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Big Brother 19 – Sunday Feed Updates


Good afternoon, everyone!  It’s Sunday which means a slow day on the feeds (maybe).

Let me give a quick recap of the last few days or so. As you know, Alex won HoH which means Paul won HoH. No shade on Alex, it’s just it’s clear she’s playing his game and is happy to finish second to him. Half the house is in her shoes, so I don’t mean to single her out. I’ll mention them (like Josh) when they win HoH and do his work for him. To Alex’s credit, however, she did give us some insight into her thought process this season.  She feels she can trust Paul because he said ‘friendship’ and she believes that’s his brand so he won’t back out on that. I’m guessing she pictures herself like Victor but she clearly doesn’t see that half the house is doing the same thing. It’s yet another reason why it’s bad to have vets in the house because newbies feel they can ‘trust’ them more due to their outside reputation, but we’ve beaten that issue into the ground.

The house is still set on getting Cody out, but surprisingly Cody has been showing signs of life after some time mourning the loss of Jessica. Don’t get excited and think he’s pulling a Dan where he’s going to do and say anything to stay in the house. Cody is still very stubborn and also a mediocre player, so even though a halfway decent player can talk themselves out of the mess he’s in, he’s not one of those people nor does he appear to want to be. His strategy appears to be getting through the week without leaving in handcuffs, and so far so good. He didn’t take any bait from people like Josh on Thursday night, went into the HN room for a solid 24+ hours and let everything die down before he started to show his face again. It didn’t hurt that the random argument between Christmas and Mark got people (including Josh) talking to him in order to gain dirt on Mark (side note – Cody didn’t trash Mark like others in the house hoped he would).  It is now at the point where Cody was up in the HoH room with Christmas, Josh, Paul, and Alex hanging out and having a casual conversation. Something unheard of a few weeks ago when those same people were tossing insults to him across the yard.


When you couple Cody’s lack of aggression with Elena doing a really stupid thing by taking $5k yesterday in the competition, there is a chance that he may not leave (first) on Thursday’s double eviction. Elena won the PoV competition but selected the prize (punishment) of making hotdogs for people for the week. Rather than give that punishment to Matt while taking the PoV, she decided to take $5k cash from the HoH. This was after having a verbal agreement with Alex not to do that as they were the final 2 in the competition. Terrible decision. When the feeds returned, Alex was really pissed at Elena and tossed her name out there as a legitimate option to be voted out this week before Cody. Of course, the stupidity doesn’t stop at Elena as the person who did win the PoV said he is going to use it to save Jason rather than himself.  I understand the strategy behind it because that’s the only way to get Cody out, but not saving yourself while on the block is about a stupid as not choosing the PoV when you’re on the block and win the competition.

Needless to say, this week has two classic stupid moves in play at the same time but neither may end up biting the people in the ass as others are still serious on getting Cody out. Personally, I’ll laugh my ass off if Elena or Matt go home because of that, but right now they’re safe.


  • 9:30 am – Cody is the only one up
  • Shoutout to Bruce for the donation! Donate here to get your own shoutout!
  • Also, I didn’t put it in my summary above but Kevin has been overplaying lately and the house has been noticing. Keep an eye on him being a potential target soon
  • 10:45 am – Most are up and Alex is already making her hot dogs
    • Meanwhile, Paul and Christmas are still strolling around the house together. I really wish he did this with Cody
  • 11:25 am – Alex is all done packing up her camping supplies.  She has to set up and pack up every single time she has to make hot dogs
    • House is called to HoH for lockdown. They assume it’s for havenots
  • 12:05 pm – Feeds are back!
    • Kevin, Paul, Mark, and Jason are havenots due to their finish in the HoH competition
    • Meanwhile, Alex tosses serious shade at Elena during the HN speech.
    • She says “In honor of Elena’s birthday, I promised I wouldn’t make her a havenot. And because my promise is worth more than any dollar amount and don’t want to go against my promise on national TV…”  though she read it from the card which means BB told her to say that. Ouch
  • 12:15 pm – Alex is in the HoH room talking to Jason
    • She is telling Jason about a conversation with Cody.  She apparently feels good because she told him she gave him a chance (but not to save himself via pov)
    • Matt joins the HoH room and they talk about stuff.  They ask him if he thinks double this week, he says next week. Pretty sure he’s been wrong about everything
    • Alex put her ‘petty’ hat on just to read the card to Elena
    • Alex once again tells Jason how she feels good with Paul because his ‘friendship’ thing will prevent him from backstabbing her
  • 12:40 pm – Elena is talking to Mark in the bedroom
    • She says she wore Jessica’s bandana last night in the DR and went off on Alex
  • Back in the HoH room
    • Alex is again talking about how Elena screwed her over yesterday
  • 1:25 pm – The HoH room sitting around talking trash about Elena while Jason listens on
  • Major shout out and thanks to Daniel for the donation!
    • Josh is in heaven this week now that he has Alex to bitch to about Elena.  They are basically repeating the same stuff over and over and over. They’re talking about her personal life and how she didn’t really need the money blah blah blah.
    • Christmas brings up the big issue is her breaking the promise (which is valid. Bad look on Elena) and Josh agrees.. but give him 10 minutes and he’ll be complaining about money again
  • 2:20 pm – Raven and Matt are talking about something nobody cares about in the apple room (seriously, does anyone ever actually want me to report what these two are saying?)
    • Meanwhile, Jason, Alex, and Kevin are in the HoH room chatting about the PoV – still. I think it’s time for them to have Alex make more hot dogs
  • 4:45 pm – I was in bed listening to the feeds. Not a whole lot going on right now
    • Speaking of, sometimes I pause my feeds rather than mute them at night. At midnight pst the feeds start up again regardless so suddenly I hear voices in my house at 3 am (my time). Yikes
  • Huge shout out and thanks to Kathy and Rob! Much appreciated!!
    • Here is a random image of Matt and Raven to put me back to sleep
    • She is probably trying to figure out why in the world he got a Boys II Men quote tattood to his arm
  • Huge shout out and thanks to Laura and Brad!  You guys are amazing!
  • 5:35 pm – Big Brother does the horn for Alex. Hot dog time!
    • I should note they did this about 2 hours ago. Big Brother is brutal tonight on her
    • Meanwhile in the bedroom, Paul is talking with his crew about messing with Elena and Mark this week. He’s not doing the bully approach that he did with Cody. This time they’re going to be friendly with Cody and let them think Elena may go home to shake them a bit. We’ll see if this strategy works.
  • 5:50 pm – Raven tells the HoH crew that the recent Alex notice was an accident. After she was midway through putting it up lol
    • Paul is telling the group that half the people need to do ‘true’ or ‘more’ and the other half do ‘false’ or ‘less’ in an HoH trivia.. if they don’t know the answer

