on the other person Dom didnt do that and now shes facing the repercussions.

  48. Shivani33

    Cowboy has to decide if he’s using POV. ‘Cause with all the sh*t flying, he might not want to do it anymore. Alex can’t make him use or not use it. That ace is in his hand, but Alex frustrates the hell out of him by not letting Cowboy get in a word. If he feels backed into a corner, he might end up deciding that he just won’t bother. But if Cowboy uses his POV, he doesn’t get to tell Alex who to renom. Try and grasp that point, Whistlenut. And Mark’s breathing has been so heavy and strained that it’s painful to hear. He is so deeply upset that his input is unreasonable, almost incoherent. This whole thing has been an unnecessarily complicated mess, with too many cooks rotting the broth. Just make the decision and stop asking every Tom, Dick and Harry how they feel about it. Alex didn’t need to call in everyone for consultation. She’s made herself nearly hysterical from advise overkill.

    And Dominique looking for her Judah Iscariot, wait – make that Judas #1 and Judas #2 – is doing herself no favors. People do not dig inquisitions or uninvited, sanctimonious sermons of fire and brimstone. But that’s what she’s been doing all the livelong night to one person after another. Is she playing to lose? Self-sabotage? And how come she will ask questions but isn’t willing to answer questions? Her Here Comes the Judge attitude sucks the life straight out of her game, and it might suck the game right out of her life.

  49. NKogNeeTow

    I just had to take one more peek in the HOH (God help me). At this point, the conversation has become so ridiculous, that I’m actually beginning to feel sorry for Mark. The only thing missing is the water board.

    Alex was called to the DR. They tell her to grab Raven on her way to the DR. Mind you it’s almost 5am in the morning and Raven is in the land of Sugarplum Fairies. Cowpie goes down and wakes up Matt and Raven and tells them to come upstairs. When he leaves, they roll over and go back to sleep (the smartest 2 people in the entire house tonight).

    Upstairs, Cowpoke, Elena and Paul have finally worn Mark down. He still doesn’t like being the pawn but he won’t fight it. They start making fun of Dom and then Josh.

    I’m no Dom lover but the one constant that I’ve noticed while watching them all night, is that now, they seem to just want Dom out for the sake of having her out. It’s like, if there was and original reason for wanting her gone, it has long past their sense of reasoning now. They literally took all night to brow-beat Mark into going up as a pawn against her so she will go home. During all that time, I never heard a valid reason why. The longer it went on, the more desperate and pathetic they looked and sounded. It was like a room full of bullies trying to take lunch money from the new kid. I lost some respect for everyone in the room.

    Okay, I’m going to bed for real for real this time.

  50. jimbo

    LOL…So, last night Mark is being targeted by Paul — this after Mark got mad at Cody last week for trying to put Paul up on the block! Big dummys (Cody’s alliance) should have stuck with Cody instead of running to Paul. I only wrote that 20 times in the last week. Turned out to be correctamundo, but it was only obvious they were making a mistake. And Mark was THE most indignant at Cody putting Paul up! Love it!

  51. Avatar

    Aell, with Jason winning the Power of Veto, the proverbial sh$t is hitting the fan and flying all over the room this morning!
    Dom and Paul going at it..and Dom is being sooo loud! Back and forth, talking over each other since Paul decided to confront Dom about her calling him a snake.
    Seriously…Dom just keeps getting louder and louder and overbearing by the second!
    Now that Raven and Matt are finally awake (how could they sleep through that?) Everyone is in the very loud and very animated HOH room.
    Side note: Mark must have said, pleaded//begged that he isn’t comfortable going on the block 100 times!

    • LindsayB

      I’m shocked they are up so early! I never bother to turn on the feeds in the morning but this is awesome.
      I hate how Elena talks.

      • Avatar

        Lindsay…I can’t stand the way Elana talks either!
        I kind of liked her at the beginning but not anymore.
        She actually said she doesn’t want to make power moves and doesn’t want to get blood on her hands. Oh yeah – and she doesn’t ever want to be on the block! HA!
        I guess the only reason she came on the show was to sleep until 2:00 everyday..

      • LindsayB

        She annoys the hell out of me. But, I’m loving Paul’s outfit of purple underwear with the leather n fur vest. If you’re only going to wear two articles of clothing, those should be it.

