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Big Brother 19 – Saturday Updates – Veto Day!


Before I talk about today, I need to rant about last night.  No, not about any game related moves or even the awfulness of the remaining players. I need to talk about production for a second.

I’m going to completely gloss over Alex wanting everyone to go to bed early so Kevin will eat alone when he gets off his have-not punishment at midnight. I’m going to ignore them making fun of Kevin’s tiny eggs and bacon dinner when they’ve gone all out for former houseguests.  I’m also going to skip them eating steak in front of him to intentionally rub it in.  That’s just scumbag behavior I expect from this crowd so it’s just another day in the house.

What I will talk about is production dinging him for taking a bite of his food a minute before midnight! On a week when they let Matt completely humiliate them by only giving him a penalty vote and not even really harassing him every time he broke the rules, they actually gave Kevin shit for eating a minute too soon. A minute. Not an hour, half day, or full day. A minute!  I am in complete shock right now. I get it, they almost certainly hate this cast and nothing would make them happier than to mess with them, but Kevin? And this week?  Kevin stopped eating slop because he found bugs in it. He kept up his punishment without much of a stink despite watching Matt stuff his face all week. He slept on a bed of spikes without complaining.  At this point, if you’re in production, you need to cut the guy some slack. At least a minute’s worth of it.  This is the one guy who isn’t completely embarrassing the show. They should have dropped down a care package that read “Kevin, seeing as you’re the only decent human left in this house, we’re giving you a ‘never-not’ pass for the remainder of the season and we’re going to order you an entire pizza for yourself that cannot be shared in front of the house – who must sit and watch you eat it”.  Is that too much to ask?


Back to day. The veto competition is happening at some point and I’d like to pretend it’s an important one, but with this group of people you never really know. With Jason as the main target of the week, him winning could completely change the outlook moving forward.  The house could continue with their plan to get Alex out which would be absolutely hilarious considering she wanted to go on the block as a pawn next to Kevin, or they can get Kevin out for some reason. Or they could do a third option like a Raven or Paul but that’s extremely doubtful. Alex, Jason, or Kevin will be the one leaving this week no matter what happens in the veto today.


  • 2:45 pm – Slow afternoon in the house. Kevin is alone again while everyone else minus Jason are chatting in the apple room
  • Thank you for the recent donations to the site!  Ryan M, Flame W, Stephanie G, Jennifer M, and AIO! I don’t feel I deserve any donations since I have slacked over the past week so thank you extra!
    • Anyway, in the apple room, they were talking about how paranoid Jason has been and how mean he has been to Alex
    • They also talked about Raven before she entered the room. How much she eats, etc
  • 3:15 pm – Paul is misleading Josh in the bedroom. Pretty funny
    • He is telling Josh how others have been asking for jury votes but he doesn’t do that.  He said if they don’t want to vote for him, he doesn’t care
    • Obviously, they didn’t see the goodbye message where he asked someone for a jury vote, but Josh is the guy Paul was telling to do jury management to when Jessica’s hex was still in play
    • Paul isn’t going to be some “punk ass bitch”.  He is basically telling Josh not to care about people leaving for jury so Josh can make the same mistake he did last season – while Paul cruises to jury votes lol
  • 7:00 pm – Back from dinner and the feeds are down and have been for about an hour. No telling how long this competition could be
  • 8:00 pm – Feeds still down
  • 9:00 PM – Feeds back. Paul won the PoV. He’s already told Alex he’s going to save her which is weird. Going to keep an eye on why he’d say this.

Check back for updates


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  1. Alda

    Steve,that would be great if Production had a heart! But,they don’t I wish Kevin would win POV,just for the hell of it.

  2. Tinkerbell

    Steve, Standing Ovation !! Except for Kevin, colony of piss ants.

  3. Cindy

    I agree 100% Steve!! I couldn’t believe they called him out for eating one minute before time especially after he didn’t even have slop to eat. I mean what, was production asleep all last week.

    • Gerardo Chen Moonves

      Production has a lot of F’ing nerve to call anyone out after that shameful and pitiful display last week. They have completely undermined any credibility they ever had (which is not much anyway) by allowing Matt to just piss openly on all of their rules last week. Production is a JOKE!!!


      • ElaineB

        LOL at Gerardo….how many #STFU do you currently have?? I luv ya, cause you make me laugh every time I read your comments. These past two summers have been awful, and as a person who has BB as my guilty pleasure, I am truly disappointed. *tear* Production has been a joke from the beginning!

      • Mello_One

        Instead of a Vote Penalty, Production needs to start Messing with the HG Stipends! For every Rule they Break, remove $200 Dollars!

        And the way that Production screwed with Kevin Last night, you’d think that they were working with Paul?!?!

      • Gerardo Chen Moonves

        Elaine: Thanks! And I’ve lost count of the numerous #STFU’s I’ve doled out this season lol.