Check back for updates


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  1. Gerardo (Domini-CAN not Domini-CAN'T)

    Elena taking the $5K over the veto yesterday was an incredibly stupid game move– that is, if you’re interested in actually winning the game. And also if the house isn’t dead set on evicting someone other than you this week at all costs. In Elena’s case, neither of those conditions apply, so I’m not sure that her taking the money was such a bad move. She’s already one of the top targets in the house, she’s incredibly unlikely to make it much further in the game (much less to the finals), and she’s already met her goal of making it to the jury house, so why not take an extra 5 grand with her on the way out? And unless something really weird happens (like Matt quadrupling his IQ points between now and the veto meeting and using the veto on himself), Cody will still be the one getting evicted on Thursday, which gives Elena at least another week of TV exposure (which is her only other goal for the summer). To me, sounds like Elena is the winner in the situation.

    As for Kevin, I’ve been saying for weeks now that he is playing a dangerous game and it would only be a matter of time until he got caught up. Not only has Paul and Co. caught wind of Kevin’s wheeling and side-dealing, but Cody told Elena EVERYTHING that Kevin said to him last week. I’m sure Elena will divulge that info to Paul when the time is right. I’m not even sure that Kevin is a shoe-in for AFP anymore, as Cody and Jessica have both surged in almost every fan poll in the past couple of weeks, and a growing number of feed watchers have become disenchanted with Kevin’s touchy-feely antics with Columbus Day…err I mean Christmas.

    Winner of the Week: Elena (and Paul of course)
    Loser of the Week: Everyone else of course (most notably Kevin)

    • strwar1

      Yup no matter what happens Cody is gone this week! Paul will probably get information on Kevin from Elena and that will spell trouble for him and this house in my eyes(I think everybody sees even more)are idiots and eating out of Paul’s hand and that’s coming from a Paul fan and I still am a Paul fan and always knew he will win(I mean come on who still thinks Paul isn’t going to win?)and he will have Alex in final two with him. Everybody seems to play the game of kissing Paul’s ass and trying to please him. Lol I can’t believe they are this stupid in the house.

      This by far the most STUPID big brother houseguests I have ever seen.

      • Avatar

        I actually think he would be better to take Matt, no one is more of an idiot than that dude!

      • Sassy

        I think Kevin has been on the radar for awhile, but I think they will keep him until Mark, Elena, and Matt are out of the house. Kevin will fall back in line after Cody leaves. Which WILL happen this week, because there is NO way Paul would allow a strong competitor to remain in the house, especially one he can not control. Although it would be good for Alex’s game, he would never nominate her and she would never have to even pretend to work with him. She could claim complete ignorance at every decision he makes, while telling him what to do on the side.

    • Avatar

      Gerardo I gotta say that’s a pretty spot on post…..much like Kevin taking the 25k early was a great move….TAKE THE MONEY only one out of 17 people can win the 500k and now it’s like 1 outta maybe 1…. if Paul took the 5k it would be dumb……now Matt idk it’s some kinda stupid to win the veto and not use it on yourself….no matter the “plan”

      • Zach

        It depends on how much he trusts his alliance. Using the veto on yourself would reveal to the house that you don’t trust the alliance putting a huge target on your back. It’s definitely dependent on circumstance. Remember, if Matt uses the Veto there is not a replacement mom. So this is a special circumstance.

      • Gerardo (Domini-CAN not Domini-CAN'T)

        You’re right Zach, and Matt’s ENTIRE game is being blindly loyal to his alliance (i.e. Paul), so going against his alliance’s (i.e. Paul’s) wishes would be the equivalent of throwing his entire game away. In most situations, not using the veto to save yourself is incredibly foolish. But given how weird this season has been, and how useless Matt is outside of being a number for Paul, it’s in his best interest to just fall in line and do whatever Paul tells him to do with that veto.

      • Zach

        I don’t watch the live feeds Gerardo. But I’m still not willing to give up on Matt. Here is a question, do the live feeds show the DR uncut? If not Matt could be playing not only the house but America as a whole. With two alpha males in Paul and Cody I’d sit back and pretend to be weak and a non threat too. I could be completely wrong, heck I’m 95% sure I’m wrong right now. But something is just off about Matt… he is athletic, has good social skills and honestly I just can’t see him being that dumb.

      • Mel

        Matt was also one of the most outraged people when Mark used the veto so he would look like a huge hypocrite if he used it too.

      • ElaineB

        Tim~ Your statement of ‘now it’s like 1 outta maybe 1’ for the win is a sad projection of how this season will be. I am now using the feeds to watch previous season endings that show HGs actually playing to win.

      • Gerardo (Domini-CAN not Domini-CAN'T)

        @Zach unfortunately the live feeds don’t show the DR sessions, although that would be awesome if they did (they did show them for the BBOTT season last year though). I’d be willing to give Matt some credit for laying low while the two alphas duke it out, except that he’s told Raven in private conversations that he doesn’t want to play the game without Paul in the house and that he wouldn’t mind losing if it was to Paul. Sadly, I just don’t think Matt really cares about winning.

        The only glimmer of hope I still have is that once the numbers in the house start dwindling down to single digits, it does seem that some of the HGs start to wake up a bit and start playing. It’s like once they get close enough to “smell the money”, they start thinking to themselves “hey wait a minute…maybe I could actually win that $500K!”. That’s what happened with Nicole last year. She was completely asleep for the first half of the game, and then went into overdrive towards the end. We’ll see if that trend (hopefully) repeats itself this year.

    • stevebeans

      Yes, you definitely have a point about Elena taking the money and running. It’s sad that it’s what it has come down to this season, but with the mindless minions, she doesn’t have much of a shot. People who just want to make jury ruin these seasons.

    • Mel

      I think her taking the money was smart but making the deal with Alex that she said Elena brought up wasn’t. She seemed so paranoid that she may be a target last week, I can’t beleive she didn’t take the veto to be sure this week. It wasn’t a good look to go around the house asking everyone to use it on her and then not take it when she had the chance. The deal with Alex is what makes it look so bad.

      • Gerardo (Domini-CAN not Domini-CAN'T)

        I don’t think Elena cares at this point Mell. She knows her days in the BB house are numbered. Cody spelled it all out for her the night before the veto comp, which only confirmed what she had already been sensing for the past couple of weeks. Elena is not a dumb girl, she knows there’s a reason she’s been on the block 2 weeks in a row and was kept in the dark about the plan to evict Ramses. She probably figured the worst thing that could result from taking the $5K would be leaving a week earlier than she normally would. I’d say it’s worth the risk.

