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Big Brother 19 – Slow Sunday Updates


Good afternoon, everyone!  It’s a slow day inside the Big Brother house as nothing is really on the immediate horizon. The veto is done, Jason won, and Mark is done. Wait, I rhymed done with done. Oh well. That’s why I blog and not write poems.

The part that really stood out from Jason winning is that he instantly became a target from the very group he stood by this past Thursday night. It’s kind of hilarious when you think about it because they showed clips of Cody talking to Jason and telling him how he stuck his neck out to back him up earlier in the season. That move was supposedly weighing heavy on Jason as he was set to evict Cody, but he did it anyway. Meanwhile, Mark was coming at Jason from another angle basically telling them they’re all screwed if they don’t go after Paul soon. Once again, Jason humored him and stuck with his ally Alex who is under complete control of Paul.  In his nomination speech, he even mentioned that conversation he had with Mark as a reason for nominating him. This proved his loyalty to Paul and crew, and after his veto win last night, he is soon to be rewarded for that loyalty by being a target sooner rather than later.

Most former players can go home and wonder exactly when they messed up in the game. Some really had no chance (Cameron), others will sit back and be frustrated by twists that saved targets (Cody screwed by Paul’s temptation), and others may be able to pinpoint specific times when they drew the line but stood on the wrong side of it. That should be Jason when he looks back to last Thursday night and see how he wasted the perfect opportunity to get Paul out of the house by going after Mark and Elena. Double evictions are basically there so players can make the big move and get out huge targets, and Jason took that and threw it away.  Now, you may be wondering why doubles are a perfect time, and that’s mostly because the target really doesn’t have any time to talk his way out of being a target.  Give a player like Paul a week and he can talk his way out of almost anything. Give him 30 minutes and there is almost nothing he can do.



  • 11:00 am– Josh and Christmas are sitting outside and talking a bit about zingbot yesterday
    • I have a feeling the zings aren’t going to be what we’re hoping for as there isn’t a whole lot of talk about them
    • Josh said zingbot attacked Jason and Matt’s games but nobody else.
    • Josh said Matt’s laugh is like nails on a chalkboard.  I guess that’s what makes him and Raven a good couple because her laugh is haunting.
    • Christmas says even if Mark is able to campaign, at most he’ll get 3 votes but she’ll still be tiebreaker
    • Christmas says she ‘put Kevin in check’ yesterday.  Sure.
  • 11:20 am – Meanwhile inside, Raven says that “they’re definitely going to ask me about all my falls”
    • Nothing like hinting to DR to ask her questions. She is so upset how rare she gets to see the DR.
  • Back outside Christmas and Josh are talking about how peaceful the house is.  The house is not supposed to be peaceful. It’s not summer camp. You dummies are competing for half a million dollars!  Now compete, dammit!
    • Paul and Josh start yelling at Kevin across yard (about joking crap) and Christmas jumps in to say how much people would love her father and step-father. Nobody cares. People basically ignore her
  • 1:20 pm – Mark is tanning outside in what looks like a weird speedo.  Only watch if you’re into that sort of thing.
  • 2:20 pm – Christmas is chatting in the kitchen with Josh.
    • Basically at this point, only Christmas, Paul, and Josh are the only 3 actually trying to play the game, and 2 of them are blind to the fact that 1 of them will likely win if they’re in the f2
    • Josh says Kevin is playing the ‘old man card’ to the girl who has been milking her foot injury all season long (I understand she obviously broke her foot, but she milks the attention so bad by constantly mentioning how useless she is and how much pain she’s constantly in.
  • 2:45 pm – Josh, Alex, Jason, and Paul are all talking about Kevin in the kitchen
    • I guess this is the point in the season where there is no clear target (after Mark) so they will just shit talk everyone until someone hears about it, confronts the person and basically volunteers to be a target.
  • 4:25 pm – Christmas is talking to Alex. She said her game is to not stay behind and ride coattails…. hahahaha.
    • Alex says there is a lot of weak players this season (that’s an understatement)
    • Meanwhile they’re talking about how annoying Matt and Raven have been with the HoH room and acting like it’s theirs
    • Christmas says she isn’t sure Kevin voted for her to stay. She thinks Ramses may have (voted against his best friend in the house – Jillian – to keep Christmas. Right)
    • Alex agrees
  • 4:40 pm – They continue talking and say how nobody made fun of Mark yesterday…
    • Christmas says that’s because everyone remaining are decent.
    • She says everyone has been a little mean but only Jessica and Cody have been malicious.  Wow they are in huge denial of how they appear
  • Shout out to Aikaterine for the donation!  Thank you!
  • Note – if you want a shout out in these comments, just donate a few dollars and your name can be in lights haha
  • 4:57 pm – Paul comes up to gossip about Kevin
    • Talk moves to Raven and how she made up a bunch of excuses why she lost yesterday, like being too light. Paul points out how Nicole won (or did well?)
    • Alex says she’s sick of Raven talking about being sick yet she eats terribly
  • 5:15 pm – Paul talks about how the cast are a bunch of attention whores
    • To her credit, Christmas makes fun of him for that because he’s also a major attention whore
  • 6:00 pm – Alex and Jason are now outside talking about everyone’s favorite topic – Kevin!
    • Meanwhile, Mark is up in the HoH room. I’ll listen to see if anything useful
    • He is trying to make a push to Christmas and Josh to stay in the house. Not going to work but at least he’s trying
  • Shout out to Jeff and Beth for the donation!  I’m happy to keep you guys informed!
    • Josh is telling Mark how he’s happy the toxivity(sic) is gone. He thinks this is how you play Big Brother. Maybe, but it’s certainly not entertaining to the people paying your stipend (viewers).
    • Note – I said stipend because Josh isn’t winning the grand prize lol
    • Mark says he can help them and work with them, but he understands if he’s just not part of their game.  (Sorry, Mark. You may be, but you’re not part of Paul’s game and he is the real HoH)
    • Josh’s logic is that he can’t trust Mark because Mark turned his back on Cody like 2 months ago.
  • Shout out to Mary Beth for the donation!  Love you guys!
    • Mark points out how the one person he turned his back on (Cody) was to save Christmas.  I guess saving Christmas isn’t good enough
    • Josh looks over to Christmas because Mark makes good points and he doesn’t know what to think
    • Mark keeps saying how there is a big move to be made. There are certain players in this game who are playing exceptionally
    • Mark keeps hinting at Alex but doesn’t drop Paul’s name… wtf?
  • Mark leaves, let’s see their reactions
    • Josh immediately says ‘Mannn, shut the fuck up’…   and keeps laughing
    • So all this talk from Josh about respecting the game, he immediately mocks the guy trying to play the game as soon as he leaves the room?
  • 6:30 pm – So now Christmas and Josh talk about getting rid of Alex
    • This means Mark’s talk only helped convince people for their next target after him lol
    • Josh wants to run this all by Paul bahahha
    • They said that Alex has to go soon because she’ll roll to the end
    • They say that when Mark was talking about power players, they were just waiting for him to say Paul so they can jump on him. They are pathetic.