        @mello_one: I completely agree! Hit these losers in their pocketbooks since the stipend seems to be all they care about anyway!

      • ElaineB

        Well, as the proverbial “cherry on the top’, a Pox on each of the #STFU that Gerardo has doled out this season! Keep up the good work, my friend.

  4. danmtruth

    In the words of Vizzini ” inconceivable” how could production think THIS was the time to step in Talk about being a bully kicking a guy while he’s down

  5. Gerardo Chen Moonves

    “Anyway, in the apple room, they were talking about how paranoid Jason has been and how mean he has been to Alex”

    Wow, these people are f*cking unbelievable! After Alex has spent the entire season using Jason as her personal verbal and physical punching bag, they have the audacity to comment on what they perceive as him being “mean” to HER?? The level of victim complex and psychological projection displayed in this house is quite exceptional.

  6. Mello_One

    Kevin is a 56 year old Man, Paul is a 24 year old…Kevin needs to tell Paul that “I don’t take orders from Young Punks, I am a Grown Ass Man?!” It is Pathetic the way that these Young Adults, under the direction of Paul are treating Kevin. Paul has basically told Kevin not to STFU, because Paul doesn’t want Kevin to compare note with other HG, especially Jason, and to Peep Paul Out?! Kevin is onto Paul, & so is Josh, If they would ONLY Talk to Each Other!!! This is a Pathetic Season, & comparable to Season 16 of BB, without the Bullying. 🙁

    Btw…Did anyone else hear this Conversation Paul had a few Days ago??? Paul & a Group of HG were talking about America’s Favorite Player. & Paul made the Comment that he “GOT BONED last Year, because he came in 1st Place for AFP. But there is a Rule on BB, if you’re one of the Final 2 on BB, the AFP goes to the SECOND HIGHEST VOTE GETTER?! Either they Paul said this to “make sure” all of the Jury Members vote him 1st, or he is LYING…Because I distinctly remember Julie telling VICTOR that he got the Most Votes for AFP EVER.

  7. Avatar

    I think production calling Kevin out, is BB being BB.

    There is not much difference in calling him out for the food, than them trying to influence someone in the DR.

    Having said that, I think they are assholes for doing what they did. Again, pick on the guy when he is down on his luck.

    Or, maybe, just maybe, BB are trying to influence US ! Maybe they recognize that he is the only really decent person in the house, and they want us to feel even more sorry for him, so we vote him for AFP.

    • caRyn

      If anything it could have put Kevin over the edge and it seems like Kevin is holding on by a thread as it is. Production is helping with the push.

    • Avatar

      @dmc They don’t need America’s permission to give any of them “America’s Favorite Player”. If they want Kevin to get it they”ll give it to him. The AFP prize may have also been part of Paul’s deal coming in. If he doesn’t win, he gets AFP. You never can tell.

      • Avatar

        I would hope that it doesn’t get fixed that way. But, Paul definitely had an advantage coming in with his 3 weeks of safety, so who knows ?

      • danmtruth

        it would be a big risk for CBS to try to fix THAT vote The FCC watches things invoking game shows and money

    • Shivani33

      Maybe this was production’s ham-fisted way of making an improved impression on everybody after getting public criticism for being lenient with MattRess, except that NO one else cared that Kevin was ready to eat one to two minutes early. Based on the microwave’s clock, Kevin said that he thought he’d completed his have-not time. Meanwhile, Matt was given one penalty vote for a week of hot showers, stuffing his face and not sleeping in the have-not room.

      What was the hesitancy to give more penalties to Matt based upon, a fear that he’d take Raven and both would self-evict, taking the quitters total to 3 for BB19, counting Megan? That wouldn’t have been a good look, huh? Of course, being hard on Kevin could be justified by claiming that production didn’t want to have to give him a penalty vote. I would’ve been more satisfied if Matt had been allowed to get his way and be evicted but had lost his seat in the jury, as well as his stipend.

    • Sassy

      Maybe they did it so they can make Kevin look like an ass on the CBS version… They were not favorable to him the last episode.

  8. strwar1

    How funny will it be to see Alex go home this week? Lol I WANT IT!!! I hope Kevin Wins The Veto!!

    • ShoeLover

      I would love to see Miss ADD Girl and her squeaky squeak voice explain to Julie how she ended up being voted out of the house!! She would need an interpreter who could decipher every word that comes out of her month!!!

      One could hope, yes, one could hope!!

      • Avatar

        If it were an SNL skit they would have Garrett Morris in the corner of the screen trying to figure what she was saying with sub-titles.