      • Mel

        I would agree except she seemed so feisty last night and her conversations with Mark seemed to give her a second wind. I don’t know if it’s big talk but she was saying how she or Mark needed to win HOH and put up Paul and Alex. They’ve been slamming Paul pretty hard in private for about 24 hours. I understand that could just be lashing out because she’s preparing to go to jury too. They’re big strategy seems to be getting Matt and Raven on board so obviously they don’t have the best feel for what’s going on in the house.

      • Gerardo (Domini-CAN not Domini-CAN'T)

        True Mell, I don’t think she’s giving up just yet, I just mean she knows the house is after her anyway so why give up 5K just to keep up appearances? I think she’s going to try to stay as long as she can, but she probably reasoned that giving up the $5K wouldn’t make enough of a difference to be worth it at this point.

      • Avatar

        But last week Elena getting voted out she wouldn’t have made jury, this week she does so she’s not as worried

    • ElaineB

      I agree with Elena taking the 5K. Yea she could have had the Veto and saved herself, for this eviction. Cody goes up and goes out. Elena will still be a mark for the DE, so to have a little extra scratch in her pocket is probably not a bad thing for her. Alex needs to get over herself, and am glad that she has to do her ‘campsite’ punishment. I was a fan of hers early on, but I do agree that her coming in second to Paul will be a dream come true for her. Seeing Paul and Scooter connected reminds of Victoria and Caleb as Adam and Eve….that one was good.

  2. AIO_7

    With Paul and Scooter tethered together, will their blatant self aggrandizement for the camera be more or less?

  3. Avatar

    It was nice seeing Cody helping Alex with the grill

  4. Zach

    I’m calling it right now Elena and Mark are going home this week during DE.

    • strwar1

      Possibly or maybe Kevin and Mark cause Paul is going to get information about Kevin’s deal he was about to make to Cody. That’s bad news for Kevin. Also Mark to will go home during maybe DE cause he looks lime a idiot and doesn’t understand anything

      • Zach

        This is the perfect time for Elena to go. Paul can spit it that he tried to save her but the rest of the house was mad that she took the 5k. So despite all Paul’s efforts he couldn’t “save her” this will put Elena in the jury house the whole time defending Paul to anyone who tries to turn the jury against her. Mark will have his guard down on such short notice and will be so confused by her being evicted that he will be an easy target in the 2nd eviction. As long as Cody is there, no one will turn on Paul.

    • Avatar

      I hope you’re right. I want to see what Cody does without his ball and chain.

      • Zach

        I don’t like Cody, but it’s a shame him and Paul can’t come to a gentlemans agreement, to say, throw out any backdoor play for the next 3wks. I think Paul may realize he needs to thin the herd before Cody goes home.

      • Avatar

        I think you’re right. I would love to see Elena and Raven leave this week.

      • LindsayB

        Cody will never trust Paul. Paul will never trust Cody. Also, Cody is too good at comps to not get rid of him this week. This is the perfect backdoor situation so they have to take advantage of getting Cody out now. They can get Elena out any time.

    • Mel

      It will only be one of them though since Cody will be the first.

    • Avatar

      Oh lord! Mark and Elena in jury alone. He will be chasing that girl all over the place. All that teasing she has done, I can only imagine how nuts he will be. Lol

  5. Avatar

    Usually someone taking any kind of cash puts a huge bull’s-eye on them. I am surprised there wasn’t more of an investigation going on as to who took the $25,000. I know the rumor is that Ramses took it but there is no proof of that and no one ever got to question Ramses about it so they don’t know if it’s true. The only thing I can figure is that they’re not worried about $25,000 or Elena’S 5k since there is millions waiting once they get out of the house not to mention the lifelong spoils of the jury house. How many times has someone won the veto while on the block and not used it to save them self? I understand it’s a game move but it goes against the purpose of the veto, to save yourself. Pawns go home sometimes.

    • Zach

      Paul convinced the house that Ramses took it. And since he left the house he can’t refute the claim. Paul is the only one that Kevin told giving Paul a lot of power over Kevin.

    • Sassy

      Paul told everyone Ramses took it. If Paul says it, it’s true, no need to question it, he would never lie. Elena was going to be a target soon anyway, with or without the money. It hasn’t moved her up the totem pole of targets, just gives them a reason to shun her. They HAVE to shun someone EVERY week! She probably should have let Alex keep the 5K and taken the trip from Mark or the Veto from Matt, but either way, the rankings stay the same because it really doesn’t affect Paul…

      • Avatar

        I wonder how they will respond when he finally tells them that Kevin took it and they realized that Paul lied to them. What else has Paul been lying to them about? Then again these are people who take one plus one and get 11 out of it.

      • Sassy

        They won’t care, they will think Paul kept it a secret for their benefit and somehow it protected them.

  6. Seattle Kari

    I’m just going to chime in here and say that I watched a little bit of after dark last night and Cody was laughing and smiling. It was such a refreshing change and when he’s relaxed and having fun he’s actually quite attractive.

    On another note, being one of the “obnoxious” Seattle fans I just have to say: GO HAWKS!! 😉

    Happy Sunday and I hope everyone has a great day!

    • LindsayB

      I was thinking the same thing about Cody. When his guard is down he can actually be pleasant. It’s too bad he couldn’t have been this way the whole time.

      • ShoeLover

        Yes, it was refreshing!! I also want to add the guys looked like they were showing some of their upbringing with the whole, offering to help Alex with setup, grabbing the door for her, just being a gentleman in general was a nice treat to see!! Hopefully some mommas were smiling for a change instead of shaking their heads! Hahaha!! And and and, the punishments are REALLY clever this year and Jason in that getup is greatness! Smiling here in Texas!!!! Hahahaha!

      • Gerardo (Domini-CAN not Domini-CAN'T)

        @shoelover I must admit that I get quite a kick out of these “punishments” every year. They’re kind of corny, but I think that’s it’s fun watching the HGs really get into it. I’ll never forget Paul in his secret service suit chasing everyone around the house to frisk them last year lol.

