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Big Brother 19 – Sunday Discussion Thread


Good afternoon, everyone!  As many of you know,  I’m still away for a few days, but luckily the drama seems to have cooled down since the late night craziness of Fri night/Sat morning.

I’ll do a brief recap of that if you’ve been away and are just checking in now.

Throughout this season, Kevin and Dominique have had this fake show where they interview houseguests and everyone else plays in the audience. It was typically harmless, that is until the Wednesday show when Dom was able to snag Cody as a guest before he was evicted.


During the interview, she asked him a lot of game related questions that were really no big deal, but they happened in a week when there was absolutely nothing going on. Because of this, Dom’s questions made her the focus of the house because people did not like what she was asking to both Cody and Ramses (She had a few questions about his sexuality during that interview).  In most other weeks, Dom’s questions would have been a blip on the radar, but with Cody as the set vote and everyone looking for the next target, Dom opened herself up with the interview.

Stupid, I know. But that’s Big Brother and how crazy the house can be when they’re locked in for a month+  (except Christmas because she was able to get some freedom. Whether or not that was fair is another topic).

Moving on, Cody was evicted as planned but Kevin once again threw a hinky vote in for Cody to stay and for some reason, Christmas did as well.  Kevin has been doing this since the beginning because he’s crazy like that, but it was odd for Christmas to do it.  That said, her vote may end up exposing Kevin in the long run because the way she talks to Paul makes it sound like she heard the vote was 3-0-0 for Ramses after she voted (she was probably still on the line and heard Julie announce that to the audience before heading to commercial break).  I say this because she was very adamant on wondering who voted in front of her and said she has a reason why she’s asking.  They both know Jess was one, but Paul couldn’t remember the other person (It was Kevin).   Yet another reason why it was unfair for her to play from outside the house…  but moving on again….

Alex won the HoH during the endurance competition and vowed to make a big move. That ‘big move’ appears to be whatever the hell Paul wants her to do as he has taken over the HoH similar to what Derrick did during his season. Paul has decided that Dom should be the one to go this week and Alex is running full steam with that.  She nominated Jess and Dom, and plans to put someone like Mark up against Dom should Jason (who won the PoV) use the veto on Jess.


Seeing as Jason wants a final 4 of him, Kevin, Paul, and Alex, I have no doubt that both Alex and Jason will do whatever Paul wants in order to secure Dom’s exit from the game.

Now, is it smart for them to work with Paul?  Yes, for now.  Is it smart to want to go to f4 with him?  No. That’s dumb as shit.  Paul needs to get out of the house sooner rather than later if anyone wants a chance to win this game. It’s strange the people who I feel are playing the game the most are the people who are pushing for a situation where they lose to Paul in the finals. It’s weird.

Finally, adding my own 2 cents to the mix, don’t count out Dom just yet. Right now the house is pretty convinced there isn’t a buy-back and someone may be going home in a weird double eviction type of week. When they realize that is not the case, you will probably see Paul changing his tune come Wednesday night.  If he does believe that there will be another ‘battle back’ situation, it is very possible that Jess becomes the target so there isn’t a situation where Jess and Cody are back together in the house.

If you’re rooting for a fair game this season (without a vet cruising to victory), let’s all hope that Paul makes the mistake of telling Jason to save Jess.  Once she is off the block, the chances of her reuniting with Cody and stirring up the pot shoot up over 90% (my odds, nothing scientific about it).  Even if you’re not a fan of Cody, don’t worry. He’s not winning this game even if he comes back.  He’ll be voted out again in a few weeks. The big thing is for him to shake things up before he goes.


Alright, a busy day for me, so hopefully you guys can do what you did yesterday and rock the comment section with house updates.


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    People fail to realize it was Cody that has people looking at Dom and Mark sideways now. He did what intended before his departure, stir the pot and keep his woman safe. At this point, I’m looking forward to Dom leaving which increases Cody’s chances of returning if it’s an endurance comp! Didn’t Victor when the battle back and the first HOH back in the house?? I foresee Cody possibly having the same outcome. I’m ready to see some people sweat…

    • LindsayB

      I have a love hate relationship with Cody but of all the possible HGs to come back he gets my vote for sure. Right, wrong, or otherwise he has the capability to stir up the game more than anyone else. I could see anyone else (including Jess or Dom) just getting voted right back out. Cody may have done just enough before leaving to be able to team up with some people. Any partnership with Cody would be short term but interesting to watch.

      • Avatar

        Something we agree on @lindsayb. I wasn’t a fan of Cody initially but his recent gameplay was a success and for those reasons solely I’m rooting for him to get back in the game to ruffle some feathers.

      • LindsayB

        Like I said, I love when we agree. If Cody comes back I hope he’s able to adapt and not start his King Cody attitude again.

      • Avatar

        LindsayB I think he will be more humble this second time around.

      • LindsayB

        I think so too but I don’t think it’ll last too long. My fear is that all it’ll take to bring back the Cody we all know and mostly hate would be for him to have power again. Either way, it’ll be entertaining to watch.

      • Colby

        I have thought for a while that Paul may be looking at Cody as his ‘Victor’ this season. They could secretly work together, especially because of their history. Paul seeing himself as the brains and better socially, Cody the brawn. It would be easy for Paul to convince the others that there are bigger threats to vote out first, just as he did with Victor. And we all know Cody can keep his mouth shut, so as not to expose them.
        If Paul did offer that deal, Cody would be a fool not to take it, otherwise he would probably be right back out the door.
        I do see Jessica as being a problem in that theory, so I agree with Steve that Paul may decide he wants her out this week if he figures out that it is a buy back week, because he knows there is a good chance Cody will win it.
        But, it also would be easy to get her voted out next week because I don’t think anyone in the house wants the couple back together.
        Either way, Paul would need Jess gone to have total control over Cody.
        Also, I am not convinced all of the HG that appear to be Paul worshipers at this point are not just waiting for him to become more vulnerable and will then start working on getting him out. And once Cody gets back in good graces with some of the others, I think he may be willing to be in on it because he knows Paul is the biggest threat to win the game.
        Just a theory on my part. I could be totally wrong.

      • Avatar

        I think this season’s Victor is more like Kevin. The two of them have quite a bond.

        If so, and they are in the final 3, I am hoping that Kevin can take HOH and evict Paul. It would make for some good viewing, and Kevin is really likeable.
        I hope as the season moves along he gets an HOH so he will have some good arguements for the jury about his gameplay.

      • Colby

        That’s true, dmc. But that doesn’t mean he can’t have a deal with both of them. It’s not unusual for them to have multiple F2 or F3 deals. And I think Cody is more likely to win physical comps than Kevin.

      • Avatar

        Cody is definitely a beast, Colby. He would certainly be the biggest threat for physical comps.

        Hope he gets back in, and the house shifts a bit.

      • Colby

        Plus, I think Paul would think he has a better chance of beating Cody than Kevin in a F2.

      • Avatar

        So far, that is true. He did nominate Cody, so he’s ahead of him.

        Still lots of game to play though !

    • Ann

      I would like to see Jess gone first only because I would hate to have her & Cody back together in the house. Don’t get me wrong, I want Dom gone ASAP too. She said she was a superfan right? Well if that was true, she knew what she was getting into when she applied to be on the show & when she set foot inside of the BB doors. She did a lot of running off at the mouth in the beginning & now look where she is, cowering in a corner when she should be fighting to stay. I just don’t feel sorry for her, not even a little bit. She’s lied, backstabbed & manipulated people just like they have. It’s part of the game, trying to get to the end & get that $500K. Sorry but she brought it on herself. She still has time to do some of that fast talking that she does & try to save herself. Big Brother is a down & dirty game, no place for the weak or if you’re looking for good clean fun BB is not the place to be.