      • Tinkerbell

        @shoelover I seriously cannot understand a words she says…..except for F*** – that is loud and clear. Besides not being able to understend anything coming out of her mouth, she makes my skin crawl. When she is on, its a big m-u-t-e! Actually, that goes for everyone but Kevin now. My TV is silent most of the time. Haha

      • ShoeLover

        Garrett Morris, yesssss please!! Hahahaha!!

        Hobie::: I have found myself rewinding lots to catch even a little of what Miss ADD Girl is saying!!

        And I talk fast!! And I have southern accent!! Oh Lordy Lordy!!

      • Sassy

        I would like to see her leave too. You had the chance to win HoH and decided to throw it to the girl with a broken foot… She deserves to leave!

  9. Tinkerbell

    Wow, I’m impressed!! Munch just spoke in her Arabic tongue again. She is a member of Mensa you know. What a chick!

    Today she said her terminally ill Mom “went through” law school. She knows every single law there is. Just Wow!

  10. hogwild

    I’m starting to dislike production as much as the players Kevin being the exception Kevin should ask them meaning production where there outrage was over Matt breaking the rules for days.

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  12. danmtruth

    G8gril tough day
    It is amazing how quickly these HG just switch to who ever Paul anoints as the new target and attack without question

  13. KelBel

    Could not agree more, Steve! Kevin just keeps getting shit on from every angle. It’s pathetic.

    At this point even if Kevin and Josh got together to compare notes, they’d still get talked out of reality and fall back under the puppetmaster. I’d love nothing more than to see Paul get that backdoor he’s been pretending to be worried about!

  14. Tinkerbell

    Constantly patting themselves on their own backs…….I can’t believe all of them don’t have casts on both arms from breaking their arms.

  15. Tinkerbell

    All of you……STFU. Not one single one of you know one single fact about military ranks, how any of it works, etc. SHUT YOUR FLIPPIN’ TRAPS!! I don’t want Cody to go to jail…..but how I wish he could take each one of them for a walk on the wild side……courteous of the U.S. military.

    • Tinkerbell

      Yikes….that really sounded BAD !!! “All of you” – I am referring to the knuckleheads in the house…….not you guys. Ahaha

      • kneeless

        I did do a double take & had to reread your post! Of course, I agree 100%!

      • Tinkerbell

        @kneeless, and to everyone on the conversation . I’m so-so very sorry. I didn’t realize how bad that is until I was just now going through the thread catching up on what everyone has to say about our house-rats today. Eeeekkk, my heart fell to my stomach when I read how I wrote that. I need a proofreader, asap. Haha

      • Gerardo Chen Moonves

        No worries Hobie! When I first read it I definitely thought “damn, we really pissed Hobie off… I wonder what we did wrong!”. Lol but I caught on quickly to who the real “target” was.

  16. monkicorn

    Thanks again to @stevebeans and @mell and alllll the BBJunkies for the updates and shout out to @ann1 and all the peeps out that way, i have been sending prayers!!!! I am not even excited about watching any televised BB shows this season….. it is all edited so fraudulently…. it is a “game” but these are supposed to be real people participating and its just a really sad situation in that BB house with how this season has been playing out so far….just a big ol poop stain…..that being said, i am not one to sit around a bitch if something could be fixed for the better….i reached out to cbs via emails (cbs contact us and cbs press express) and let them know my thoughts…dnt know if i contacted the right dept but upon further investigation…tnx to the triple digits heat and bad air out in my parts keeping me inside, and an extra day off….i found some contact info i can pass along…maybe if enough of us send a message who knows? I really think several of you had some excellent suggstions for the show….wouldnt hurt to take a few min to shoot off an email? I found Fly on the Wall Entertainment which produces BB has a website with contact …. flyotw.com also change.org has some sort of petition regarding BB…dnt have time to investigate that just saw it in my googlesmoogle search…allison grodner is the main producer for BB she has a twitter account @agrodner22 …anywho…if this was already suggested forgive me, i dnt always have time to read through alllllll the threads here…. just thought i would pass along , i know i will continue to let them know how i feel since i feel i was totally ripped off with my all access pass lol… and alllll the things seen i can not unsee etc….and so on and so on….this used to be a show i would be so excited to watch, it just seems to keep betting worse every.effing.season. ]: /

  17. Shivani33

    Paul established himself with these houseguests as the sole authority. When someone goes through a spell of independent thought, the first duty is to report that person to Paul and have him deal with it. Josh has been ordered “not to cross-reference with anyone.” Kevin is supposed to keep his mouth shut and keep to himself. Others are simply fed a regular dosage of ego food, to keep them smug, complacent and bloated.

    I think that Paul has wanted Jason gone because Jason has kept Kevin as a friend, whereas Alex has no one. It’s true that even Jason has cooled off towards her, although he changes his mind according to how the wind blows. Alex is a good, snarling dog who can be used to get rid of Josh or Christmas. It would be best for Paul if one of them is evicted so that their united front is torn asunder soon. It can’t be Paul’s fault if he can arrange for Alex to do the deed. Then Alex will become obsolescent and can be ditched.

