How is Mark going to handle Cody’s return?

When Cody was evicted, he told Julie that he really didn’t want to go after Paul if he got a chance to go back into the house. He had bigger fish to fry, like the people who turned their back on him from his alliance. As you all know by now, Cody got his wish and won the Battle Back challenge which allowed him to return to the house. In an equally powerful move for him, his girlfriend (Jessica) ended up winning the HoH while also holding the halting hex in her back pocket for future weeks. This gives them quite a bit of power and almost a guarantee to make jury.

So, who will they go after? Paul? Mark? Matt?  Nope. From the sounds of it, their first target is Josh.  Bear in mind that the feeds were only up for a few hours last night before I fell asleep, but right now the house ‘plan’ seems to get rid of Josh.  He was nominated with Ramses and is allegedly Jessica’s target this week. I mean it kind of makes sense seeing as Josh has been instigating Cody pretty hard and it may spare Josh’s life to get him out of the house, but it still seems odd. That’s why I’m not completely sold on that plan to begin with.


The best part is that even if this is Cody’s plan, the house is already brewing something up in the background to betray them once again.  If Josh really is the target, so far Paul and crew have been playing along like they’re fine voting him out, but in reality they’re gathering the votes to keep him in the house and vote out Ramses.  So once again Cody and Jess should have a Thursday night shocker if this indeed goes through.

The power of veto is today, and only 3 people will really be playing hard for it. Jess, Josh, and Ramses. The rest of the house appears to care less who wins, so don’t expect anyone other than one of those three to win. Of course, these competitions are sometimes a fluke and anyone wins, but it won’t be because they put their all into it.


  • 9:30 am – Jason is talking to Cody
    • Cody is saying he is disappointed in Mark and he should have listened to the house when they said Dom was his closest ally
    • Cody talks about how people need to step up and start playing their own games. Are they going to sit back and let Paul run the show?
    • He says Mark is not a leader but he’s not really a follower. He’s a weird guy
    • Cody is talking about how weird it is to talk to Julie. Like he kind of blacks out and doesn’t realize what he was saying
  • 10:05 am – Cody goes up to the HoH room and tells Jess that Christmas voted for Cody to stay. It wasn’t Jason
    • Kevin also told Cody that he voted for him to stay, but not to tell a soul.
    • Jessica thinks Kevin lied about the Jillian vote
  • 11:24 am – Jason talking about his experience with STDs.  Yes.
    • The feeds cut this interesting conversation to watch Ramses alone in the kitchen. Great
  • 12:45 pm – People are sitting around generally talking and eating.  Typical Saturday before veto
  • 1:15 pm – Feeds down, probably to draw names for veto
    • And they return, so far we know Christmas got picked. No clue if she can play yet
    • Alex and Jason are the final 2 to play in the veto
  • 2:15 pm – Jess and Alex are talking privately
    • Jess asks Alex how she feels about the noms, and Alex replies that she’s not happy at all.
    • Jess is explaining why Josh going home is good for everyone
    • She says Josh is distracting her which is hurting her game (more reason to keep Josh in, no?)
  • 2:30 pm – Jessica getting ready for the veto competition.  I’m guessing she saves her eyebrows for last
  • 3:45 pm – Looks like it’s veto time.  Not sure if I’ll be around when the feeds return, but I’ll update when I get home

Note – Going to see Spiderman tonight (finally) at 5:30 pm (bbt) but hopefully the veto will still be underway

Check back!