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Big Brother 19 – Sunday Feed Updates 7/30


Good afternoon, everyone!  It’s been a fairly busy weekend for me, but things have slowed down so I am able to give you some feed updates today!

I am going to try to lead most posts off with this because I want there to be as many votes as possible this season, so be sure to go here and vote for your favorite player of the week!  I should probably end up making it a single page that gets updated weekly rather than changing pages, but maybe I’ll do that next week.

As the current week stands, like last week, the HoH also has the PoV (in this case, it’s Paul), and like last week it will most likely end up being a dud of a week. Unlike last week, this time it won’t be due to poor gameplay by the HoH, it will be because Jessica has the temptation which will cancel evictions this week.  Meanwhile, the safety competition played out this week and Mark won, Jason lost. This means Mark is safe no matter what, and Jason is on the block for a 3rd nominee. That said, Paul is likely going to pull him down to prevent any funny business because he wants Jessica to use her power.


Let’s jump in with the updates:

  • 11:00 am – Paul is talking alone with Matt in the apple room. Yes, Matt.  Who is he?  Just some boring floater who is just wasting his summer in the BB house.
    • Paul is telling Matt that Jess has the temptation and a +1 (he thinks).  This means if she’s safe, that narrows it down to just her +1
    • He thinks if she’s not on the block that limits it to just one person she can save (still wrong)
    • Paul is debating on taking Jessica off the block and replacing her with Elena so she (J) will have one choice for who to save (please do this, will be hilarious)
    • Paul wants to sound like a badass during the veto speech saying “You can either send Elena home – someone who has been working hard in this game – or you can send Cody home – someone who has been trashing your game”.  lololol
    • All Paul knows is that nobody can be safe for consecutive weeks (except him?  Unless he means for this specific temptation)
    • Matt confirms with Paul that it’s not just a dud week because someone would have to go
    • When Paul pits Jess against Elena, it is going to get Mark to hate Jess
  • Jason enters the room
    • Paul keeps talking about how badass his week is going to be and how he’s going to outsmart the temptation.  My hope is that Jessica just plays along with his theory
  • Group breaks up and Paul asks to speak to Jessica upstairs
  • 11:10 am – The two head up
    • Jessica, just out of bed listens to what Paul has to say
    • In the words of Larry David – “Do you know who wears sunglasses inside?  Blind people and assholes” – Only a joke. I know it’s much brighter in that house than a typical house
    • Speaking of, Paul asks her to take off the sunglasses so he can look people in the face… wow.  Alpha move?
    • He says nobody sees her as a target, nor does anyone dislike her.  When Cody is not around, she is a much better person with a better social game
    • Paul says in order to get to Cody though, he has to get to Jess.  Jess understands.
    • Paul asks about her temptation where she can choose one person in addition to her for safety.
    • Jess says no, she can pull everyone off the block
    • Jessica fully explains the hex and says nobody will go home that week (booooo. Can she really not lie about it?)
    • She answers that and says “Big Brother doesn’t allow me to say powers that I don’t have, so this is 100% factual”
    • Paul then changes it up and pulls the 9 people are in jury card and wants to pressure her to not use it so they can vote Cody out and 9 people can be happy
    • Jess throws the hammer down and says the only person who keeps her safe in the house is Cody and if people want him out, they’re going to have to do it themselves
    • She brings up how nobody told her about Josh going home. People have lied to her and let her down. Every single person including Cody.
    • She points out when Cody left the house, she was quickly nominated and nobody even talked game with her. She was left out of everything watching everyone else run up to the HoH room to talk game
  • Note – I love that Jess and Cody are the only people in the house who have real talk with Paul and not just automatically kiss his ass
    • Jessica continues by saying that she is playing the game but also wants to go to jury with Cody.  If she has the power to make that happen, she’s going to exhaust that power to try to make it happen
    • Paul brings up how Cody is the only person protecting her is false. Jessica counters that he just put her on the block
  • 11:25 am – The talk continues
    • Paul tells Jess that Cody early in the game said he wanted to keep Alex in the house so she can get out Jess
    • Paul keeps hammering it trying to make a deal
    • Jess says she wants things in exchange if she doesn’t use the hex
    • She doesn’t want to go on the block at all for two weeks because she doesn’t want to use the hex at all
    • She wants Alex to be a target by anyone who wins HoH
    • Paul says he can easily keep her safe for two weeks, but he can’t guarantee the second. It depends on who wins the HoH. For example, if Jason wins there is no way he can tell him to put up his friend
  • note – Jessica’s obsession with Alex is weird. I bet it stems back to being called Alex in bed by Cody….
    • Jess – “I’m tired of making the house happy because the house doesn’t make me happy”
  • 11:35 am – The conversation ends.  Jess goes to pull Matt aside
    • This is because when Paul said that Cody wanted her (Jess) out, he said Matt can back that up
    • She comes right out and asks what Cody said to him at the beginning of the game
    • Matt begins dancing around and saying it’s not relevant now.
    • She says if he doesn’t want to tell her then don’t tell her.  Matt quickly accepts that bailout offer and the talk breaks up.  Seriously, why is Matt in this game?
  • Matt pulls Paul into the apple room and he tells Paul that he didn’t tell Jess
    • Paul is upset that Matt didn’t say anything. What did he expect?
  • 11:55 am – Jess is outside talking to Cody about the conversation
    • She tells Cody that she gained a ton of respect for Matt today and wants to give him a big hug
    • She asks if there is anything he told Matt early in the game that she should know about
    • She tells him what was said and he’s shocked. He completely denies it but she’s not buying it
  • 12:15 pm – Jessica goes in the HN room and smacks Mark on the butt
    • She says his butt looked plumpy… Alex had a reaction
    • Jess goes back into the HN to talk to Matt and asks what he’s thinking
    • He rambles on until Paul comes in and says “you need to let me know sooner than later because it depends on the veto”
    • She says Paul can pull Jason off regardless.  He leaves
    • Jess tells Mark what she was told and Mark said it’s crazy to even listen to that. It’s week 1 stuff. There is no way Cody feels anything like that now
    • Mark keeps saying “that’s crazy”.  He says Paul wants Jess to not use the hex
    • Mark says no matter what, they’re targets.  They need to win competitions
    • Mark says “we’re guys talking to other guys and it’s a game. It’s guy talk and we knew you less than a week”
  • That conversation breaks up and Jess goes to find Cody
    • They talk for awhile, Cody is upset because Jess believes Paul.  This is going in circles and is going to be a long week of Paul trying to get Jess to not use the Hex
  • 12:50 pm – Jess and Matt sneaking around ready to prank
    • Matt dumps oatmeal or slop or whatever on Raven in the shower
    • When he does, Raven has a … slip. Pretty exposing slip. Oops
  • 1:00 pm – On a different note, Josh and Mark are actually joking around. Woah
    • People are talking about the biggest ‘showmance’ Zanke’ and asked what their name would be. Mark says “Mosh”.  Pretty fitting
  • 2:00 pm – Paul is talking to Jessica in the HoH again
    • He is really working her to not use the hex.
  • side note – It would be funny if she didn’t use the hex and they voted her out rather than Cody
    • Listening to Paul is tiring.
    • Jessica said she asked something in the DR about veto (regarding her hex) and she is waiting on them
    • It is regarding pulling Jason off with the PoV. If they say yes to her, she has no problem pulling Jason off.  It could be she asked if he would count since he’s 3rd nom, but I don’t see why she would care.
    • Paul says if she does this, she’ll go further in the game than she would with Cody
    • They finish up and Paul things the conversation went so good that he does a dance
  • Meanwhile, downstairs Josh is planning a Vegas trip with Matt, Raven, and Mark?
    • And Josh and Mark are now bros?
    • Seriously, good on Josh for finally letting water go under the bridge.  His initial anger was completely understood. His grudge was stupid
  • 2:50 pm – Small house meeting time…
    • Paul tells the room about Jessica’s demands to use the hex (2 week safety – lol, and evicting Alex)
    • They say Cody is the only one protecting Alex and doesn’t care about her going home
    • Christmas joins the conversation and they catch her up
    • Jessica goes on and on about how she adores Cody blah blah blah
    • The entire house is plotting against Jessica to prevent her from using it. At this point, I am thinking she’s not going to.
  • 3:09 pm – Conversation has broken up and most have left
    • Christmas and Paul are left in the room with Elena who tells them that they’re the only two she told that she’s done with Mark.
    • Paul says he’ll quit joking about them as a couple.
  • Elena leaves and Christmas gets to talk to Paul alone
    • Christmas asks if he is casting spells on them  (no, they’re just bad)
    • The two talking about how dangerous Elena is getting because she’s a better player

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  1. Avatar

    For Pure game sake I hope he does tell Jessica to make a decision on eviction night and she plays right along with it. It would make for a fantastic television, and this piece of info Jessica could use against Paul by warning Elena and Mark of what will play out in hopes to gain more trust from them.