    Let’s see how Paul controls the double eviction. He could steer it to get rid of both Jason and Alex, reminding himself that with the leftovers being Raven, Christmas, Josh and Kevin, he wouldn’t even need to be politically correct anymore. He could just calmly escort whomever he selected to the jury door with a farewell hug and say, ” remember to vote for me, my friend!”

  18. danmtruth

    Joe Stalin would be proud of how well he controlled his subjects It would not surprise me to see Jason to start bad mouthing himself out of reflex

  19. Helen

    Really late vetocomp today……

  20. LO1004

    I hope Jason wins the Veto so Alex goes home. I can’t stand to listen to her any longer.

    • Helen

      Kevin will pull Jason down….he’s the only one who will

      • Sassy

        I can’t stand Jason, but I do want Kevin to win and pull Jason down, just to see how Raven will react being OTB again. I don’t think she will believe them when they say she is a pawn again…

      • Sassy

        I think the best move would be for Raven to win the POV and leave the noms the same. Tell them it’s payback. The rest of the house can play innocent for the week.

      • Helen

        She won’t do that…she’s too far up garden gnomes butt

      • Helen

        But it would make perfect sense for Raven to leave noms the same…in case Alex wins HOH. She will target Raven and Kevin none of them…..
        Raven has perfect excuse…revenge

    • caRyn

      Jason said if he won the Veto he would pull Alex off the block.

      • Sassy

        He is an idiot!

      • LO1004

        Kevin talked him right out of that one. I think he realized how dumb it sounded once it flew out of his mouth.

      • Ann

        @Helen, the booger , butt nugget, scab eater is always wanting to kiss someone. Does any of the housepets know she does this shit & then cooks for them on top of that. No telling how many boogers, dingleberries & scabs they’ve eaten in that dogfood she’s fed them.
        I would be pissed all the way off & let her have it. I wouldn’t have a problem snapping on her ass & calling her out on that filthy shit. The NASTY B**CH!!!

        Jason is a low down, perverted, slum dwelling scum sucking slug ass SOB & if I was his wife his ass would come home met with divorce papers. That filthy comment he made about Kevin’s wife & children is not the first sick comment he’s made about women before. How would that punk feel if someone made a comment like that about his wife? Then again the piece of shit probably wouldn’t care since he said his friend knew he wanted his wife pregnant he his friend slid on in there & took care of things for him. I would laugh my ass off if the shithead got home & it is his friend really did slide on in there & the baby was his friend’s & not his. His wife & family should be ashamed & I don’t blame Kevin’s wife for not excepting his family’s apologies. As a matter of fact I would tell them where to
        shove those fake ass apologies. I hope Kevin finds out after the show & kick that
        bastards ass.

      • Gerardo Chen Moonves

        Oh yes, Ann is back ladies and gentlemen! No one can deliver a read like this woman… nobody!

      • Avatar

        Ann..I didn’t know Jason made a joke about his friend sliding in there to get Jason’s wife pregnant. No class and so disrespectful.
        Best wishes to you and your family.

    • Helen

      The sooner that foul mouthed skank goes home the happier I will be

    • Ann


      • Tinkerbell

        Ann, Hip-Hip-Hooray !! Kick em in the rear. That’s our girl. I love it!

      • Ann

        Now for Gimpy leg chipmunk face with her HIGH ass. That’s F**ked up how she gets to scoot around on that damn scooter unable to participate in hardly any comps & she is amost always high as Georgia Pine on national tv. Production are her ass bad as being pushers. I hate her too.

        Josh is nothing but a big ass crybaby bully bitch. He sticks his nose in where it don’t belong & tried to come for Kevin but was ready & broke Josh’s as off something prim & proper. Kevin came right back for the bitchbaby’s ass & sent Josh off crying like the baby he is. I LOVED IT…I have to catch up on youtube clips.

  21. Gerardo Chen Moonves

    Tonight on I Don’t Give a Sh*t News: CBS has just announced yet another “exciting” special Friday edition of Big Brother, airing on September 15! Back to you Steve!


  22. Avatar

    Evict production!

      • KelBel

        What’s his plan, take Alex down so they pretend to backdoor Kevin but really evict Jason?

      • Helen

        Supposedly…….Christmas and Paul both promised Kevin he would not go up,even as a renom…..rust me they said

      • Helen


      • Avatar

        Yes…PLEASE tell me what the tentative plan is!!!!
        ( I’ve been out of the loop for a couple of days!)

      • Helen

        They are going to pull Alex off to supposedly backdoor Kevin but the plan is to vote Jason out with a tie vote and let holiday inn break the tie and send Jason home…..the joke may be on them though cause you know Alex will be pissed that Kevin stays over Jason…Kevin will be pissed because they lied to him and with a double eviction they are not going to be able to “damage control”

      • Avatar

        THANK YOU HELEN!!!

