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Big Brother 19 – Sunday Feed Updates


It’s Sunday in the Big Brother house which should prove to be fairly interesting as Jason is going to be the center of attention by a lot of people.

As I talked about this morning, Jason is currently suffering from a disorder known as IT (independent thought) and may actually go against what Paul wants this week. Paul wants him to use the power of veto and nominate Kevin so the house (without Jason’s knowledge) can have the option to vote him out because they’re seriously considering it. Ironically, IT is the one disorder Raven doesn’t claim to have, but there is still time for that.

Also, I did fail to mention in my earlier post that would have tied the story together nicely are Matt and Raven’s thoughts on it all. While everyone is telling Jason that they’re going to hold a massive grudge and nuke the house, the two were alone and Matt admitted that if they won HoH, they would have gone after Jason and Alex. Oops? I’m sure if Paul hears that, he will do everything he can to silence them because it shows they’ll either actually understand Jason’s game move and not be bitter – or prove they’re going to be the bitter type regardless what happens.



  • 11:00 am – Kevin is doing rounds in the backyard alone.
    • He goes upstairs to check on Jason and jokes about him oversleeping.
    • When he starts asking whether or not they kept Jason up late last night, the cameras cut to show Christmas and Raven talking on all 4 cameras.  Kill me. Seriously?
  • Oh, and I didn’t get a chance to say it because I was busy this weekend. I hope all our Junkies in Texas are safe and secure. We’re all thinking about you!
  • 11:22 am – Jason finally joins Kevin outside for a walk
    • Kevin again asks what they were talking about up in his room
    • He says nobody was in his room. Alex came up for about 10 minutes and that’s about it
    • Jason tells Kevin that Alex called him stupid and he’s sick of her saying things like that
  • 11:40 am – Paul tells Matt and Raven he’s going to just join Kevin and Jason and ruin their moment
    • Kevin found a new Pablo
  • 11:50 am – Paul is back in the kitchen with Matt and Raven
    • Matt is calm about it. He says either he or Kevin is going home. Paul asks why he doesn’t care about staying
    • Matt says he cares, but he’s (Jason) a grown man and he’s not going to stress
    • Raven says America is going to get a show if he doesn’t take one of them off the block. Tomorrow could be good. CrazyRaven is coming back!
    • Raven is going to pull the ‘we’re both southerners’ comment and both have accents.  To be fair, Raven has an accent for every part of the country depending on her mood
  • 12:50 pm – House is in HoH lockdown and the feeds are on pets which means something is going on….
    • And it’s HaveNots
    • First two to drop from HoH. Kevin and Matt
  • 1:08 pm – Kevin is heading outside and Josh tells him that he needs the slippers back
    • Kevin leaves and Josh starts bitching to Alex about him
  • 1:15 pm – Josh, Alex, Paul, and Christmas bitch session on Kevin
    • They are saying that Kevin hasn’t played at all.  He’s riding everyone’s coat tails
    • Hasn’t caused drama, hasn’t called anyone out…. so that is ‘playing Big Brother’?  What happened to the social aspect?
    • Christmas asks how Kevin can get America’s Favorite…. umm, because he’s not a complete asshole like the rest of you?
    • (What has Christmas done?  Literally get carried along the game because of her injury. She won one HoH that was thrown to her)
    • They bash Kevin for not trying during the veto then when Christmas points out that he was trying but he was pretending not to when he walked outside they bash him for sucking.  ???
  • 1:25 pm – Kevin enters and everyone but Paul leaves.  They chat while Kevin keeps trying to get Paul outside to enjoy the day
    • Kevin goes outside and Alex joins to trash him with Paul.  This house is annoying
  • 3:00 pm – Not much going on with the feeds
    • Paul, Alex, and Christmas are sitting around the couch shittalking the house.  Surprised?
    • They said that Raven said people photoshopped her freckles into her memory wall photo but is now talking about her freckles because someone said they liked Christmas’… pettttttty
  • 4:20 pm – They must have told the house that Game of Thrones season finale is on tonight so don’t bother doing anything exciting.

Check back for updates


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  1. Avatar

    I hope Jason tells Alex what Matt said and she stops bothering him about Kevin.

  2. hogwild

    I’m in the Dallas area so it’s good here if your down around Houston it’s really bad and going to be that way for awhile. As for the game the house has been given a second chance to take Paul out don’t waste this one to.

    • Shivani33

      Watching the storm disaster closely and donating to the Red Cross. Our Florida hearts are with you Texans all the way. On our west Florida coast, it’s been a downpour for 4 days and schools just called saying they’ll understand if we can’t get out of our neighborhoods, but schools, so far, are still open. This is nothing next to what Texas is facing and trying to live through. Damn it. I love y’all. Full tilt prayers! Sorry for off-topic. And Ann, please let us hear from you soon.

      • feltso gudinya

        please research the red cross…it might not be too late to get your contribution back…they r one of the most corrupt charities in america along with the american cancer society and the united way..a very small percentage of your donation will be seen by the victims of this storm….

      • Avatar

        That is so true. They must follow the same operating model in Canada. So little of their revenues go to helping those in need. A huge majority of their income pays for overhead & the salaries of the directors & officers, as well as non volounteer employees.

      • kneeless

        I agree with felts. Folks please make sure you do your own due diligence when donating for disaster relief.

    • Mimi Ryan

      Texas you are in my thoughts and prayers and very glad to see you all here on this blog. Prayers from So Cal.