    There is no question that barring a miracle Cody and Jessica will not make it to final two because the numbers are so stacked against them right now.

    And as of right now this $500,000 is Paul’s to lose. Shunning Christmases advice on what the hex actually does, turning against Elena who out of all the people in the house would most likely be the first one to fall on a sword for him, orchestrating the removal of Dominique as opposed to staying focused on getting rid of Jessica, combined with this latest round of possible making Jessica choose on eviction Night gameplay are signs that Paul may one day make a fatal game play of his own doing.

  2. Avatar

    Please clarify. Can Jessica use temptation AFTER the vote?

    • Colby

      No. She has to use it before the vote.

    • strwar1

      Nope and I loving Paul being a harass and no matter what Jessica does uses the Hex or not she isn’t going to stay safe very long and I can’t wait for Paul’s badass veto speech! Also why would Jessica think that Alex will be the target? Lol that’s dumb and stupid and first of all Paul and Alex are loyal to each other and I don’t see Jessica’s plan to see that happen.

      • strwar1

        *Paul being a Badass

      • Avatar

        I wonder what would happen if Paul took down Jess and put up Josh – convincing her they could get out Josh before Jury to make the house more “pleasant” then they all vote out Cody. Not sure she would believe him, but might be tempting for her….

  3. Avatar

    She must use before the voting starts. So her last possible moment before its too late is when July asks the houseguests to make a brief statement, and when they are done, but before Julie asks the 1st member to go to the diary room to cast the 1st vote, Jessica must say the hex halt “spell line verbiage” 3x or else it will be too late for the Hex to work.

  4. Avatar

    Ok. So here’s another dumb question…..if she uses it after the vote is the hex done? Would she still have it for next week?

    • Avatar

      Helen, it’s one and done or else this season would go on til October and we need Survivor to come back.

      • Avatar

        I understand the one and done….but if the rules say it must be used before the vote and she misunderstands and uses it after the vote is the hex done or is it still good for next week? Next week would be week 4

      • Mel

        I doubt it because Julie would tell her she can’t. She would have to interrupt Julie to do it at that time anyway because the nominees don’t have the floor after the vote. She said she was going to get clarification from the DR about the timing so I don’t see it coming to that.

  5. Shivani33

    After Paul and Jessica had their discussion, he told Jessica to speak to Matt for confirmation that Cody said early on that he was keeping Jason and Alex around to help evict Jessica, Raven and Elena later. Jessica went to Matt, who said that this old nugget was irrelevant (anymore) and Matt was reluctant to confirm it. Since then, Jessica went to tell Cody what Paul said to her during their bargaining session. She asked Cody directly about what Matt wouldn’t confirm. Cody denied his old remark to Mark and Matt about using Jason and Alex to get rid of the 3 showmance women.

    Jessica is hearing untruths left, right and center. Paul has no intention of keeping any deal with her if she doesn’t use the hex and agrees to let Cody be evicted. At this moment, no matter what Jessica does or doesn’t do, she’s grasping at straws. She’s on her own.

    • Avatar

      The fact that Matt said it was irrelevant now confirms it. Denying it was said is one thing but saying it as now irrelevant is backdoor way of saying it was said by Cody. It was a tap dance but it was confirmed by Matt that it was said.

  6. Avatar

    There is no scenario, situation, or circumstance that will allow her to enforce the Hex once the 1st vote is cast. She must enforce the hex before the 1st vote is cast. If for some dumb reason she chooses to just not use the Hex, then it would be available for the following week and eviction provided she is still in the house.

  7. Avatar

    What if Paul convinces her not to use the Hex, and then, votes her out? That’ll be hilarious. Is this even possible? I don’t like Paul, didn’t like him last season either, but if he pulls that off, he clearly deserves to win, and I’ll be rooting for him.

    • Avatar

      If he pulls that off it would be one of the greatest moves and blunders on Jessica’s part in BB history. It has been touched upon before, but it is a shame that after 6 weeks of BB, only 3 people are for sure playing for $500K, while everybody else is good with fame, popularity, and Jury house. I work for a living and math tells me that $500K would be a life changer for me, but for others in the house I guess fame is better than fortune!

      • AIO_7

        “If he pulls that off [getting Jess out] it would be one of the greatest moves and blunders on Jessica’s part in BB history”

        I don’t think that’s going to happen; Paul really. really, want’s to put Cody out for a second time.

      • Avatar

        It would go down with the Marcelas mistake.

      • Avatar

        It may be smart if one of Jess’s demands were for Paul to take her off the block.

      • Avatar

        @alda I could not agree more. I just want to move on and see what the other players have to offer without the Cody distraction. Maybe they all still suck and will worship Paul the rest of the season, but I don’t think anyone really can get an accurate read on the situation until this nuisance is out.

        I just can’t figure out what these people are capable of until Cody is sent packing.

      • AIO_7

        “It may be smart if one of Jess’s demands were for Paul to take her off the block.”

        Russ, Jess is working on that right now.

    • Avatar

      He is too stubborn. He is like Cody He is so focused on getting Cody out that he is blind to any other smarter moves
      I am team Paul but sometimes I just want to slap some sense into him!!

      • Avatar

        The way it stands right now, it really doesn’t matter who Paul goes after first. It’s only a matter of when Cody and Jess will be evicted. The rest of the house isn’t even trying. In Survivor, outcast like Jess and Cody are perfect allies for those in the “bottom of the alliance”, so someone like Josh for example, who is very dispensable(and will never win as it stands), would be looking to shift the balance of power by aligning with them. This kind of move will not happen this season , again, because these cast are just happy to be there.

      • Sassy

        @kola – The problem is everyone thinks they are at the top of Paul’s alliance. They really are not talking to each other about game, just taking orders from Paul.

    • Avatar

      It’s like going home with an immunity idol in your pocket, that always cracks me up.

    • Avatar

      This is what I have been saying. If she holds on to it and Cody gets evicted, she doesn’t have to deal with him at all, he’s out the doors in minutes without having time to try and process or vent. He doesn’t make jury and she can relax and focus on her game. She does have the opportunity to advance far because she would be a wildcard vote for anyone who want to target Paul and take him down.

    • NKogNeeTow

      I know I keep beating a dead horse here, but that’s what I’ve been saying all along. I believe Paul is going after the wrong person. To me, voting Messi out makes more sense because Cody is the brawn of the operation but she’s the brains. And in my book, brains beat out brawn every time…or at least most of it. She can function in the house without him. He, however, can’t without her. She keeps him level or at least as level as possible. Without her and unless he turned around and won the next HOH, he’d be out next whereas she would find some sort of way to fenagle (sp) her way to stay longer. I say get rid of Messi Jessi first!

      • Ann

        1000% agree. Paul can’t see past trying to get even with Cody & wanting to get him out a 2nd time & that’s going to end up being his downfall.

      • Avatar

        I think it might be because Paul is already working on his final two speech to the Jury House. It sounds more impressive to ask who was the most physical threat in the house? The answer is Cody. Then he’ll say who got him out twice? That’s right ME! To get out the person most people identify as the “strongest physical threat” and have him battle back in and then be the HOH when he leaves again looks good on a resume and will sound even more impressive when they do the Jury House Q & A and answer that age old question, “Why do you deserve the 500k?

