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Big Brother 19 Saturday Updates – The Return of Cody

How is Mark going to handle Cody’s return?

When Cody was evicted, he told Julie that he really didn’t want to go after Paul if he got a chance to go back into the house. He had bigger fish to fry, like the people who turned their back on him from his alliance. As you all know by now, Cody got his wish and won the Battle Back challenge which allowed him to return to the house. In an equally powerful move for him, his girlfriend (Jessica) ended up winning the HoH while also holding the halting hex in her back pocket for future weeks. This gives them quite a bit of power and almost a guarantee to make jury.


So, who will they go after? Paul? Mark? Matt?  Nope. From the sounds of it, their first target is Josh.  Bear in mind that the feeds were only up for a few hours last night before I fell asleep, but right now the house ‘plan’ seems to get rid of Josh.  He was nominated with Ramses and is allegedly Jessica’s target this week. I mean it kind of makes sense seeing as Josh has been instigating Cody pretty hard and it may spare Josh’s life to get him out of the house, but it still seems odd. That’s why I’m not completely sold on that plan to begin with.

The best part is that even if this is Cody’s plan, the house is already brewing something up in the background to betray them once again.  If Josh really is the target, so far Paul and crew have been playing along like they’re fine voting him out, but in reality they’re gathering the votes to keep him in the house and vote out Ramses.  So once again Cody and Jess should have a Thursday night shocker if this indeed goes through.

The power of veto is today, and only 3 people will really be playing hard for it. Jess, Josh, and Ramses. The rest of the house appears to care less who wins, so don’t expect anyone other than one of those three to win. Of course, these competitions are sometimes a fluke and anyone wins, but it won’t be because they put their all into it.



  • 9:30 am – Jason is talking to Cody
    • Cody is saying he is disappointed in Mark and he should have listened to the house when they said Dom was his closest ally
    • Cody talks about how people need to step up and start playing their own games. Are they going to sit back and let Paul run the show?
    • He says Mark is not a leader but he’s not really a follower. He’s a weird guy
    • Cody is talking about how weird it is to talk to Julie. Like he kind of blacks out and doesn’t realize what he was saying
  • 10:05 am – Cody goes up to the HoH room and tells Jess that Christmas voted for Cody to stay. It wasn’t Jason
    • Kevin also told Cody that he voted for him to stay, but not to tell a soul.
    • Jessica thinks Kevin lied about the Jillian vote
  • 11:24 am – Jason talking about his experience with STDs.  Yes.
    • The feeds cut this interesting conversation to watch Ramses alone in the kitchen. Great
  • 12:45 pm – People are sitting around generally talking and eating.  Typical Saturday before veto
  • 1:15 pm – Feeds down, probably to draw names for veto
    • And they return, so far we know Christmas got picked. No clue if she can play yet
    • Alex and Jason are the final 2 to play in the veto
  • 2:15 pm – Jess and Alex are talking privately
    • Jess asks Alex how she feels about the noms, and Alex replies that she’s not happy at all.
    • Jess is explaining why Josh going home is good for everyone
    • She says Josh is distracting her which is hurting her game (more reason to keep Josh in, no?)
  • 2:30 pm – Jessica getting ready for the veto competition.  I’m guessing she saves her eyebrows for last
  • 3:45 pm – Looks like it’s veto time.  Not sure if I’ll be around when the feeds return, but I’ll update when I get home

Note – Going to see Spiderman tonight (finally) at 5:30 pm (bbt) but hopefully the veto will still be underway

Check back!


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  1. Wendy

    Jason and Cody up talking. Well, Cody has game
    With Jason for sure… I bet Jason, Alex, Cody and Jessica start to run the house…. I think this is the 4
    I’m gonna rut for now plus, Kevin.

  2. Avatar

    Late night was pretty entertaining in the house. Cody was more social in those three hours then I’ve seen him all season (At least he’s trying). Alex and Jason were talking about outing Paul (Yay!) Because of how him told josh he was going on the block. Then Jess was asking Paul if he do anything about who had the last two Temptations and Paul said no and then she asked if he knew what the curse was for the last den of Temptation. I thought it was going to be the battle back but apparently not. I found it funny how she knew but she was prodding him. I found it really touching when Jason broke down over his son Josh getting some points with me when he was the only one seeing if he was okay. The only thing that’s bothering me is Mark was telling Paul that if he heard or suspected anything about Paul going on the Block he would tell him. Mark also said that if they do try to put Paul on the Block that they have the votes to keep him. I’m not liking Mark anymore LOL. IMO I don’t think that they should have nominated Ramsey and Josh if they had any plans to backdoor Paul because I feel the house would keep all over either of them if the veto did put Paul on the Block. I’m loving the fact that Jessica and Cody have all this power. I feel like they’re the only ones who are going to get rid of some of this garbage in the house right now because everybody else is playing a $500,000 game for Paul.

    • Wendy

      Thanks! I was not able to make it to midnight last night. I’m so happy they are talking about getting rid of
      Paul. House butch of followers

    • Zach

      Or Alex is smart and is playing Cody. Remember No one knows about Alex and Paul’s alliance. Not even Jason. Why would Alex flip on Paul when they have the most unlikely under the radar alliance in the house? I think your hatred for Paul is causing you to be a little biased. I’m not above that either. Last night I almost jumped on the conspiracy theory that production gave Jessica all this power to make for better tv. I walked back from the legde though and see things for what they are, Jessica is a better player than I have given her credit for and as long as she doesn’t stick her head up Cody’s ass again, she has a real chance to win this game.

  3. Painter1

    People are letting Paul run the house because they are to afraid to step up. No one wants to get ” blood on thier hands” so they all sit and wait.