    • Shivani33

      Thank you, dear feltso. I’ve spoken to Monsieur le Moneybags about the Red Cross shenanigans before. Always he responds by singing me the Air Force song and using my butt cheeks as a microphone. So. “Off we go into the wild blue yonder. Climbing high into the sun; Here they come zooming to meet our thunder. At ’em boys, give ‘er the gun!” Love. Love is strange.

  3. Avatar

    i hope in the time until veto ceremony jasons IT(lol),increases ahd he takes raven off and puts paul.raven and alex would vote with him and they can flip kevin,im sure…just let me daydream,guys…

    • Avatar

      Alex will never vote Paul out. She is Jason’s keeper, think of her as a Flying Monkey/Jockey riding Jason hard to keep hm in his lane. Raven needs to go for the better of everyone’s game. People seem to think Jason and Alex are a team, not so. There are joined at the hip until Paul makes the call to cut Jason, then Alex is jumping off that horse. The only real team left is Capt Crunch and his berries cruncher. Everyone else just thinks they are teamed with Paul.

    • Mimi Ryan

      Now I could get behind Paul going up. Jason IT, Dude, IT!!!!

  4. kneeless

    I hope Jason’s case of it-itis is a severe case, that is contagious & spreads throughout the house!

  5. AIO_7

    “Raven says America is going to get a show if he doesn’t take one of them off the block.”

    Why in the world would she think Jason is obligated to take one of them off the block? RATT has had no relationship with Cowpoke.

  6. Avatar

    Wasn’t Paul wearing the floaty played out from last seaso?

  7. Tinkerbell

    Four cameras on THEM in the pool now. Stop it!

  8. Helen

    First time I can remember that I don’t watch much of the feeds anymore…..
    Big Brother is boring when the power does not occasionally shift……
    If Kevin goes OTB I am pretty much over this season….the thought of Paul Josh and Christmas in a final 3 would be locked in because Paul knows the only person he could beat in a F2 is someone like Josh. Sad sad sad….

    • kneeless

      I too, am not watching feeds, like I was and I an not watching BBAD every night. I have watched the 3 network shows/week & BBAD for a long time. This season I haven’t been nearly as loyal. My BB loyalty is to this site!

      • Helen

        Me too!! I was rooting for Paul for a long time when I bought into his BS about a final 3 with Alex and Jason….now I realize it was just that…BS….he truly is a garden gnome …..I hope AFP goes to Kevin so he comes out 27 dollars ahead of second place winner….and I hope whoever is sitting up there with the gnome gets the big money and he takes second place again!!

    • Avatar

      I stopped watching long ago. This season has been so boring and the “players” (I use that term very loosely) have lacked any imagination or skill… it’s like they have never watched this show before in their lives. The fact that we are down to such few players in this game and still the only 2 that have been suspicious of Paul are Cody and Jess is astounding to me and shows you that BB casting is absolutely dreadful.

  9. Avatar

    So they complain that Kevin has done nothing because he hasn’t won anything. What did Raven win again? Matt got a veto that no one wanted (and didn’t even use on himself despite being otb!), josh won the sheer luck HOH, and Ho Ho holidays won an HOH that even she knows was thrown to her. Oh yes, Kevin is just the worst ever (eyes rolling out the sockets!!!)

  10. Ann

    Hi everyone, I’m sitting in the car charging my phone again & trying to get cool for a little while. Watching neighbor’s get what they can out of their houses & taking pictures of the damage.
    Water, ice & food are being given away at several places around town & the lines are so long. I’ve never seen anything like this before except on tv.
    There are 2 Dollar General stores open in town & they have no power either. They’re only letting in a few people at a time so lines go around the strip & all through the parking lot. My girls went when they opened at 12 & had a basket of food but then couldn’t buy it because the store can take only cash, no debit or credit cards. Non of us have cash & we didn’t think about ATM machines being out of service. DUH…There is one gas station open & police officers are there to control chaos.
    As the wind is dying down, it is unbelievably hot but the rain is plenty. We are not expected to have power until Thursday & still under water boiling restrictions. I have this loud generator roaring constantly but hey, at least I have it.
    My family & I are fine Thanks to the wonderful advice that you all gave us because I made sure we followed it all. My family also asked me to give you all huge THANK YOU for all of your help. They read all instructions you gave & you saved us in so many ways.
    Felts, i thought about the trampoline but I thought it was too heavy to blow away. How dumb was that knowing that a hurricane can delmolish houses, pick up vehicles & anything else. I just wasn’t thinking straight.
    Steve, please Keep us all together after BB is over. These are all wonderful people.
    Love you all
    PS. Let me know what happens on the show tonight!
    I’ll check in again in a couple of hours or so.

    • Sassy

      Ann – I’m glad to hear you and your family are doing well. You have been in my thoughts and prayers the last couple of days.

    • BBBonbon62

      So happy you and your family are safe Ann. Contined prayers and positive toughts are being sent to you. Mother Nature can be such a cold hearted bitch. God bless.