        At least there is a double eviction Thursday to hopefully burst SOMEBODY’S evil and despicable bubble!

    • Ann

      Oh, shit, what’s he going to do with it? Will he take the pervert rapist down, take the ADD filthy mouth evil bitch down or leave noms the same?

      • Helen

        He’s going to take the filthy mouth skank down

      • Mel

        He’ll take Alex down and have Xmas put up Kevin

      • Ann

        I hope that pink ass bow-tie tightens up around her neck & tightens up & chokes her & scares the living shit out of her til she talks normal & stops being a total BITCH.
        I just saw her pop a pill. Are they all pill poppers?

      • Avatar

        So good to hear from you Ann.I have been praying for you everyday.I would like to talk to you. I am not sure how to private message.Maybe you could private message me and I can snswer?

      • LindsayB

        Ann I love you dearly but making jokes about rape doesn’t make one a rapist. The guys has an ugly sense of humor that is probably completely accepted at home and with his friends. He’s an idiot to show that side of himself when cameras are on him 24/7. Don’t get it twisted, I don’t like his jokes and have never really been a fan of the guy but I also don’t think it’s ok to call him a rapist.

      • LindsayB

        And Alex taking an allergy pill doesn’t make everyone in the house pill poppers.

        These people give us enough ammunition to call out how and what they actually are. We don’t need to make stuff up.

      • Ann

        @Lindsay, as far as that bitbitchman troll Alex goes, I was being sarcastic but as far Jason goes, I don’t give a fat rats ass, I meant exactly what I said & I would tell him to his face. I also meant every word I said about that gimpy leg scooter riding chipmunk

      • LindsayB

        Ann, calling someone a rapist just isn’t ok. Just like it isn’t ok that Alex called Kevin a child molester. The idea of rape is not ok to be used as a joke or as a name to call someone. To have the world thrown around frivolously like that is irresponsible.

      • Ann

        @Gigi, I would love to talk to you but I only know how to accept the friend request, I don’t know how to request one. That was what I was asking Felts about the other day. I’ve accepted so many but for the life of me I can’t figure out how to request. Lets both of us keep trying to figure it out & see who gets it first.

      • Ann

        @LindsayB, fine, I guess I have to give up on this one & give it to you. If you hadn’t reminded me of that skank calling Kevin a molester, I promise you you & I would be going back & forth on this one til the cows came home & I have to admit my stupid reason would be because I hate the man so much for his piss poor comments. Who in their right minds thinks something like that is funny or ok to say especially when he has a wife & a son & a baby on the way? Would he be ok with someone making those comments about his wife & children? Is that what he’ll teach his son?
        Lindsay, I have NO RESPECT for that asshole nor the skankboy loud mouth ADD moron that the BITHC THAT SHE IS.
        Kevin is now my favorite over Paul because Kevin is being so mistreated. I know it would take a miracle for Kevin to win but I LOVE Kevin for being the STAND-UP GUY & he & family should be so proud. My heart goes out to you & your family with all my love.

      • LindsayB

        Now that’s the Ann I know and love. Like I said, they give us plenty of ammunition to call them out on being pieces of shit. We don’t have to add anything to it… they’ve already done the work for us!!

  23. kneeless

    Now they’re shit talking Derrick. Whoever hosted told Josh this was the best season ever. Who is that delusional. Alex is soo annoying, AlexSTFU

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  25. Tinkerbell

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE take that vile bitch out next. She has to go. In the game, and in real life…….she needs to be taken down at least a thousand knotches. It’s obvious nobody has ever gone up against her. Little bitch!!!

  26. kneeless

    I hate it when they show that close up of Raven eating & looking at herself in the camera. Worthless little shit still hasn’t won a thing for real or by default. Raven STFU

  27. Tinkerbell

    I’ve said it a thousand times already……. I want the three schoolyard bully girl/guys to get in a brawl. Man, they are the scrappiest creepers!!?

  28. Shivani33

    Ol’Cowpoke looks like he’s at a funeral.

  29. Avatar

    Alex seems to be making too many comments about wanting to win, Paul should seriously consider getting rid of her. Paul’s friendship is all she seems to value so it would be perfect if he didn’t use POV to save her and had her voted out.

  30. Tinkerbell

    The Vile Bitch also STATED that she IS going to be a reality star. Bachelor, Bachelorette, Survivor, Amazing Race, and others I had never heard of. Do implants ever fall out?! Haha. I want to see her’s fall out.

  31. Mel

    This is the 2nd day in a row, Raven has said that Will Kirby didn’t win anything and he won BB while talking about her lack of comp wins. Tell me this nut job isn’t comparing herself to Will!