    • danmtruth

      If it’s like last year they redid the veto comps So there will be the airport terminal Along with the starfish stack that Cody threw to Alex He will need to go all out Add to that Julie Chin’s cryptic say that the HG get a say in the battle back

      • Avatar
        Helen (5241 comments)

        I wonder if it is the consequence of Wednesday’s temptation? If Alex takes it or not might be the factor that determines the house getting one of those players back. Temptation ends on Wednesday,eviction is Thursday and the BB special episode (which I assume will be the battle back) happens on Friday.

      • Shivani33

        It sounds like the houseguests somehow are getting the chance to block any Battle Back winner from being able to return to the game. The temptation has its curse consequence, though. There’s going to be a wrench thrown into the Battle Back to create a dilemma or at least controversy. Jessica has been getting lots of votes to receive the next temptation from people who want Cody to return so that the Paul Show has a strong opponent, even though Cody said in his post-eviction interviews that if he gets back into the game, he would team up with Paul.

    • Avatar

      God. I have lost so much respect for Alex. Now she is just some generic Paul worshiper.

      • Mello_One

        Idk, but on Jokers I have read Alex & Jason talking about Bidding their time before they make a Move on Paul. Alex & Jason have agreed, & realize that they just don’t have the Numbers now to get Paul out. So right now I believe that Alex is Playing Along, to Get Along.

        I’m just wondering what the Dynamics in the House will be like When & If Cody wins the Battle Back??? Will Cody, Jessica, Jason, Ram, & Alex team up together to get rid of Sir Paul???

  2. Avatar

    anyone know when the veto meeting is?

  3. Avatar
    Helen (5241 comments)

    I disagree with anyone not wanting to go to F4 with Paul…should he end up in a F2 with Kevin….Kevin will win because of his social game so far. He has endeared himself to both sides of the house. If he makes it to F2 with Paul,paul does not stand a chance. Same to some extent with Alex…Alex has not only become friends with both sides (not to the same extent as Kevin) but she also knows if she can sit there with Paul she increases her chance with jury because let’s face it,she can spin herself as just as good as a player as Paul if not better. Both Kevin and Alex have a much better chance with that final pitch to the jury with Paul sitting next to them.
    I think Paul has been very realistic with himself in knowing the chances of him winning is slim to none but I truly think he is honest in saying he hopes to stay around as long as possible and make to to the party um sorry jury house.

    • LindsayB

      It’s all about jury management and the ability to sell yourself at the end. I think Paul could beat anyone because he has the ability to sell himself. With that being said, anyone could beat him if they have enough insight into the jury to say the right things. There’s still so much game left to play that trying to figure out the F4 and F2 outcomes is impossible.

      • ElaineB

        And as good of a snake oil salesman that Paul is, he still lost last summer. So newbies, there is still hope for you!

  4. danmtruth

    Sorry Helen Paul’s ego is to big For him not to think he can win He told a few of the showmances that he miss out on the jury house experience. But he wants to be the vet that came back to win it all

  5. Avatar

    That’s certainly interesting that Christmas overheard Julie say the vote was 3-0 for Ramses. If true, that’s a huge screw-up by BB production.

  6. Shivani33

    I think that the Christmas vote investigation about who voted second got shut down by production. Two reasons for stopping that line of inquiry: 1) If that subject dies, Christmas isn’t at risk of being pulled from the game for having overheard something on the phone. Info or influence from outside of the house is a huge no-no. Still, whatever Christmas overheard happened not because she was trying to “cheat.” She’s been going through hell, and production is unlikely to want to be put in the position of removing her. 2) Kevin would be paying for casting a hinky vote if the household found out that he did it, and it’s unfair to Kevin, who was just playing the game, to get punished because of some lapse in phone “security” when that error wasn’t caused by anyone except production.

    • Colby

      Paul tried to kill it too because he didn’t want Kevin exposed.

    • danmtruth

      @shivani33 as they like to say on Law & Order , “you can’t un-ring the bell ” she heard what she heard It’s now up to her how much she push it She has talked to a few people what she heard
      also why would production shut down the Dominique show ? After all the fireworks it started I’m sure she would have had a hard time booking guest We also lost out on guy talk with Kevin now thats a loss

      • Shivani33

        Dan, A Kevin Show would be a fine replacement and some real entertainment. He is so good at hitting the best notes and is hilarious. There’s already a website up called Kevin Talks or something like that.

  7. Avatar

    I really don’t want Cody to return to the game. His social game is awful and I don’t think he is capable of building and fostering any meaningful alliance. He basically burned all bridges on the way out. Why would he do that? It didn’t help Jess and he obviously did not foresee any possibility to re-enter the game.

    • LindsayB

      Watching paint dry would be more exciting than watching any of the other evictees get back in. Cody’s instability brings excitement.

      • danmtruth

        @lindsayb are you forgetting Camren We hardly got to know him it might be interesting to bring in a fresh face A person not knowing all the history in the house Watching people scramble to get him on there side

      • Shivani33

        Joshy will be having more than his usual amount of flip-outs if Cody reappears. According to Kevin, Josh goes and rings the DR bell at least 3 times each night, all of this after Josh has gone to bed. He can’t relax.
        Kevin said Josh rings the bell and says he can’t sleep or has a migraine or is constipated or HAS to win HoH..

        Kevin sleeps with one eye open since he doesn’t want to miss a thing. This morning Kevin told Jason that he had a weapon by the time he was 14. Jason said he did, too. Kevin replied that yeah, Jason had a weapon to shoot big deer, but Kevin had a weapon just to make it back home.

      • LindsayB

        I haven’t forgotten Cameron I’m just not sure I care to watch him. It’s too predictable that everyone will be circling him like hyenas.

      • Lynn

        Oh I agree. Although his social skills for this game are ummm lacking, it is so stinking funny to watch him! Entertaining stuff watching the other hg react in horror at how he doesn’t fawn all over Paul and dares to do things differently than in the past. Priceless fun! He’ll go home again, but not before he makes some waves.

      • ElaineB

        Some ‘new blood’ into the game, in the form of Cameron, might be refreshing. If Jessica is still there, as Cody’s cling-on, I don’t think Cody will have enough game-changing strategy to make a difference. If Cody can be J-free, then he might shake the house up a bit. Jillian (the ottoman) back in…nope. As for the HG to be evicted, I certainly don’t want Jessica back in if evicted. If Dominique, I don’t think she would be able to turn it around.

  8. Shivani33

    Paul recognized immediately during Cody’s interview with Poprah that Cody was using her questions to set off some bombs. Then, when Cody went up to the HoH room and talked privately with Paul, what happened after Cody was done? Immediately, Paul told his core group that Cody’s talk was to get the house to go after Dominique and Mark. People have not “failed to realize” this. There are always some players who are kept clueless and out of the information loop.

    Yes, Cody wanted to protect Jessica. But he was telling the truth about Dom and Mark and their special connection, too. Most people understand what Cody was doing. However, Dominique is the one who blew things up in her face by acting as though she was giving Cody a post-eviction interview while he was actually a player on the block. She acted as if she wasn’t just a BB contestant as well. Paul told her that opening up game talk during her “talk show” gave Cody the chance to do damage. The entire premise of Dom’s show was supposed to be getting to know the houseguests. It was supposed to be casual fun. Paul wanted Dom gone ASAP because of how inappropriately she handled herself and her “guests” Before that he was willing to play along with her for awhile but stated often that he didn’t trust her.

    The major reason that he and Alex want the opportunity to renom Mark is to make it so that Mark can’t vote. Cowboy hasn’t wanted to cooperate with them putting up Mark. I’m watching to see if that has changed.