    • feltso gudinya

      cash….i forgot how important that is….sorry ann…there is so much i forgot to tell u…here in southeastern florida we r inundated with hurricane preparedness info starting every memorial day (not xmas} into june…by june 1st i am ready for a typhoon…we even bought a house with an in ground generator that kicks in the moment we lose outside power….homes here in florida must meet stringent hurricane standards…people complain it makes homes more expensive…watching the devastation on tv i say it’s worth every penny…..even our gas stations and supermarkets r mandated to have in ground generators so they can remain open during emergencies…we don’t screw with mother nature, we know who is boss……

      • Tinkerbell

        Felts, Your nice is showing. It looks good on you. I love it. As I said before, you didn’t have me fooled for a moment. Bless your little pea pickin’ heart. :))

      • HappyHippo

        That’s awesome to know! My husband and I and 2 kids just moved to central Florida. We are from LA and TX so we’ve dealt with hurricanes but know we just moved to hurricanes best friend….Florida! Glad you are still doing well Ann, keep those spirits up!
        And on a side note I want to punch each and every HG who is talking so much mindless shit about Kevin! They are so mean and not even in a game playing sense, just out of boredom and bulliness. I literally click on the live feeds and see them talking about Kevin and on the other views is mattress and rapunzel….so I click right off! It’s horrible!
        I can only keep hope alive that cowboy stands his ground.

      • Ann

        Felts, you are so right about that because I have never seen mother nature put her foot down so hard this close to me.

      • Tinkerbell

        Oh Felts, Felts, Felts – Sorry about the repetition. Just wanted to be sure I have both of your ears. I apologize for not being able to respond sooner. I have been in counseling due to an identity crisis. To be more specific, my life took a nose dive yesterday, August 27, 2017, at 7:35 P.M. In a post someone referred to me as “He.” I’m not saying it was you. I only wanted to include you in my post. I will answer that person’s comments in reverse order. I’m so sorry that person was so confused, again. Planet, Uranus. Bad words; bitch, bastard, pissed. Like Munch’s illnesses and injuries, I do not have time to list them all. “She”? I’m a girlie girl….not a manly man. Sometimes people even call me Lynne. I’m sorry to rush off, but now I’m completely exhausted.

      • Tinkerbell

        Just in case…….my post to Feltso at 2:20 today is a joke. Just wanted to be sure I haven’t offended anyone. I don’t think Felts has even seen it yet. :)))

    • Renee

      What a relief when we see your name pop up. Continued prayers for your family and everyone in the path of this disaster.

    • Avatar

      So glad to hear from you Ann.Don’t think I have ever talked to you on here,but have sure had you in my thoughts and prayers..Hang in there.

    • Avatar

      AnN! So happy u r ok, thank u for keeping us posted…. please private message me if anything i can do to help! Did you guys get food? Cash? Let me know, prayers out to you and fam.

      • Ann

        THANK you @monkicorn, we have food, the kid’s were just tired of can food & sandwiches. Being tired of the food you have is not important, it’s important that we have food. Some people out here don’t have that. They will be just fine. Imagine the looks on their faces when I gave them spam sandwiches a few minutes ago & said this is dinner. Lol…If I have to eat canned food & sandwiches until we get power & can shop, I’m oh so grateful. What they should be worried about is gas to keep the generator going & for the cars in case we have to leave.
        Thanks again, we’ll be fine.

      • Ann

        Guess what they’ll be getting for breakfast? Spam & flour tortillas. Lol

    • Avatar

      Stay safe, Ann.

      Your family is awesome to be with you during this.

    • Avatar

      PRAYERS going Up for you Ann, stay safe Girl.

    • kneeless

      I am so relieved to hear you’re OK. I hope you have enough food & clean water to keep you going. Prayers for your entire family.

    • Avatar

      Spam sammies are probably better than/safer than Ravens cooking! Har har. Honestly though, stay safe. And if ever you want to visit the spam museum just let me know…it’s about 30 miles from me.

  11. Helen

    Paul is desperate to get Kevin out this week so he has mattress for the vote to get out Alex and Jason…..

  12. Sassy

    Did I miss this weeks favorite player poll? I love seeing the shift in what people are thinking.

  13. Tinkerbell

    Ohhh Ann, Thanks so much for taking time out of your craziness to let us know how all of you are doing. Oh my goodness! I’m so thankful you and your family are safe, but so sorry you have to go through all of this. I have only seen such devastation on TV, and that is horrible enough. I can’t imagine how terrifying it was to endure the storms, and now the aftermath. So-so much. Just a reminder….sending lots of prayers, love, and good thoughts across the many miles. Please take good care of each other. I know you are xo

  14. Tinkerbell

    They have not included Kevin in their dinner. They called everyone but him. Bitches/bastards. Take a hike!!

  15. Avatar

    So when will we find out if Jason is going to use the pov?

  16. feltso gudinya

    anyone notice fewer thumbs down this sunday….maybe the thumbs down people r clergymen?…

  17. hogwild

    Really got to love Josh and Scooter bitching about Kevin not playing the game one Josh who has done nothing but ride Paul’s coatails and the other Scotter AKA Christmas who has been carried (no pun intended) pretty much the entire season because of her injury. I do feel a little bad trashing Christmas becasue I think she could have been a serious player especially in comps but for her to complain about Kevin a guy who is not strong in comps getting by on his social game is a bit much.

  18. Tinkerbell

    Canceled my feeds early last week, good until end of August. I’m done. I can’t stand the sights or sounds of these creeps. Go.To.Hell!!! I’m definitely not holier than though, but I don’t normally cuss. I’ve had it. May they all suffer the consequences when they are out of the house. They think they have it made in the shade with BB fans. Suck eggs you big bunch of losers! Piss ants. I couldn’t treat a complete stranger like they treat Kevin, and others before him. They will pay in real life, and I want to watch. Karma truly is a bitch! I’ll just hang out here with you guys. No more TV. Not even regular shows. Cannot stomach it! Sorry, I don’t anger easily at all, but I’m pissed.