  4. Wendy

    Jessica’s Hair is still bothering me. When is she going to
    Do so maintenance to her

  5. Mel

    Taking out Josh isn’t a big move but I get the reasoning behind it. It seems Josh tried to torment Jessica & Cody during the hoh comp. He laid into Jessica out by the pool and has fought with them constantly. If the goal is to have an Alex type hoh where she gets rid of one of Paul’s numbers but doesn’t directly go after Paul yet, it makes sense. It makes more sense for Jessica than it did Alex imo. Cody got burned with Pauls safety, the 2ND DOT hasn’t been used and theres a house curse coming soon. It’s a conservative play based on the “unexpected.” Jess has also spent the past week trying to regain her friendships with Elena and Mark and she knows Elena is run up Pauls butt. Everyone knows if you’re aiming for Paul, you better have some ammo. Cody just got back in and they dont have it. Josh is a number and somewhat of a shield for Paul & company. Who will people throw out as fake targets once the fake targets are gone?
    Yes, Cody did say he would work with Paul. He said it right after being evicted so I wouldn’t put too much stock in it. It was probably an impulsive statement because he was pissed at so many other people.
    We don’t know what will happen with veto and Jessica could change her mind anyway. It isn’t a mistake for her to do what she’s doing if Paul isn’t even her target. They may not vote out Josh but no ones going to be mad because Ramses and Josh are otb either.

    • Avatar

      I get what you’re saying but I just feel like Ramsay’s going to go home. Paul is pretty much in control of the votes so if Josh is not sitting up there with another one of Paul’s alliances, someone that Paul would want to keep over Josh then I don’t think Josh will go home, Ramsey’s would. I know it would be kind of stupid to take a shot at Paul right now with all of his army backing him but I feel like they should take out somebody more important than Ramses because Ramse’s can actually be able potential a ally for their side. That’s the one thing I’m hoping to see them do is trying to pull in some of these Outsiders. They should use this HOH to form an alliance. I don’t see Ramsey saying no to them especially when he knows that he’s on the outside with the other group.

      • Avatar

        but to think, ramses already came close to winning a veto, and who knows what crazy shit will happen this week to change their plans

    • Avatar

      I agree, I adored dom, but besides that, Alex totally wasted her hoh, and though id love for them to get Paul out now, they don’t have the numbers. they could try taking ramses off and trying to get rid of Alex/christmas to really get a number now. to me it seems that besides throwing tantrums and following Paul as a vote, josh can’t really do too much game wise

    • Avatar

      If Cody was smart, he would pretend to secretly work with Paul just long enough to stab Paul in the back.

      • Zach

        @magicalmorgana How did that work for Cody the first time he tried that this season? lol

      • Ann

        Paul would have to be blind, crippled & crazy to trust & believe Cody would really want to work with him after what Cody tried to do to him the last time he trusted him.

        I was so pissed last night because the show was so damn predictable. You would have to be stuck on stupid if you didn’t see that it was going to play out the way that it did. I didn’t even bother watching after about halfway through, I turned that shit off. That’s why you guys didn’t hear from me. I took a sleeping pill & went to bed

      • Mel

        Neither will beleive the other in that situation so they almost have to just go to war.

    • Mel

      Ramses is probably going home if he doesn’t win the veto. I was simply saying that Josh isn’t a bad target for Jessica. I’m not basing it on what I think will happen. I’m basing her game move on what I think she feels is going to happen. Everyone openly says they want Josh out and she doesn’t have the votes to get out Paul at this point. She probably thinks she has the votes to get out Josh. I agree with you and am fairly sure she’s wrong about that.

  6. Avatar

    Where’s Rachel when you need her! Someone needs to get in there and clean out all the floaters. Mark, Elena, Matt, Raven, Kevin, Josh, Ramses even Paul. I surprisingly Matt is the worse. I keep forgetting about him.

    • Colby

      I had hopes for Matt in the beginning. Even when the Christmas thing happened he said he would not vote her out, but if they all stuck together after that, they would be fine. And I think they would have been. But that didn’t happen. They all ate Paul’s french fries. (He doesn’t have Kool-aid, he has french fries) 🙂

    • Zach

      Floating is game play. Especially in a weak house, which this season is a very weak house. I’ve always felt if a strong player ever portrayed themselves as a floater for 6 weeks or so and then chose the strongest alliance and turned on their game for real that they could walk into the finale and win it all. Actually surprised more HGs don’t do this. I think you’re just mad at how the season has played out so far.

      • Avatar

        true, its extremely boring to watch them float on by, but it can definitely make the second half of the game interesting if they plow through

    • LindsayB

      Since when is Paul a floater?? You may want him out but he is no floater.

      • Zach

        He seems to be implying Paul is a floater because he has alliances with 80% of the house and the rest of them are too oblivious too figure it out. I thought that was called playing the game, but it seems like @jesus6789 believes it’s floating.

      • Avatar

        Since when was Paul a floater?!? Hahahaha! He’s the only one with any gameplay worth talking about!!

    • Mel

      I personally have never needed Rachel…for anything.

  7. Colby

    I wanted Cody to come back, but not with Jessica. I wanted her out. I think the showmance is disgusting. There is a time and a place for things, and national TV is not the place.
    But, it is what it is, and I will cheer on anyone that is smart enough to get Paul out.

  8. Shivani33

    Who I would be very glad to see out of the game are these two: Mark and Raven. Ugh and Double Ugh.

  9. Avatar

    I so agree with you Colby, watching Cody and Jess constantly sucking face makes me wanna hurl. I’m not mad at Matt and Raven, maybe they don’t show them enough on BBAD to make me dislike them, they don’t seem to do much of anything. I also like Paul more than the rest of you guys, at least he has game. I think the season would be much more boring if he wasn’t there, at least he’s got a strategy which is more than I can say about the rest of them.