    Alex had other reasons for deciding to nominate Dominique. Partly it was to eliminate her as a voting number. But Dom sealed it when she badmouthed Elena too obviously and too much. Alex didn’t like it at all. She said why is Dom doing this if she’s supposed to be one of Elena’s allies? Alex, on her own, looked at what Dom was up to and saw her as a troublemaker in the midst of allies. She knew that Elena wasn’t bad mouthing Dom. Dom was jealous of Mark’s ties to Elena.

  9. danmtruth

    I’m not sure how much Alex cared that Dom was throwing Elena under the bus As much the fact that Dom was willing to throw her so quickly As a competitor this did not sit well The whole team concept If Dom would so easily do that to Elena What kind of loyalty could Alex trust from Dom

  10. Ann

    Miss Cleo’s interview with Cody blew right up in her face. The look on her face when she went up to the HOH room to talk to Paul was priceless when she realized he was pissed & not pleased. Still no reason to give up & quit. My man Dan G. came back from the dead & got right on back in there & fought til the end getting him 2nd place in the end. Channel Dan Miss Cleo & get some ideas from him.

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  12. Avatar
    Helen (5241 comments)

    Listening to convos with some of these people is mentally exhausting!!
    All want to psychoanalize every convo and interaction.
    What ever happened to just playing big brother? It’s. A. Game
    Dominque needs to just let her hair down and have some fun…a persons faith is a very important part of your life but if her life is for her god maybe choosing to go onto a reality television show based on backstabbing and tomfoolery was a poor life choice.
    Elana is searching for clarity…..I don’t think she’s going to find it on big brother
    Christmas ……what can I say…..confirmation…clarity…I’m not even sure what Christmas is but her convos exhaust me..she loses my interest within 5 minutes of opening her mouth.
    Give me players like Cowboy,Kevin.Alex,Paul. Ramses,even josh…have fun!

  13. Colby

    Per Jokers:
    1:34 PM (1:20) Raven about Dom: “You’re going to tell a girl with 2 terminal diseases, ‘God is watching you’?” -moeopoly

    I knew about her gastro thing, but what other ‘terminal disease’ does she have?
    Are her stitches terminal? 🙂

  14. danmtruth

    @helen they need to show they are smarter than everyone else Dom wants her own talk show Christmas wants to sell more books Elena wants to find work as a tv/radio/ internet fame There is nothing wrong with this Alot of people have gone on the show for the same reasons But as yo say they miss out on having some fun

  15. Yael Sara

    Can we have an “Attention Comp” Paul vs Raven. Give them both muzzles and see who first rips them off to rant about themselves! Hey Paul, You’re annoying AF!

  16. danmtruth

    Paul is how old Lives at home Goes to law/philosophy school owns a business is in a band Does personal appearances Yes he is a busy boy Or asthe band Cake says ,,, ” is it you or your parents in this income tax bracket”

    • Avatar

      I think it’s a cultural thing for Armenians. They’re usually a close knit family. Adult children usually still live at home when they don’t have to.

      • NKogNeeTow

        I think it was when they interviewed his mother last year that one of them said that they don’t like the children to move out until they get married, or something like that.

  17. Lynn

    Are they also loud mouthed, annoying, attention seeking freaks? Or is that just his special case? I jest and can because I am also from a similar family type. And, if I may answer my own question, nope. We’re pretty normal other than the extended/grown family memebers living together thing. And, now that I think about it, there’s usually one of those in all families.

  18. Shivani33

    Dominique talked a little bit to Jessica, who had a conversation with Paul about what Dom said to her. Dom has concluded who her 3 “betrayers” are. Jessica said that Dominique will try going out with a bang during her pre-eviction vote speech. Paul agreed and said he’s prepared to deal with it. He figured out already who Dominique thinks of as her “3 false witnesses.” I noticed that he fed Jessica some minor misinformation as they conversed.

    Ramses is beginning to be concerned about the mental well-being of Dom. When he came into her den to see how she was feeling, she kept talking away and Ramses saw that she was talking to herself, not to him. He heard her giggle and say ” poor little Paul” and then she was talking about bad people, etc. Ramses looked at her silently and left the room.

  19. Avatar

    Dom has also mentioned Cody’s preconceived notions of Paul to be spot on but no one else thought so. She now believe she has to expose Paul because he’s been the group’s infiltrator. Is this woman lying?? Not at all. Paul is trying to make Dom appear crazy because her strong relationship with God. I think Paul is an atheist (which he has never publicly stated, I don’t believe), but definitely he’s using Dom as if she’s some religious nut! I really dislike the man more and more. Dom I think has become a tad unhinged but I think it’s mostly due to the fact that no one has come to her aid. I mean even Christmas is being shady. Interesting how the roles are reversed when you’re no longer on the block and need your group’s vote. I’m also disappointed in Christmas.

    • danmtruth

      @islandgirl28 two or three days ago Pre-blow up Paul, Dom, Josh , and a few others were at the kitchen table having a religious discussion At that time Paul talk about his philosophy class Any chance to drop in his education He explain how his professor used logic to prove the insistence of god Please this is not ment to start that debate All i’m pointing out is Paul used this as why he believes So no he is not an atheist But weather this was a trick to keep Dom on his side I have no idea Words and actions But Paul has not made any anti religious statements After that they went into a discussion about dreams

      • Lynn

        I’m recalling that he did make a statement about religion last season. Also not starting a debate, just trying to find out where he stands. My memory could definitely be failing me. Anyone remember?

      • Colby

        Funny. Sounds kinda like the movie ‘God’s not dead’, except it was the student proving it, not the professor! I may have to call BS on that Paul story.

      • Avatar

        Well that’s why I stated, ” I think Paul is one” but wasn’t sure. And I still feel he’s using his own tactics of her religious beliefs/practices against her. He isn’t fooling me the least bit. The funny part, she’s almost right about Paul completely. She’s noticing how he has total control over the house. I do hope she blast him during the eviction speech, whether people will take heed, that’s their choice.

      • Mel

        Meech called Paul and atheist. If anything, Paul may consider himself agnostic. Those arn’t the same thing. Some comments have been made about Dom and the Bible by the hg’s but they have mostly commented on her being shady, deceptive, manipulating, etc. The viewers have made a much bigger deal about her God comments than the hg’s have. I think those are getting intertwined. I haven’t seen the hg’s calling her crazy.

  20. Avatar

    That Raven is quite the interesting one. She wants to question Dom motives if she is using her religious practices as a game tactic! Umm… Miss Raven isn’t that the pot calling the damn kettle black?!! And to think i actually felt apathetic to her illnessesssss….

    • Avatar

      And yes I purposely emphasized the “s”.

    • Ann

      @Cyn, I totally agree with you on this one. That little girl is playing the living daylights out of that sympathy card. She had the nerve to talk about Christmas & her broke foot, saying she wishes Christmas would stop talking about it. Pot, meet kettle. No matter what the conversation is about she finds a way to work her disease into it & makes it top priority.

      • Avatar

        I guess she’s always had sympathy most of her life maybe she doesn’t even realize it. However, it won’t get her to the prize just like it won’t work for anyone else. But to be honest, I don’t think any of them want to win. Jury is the prize for most of them.

      • NKogNeeTow

        Cyn, BINGO! I said a few threads ago that this is the first time I’ve ever seen a group who’s highest aspiration is to go to Jury. They talked about making it to Jury the first day of the show. I called it “lower expectations”.

      • Avatar

        Hahaha Ann! Spot on! I was done with her when she same out of the DR after getting her 5 whole stiches with mascara running all over her face. “I’m surprised you all couldn’t hear me in there, I was screaming at the top of my lungs!!
        Look…I’m sure it might have stung for about 15 seconds when they gave her the lidocaine shot but after that she should have felt nothing.