  8. Shivani33

    Mark is the only individual who has been forthright with Jessica as she tries to figure out what’s best for her to do. He told her not to hold what Cody said in the first week of the game against him now. He also told her that whatever she does or is said to her, she and he himself (Mark) are both still going to be eviction targets, though he’ll try to keep her safe “like a little sister.” He said that he finally sees how this game works.

  9. danmtruth

    @kola that would be the ultimate cuda gras and would confrim him as a BB master The funny thing is he has been told by 2 people on his team and Jessica EXACTLY how the hex works But in his arrogance he refuses to believe it Because he foolishly thinks he knows best
    What would serve him if he agrees to Jess demands Makes the switch Taking her off than replace her with Elena Let that stew for a few days Than on Thur use the hex save Cody ( despite him not deserving it ) Ask Paul how does it feel to be lied too

  10. Shivani33

    Kevin and Jason on their morning walk… Kevin tells Jason that so far, all they’ve done is to get out weak players, and it’s about time to get someone big out, like Paul. Kevin mentions Paul’s Napoleon complex. He and Jason laugh, but Jason kinda sorta in agreement. Who Do You Trust? Cowboy knows damn well that Kevin will say anything to anybody.

    Meanwhile, of course Jessica and Cody are spatting, with ruffled feathers. She said, as Cody walked away, that she didn’t sign up to be a f*cling babysitter.

    • Avatar

      I would LOVE for Kevin to bring Napoleon down. If the hex is used, mark,elena,jess,cody, Kevin,and Jason get together, they could possibly vote him out. Like others have said, Paul and Alex on the block, then have Matt or raven as a back up, so that way the other one would go home. The only thing to mess it up(besides veto) is that stupid temptation comp. Kevin just needs to show Jason how awful Alex is to him. If he can at least go along with voting Paul out, not Alex (in that situation), then that could really help him.

    • Avatar

      Of course they are spatting. If you notice, the longer between them having sex, the more annoyed she gets with him… Unless she, Cody or Mark wins HOH, next week, they will not be in the jury house together. It’s the same in any flash romance in any part of the world, once the excitement wears off, people start to see each other for who they are. I really feel Cody has emotional issues that are starting to wear on Jessica. Does she really want to be stuck in Jury with him till the end.

  11. Zach

    I’m really starting to be on the fence when it comes to Kevin, I liked him early on but the infidelity really started to make me question him. At first I just considered him a sly street smart dude, but the more I learn of him the less I think of him. No morals and he’s really just turning out to be a dirty old douchebag. Still think he’s playing a good game, but I don’t think I’ll be cheering him on any longer.

    • ElaineB

      I will cheer Kevin on in your place Zach. Since I wasn’t hired to be his morality bodyguard, I will support any of the newbies who are playing the GAME!

      • Mel

        I’ll sit beside you in the bleachers Elaine.

      • Zach

        I’m just not a fan of infidelity. It’s disgusting and pathetic. Dudes got 6 kids and been married for 30yrs. You’re going to come on a television show and throw that away for some fling? Be a jerk, be a douche, lie, deceive, manipulate, do what you gotta do to win the game. But being unfaithful, that has nothing to do with the game, that just shows he’s a pathetic weak individual who cannot control his impulses.

      • Zach

        So obviously who ever gave me a thumbs down is into cheating, cool story bro.

      • ElaineB

        Not a fan of infidelity myself. Having said that, this is the BB house and a game! The show has been on long enough for those with significant others to make decisions about how things roll with cameras 24/7. I have no idea what his discussions were with his family when he applied. I have a feeling that if Kevin went home 500K richer, his wife and six children would be happy! Play on Kevin, play on!

      • ElaineB

        Mell~ I am buying you a designer BB seat cushion, so you will be comfy on the bleachers. Bring the laptop and you can blog from there.

      • Mel

        What are they doing? I’ve read comments but I haven’t caught anything bad on the feeds yet. Off timing I guess. I’ve only read he’s being creepy and people don’t approve but I haven’t actually heard what it is that he’s doing.

      • Zach

        Elaine, cheating has nothing to do with the game! It’s sad that you can’t differentiate between the two. Elena has been wanting to ride Paul’s disco stick the entire game, but he has a girlfriend and has told her she makes him uncomfortable and to stop. Has he been on cam kissing or doing anything with her? No, he hasn’t.

      • Zach

        Mell, he has been got on camera making out with Christmas, and he was definitely the aggressor in the activity.

      • Mel

        Does anyone have a time stamp? Actual making out? I’m only questioning because his kids are blowing up twitter and still with loving praise for their dad and there arn’t even comments I can find about it except on this site. That’s why I didn’t know I guess.

      • LindsayB

        I’ve seen the screenshot but not actual video. The screenshot could very well be them making our or just him giving her an excited platonic kiss. It’s hard to see if it’s even on the lips vs cheek. I’d like to see actual video.

      • Zach

        Mell, someone posted a still of it either on the last thread or the one before it. I’ll see if I can find it.

      • Avatar

        Looking at the screen shot, it can be interpreted anyway someone wants to think. It does look like maybe a kiss on the cheek or a whisper in the ear, but because it’s not video that would give conclusive actions, interpret anyway you want. But if you think Christmas is into someone almost 20 years her senior, you’re searching for drama. Since she knows he’s married with too many kids, she has her brand to worry about outside the house. I highly doubt she would jeopardize that for something that will never go past this house, a house that is being filmed 24/7.

      • Ann

        Zach, WILL YOU MARRY ME???
        I like your way of thinking Zach. You’re going to make some young lady a very happy woman.

      • ElaineB

        Ummm Ann~ Didn’t you just ask AIO to marry you a few threads ago?? Lol.

      • AIO_7

        Elaine; In my best Sam Kinnison voice….”NO, NOOOOOOOOO!!!!”

      • ElaineB

        You said ‘No” to her proposal? I know it was there. I sawed it.

      • AIO_7

        Yes, Elaine, Ann did use that line on me. Now I’m jealous.

    • ElaineB

      Fine Zach, get on Paul’s bandwagon and root for him since he is such a fine, moral, upstanding citizen. By the way, you have no clue if Paul is a cheater or not in his real life. He may just be smart, since there are 24/7 cameras. But go ahead and ride proud on your moral high horse, telling myself and everyone that I am ‘sad’ because I can’t “differentiate between the two”.

      • Mel

        Until I see something beside that still photo, I don’t beleive we know if Kevin is a cheater either. When I gave Trudy crap about Nicole, it was because we saw the video of her horizontal mambo with Corey.

      • Zach

        I was just using Paul as an example. You could use anyone who came into the house with a relationship. Again, I’m not ragging on Kevin as a player, he is playing a good game. I’m ragging on Kevin the person for being a sleezeball.

      • Ann

        Actually Elaine, I think this is my 3rd proposal but I can’t seem to get a yes from anybody. Lol
        What am I doing wrong???????

      • Zach

        Ann, you’ll have to check with @lindsayb before I can answer you lmao

      • Avatar

        An you are going to have to get some hot lips lip stick, and break your foot, and get a stomach box implant, and wear cat ears then you are good to go to the BB chapel.

      • ElaineB

        Ann~ Maybe AIO can be persuaded if you gift him with two ‘Whistle-Nut’ jerseys….in orange and red, of course!

      • Ann

        Oh Boy, I got a maybe from Zach Elaine. If Lindsay says its ok, he’s all mine…A Real Live Man…HOT DAMN…..Lmao

        Lindsay, Zach sounds like a really nice young man & I think you’re a very nice young lady from what I know on Junkies. You guys should check it out. If it just happen not to work, hell, toss him my way, I’ll take him. Lol

      • LindsayB

        Zach, do whatever you want with Ann cuz I love her. As long as you’re still my ride or die it’s all gravy baby.