Check back for updates


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  1. Shivani33

    Paul keeps close to the person who has the HoH, with the exception of Cody and Jessica. As he steers what he wants to happen, Paul gives the HoH attention and the incentive of being one of the last players who’ll stand with him at the end, handpicked for that position by him. During Alex’s Hoh, the chosen were Alex and Jason. Currently, the designated elite are the dildobrains, Josh and Christmas. At this point, why would Christmas rock the boat? How can she? How about by wanting to try winning the game and seeing Paul’s techniques as techniques? Oh, never mind! For crying out loud, this is BB19. Paul and the dildobrains. Even when someone gives signs of waking up, so far that’s the final step to eviction.

    • Ann

      Better not fix your mouth to say one word about King Paul unless you’re ready to go to jury & his minions will send you there quick, fast & in a hurry on the next thing smoking.

  2. Mello_One

    Happy Sunday Big Brother Junkies!

  3. Colby

    It would be so great if XMas would pull a Cody and backdoor Paul without telling anyone up front. Then in her nomination speech tell the hg’s that he has a final 2, 3, or 4 with all of them and spell out the pecking order she has been told, and that she is sure they have all been told something else. And for them to compare notes.

    It would make sense. Even if she believes she has a F2 or F3 with him, I don’t get how she thinks she might win unless she is counting on a bitter jury. She really has no resume at this point, and she probably won’t even be able to play in at least one of the F3 comps.

    Just maybe her seeming to turn on Kevin is just an act.

    But, I’m pretty sure that won’t happen. We can only fantasize that anything unexpected or exciting might happen the rest of this season.

    • Ann

      Has anyone really told her that they are Paul’s F2, F3 or F4? If not, she knows better than to take that chance. That would be a big risk because there’s always that one who will remain loyal to him & will help him gather votes to stay & then turn on Christmas with a quickness. I doubt she’ll take that chance.