    • Shivani33

      I am not in the group of Paul poopers. I love the guy and enjoy watching him work the game, play the game and think circles around others. However, I like seeing Paul work his way through opposition rather than skating with groupies, whether these groupies are temporary or not. I think that there are people in the house who could succeed at beating Paul with the right combination of skill and luck. Getting lucky does have a lot to do with winning BB, but you need to have the skill to ride the luck. Plenty of the players, so far, are pretty untested.

      • Mel

        Shiv, Im with you on observing Paul’s game. I wouldn’t consider myself a Paul Pooper because I’m not trashing his game at all. He’s playing quite well & I’m not basing that on the fact that he’s still in the house because his safety has taken care of that. He is systematically getting out his targets without being HOH and that’s impressive. I enjoy Paul and always have but that doesn’t mean I’m rooting for him to win. I did that in BB18 but this is a BB19 and $hit changes. I think Paul is annoying as hell but I also thought that last summer when he was one of my favorite players. I’m not mad he’s playing well and I’m curious to see if he continues to do it without safety. (That wasn’t sarcastic as some comments have sounded making that statement) I’m genuinely curious and anxious to see how it unfolds.

    • Mel

      Khawk, I’m assuming there is more than the making out that has you hating on Cody/Jess but not hating on Matt/Raven becauae both couple arw making out and BOTH couples are doing the nasty in the house. All 3 couples are to be more accurate. This may be the most sex this house has had since season 9.

  10. Shivani33

    Ramses doesn’t have a team with Paul because Ramses did well in the comp which Paul had told him to blow. Paul is someone who thinks independently and adapts fast to change. He made a huge judgment error during his first game by taking Nicole and not Lames to F2. He wants Ramses gone because he perceives that Ramses is uncontrollable. It will be interesting to see what happens if Ramses gets lucky and wins veto. Who would be the renom? I don’t think anyone will give a damn if Josh goes. Jessica and Cody aren’t his friends at all. If Jessica is aware that Raven tried to gather influence against her, Jessica is someone who’d have the balls to nominate her. Jessica and Alex have no good standing with one another, either. Cody thinks Mark is an asshole (and Josh doesn’t exist to him, as he told Josh.) But if a renom happens, I hope that Jessica uses it to really draw some lines in the sand. Ideally, she doesn’t let her romance with Cody distract her from interacting and making her HoH count. It is no big, significant or game-changing move to evict Josh.

    • Colby

      I agree that it is no big move to get rid of Josh, except that he is an irritant to them and a vote against them. I think at this time they are probably thinking more about rebuilding relationships than drawing lines and pissing people off.
      If they truly want Josh to go they need to pull Ram off the block, if they can. Otherwise I think Ram will go.
      However, there is a lot of time before Thursday and there is no telling what kind of drama could happen between now and then.

    • Mel

      Shiv, I agree with everything you just said except the part about Paul’s judgement last summer. He has proven with the word of the jury backing him up that he would have lost either way but he would have lost worse to James. It ended up being 5 to 4 and Paul misalculating where Davonnes vote would go was an easy miscalculation imo.

      • Shivani33

        Paul’s after the fact theorizing proves zilch to me. Too late. Cleanup on aisle three! The same with the words from the jury, since they didn’ t hear what effect Paul could have had against James as F2. I feel that Paul could have demolished James or maybe even Snackhole if he’d been more direct, critical and feral. But we’ll never know now. I still think Paul made the wrong choice. Lames probably would have made a little, incoherent, ditzy speech about Natalie. He’s still doing it now, even with a cease-and-desist.

  11. Avatar

    My fantasy….
    Noms stay the same….Ramses is voted out…..curse is unleashed and it’s double eviction night
    Josh wins the first HOH and puts Cody and someone else OTB
    Jessica uses her temptation and saves Cody
    The second HOH is a co HOH……Paul and Cody win it…

  12. NKogNeeTow

    I was just about to take a nap (rain makes me sleepy) and I decided to take a quick peek at the Feeds first. Low and behold, there is Hot Lips giving Paul another rubdown. She just can’t seem to keep her hands off of him. She doesn’t seem to take Wreck-It-Ralph’s feelings into consideration at all. She’s just blatant. Watching her reminds me of those contest they have at the car dealers. You know, the ones where you have to have at least one hand on the car at all times and whoever holds on the longest, wins the car. Paul is the car.

    • Avatar

      I have kinda given up feeds for a while so not watching but if I were Paul’s little burrito I would be a little “pissed” that he isn’t telling her STOP ✋………

      • Zach

        I’m sure she understands that it’s to further his game. It’s not like slooty has her hand down his pants. (Although I’m sure she has tried)Just very touchy feely and it’s obviously not reciprocated.

      • Avatar

        I would think that Paul’s girl would understand it’s game for him, plus he’s not returning it. He’ll use Hot Lips as a shield to go before him.

      • Shivani33

        Paul has told Elena to stop more than once. When she smushed her udders against him the other night when they were alone, Paul told her to stop and added that he felt uncomfortable. He shouldn’t need to keep reminding her. He might not choose to embarrass her by saying it in front of others. She wants to be his number one and his ally, but she has problems with respecting boundaries, whether those boundaries are her own or someone else’s. To me , Elena is a woman who doesn’t feel safe about her sexuality. She shows strong signals of having been sexually abused and of not having been helped to deal with or to face the lifelong aftereffects. Sincerely, I feel for her.

      • Alda

        Paul has told Elena before to stop pushing her boobs on him.He said he felt very uncomfortable.I guess she lost the memo.

      • Avatar

        Agree that Paul shouldn’t have to keep reminding her to stop. I just think his girl outside the house will understand it. Does that make sense?

      • Avatar

        Also, isn’t Eleba the radio DJ? I wonder if all this is just an act to further her DJ career?

      • Mel

        Jessica and Elena did try to take Ramses pants off a few days ago.

    • Shivani33

      NKogNeeTow What is it that Elena doesn’t get about the word STOP?!