      • LindsayB

        Ann, sharing is caring so you can borrow this nice young man anytime you want as long as you give him back.
        Sorry Zach, you gave me control of the situation so you’re getting shared.

      • Zach

        I’ll have to have a talk with Elena about polyamory before I decide if I like this idea or not ladies lol I usually can barely handle one female at a time lmao

      • ElaineB

        Well at least if you are polyamorous Zach, you won’t be a cheater, which you so despise.

    • Colby

      Keep in mind that Kevin is an actor. He is playing a part right now. I would guess his wife and kids have seen it before and understand that.

      • Avatar

        Really? You’re going with that? Acting is when all parties are working the same script. If he is working on Christmas in that way it’s not acting, it’s manipulation. Something I don’t think any sane wife would condone. Even for $500K “before” Federal and Massachusetts taxes….

      • Colby

        Yes, I believe he is acting to manipulate her. You don’t think he has had to kiss women, or even do bedroom scenes for acting roles?
        I could be wrong, but that is my opinion.

    • g8trgirl

      I don’t condone cheating, I hate it. But I think it’s just a major flirtation getting a bit out of hand. I’m still team Kevin as he’s playing a decent game and keeping us laughing too. Not an easy feat sometimes. Lol

    • Avatar

      I have wondered the same about Kevin….I have read on Jokers Twice where Kevin is having a Conversation with Paul about “Someone” being Married, having Strong Feelings for someone else, and should he tell the Wife, or keep it Undercover….Paul told Kevin “For Sure The Wife Should Be Told, or I Would view that Person as a Coward.”

      I like U have also seen a Photo of Christmas on Jokers, telling another HG that she has to tell Kevin Good Night before going to bed, and the Photo is really EYE OPENING…They look like Two People In Love with each other….Which makes me Wonder, “do Kevin & Christmas have strong feelings each other???” After all Kevin is a Married Man.

      • Avatar

        Yes, I did see that Photo above provided by Zach. Idk though, it just seems like something is going on with Christmas & Kevin, but it doesn’t change my opinion about Kevin…I like him as a HG in the BB House.

      • AIO_7

        AHEM: Mell, and not to toot my own horn, but I captured and posted that screenshot. No shade on Zack, and that neg. you got isn’t from me.

      • AIO_7

        Sorry, I meant *Mello*

      • Avatar

        There has been a couple of times I did a double take when it looked like he was getting a bit too cozy with X-Mas. One time during one of those story time (yuk) things he was laying in her lap and she was stroking his arm and shoulder. The pic Zach posted not sure if that was a kiss or a hug or the context of it but yea! Also she was talking to Dom? (not sure if it was her or Elena) about guys her age not getting her and being immature or competitive with her and how she was going to look for an “older gentleman” and in my head I was thinking KEVIN????
        Now if he was not married and had no kids I would say good on him but coming from a guy who had a cheating wife and 4 daughters that she set a bad example for not cool at all. I hope it is just some playful flirting and nothing more. My situation was bad enough but on a TV show!!!! ouch.

      • LindsayB

        Yes AI, definitely be sure to take credit for posting an out of context screenshot that leads people to believe someone is cheating on his wife. And you call me a mean girl?

  12. Mel

    Jessica can’t make stuff up about her temptation but doesn’t she realize that she doesn’t have to say anything at all?

  13. Avatar

    Ok so I’m a newbie and was watching the live feeds when Matt and Raven were having their food fight and Matt went to throw the stuff on Raven in the shower did anyone else see Ravens boobs??

  14. Shivani33

    MattRess has had a little stress today, what with Paul giving him uncomfortable assignments as a sub-lieutenant, so poor Matt has resorted to acting out what he does best. He’s pelted Raven with lemonade mix, followed by salad fixings, etc. Raven gave the world a boob shot while coping. Another fine, meaningless mess, interrupted by a stern production admonishment. Where’s Gerardo to give a hearty STFU?

  15. Avatar

    I was watching last nights BBAD this morning and Paul and Kevin were talking about Cody and how he’s always talking about politics and hunting. Has anyone heard him talk about his politics and what are they? I have an idea and want to see f I’m right.

  16. Mel

    Matt pranked Raven so she dumped hot coffee on him. This b*tch is crazy! Besides, dudes only got 3 shirts and she goes and ruins one of them.

  17. ShoeLover

    As far as Jason being the third nominee, is it really confirmed that Paul can pull him off? I only ask because of the whole house punishment part of the temptation being accepted. So my question is….. IF the third nominee can not be pulled down from the block ( depending what the rules actually are ) and Jessica casts her halting hex upon herself and her +1 Then a true punishment of the third nominee being sent home could still happen????????? And if this is true, that will suck big time for Jason. Please let’s not let that happen!!

  18. Avatar

    For the record if Paul somehow convinces Jessica’s incompetent ass not to use the hex, I’m officially converting to team Paul.

  19. Alda

    This could play out to be a very interesting week,instead of the dud week i thought it was going to be.

  20. AIO_7

    WOW!! Great update, Steve. I missed all of that.

  21. Mel

    Agree with Elaine, if she falls for it then it’s time to go home. This is actually the week for people to rebel against Paul (for the few who would like to) They should wait until after veto is over, Jessica use the hex and Paul can’t play for the next hoh.

    • Avatar

      Regardless who wins HOH next week, splitting up a power couple is essential at this stage of the game. The week to rebel against Paul is in two weeks once Jessica is a single and the attention is away from her. Matt/Raven Mark/Jessica Kevin/Elana….. That’s 6….

      • Mel

        Who is she going to go after him with?

      • Avatar

        Jessica could very well seek out Kevin and let Kevin do what he does best. Stir Mark/Josh, remember Josh is a growing boy with raging hormones. Jessica could play him like a piano along with Kevin’s help. Matt/Raven will follow the wind… Jason/Alex are solid behind Paul with Cody/Jessica in place. Without Cody, Those two can and should be flipped…

      • Sassy

        I think Paul should be on the block every chance they get to put him there. It will reassure the house he is their (Jody) target and they will continue to focus on him until he is gone and vice versa. As long as the power houses are gunning for each other the rest of house just has to not make waves on either side. Eventually others will see getting Paul out will be good for their game also. People may start talking about what he (the head of the snake Paul) promised them and the deals they all have with him. #teamanyonebutPaul

  22. Mel

    Does anyone have a time stamp of Kevin and Christmas making out? I keep reading comments but don’t know anything about it.

    • AIO_7

      This might be time stamped, Mell. Or are you talking about another kiss?


    • Mel

      Thanks. Guys, that could be anything. At the risk of sounding like Trudy, this does not represent what had been said on here about Kevin. It’s a still photo that could have been a joke, a peck, anything. If this picture exists then the feeds of it exists to put it into context. For the record, I think cheating is deplorable too but this does not show me cheating. I thought it was strange why I couldn’t find anything online, you tube, other sites, twitter fans who make a big deal out of everything, no one questioning his kids on twitter about it, etc. Now I understand, this isn’t a smoking gun. If there’s something else, I’ll most definitely stop defending him. (See, I’m not Trudy. Lol)

      • Avatar

        Spot on Mel! Spot on! If you go by the still and the body language of Christmas, she is not engaged in the actions.

      • Zach

        If I’m looking at it wrong, so be it and I would retract what I have said. That being said, I actually liked Kevin as both a person and a player before I saw that. To me he has both hands on her cheeks and is diving right in there. Again if I’m wrong then I can admit it, but to me it’s pretty clear what is happening in that photo.

      • AIO_7

        Mell, no one said it was a make-out session. But it was a sloppy attempt by Kevin for a mouth kiss.

      • Mel

        I’d just like to get a tIme stamp so we could ALL put it into context. I’m loving Kevin and I won’t stop based off that pic but I damn sure would if there’s something to it. Lol

      • Mel

        My curiosity is piqued now so I’m going to do what you guys say I do and investigate. I’m getting to the bottom of this. Haha

      • Zach

        @kevin I agree I don’t think Christmas is into it, that’s why I called Kevin the aggressor.