      • Shivani33

        Cody looks pleasant with an overglaze of dullard. As Paul says, too little too late. But then, to me, Paul is the one with a beautiful resting face full of life and intelligence. He has that light of genuine alertness shining from his eyes. Lindsay, I still love Paul and have ever since he appeared on BB18, even when many people couldn’t stand his brashness. However, I don’t view him through rose-colored glasses as an observer. He’s like all of us with favorable/unfavorable aspects being seen through an ever-evolving perspective and set of circumstances. Critiques aside, I love that Abrahamian ♡! Still, I wish that he had some skillful opponents, and so far, it’s a no-go on that, but hey! That’s not Paul’s fault. He didn’t select the other nimrods in the cast.

      • Mel

        G, Paul may have been the best sport ever during a punishment. He did have a pretty cool punishment compared to some of the torturous ones in years past which made that easier but he made it a blast for the house and the viewers.

    • Mello_One

      The Seahawks are My team! I <3 them!

  7. Shivani33

    Cody/Alex talk this morning when the park ranger got early hotdog duty. Alex was clever enough to tell Cody that the only person she’s really with is Cowpoke. She didn’t mention her Paul ties and even said that she doesn’t care if she wins BB and is all for protecting Cowpoke. She explained to Cody that there’s nothing she can do to help him stay but has nothing against him yada yada, but the will of the house will evict him. Good way to try getting Cody to view her well from the jury house, perhaps.

    Now Elena is holding back so far on treating the Park Ranger with teasing scorn while the hotdogs are being grilled. But last night she joked with Wreck it Ralph about sitting right in front of Alex while she goes through all of that tent-pitching, etc. Elena said she’d enjoy complaining that her hotdog wasn’t served to her crispy, the way she prefers. Elena was very witty describing how she’d like to bug Alex, who has been so pissed at her. Elena knows which way the wind is blowing her out the door soon. Now she won’t have to be homeless back in Texas. Lol.

    As for MattRess, he contributed to the wave of disapproval which went around amongst Paul and his Dawgs when Wreck it Ralph had the unmitigated NERVE to use his PoV to save himself. Certainly he won’t subject himself to that condemnation and will take Cowpoke down so that Cody can replace him. MattRess will therefore be temporarily safe for being a team player. But Mark and Elena have been thinking of talking to Matt and telling him that the two couples ought to be working together now because they’re all next on Paul’s eviction list. The trouble with that idea is that Elena would be the one voted out if MattRess disarmed the Veto by using it on himself, plus as Elena said, any plan that these four discuss will be reported immediately to Paul by Raven or both Matt and Raven.

    • Gerardo (Domini-CAN not Domini-CAN'T)

      The problem with these people is that they all wait until they’re backed into a corner to start trying to play the game. Nobody’s playing offense except for Paul. The rest of them are either constantly playing defense (i.e. Cody/Jess, Mark, and now Elena), or are just on the sidelines (everyone else). A couples alliance would’ve been a good idea if they had started planting those seeds and ingratiating themselves to Matt and Raven weeks ago. Don’t wait until you’re Public Enemies 1 and 2 to go over and start trying to get people to team up with you. And of course, while Mark and Elena have been sitting idle these weeks, Paul has been been bringing Matt and Raven in closer and closer to him.

      Mark and Elena’s only play right now is to lay low and let the house pick Cody off this week as planned, and fight hard for that HOH next week. And if one of them wins, they’re going to have to be prepared to get bloody next week.

  8. Shivani33

    Kevin is screwing himself right and left. If he doesn’t win something soon to prolong his stay, he will be likely to be gone, even before MattRess and Raven. His mild case of depression isn’t as amusing as his earlier gossip and witticisms. Houseguests don’t dig his chatter about maybe leaving his wife to chase his lost youth. I would appreciate it if he took that damn thing off which he’s had wrapped around his head for more than a week. He looks like a frigging fool with a Revolutionary War head wound.

  9. Kayla88

    I hate how stupid this cast is and how all they worry about is pleasing Paul. Paul isn’t giving you idiots 500K. Smh. If they had any brains they’d realize Paul has everyone wrapped around his finger except Cody and that they need Cody to help take out the Alpha but they’re all content to play his game. I want Elena to blow up on Alex so bad before veto meeting and cause Matt to not use veto on Jason. The way this season is going it’s so predictable we may as well be watching a scripted series.

    • hogwild

      I know what you mean Kayla it’s like the second they saw Paul they all decided to play for second place I still have a slight hope someone will make a move against Paul but the chances of that are slim and none.

  10. Avatar
    Helen (5154 comments)

    Ha ha!! Too bad Alex is not making Elana a have not!! With the outback reward tonight she would not be able to eat!!
    Mark, maybe you can take your painted female (that’s no lady) to outback on a date after the show!!

    • Avatar

      I think I read that have nots could still eat the dinner. But worse, Christmas complained afterwards that Elena didn’t even eat hers (and they weren’t allowed to bring back leftovers.)

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  12. Mel

    Kevin, Mark, Paul and Jason are HN this week. Alex made her dramatic comment about not making Elena a have not because she promised but we know it isn’t because she promised, it’s so she could get a dig in and she get even get to choose them.

  13. Mel

    Who got picked for the outback dinner? I know Xmas didn’t but that’s all I know about it.

  14. Mel

    Has Paul headed to the DR yet for the key and to be told what color to choose? Lol

  15. kneeless

    Sometime, probably in the 3AM-4AM hour, Elena & Mark were talking game. Mark pretty much said what all of us have been saying, this cast are idiots. Elena, basically, said she was getting sick of Paul. They realize if they don’t win HOH, they are done. Some of their ideas for noms, if they win HOH, include Paul. One of them said they’d nom Josh & Paul. They had several different combos. They & Cody are really the only 3 who really see the bigger picture & know what’s going on. Elena has threatened to blow up this week & even go off on Paul.
    Raven & Matt are worthless blobs who think they know exactly what’s going on & they think they’re sitting pretty.
    Someone NEEDS to shake things up!

    • Gerardo (Domini-CAN not Domini-CAN'T)

      If Elena blows up this week and goes off on Paul, I am perfectly willing to join #TeamElena. I will, however, also continue to fulfill my duties as Captain of #TeamRavenSTFU.

    • Sassy

      Elena is still talking about blowing up the house and creating havoc. She knows there is no way they will keep Cody and evict her. She is finally waking up to realize she is the most disposable, unfortunately, these idiots only figure it out when it is to late. Paul keeps 3 targets at all times, if you are in the pack, you think it will never be you until it is… Mark still does not realize that he is right there with her.

  16. Alda

    This is DE week,isn’t it?

  17. Avatar

    Matt at the final two:

    “Matt, tell us what your biggest game move was this season that led you to final 2.”

    Matt: “uhhhh…?” Deer in headlights.