    • Zach

      That’s a hilarious comparison I participated in one of those years ago as a senior in highschool, the person who won lasted a whopping 49hrs. I could not imagine going that long without sleep. I wonder who would win between that guy with his car and Elena with Paul. My money’s on the sloot.

    • Avatar

      Hahaha @nkogneetow! I JUST stopped by here to report about Elana rubbing Paul’s arm…but I see that the sickening scene has already been witnessed…lol! Told Paul she graduated college in 3 years by the age of 21 while Mark is just sitting on the couch listening to their conversation.
      Dannnnng Girl! What IS it about you always rubbing on Paul?

  13. NKogNeeTow

    Poor Alex….Laying in the bed trying to sleep. Wonder if while she’s lying there listening to them, she wants to put her hand around her own throat and strangle herself in her sleep..

  14. NKogNeeTow

    Bunnies. Guess that means nap time. I had rabbit once. From what I can remember, good eats. Taste like chicken.

    *yawn* Check back with you later 🙂

  15. Avatar

    I would love for someone to give me specific reasons why the majority of people here hate Paul. I only have bbad so maybe I am missing something. I personally think he’s playing a great game. He came in the house with an automatic target being a vet but is still there. I think that him being able to manipulate everyone to do his bidding or being with him is awesome. That takes a lot of skill to be able to pull that off.

    Now on to another player, Cody. Why do people like him?? I just don’t get it. He comes off so arrogant and pretentious and just an asshole. His personality is just so shitty. I do like how he’s at least attempted to be more social and human since his return.

    On another topic, the conspiracies. I feel like there has definitely been some production intervention, not for any one particular player (Paul or Cody/Jess) but more along the lines of having this Cody vs Paul storyline going. I think that was the point from episode 1. I just find it all too convenient that Paul gets the 3 week save and then Jess gets the latest one just as Cody returns.

    Please, let me know what y’all think.

    • Mel

      This is based on detailed comments and nit my opinion.
      Some people on here hate Paul because they think he’s loud, rude, mean spirited and obnoxious. Others feel resentment towards returning players so Paul takes the brunt of that since he’s the only one this year. ( I fall into that category although, for the record, I don’t hate Paul)
      There are some who are frustrated with so many of the hg’s acting like he’s a cult leader and being brainwashed by him. I think those people have misplaced anger. They should actually be irritated with whichever player it is they want to like but can’t because they’re under Paul spell. Instead, they say they hate Paul. Perhaps Paul represents for them a situation that wouldn’t be happening if Paul weren’t in the house. I’m not a 100% sure I agree because a few (Raven, Matt, Elena, Mark) of these hgs seem as if they would worship toast if presented with a good enough sales pitch. There may be other reasons but those are a few.

      • Avatar

        Personally I don’t have a problem with returning players. I would just rather it be an all star cast instead of having them be in the house with a new cast. I would take Paul any day over Cody. He always makes me laugh. Cody is so empty. He always has that dear that in headlights look about him. He is definitely coming off as a cult leader but that’s his good gameplay. People should be more mad at the players falling for it. Thanks for your input.

    • Mel

      There is always production intervention. It goes with BB like an IV drip goes with Ravem.

    • Avatar

      Makes you wonder if Cody wasn’t actually on to something when he told Paul very early in the game that this season was “all about them”. Vet vs Vet.

    • AIO_7

      “On another topic, the conspiracies. I feel like there has definitely been some production intervention, not for any one particular player (Paul or Cody/Jess) but more along the lines of having this Cody vs Paul storyline going.”

      Pretty much this, Jenny. It’s almost as if Production is doing it openly and laughing in our face knowing that they have enough enablers out here that actually believe the King is wearing clothes. To make matters worse, Production left us having to watch JODY slithering together like worms. (No disrespect to actual worms meant)

    • LindsayB

      It’s easy to hate on the person who is doing the best in the game. Instead of recognizing how skillfully he is mastering his puppets they want to blame it on production. I’m not sure if anybody really likes Cody that much but I like what he potentially brings to the game. Granted, what Cody brings to the game also is what could bring my boy Paul down but I’d rather Paul win by having to both fight and manipulate.
      My thoughts on the conspiracy theories are laid out towards the end of the last thread so I won’t regurgitate that. I will say that this is a tv show and is designed to have excitement. Twists and comps are already mapped out for the most part in a way that no matter who is playing what role in the house there will be opportunities for power shifts. I never see anyone on here crying about something bejng rigged when it’s benefitting their player of choice.

      • Avatar

        I definitely agree. Paul has become quite the puppet master and I love it. He is very smooth about it. I am very curious to see the dynamics get redistributed now that Cody is back and in control with his girl.

      • Mel

        Jenny, I don’t love it at all. I don’t Paul bash because it’s happening. Good for him. I just don’t like that kind of season. I think now that he isn’t safe, it may change anyway. Keep in mind, I thought BB16 with Derrick was one of the worst seasons we’ve ever had. Many loved it and I liked Derrick but I need suspense, power shifts and not knowing how it’s going to end. I can respect the player who’s causing it but I don’t like watching it as a fan. Part of my BB experience is throwing stuff at my computer one day and dancing around it the next.

      • Zach

        @lindsayb the rigged/conspiracy theory has been linked to many competitive events over the history of competition. Mainly with sports but even more so now with reality TV competitions. I dig what you’re saying about no one complaining when it is going their way, so true! I’ve even fell victim to it before. In the end, whether it is or isn’t, we all still will watch and be happy if it goes our way and pissed if it doesn’t.

    • Avatar

      Jenny I personally don’t hate Paul I just never Pull for returning players. They had their chance. I really liked Nicole her first season and last year I couldn’t stand her. I have changed my mind multiple times this season about who I want to pull for and that’s something that normally doesn’t happen for me so maybe this season isn’t getting enough credit.