  32. kneeless

    Poor Raven is so sad. She’s worried about Mamma, why, when she left for the show Momma was down to about “my size.” Not sure if it was the size Raven was then or now but anyway, that video her momma posted early in the season did not look like momma was hurting for food.
    **disclaimer, I am not weight-shaming either Raven or Momma as neither is large but if you ask them, they’re nearly emaciated

    • NKogNeeTow

      She also said that because “Mama had lost so much weight when she left, she requested that they not send a video of her”. Could this be because Mama’s ass is like the broad side of a barn and if the HG see that, they’ll know that she lied?

      • Jenny

        THAT makes sense. The woman is not thin. Raven would be caught in a pretty big lie!

        Also I just saw Raven picking her nose on BBAD.

    • Gerardo Chen Moonves

      I’m not trying to weight-shame Raven’s mother either, but objectively speaking, she is a large woman. I’m pretty sure any doctor would classify her as “overweight”. And I’m basing this observation off of videos her mother has appeared in both before and during Raven’s time in the BB house. Raven’s assertion that her mother was “her size” when she entered the house is clearly just another one of her many many tall tales.

  33. Tinkerbell

    Jason talking about getting a wedding ring tattooed on his ring finger. Hey buster, you might not be married when you get home.

  34. Tinkerbell

    Do the two girl/guys think the giant ass bows on their heads will fool everyone?

  35. danmtruth

    So now that they are shit talking Derrick Why ? Who knows how it fits into Pauls plan After all isn’t every thing done to strengthen Paul’s game So our resident BB historian Mell can correct me if needed Did not Derrick go thru his season never once being put on the block Even having anyone thinking of putting him up Now Paul needs to argue he was never on the block But as with most of what Paul says It’s a bit of revisionist history Does he think real BB fans will forget Cody wanted to put him OTB but was blocked by the 3 weeks of safety So for my money he was on the block
    This POV win does put him in a bit of a dilemma If he pulls Alex down it will not be hard to sell the house on dumping Jason But he puts Arbor day in a bind She wont put Slosh up Gave her word to Kevin Than Paul will explain how you bounce checks all the time and not to worry
    Paul knows he sits with Ravens vote in his pocket So no matter it will be a tie and go to Xmas

  36. Yael Sara

    What the F is Raven doing. Can they please send this ridiculous being out

  37. Tinkerbell

    I don’t think Dead Girl Walking has shampooed her hair one time……..not her fake straw threads either. Awesome.

  38. Cat Lady

    I don’t know people..this is just a show..Be the kind of people you want to be but most of them are young people and sometimes people act differently in a crowd. Let he who is without sin cast the first stone. Now back to the game.. Paul won the POV. I saw it hanging on his pants. Sad to say..looks like Jason will go home. I like all of them. They all have good and bad qualities.. But all judging should think how they would act..it’s easy to say when you’re not in the position. Paul is going to save Alex because they want Jason out first. Then Alex will think Paul is still helping her..

    • jimbo

      Personally, Id never bully or isolate people ever. That’s not me, but maybe youre different, as you say, when you were “young people” and “in a group.” I’ve been young and in a group setting — never happened with me.

      • Tinkerbell

        Jimbo, Agreed. I have never, at any age or in any situation……and I never will. Friend, foe, family, stranger……nobody

      • kneeless

        I haven’t been a young person in eons but I do for certain I never acted or sounded like these people. When I was young I was in awkward situations with all different kinds of folks & it would have never crossed my mind to act as they are. If it were 1 or 2 acting inappropriately I would probably be a lot more willing to cut them some slack but this is not the case.

    • Avatar

      Sorry, Karen, but this post is offensively hypocritical since a week or so ago, you accused anyone who liked/defended Cody of being Trump supporters. “This is just a tv show.” and “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.” Do those cliches not apply to you?

      I’m not trying to attack you. But, I do want to make sure you know that no one here needs a lecture from someone who most certainly does not practice what they preach.

  39. danmtruth

    can i add one more thing that drives me nuts about the corpse bride CUT those stray hairs that fall in her eyes Now Take A Kid to Work Day is being DMW BEST FRIEND now such great fake heartless to heartless talk

  40. Yael Sara

    It’s so sad because Josh doesn’t even know what he dislikes Kevin for. #joshstfu

    Okay and this Raven list is AMAZING! (And growing)

  41. danmtruth

    Slosh and DMW telling each other what a loyal game they have been playing Yes they are loyal till they cut someones throat
    Slosh talking about he has been taking the HEAT all season

    • Ann

      Can’t wait to see that BIG ASS CRYBABY BULLY ASSHOLE try to explain his way out of his deplorable actions when he talks to Julie & when he gets out into the real world & gets on social media & finds out what everyone really thinks of him.