    Production: cues cricket sound effect

  18. Avatar

    I posted something like this earlier on yesterday’s thread, so I am bringing it over here now because I think this would make for a fun/tough comp …. even for Raven.

    There should be a memory comp centered around Raven’s injuries. I would love to hear Julie ask questions like:

    “Okay, house guests, which day was Raven rushed to the DR after stubbing her toe on the pattern in the carpet?”

    “In what order did Raven develop the following phobias: pots, stairs, circus music, Cody’s unwanted advances?”

    “On which day did Raven develop pink eye from unauthorized use of Alex’s eye shadow?”

    “When did Raven first complain of a yeast infection from the hot tub?”

    “Which seven months of the year are Gastroparesis Awareness Months?”

    “On which day did Raven develop acute protein poisoning from giving Matt too many BJs?”

  19. AIO_7

    Uh, Oh! Raven just dissed Outback Steak House, a huge sponsor of BB on CBS. She said that she didn’t like Outback after eating there once and getting food poisoning….and, you guessed it, she was in the hospital for two days afterward.


    • Shivani33

      Yes, and get out the violins. Po’ Raven can’t eat steak, so she had chicken quesadillas instead at the Outback. She was poisoned, and that’s exactly how the other houseguests looked as they were stuck hearing her latest victim noises.

    • ElaineB

      It still amazes me that a woman that is so deathly ill, can go in a house with strangers, who have questionable hygiene habits, share one bathroom, eat under-cooked food, and engage in sex acts with a man she has known for a minute. Unbelievable.

  20. Yael Sara

    Umm. Did Raven just put two bras?!

  21. ElaineB

    Ever since Alex got HOH, Josh has been up in that room talking non-stop about himself. You know what is coming….#JoshSTFU.

    • Sassy

      Josh just said, “Do you know how much the fans are loving us? They have to be so happy that we flipped the script and are now running the house.” Oh Josh, you are going to be really disappointed when you find out the fans are not pleased with any of you… #JoshSTFU

      Earlier Raven said she did not want to go to the Outback dinner, because 2 years ago, she got food poisoning at Outback and was in the hospital for two days. #RavenSTFU

      • hogwild

        Maybe the next HOH comp should be a who can keep their mouth shut the longest.

      • AIO_7

        “Earlier Raven said she did not want to go to the Outback dinner,”….

        Did she even get picked, or is she just being sour grapes?

      • Sassy

        Nope! She said even if she was invited, she would give away her spot because of the food poisoning. She is talking about it again. I can’t believe production is allowing her to bash them like this. Whenever she sees an Outback sign she feels like uck…

      • Ann

        @Sassy, the hospice patient is lying through those chipped teeth, she would take her ass to Outback & woof down her weight in food if she could go. She’s eating the houseguest out of house & home as it is.

    • Mel

      Nk and I started our very small Josh fan club a while back but we may have to become members of the #Josh STFU group too! It’s looking unavoidable.

      • Ann

        To be honest with you, I would like all of them to STFU because they’re not doing anything except bowing down to the Messiah Paul. I’m still #TeamPaul

      • Mel

        Ann, I’m only team #RavenSTFU this year. It’s the only team I feel passionate about this year. I’m getting ready to be “Team go back and watch some past seasons.”

  22. AIO_7

    Matt and Raven making plans….(I didn’t bother listening)


  23. Shivani33

    In the year 1860, sharpshooter Annie Oakley was born on August 13th. I’d love to see Elena dressed up like Annie today, packing pistols and speaking her mind to everybody. She still reminds me of Mae West with her sex schtick but would make a great cowgirl with cap guns blazing as she gives out truth-laced insults. “Go ahead and evict me, suckers! Oh wait. Paul hasn’t told you to do it quite yet.” “Mark! Bend yo’ ass down and lick my boots and get to begging.” “Alex, cook me another $5,000 hotdog, you squat little girly-man, before I shoot off what’s left of your yellow hair.” ” Raven, there’s only one part of your body that still works, such just go ahead and chuck it on the bed.”

  24. Shivani33

    Raven and Matt don’t like Alex winning what they describe as “too much.” Their idea to solve this Alex problem is to have Paul win HoH again and for him to evict Alex. On what planet…

  25. ElaineB

    I just wish that BB had let the season play out with the original 16, and Cameron would have been able to play.

    • ElaineB

      Okay time for me to go on a self-imposed ‘BB time out’ because I am complaining too much! Lol.

    • Sassy

      This would have been a completely different game. They might have tried to advocate for themselves. I wish they would put a camera in the jury house. I think those conversations will be better than the house convos.

      • hogwild

        Conversations with my dog are more interesting than those in the BB house granted she doesn’t say anything back to me just looks at me but that’s really no different than having a conversation with Matt and to be fair to my dog sometimes she looks like she knows what’s going on around her.

    • Ann

      Poor fellow, did he even get to spend the night in the BB House?

    • Mel

      I do too Elaine and I’ve seen Cameron on a podcast and do a couple of other interviews. He’s really pretty interesting, he’s definitely a super fan and he isn’t nearly as nerdy as the show portrayed. I found out he was forced to wear the glasses on the show. He doesn’t even need them but they needed a Steve/Ian stereotype. He’s way more of a physical competitor than the token nerdy guy too. Listening to how big of a fan he is and how short his experience was made me feel so sorry for him.

      • Sassy

        Weird they would make him wear glasses to fill a stereotype. They had to know that would come out in the media eventually.

        Maybe next season they should do all players that were evicted out of the house first. They may be an interesting bunch.

      • Mel

        I’ve heard other players in the past talk about things similar to that but it was usually more wanting them to dress a certain way so they have an even mixture of the bombshell, the girl next door, etc. I think it was season 17 when Vanessa wanted to put her hair in little tiny braids and production wouldn’t let her until a couple weeks into the show. They wanted to make sure her look was established first. That one didn’t really matter since she just ended up walking around in a beanie for 3 months anyway. If you look at Ravens official cast photo, she dresses nothing like that. Lol

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  27. Ann

    These people are a bunch of fools. Too bad it wasn’t Cody & Paul that have to be stuck together for 48hrs.

    • Mel

      Did you hear Paul say last night that he asked Cody first and Cody almost said yes? I’m curious to see if that’s on the show because there wasn’t much mention of it. I’m not sure if that happened or if it was a joke.

  28. Mel

    I just saw where the show will be delayed 18 Minutes tonight because of golf for anyone who that may affect.

  29. Avatar

    I think I’ve reached the point were I’m just looking over the rest of the season to BB20. I hope they actually cast house guests who want to play next year. I’m really keeping my fingers crossed. Congratulations Paul!