      • ElaineB

        When they do their pre-show interviews and get their keys, they all scream about winning the 500K. When they walk in the door, it is immediately, I want to make it to jury. I thought it funny when Cody asked Alex what she wanted from this…to make it to jury or win? Lol. Alex, said ‘win’.

  21. Avatar

    I think Kevin is the only one I like now!! lol

    • Lynn

      What about whistlenut? I like him a little too.

      • Avatar

        Yes I do like Jason!! He needs to win. I like that he’s an independent thinker.

      • Avatar

        *win a comp so he can make real moves

      • NKogNeeTow

        He’s to hyper and wild sometimes. When he gets excited about one of his ideas, he reminds me of a cross between a kid all hopped up on sugar or somebody hopped up on crack. Alex spends most of her time trying to calm him down.

    • Mello_One

      Me too, I love what Kevin brings to the House, & the Game…In fact I like when Big Brother has a HG that is of the Older Set. Last time it was Donnie Thompson, he added much to Season 16 of BB, & won AFP. I believe Kevin will win this year’s AFP.

      • Avatar

        Donnie was equally sweet. But with Kevin, he’s comical and totally different from Donnie. Kevin will easily get favorite player 🙂

  22. Avatar

    Can’t wait till Don gets a “vision” of the door hitting her in the ass on her way out!

  23. danmtruth

    The next twist is if they put Mark up As a pawn To me this should be a clear sign to Mark and Elena that Paul does not trust them to follow orders We all know what comes next

  24. Avatar

    I was watching BBAD last night ( I normally don’t get to watch ). Is it the norm for Elena to be sandwiched between Paul and Kevin and for them to be all touchy feely?

    • Lynn

      I know right? In Paul’s defense (and that goes against everything in me), he seemed to me to be hating every minute of it lol. Body language told that story.

      • NKogNeeTow

        Paul’s not interested in a showmance of any kind. He repeated what he said last year…that while these other people are here for showmances, he’s here to win the money. Besides, he has said more than once that he has a girlfriend that he cares about very much and wouldn’t do anything to embarrass her.

    • ChiKelz

      @mindyboo, I thought that was odd last night too. I thought I saw Elena kiss Paul’s shoulder!?!? I texted my mother and asked her what was going on with them? She said she wasn’t surprised because Elena offered to show Paul her breasts earlier on the live feeds. I saw it and thought it was inappropriate if she is in a showmance with Mark!

      • Avatar

        She did kiss his shoulder and before that Kevin was rubbing her shoulders. When I seen it I wasn’t quite sure what to make of it. That’s why I was asking if that is the norm. If I seen my husband rubbing another’s shoulders walls would not be able to stop me.

  25. Avatar

    Casts, crutches, band aides, rationing medicine, Spiritual predictions, poor makeup choices, cluelessness about Matt’s gameplay! This is just a weird season all together!

    • Lynn

      What is Matt’s game play in your opinion? All I can tell is that he goes with whatever the people in charge want. And stays quieter than most

      • ElaineB

        That may be his game play.

      • Avatar

        I don’t think he has one at ALL. I think it’s just a weekly paycheck and a vacation in jury for him. I will say, I do believe he actually tried in that last HOH comp. Raven and Matt will float to whichever side as the power. They’re both floaters in my opinion. Nothing more then a bunch of floaters, injured and do whatever the masses say type of crowd this year in the house!

      • Mel

        Eating cereal

      • kneeless

        At first I thought that Matt & Raven might be real contenders. Then, raven became Miss Munchausen & Matt her lapdog. Now, I see them only as floaters. More than once Miss Munch has reminded her puppy that they need to stick with Paul. They ALL need to figure out their own game. Sticking with Paul will eventually bite them in the ass. I guess when the happens, Miss Munch will have another terminal disease.

      • NKogNeeTow

        If you really think about it, Paul doesn’t have Followers. He has Floaters. What have they done game wise?

        Elena/Mark: Elena is in love with her boobs more than anyone else in the world. She plays with them constantly then rub them in Mark’s face as a tease. She’ll let him look but not touch. Mark get this far away look in his eyes and forgets that they aren’t the only ones in the house. Except for votes, both of them useless.

        Raven/Matt: Raven loves to roughhouse with Matt, while giggling that her second heart is the only think keeping her alive. Matt loves to roughhouse with Raven, then go eat a big ole bowl of anything. His favorite being slop with everything. Except for votes, both of them useless.

        Josh: Walks around rubbing his belly while whining that he’s a good person. Except for a vote, useless.

        Jason: Gets overly excited over just about everything. Wants to put every ‘som’bitch’ in the house on the block. Except for a vote, useless.

        Alex: A little spitfire with big plans. She might stand a chance if she doesn’t let Paul get to far into her head. Not a floater because at least she tries.

        Christmas: Lame Duck. Her only chance in any game challenges, will have to be mental. Except for a vote, useless.

        Kevin: Who the hell knows. He bounces back and forth more than a shuttlecock. I can’t even say “Except for a vote” because you never know who he’s going to vote for once that door is closed.

        This is the ragtag group who have chosen Paul as their leader. These are the people he is depending on to take him to the end of the game. Good luck with that.

      • Mello_One

        Matt was Recruited for BB, so he really doesn’t know that much about BB, & it kinda shows too. In fact he & Raven, I believe were Recruited for the show.

      • Avatar

        Hahaha Ann! Spot on! I was done with her when she same out of the DR after getting her 5 whole stiches with mascara running all over her face. “I’m surprised you all couldn’t hear me in there, I was screaming at the top of my lungs!!
        Look…I’m sure it might have stung for about 15 seconds when they gave her the lidocaine shot but after that she should have felt nothing.

    • Avatar

      @mell is that really all he eats?? lol

  26. Lynn

    lol Christmas sooo wants Elena to take off her pants that she is trying to borrow. “Are they comfortable? Are they cutting in to your waist?” Translation? Take off my pants before you stretch them beyond recognition- bless your heart (which excuses anything you say about someone else).

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  28. Avatar

    I was kind of pumped about the strength in the women casted this season before it started. I have really changed my opinion on most of them. I can’t stand watching a woman cling to a man or vice versa ALL the time! Come up for air ladies! Christmas I thought could give these guys a run for their money with physical challenges- and now, well we know the story. Unfortunately she’s not very interesting to listen to right now. Alex-she’s so all over the place I can’t decide if I am team Alex or get her out of there yet. I do at least find her entertaining. With all that said-my guy this week is Kevin. He never fails to crack me up. I hope he stays. In the game for awhile.

  29. Lynn

    Paul is going to wear a snake print dress (It’s Chrisrmas’) for veto and live show to mock Dom.

  30. Yael Sara

    So he can prove he is an @ssh*le!?

  31. Avatar

    With Dominique possibly on her way out of the door, along with her goes a strong minded, fearless player (female at that) who was willing to stand up to the popular side of the house. Who’s left?

    Jillian (if she should get back in) – Not sure she has the pedigree to get down and dirty.

    Raven – Just get me to the jury house.

    Elana – Down and Dirty maybe, but you gave up a chance for the HOH.

    Alex – Is she putting Paul together by rolling with him this week, all the while ready to pounce when he is no longer safe, or is she all about being a natural blonde (when the roots on her head say other wise).

    Christmas – The legend that was for a brief moment. She is beating the wonkie vote into the ground, and has settled in to the popular kids beach resort for the summer with very little forseight and campaigning down the line for that rainy day when she may be back up on the block.