      • Colby

        That’s true. It would be a huge risk.
        She has to know that he has deals with most of them because he keeps flip flopping between Maven and Alex and Jason.
        But might be worth the risk if you know there is no chance of winning otherwise. Jury is jury, no matter when you get there. It would only take 3 votes with her as the tie breaker.
        But as I said, pretty sure it won’t happen.

      • Mel

        Paul has a final 3 with Alex and Jason, Matt and Raven and Xmas and Josh. They’ve all been discussed.

      • Shivani33

        Raven will tell on anyone, lickety-split. So would MattRess. Oh, and don’t forget Alex! Then there’s Josh, the akita. Woof woof. Mark used Save a Friend from the temptation tree on Paul. Why? Because he decided to throw it away on the seemingly only safe person in the game as a gesture of impotent irony, like facing the firing squad without wearing a mask around one’s eyes.

        Paul double-majored at Pepperdine in political science and philosophy, and he’s working those theories for the second time in BB. I suspect that production told him that it would be wonderful if he’d come back in BB19 because he is a “polarizing” force who agitates viewers into vociferous reactions, full spectrum. He knows that Vanessa lost at F3 and saw what happened with Morgan in OTT. He saw Nicole put him in second place. I think that Paul does see Big Brother as a social experiment and is playing a role that he chose. He does it so well that many call him a narcissist, believing what he projects and perhaps forgetting that Paul is doing his thing both consciously and deliberately.

    • Avatar

      What would be the difference? Go to jury next week or in 3-6 weeks. Fall like sheep or fight. That’s the problem.

    • kneeless

      I like the way you think, Colby! It’s a great plan but alas, only a dream!

  4. Ann

    Pot, meet kettle!!!

  5. AIO_7

    Does anyone ever wonder how “convenient” it was that Raven “won” the Never Have-not? I may have to go back and review that competition.

  6. Mel

    Paul confirmed while cam talking that his true intention is to take Raven, Kevin, Josh and Xmas to the final 5 with him. He wants Xmas and Josh in the final 3 with him because he says he know he can beat them. There you go, what most of us have suspected just got confirmed.

    • McCoy

      I would probably take Josh and Raven to the final 3. Knowing that if one of them happened to win that they would take him. If Christmas won she is not taking Paul to final 2.

    • Mel

      I may have spoke too soon. He’s wavering on Alex or Kevin. He wants Kevin gone but thinks Alex will be harder to beat in comps. He also said Raven may be better than Xmas for the final 3 with Josh. He hates how people are here for their careers instead of the game. (We would agree) He says Marks getting backdoored this week. I get irritated when players say this. He played in the damn veto so he isn’t getting backdoored. It isn’t that complicated people!! I’m always surprised at hg’s who think being a replacement nom is the same as being backdoored. It isn’t!!!
      I’m also surprised how “floater” became a dirty word after Rachel used it in a negative way. Winners June in BB4 and Dan in BB10 were floaters. There was a very crafty art to being a floater and now it’s seen as bad. Paul is a floater to a certain extent. He just happens to be a very agreesive one. Matt and Raven are coasting, not floating. There’s a BIG difference in the two.

      • Shivani33

        You mean that Raven and MattRess WON’T activate their golden parachute? Dayum! Spoken in Arkansassy. MattRess isn’t really a snake in the grass biding his time, venom twisting his tongue? Hahaha?

      • Avatar

        One of the most intelligent posts I’ve seen in along time. Quickly becoming my fav poster on here.

        Where’s that damn cheese!!!

      • AIO_7

        Shiv. is must read.

  7. Mel

    Marks zing was being told that he’s bye-sexual because every time he tried to get sexual, she said bye. (Not true but whatever)

    Ravens zing had something to do with her being a clown and she thinks it’s because her mascara ran in several comps. (Again, not true)

    Matt’s zing was being told he hadn’t done anything in the game…except Raven.
    Kevin’s was about trying to stay young with cling wrap but it wasn’t working or something like that.

    Josh didn’t think his was bad and I haven’t heard about the others.

  8. Mel

    Paul said he made mistakes last year with jury management and he’s doing better this year. We already knew this. It’s why he let’s his “dogs” do the fighting and he makes friends again before people get evicted. He feels he has Cody and Elena’s vote and thinks he would have Alex, Jason and Kevin also depending on who goes to jury. He loses Matt’s vote if he’s with Raven so he better rethink keeping her.

    Paul’s hoping to go the season and never be otb. He’s on the correct path for it to happen.