    • Tinkerbell

      I just cannot imagine how his family feels. If he was my loved one, my heart would be crushed in a thousand pieces. Even though he isn’t family, it’s so completely heart wrenching to witness. I cannot stand for anyone to be hurt…….

  19. Helen

    I remember Josh telling Alex and Jason 3 weeks ago…..no matter what..we gotta stick together!!
    And then he calls others out on their loyalty? Go back to Miami loser……
    But then from the articles I have read he’s not much respected anymore there either

  20. Avatar

    Like Steve said above, best of luck, Texas.
    Hope Shoe is doing well too !
    There was months of rain this spring near Montreal where I grew up. Flooding was horrible. It was so sad to see my old stomping ground be flooded that way, so I truly empathize with your situation.
    Best wishes, everyone.

  21. Avatar

    I have never posted before, I have only read and enjoyed tremendously all of your posts all summer!! But today, CrotchRocketMouth/Pocket Ninja took it to a whole new level of mean by openly taunting Kevin about the food. She is a terrible person. Why is Cowpoke so oblivious to how horrible she is?

  22. Helen

    Kudos to Cowboy!! This is the first week RATT has not taken over the HOH room!!!

  23. Helen

    Hey garden gnome……your pool floaty is not cute or funny this year……just sayin……

    • AIO_7

      Nope, he is in for a surprise when he gets out. He forgets that half of his appeal last year was Victor.

      • Helen

        He would have been smart to stay away!! But he is greedy…..he wants that 500k and is willing to do anything to try to get it……he had a lot of people who were his fans see him for who he really is the last couple of weeks….it ain’t pretty….

  24. Avatar

    I’ve got to say I am disappointed in this house and have began to slowly lose interest. I really thought the players would be smarter than they are and that Cody and Jess were just holding them back because they were such horrible players and people in general, but after the past couple weeks I just do not understand it.

    Excuse me for a moment while I go on a bit of a rant.

    One of my favorite all-time players of BB was Vanessa and I remember her almost getting back-doored and then winning HOH. She knew that the HOH was critical because she could now begin to shake up alliances. She was screwed by that damn Steve, but she manipulated her way around two showmances (one a 3-some), solid alliances (James, Meg, Jackie). Every week she was forced to adjust her game just to stay alive because of the massive target on her back and every week she managed to pull it off until the very end.

    The reason she was able to manipulate was because people actually knew what was good for their game! The players actually had an interest in winning the game for themselves.

    Paul is playing a great game and its not his fault that these players are the worst players I have ever seen since I started watching. I just don’t understand what they are thinking and how they can be that stupid.

    It made sense to get rid of Cody because he couldn’t be trusted and was a maverick who could blow up your game at any second. However, there was no reason to get rid of Mark. Mark was a floater with nobody in the house. He was a Free Agent. You think someone like Vanessa would have even put him on the block? She would have put Jason and Alex and worked on aligning Mark with her.

    Now we are at Jason’s HOH. I will admit I have not watched a live feed this week due to being so busy, but I do stay up to date with Steve’s updates. It makes NO SENSE for Jason to get rid of Kevin. I just can not understand how Jason could ever be talked into this.

    If Jason was smart he would go after Paul this week. He could absolutely get Matt or Raven to vote Paul, Kevin would vote Paul, and that would just leave him to convince Alex who is supposed to be his ride or die. This is the perfect opportunity to have a reason to expose Paul and in any other season I would put money on Paul being back-doored this week. It just makes sense.

    But, that would make too much sense. Jason should put up Kevin who is absolutely no threat to him and let him get voted out so that Matt or Raven could possibly win HOH and then make him a target next week.

    If Jason puts Kevin up on the block this week, then I will be completely done with this season as there is no more reason to watch it. Congratulations to Paul. Like I said I do not fault him because he is playing hyper aggressive and these players are allowing him to do it. However, I would have liked to see him work a little harder week to week. He is throwing HOH comps because he knows he has complete control over the house.

  25. AIO_7

    These two might be porking before the summer is over. They slept together the other night in the showmance room.


  26. Shivani33

    Kevin might be revising his Thanksgiving invitations as he observes the household personalities, not that he hasn’t seen it before. It’s especially strange to witness Kevin getting shit on by the orangutans, because of who he is. A funny, entertaining man who isn’t a threat on any level of the game, with the only exception being that he knows some info about Paul. Yet it’s Paul’s drooling female gargoyles who are the most brutal abbout Kevin. Alex and National Hemorrhoid Awareness Day are the epitome of beneath contempt. Probably Kevin won’t even waste his spit on them once this is over. Christmas might be the only dude that Kevin ever been tempted to hump. Have a Camel cigarette with some good scotch instead. Or Irish whiskey. South Boston! Yes he’s moved on up to a more opulent neighborhood. But he kept that unique accent…and the walk. I can see that he can hardly wait to get home to people who love and understand him!

    The way that Josh gets ordered around, kicked out of rooms, spoken to and used is kind of heavy, too. However, he still feels certain of Paul keeping him around, and Josh wants that to continue. At least Josh objects to the extra nastiness of the gang-ups from time to time and has changed from pot banging whore to a more reluctant kind of fool. But his ass-smooching is getting moldy. Just once, it’d be mighty fine to see him do something else. Oh well, it’s a dream.

  27. hogwild

    Is it just me or is everyone in the house looking like a bigger nutjob than usual on tonights show?

