Good afternoon, everyone!  It’s Sunday which means a slow day on the feeds (maybe).

Let me give a quick recap of the last few days or so. As you know, Alex won HoH which means Paul won HoH. No shade on Alex, it’s just it’s clear she’s playing his game and is happy to finish second to him. Half the house is in her shoes, so I don’t mean to single her out. I’ll mention them (like Josh) when they win HoH and do his work for him. To Alex’s credit, however, she did give us some insight into her thought process this season.  She feels she can trust Paul because he said ‘friendship’ and she believes that’s his brand so he won’t back out on that. I’m guessing she pictures herself like Victor but she clearly doesn’t see that half the house is doing the same thing. It’s yet another reason why it’s bad to have vets in the house because newbies feel they can ‘trust’ them more due to their outside reputation, but we’ve beaten that issue into the ground.


The house is still set on getting Cody out, but surprisingly Cody has been showing signs of life after some time mourning the loss of Jessica. Don’t get excited and think he’s pulling a Dan where he’s going to do and say anything to stay in the house. Cody is still very stubborn and also a mediocre player, so even though a halfway decent player can talk themselves out of the mess he’s in, he’s not one of those people nor does he appear to want to be. His strategy appears to be getting through the week without leaving in handcuffs, and so far so good. He didn’t take any bait from people like Josh on Thursday night, went into the HN room for a solid 24+ hours and let everything die down before he started to show his face again. It didn’t hurt that the random argument between Christmas and Mark got people (including Josh) talking to him in order to gain dirt on Mark (side note – Cody didn’t trash Mark like others in the house hoped he would).  It is now at the point where Cody was up in the HoH room with Christmas, Josh, Paul, and Alex hanging out and having a casual conversation. Something unheard of a few weeks ago when those same people were tossing insults to him across the yard.

When you couple Cody’s lack of aggression with Elena doing a really stupid thing by taking $5k yesterday in the competition, there is a chance that he may not leave (first) on Thursday’s double eviction. Elena won the PoV competition but selected the prize (punishment) of making hotdogs for people for the week. Rather than give that punishment to Matt while taking the PoV, she decided to take $5k cash from the HoH. This was after having a verbal agreement with Alex not to do that as they were the final 2 in the competition. Terrible decision. When the feeds returned, Alex was really pissed at Elena and tossed her name out there as a legitimate option to be voted out this week before Cody. Of course, the stupidity doesn’t stop at Elena as the person who did win the PoV said he is going to use it to save Jason rather than himself.  I understand the strategy behind it because that’s the only way to get Cody out, but not saving yourself while on the block is about a stupid as not choosing the PoV when you’re on the block and win the competition.

Needless to say, this week has two classic stupid moves in play at the same time but neither may end up biting the people in the ass as others are still serious on getting Cody out. Personally, I’ll laugh my ass off if Elena or Matt go home because of that, but right now they’re safe.


  • 9:30 am – Cody is the only one up
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  • Also, I didn’t put it in my summary above but Kevin has been overplaying lately and the house has been noticing. Keep an eye on him being a potential target soon
  • 10:45 am – Most are up and Alex is already making her hot dogs
    • Meanwhile, Paul and Christmas are still strolling around the house together. I really wish he did this with Cody
  • 11:25 am – Alex is all done packing up her camping supplies.  She has to set up and pack up every single time she has to make hot dogs
    • House is called to HoH for lockdown. They assume it’s for havenots
  • 12:05 pm – Feeds are back!
    • Kevin, Paul, Mark, and Jason are havenots due to their finish in the HoH competition
    • Meanwhile, Alex tosses serious shade at Elena during the HN speech.
    • She says “In honor of Elena’s birthday, I promised I wouldn’t make her a havenot. And because my promise is worth more than any dollar amount and don’t want to go against my promise on national TV…”  though she read it from the card which means BB told her to say that. Ouch
  • 12:15 pm – Alex is in the HoH room talking to Jason
    • She is telling Jason about a conversation with Cody.  She apparently feels good because she told him she gave him a chance (but not to save himself via pov)
    • Matt joins the HoH room and they talk about stuff.  They ask him if he thinks double this week, he says next week. Pretty sure he’s been wrong about everything
    • Alex put her ‘petty’ hat on just to read the card to Elena
    • Alex once again tells Jason how she feels good with Paul because his ‘friendship’ thing will prevent him from backstabbing her
  • 12:40 pm – Elena is talking to Mark in the bedroom
    • She says she wore Jessica’s bandana last night in the DR and went off on Alex
  • Back in the HoH room
    • Alex is again talking about how Elena screwed her over yesterday
  • 1:25 pm – The HoH room sitting around talking trash about Elena while Jason listens on
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    • Josh is in heaven this week now that he has Alex to bitch to about Elena.  They are basically repeating the same stuff over and over and over. They’re talking about her personal life and how she didn’t really need the money blah blah blah.
    • Christmas brings up the big issue is her breaking the promise (which is valid. Bad look on Elena) and Josh agrees.. but give him 10 minutes and he’ll be complaining about money again
  • 2:20 pm – Raven and Matt are talking about something nobody cares about in the apple room (seriously, does anyone ever actually want me to report what these two are saying?)
    • Meanwhile, Jason, Alex, and Kevin are in the HoH room chatting about the PoV – still. I think it’s time for them to have Alex make more hot dogs
  • 4:45 pm – I was in bed listening to the feeds. Not a whole lot going on right now
    • Speaking of, sometimes I pause my feeds rather than mute them at night. At midnight pst the feeds start up again regardless so suddenly I hear voices in my house at 3 am (my time). Yikes
  • Huge shout out and thanks to Kathy and Rob! Much appreciated!!
    • Here is a random image of Matt and Raven to put me back to sleep
    • She is probably trying to figure out why in the world he got a Boys II Men quote tattood to his arm
  • Huge shout out and thanks to Laura and Brad!  You guys are amazing!
  • 5:35 pm – Big Brother does the horn for Alex. Hot dog time!
    • I should note they did this about 2 hours ago. Big Brother is brutal tonight on her
    • Meanwhile in the bedroom, Paul is talking with his crew about messing with Elena and Mark this week. He’s not doing the bully approach that he did with Cody. This time they’re going to be friendly with Cody and let them think Elena may go home to shake them a bit. We’ll see if this strategy works.
  • 5:50 pm – Raven tells the HoH crew that the recent Alex notice was an accident. After she was midway through putting it up lol
    • Paul is telling the group that half the people need to do ‘true’ or ‘more’ and the other half do ‘false’ or ‘less’ in an HoH trivia.. if they don’t know the answer

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