        @AIO I did refer to it as a makeout session prematurely but Kevin is clearly going in for the kill.

      • Zach

        Mell, please do. I too liked Kevin before I saw that and if I’m wrong I’ll still root for the guy cause I think he is playing a decent game. So I’m hoping I’m wrong.

      • AIO_7

        “@AIO I did refer to it as a makeout session prematurely but Kevin is clearly going in for the kill.”

        Zack, yes, and that is my screencap. It was a sloppy attempt by Kevin for mouth kiss and it seemed to me that it took Christmas by surprise.

        Mell, again, the screenshot has the timestamp on it.

      • The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

        Just to chime in: I went back and watched this moment (and the moments leading up to it) and I will say that it was a lot more innocent than the screenshot looks. I think Christmas was a bit upset with Elena because Christmas had claimed Kevin’s old bed in the HN room, but Elena came in and took it (I guess that bed made it easier for Christmas to elevate her foot?). They were ending the conversation and Kevin hugged her and told her he had her back, and he kissed her on the cheek (even though it kinda looks like he was going for the mouth in the still shot). It wasn’t romantic at all.

        Side note: right after the walked into the next room, Christmas remarked “slop isn’t so bad, it’s like eating oatmeal and cutting weight for a week”. Raven responds loudly “welcome to gastroparesis for a week”.


      • Mel

        Thanks Gerardo, I don’t have a laptop with me and couldn’t look back until I got home but curiosity was driving me nuts!

    • Avatar

      Kevin and Christmas were making out!?! What the hell!

  23. AIO_7

    Coack Paul telling Baby Face… “Cody is a time bomb, he’s going to crack again, he’s cracking right now.”
    BF agreeing.


  24. Ann

    I’m watching last night’s BBAD & Josh said his mom told him not to have sex on tv. Hahahahahahhahaha… Well Josh’s mom, trust & believe, I don’t think you have to worry about that one at all.

  25. Mel

    Latest Raven STFU alert:

    Now, her dream was to be in the Olympics and have moves named after her but she shattered the growth plate in her foot. Hahahahaha

    *credit to Gerardo for the title.

  26. Avatar

    Was wondering when Jessica was going to use the “Cody fought for all of us,the government made him the way he is,so well all need to support him ” card

  27. AIO_7

    There is a meeting about to happen up in Paul’s HOH room.

  28. Avatar

    Jessica just said she has one more stipulation…..if the DR tells her “no” to a question she asked…then the feeds cut to fish
    Her question going into the DR was to find out if she could use the hex at ANY time during the live eviction
    I think she is trying to find out if she does not use it this week and Alex goes on the block next week can she use it AFTER the vote
    This may not be a done deal for her when DR tells her no..that she has to use it before the vote

  29. danmtruth

    hate to jump the gun but ideal mind slow Sun @helen lets break out the BB calculators If things stay the same we have 12HG 3 on the block 1Non voting HOH unless a tie so 8 Hg voting Jess ,Cody, Mark, Elena with Kevin or Matt they can evict Paul as long as one is HoH non go for safety Big problem is if Paul plays and wins safety If Jess Cody win HoH i’m sure he will play He might play no matter unless its Alex

    • Avatar

      Alex is the only one that he would not play in the pre nom comp….but for the next 2 weeks he has that and if all else fails there is veto….
      I personally will be glad to see Cody go…Jessica is a gamer and at least will play and give Paul a run for the money

  30. LindsayB

    Aaaaaand Jessica is riding the Cody cock train.

  31. Avatar

    Well. We now know that math is not high on anyone’s list of accomplishments for this group…..Jessica told them all the hex is good for 4 evictions…..this week is 3 and they still think after this week she has the hex for 2 more evictions after this one! Seriously?

  32. Yael Sara

    Why is Mark playing pool in his underwear?
    I don’t think I have ever been so confused what is going on in a Big Brother House. 19 Years and I am for the first time just beyond baffled.

  33. ElaineB

    This Temptation has been soooo confusing. I am just ready to get it over with! It will be fine if Cody gets evicted. It seems like that is what viewers and HGs want, so go for it.

    • Avatar

      This temptation has been a cluster f**k!! I think not only for viewers but for production as well

    • Mel

      It’s funny because it’s simple. The hg’s have over complicated it. Jessica always makes too many assumptions and Paul always over complicates things.
      She can STOP and eviction for 4 evictions and she has to decide before votes are cast. She doesn’t have to tell anyone but if she does, she can’t lie about what it is.
      That’s it. Nothing more to it. If there is, it will be because they added to it this week. Lol

      • Avatar

        She is now talking about what she asked the DR. She asked if she can use the Hex after the votes have been done. “Jessica you have been evicted.” and she can say, “Psych!”

      • Mel

        She’s s dumb ass to even have to ask that.

    • NKogNeeTow

      I’ll be glad when it’s over too Elaine. I just want Messi to go.

  34. Yael Sara

    Perhaps to figure out who I like in this game and who to root for should create a list of who I dislike most work my out.

    Most Disliked (guessing very few agree with me here)

    13. Paul
    12. Alex
    11. Raven
    10. Josh
    9. Cody
    8. Christmas
    7. Mark
    6. Elana

    I guess I am most behind.. Jason, Kevin, Jessica, Matt

  35. Alda

    Why can’t they just get it done tonight,evict Cody and start a new week tomorrow,Please!!! This Stone Cold Cody Crap is giving me a migrane.

  36. Avatar

    It’s strange. Supposedly Jessica has asked DR if she can use Hex AFTER the vote…..they said they would let her know…they have since called her back out and she seems quite satisfied with the answer…..I am going to be so pissed if they change the rules and let her use it after the vote!!!

    • Mel

      There is no way in hell they can let her decide after the vote is announced. If they do that, they should just make people vote right there in the living room from now on or let people change their votes once its announced. Lol

      • Avatar

        Well Jessica is having him pull her off and put up Alex….so if Alex isn’t voted out she is going to use hex to save Cody and Alex and Cowboy….
        This is bs

      • Avatar

        re watching that segment of the show proves that the card says “before the voting process begins”)

      • NKogNeeTow

        Exactly Mell! It’s called a Halting Hex, which means you would have to use it BEFORE in order for it to halt anything.

      • Sassy

        That’s BS if she is allowed to use it after the vote. I thought it was pretty clear when they explained it. It was to be used before voting began.

    • Avatar

      That would work for her. No way the house is voting Jason out over Cody. She knows that. If she’s asking that question and liked the answer, maybe she’s waiting to make sure Cody has the votes and she doesn’t use it. It makes no sense to ask that question unless she’s assuring she’s not back-doored. Maybe she’s getting ready to cut bait.

    • Alda

      Was she wearing her black bodysuit in the DR? That might have swayed them.

    • Avatar

      That would be so to her advantage. I call production ridding on that one… Assuming it happens of course.

  37. Avatar

    I haven’t been watching the feeds today, just checking the blog. But if Paul has turned Jessica too and she doesn’t save Cody this week, then I’m not sure why I’d keep watching since the rest of the season will then be set as a wide open layup for Paul. Just kidding… I’ll keep watching, but annoyed.

  38. Avatar

    omg I would rather listen to Rachel laugh after anyone talks rather than listen to josh, I know some people love him on here, but Jesus Christ he makes me wanna smack him with one of those pans he keeps hitting

  39. kneeless

    If only Dom was still in the house she could get a definitive answer, from above, regarding any questions about the halting hex!

  40. g8trgirl

    Anyone else notice when Elena talks her top lip doesn’t move. How DOES she do that?

  41. danmtruth

    Need to back track a bit I know Paul is the puppet master In his speech to Jess he tried to run over Cody by saying he was planing on keeping Jason and Alex around to take out the women He said go ask Matt Fine so now he wants Matt to out himself that he was part of a plan to not only get Jess out but to get HIS showmance out Paul you don’t understand why Matt did not back you ?