      • Avatar

        I did not like Nicole at all. I also detest Cory, so that didn’t help Nicole in my book. Her voice grates me nerves too.

      • Avatar

        Mindy I don’t have that much of a problem with the returners I kinda just prefer to have a whole cast of just returners. That being said I am team friendship all the way.

    • Alda

      Love Paul.Plus my friends and relatives are also team Paul.We do not care for Cody at all.We call him “Stone Cold Cody.”We watch BBAD and then discuss each nights episodes the following day.We are sticking with Paul.FRIENDSHIP.

  16. NKogNeeTow

    Dead-Man-Walking laying in the bed with Matt-Ress: “My stomach hurts. I’m so ready for a hysterectomy.”

    Apparently she skipped anatomy class. Does she not know that a stomachache has nothing to do with her ovaries? I guess if she has a headache she’ll need a lobotomy.

  17. Shivani33

    Christmas playing in veto comp, and she’s playing with Ramses’ head by telling him that he’s good to stay safe. Raven got her stitches out and now has cramps, naturellement.

  18. NKogNeeTow

    Every time Xmas rolls by on that handicapped knee cart, I get the urge to get on a loud speaker and say “Attention K-Mart shoppers”.

  19. NKogNeeTow

    DMW and Xmas talking about their periods. Cody looks like he wants to insert his own head in the toilet and bang it with the seat.

  20. NKogNeeTow

    Why WON’T these people let me take my nap! Wreck-It-Ralph is having a heart to heart with Cody….and he’s as giddy as a little girl that Messi is HOH and Cody is back in the house. He is gushing so much over Messi and telling him how they supported her while he was gone. He’s telling him how everyone was afraid to say anything to Josh during the pool incident and how Messi was the only one who spoke up. Ralph is beaming like the proud steroid anus he is. They both discuss how much they hate Josh and want him gone.

    • Mel

      Paul or Cody? He can’t have both. He’ll have to cry alot to keep his head from exploding as some form of pressure release.

      • NKogNeeTow

        Ralph (Mark) is the one who’s giddy and gushing all over Cody about Messi being HOH. Cody & Mark are discussing how much they hate Josh. Sorry, I should have made that clear.

    • Wendy

      He is so giddy. He thinks he is safe now. I hope Cody is just using him for information

      • NKogNeeTow

        I think he is Wendy. He keeps asking Mark who he thinks got the last 2 temptations. They think Xmas got the 2nd one. WIR tells Grody that he doesn’t know who got the last one. Grody tries to throw him off by telling him that he thinks either Alex, Raven or even Dom got the last one (he knows it was Messica).

    • Mel

      Is Cody sincerely lying to mark or did Jessica not tell Cody that she got the last dot?

      • NKogNeeTow

        She told him last night. He’s yanking Mark’s you-know-what.

      • LindsayB

        At least somebody is yanking mark’s you know what. He’s so repulsive to me. I hate how his lower jaw juts out like it’s in some sort of permanent beefy pout. He reminds me of a big ape.. maybe that’s cuz of seen the trailer for the new ape movie. He could’ve been cast in that with no make up necessary.

      • Mel

        Is his head too small for his body? His biceps are too small for his chest but I can’t figure out what else about him seems wierd to me. I’m strictly talking about his appearance because there’s a lot about him that’s weird to me.

      • Mel

        Thanks. I didn’t know if she had told him or not. I assumed that she would but I missed that. It’s too scary to watch a camera in the HOH room this week so I may be reading about any of those that occur.

      • Avatar

        Mark has a weird nose. …….

      • LindsayB

        It’s almost like his lower jaw has become unhinged and he can’t help it from just hanging there. Damn mouth breather for sure.

      • Zach

        Meathead Neanderthals need lovin’ too

    • Avatar

      Really not liking his two faced a_ _. Hope he goes home soon.

  21. Mel

    Did you guys hear Arkansickly say that she doesn’t wear very much make up? Honestly I wouldn’t mind giving DMW a break at least for a day but she doesn’t give me a chance! I’m still dying over the Mensa comment! I may have to get off my butt and msg Steve. I think I know what my first topic needs to cover. Gypsy Rosa Lee….

  22. Wendy

    Cody and Mark have been talking A lot this afternoon lots of talk about the Battle Back and how mark feels no one in the house has any balls. Really liking Cody now and have not really seen his crazy eye yet.

  23. Avatar

    I love Jessica….. There I said it!

  24. NKogNeeTow

    Poor WIR, sitting there with this stupid look on his face. He can’t decide WHO to betray this week.

  25. NKogNeeTow

    Paul hanging out in the HOH room with Grody….BSing each other. Paul goes in to shower. Grody sits there making these strange faces. Probably trying to figure out how to kill Paul and hide his body in the toilet and hope no one notices until the show is over.

  26. Mel

    I don’t like Jokers that much but they definitely agree with my faves more than some sites do. I really like Kevin (since the start) Jason (for couple of weeks) and Ramses. Ramses has been growing on me gradually.
    You will notice I did not list these three as being the best players in my opinion. I’m simply saying these three are my favorite. All three have potential to be good players but we will see.
    There isn’t a female listed here but I do like how they seem to be running the men this year. (I’m talking about the 3 sloots as Zach says) We’re so used to seeing the opposite.

  27. NKogNeeTow

    The bunnies are back. They’re making me hungry.

  28. Avatar

    Will Jason win POV and spend another week anxiously trying to figure out what to do?

  29. NKogNeeTow

    It’s storming here again, so I’m going to take my nap for real for real this time. I want to be alert for BBAD and the Feeds to see what fresh hell they unleash upon us tonight. I’m not worried about missing anything because my BB family has this on lock! I KNOW where to come and get caught up 🙂


  30. Avatar

    The funny part is IF this next Thursday is a double eviction Jessica will either have to use her temptation with that second eviction or next week….after that it’s no good!