    In my eyes its the only female who has openly challenged the other side and possibly (we’ll see how the votes go) has found a way to remain in the game, with people softening on her a bit. You need allies to challenge the establishment, and Cody for all that he brings good and bad, is that powerful ally.

    All Cody and Jessica need to do if re-united is stop worrying about the smell of each others hair, the essence of each others touch, and getting all wrapped up in the T&A. They should focus on dividing and conquering the house by recruiting the floaters especially the lone islands such as Ramses, Josh & possibly Mark.

    A game without a powerful minded team like Cody and Jessica who can challenge the popular side of the house, will have all of us watching another blockbuster movie summer of Minions 2.5 The Big Brother Edition.

  32. Avatar

    Snake print dress and a blackface? I guess that is supposed to be a hard jab at Dom. Guess the snake print wasn’t enough

    • Lynn

      No he is not? I turned it off and didn’t hear?

    • Ann

      @Cyn, are you serious about the black face, did he really say that?

      • Avatar

        @ann1I hope not. I don’t know if it’s a joke on his part but I don’t find that humorous the least bit.

      • Avatar

        If I can find the time stamp I’ll let you know.

      • Ann

        Thanks Cyn

      • Avatar

        @ann1 ‪Discussion happened about 5:17 BB time (PST) camera 3‬
        He said with his “black mask on” what is that insinuating?

      • Avatar

        Also 5:23 pst camera he actually mentioned “just a black face” I just don’t get how that emulates a snake?

      • LindsayB

        Isn’t it something to do with Dom’s visions? When god showed her who the snakes were. I can’t remember exactly but that may be it. Maybe not.

      • Avatar

        @LindsayB it has nothing to do with her visions but her referencing him as a snake. So he is deciding to dress in a snake print dress with a black mask which he called a black face to mock a black woman. How does that emulate a snake? “Visions” has nothing to do with this buffoonery.

      • LindsayB

        You misunderstood me. I’m saying I think it was the way she described the snake in her vision that he’s trying to emulate. Remember she wouldn’t say any names? Just went on about what she “saw”.

      • Avatar

        @LindsayB i remember her mentioning her dream. But I just don’t get the black mask/face connection? It can be misinterpreted for something else. And I’m surprise, Christmas, Elaina and Mark all helping him. I can no longer tolerate any of them in that group.

      • LindsayB

        I think there was something black in her description. I don’t remember 100% because I usually tune her out when she starts talking about her visions.

      • Mello_One

        I was reading the Tweets from some of the Big Brother Alumni, and DaVonne Rogers BB 17, & 18 is Absolutely Incensed that Paul mention doing a Black Face?! DaVonne says he knows better than that.

    • Lynn

      Surely CBS will quash this scheme?

  33. Ann

    Oooh I’m so in love with Kevin….Isn’t he a sweetheart?

  34. danmtruth

    halting hex sure sounds like they can block the battle back winner

    • Colby

      It says they the winner of the halting hex can halt any one of the next 4 evictions during the live show. I don’t see how that would apply to the battle back.

      • Avatar

        I don’t think so either according to the details.

      • LindsayB

        Julie said something about the next temp possibly keeping a HG from coming back. I’m really confused. Maybe if they halt this week’s eviction they won’t do the battle back?

      • Colby

        I guess that could be Lindsay, but then what would they do for the Friday show?
        And I don’t think Alex will halt her own eviction plan.

      • LindsayB

        You’re assuming that Alex is getting the temptation. Have they done it already and I missed it?

      • Mel

        I’ve said all along that Alex was going to get it. That was before I knew they were going to extend the voting time and announced this would be the last one so now I don’t even have a guess.

      • Colby

        You are right. I am assuming that because I have heard she is way ahead in the polls. I think voting is open until the 19th.
        But that still leaves the question of what they would do on Friday.

      • Mel

        I’ve thought that if the Temptation is taken then it puts the battle back winner back into the house.

      • Avatar

        I wish they would tell us in advance what the temptation will do. It would likely change peoples opinion on who they might give it to if they knew what power it held. Could it hold a different power depending who wins it? It’s not as if we can tell the hg’s what it is we are voting for! Why not tell us? Hopefully they keep some of the BB things sacred and if a person wins a battle back no one should be able to block them from returning. If this temptation automatically gives the returning player the HOH that would be interesting. Or lets them hand out bracelets to decide who is safe this week. That would be cool too!!

  35. LindsayB

    Watching Alex berate no nuts for his loose lips is hilarious. For being such an idiot he has some really good insight.
    As of now the plan to use the POV to take down Jessica and put up Mark is back on.

    • Avatar

      I’m really starting to think Cody may have really been the only alpha male in that house.

      • LindsayB

        Paul is alpha too. In a different way tho.

      • Avatar

        No no no he is not. He’s clever quick witted type of guy… That is all

      • LindsayB

        Agree to disagree. I know you’re not a fan. He’s leading everyone right now. A beta can’t do that. Even Cody recognized Paul’s alpha.

      • Mel

        I predicted a while back that I may only like Paul when he’s the underdog…and that’s definitely been happening. I’m only talking about Paul the person. I can’t judge his game yet because his safety removes the ability to do that. I have said he’s putting in the work which is impressive but we can’t possibly know if that work will pay off yet.

  36. LindsayB

    Mark in his pink tank top and pink shorts is just too much. I can’t believe Elena let him wear that.

  37. Avatar

    What Paul plans to do is in poor taste and the perception he should not leave with certain viewers. Anyone who wants to interpret it for themselves. Snake dress and a black mask which he called a black face discussion. Time stamp 5:17-5:23 PM (PST) camera 3. I just don’t find that funny considering he is mocking a Dom.

    • Seattle Kari

      O.M.G NOT cool. Why is that kind of shit even allowed??!!

    • Avatar

      The individual who disliked must be equally ignorant. At the end of the day, it’s all about perception. That’s all I’m say.

      • ChiKelz

        I’m hoping that doesn’t happen. It will speak volumes about his character and integrity or lack there of. I’m with you Cyn (as always), I liked him with Victor last year and was hoping Victor came back this season, but Paul is turning me off. When a person shows you who they are; believe them and I would have to believe the worst in him if he does that and unfortunately it’s not saying a whole lot for CBS if they condone this behavior. @damntruth stated Production should not allow this either! Let’s hope for the best, that Paul is just talking to hear himself…as always.

      • Avatar

        We can’t necessarily blame CBS but Paul is simply too full of himself and feels he is untouchable. I’m literally doing the countdown…4 days remaining until he’s no longer safer from eviction. I just didn’t see the humor in it. I’m just over him, period. I’m ready to cancel my subscription because everyone is so far up his a$$ it’s just unbearable now. Maybe I’ll take a few days off, come back in a week and see how the dynamic has changed.

      • Gerardo (Domini-CAN not Domini-CAN'T)

        Noooo don’t leave us Cyn! Just take a break if you need to and come back to us. There’s still A LOT of game left to play. Don’t forget, EVERYONE was up Paulie’s ass last year too and we saw how that turned out.

      • Avatar

        @gerardo I love this site and all of you. I meant just a break from the feeds. I’m waiting for the moment when someone figures Paul out before they’re out OTB.

      • Avatar

        *put OTB

      • Avatar

        @gerardo I remember it well. Paulie was sitting on cloud nine. And when his alliance plotted against him, he broke down as they all do.

      • Gerardo (Domini-CAN not Domini-CAN'T)

        Oh ok, whew! Sure you can take a break from the feeds, lol.

      • Ann

        @Cyn, I’m glad you’re not leaving us. These people are driving us nuts & putting us in a bad head space & we’re not even in the house & we surely won’t benefit from that $500K. Lol
        Take a quick break & come back to us doll.