      • Shivani33

        It’s like watching a whitewash job. Alex is edited to look cute and funny. As if! Paul hollers urgently from his DR seat, sounding like a parrot with a wooden spoon jammed up his razoo. Raven received the comic edit, with a prolonged segment featuring her mish-mash of mumbles and accents. Cowpoke got star treatment, due to his HoH. MattRess had his first speaking role since BB19 began. He exemplified that nothing from nothing makes nothing. Kevin looked like he’s aged 10 years just by being in that household. Josh vacillated between trying to sound intelligent and rehearsing for a burlesque gig. All that he needs is a feather boa.

      • Avatar

        Wish you could too Ann, Believe or not I think they were crazier tonight……UNBELIEVABLE! !!!!!!!!!!!

  28. Avatar

    Watching Josh, Pocket Ninja and Cowpoke talking about Kevin — do only Paul and Pocket Ninja know that Cowpoke isn’t using the veto? Or did I miss something and he’s changed his mind?

    • Sassy

      They are bashing everything about Kevin. They think Kevin is taking advantage of them… What??? Are these people serious?

      They think he is lying about his children’s ages, the way he grew up, the town that he grew up in, and he is putting on a front in the house with his personality.

      Josh claims he was raised “old school” and Kevin was not… He says Kevin has no idea what old school is., my my my…

      Jason is all about this conversation! I think Kevin will be backdoored.

      • Ann

        Josh’s dumbass will go along whatever the crowd says at that time.
        This bunch of idiots keep repeating the same old story, different person each week. Next week Jason won’t be a cowboy & his wife won’t really be pregnant so that will be why he needs to go.
        Christmas Joye’s name won’t really be Christmas Joye, it will be Halloween Hell. Bunch of fools.

  29. Helen

    They sharks are starting to circle on Cowboy. Night is falling. Time to start ramping up the put Kevin OTB campaign

    • Ann

      I just hate the thought of those jerks mistreating Kevin. I wish he would just go off & blow up everybody’s game telling everything he knows, he has nothing to lose.
      When are they go in to see that every time they’re (Paul) is ready to get rid of someone this is the sorry ass treatmeant they get. I’m sorry but they couldn’t call themselves my friends after the game is over after pulling that shit on me. I would not forgive them not would I forget.

    • Avatar

      Idk…I have this scary feeling when Kevin goes to the Dentist early on Monday Morning to get his tooth pulled, when he walks back into the house he will be the Renom.

  30. Avatar

    What is funny about tonight’s episode recap of the wiener HOH, is how delusional Matt is about his ranking and importance in the hierarchy of team Paul (more like lowerarchy).

    It also shows that when two contestants can joke, giggle, laugh, and overall have great time pretend making safety deals (Alex and Jason last two standing) for an HOH, you know this season must be a joke.

  31. hogwild

    Does it seem like CBS with their edits is really trying to push Josh for AFP?

  32. Avatar

    Dear CBS Executives,

    As you are probably already realizing, by way of lost viewer numbers, it’s a really bad idea to rig a show that is actually supposed to be spontaneous. While I am sure some of your producers chuckle each time funny noises are added to actions performed by residents of the house, unfortunately the entertainment provided by these sounds does not come close to the level of annoyance many viewers. After having born witness to fake illnesses, open bullying and a myriad of other tragic events that have ruined this season I have completely lost interest and could not care less who “wins” the $500,000.

    I sincerely hope you might take note of how the handle the show in the UK with viewers voting guests out and no interference in the name of “better ratings”.

    The bubble has burst CBS; while Paul has many fans (I was once one of them) when all is said and done if (when) he wins the money it will not have been because of exceptional game play but will instead be because you had pre-determined that this season was his to win.


    Now I realize odds are no CBS execs are going to read this. But it’s how I truly feel. I have not watched the show since Cody got booted and have only kept up via this website. Everything that has happened since I stopped watching has been completely and absolutely expected. Whereas BB used to be filled with all sorts of interesting twists and surprises this season is so incredibly predictable it is pathetic. Pick a target, zero in, isolate and conquer, make fun of them once evicted, and repeat as necessary. All by way of annoying, bullying tactics, interrogations, separation, and extremely (dare I say it) immature behavior.

    I wonder if any of these morons realize that they eventually will have to leave the house, they won’t be “famous” and the lives they left behind will now be forever changed because no one in their right mind would want to be associated with any of these cast members.

    Oh, and one more little note to CBS. If someone can’t stay in the house and has to leave, especially multiple times, they should be offered an op to come back next season but unless you can participate in the game you can’t stay. Sorry “bodybuilding superstar” but you ain’t all that, other than being great at changing tires, and your horseplay got you hurt and should have led to you being given a boot alright – out the door not on your foot.

    End of rant. Sorry – could not help myself.
    Thoughts and prayers to Texas!

    • Helen

      Amen!! Sign my name to that letter!

    • Avatar

      I watched an interview Derrick gave after visiting the BB house. He complimented Paul’s gameplay, predicts he’ll win and has little hope for the rest of them. Said reason Paul is getting so much dislike on social media is his own fault…no reason to keep going off on evicted players and other non-game related nastiness. Same old stuff many have said. But it got interesting when he spoke about 3 weeks of safety. Derrick said he actually went to CBS production after it happened and told them if they want to come back for a second season he wants the same 3 week deal. What?! It really made me wonder if Paul negotiated his return with Production and I have never thought that before.

    • LindsayB

      If you feel so strongly about it why don’t you actually send it to CBS?

      • feltso gudinya

        stirring the pot again….?…bubble bubble, toil and trouble….i love when u egg people on….