    He also talked about meeting Raven at one of his shows in Little Rock. They arn’t friends and they just had a conversation about her dream of being on big brother and her pacemaker. I do think he may have assisted her in getting chosen for the show because it’s too big of a coincidence for her to be chose the summer right after they met. Matt believes her lie about them being friends and it’s why he’s so comfortable.

    Matt and Raven discussed her game and how she has several targets in front of her so she should be fine. As a last resort, she knows Matt and Paul will “take one for her.” I think this chick seriously thinks Paul will fall on the sword for her and get evicted in order for her to stay. Even if Paul has told her that, who would beleive it???

  9. Mel

    I’ve missed you felts. I’m a glutton for punishment.

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  11. Mel

    My phone battery is low guys and I’m bouncing around doing too many things today to be stuck in front of a computer so I’m out for a while. There probably won’t be much in the episode to comment on but I’ll come back this evening to cry and whine about it with everyone else. Play nice and enjoy your Sunday afternoon.

  12. kneeless

    It drives me nuts when they talk about “the team” & helping “the team.” Did I miss something, is BB now a team sport?

    • Avatar

      There’s only one team in that house. It’s a one man team with a whole bunch of towel boys.

      • McCoy

        That’s pretty sexist of you to say. There are still 3 females in the house, all of whom have just as much chance to win as 5 of the males.

      • Avatar

        My apologies to all the towel girls out there.

      • McCoy

        I’m a big time supporter of women’s equality and the fact that you continue to be sarcastic in your responses shows that you don’t see the bigger problem. All over the world women who are more qualified than men get passed over or paid less because people deem them as less equipped or capable.

      • feltso gudinya

        is my country club sexist? they employ towel boys but no towel girls. cabana boys, no cabana girls. i can’t believe i never realized this before. i am putting our home on the market tomorrow morning. i will try to live with the shame….

    • feltso gudinya

      just like we r all one big happy team……i got team spirit, don’t u?……….

  13. kneeless

    Raven’s bones are “deteriorating.” I can’t believe she is still living, breathing & walking. Poor baby! #RavenSTFU

  14. kneeless

    I truly believe Paul has this more than wrapped up. For a while I thought someone would eventually turn on him & decide to play BB. Paul has done a good job of making them play his game. I still am not a fan of returning houseguests. My hope is that casting, production, whomever will give us a season of all returnees or newbies. I didn’t think there would ever be a cast that would be as bad ad BB15 but we have a close 2nd!

  15. Tinkerbell

    I’m going to miss Kevin when the season is over. Only my opinion, but I find him endearing. I’m from the “Left Coast”, and have always been so fascinated with NYC. I love Kevin’s accent and the great stories he tells from his era.

    • McCoy

      I like Kevin as well. Especially his old school gangster persona. I sometimes think he comes off a little untrustworthy, but still enjoy his personality.

      • Tinkerbell

        I do feel he is a loving person, and sincerely cares about people. It hurts my heart when I see him laying in a room by himself.

      • LindsayB

        He’s fun to listen to and watch. He’s done a great job of being that guy that gets along with everyone in the house. He’s shady AF tho and has no problem playing both sides or being nice to someone’s face and shitty behind their back. That’s part of BB but he’s gotten sloppy with it lately which has deservedly put him on Paul’s radar.

      • McCoy

        He is a lone wolf type. He has said it himself before that he prefers alone time and needs to get away from the strong personalities in the house. No reason to feel sorry for him, he enjoys the peace and quiet.

      • Tinkerbell

        @McCoy Thank You.

    • Avatar

      Um, Kevin’s from Massachusetts. Huge difference between NYC and his neck of the woods. new Torkers would find him an embarrassment. Lol

      • Tinkerbell

        Ooooops, sorry about that. I completely forgot he is from MA. Shows how much this So Cal girl knows about the East Coast. Sorry New Yorkers. Haha

      • McCoy

        Don’t apologize hobie, everyone knew what you meant when you said NYC. Wayne just wanted to make himself feel involved in the conversation by showing his “knowledge”

      • Avatar

        Who said I don’t disagreed with Hobie? What part of my response indicated that I disagreed with the substance of hobie’s post. I was merely pointing out that he was from Massachusetts. Tell ya what, I’m the guy that defended Hobie when a few of the Team Paul people attached Hobie with vulgarities and personal attacks.

        You’re the one stirring up trouble. You want to come at me? Come at me direct, do it privately and don’t use someone else’s posts to do it.

        To Hobie:
        You know I wasn’t disagreeing with your assessment of Kevin. We have agreed on Kevin from the start.

        Here McCoy, have some cheese.

      • Patrick

        And you could have left it alone all the same.