  42. Avatar

    So let’s play a game. We have Wreck It Ralph in the house, let’s look for more cartoon characters. I think Elana looks like Ogre Fiana and Josh looks like Kronk! Anybody else?

  43. Ann

    Someone has probably asked this question but I missed it. What the hell does meatball mean? When little Joshy gets mad he calls Mark & Cody meatballs.

  44. Avatar

    Jessica do me a favor. Just use your stupid hex…save your loser boy toy so we can get on with the game and we don’t have to listen to you talking about the stupid thing!! I hope that BB NEVER gives these care packages and temptations out ever again!!!

  45. Ann

    I hope Paul’s minions don’t start to turn on him like Paulie’s crew on BBOTT. I had 2 dreams & I saw Paul all alone become Jess & Cody got the cult to turn on him. Lol
    Dom ain’t the only one who can dream twice. Lol

  46. AIO_7

    “They finish up and Paul things the conversation went so good that he does a dance”

    I want to follow up with some screencaps of Paul’s victory dance up in the HOH after his first talk with Jess (they were alone). He does a really goofy dance.


  47. Avatar

    It’s so interesting to see all the Paul fans… I guess these are all the folks who were bitter last year when lunatic Paul lost on finale night… shame on CBS/BB for feeling the need to bring Paul back to placate to all of those bitter Paul fans and then basically set up a season that protects Paul at every turn and rewards him with an absolutely horrible and clueless cast. Thank goodness for Kevin and Jason… the only two cast members who are entertaining and likable… the rest, including Paul, are very much flawed characters and not the least bit likable. Hopefully, by some miracle, Paul becomes a two-time loser. But I am sure CBS/BB would bring him back again for all of his adoring fans.

    • Avatar

      Kenn I was a Paul fan last year. This year not so much… I don’t like people returning. If it is newbs let it be newbs don’t mix it is unfair!

    • Mel

      I was pissed he lost last year and I didn’t want him back this year. Why can’t it be both?

      • Shivani33

        It’s both for me, just the way you’ve put it. For any returning players, I prefer an All-Star game and for a game of newbies to be 100% new players, without a single vet in the cast. Paul knows so much more than everyone else this Season. His experience is coloring the way most others make decisions. 5 weeks in, he has won two HoHes and 2 PoVs and has a distinct advantage. I like him, yet sometimes feel he’s setting himself up for a fall if other players start to see him as half Derrick and half Paulie (during Paulie’s brief period of glory, as the power went to his head.)

    • Avatar

      They can’t bring him back again, unless Julie retires and Paul steps in to host and attract “the young audience”……talk about bad dreams…

    • Avatar

      If Cbs is protecting anyone it’s the transphobic bigot Cody and his girlfriend……

      • AIO_7

        Must you really ask, Helen?

      • Avatar

        Sorry that was in response to a comment about Cbs protecting paul

      • Yael Sara

        I think who the production is trying to protection changes daily, depending how their meeting goes on what will bring in the viewers, the numbers. One week it may be Paul (which I don’t like) and the next could be Cody, and the next Josh. This isn’t their first rodeo.

  48. AIO_7

    “Thank goodness for Kevin and Jason”…

    Kissing Kevin is O.K., but I am totally team Cowpoke.

    • Sassy

      I can’t even pick a favorite right now. My disdain for Paul is so deep, I just want a newbie to win! I think behaviors will change once he is gone, then I will decide who I like. If he makes it to the end I will remain #teamanyonebutPaul…

  49. Avatar

    Why does it seem most people in this season are surprised when people lie to them?

  50. NKogNeeTow

    I keep forgetting to ask, what does APSR stand for. I keep hearing them talk about that room but not sure which one it is.

  51. Avatar

    I think it stands for Austin powers sex room. The one with the blue wavy couch

  52. NKogNeeTow

    Messi/Grody on the hammock. She tells him that she had a convo with Paul and told him that she doesn’t want him to say anything to Grody during his Veto speech. She told Grody that she doesn’t want to to hear of it because she’s sick of that sh!t.

    *I’m wondering who she thinks she is to tell someone what they can and can’t say. If I were Paul, I’d say it if only to annoy the hell out of her.

  53. NKogNeeTow

    Grody/Messi talking about her friends. He ask her how will her friends feel about her dating a reality star.

    *He’s a star?*

  54. danmtruth

    so is this what were in store for till Thur Will she or wont she use the hex

  55. Avatar

    My current list of who I want O U T. In order:
    After that I just want the rest to play hard and want to win it!!

    • NKogNeeTow

      My List of who I want gone ASAP:
      Cody/DMW (I can’t decide which one I dislike the most)

      My List of who I’d like to see Win:
      Kevin/Jason (Kevin makes me mad but I still have a little hope for him)

      I don’t expect anyone to agree with me. These are just MY preferences.

    • Sassy

      My current list of who I want to go home:


  56. AIO_7

    You know what…I just realized that I totally forgot to watch last nights CBS show.

  57. Avatar

    Boy, Raven can sure kill a good conversation.

  58. The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

    Alex should have requested some hair dye in her HOH basket.

  59. danmtruth

    #RavanSTFU did not like when Jess joined them in the hot tub Then when Matt started to pay more attention to her If looks could kill

  60. NKogNeeTow

    Grody/Messi just pretty much confirmed they did the “dirty deed” in the HOH.

    He tells her that he hope that they don’t record sex in the HOH.

    She says they don’t record that in the US because she’s checked the internet for it and only found it in the other BB games overseas.

    He says he certainly hopes not because he doesn’t want his kid to see him come up on the internet having sex.

    She tells him the only time she’s seen something close was an incident where after the couple has sex, the guy wiped something white on the girl’s back. *Ummm……Eewww*

  61. Avatar

    Soooo pissed.. Direct TV had some kind of technical problems tonight a BB didn’t record.

  62. Avatar

    If Jessica does not get Paul to pull her off the block, then she is stupid if she does not use the Hex. That would be my only condition. Take me off the block and I won’t use it. She has enormous power to Hex an eviction and basically hit the reset button therefore if she doesn’t require Paul to at least use his power in exchange for her not using her to protect her she deserves to go home. There is no reason for her to try and make nice with the beard. Keep that Hex and you aren’t a pawn for a couple weeks and maybe you can win an HOH and try to break up some alliances.

    At this point Cody’s game is completely shot and he can’t repair it. He can honestly be used as a pawn for bigger targets at this point, however nobody can stand his personality and he is a physical threat so its best to cut him loose soon.

    However, If I were in the house and I knew Jessica had a power that could keep her safe and I knew Cody doesn’t have any game, then I would, without hesitation, vote her out. It would be the better game move.

    • Avatar

      She’s already asked for everyone’s first born child….at some point she has to give a little too…she only has that power for this eviction and one more so it’s no big deal whether she uses it or not…..in fact if she does not she is in a better position than if she does

      • Avatar

        LOL @helen I guess you’re right, but she has to know that Paul doesn’t want to have a worthless HOH. She could keep herself safe for 1 or 2 more weeks? 2 weeks is a lot of time and new targets can arise.

        I’d cool down the talk of other nominees and only ask for Paul to use Veto on her in exchange for her not using her Hex. This guarantees that she can’t be blindsided and she is safe. If she stays on the block, then in two days the house could flip. I understand that she is asking for a lot, but no way I would keep myself on the block this week. I’d speak with Cody and I believe he would be okay with being voted out to keep Jess’s HEX safe.

      • NKogNeeTow

        See Russell, that’s the thing about a blindside. Even if he uses the Veto on her and promises her she’s safe, once she doesn’t use the Hex before the vote, he can still have her voted out. At least in my dream, that’s what will happen.

      • Avatar

        Boy at this point if Jess is stupid enough to go along with that plan, then she would be gone. Jess has to know anyone that comes near Cody becomes a target.

      • Avatar

        @Russell……hi s HOH is not wasted….everyone knows what the temptation is and how long she has it now…..so they stay safe this week….there is next week where she s not……she’s willing to gamble….so is Paul
        My hope is the next HOH is a crapshoot and josh wins…put this house on OMG mode!!!!!
        Let’s see some real paranoia……….

