Good afternoon, everyone!  It’s a slow day inside the Big Brother house as nothing is really on the immediate horizon. The veto is done, Jason won, and Mark is done. Wait, I rhymed done with done. Oh well. That’s why I blog and not write poems.

The part that really stood out from Jason winning is that he instantly became a target from the very group he stood by this past Thursday night. It’s kind of hilarious when you think about it because they showed clips of Cody talking to Jason and telling him how he stuck his neck out to back him up earlier in the season. That move was supposedly weighing heavy on Jason as he was set to evict Cody, but he did it anyway. Meanwhile, Mark was coming at Jason from another angle basically telling them they’re all screwed if they don’t go after Paul soon. Once again, Jason humored him and stuck with his ally Alex who is under complete control of Paul.  In his nomination speech, he even mentioned that conversation he had with Mark as a reason for nominating him. This proved his loyalty to Paul and crew, and after his veto win last night, he is soon to be rewarded for that loyalty by being a target sooner rather than later.


Most former players can go home and wonder exactly when they messed up in the game. Some really had no chance (Cameron), others will sit back and be frustrated by twists that saved targets (Cody screwed by Paul’s temptation), and others may be able to pinpoint specific times when they drew the line but stood on the wrong side of it. That should be Jason when he looks back to last Thursday night and see how he wasted the perfect opportunity to get Paul out of the house by going after Mark and Elena. Double evictions are basically there so players can make the big move and get out huge targets, and Jason took that and threw it away.  Now, you may be wondering why doubles are a perfect time, and that’s mostly because the target really doesn’t have any time to talk his way out of being a target.  Give a player like Paul a week and he can talk his way out of almost anything. Give him 30 minutes and there is almost nothing he can do.


  • 11:00 am– Josh and Christmas are sitting outside and talking a bit about zingbot yesterday
    • I have a feeling the zings aren’t going to be what we’re hoping for as there isn’t a whole lot of talk about them
    • Josh said zingbot attacked Jason and Matt’s games but nobody else.
    • Josh said Matt’s laugh is like nails on a chalkboard.  I guess that’s what makes him and Raven a good couple because her laugh is haunting.
    • Christmas says even if Mark is able to campaign, at most he’ll get 3 votes but she’ll still be tiebreaker
    • Christmas says she ‘put Kevin in check’ yesterday.  Sure.
  • 11:20 am – Meanwhile inside, Raven says that “they’re definitely going to ask me about all my falls”
    • Nothing like hinting to DR to ask her questions. She is so upset how rare she gets to see the DR.
  • Back outside Christmas and Josh are talking about how peaceful the house is.  The house is not supposed to be peaceful. It’s not summer camp. You dummies are competing for half a million dollars!  Now compete, dammit!
    • Paul and Josh start yelling at Kevin across yard (about joking crap) and Christmas jumps in to say how much people would love her father and step-father. Nobody cares. People basically ignore her
  • 1:20 pm – Mark is tanning outside in what looks like a weird speedo.  Only watch if you’re into that sort of thing.
  • 2:20 pm – Christmas is chatting in the kitchen with Josh.
    • Basically at this point, only Christmas, Paul, and Josh are the only 3 actually trying to play the game, and 2 of them are blind to the fact that 1 of them will likely win if they’re in the f2
    • Josh says Kevin is playing the ‘old man card’ to the girl who has been milking her foot injury all season long (I understand she obviously broke her foot, but she milks the attention so bad by constantly mentioning how useless she is and how much pain she’s constantly in.
  • 2:45 pm – Josh, Alex, Jason, and Paul are all talking about Kevin in the kitchen
    • I guess this is the point in the season where there is no clear target (after Mark) so they will just shit talk everyone until someone hears about it, confronts the person and basically volunteers to be a target.
  • 4:25 pm – Christmas is talking to Alex. She said her game is to not stay behind and ride coattails…. hahahaha.
    • Alex says there is a lot of weak players this season (that’s an understatement)
    • Meanwhile they’re talking about how annoying Matt and Raven have been with the HoH room and acting like it’s theirs
    • Christmas says she isn’t sure Kevin voted for her to stay. She thinks Ramses may have (voted against his best friend in the house – Jillian – to keep Christmas. Right)
    • Alex agrees
  • 4:40 pm – They continue talking and say how nobody made fun of Mark yesterday…
    • Christmas says that’s because everyone remaining are decent.
    • She says everyone has been a little mean but only Jessica and Cody have been malicious.  Wow they are in huge denial of how they appear
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  • 4:57 pm – Paul comes up to gossip about Kevin
    • Talk moves to Raven and how she made up a bunch of excuses why she lost yesterday, like being too light. Paul points out how Nicole won (or did well?)
    • Alex says she’s sick of Raven talking about being sick yet she eats terribly
  • 5:15 pm – Paul talks about how the cast are a bunch of attention whores
    • To her credit, Christmas makes fun of him for that because he’s also a major attention whore
  • 6:00 pm – Alex and Jason are now outside talking about everyone’s favorite topic – Kevin!
    • Meanwhile, Mark is up in the HoH room. I’ll listen to see if anything useful
    • He is trying to make a push to Christmas and Josh to stay in the house. Not going to work but at least he’s trying
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    • Josh is telling Mark how he’s happy the toxivity(sic) is gone. He thinks this is how you play Big Brother. Maybe, but it’s certainly not entertaining to the people paying your stipend (viewers).
    • Note – I said stipend because Josh isn’t winning the grand prize lol
    • Mark says he can help them and work with them, but he understands if he’s just not part of their game.  (Sorry, Mark. You may be, but you’re not part of Paul’s game and he is the real HoH)
    • Josh’s logic is that he can’t trust Mark because Mark turned his back on Cody like 2 months ago.
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    • Mark points out how the one person he turned his back on (Cody) was to save Christmas.  I guess saving Christmas isn’t good enough
    • Josh looks over to Christmas because Mark makes good points and he doesn’t know what to think

    • Mark keeps saying how there is a big move to be made. There are certain players in this game who are playing exceptionally
    • Mark keeps hinting at Alex but doesn’t drop Paul’s name… wtf?
  • Mark leaves, let’s see their reactions
    • Josh immediately says ‘Mannn, shut the fuck up’…   and keeps laughing
    • So all this talk from Josh about respecting the game, he immediately mocks the guy trying to play the game as soon as he leaves the room?
  • 6:30 pm – So now Christmas and Josh talk about getting rid of Alex
    • This means Mark’s talk only helped convince people for their next target after him lol
    • Josh wants to run this all by Paul bahahha
    • They said that Alex has to go soon because she’ll roll to the end
    • They say that when Mark was talking about power players, they were just waiting for him to say Paul so they can jump on him. They are pathetic.

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