      • feltso gudinya

        wayne, wayne, wayne….u r not allowed to show any intelligent or critical thinking here under any circumstances…the fact that lindsay’s comments make no sense after the comments were deleted should in no way make u assume she was responding to or knee deep in the action. shame on u…..and don’t ever question inaccurate word usage that makes postings indecipherable….kumbaya from the good ship lollipop……peace and love….let the sun shine in…..

      • LindsayB

        Feltso, I didn’t have any comments involved in the conversation being referenced. Why? Cuz I wasn’t there. I was on a date with a super hot fireman that evening so BB discussions were the last thing on my mind.

      • feltso gudinya

        lindsay…..who doesn’t love a man in uniform? i spent the night with a beautiful, well-heeled dame in boca raton. i sincerely hope the dating game ends with u having the luck i did. i met my soul mate on a manhattan express bus. she looked ill and i offered her my seat for the ride home…been together ever since…our kids love how we met… alcohol or electronic devices involved….just cupids arrow…..

      • LindsayB

        Feltso, I like him more out of his uniform. Lol. I’ve got some high hopes for this one. I love your story. Thank you for your kind words.

      • feltso gudinya

        aw shucks lindsay…i think your swell too. and funny and smart….y r we here again? oh yeah people bashing, uh i mean bb analysis…………..

      • LindsayB

        Feltso, that’s uncalled for.

      • LindsayB

        From what I understand, he also apologized. You’re putting fuel on a fire that needs to die. It’s bad enough that Wayne keeps stoking it but what you’re adding to it is just asking for more unnecessary bullshit.

      • feltso gudinya

        lindsay – the comment about zach has already been removed by nk… your not the only one who thought it was “uncalled for”……i am not one to wait to be called for. i run ahead of the pack…”hey babe, take a walk on the wild side”….lou reed

      • feltso gudinya

        keep hope alive……i’m such a rascally rabbit….u don’t like this topic…shall i move on to the people voting thumbs down…no one’s brought that up for at least 2 hours. i love when u discipline me..i usually get away with murder….

      • LindsayB

        Raven bashing is a much safer topic.

    • Avatar

      Kevin’s from Boston, not NYC. World of difference.

  16. McCoy

    I read once that CBS’ net profit on BB is somewhere around 100 million per season, after deducting crew salaries, HGs stipends and all other expenses during the season. If this is the case I can’t imagine why they don’t pay the winner more as well as increase the stipend that the HGs get. Has anyone else heard how lucrative of a show BB is?

  17. Avatar

    Its raising awareness, but where will it go? Who controls this when Raven ends her BB experience on finale night?

    Legitimate supporters who did their research and were convinced beyond any doubt, or super-saps suckered out out of hard earned money?

    • Avatar

      My guess is she’ll disappear back to Arkansas and her 15 minutes nationally will be over. She will have a lot to answer for back in her hometown. Just imagine how much of a dupe Matt will feel like after this is all over. Lol

      • Sassy

        I think when Matt finds out #RavenSTFU did not make millions on her gofundme, he will be on to the next thing.

      • Avatar

        I can only imagine the crud she has told him to elevate herself in his eyes. I’ve been to her town in Arkansas. It’s a blink and you’ll miss it type place. “IF” he makes the trip out that way, he’s going to stop, drop and roll to the nearest interstate and run screaming back to any place that has an airport. The only saving grace that place has is multiple roads leading out of it.

  18. kneeless

    I know Mell posted some of the zing from the veto. Has anyone heard what the rest of the houseguests zings were?

  19. Avatar

    Just a random moment in time BB fact:

    Out of the past 18 seasons of Big Brother, there has been at least one person from the East or West coast, who have sat in the final two, 16 times. With the exception of Raven (Arkansas) and Jason (Iowa), everybody else in this house this season are from coastal states. The trend may continue to make 17 of 19 seasons.

  20. AIO_7

    Just a couple of scenes from the house. In this one Mark had just sounded like he had accepted his fate.

  21. Mel

    #RavenSTFU update:

    Raven, Xmas, Alex and Paul discussing how horrible Jessica and Cody were for having sex in the BB house. Raven is chiming in left and right and is acting horrified that people would do that. Hahaha haha

    Raven now has arthritis, a limp from the veto comp and needs knee surgury. She seemed fine until Paul and Jason mentioned being sore.