      • LindsayB

        I’m being serious, not snarky. I don’t think this is the best season ever but I’m fine with it. This is a perfect example of someone who is passionately upset about it. If you want cbs to know how upset you are, tell them. Telling everyone here doesn’t do anything.

    • feltso gudinya

      gern…haven’t u gotten the memo?….nothing means anything anymore….we live in a world of alternative facts…they will be inundated with adulation when they leave the house…we now live in a coarse, pornographic world and no one seems to care…we have become base and common and celebrate the famous just for being famous…and what about us uplifting hg’s who r no better than amateur porn stars up to the level of subjects for intelligent conversation?…i often feel like a guilty conspirator in our swift ride to the bottom……

  33. Helen

    Josh in the HOH room talking to Jason. They’re talking about Kevin and does it really matter if they send him home now or later. -la

    So josh. Using your own logic why do you all have your panties in a wad that he has to go THIS week? Maybe you should have won HOH or POV and you could make that decision. Respect his HOH just like you wanted everyone to respect yours!! Assclown

  34. Helen

    if Jason caves in he deserves to go next week. Alex can follow him out the door next. Then they can sit in jury and realize what absolute fools they are….

    • Avatar

      I just cannot understand it Helen. I am trying to figure out Jason’s perspective:

      1. He can’t go against Alex at this point. He has made that bed and turning on Alex would only hurt his reputation with everyone in the house. I get that.

      2. With Kevin he will always have a vote to save him if for some reason one of the other players put him on the block. Kevin would vote against Alex before he votes Jason out. Also Kevin is now a target that people want out so he can act as a shield for Jason.

      3. He could turn on Paul and actually get him out this week. He could simply explain it that Paul is a great player and he doesn’t see another opportunity to get him out. I know Matt or Raven would vote to save each other, Kevin will vote however Jason wants, and Jason could convince (with a little work) Alex to go along with it. At that point Jason would have a solid threesome.

      Then again, he does think that he has a solid threesome with Alex and Paul. Rather than carrying Kevin to the finals (that is how you win 500K idiots anyone watch survivor and see how many votes Troyzan got?)

      I have to hand it to Paul. Tonight everyone of these “competitors” said that they, their partner, or Paul need to pull out the win…lol.

  35. Avatar

    Does anyone know if they caught the little 4 Legged Rat in the Kitchen yet???

  36. kneeless

    I know every season there is a lot of hypocrisy but this year it seems to be worse. The ones who have won nothing bitch about Kevin not winning & pulling his weight. Matt, Raven, Josh, Christmas what have you done. Josh has these “feelings” about people & once someone does something suspicious he’s talking about how disloyal they are. His loyalty is all over the place. I still don’the understand why they have to be so mean to their target. And really is Kevin acting any differently than he has all season? He’s not terribly familiar with the game & I feel sorry for him that he has put so much blend trust in some. If I were in that house I could tolerate Kevin tons more than Matt & Raven!

    • Avatar

      If Kevin is acting differently it’s because they’re all being dickheads to him. And then they turn his response into their justifications for why he needs to go.

    • Avatar

      I see it as a bit different kneeless.

      I don’t see any hypocrisy in the house, I just see a bunch of idiots. I don’t mind hypocrisy because it is an excellent weapon to create a target. However, I have never seen so many gullible HGs that don’t even pick up on the hypocrisy.

      I am going to give it to Thursday and if Kevin even gets nominated I am taking my ball and going home. It is like me landing on Boardwalk when I have Park Place and telling everyone, nah I don’t need that one. I’m waiting for Baltic Ave! I don’t know if that makes any sense, but I am all sorts of frustrated tonight.

      Also, I am not a Paul hater. I think he is playing an excellent game. He has consistently created a pecking order and pounded it into their heads. I just can’t believe how little perspective these people have.

      • kneeless

        I’ll give you that, Russell. I am just so fed up with everything these idiots do. & they think they’re being such good game players. Raven is making me lose my mind.

      • Ann

        @kneeless, is there anything that she doesn’t have, any part of her body that doesn’t need surgery? Hell, Helen & I are nurses, we’ll do her surgeries at a low retail price all at once & then she can STFU. @Helen you start at the top & we can meet in the middle at the belly box. I can get a like new battery pack out of one of my grandbabies stuffed animals & there you have it Raven, good as new belly box. I can probably find her a like new knee from one of those junkyards all shiny. What should we use for that, maybe a ball bearing? We can take care of that inverted spine & outvert it for her. We can piddle with the rest as we go along.

  37. LindsayB

    22 minutes into tonight’s episode and the welcome matt has gotten more airtime tonight than he has in the whole season so far. I just can’t with him. I loved Josh’s DR about it… except that it was in Josh’s voice.

    • Avatar

      Ever notice Josh’s voice sounds straight out of NYC sometimes despite growing up in south Florida?

      • LindsayB

        His voice comes from the same deep dark space in hell where Raven’s, Alex’s, everyone’s voice on this show comes from. I think it’s a prerequisite to have a loud, annoying, screeching voice to be on this show.

        Loved the snippet about Raven’s unbelievable stories. I guess it’s the watered down version of #ravenexposedparty and #ravenSTFU
        I realize CBS can’t go full tilt on the subject so I’m glad they shed some light on her bullshit.

      • Avatar

        You’re on point as usual!

      • Avatar

        I enjoyed that too Lindsay. I was glad to see Raven get that airtime she has been wanting.