  42. NKogNeeTow

    I am not giving up on the game…I said THE GAME. But these people…THESE PEOPLE! They have worn me down to the point where I’m struggling. REALLY struggling.

    I was out all day yesterday. Got home late. Signed on to read the comments (around 11 PM). I couldn’t even think of anything to say so I just signed back off. I turned on the BBAD at midnight. They weren’t even on an hour before the Kevin bashing started. I turned off the TV and went to bed.

    Tonight I turned on BBAD tonight. It didn’t start off to bad…until the SR. Gremlin was in there trying to convince Cowpie that they both were safe (he’s scared shitless and rightfully so). Then in comes CryBaby. Not 5 minutes in, he starts on Kevin. For ONCE, Gremlin wasn’t even talking about Kevin. Now, after Gremlin, CryBaby, Corpse Bride and Hang-Em-High Day finishes eating, he announces that he’s so sick of Kevin that he can’t even look at him. That Kevin disgust him.

    I’m really, really going to go out of character now and I hope by some miracle in heaven that their familys reads this….







    There, I needed to get that out of my system. Goodnight everyone. Have a great day!

    • Tinkerbell

      Bravo! Splendid! Spectacular! Hip Hip Hooray! Fantastic! Hurrah! Three cheers! Standing ovation for NK!! Best post of BB19.

    • Avatar

      NK, I agree 100%. I like to have fun when I post, but I’m running out of funny things to say … for the first time in my life. I really love the folks on this site, so I miss posting, but it’s kind of depressing to talk about the game or the HGs. My sense of right vs. wrong, good vs. evil and justice vs. injustice is getting decimated by what’s going on. It offends me and hurts my heart.

      The only one left that I don’t think is a horrible person is Kevin. And, as much as I don’t like Paul, he’s the only one right now that even remotely deserves to win. Unless someone makes an actual big move and turns on Paul, the end of this season is already written. And, I don’t see anyone taking that shot. Josh is aware that Paul is playing them, but there’s almost no way he’d be able to do anything about it. Kevin was smart to tell Jason to be concerned about going home, but neither of them has figured out Paul’s role and even if Jason does figure it out, it’s probably too late for him to do anything. No one is going to slay the dragon. 🙁

    • Ann


  43. danmtruth

    Alex has talked her way out of the house Thank god She is so fixated on Kevin she cannot see the people lining up to stab her in the back
    Arbor Day was talking to Corpse Bride and was so proud of the TWO HOH she WON One thing that was funny was Gremlin, Arbor Day, and Corpse Bride were talking about hair color and washing there hair Raven said it’s not good to wash your hair or to take a shower every day The eye roll Xmas gave was great

  44. Tinkerbell

    Am I a nimrod? Have I missed something? Halloween just said that Vile Prison Girl is a concert pianist. WTH! Cannot be true!

  45. Seattle Kari

    I created yet another password so I can come in and comment under the hilarious posting above and I need to ask people question. Is anybody else having trouble with the system? Passwords needing to be changed and when I tried to comment above under the hilarious post of our esteemed moderator, I kept getting pushed back up to the top and having to scroll down and it happened over and over. Maybe it’s my crappy T-Mobile phone but I wanted to see if anybody else is having the troubles?

    not even watching the show anymore I’m just following the updates from Steve and Melissa. as she above everybody left is a piece of shit except Kevin and we all know what’s going to happen to him if not this week then very soon. All I really want to say in relation to all that is I hope that the producers wake the fuck up and don’t do the same things that they did this year again. After the way Matt was pretty much just lightly scolded for eating when he wasn’t supposed to eat. What they did to Kevin a whopping minute before midnight is just complete and total bullshit and the fact that they are allowing the other houseguest to treat people like this? I don’t understand how it can even be legal to be perfectly honest. there is a difference between gameplay and harassment.

    I wanted to send prayers to our people (Ann!) in Texas. I cannot even imagine having to deal with that. I’m out here in Seattle where the Northwest states are being bombarded with wildfires all over the place, over 950 of them between Washington Oregon Idaho and Montana. Here in Seattle if it’s rained a whopping once all summer long and even then it was barely nothing. We’ve had more days over 70 and 80 than we ever have in our entire history and it’s going to hit 90 again this week. We had a super wet long spring and were so ready for sun, but now we really need it back again.

    That’s all Folks, goodnight

  46. Tinkerbell

    I know she isn’t a pianist. That statement just caught me off-guard. They said Prison Girl has been saying it all season. I’ve watched a lot….way too much, and never heard her talking about playing the piano.

  47. LindsayB

    This is gonna be wildly unpopular but oh well. As I have scrolling thru comments lately, I’ve keep thinking to myself that if a lot of them were read with the right tempo, they would sound like something Alex would say. Just something to think about. Goodnight.