  30. danmtruth

    So Alex made up anger to Elena is fueled now by Elena taking the money This from the women who is willing to let Paul win and settle for 2nd place
    Our only saving grace is Paul is now tethered to Xmas Doing his best Hordoor while Xmas whistles and makes wagon train noise
    Alex says Paul wont backstaber her Because his brand is Friendship What’s her brand Blind Stupidity As a big Big Brother Fan has she ever heard of “you can bounce a cheque in BB when ever you want “

  31. Avatar

    There have been winners of the 500k who didn’t get as excited as Josh when they told him he made it to jury. What a dope.

  32. Avatar

    So have they taken Jason down and put Cody up yet?

  33. Mel

    I don’t know why Alex insists on calling herself the showmance Killer. She didn’t take out Jessica and she isn’t splitting up a showmance during her HOH.

    • Gerardo (Domini-CAN not Domini-CAN'T)

      Instead of putting Coke in her HOH basket, I really wish the producers had given Alex a tall, cold glass of #STFU!

    • Shivani33

      I thought I heard a Wizard of Oz munchkin voice on tonight’s CBS BB and looked up and saw Alex was talking. Paul is the real showmance divider. He’s working on Christmas now to cut loose from Kevin. He’s giving her the lowdown, while tethered to the “honey” beeyotch. Paul set up Elena to distance herself from Mark, even though it’s been only half successful. It’s a halfway relationship anyhow. He wants to pick off half of Maven. On Season 18, Paul helped to engineer the dissolution of Frank and Bridgette, plus James & Natalie.

      Though plans can and do change, maybe Paul will work it out to bring Josh, Raven and Christmas with him towards the end as his handpicked trolls, goats, minions to beat. He can see that these 3 aren’t likely to win over the jury.

  34. Ann

    I want Matt to just shave that freakin mustache off & be done with the shit. If he’s not licking it he’s picking it. SHAVE IT, SHAVE IT, SHAVE THE DAMN THING ALREADY!!!!!

  35. Avatar

    Have I mentioned how much I despise this entire cast this season? Christmas makes me physically ill… the sound of her voice, her mousy face, her hair even makes me sick. The squeaking sound of the wheels on her baby stroller make me sick… and I still can’t figure out why this disgusting person was even allowed to stay in the house after breaking her foot. She better be lucky she weaseled her way into Paul’s cult following and found safety while she does nothing for an entire season. This season has really made me follow this show less and less… and if this is the best cast BB can put together, it might be time to take this show off the air. Once Cody goes this week… the only two cast members who came to actually try to “play the game” will be gone and they can end the show right there and just hand Paul the win. After Paul became last season’s loser, he definitely needed a season filled with minions that wouldn’t challenge him at all–and BB obliged him. This is the most predictable season ever.

  36. g8trgirl

    I have never seen a group of people get so excited about making it to jury. They congratulated each other like it was some major feat. Smh.

  37. Avatar
    Helen (5154 comments)

    Cody is pathetic

    • Gerardo (Domini-CAN not Domini-CAN'T)

      I just don’t get it– what exactly did Cody not understand about what Kevin told him last week? Kevin told Cody as clear as day that Kevin, Jason, Alex, and PAUL were all in cahoots. Now Cody is trying to save himself by having a conversation with Alex about targeting PAUL?? What part of “Alex and Paul are working together” did you not understand??? *FACEPALM*

      Then he suggests that Alex nominate Josh and target him for eviction, and Alex informs him that Josh is one of her strongest allies *FACEPALM AGAIN*.

      Finally, out of desperation, Cody just starts randomly throwing every other HG under the bus, hoping to get some traction *TRIPLE FACEPALM*

      Dude, you pretty much just sealed your own fate with that one. This is why it’s not a good idea to isolate yourself from the rest of the house 24/7. This guy clearly has no idea what’s going on in the house, and no clue how to play this game. Any slight chance Cody had of trying to shift the target to Elena this week to save his game just went out the window. *SIGHHHHH*

      • Mel

        I was glad to see him try but he’s sooooo bad at it. Somehow it fits with this season. Even the fighters suck. Lol

      • Gerardo (Domini-CAN not Domini-CAN'T)

        Sigh it was soooo bad. I was also excited to see him give it a shot, but why didn’t he just go guns blazing after Elena?? She’s already on the block and he knows she’s a target. He should’ve just focused all his energy into convincing them to let Matt use his veto on himself (which is actually quite logical anyway). Poor Cody, just go get some R&R at the jury house buddy. This game is not for you.

      • caRyn

        This game is definitely not for Cody. His game plan was to win comps and take out targets. He never thought about the fact that BB is a social experiment. Be social! Cody’s temper reminds me of Paulie. Ugh.

      • KelBel

        In all fairness, I think Cody is the only one who realizes that Paul is in cahoots with everyone (Marlena seem to be slowly figuring that out, but are so flippy-floppy-sloppy that they likely won’t DO anything about it)…so it’s possible he was attempting to get Alex to see that & turn things around. Didn’t he use the veto to take Alex off the block early on? Meh…Cody has sealed his fate & I’ll be sad to see him go. #teamtheyallsuck

      • LindsayB

        He didn’t use the veto. He threw it. Or gave up. Whatever it was, he didn’t try hard enough to win so she could have it. It would’ve been better if he would’ve won it and took her off. He was too scared of the wrath of Jessica to do that.

      • caRyn

        I hear what you are saying, KelBel, about Cody. I don’t think Cody is the only one that realizes what a threat Paul is as player. Jessica even said it in her speech. The other players aren’t concerning themselves with Paul (yet) because they are trying to get to the end and think Paul can get them there. They are making a choice to ride with Paul.

    • Ann

      Aaaaaaaaaaaaah, I hate Alex’s voice & I can’t stand that little troll. She really looks manly when she wears make-up.

  38. Avatar

    Out of curiosity I just watched Raven’s pre-show interview with Jeff. Her makeup is normal, her main focus is about being a dancer so is in great shape to win challenges, has game strategy prepared and waits till end of interview to even mention her illness. Tells Jeff she is fine now that she has pacemaker, changed her life likes positive people blah blah blah. I mean she is still annoying but I wish that version of Raven was playing BB.

  39. caRyn

    Hello! I haven’t read any comments so I don’t know what has been said or what hasn’t been said. I will start by saying Paul is my number one. This game was made for minds like his. Elena is a real life blow-up doll. No shade. Just call it like I see it. I love me some Kevin too and I hope he is America’s Favorite Player. I worry Kevin may become a target if he isn’t careful. Not a fan of Raven, Mark or Cody. Cody’s temper is over the top. I do like Jason and Alex. Christmas and Josh are ok. I won’t remember Matt a year from now even if he was final two this season.