  31. danmtruth

    Hot humid than heavy rain back to hot & humid sucks more than Elena
    So has Cody learned And is actually TALKING to people Next will be to listen to them
    Paul’s and Code’s ego’s are one of the reasons for all these thought of backdooring each other Paul’s comment about this being a chess game stung Cody He looks like someone who has been called dumb a few times and it STINGS
    This is where Jess needs to show she can desperate game play From pure emotional play Jess needs to be smart in being able to talk to HG to get a feel how they are going to vote Than be able to swing those votes As
    Paul is very successful at

  32. Shivani33

    Along with the nominees and Jessica, it looks like Cowboy, Cody and Christmas are playing for veto. Cody told Mark that he doesn’t want to be around Kevin. Yup. Look out, Cody. Kevin has too much tea, too much sauce, too much shade.

  33. Avatar

    so it seems like they might actually be a power coupe? maybe I’m speaking too soon, but Cody’s proved his worth and jess seems to have been pulling through in the comps she’s done as well

  34. danmtruth

    If the noms stay the same I see no reason that they will You dont have the votes to get Paul out Fan girls Elena and Dead Women Walking Alex Jason, Kevin without being able to show a house revolt again est Paul you you wont see the steroid baby Mark vote against Elena Matt likes the cereal in Paul’s HOH basket So unless he can pull a win in the POV Ramses is out As most of the HG see Ramses as a bigger comp threat
    Is Josh underplaying his ability’s I don’t see it time will tell

    • Avatar

      yeah, the only way I see josh leaving is if he blows up more this week, or if when he does, he calls people out again. the other way is if jess puts up like Christmas or Alex, which would be a great move to split paul’s alliance game wise, but yeah Paul still has another week or two that I see him being safe for number wise

  35. The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

    Grossica talking in the HOH room, just confirmed that Jessica plans not to use the power of veto. Unless she changes her mind between now and the ceremony, Ramses will likely be evicted on Thursday.

  36. Avatar

    Oh please let then use a single brain cell and put Mark up!

    • The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

      I have no idea what they’re thinking @mindyboo. They have all the power this week (and Jessica even has the temptation), and yet they’re going to end up getting rid of someone who is a complete non-factor to their game (Ramses). It would make much more sense for them to use the veto on Ramses and put up someone next to Josh who is a threat their game– that way just in case the votes flip, they would still get one of their targets out this week. Grossica may be great at competitions, but their strategic game and social game need quite a bit of work.

  37. Avatar

    them Dang n key keeps getting in the way 🙂

  38. Mel

    Mensa update:
    BB 12 Matt Hoffman, who is an actual member of Mensa checked the US membership list today just to be sure and…SHOCKER, Raven and her mother are mysteriously missing from the list!

  39. Avatar

    I think that right now Kevin is the very best floater. That being said I think he is a floater with a purpose. Just waiting to see what he does when the time is right. I am definitely intrigued. I am hoping he has a trick or 3 up his sleeve because I find myself wanting to cheer him on.

  40. Shivani33

    If Jessica doesn’t circulate and find out some things, she and her man-toy are going to get screwed again. Josh will stay, and Ramses will pay. And Paul will be the power behind the scenes getting what he wants. Maybe Mark can make himself useful and rat out the housepets’ true intentions. If he tells Cody or Jessica that Ramses is getting the eviction votes, maybe Mark can move up from kissing ass and Cody will knight him and then let him fall on a sword.

    • Mel

      Did they tell Mark and Elena ? I thought they were in the dark about keeping Josh. I’m not positive about that.

      • The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

        Last night when Raven and Matt were talking game in the kitchen, she mentioned that by voting to save Josh they’d be pissing off 4 people– Cody, Jessica, Mark, and Elena. But they’d have Paul, Alex, Jason, and Kevin on their side. So it sounds like Mark and Elena aren’t in on the plan to evict Ramses (at least as far as Raven and Matt know).

      • Shivani33

        You’re right that Elena and Mark aren’t supposed to know, but Elena sometimes looks close to figuring things out just by listening!

    • NKogNeeTow

      I would not put it past Wreck-It-Ralph to rat out his group at all. When he’s not sitting around trying to figure out how to give it to Elena, he’s sitting around worrying about going home. Every time he talks about it, he gets misty eyed. I find this ironic because he hasn’t done a damn thing worth keeping him for so far.

  41. Mel

    During the last hour:
    *Josh is planning on going off on Thursday and maybe jumping on the couch.
    *Josh is talking alone and saying everything he said about Mark being a flip flopper is going to be proven true and he may blow up Mark’s game Thursday.
    *Jason is trying to get Alex to consider going with Jess and Cody instead of Paul.
    *Jess wants to throw fruit loops during the veto ceremony at… Josh possibly? (Why can’t they be original)
    *Xmas is trying to use a hair dryer to dry out her cast, otherwise they may have to recast it. It got wet in the shower.
    *Jess suggested Cody ask for a pic of his daughter if he wins hoh and can say it’s his niece. (He had requested no letters or pics-this dude is hard core)
    *Here’s something Josh said during the hoh comp when he was referring to Jess. “Xmas, you are stronger than that thing.” (I assume this was when it was down to Jess and Xmas)
    *Paul telling his group that Jess doesn’t want to cause any more waves…this is close to the time Jess is talking about fruit loops and asking Cody what else she should throw at (?) He says nothing and not to give him anymore air time.
    *Cody once again talking about war. He hopes he’s alive to fight in the one on US soil he feels will eventually come.
    *Some convos with Kevin, Xmas and others wondering if Jess is really going to leave noms the same.

  42. Zach

    I’m a little disappointed that Jessica, Raven and Elena didn’t form a 3 person alliance. I’m been wanting to refer to them as Slootie and the Blow fish all season long.