      • NKogNeeTow

        Linds, they aren’t up early….they never went to bed. Heck, neither did I for that matter. I sat here watching that proverbial train wreck you always hear about…lol

      • Mel

        Me too! Elena has this wierd clipped and deliberate pausing thing happening. I don’t know if it comes from being on the radio or if she’s just so convinced that everyone wants to hear what she has to say. It’s like her unspoken way of saying wait for it….wait for it…..cuz the point I’m gonna make is gooood!

    • NKogNeeTow

      Shan, I’m no Dom fan but she wasn’t any louder than Paul. And they didn’t wake Matt and Raven, they were sent for twice. The first time Cowpie went down to wake them up, but they went back to sleep the minute he walked out of the room. The second time, Dom demanded a meeting with the entire house so when Alex was called to the DR, the HOH group asked her to send Raven up. Of course Matt accompanied Raven. As for Mark telling them he’s uncomfortable going on the block, try about, 1,000 times…lol.

  52. NKogNeeTow

    8:38 am BB time and they’re just going to bed. Now I can too. This madness started around 1 am or something like that (I don’t time stamp stuff, don’t know how). Damn Live Feeds…sucking the life right out of me. Now I have to pray that they don’t do ANYTHING tonight, so I can go to sleep. *Rolling my eyes at Steve for suggesting the Feeds and Gerardo for enticing me*.

    • Gerardo (Domini-CAN not Domini-CAN'T)

      LOL I knew I was going to get thrown under the bus. I guess I’m the “infiltrator” NK…

      • NKogNeeTow

        Did ya feel it when I backed it up and rolled it over you again?…LOL

        You, Mell, and Annie deserted me last night. It’s okay thought, my Shi and Cyn kept popping in to keep me company 😛

      • Mel

        I went to bed when I saw they were doing the POV last night. When I woke up and saw what was going on, my initial thought was that Nk predicted she would be sleep deprived and probably got none last night! Lol

      • Gerardo (Domini-CAN not Domini-CAN'T)

        Me too Mell! I stayed up until there was only about half an hour left in BBAD, and since the veto comp was still going on I figured I’d just call it an “early” night. And of course, I wake up to find all hell had broken loose and now I’m frantically rewinding the feeds and reading all the posts to catch up. You’d think that by now we would have learned better than to sleep during BB season lol.

      • NKogNeeTow

        You were right, God help me. And as Alex said, I’ll probably be a nasty evil so and so all day. Although at some point, I do intend on taking a nap

  53. Mel

    This is lengthy but Steve wanted filler while he’s away so I thought I would share my opinions on recent topics.

    Alex is like a firework that failed to explode into pretty colors:
    Alex….cancelled! Damn it, Alex, Dom and Xmas were my best hopes to be independent thinking, strong women. Dom’s too worried about jealouy and game talk with God, Alex is a Paul puppet and unless Xmas can have one of those Forrest Gump, breaking out of the leg restraint moments and takes off running….she’s done!
    I’ve been on a bit of a downward spiral with Alex for over a week but the moment of completion came when she had no real reason to give Mark and Jason for why Dom had to go home. Mark couldn’t understand and he’s right. He pointed out that Dom is no direct threat to Alex and Jason in this game. She also had to stop using Elena as an excuse when Elena clearly told Alex she didn’t want Dom to go home. Alex ended up saying “it’s what the house wants.” I was done in that moment. I understand tha Alex can’t admit that she’s doing it because it’s what Paul wants and fishing out the 3rd vote seems a silly reason too. Paul is in her head so much, I’m not sure she even knows why at this point. I cant handle the ‘it’s what the house wants’ crap.’ As Dan Gheesling would say “you’re dead to me in this game.”

    Is Dom OTB because she’s a black woman?
    No. I read a lot of comments about this and not just on this site. My question is, what week could Dom be targeted and it not be because of her race? If she’s the first one out, is it because she’s black? If she made it to final 3 and was cut, would it be because she’s black? I’m not judging anyone with that opinion. I’m sincerely trying to figure out from people who feel this way, what distinguishes for them, between being targeted for game or race? If Dom was playing an amazing game and was very under the radar, maybe there would be something to discuss. Let’s be honest, she made herself a target by her actions and the conversations she was having. This threw up a red flag to Paul so therefore, it was time for her to go. Paul was starting to see that he couldn’t control her. No one should ever be targeted in the house because of their race just as no one should be considered off limits for that same reason. I think if there was more racial diversity in the cast, this debate might not even happen among people. When Jillian left, no one started screaming ‘of course you had to get the blonde white girl out.’ Granted, Jillian was boring so no one was going to scream anyway but there are also more white girls left in the house. Having said that, I want the most entertaining and unique personalities cast on the show regardless of race. With a few exceptions of hg’s over the years, I genuinely don’t think the people they cast think that way. If BB has a color…it’s green.