  48. Shivani33

    For those who want to see this, Jessica will be on tv playing a waitress of some sort on Sept 5th’s Bold & Beautiful. She’ll waitress all over several soap stars. Lol. ” Do you want that with or without tongue, Madame?” I want to see how bold and beautiful she is and how much cleavage the costume designer will let her have and if she’ll wear her huge eyelashes. “Of course I’ll have your peas reheated for you, Mrs. Comatose, and don’t hate me because I’m beautiful. You old cowbitch.”

  49. Alda

    Cowpoke just mooned Production in front of Slosh and Chinese New Year.Class act-not!

  50. Avatar

    “9:00 PM – Feeds back. Paul won the PoV. He’s already told Alex he’s going to save her which is weird. Going to keep an eye on why he’d say this.”

    @stevebeans Paul is planning to take Alex down to cover his own ass. He doesn’t want Alex and Jason to know that he is in on the plan to break them up. He wants to pull Alex down and have Christmas replace her with Kevin. Then he was himself and Alex to vote out Kevin and have Josh ans Raven vote out Jason and force Christmas to break the tie and send Jason home. He says his reason for this is to further shake up Kevin while also pull Alex in closer so she see’s he tried to save her. It puts all the blood on Josh, Christmas, and Raven’s hands which will make Alex target them and not him. Surprisingly Josh (of all people) has caught onto his plan and isn’t happy about it. Josh talked to Chrismtas about it but at first she shut him down and told him to trust Paul. He spoke to her about it again later, and I’m not sure if she is finally opening her eyes or just trying to humor Josh, bur they were trying to come up with a plan to convince Paul to leave noms the same. Josh kept telling her that Paul’s plan will only benefit Paul and that Josh and Christmas are the ones who will walk away as the bad guys. I’m interested to see if they really put their foot down with Paul or if they just fall right back into line like they usually do. Who knew Josh would be the first minion to open his eyes to Paul?!?

    • Avatar

      Also Josh is starting to feel like they need to send Alex home instead of Jason. He knows Alex is better at mental and physical comps and Jason is only good at physical ones. Paul, of course, is against this because of his secret alliance witb Alex so he is really pushing hard to send out Jason and Josh is getting frustrated. Christmas told him last night to just not use the veto so they have more time to figure out who the best option is. Again, Paul is pushing back because he really wants to use to veto on one of them to cover his own ass. Like I said I’m curious to see how it works out. If Paul goes against Chrisrmas and Josh, will they just continue to blindly follow him or will they finally stand their ground? One can only hope they will finally see they need to play their own game. I’m mean I’m definitely not Christmas or Josh fans but I just want to see someone, anyone play their own game and not Paul’s game.

      • Avatar

        I would love for Josh and Christmas pull in Kevin. They could then tell Paul if he pulls Alex off, Christmas will put up Raven and have Josh and Kevin say they will vote out Raven, with Christmas being the deciding vote to toss out Raven. Threaten that neither Jason or Alex will go if he used veto. Just the threat would keep Paul from using it.
        That would be my dream…time to put Paul in check.

      • Avatar

        That would be nice, Browning. Josh & Christmas are suspicious to a certain degree of Paul.

        The numbers are ther to make a move with xmas being the tiebreaker. If she falls off her scooter, and hits her head, maybe it will knock some sense into her !

    • Avatar

      I would love love love them to vote Alex out this week. Only way I think could occur is if Paul was put up next to her which won’t happen.

  51. Avatar

    Correct me if I am wrong but the bully tactics actually started right from the beginning against Megan.

    Cannot help but wonder if Paul saw this and recognized the potential very early on of using this mob mentality; “divide and conquer” as it were.

    Follow Paul blindly or face the consequences.

    Those who cannot be completely controlled must be eliminated. And the elimination process is quite painful for those who must suffer it. Paul is offering up quite a history lesson if those watching are willing to do a little research on others throughout history who also successfully used this tactic. (Roman Emperors, Stalin, Hussein for example) They maintain control by way of leading a mob mentality with the constant overture of the threat of becoming a target of the bully force.

    It is human nature after all is said and done; people want someone to follow. They just need to be told who it is.

    So, on the bright side, when this season is over this casts of misfits are going to return to a very greatly altered reality. They will leave thinking that they will be loved, adored and idolized. Their reality is going to be something quite a bit different. Even Paul isn’t going to like the reception he is likely to receive when this horrid season is over. He’s the symphony conductor directing the bully choir. In that light he need not even sing a note to be equally (if not more) guilty than the rest.

    If only CBS would visit some of these sites where the real audience reactions are; and read them to these losers as they are voted out. Wake them up a bit. Let them know that not only are they not going to win $500k but quite the opposite they are going to lose a lot of things they had when they entered the house.

  52. Helen

    Reading jokers updates this morning it looks like Kevin is in for another week of hell……

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