  40. Avatar

    Cody needs to leave this week, when he tries to connect they just tear him apart when he walks away. Kevin and Jason now agreeing his brother didn’t die and he has no daughter. I don’t get it. There are other things you can pick on Cody for why the need for so many to go so low. Saying his game sucked or picking on his personality is enough.

  41. Mel

    I may have to watch season 3, 10 or maybe 6 again this week so I can have a BB fix.

  42. caRyn

    Having seen Paul’s first BB season, if I was on this season with Paul, I would play a loyal game with him. Let the best BB player win. He knows how to play this game. We know you can get to F2 with him and win.
    Pride got in the way with Cody and Jessica. Mark and Elena are floaters. These four put targets on their backs. They only have themselves to blame.

  43. Avatar

    I wonder if production tells each of them separately to keep up what they’re doing because America loves them. Raven probably thinks her GoFundMe money is coming in like crazy, Cowboy probably thinks he’ll get invited to every rodeo in the world since he is a celebrity now, Christmas is probably already itching to make a workout video to show how she fought back after her foot injury and since she’s a celebrity now everyone will buy it, Elena already said a million times that she quit her job I guess to tell prospective employers that she is available I’m sure the offers are rolling in. Not to mention all the money they’ll be raking in hanging with their final two buddy Paul after the finale. Who needs another $500,000 when you have all that other money coming your way.

  44. Gerardo (Domini-CAN not Domini-CAN'T)

    I guess Kevin is in major damage control mode after being caught trying to make a deal with Cody. He’s now in the HOH room with Paul, Josh, and #RavenSTFU, leading a hardcore Cody bashing session. Topics include: Cody is a moron, Cody has chronic gas and bad manners, Cody has no pride in himself, Cody can’t even throw a comp correctly, Jess must be humiliated watching Cody on the feeds begging to stay this week. At some point Josh tells Kevin to lower his voice, and Kevin exclaims “I DON’T GIVE A F*CK IF CODY HEARS ME! I’LL SAY IT IN HIS FACE!!!”. I’m no fan of Cody, but all this Cody bashing seems a little lame Kev.

  45. danmtruth

    So lets talk of the hypocrisy of the house All could not understand why Jessica would not throw Cody to the curb to save herself and join there side Yet complain that Elena and Mark are flip floppers that go to the numbers That they have no loyalty Even tho there lord and leader Paul told them he would throw them all under the bus to save himself

  46. Ann

    That will be Paul’s argument when & if someone comes to him with something that Cody has said. Paul will say Cody is throwing them ALL under the bus as a last ditch effort to save himself.

  47. Gerardo (Domini-CAN not Domini-CAN'T)

    Apparently at the Outback dinner, Elena was kissing Alex’s ass hardcore and laughing extra hard at all of Alex’s jokes. At some point at the dinner, Elena asked “Cody is going home, right guys?” but apparently Matt didn’t hear her and therefore did not respond… This “sketched” Elena out quite a bit, which Alex finds hilarious. Alex and Matt also laugh about how the entire night Elena was trying to make conversation with everyone but no one was really engaging.

  48. Gerardo (Domini-CAN not Domini-CAN'T)

    Alex and Matt are telling Josh that America is going to love him because he’s so real and is not afraid to show all of his emotions. They compare him to Zach from BB16, and comment that since Zach came in 2nd place for AFP, Josh may be in the running for AFP this year… I can’t tell if they’re just blowing smoke or if they seriously believe Josh is amongst America’s favorites this year.

  49. Ann

    Josh, Elena is not the type of girl you wanna bring home to meet mama. If one of my boys brought her home, my first thought would be “Which corner does she work downtown or Does she work at the Maximus.” That’s where prostitutes are & Maximus is the strip club in my town.

  50. danmtruth

    Paul planting seeds He tells Xmas as a returning player there is no way he can beat anyone in a finale It will be dumb for anyone not to use his knowledge of the game Xmas starts to build him up saying how much he has help Paul is trying to push no one will vote for him to win So he is the smart person to take to finale These fools will eat it up

  51. Ann

    Cody looks all wild eyed & crazy sitting there pleading his case to Alex & Jason. He’s really trying but there is no way I would trust him. Get his ass out.

    • Gerardo (Domini-CAN not Domini-CAN'T)

      It’s almost sad to watch. Alex is basically telling Cody that it’s futile to plead his case at this point– Paul has the house united against him. Alex said the she and Jason prefer to “play betas” now and strike later when the numbers have been dwindled down. Meanwhile, Paul and St. Patrick’s Day have figured out that Cody is upstairs and are on their way up to throw salt in Cody’s game. Elena/Mark are also hot on Cody’s trail (as Cody’s success would be Elena’s failure). This would be moderately interesting to watch if I thought there was any chance Cody could actually talk Alex into going against Paul’s wishes.

  52. Gerardo (Domini-CAN not Domini-CAN'T)

    Update: Raven is now eating one of Alex’s White Castle Cheeseburgers. Can somebody please explain to me exactly what Raven’s dietary restrictions are??

    • Ann

      I saw that G. Now she went up to the HOH with a bag in her hand eating something else.
      Aren’t they looking for the fish food? Raven has been in the room by herself sneaking stuff, hell, she’ll eat anything that won’t eat her first.

    • Shivani33

      If you decide to examine certain unappetizing aspects of the digestive process, ground beef is easier to digest than steak. The grinding breaks beef down into more digestible particles, whereas steak is a slab. Yuck! Even though that makes sense, Raven doesn’t make sense. She seems to have a food obsession. If she says that she just snacks throughout her waking hours, those are helluva big snacks. Raven might not survive if she gets HoH and finally gets her own basket of goodies, but maybe it’d be boring for her because she wouldn’t have to steal it, pig it down or sneak it.

  53. Ann

    Uuuum, Raven’s mom, this is Big Brother, we are going to have to send Raven home because we can NOT afford her food bill any longer.

  54. Ann

    Imagine her food bill at home. Matt can put away his fair share too.

  55. Shivani33

    Cody kept offering valid points to Alex and Jason about how Paul is not only winning the game and in charge but also about how Paul can clip his stronger competition, keep the weaker ones and get to the end. The problem is that Alex was just humoring Cody by listening to his campaign and doesn’t want to budge. She even told him that being a “low-key Beta” is working great for her and Jason right now. Also, she told him, “you DO know that we’re all kind of working together.” What she implied and didn’t come out and say is that there’s a group agreement, a majority who have decided to evict Cody, and nothing he says can change it.