      • The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

        Wayne, I think I remember Josh saying something once about growing up in New Jersey and Florida, but I’m not 100 percent sure. I was going to keep listening for further clarification, but unfortunately I ran out of f*cks and changed feeds.

      • feltso gudinya

        we call palm beach, broward and dade counties flatbush south…..blame it on the highway system…east coast of florida has the I95 people and the west coast of florida has the I75 people….natural migration….

  38. Helen

    Veto ceremony is usually in late afternoon Monday isn’t it?

  39. LindsayB

    Totally off topic but since feeds are boring I’m stuck trying to entertain myself in other ways. I’m attempting to watch the MTV VMAs so I can see my boyfriend perform. (Ed Sheeran is my secret bf, so secret that he doesn’t even know). I have no idea who most of these people are and I caught myself thinking “this is music?” I’m 38 and I’ve never felt so old before.

    My BF is starting to play now so gotta pay attention.

  40. Sassy

    Wow, I didn’t know how mean Kevin was to Josh until tonight. *sarcasm* Josh claims Kevin has talked about him, taken advantage of him, and done mean spirited things directed at Josh since BEFORE they even entered the door to the house. Hmmm…. I have missed ALL of this on the feeds.

    After all the trash talking about Kevin, Alex and Josh said this is not the week to take him out. Phew, maybe Kevin will make it through the week.

    Josh thinks they are the most deserving because they played a ballsy game, and won their way to the spot they are in. I thought the only thing he won was the luck competition.

  41. kneeless

    I just turned on BBAD, WTF is going on with Raven. That girl is bat shit crazy, & not jnfo good way.

  42. danmtruth

    The Josh edit tonight was right out of the BBOTT Justin dance edit
    If Sansa could figure things out why cant these people
    nice to see the first time they give extended air time to Raven It just shows how clueless she is
    Is Alex answer to any thing Jason does is to hit him
    Is Paul panicking a bit with changing to Kevin as the target because he thinks he cant beat Alex & Jason in physical comps

  43. Helen

    RATT are so phony in their “fight”. She keeps looking to make sure camera is on her….it’s almost like they are reading and getting prompts off of cue cards……

  44. Helen

    Alex is outside eating and talking with her mouth full of food

    When ISN’T Alex eating and talking with her mouth full of food? Must be catching up with her …she doesn’t even her her shorts zipped up!! Getting a little snug around the ol waist Alex?
    Paul is just as bad about stuffing his face and talking at the same time…
    I’m amazed these people don’t aspirate their food!!

  45. Helen

    Omg. LMAO. There is a photo of Scott Denis from BBOTT after the girls put make up on him next to one of Raven on twitter!!
    It is the funniest thing I’ve seen all day!!
    Raven definitely stole his look!!!

  46. Ann

    Well my friends, I’m signing off for tonight so my battery doesn’t die.
    THANK you everybody for prayers, concern & well wishes. I will be back tomorrow.

    Love you all

  47. Tinkerbell

    Right back at ya, Ann. I hope all of you get a good night’s sleep. So good to have you here today with us.

  48. Shivani33

    Josh is having more doubts about Paul. There’s been a plan being formulated to throw the next HoH to Josh. Paul wants to use Josh as the HoH who nominates Jason. Tonight, Josh told Christmas that Paul said that after Josh as HoH nominates Jason, Paul wants to stage a fight with Josh about it. Paul gave a reason to Josh about why he wants to have the pretend disagreement, but Josh didn’t like any of it. He told Christmas that Paul wants to look like “the golden boy” and to make Josh take the heat. Christmas said that she doesn’t want Josh put in that position and doesn’t want to be put in the middle of it herself, either.

    Josh said that he’d rather throw the next HoH to Raven and have her be the one who gets the job of nominating Jason and/or Alex. This has been the 2nd night in a row when Josh has expressed distrust about Paul. By the time that Josh decides to do something about it, it could already be too late. Usually, Christmas talks Josh out of doubting Paul by telling him that Paul’s good for their game(s). But Josh sees that Paul plays the good guy and intends to keep playing that role with everyone. Furthermore, again tonight, Josh refused to follow instructions to go torment Kevin. It’s too bad that Josh doesn’t talk seriously with more people than only Christmas, but it’s also a testament to Paul’s extant divide & conquer skills.

    • The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

      Could it be?? A glimmer of hope?? A crack in Paul’s armor??? Nah, probably not. Most of the house is having doubts about Paul at this point but not a single person has even thrown his name out a potential target. It was a nice fantasy while it lasted though.

      • Helen

        There are definite cracks in the foundation…….first Cowboy ,now Josh….Christmas is with Josh so ……Kevin has never been a fan of Paul’s authoritarian ways……that’s 4. Paul may find that he is James this season…”clipped” at F3……

  49. Shivani33

    It’ll come as no surprise to our Raven STFU club here at Junkies to hear confirmation of yet another Raven lie. A Big Brother podcast has a semi-regular co-host who was born and raised in Dubai. He said that, most certainly, Raven was neither cursing nor speaking in Arabic when she said that she was. He said that he listened to her “Arabic” carefully and replayed it as well, and that Raven was not speaking in any language at all and was using gibberish. She must’ve come on tv to discover that, despite lifelong training, she can’t fool all of the people all of the time. Like when Paul asked her, “what was your G.P.A.?” on the CBS show, and she said “dance” and one other subject which I’ve forgotten. Ms. Mensa is no 4 point 0.