  63. NKogNeeTow

    Lips and Josh have a convo in the Storage room. She tells him about her break away (I can’t something a break up, that never was in the first place).

    He says “Elena….Poor Mark”. *He genuinely sounds like he feels bad for WIR*

    He tells her that if it works out, it will work out outside the house. He says he ask because he’s seen a difference between the both of them the last few days. He says because of that, he’ll stop with the jokes to Mark. He says he won’t even mention the conversation when they leave the room.

    She says she thinks he (WIR) is a little bit upset but she thinks he’s fine.

  64. Avatar

    Is it just me or does anyone else look at the contestant heading up top of the page and want to eat nachos?

    …Nom nom nom…

  65. NKogNeeTow

    Messi/Grody in the hammock talking to Lips.

    Grody tells Lips how Messi tried to “do him” in the Rose Room in the middle of the day but the cameras started moving so he didn’t want to.

    Messi tells him she was trying to make him feel better since he was having a bad day.

    He tells Messi that he’s more conservative than she is.

    Messi make a remark about going to the HOH and asking Paul if they could use his shower to have sex. She says something to the effect that after his (Grody’s) copious amount of c*m, they can leave a message in it to Paul, with exclamation point in it.

    Lips congratulates Cody on his …um….abilities……*camera cuts to Josh/Kevin*

  66. Avatar

    Paul should give messica her wish …take her off the block and tell elana she is going up as a pawn to ensure Cody goes home…worse that can happen. Jessica saves her boy toy and everyone is safe to play another day….

  67. NKogNeeTow

    Why the heck do they keep putting the 4 cameras in the same room but from 2 different angles. I want the cam on at least 2 places at once dammit!

  68. NKogNeeTow

    Okay, they just put the cam back on Messi and Grody. That goes to show you, be careful what you ask for.

  69. danmtruth

    Wow deep conversation between Elena and Raven on farting Who lets it rip Who walks away before ripping awww my god ice pick to my ears

  70. NKogNeeTow

    I hate every one of DMW’s accents.

  71. The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

    Cody and Mark discussing who they’ll nominate if one of them wins HOH next week. Cody wants to nominate Matt and Raven (is Cody trying to win me over?), but he says it also depends on the results of the safety comp. Mark says he really needs Josh out of the house, but he also recognizes that he’s not their biggest threat since he sucks at comps (Cody agrees). Talk then shifts to Elena and her fence jumping ways– one day she “breaks up” with Mark and today she’s been hanging out with him and Grossica all day. Kevin walks outside and talk stops.

  72. NKogNeeTow

    Sad Sack Society Meeting on the hammock.

    WIR/Grody talk about their love lives with the girls in the house.

    WIR tells him they just have to keep winning back to back HOH’s.

    Grody thinks if he wins he should put up MattRess/DMW.

    WIR just wants Josh out. *He’s pissed because he heard Josh/Lips laughing and playing around in the other room and Josh wants to take over Lip’s2 weeks of slop.*

  73. danmtruth

    WIR is pa-thet-ic dude , man up get over it Save what little bit of dignity you have left Crawl on out of their

  74. The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

    Paul just told Matt and Raven that the free ride is over. They have to stop being completely and utterly useless in every way imaginable– they need to start winning some HOH comps. Good luck with that Paul!

  75. The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

    Mark: “I feel like I must be the most boring guy on the show”

    Wow, Mark! You finally got something right! Good job buddy!

  76. Avatar

    Can someone put some duct tape over ravens screeching mouth?

  77. Shivani33

    Raven’s mad voice and her yelling voice are hideous. She sounds like Kathy Bates in Misery or Dolores Claiborne.

    • The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

      At this point, I’m almost rooting for Cody to stay in the house and win HOH next week because he’ll put Raven on the block. If Raven is on the block opposite Matt, I could see the house voting her out using the same logic Paul had for voting out Ramses– it may be one of the only chances they’ll get to go ahead and get Raven out. Otherwise, she’ll just float her way right to the end (and I just can’t bear the thought of dealing with that voice all summer long).

      • Avatar

        It looks like Paul’s plan is to break up the showmances (sorry to state the obvious) so he can deal with everyone on a one on one level with him, Josh and a house full of girls. So it makes me wonder if he would rather have Matt out more than Raven? Between Mark/Elena he wants out – Mark FIRST. Cody/Jessica – Cody FIRST. So would it be a stretch for him to want Matt out before Raven? If given the choice he would want out Whistle-Nut before Alex too (not a showmance but a twosome nonetheless). I understand he is working with Alex so its a bit different than the showmances. Even Kevin out over Chirstmas (again not a showmance but a twosome it appears). I’m not even convinced he wants Jessica out right now, just her hex power. Once that is gone she is just another person who has to fight like everyone else.

      • The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

        I think Paul said he’d want Elena out before Mark. He thinks Mark will just crumble on his own.

  78. Avatar

    Jessica to Elana….I think it’s kinda funny that everyone wants Cody out but look. Here it is day 40 and he’s still here….well Messi ..umm he was gone day 26… he lucked out that he happened to be included in a battle back and got back in…..otherwise he would be back in Texas.

  79. The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

    Paul, Matt, and Raven discussing the plan for next week. They’re assuming Messi Jessi won’t use the hex this week, and one of them will win HOH. They plan to pretend to backdoor Alex, but they know they would have the votes to save her. The real target will be Elena, with Mark as the backup plan.

    • The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

      Now Paul is trying to convince Matt and Raven that they should evict Jessica this week. Matt and Raven both disagree– they think they at least have SOME influence over Jessica, and Raven knows Jessica hates her (join the club Jess). Paul says Jessica is the stronger player (she is), and they can torment Cody after Jessica leaves until he either snaps and get expelled, or just completely loses focus and “checks out” so they can evict him.

      I’m with Helen on this– I wish Jess could just go ahead and use the hex tomorrow and get it over with so we can all move on with our lives. I’m so sick of hearing about the damn hex at this point.

  80. Shivani33

    Helen, I called this shrew, Craven Raven a fish wife here in a comment around 2 weeks ago and continue to picture her shrieking on a New Orleans street corner with her soggy, stinking bag of mackerel.

  81. NKogNeeTow

    I’m still pissed over that food fight in the bathroom. I think that every time they have one, Production should decrease the amount of food they get that week.

    On another note, Paul sounds like he’s beginning to think like what I’ve been saying all along…Get Grody out first because he would crack without Messi there. ….Oh Please, please, please let it be!

  82. NKogNeeTow

    Messi and Lips were having a good convo in the Rose Room. It looks like Messi is making a little headway in reeling Lips back in. They are having a bonding experience and Messi is telling her how she doesn’t like to be told what to do and how much fighters she and Grody are.

  83. NKogNeeTow

    Paul said earlier that he was going to bed. Looks like he has a lottttt of work to do tonight.

  84. NKogNeeTow

    Now Lips is playing Kevin’s game. She’s squeeling to Messi, then going back and telling Paul only 1/2 of the convo. I wonder if they’ve figured out how easy it is to tell when she’s lying? If you notice, when she lies, she studders and can’t seem to form complete sentences. Oh well, I won’t miss her when she’s gone either.

  85. The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

    Kevin just called Josh an imbecile, but ironically Kevin mispronounced the word (he pronounced the last syllable like “aisle”). #FAIL

  86. Avatar

    She’s going to use it…all this back and forth crap is just to fill the feeds all week….1 minute she’s not using it…next she is……
    She has many many hours of feeds to fill up

  87. NKogNeeTow

    Kevin just told Josh he has 82 followers and 52 were family members..lol

  88. The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

    Alex is a starting to really get on my damn nerves. She’s basically a SLIGHTLY less annoying version of Raven (minus all the terminal diseases). They both have the maturity of a 2nd grader, constantly hitting, teasing, and yelling at the boy they have a crush on. Bring on the quadruple eviction!!!