      • Avatar

        @ann1 awe thank you. You and @gerardo are definitely beautiful people and appreciate it. I don’t know why I allow myself to get so bothered by BB at times. I guess we’re truly addicts of the game. It really is what I look forward to watching during the summer season. Have a good morning. I’ll def be checking in periodically through my work day since I can’t stay home and watch feeds 🙂

      • Ann

        Hey Cyn, I’m watching BBAD from last night & Paul wants black panty hose or tights so he can dress up like a rattle snake calling Dom a snake & I forgot what he’s going to use as the rattle.

    • Mel

      Paul became extremely insensitive and very immature last year once he knew who the target was if you remember. That certainly hasn’t changed. I became a fan of his as a player last year but I never liked that behavior and I still don’t.

      • Avatar

        No, I don’t remember but I did like him and victor as a pair. I don’t think he’s being intentionally ignorant but like I said it’s all about perception and many people may take offense.

  38. danmtruth

    very hard to believe that production would even ALLOW him to do that The dress thing is dumb The blackface puts it over the line

  39. Shivani33

    Cowpoke is back to saying that he’ll take Jessica off the block. Wreck it Ralph the Marked man is more than likely going up as replacement nom. It better happen soon! Cowpoke changes his mind repeatedly and gives away too much almost every time he talks to anyone. It’s amazing that Mark can’t figure out how come he’s wanted as a nominee for this vote. He keeps searching for an answer based on his fears of abandonment and from an emotional point of view, while the real motive for putting him on the block is simply pragmatic. For the first time this Season, Kevin hasn’t been told to cast a hinky vote. This pot can’t be overstirred.

  40. danmtruth

    How can Cowpoke come on this show with so little idea what to do There is no way i would want him on my team Shut up He has some good ides but they get lost because he changes so quickly

    • Mel

      I don’t think he would be so wishy washy if he wasn’t trying to keep Paul and Alex happy. He seemed to know exactly what he wanted to do and hen they get in his ear. It’s still his fault but I get he’s trying to go with the flow of his group too. He’s done what Alex wanted several times so far but he pitches a fit first usually. I think his gut tells him one thing but he tries to trust Alexs’ game instincts.

  41. Tiare

    Has anyone else noticed that while they are in the backyard that raven isn’t limping

    • Mel

      She had to stop because Matt teased her about walking fine sometimes and limping other times. (at least that’s why I think she’s not doing it)

    • NKogNeeTow

      Saturday night she and Matt were outside sitting on the pool table. Ram came to the door and said something to them. They BOTH got up and ran towards the door. Ram and Matt didn’t seem to notice.

  42. Wendy

    Just here to be petty… sure excited to see what Jessica does with her hair now that is has baby powder all in it. I’m ready for her to do something else to it.

  43. Tiare

    That’s nasty as hell. She us blowing into Christmas breathing machine. I’m totally grossed out and going to bed. GN good people.

  44. monkicorn

    Heeeeeeeere’s my 2cents….(Pls excuse the typos/not capitalizing ALL, aint no one got time for that!):
    I was kind of happy to see a “vet” back in the house, but feel he has gotten a bit too much “help” to stay in the game…its the paul show now and i am soooo tired of his arrogance, even though he is playing the game…he is annoying AF. i wish dom would have not had slipped with her talk show fiasco, i guess her questions were just a little too good, i am still rooting for her….a girls gotta do what she can to stay in the game and i cant imagine how hard mentally it would be to be in a house 24/7 playing mind games…. paul needed to be EXPOSED, take his ass OUT before he wins it all… even though cory was a bit of a bully, he did play the game, not well in some areas, but at least he came in guns loaded unlike others here are just now waking up- and i agree-get rid the showmances! break up the numbers. with bb in general it seems like its just a big ol summer camp now….std island…idk….can we make it a little harder (no pun intended), and a little less comfortable and get some ppl that truly want to PLAY and truly need the money, not just there for 15 min of shame, oops, i mean fame?maybe actually compete for “luxeries” like a pool? pool table? decent food,, comfortable bed…etc? even compete for alone time in certain rooms? idk..change it up….its getting stale.

  45. Avatar
    Helen (5241 comments)

    Does it bother anyone but me to see Christmas with her foot up on the dining room table or the counters? Am I just weird?

  46. Mel

    I wish Kevin could get the temptation since it’s the last one. He may not be able to catch up because a couple others seemed so far ahead when we thought there would be more of them. I think many people who would have voted for him were waiting until later since he didn’t need it yet.

    Favorite recent Kevin comments:
    Kevin and Jason were discussing them both having guns by the age of 14. Kevin said that Jason’s was to shoot a big deer but his was so he could get down the street/home.

    Kevin had been joking around with Jessica lately. He told Jason that she would make a fun girlfriend for about a week but then he’d have to kill her.

    Kevin discussing Raven and saying he can’t believe she thinks she’s going to win the game. He says- What does she think she’s going to do…cry her way to the end?

    • Gerardo (Domini-CAN not Domini-CAN'T)

      So, did the producers always plan to end the temptations this early and never told us? Or did they see the impact they were having on the game and decide to end them early?

      I’m actually glad they’re ending the temptation twist now because I think these twists often last way too long (i.e. battle of the block), but I also wish we had known ahead of time so that we could plan our votes accordingly.

      • Avatar
        Helen (5241 comments)

        It was my understanding when they started that there were 3 weeks…….or 3 temptations

      • Gerardo (Domini-CAN not Domini-CAN'T)

        Oh really? Yikes, I must’ve missed that disclaimer. I told you I can’t keep up with all these twists and turns they have every season now, lol.

      • Avatar

        Me too @gerardo I def think we would have used our votes differently.

      • Avatar
        Helen (5241 comments)

        I was really surprised when everyone was voting Christmas for the second one because she had broken her foot and I thought it was kind of a waste……I have been voting Kevin for this one but looks like Alex has a great lead in the polls and suddenly the polls are showing a lot of people are going for the black widow…..not me…I am not eager to watch Cody and Jessica together again…you can be sure he’s coming back!!

  47. Gerardo (Domini-CAN not Domini-CAN'T)

    Ok so for those of you who may have missed BBAD tonight, let me give you a summary of the topics discussed:

    **Dom is the target
    **Dom is a hypocrite
    **Dom is a liar
    **Don’t talk to Dom
    **If Dom tries to blast anyone at the veto ceremony, Paul will blast Dom right back
    **Dom always talks about religion, but Dom is a liar and a hypocrite
    **Dom makes everyone uncomfortable
    **Dom is probably responsible for 9/11, JFK, and Climate Change (ok, I made this one up)

    Did I miss anything?


    • monkicorn

      do not like bullies…and that is what these ppl are doing if this is true, it IS a game, but that is really childish…and just mean. the bearded man will now be known as jim jones to me because that whole house is sippin that cool aid…bunch of dummies…i know they cant vote him out YET, but stop acting like such idiots….oh cody, as annoying as you were, i do hope you come back…..fingers crossed….;p

      • Gerardo (Domini-CAN not Domini-CAN'T)

        I’m not a fan of Dom, but I agree that the way the house is constantly bashing her is getting ridiculous. Their main complaint is that they keep trying to have conversations with her but she doesn’t seem to want to engage with them. Although I do think that Dom should at least TRY to save herself by talking to the HGs, and I have always found her self-righteousness off-putting, that doesn’t warrant them constantly berating her. Just vote her out on Thursday and keep it moving. Right now they are behaving like a big pack of bullies and it’s not a good look.