    Jason gave Cody a glimmer of hope, saying that if even 2 more people could get on board to keep Cody, maybe it could work. However, Jason too was just being nice, and he’s not going to commit game suicide by going around looking for these 2 more people. Jason is open about recognizing that Paul is in the way of anyone who wants to try to win the game. But he doesn’t want to put up with being led by Cody, who acts like a war-torn, isolated man searching for a phantasm army to command, Apocalypse Now style. Zero finesse, no structure to his nebulous desires and unexplained plans and a temperament without a good, stabilizing handle.

    Cody still needs to be the lone wolf and the leader but isn’t willing or perhaps able to be a compatriot. To quote Wil Heuser, “ain’t nobody got time for that!” I doubt if Jessica will have time for it either, not for long.

  56. Mello_One

    Question…Does anyone else think that the HAVE NOT KEY, Might also fit the P.O. Boxes Locks in the HOH???

    Watching BBAD….Cody Might as well Give It Up, & Stop Pleading his Case, these Minions are Playing for Paul to Win. They are all too Scared to make a Big Move. And its more than Obvious that Alex was pulling Cody’s Chain when he was asking her to give him a break in the HOH?! “Are U Kidding Me???”

    This is the Season of the Minions, almost like Season 16 with Derrick, but he was a Policeman, they go to train to know how to Manipulate, & Control.

    Just my opinion, But Paul Should have Won last year, But Allison Grodner had Nicole Penciled in to win. This Season Allison has Paul Penciled in to Win, but she should have waited longer for Paul’s 2nd appearance on BB. not the immediate next Season. I just hope CBS & Allison Grodner takes note, and Stops Casting Veterans. This Season might have been Great without Paul’s being in the house as the Sole Veteran. 🙁

  57. Avatar

    THIS!!! —-> “I understand the strategy behind it because that’s the only way to get Cody out, but not saving yourself while on the block is about a stupid as not choosing the PoV when you’re on the block and win the competition.”

    Lord – I was getting flamed on Twitter yesterday for suggesting that Matt using Veto on Jason is a dumb idea. Cody’s not targeting Matt, it’d be wise to keep a bigger target than your showmance in the house, and Jason and crew ARE talking about targeting Matt/Raven next! There is really no upside of Cody leaving for ANYONE except Paul and Josh. If he sticks around, those would be his targets and everyone else can just float along like they seem content doing. This season is so weird I’m starting not to even look forward to the episodes – or my usual online banter with other BB addicts!

    • KelBel

      I don’t even know that Josh would be Cody’s target…he’s not a threat, just annoying. Paul and everyone else knows that Cody would be going against Paul and they just can’t keep that kind of negativity around. They’d have to think or act for themselves which would make for an enjoyable sh*tshow to watch! 🙂

    • kneeless

      I agree. I’m not nearly as active this season. I have always been hard core BB, watch every episode, BBAD, some feeds & participating in online chats. But this season, I don’t really care. I agree that if Cameron had stayed & there had been no Paul it would have been a much better season.

  58. Wendy

    Omg… what’s the name of the 5 in he back yard… the Hotdog crew? The campfire 5? Paul, Jason, Alex, Christmas,and josh. Summercamp tramps?

  59. Wendy

    Now if the other people in the house would see this and turn this week.

  60. Wendy

    I really have a heard time that they are not playing.

  61. kneeless

    I’m watching last night’s BBAD. Will Alex’s can of nuts ever end? Obviously, Raven doesn’t like nuts!

  62. Shivani33

    Kevin is acting increasingly burnt out, pent up and bored. He came close to biting Paul’s head off last night during a conversation. It couldn’t have been a more mundane or non-game topic, just a small group wondering what time it was. Kevin said he knew exactly what the time was, 10:05 on the nose. Paul quipped, “on whose nose?” Kevin replied with another quip, but it wasn’t humorously said at all. The look on his face was of someone who had just about had it and was barely restraining himself. Smoldering.

    Later talking with Mark, Kevin said that he couldn’t do this (BB) again and have the same kind of relationships with another group of people. Then he told Mark, “you won’t be asked back.” He added that only Christmas would be asked to return, because she didn’t get to compete. I kept looking at Kevin’s jaw trying to discern if he’s in pain from his bad tooth again. Could be, but he looks like a lot of the time, he’s on the verge of blowing his stack and exploding with a huge “f*ck this!” He’s had it with the thickness of the herd mentality and with every angle that he’s tried to work coming to a big, flat impasse. The man’s got cabin fever and wants his streets back!

    • Wendy

      Totally agree… shoot I’m 40 and being around any people for more than a couple hours I’m like….. I’m done!

    • Avatar

      They’ve been saying for a few days that Kevin’s been acting differently and I think Alex went on a tangent the other day about him having a mean streak. It’s hard to say what’s going on other than that he does seem to be struggling. I wouldn’t blame him at all for being frustrated by the lack of movement in the game.

      While it’s a little entertaining that the ones in power are keeping things suspenseful for those not on the “inside” it’s also kind of like why? At this point they could just straight up just say to people this is where you are in the pecking order. Seems a little mean and not really strategy to be fucking with Elena, Mark and Cody just because they can. I’m even okay with them doing it to Cody since he seems to be trying to change the game but their reason for stringing him out is to make Elena nervous. She has no power so it just comes off as mean. I’m not defending Elena and I get why Alex would want to get her back but they take everything so far. It loses the entertainment factor at some point. At least for me.

      • Sassy

        I agree with you. Every week they single out a player or 2 and they are shunned. You have your plan, veto is over, all you have to do is vote now. Why be assholes about it? This is the most childish group EVER! They are definitely not playing for AFP.

    • kneeless

      I do feel for Kevin. I am the same age as he & I can’t imagine spending 24/7 with all these people that he could be the dad of most of them. I know he has a boatload of kids but he doesn’t even live with them all the time. Not trying to dis the 20-30 year Olds out there, but I am sure you ‘get it.’

      • Sassy

        I think he is frustrated with the lack of game play. He wanted to be able to work different angles but Paul has cornered the market and Kevin knows it. He knows it is only a matter of time before he is ousted from the group. He’s disappointed there is only 1 group and has tried several times to form another one, but people are to stupid to see it.

  63. Avatar

    I liked Derricks season because even though he controlled people’s game moves the other players kept their own personalities and befriended whoever they wanted. He didn’t make himself the center of the house. But his personality was on the boring side so was not fun like to watch like Paul w secret service punishment or Dr Wills antics in the dr.

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