    • Mel

      Zach, I wish they would just for that name alone! It seemed like they were in the beginning with Xmas sort of on the outskirts of it because she and Elena spent so much time together. That’s when they were showering together and groping each other all the time. I guess the broken foot and Cody’s eviction tossed what might have been out the window.

      • Zach

        I’m glad you liked it! Lmao I completely agree, it seemed like they were going to have a pretty strong female alliance in the beginning and somewhere along the lines it fell apart. I tell you though, if they did form a secret alliance, I don’t even know if Paul would be able to stop them.

      • Mel

        Agree and I’ve said since week 1 that the women this year are the scary ones. I think they would either crush the men in competitions or manipulate them so they didn’t have to. These women are ruthless this year but not in the cat fighting kind of way we saw last year. I don’t see Jessica whining because one of the girls talks to Cody but if she didn’t like it, I could see her chopping off their hair while they slept. Raven is the only exception. She’s shown signs of last year by being jealous of Xmas and Jessica. She’s also the one who threw away Dom’s dressing and Alex’s soda. It reminded me of Bridget’s cookies but that girl has all kinds of other issues anyway.

      • Zach

        They could definitely manipulate the guys and run the comps against the rest of the HGs. Like I said previously, Paul is the only one who might figure it out. But idk if he would even be able to stop them. That’s how pathetic the guys are and also a testament to the strength of the ladies if they knew how to play the game.

  43. danmtruth

    Kevin is quick becoming Americas favorite @mindyboo but don’t sleep on Matt Even tho at times @nkogneetow might be right That Matt was a carpenter on the set Someone got sick and he was a emergency replacement
    Jess might as well replace Ramses with Arkanslcky Not like she is a vote fore you I would say Alex but they seem to want to make a deal with her and Jason
    just something to take a stand You have the halting hex So even if they come after you next week yo just rewind the week

  44. Mel

    Jessica talking about throwing fruit loops and now Alex is doing the ‘hide in a trash bag’ gag. Don’t these people know it was only marginally funny the first time? They’ve also put vasaline on door handles and saran wrappes a bed. Paul was at least original. He wore Pablo and walked around in his underwear. (Still does that one unfortunately)
    Yes Lindsay, I mentioned Paul in a comment so this is you cue to say how much you love Paul and you’re team Paul. Lol

  45. Mel

    Josh cam talking an hour or so back is worth watching. It isn’t worthy of Scott’s tirade about his experience living in the BB streets or anything but Josh is a nut so it’s still funny. I don’t know if anything will ever top OTT Scott and the BB STREETS!

  46. Mel

    Gerardo, I’m on the verge of being evicted! Look what we’ve started? It’s just like BB, you have your ride or die but everything backfires anyway! Lol
    I’ll just troll while I wait for a diamond veto…nah, I talk too much to ever have the self control for trolling.

  47. Mel

    Since Elena wants to be Paul’s #1 groupie, I wonder how she’s going to feel this week when she and Mark are left out of the plan.

    • Mel

      You were right Gerardo. Paul just said the vote should be 7-3. Cody, Elena and Mark to keep Ramses. I like that kid and wish he wasn’t going to be a casualty so soon. He’s also a true BB fan and I like it when the stick around. Oh well, that’s BB life…

  48. Mel

    The hg’s got alcohol tonight. Kevin chugged one in the storage room. Jessica and Cody kept some of hers upstairs so they don’t have to share. Xmas got called out by BB for taking a drink (meds) and she responded that she only wanted a sip. Paul told everyone not to drink it yet but he proceeded to start drinking himself. (I didn’t see this. Jessica told Cody he did) This could be very funny or X rated tonight. Coin toss.

  49. Mel

    Jess/Cody talk:
    Jess feels she can trust Elena and thinks Matt is a straight shooter. She doesn’t trust Mark or Raven at all. She feels confident the house wants Josh out. This is the kind of assumption Cody made when he put up Paul and Xmas. In her defense, she didn’t have a big team to ask about it when she made her noms. Alex, who she’s fake working with, did tell Jessica that she wasn’t very happy with the noms. I don’t know the context of the rest of the conversation tho. This is a mistake but Ramses leaving won’t crush Jess and Cody’s game. If anything, it should reveal to them that they can’t work with Matt, Alex or Jason. They won’t have #’s but knowing where you stand can be beneficial especially if you’re capable of winning comps. Cody says he thinks Paul has little man syndrome. (He most definitely does) He rinks that’s why he’s so loud. Cody is wondering how long it’s going to take before people say “f*ck you Paul. Why are you even on our season?” Cody says Matt plays like a pu**y. They’re jerks but they do have a feel for what’s going on. (Except the Josh vote)

    • Avatar

      very true mell! the blindside of voting Jillian out was a shock, but this “shock” won’t really backfire on their game at all. and I give it another 2 weeks until people will really get “fu*k you Paul “-like, like paulie last year

    • The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

      “They’re jerks but they do have a feel for what’s going on. (Except the Josh vote)”. That’s a pretty damn big miss for them though Mell. Jess has been in the house this entire time, so even though she didn’t have a team to discuss noms with, she has to know that Ramses is basically on his own in the house and no one (save for maybe Kevin) would miss him if he were evicted this week. They should also realize that Paul and Christmas have good reason to keep Josh over Ramses (based on Josh’s past loyalty to them), and Paul and Christmas have considerable influence over the majority of the house.

      I agree that losing Ramses won’t crush their game, but they have got to smarten up if they want to put up a formidable challenge to Paul this season. Leaving someone as expendable as Ramses on the block next to your target is an incredibly foolish mistake and given that they’ve already made this mistake once before, I don’t feel too confident in their decision-making skills moving forward.

    • LindsayB

      Size doesn’t matter Mell. #teampaul

  50. Avatar

    Is the veto meeting tomorrow or Monday?