    Whistle Nut has been kicked in the head by a bull but he’s not dumb:
    We all make fun of Jason and let’s face it he gives us a lot of material to work with but he’s right quite often. It’s made him a target but I personally like that he stands up to Paul. I like when he questions Alex about her motives and I like him telling Alex that he doesn’t want to feel like Paul is running everything. I don’t like Jessica but I do like him understanding that she didn’t need to be otb. Jason may be a BB novice but what he understands is that even tho he can’t stand Jessica, it’s better for his game if she’s there. That’s a BB player people! If you remember, he’s despised Jessica from the beginning and that hasn’t changed. He’s trying to play the way I thought Alex was going to play. Unrelated to game- Jason seemed sincerely crushed when he realized the severity of Xmas’ injuries yesterday. He’s older and also has the kind of career that has a shelf life so I think he truly felt horrible about what this could do to her future. Let’s not forget that this wasn’t his fault she was riding him… not the reverse. Maybe one of the reasons I actually like Jason is because he seems like he can be genuinely remorseful for Xmas’ foot but not have a problem kicking her ass out next week.

    Big Mark may be in Big Trouble:
    Mark is too close to Dom and he’s let it be known. That’s very bad but I do like that Mark does what he wants. He was such a wishy-washy cry baby the first week, I really didn’t expect to see this out of him. He tried to stay loyal to Cody but in the end did what he thought was best and kept Xmas in the house. That was a harder decision for him than anyone else because he was the closest to Cody. It’s the reason Cody put a target on him before he left and has said if he comes back in, he’ll go after Mark. He also doesn’t have a problem calling out Xmas now in spite of her injury. I like that about him. I also liked when he told Alex to accept that he wouldn’t vote Dom out. (Unfortunely, that might land him otb beside her) It may be better for Mark’s game if Dom leaves and I hope he can see that. If he can manage to fake it with Elena, Matt and Raven a while longer, he could continue to have a connection with that side of the house. He’s also developed the type of connection with Jason that Cody was trying to develop. People usually target the big guys early but Mark is in a unique position and has genuine relationships with both sides. I wish he weren’t obsessed with the hinky votes because it’s making him a big target of Paul’s but he’s the main person who’s never wavered that Kevin has been the shady voter. He obviously needs to shut up about it but it does show that he isn’t stupid.

    Is Paul bring handed the win by CBS?
    No. I’ve stated I don’t like returning players even though I like Paul. Without trying, I’ve found myself rooting against him and I guess it’s only because he’s a returning player. If I’m honest with myself, I don’t have any other reason. He was indeed handed safety for the first 3 weeks. I don’t like it but let’s face it America could have voted for someone else and they didn’t. I also think that’s kind of a wash because three weeks of safety is an advantage but being the only returnee does put a huge target on your back and It gives him three weeks to get the target off. Any returnee had got to put in work to make that happen. I’ve read comments where people have said that Paul is being given every advantage. Whoever gets these Temptations has the option to work with Paul or not and it’s their decision-that’s not rigged. Let’s face it, Paul is playing an amazing game. He said he wanted to give good advice and then gradually start giving bad advice. He also said he wanted to turn everyone against each other and that’s exactly what he’s doing folks. BB players know there is a fear of returning players getting some groupies in the house. Is it really Paul’s responsibility to point that out? No, it’s the other players responsibility to not let it happen. Paul isn’t brainwashing them with an Armenian form of Dan mist. He’s playing a very good psychological game. I personally think some of them are going to flip when his safety is over anyway. Elena and Raven may not, that’s their fault…Paul isn’t to blame for that and neither is CBS.

  54. Avatar

    Have fun watching any of the other people attempting to challenge Paul. It’s about to get even worse from here. No independent thinkers, no one wants to win comp’s. So far, this has been Paul’s HOH, and it will be every week.

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