    • Ann

      So you’re saying it was the Dom show tonight…

      • Gerardo (Domini-CAN not Domini-CAN'T)

        Well in a sense, except that Dom was nowhere to be found. I think they showed about 2 minutes of Dom while she was in the “sex room” talking to America, and then a very quick conversation between her and Mark in the bathroom. Other than that, the feeds were on the other HGs and about 80 percent of their conversations revolved around bashing Dom.

  48. Mello_One

    Dom according to Jokers is requesting that Kevin Interview her for a Talk Show tonight….Paul, & Elena say they don’t want to go…But watch this will stir the Old Pot Once again, and put the spotlight on Paul.

    • Gerardo (Domini-CAN not Domini-CAN'T)

      Oh yes that’s true @mello_one, I forgot that one. I should’ve also said “Dom makes Kevin uncomfortable, so now he’s going to refuse to host her wack ass talk show this week”.

      • Ann

        She had better leave that talk show shit alone. That’s what got her ass in this mess she’s in now. If she’s got something to say, there are a ton of other times that everyone is together & she can say what she wants to say then. Talk Show my ass.

  49. Gerardo (Domini-CAN not Domini-CAN'T)

    Raven is apparently convinced that she is going to get the next temptation, and she doesn’t want it because she’s concerned it will paint a target on her back. Trust me girl, you have NOTHING to worry about…

    • Avatar

      Guess she’s in for a huge disappointment

      • Ann

        @Cyn, are you feeling better today or are you still mad? I get pissed & threaten to stop watching at least a couple of times a week. Just ask anyone here. I turn awayfor about 5 minutes & then I’m right back at it. Lol
        BB ain’t no joke, it’s a serious addiction. We need BB rehab. Lol

      • Avatar

        I love you @ann1 seriously. Yea I guess I was throwing a tantrum yesterday. But today is a blessing and I happy. As for BB, I’m just ready for the battle back. I’m rooting for Cody because everyone is will be boring. Cody I believe is a great competitor but he has to work on his social skills.

      • Ann

        I’m kind of scared for Cody to come back because he’s such a loose cannon. Josh is going to flip his lid if Cody walks back in those doors. Look at how his whole demeanor has changed since Cody has been gone. Don’t get me wrong because Josh tap dances all over my last good nerve but I ddon’t like him being bullied by that shellshocked jackass. I just can’t stand the thought of Crazy Cody coming back if Jess stays. The very thought of them being together again in the house bullying people makes me want to punch the tv screen. See, thinking about Cody has me nervous & repeating myself.

  50. Shivani33

    Maybe Raven is seriously mad at Christmas for “stealing the limelight” by having a bad injury plus surgery. She and Matt have shared quite a lot of snark about Christmas since she came back. Both of them start out saying ” I like Christmas, but…” Meanwhile, Matt stares at Jessica and drools. He’s been sneaking off to flirt with her, too. His attraction is obvious. Raven seems to be oblivious. She’s losing out on more than one front as the BB soap opera unfolds. Bless her heart(s).

  51. Shivani33

    Kevin has learned about granola and ” glutton”-free cookies out in Studio City. Tonight he learned another new word and it’s the word “groin.” Upon hearing and absorbing his new word, he asked Cowboy, ” where exactly is your groin? Is it right below your nutsack?”

  52. NKogNeeTow

    Okay, I don’t care if I am in a minority here, I’m just going to come right out and say it….Cowpoke is officially STUPID!
    Exhibit 1: 7/17/17; around 1:35 AM BB time; Camera 1

    Mark/Elena playing pool. Cowpoke comes running out into the BY screaming about using the POV. He his borderline hysterical. This scares Mark who also becomes borderline hysterical. Elena calms them both down (somewhat). They act like 2 little girls, squeeling in high pitched voices and just down right annoying as hell. Cowpoke is going back and forth about using the POV. Mark is freaked out about him using it. Cowpoke declares he’s going to march right up to the HOH and TELL Alex he’s not using it. Paul comes outside. Mark and Cowpoke look at each other with this scary look on their face, then change the subject. They never tell Paul that Cowpoke changed his mind.

    You’ve got to see this convo for yourself. Took all I had to keep from tossing the computer across the room.

    • Gerardo (Domini-CAN not Domini-CAN'T)

      The thing is, Kevin freaked Jason out just before that. Kevin was having a conversation with Christmas about whether or not Jason should use the veto (why he was talking to Christmas about this, I have no clue). Christmas tried to convince Kevin that it wasn’t a good idea to use the veto because it would ruffle feathers unnecessarily (since they already have the votes to evict Dom) and since Mark is a strong competitor, it could backfire. Kevin (inexplicably) invites Jason out to join the conversation: first Kevin takes Jason for a walk around the pool and rambles incoherently about the pro’s and con’s of using the veto. Then, he very awkwardly tells Christmas to joins the conversation and she proceeds to try to convince Jason not to use the veto.

      Later, Jason questions Kevin as to why he was discussing the veto with Christmas in the first place. Kevin has no real answer other than SHE brought it up. Jason asks Kevin why did he bring him out there to join the conversation and again Kevin gives a weird answer (something like “well, I figured since you were the one with the veto, we should just get you to come out and discuss it”).

      I agree that Jason ran outside like a moron to Mark and Elena telling them how sketched out he was by Christmas and Kevin, which only added to Mark and Elena’s suspicion that Kevin is playing both sides and that he is the one throwing the “phantom votes”. But then Jason decides NOT to use the veto since he doesn’t trust Christmas and Kevin (but…isn’t that exactly what they told you to do Jason?). So, yes, Jason’s actions were not very intelligent, (and Mark is a paranoid, emotional wreck right now), but Kevin is really playing with fire and is bound to get caught up soon if he doesn’t calm it down.

      • Avatar

        I love Kevin dearly but I want him to be exposed because I think he’s going bring Paul down with him. Which is more entertaining for the viewers.

    • ElaineB

      From the time Jason won that veto he has gone back and forth whether to use it or not. He will definitively tell Mark that he is not using it, then two seconds later, maybe he will. Alex has tried to talk him off the ledge several times. She even chuckled about what he would be like if he won HOH…..a MESS! Someone was right about him channeling a child on a sugar high. Yikes! It will be okay, just make the decision.

  53. NKogNeeTow

    Exhibit 2: 7/17/17; 2:06 AM; Camera 1

    Mark/Elena/Cowpoke: BY, Pool Table

  54. NKogNeeTow

    Exhibit 3: 7/17/17; 2:12 AM; Camera 1

    Mark/Elena/Cowpoke…and Paul joins in.

  55. NKogNeeTow

    Josh to Ram and Alex: “I hope the Comp is mental.”

    *No you don’t.*

  56. NKogNeeTow

    Where is Dom sleeping? Is she in the same room with Kevin & Krew? If she is, I don’t know how she could sleep through all this.

  57. Shivani33

    Cowpoke’s merry-go-round, his ever-changing whether or not reports are ridiculous. He’d better not win any more comps because his brain already exploded from this PoV. Paul told him to go ahead and tell anyone who tells him that he has to use the veto to f*ck off. Um, Paul that was you who told Jason to use the veto. But not to worry. Whistle Nutso won’t be able to remember that anymore.

  58. Shivani33

    Cowpoke would use the Veto with pleasure if Alex would only cooperate with him and put up Raven!

  59. NKogNeeTow

    Dom just told Mark that she’s excited because when she leaves, she’s going to tell everyone what she really does for a living. At this point, does anyone care? They just want her out of the house no matter what her profession is.

  60. NKogNeeTow

    I have never made it a secret that Paul was my boy. But this is one time that I’m so sick of him I could scream. He keeps doing the practical joke thing by putting Vaseline on the door of the HN room. This is a grown ass man, who CLAIMS to be a business owner and college student. I HATE practical jokes. Always have. I saw someone hurt really badly from a practical joke, which only solidified it for me. Production has also told them to cut the light on because they have been laughing and talking for hours in the dark room. WHERE THE HELL ARE THE PENALTIES???