    • Tinkerbell

      Munchausen is in for a huge awakening when the show is over. She should go ahead and dig a hole and crawl in. I can’t wrap my mind around how she thinks anyone believes a word that comes out of her flippin’ simple brain. If her mouth is open it’s a lie. Today she was the biggest basher of Cody and Jessica having sex. I would pay to see her face when she watches the videos of her and Matt on You Tube, and all over the Internet. Free porn compliments America’s sweetheart, and that airhead cereal eating loser. It’s every night for them. Buckle up you poor little terminal knucklehead. You’re in for a rough ride in several weeks. Can’t wait! The thing is, she will probably be so proud. Bwahahaha

  22. Mel

    Since we’ve got Zingbot coming up soon and thats probably the reason the comp was held in the evening, how about some BB trivia?

    Which 2 seasons did Zingbot have a medical emergency and an almost medical emergency?

    • Mel

      BB12- the girl wearing the costume started screaming and asking to get out. I don’t know if it was a panic attack or from the heat.

      BB14- the person wearing the costume actually passed out from the heat in the backyard. Houseguest Jenn assisted them until the medic could arrive.

  23. hogwild

    Well sounds like another paint by the numbers week in the BB house.

  24. Mel

    Steve, forgot to mention that I loved the Jason & Kevin image. That’s the prison yard image that always come to mind! Lol

  25. Mel

    Paul wants to have Josh go after Kevin next. Josh has been reluctant to do this when it was mentioned before. Xmas and Alex are practically foaming at the mouth wanting it to happen. Such pathetic game play.

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  27. Tinkerbell

    Halloween and Pip Squeak have been up in the Hoh, sitting around the table having the sweetest conversations. Halloween is even sharing her very special snacks. She is such a kind and caring person. Halloween has loved Pip since the beginning, she is salivating to finally being alone with her. Such a beautiful scene. I’m having trouble holding back my tears.

  28. g8trgirl

    Watching the show. In the first 12 minutes, Flag Day has said “I have to win HOH so I can make big, strategic moves!” Big moves. Tremendous. Puleezzee….

  29. Avatar

    “Even though Paul threw the HoH to me, it’s still my HoH.” Such a bad a$$….Ah Hahahaha!

  30. ShoeLover

    Awwwww, there is going to a new little Whistle Nut!!!!! How sweet!!

  31. Avatar

    I love Jason even more, now. Congratulations Holly and Jason!!!! <3

  32. jimbo

    Wow, Big Bully, er, I mean Big Brother, has gotten so lame this season. Hearing Xmas in DR championing how she is going to make a “big move,” then nominates the same person the whole house would nominate (Mark) if given the HOH, is the king of lameness moves.

  33. Avatar

    Todays CBS episode was basically CBS trying to make me like this cast. It didnt work…

  34. hogwild

    A house full of monkeys would be more fun to watch than this group at least a few of them would do something unpredictable.

  35. Tinkerbell

    Yikes!! Currently seven self-centered nincompoops are sitting around the pool, having seven unintelligible conversations… the same time. I can’t even hear the jets flying over the backyard. They can’t respond to each other, because they can’t understand anything anyone is talking about. My ears are bleeding. The eight person, Kevin, isn’t talking. He’s too smart to try to complete with those feeble brains. The ninth person, Halloween/Easter/Thanksgiving, must be in the HOH writing a love letter to Pip Squeak.

    • Tinkerbell

      If we could buy this bunch of yay-whooooss for what they’re worth, and sell them for what they think they’re worth, we would all be on Forbes list of the world’s wealthiest people. I know I’ve probably written this at least 75 times. I hate it when my broken-record side comes out. Ahahaha

  36. Mello_One

    Wow?!?! Loving the Edits Tonight for Christmas, Josh, & Jason…After the past few weeks of Fighting & Arguing the HG deserve some Fluff Spots about them.

  37. danmtruth

    The paper lion Josh talking big about getting Mark out Than Black Friday one up’s the stupid by saying how she is going to make BIG MOVES As everyone has pointed out ummmmm no Not even close
    People are not even talking about Alex Once again not letting anyone talk he back to reality Starting to think those hats are hiding tinfoil Her “fact” that Kevin was an undercover cop who knew Derrick Off she went and no one could bring her back
    In BBOTT the care packages made a big difference in the game You also had two even numbers People making deals with both sides Thinking what was best for there game along with what help the team These HG are just wanting to listen to Paul

  38. Avatar

    BBAD can be summed up like this ——-> Summer Camp in the hot tub with Alex and Kevin sitting on the sidelines. Matt & Raven have come ashore from the cruise for a night before heading back out to other ports of calls for the week. Dead man walking Mark is partying right along with them with check this, 0 and I do mean ZERO, campaigning to save himself!