  51. Yael Sara

    this could be a great drinking game, though you may be very quickly intoxicated. (thought of as I see Raven consuming popcorn – because kernels digest wonderfully)

    It’s simple:

    1 – Google search ‘Foods to not to eat with Gastroparesis’
    2 – When she eats something she shouldn’t – DRINK!
    3 – When verbalizes food she can’t eat and blatantly eats it, add a shot
    4 – Eats something healthy and good for her, drink some water

    Warning: In this game you will get drunk and become dehydrated.

  52. Avatar

    So who do y’all think will stay? Something tells me it will be Rams.

  53. Avatar

    I don’t understand why they (Cody/Jess) don’t get rid of Paul. I think it’s too late now because whomever he goes up against the house won’t send him home.

    • ChiKelz

      I’m with you Cyn! This is the perfect opportunity to back door him. Do they not see or know he is running everything?!?! Get him out NOW!!! If they would take the time to “socialize” they could talk to people to demonstrate it’s now or never. SMH!! I guess that’s why he had to get Dom out because she knew and would have been all for it!

    • Mel

      She could put Paul out but who would she have put up against him to insure he left? That’s also a big assumption that he wouldn’t have won POV and taken himself down. Cyn, it’s that Armenian Kool aid. It must be potent.

  54. Avatar

    I don’t understand why the spoilers are not posted in a timely fashion.

    Alllast week there were no updates from the HOH comp until this last comp.

    What gives?

  55. jimbo

    Disappointed in Alex. Had high hopes for her, but she is just the middle school chick now invited to the “cool kid lunch table” because they want to use her. And she gladly goes.

  56. Tiare

    Elena is rubbing paul down again. I’m so sick of the neighborhood whorebunny. She hops from man to man. So not a good look.

  57. danmtruth

    Ramses has no support Now Paul is throwing that Ramses took the 25 grand on the first night Chum like this is helping him as Raven is lapping it up because she does not like Ramses Paul just got done saying how Jessica is not playing strategically but emotionally
    If your Matt and Raven sitting there and watching how easily he lies to Ramses and how soon will he do it to them
    Once more Paul the all BB knowing is dead wrong WAKE UP HG !!
    Matt is trying to explain to Raven Arkensickly that after Ramses They are low people Paul comes in says the vote will be 7 – 3 Passive aggressive telling Matt if thats not the vote he will know Tells Matt listen to your leader
    once more Elena stroking Paul
    more BB18 talk

  58. The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

    It sounds like Matt is wavering a bit on the plan to blindside Grossica this week. He feels like it could hurt his and Raven’s chances to make it to jury *rolls eyes*. He agrees like Ramses needs to go soon, but doesn’t know if they should rock the boat one week before jury (God I hate these people).

    Here comes Pastor Paul to save the day and club Matt over the head with another sermon extolling the brilliance of his plan to evict Ramses. Paul says as long as Josh is in the house, he will be a human shield for them. Besides, Paul reminds them that Ramses already has $25K from the first temptation (he doesn’t) and Ramses is a much better competitor than Josh (according to whom and what?). I still don’t think Matt is sold on the plan, but I doubt he will go against Pastor Paul, especially since Raven was there amen-ing Paul’s every word.

    • Avatar

      Paul’s social game is impeccable. He’s converted the 95% of the house. I will give him that.

      • ChiKelz

        @Cyn his game is great! I still want him back-doored. It seems like it has gone to his head and he needs a reality check. He has become bossy and pushy. Last year I rooted for him and Victor because together they were the under dogs. They were more vulnerable. I’m not sure if you remember when Paul, Victor, and Jozea were first on; they were all awful! Once Jozea left and Victor left, it made Paul vulnerable. Every time Victor returned he was more humble than before. Paul now is full of himself on so many levels he has just turned me off. I was hoping Cody “checked” him by back-dooring him. I guess my wish will not be granted! Derrick was a puppet master too, but he was not pushy and did not run everyone’s HOH. Personality wise, I was not a fan of Derrick, but I respected his game. Paul just seems like he’s in everyone’s face and because he’s controlling everything it feels like he’s being shoved down our throats and I’m starting to gag!

    • NKogNeeTow

      Don’t forget that p*ssy Mark. I believe he’d jump back over to Cody in a heartbeat. He’s already been up his ass earlier today in the kitchen. His and Matt’s scary asses are so afraid of going home, they don’t know which way to jump.

      • The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

        Oh yes absolutely. I think Paul has already counted Mark out of his alliance and wants to take him out next after Grossica. In fact, he told Matt tonight that they only need to be concerned about 3 people winning HOH next week: Cody, Mark, Elena. And since Mark is horrible at comps and Elena is in love with Paul and would probably throw the comp to avoid having to make that decision, really they only have to worry about Cody.

  59. Shivani33

    There’s enough time for something to change before it’s nailed in place. Paul is having to work for it even now, with Matt slightly disagreeing. One good fight could come about & mess everything up, or Jessica could get off the shower tiles and alter her plans. Although Ramses fate seems sealed, we’ve seen plenty of BB flips before. I’m pretty detached about who goes between these two fellows. It’s just not a big hit off of my bong.

  60. danmtruth

    @gerardo don’t forget Paul knows Kevin has the 25K as kevin told him weeks ago
    You could see the Paulets eating up when Paul was telling how much money they make
    Now Paul is talking to Mark and Elena not sure if he is talking about Jess & Cody or Matt &Ravan about just wanting to make it to jury Wait now Paul is stroking Elena in frpnt of Mark

  61. Shivani33

    Mild Matt. Why can’t we be reasonable and do what the HoH wants? Life is like a bowl of cereal. Ya know?

  62. NKogNeeTow

    NEW THREAD ALERT! (I’m a fine one to talk. I’m always commenting on the old ones without realizing that a new one has started..lol)

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