    As much as I dislike Dom, administering parables in the bathroom, I feel bad for her. She couldn’t get into the room to sleep because of all the noise. Paul and Kevin told Ram to go tell her she can come in the room and they’ll be quiet so she can sleep. She finally goes into the room and goes to bed and Kevin and Paul start talking and laughing all over again. See, this is when Production would have to call me into the DR and possibly send me home. I would rip through that room like the Tazmanian Devil. Hell, she’s going home anyway, what has she got to lose. To talk about her behind her back is one thing. To deliberately go out of their way to make her uncomfortable is just downright mean.

    • monkicorn

      I think this shows jim jones I mean Paul’s insecurities and true rage at dom for seeing through him and omg how dare she speak against him? The other hg are idiots right now… it won’t happen but vote jess out… crazy Cody comes back and it’s a whole new game …if he or dom can get a win with hoh? Then make a big ol batch of cool aid for those Jim jones followers to sip till they figure it out!

      • Avatar
        Helen (5241 comments)

        Funny you say that ….I was thinking of Jim Jones and David Koresh when Doms cheese started sliding off her cracker……God speaks to ME and he shows ME visions. Moral and religious superiority over others is usually a warning bell …….

      • monkicorn

        Gasp. Giggle. And ohnoyoudidnt! Lol good call Helen! My bad. Jeeeeez… everyone settle down and take a deep cleansing breath

  61. NKogNeeTow

    I can’t decide whether Mark and Elena really do forget the cameras are there or they just want to make soft porn. I hope when they get caught, someone sends copies to their families as well as plasters it all over the internet. Serves them right. They get bolder every night.

  62. NKogNeeTow

    Mark/Elena: Now she’s on a fishing expedition for compliments. I just, can’t….

  63. Avatar

    Cody coming back would be great TV for a few weeks. He made a great move by going after Paul , bad move by not letting he team know, got screwed by goofy 3 week freebie and worse yet may get the biggest screwing of all.

    If he wins buy back, the house guests could simply vote to NOT allow him back in.

  64. ElaineB

    I laughed when Alex asked Elena what she wanted her to do, as part of their ‘deal’. Usually that would include safety for Elena and one other person (Mark). She rattled off 5-6 names, and Alex, was ‘whoa, that is a lot’. Lol.

  65. ElaineB

    Oh my! Matt is wearing a PURPLE shirt….he has at least three shirts! Weeee! Must be part of a new strategy.

  66. Tiare

    That dang raven gets on my last nerve. I’m watching the live feed and she was in the kitchen jumping up and down while talking to Jason and Matt. She better not limp another damn time. There is nothing wrong with her foot.

  67. NKogNeeTow

    Is anyone else getting that “connection not secure” logo thingy at the top of their screen? It’s in front of the site name. I’ve tried exiting and reentering the site multiple times and I still have it.

  68. JadedMage

    Didn’t I see Paul tell Kevin to vote for Ramses on the show Sunday night? How does he not remember who the other person was?

  69. Shivani33

    i am not interested in seeing anyone – man or woman – getting sexual with Wreck it Ralph, the mark. Vote him out sooner not later. He is a walking meat carcass who wears the cologne of neediness. He might as well be pussyfooting around the house wearing a huge sandwich board with the words USE ME on it. He acts as though BB is a group therapy retreat where his main task is to learn about having some boundaries. But as a player in an elimination game, Marky-Mark is past his expiration date. Okay. Got that off my chest!

  70. Shivani33

    And we’ve got puppies and a squirrel. It’s time for Cowpoke to get whatever he finally finally finally decided to do out of his system.

  71. NKogNeeTow

    Kevin HATES makeup. He says if they want to put on makeup they should go to Nicklodeon.

    He also want to know when is the “Den of Dynasty”.

    Messica is trying to sell her soul to Not-So-Raven and Hot Lips. She offers up Josh’s soul instead. The 3 Stooges then decide they would rather base who they want to keep, by who they’d rather spend the summer in Jury with. The one thing that makes me happy during this convo is that they don’t plan to win, only to make it to Jury.

  72. AIO_7

    EWWWWW!! Did anyone see Paul picking his nose? He pulled out a huge bat in the cave.

  73. Avatar

    Jason has decided not to use the pov. Dom mostly likely to be evictied. Alex is starting to question Kevin loyalty to the group. She wants him gone but has complete trust in Paul. She hasn’t a clue, Paul is behind all the scheming of the vote. Jason realizes that Paul may need to be evicted because he’s likely to make F3 but Alex is worried about Paul’s popularity outside the house. Little do they know, Paul fan base is whitering away slowly.
    Alex can win this if she stop worrying about appeasing Paul’s every command. That will be her downfall.

  74. Shivani33

    Veto not used. Hopefully the house learns something from this. Don’t push a mule. Dangle a carrot somewhere up ahead of him.

  75. NKogNeeTow

    Sounds like Cowpoke and Alex are setting a trap to catch Kevin. If he’s snared, his time just might be up next week.

    • Avatar

      Kevin should just come clean with them.

      • NKogNeeTow

        Doubt if that’s going to happen. He’s practically scared sh!tless that they might find him out as it is. I think he’s beginning to feel that some of them might be catching on to him.

      • AIO_7

        Paul seems to be using a subtle black-mail on Kevin. Paul is the only one who knows about the $25,000. Kevin should have known that the hinky vote would come back to haunt him. You bet that Paul knew, over time, that it would.

  76. NKogNeeTow

    Why is it that people who are the most confident in the beginning, suddenly turn into Audrey when they go up OTB? Dom is just laying under the covers, wearing sunglasses (no hoodie), and only get up occasionally to chase down someone to warn them about the bad people in the house. Does she not realize that since whoever she’s talking to is going to vote her out, they’re one of the bad people? Either get up and fight or go back to bed AudreyII.

  77. AIO_7

    Mark seems to like Ramses straddling his back and massaging him.

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  79. Katheryn

    I am out folks. This is SOOO Production rigged. Not fun to watch or talk about in my opinion. Ya’ll enjoy though. So long.

  80. NKogNeeTow

    Speaking of snakes, isn’t that a snake tattoo Paul has on the right side of his chest, going up to his shoulder? I just noticed it.

  81. NKogNeeTow

    Does it look to anyone else that Mark seems to always be trying to pick/start an argument with Josh? What I find even funnier is that Mark’s IQ doesn’t seem all that much higher than Josh’s. He just has bigger pecs.

  82. kneeless

    I have been watching the CBS episodes, BBAD & some feeds. But, I am usually behind getting to this site. I have little to say because you guys are covering EVERYTHING I think!!

    I was on the fence about Paul’s return & I think I have officially fallen off the fence. He is too sure of himself & someone needs to pick him off soon. I’m not a big Dom fan but I think if she stays & then teams up with Alex they may be able to take him.

    Even though Elana did well on the wall, I see her, Raven, Matt, Mark & Josh as floaters. Christmas is close to gaining floater status since she’s a lame duck.Raven & Christmas need to duke it out for the woah is me vote. I realize I am rambling & ranting but these people…

    I can’t decide who I like & am rooting for so I guess I am a floater as well!

  83. NKogNeeTow

    Kevin is right about one thing. These heifers do spend more time on applying makeup than they do playing the game.

  84. NKogNeeTow

    I can’t believe Mark threw pickle juice and hot sauce in Josh’s face and they all think it’s funny. But they get pissed at Josh for dousing Mark with ketchup and mayo. Then we get puppies.

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