    No joke, that’s it in a nutshell.

  39. Shivani33

    After Paul’s big Halloween party, everyone will drive or fly to Vegas. Then it’s on to Thanksgiving at Kevin’s Boston place. You see, everyone is earning the big money and won’t need to work again until 2018 or so. But Christmas told people earlier today on the sly that she/he isn’t going to Kevin’s at all. Because she broke up with him, haha. Kevin is a big liar, you know. He doesn’t have any children and is really a cop. He doesn’t talk about any wife, either. So even that’s suspicious. Kevin must be eliminated. His whole life is a great big cow plop. But the true scholars of BB19 are, of course, MattRess & Raven. Their assignment is to get rid of Alex and/or Cowpoke, who are the idiots who have been assigned to ditch Kevin, who is soon to be diagnosed by Alex as an Alzheimer’s patient who can’t remember whether he’s an actor, a cop or a gangster but definitely has a fictional family.

    Meanwhile, Josh is receiving dating advice from the trio of great rishi sages, the 3 Maji, Cowpoke, Paul and the Valentine’s Day Massacre. Om, peace, amen. And Kevin is walking the yard waiting for his $25,027 or maybe more, as Wreck it Ralph has wet dreams about hooking up with Elena to continue their sado-masochism in the jury house, where Cody is dieting, lovelorn and melancholy over Jessica. Occasionally he thinks of his kid, Paisley Basil.

    Close by in her L.A. pad, Jessica didn’t get her job back yet, because she didn’t route out properly and has to find Human Resources’ ass and either kiss it or finger it. It doesn’t really matter, because she’s busy doing guest appearances and podcasts and meeting lots of Powerful Men, and she’s gonna be a star.

  40. Avatar

    So Christmas’ BIG move is to get Mark out???? Or, go after Jason, a minion?????? And moronic Mark gives Paul safety for a week???? WTF, Napoleon has had 4 weeks of safety as a returning VET. Please write Paul the check and lets move on to BB20. The only true race now is who is going to win AFP?

    • Avatar

      That one I think is over as well…. Cody should win it. Jessica might, which would be a first I believe for someone not making jury.

      • Avatar

        At one point I was leaning all Kevin, and still like him. However, Jason has started to tip the scales. His whit and ability to be part of the power has me leaning more towards his side. Neither are “strong” players, but Jason shows promise. Lord help us if that buffoon Josh is nominated. That would be the same as nominating Raven for the pity vote.

      • Avatar

        I should probably preface my last comment, I’m not saying I think Cody should win it, I was thinking more in the line of his popularity is steadily rising. I’m indifferent who gets the “second place” cash.

    • Tinkerbell

      Jessica is campaigning hard for AFP. For a minute I was getting her confused with Trump. Anyhow, when asked if she would like Cody to win she stated – “It might be okay, but I want to won.” True love at its finest. Besides that, Jessica has all brand new things to “enhance” her vibrancy on the campaign trail. Brand new Mermaid Locks, compliments of 90210 in LA. New and improved lips that are even more fluffier and puffier. Enhances the sores on her lips even more. New 12″ eyelashes to hide her shifty eyeballs. New 22 ounce push-up bra to lift her so stated “real” boobs up under her chin. I’m sorry Jessica – you cannot Make America Great Again.

  41. LindsayB

    Of course xmas is going to target Mark. Why wouldn’t she? He’s shown that he’s flip floppy and wants one of her key people gone. Regardless of what we see on the outside, to her she has a solid F3 deal with Paul so no amount of Paul hating on the outside is going to change that. She has also set things up to have the back up plan of either breaking up one of the two other duos (smart) or Kevin (also smart). Why is it so hard for some people to remember to see things from the HGs point of view vs our own? Getting Paul out may be good for your viewing game, but is stupid for her game (as she sees it).

    It still boggles mind that there’s so much angst about the lack of game play in the house, yet at the same time even more angst towards the one person who has played the game on overdrive from the very first second he walked in the door.

    • Avatar

      I agree completely with your assessment. But, coming in 2nd or 3rd is no different from coming in 4th or 9th, you still don’t win. If any of the house guests feel they can win against Paul F2 then they deserve to lose. I’ve been trying to say this from the start, the only way any of them has an actual chance for winning is to get Paul out.