    MattRess said tonight that he wants to/will speak to her doctor. Raven said that her MOTHER found her doctor for her, but now he’s retired. Of course he is retired, for he has to be unavailable to be found, never mind consulted by MattRess. On the other hand, Matt will drop her like chicken that got run over by a car once his BB19 obligations are finished. She’s like a cheap knockoff version of Whatever Happened to Baby Jane. Her dancing is worse than Nancy Grace’s was on Dancing with the Stars, and Raven’s dancing around the truth is pathetic, awkward and half ridiculously funny, half tragic. MattRess will probably want to join a RavenSTFU support group, maybe even go to rehab.

  50. Helen

    1:04 AM After talk of Big Meech stealing Pablo and throwing him to the crowd, Matt to Paul: So do any people on your season interact with each other on a regular basis? Paul: That’s gonna be a hard NO -N

    It’s obvious that maybe Paul does not but I would say Victor and Nicole seem to be interacting very well together!!!

    • Avatar

      You would think his response of that being a HARD NO would be a red flag. Your brand is “friendship” but you’re not in touch with any of them? You’ve repeatedly preached that what happens in the house stays in the house and that this is just a game yet you are not only “not” in touch with any of the HGs from your previous season but you’re emphatic about it? That was sloppy for him.

      Same for how hard he’s campaigning to put up Kevin. If Jason (or Alex) even give that one thought, they will see why.

      Josh has had glimpses of clarity but I also think he said something about being asked questions in the DR that pretty much dragged him by the nose to the obvious point about what Paul is doing and he is still only “glimpsing” at clarity.

      People say Paul has been given advantages by production but it sounds like they are all given context clues but only some of them (i.e. Paul) pick them up and run.

      • Avatar

        The fact that it’s Josh who is seeing the glimpses of what Paul is really doing is interesting. Perhaps he’s in the gifted 5th grade class? He has no balls to go with his gut…and when he mentioned his feelings to whorliday, she seemed shocked that he Josh had anti-paul thoughts. Hope for this game just keeps dwindling away…

      • Sassy

        Paul would have been smarter to target Raven/Matt before Kevin. Josh started to see the light when he was being pushed to torment Kevin. I think he would have continued his antics against Raven/Matt. Even Josh has a line he will not cross.

  51. caRyn

    From the episode last night:
    Christmas saying to Paul that Raven tells little lies and Paul agrees.
    In Raven’s DR session she said something about her make-up looking like a clown due to the comp(s).
    Basically Paul said Jason and Alex are exposing themselves as comp beast by being the F2 playing in the HOH comp and one not dropping down for the other to win is a bad look.
    Matt upset that Jason and Alex want to continue playing the HOH comp game even though they are the F2 playing for HOH because Raven is wet and cold and aren’t Jason and Alex playing the game together and safe from being OTB this week.
    After the HOH comp Matt went in the BB house to eat a bowl of cereal.

    • Sassy

      It is awful that those 2 were competing against each other for the HoH. How dare they each want a letter from home and a basket of goodies! Poor Raven may have been dying on the sidelines and they did not care. These people are not suppose to compete during comps, they need to get it together!

  52. Renee

    I would have thought by casting “older players” like we’ve all been screaming for, we would have more mature thinking players. Watching Matt and Raven having food fights for camera attention is sickening. She threw cinnamon all over him and he threw a bunch of milk on her. Do they really think that is funny or that anyone finds it amusing. I could not be cooped up with them for even 1 day let alone months.

  53. Avatar

    Where are they now:

    Raven Walton – After successfully surviving BB19, Raven returned to Devalls Bluff where she continued her career as a dance teacher. Bravo channel approached her as the new Dance Mom’s series teacher. During filming, Abby fresh from her stint in Federal Prison had an altercation with Raven on the set. Abby punched Raven in the stomach which shattered her GP pacemaker. In a bizarre series of events at the hospital, it was revealed that the GP pacemaker was actually a box of Mike and Ike’s that she implanted herself, thus solving the mystery of her sounding like a set of maracas when she danced. Abby busted on a parole violation was returned to Federal Prison. A few years later Raven was busted on tax fraud as well. Seems she was turned in by two of the Dance Mom’s because she allegedly had affairs with both mom’s husbands and every other male over the age of 16 within those families.

    Raven is currently serving 5-10 for tax evasion and by some weird twist of fate is the cell mate of Abby. It was determined that the box of Mike and Ike’s was slowly leaching into her system, causing the psychosomatic symptoms all these years. She currently is doing well, gained 200 pounds and is Abby’s bitch…

  54. Avatar

    Would like to see Raven booted, but Matt being evicted, would give us a good Raven Meltdown show for the week until somebody puts her out of her misery and send her to jury to cry

    • LindsayB

      As much as I hate the idea of watching Raven anymore I have to admit that the idea of watching her spiral out of control is very appealing.

      • Avatar

        Likely to look eerily similar to monikcorn’s pic… I wonder which accent she has decided on for her veto speech? And which is her go to garble accent for when she goes off the deep end?

    • Sassy

      I do agree, #RavenSTFU has the potential of causing more drama than Matt. Although after last night, Matt showed a little spunk in defending #RavenSTFU when she was wet and tired and he needed his cereal. If the HG’s hid all the cereal, they may see Matt spiral out of control!

  55. Avatar

    Did Raven sleep with Matt in the HN room?

  56. LynnD

    I have not been able to watch the feeds in a few days. Does it look like Jason is going to keep the nom’s the same? I really really hope so! THAT will make for great TV.

  57. Helen

    I just can’t watch feeds anymore this am until after veto ceremony …….his conversation with Raven made me sick to my stomach

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