      No, hell didn’t freeze over LindsayB.. lol…

      • LindsayB

        I just picked myself up off the ground. I’m pretty sure I bumped my head and have a concussion. Wow. Lol

        I can see the F2 argument being that since Paul has done this before the other person had to work harder. They could also play the angle that Paul worked behind the scenes on everything. In xmas’ case it sounded like she wants to cut Paul at 3 and be F2 with Josh. I could easily see that with any of the F3 deals. Or people may just be fine with 2nd place because they “can’t beat Paul”.
        With the way Paul has played, it would be disastrous for anyone to talk about getting him out. It would have to happen at F3 to avoid being the next target.

      • LindsayB

        Also, as much as I think Paul deserves the win based on game play alone. I would root for whoever has the balls to do that F3 knock out. If I were in the house with these dynamics I would use him as long it made sense then dump him for the win.

      • Avatar

        If it was down to F3 and he was still in, I would probably do the same. That’s not to say he’s thinking the same thing, We’ll see what happens around F5 when he will try and setup his F3 he knows he can beat in the first round of the final HOH comp to avoid losing that last comp and not having a say in the last eviction. He has to know that if he doesn’t win the last comp, he stands a good chance of getting evicted. It would be the smart play for the other F3’s…

    • Avatar

      @lindsayb I think a lot of people enjoy shows like BB due the “unscripted, what can happen next vibe” of it. When everything goes as expected for many, many, many weeks at a time it all seems scripted. You might as well be watching an episode of CSI or something where actors are just doing as told and “reading a line they are told to read”. Not saying the show is scripted with a director making them do re-shoots and all that but that’s what it seems like sometimes. A lot of the Paul “hatred” is because he seems to be in the middle of all of the status quo. But he’s in the middle of everything, aka playing the game. The disappointment is against CBS too for letting this happen. They couldn’t have been that fooled by this many dull people in the interview process. They have been doing it for too long to put this non-motivated group together. If it were the first season of a new show that’s one thing, but by now they should have realized in casting how there are no people in this group who are going to stir things up, certainly not enough to outweigh the weaker players (the numbers). Last year the 4 vets returned and the first thing you kept hearing (mostly from Paul I believe) was about getting out the vets. 2 of the vets made it to final 3 so that plan didn’t work too well and CBS went right back to it by bringing in another vet this year. They can’t find 16 people who want a chance to win $500,00? You combine all this with the way Paul has walked through the house unscathed so far it makes for a predictable, expected show every week. Especially for the CBS only people.

      • LindsayB

        I hear you. I love twists and turns and the whole unexpected aspect. Regardless of everything, Paul has played his heart out from the second he walked in the door. Nobody else has done that. Why hate Paul for CBS decisions? Should he have said no to a second chance to win money? Would you? The answer to both of those is hell no! I’m extremely disappointed in the casting for this season but there’s nothing I can do about that. What I’m not going to do is be mad at the only person who is doing what they are supposed to do. My disappointment is placed on the pathetic HGs that turned out to be complete duds. Even Jess and Cody were duds. They talked a big game but that’s it. The second one thing went wrong they both just gave up and focused on their showmance. I’m happy to watch Paul manipulate every single person on his side into helping him win. If they aren’t going to do anything about it they deserve to lose.

  42. Avatar

    Each week the leader of the pack Paul has targeted a potential evictee, after the clan gathers in some room to discuss this potential new Target, resistance to Paul’s ideas have been extremely minimal throughout the course of the season.

    There is no gameplay with Christmas this week 2 weeks ago Paul started mentioning Kevin’s name as a soon to be evictee; she immediately about face and started distancing herself from Kevin.

    Her backdoor move this week is not some great strategy, or some hint of putting together some great game and thinking about backup plans moving forward; its simply run of the mill day to day ops for Paul n company.

    This no-brainer backdoor move has been the standard MO for them all season long, so viewing this year within the confines of the house (which is how all of them have played all season), her HOH nominations was the safest and easiest route to go which only reinforces is that she is not a great game player whatsoever.

    She’s not three steps ahead there is no Back-up Plan. Like the rest of the clan they want to be popular they want to be favorites and they don’t want to take a chance to not be liked.

  43. JadedMage

    OMG this is the boringest season of BB to date. It was great when jody was still there, at least crazy Josh got to sing and smash the pots…Kinda reminded me of the Evil Dick days LOL

    Just a few Observations:

    I dont like Alex anymore…whats up with the Kevin is a cop deal? are they giving them crack in there…pffff

    Jason needs to break away from her in a bad way.

    Josh and Christmas what strange bed fellows…never saw that coming but hey whatever works and it seems to work!

    Paul, I really like him and in the end hes probably going to win, but he needs to shake some shit up…

    Raven, Matt, Mark..honey aint no lie, bye bye bye…

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