    • NKogNeeTow

      We really do think alike. Every time she hits Jason, I just want him to haul off and knock the cowboy stew out of her.

      I noticed that even thought the HG laugh at MattRess and DMW, when they aren’t around, they complain about how they always seem to start getting loud and acting up around midnight. I keep wondering why nobody says anything to them. If all of them let them know that it’s more annoying than cute, they might just stop for fear of being kicked out of the house. At least, that would be what I’d use to hold over their heads.

  89. The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

    Oh my god, Mark and Elena having yet ANOTHER argument about the same thing they’ve discussed multiple times already. Mark just cannot comprehend why Elena feels he hurt her game and why she wants nothing to do with him. Once again, Elena is basically just sitting there stone-faced, saying nothing. I’m almost embarrassed for him. He is so pathetic it hurts.

  90. NKogNeeTow

    Kevin and Xmas laying in the bed talking. Kev laying on his side, reaches around and not only sticks his hand up inside of his underpants and scratches his butt. He leaves it there…Why Kevin, Why! It ain’t pretty.

  91. NKogNeeTow

    BY: Paul/WIR/Lips

    Lips keep asking over and over about the Hex and what would happen if….

    Paul keeps saying over and over to them what will happen if Messi uses or doesn’t use the Hex….

    Lips starts bashing Alex and Xmas.

    WIR starts bashing Xmas.

    All 3 bash DMW and MattRess.

  92. jimbo

    We lost you at 3:09! Hey, God bless your father, Steve.

  93. NKogNeeTow

    Lips is telling Paul and WIR how Xmas was pissed because Josh said he’d take slop for Lips and not her.

    Paul said that if she tried that with him he’d tell her “Look f*cken gimpy, take that scooter and roll your ass over there in a corner somewhere”.

    The 3 of them are tearing her apart.

    Xmas says there are a lot of things she likes about her but she’s a lot.

    Paul says he’s never met a girl that agressive(sp).

    The say Raven is just as agressive(sp). They say that soon DMW and MattRess are going to go after each other for real. They are talking about how their pranks and food fights are getting tiresome and it’s getting to the point it’s no longer funny.

    WIR said when he saw that bathroom today he couldn’t believe it. He said he’s going to hide the baby powder.

  94. NKogNeeTow

    WIR ask Paul to be gentle with Messi. He said she’s very fragile. *Yeah, like a viper.*

    Lips says it’s more like she (Messi) just doesn’t like being told what to do.

    Paul tells them that they have her ear more than anyone else. Lips says she has Messi’s ear more. Lips says Messi is a very strong and independent girl.

    Paul says that’s not true because she seems to be dependent on Grody. He said he told her that she’s the stronger than the 2.

    WIR says that she truly loves him.

  95. NKogNeeTow

    Okay, they’re just going around in circles so I’m going to bed. They have been talking about the same thing for TO long.

    WIR ask Paul if he Vaseline’d the coffee pot (he did).
    Paul said no and asked why.
    WIR said that Jason told him that Paul was going to do it.
    Paul played innocent and said no, but he knows who did.
    WIR asked who.
    Paul said someone else used the Vaseline the first 2 times and Grody thought it was Josh so he wiped the Vaseline on Josh’s bed.
    WIR asked him again who did it.
    Paul said Josh did. *It was Paul every time. He hides the Vaseline in the lower cabinet in the Storage Room*

    They go back to Paul telling them to talk to Messi.
    Lips tells him that DMW also thinks she can talk to Messi, but she can’t.
    She says someone needs to tell DMW to back off because Messi doesn’t want to hear it from her.
    Lips also says that Xmas keeps messing things up every time she tries to talk to Messi. Xmas keeps interrupting.
    Paul says he will tell Xmas to back off and let Lips deal with it.

    Paul leaves and Lips tells WIR she wants to go to bed and ask if they can continue the convo in the morning. He ignores what she says and starts saying how much he loves spending time with her and wants to be with her.
    She finally says “deal but don’t get crazy”.
    She says she just doesn’t want to get caught together and people get the wrong idea.
    He says again how crazy he is about her.
    He tells her he has super butterflies when he’s around her.
    She ask “can we go to sleep”?

    Oh Sweet Heavenly Father, it’s 6:30 AM and I can’t take any more of this. I’M GOING TO SLEEP!

    See you later guys 🙂

  96. Avatar

    Get real Jessica….you may be in lust but I won’t believe your in love until I hear you and Grody are together a year from now……I mean just watching her on this show I just can’t imagine she’s going to stick around when she.finds out that IRL he is a salesman who has a broken down truck and a hefty child support payment every month….

  97. Avatar

    Ok I just really can not stand Paul! To me he is so arrogant and annoying! Like I have never not liked someone this much on Big Brother. I hope and hope that Jessica will use the hex and show Paul’s arrogant “VET” butt that he is WRONG!!!! I like Cody and Jessica because they actually challenge LOSERPAUL and now I like Mark cause he is teaming up with Cody. Everyone else is followers and floating. And just a walking dart board waiting for Paul to pick them as his next Bullseye. Or they throw their dart at what Bullseye he wants.
    Matt—loser, lazy ,follower, and does do anything or win anything!!!
    Raven(DMW)—lies all the time to housemates and America, lazy,follower,and whinny, I hate her voice. Her many different types of voices and doesn’t win anything either.
    Alex- she would be ok if she would have not started worshipping LOSERPAUL.
    Josh- just needs to grow up!!!!
    And just because LOSERPAUL thinks that he is the best player and the vet and he is on day 100 and something that he knows everything and knows what the temptation is and knows this and knows that he can just strong arm Jessica. I hope she tells him to go F**K himself and just Hex the heck out of this week and make his HOH worthless! I will love it! PRICELESS

    SideNote/Question- I was reading stuff about Raven on twitter and it said that Raven knew Paul before big brother 19 and I seen the picture, so is that allowed?

  98. JadedMage

    I am I bit confused by this Halting Hex thing, Ive heard alot of what it may or may not be. I went onto CBS to look it up and it says,

    “Whether on the block or not, [the houseguest] can halt any one of the next four evictions during the live show, making it a non-eviction night.”

    So that means they can halt the entire eviction? So everyone that remains on the block will automatically be safe?

    Can someone please clarify this for me?

  99. Colby

    Yes. It stops the entire eviction.

  100. Avatar

    “JadedMage July 31, 2017 at 10:49 am
    Comments (70)
    but it can only be used 1 time, within the 4 weeks after it was given to her?

    Which means she has this week and 2 more weeks to use it? Am I correct?”

    She has 2 more evictions she can use it. It is evictions, not weeks. If this week is a double eviction, then the hex is over and can not be used.

    I beg it to be over!!!! between her lies about it and production being shady about how it can or cannot be used…. I am over it as much as I am over Raven and her accents to match her deadly diseases.

    • Avatar

      I think a lot of us want her to use it….just so it’s done!!

    • AIO_7

      ……”and production being shady about how it can or cannot be used”….

      ….and how she got the Hex to begin with.

      • Avatar

        Certainly not by popular vote!!

      • Avatar

        Seems like there was a particular care package last year they did the same thing with….said one thing while we were voting and then changed what it said afterwards

      • AIO_7

        Shhhh, Helen. You will be wearing a tin foil hat. Another site I hang out at the thought is the Hex awarded to Jess was totally by Production. Around here it’s The King Has No Clothes mentality.

      • Avatar

        Lol. You forget AIO. I am the Director of Conspiracy Theories and Head of The Department of Speculation!!
        I think she was given the Hex because at the time she and Dom were OTB…..
        I also think since she didn’t use it and has created such a clusterf**k for everyone,including production ,that they are going to do everything they can to ensure she uses it this week just to make it go away!

  101. pkcable

    Ok Paul’s good, and he’s cruising to 500K, BUT he’s not THAT good! Jess will use the Hex this week and halt the eviction. Perhaps we’ll have a little fun and drama next week and see a double eviction? Is it time for that yet? MAYBE someone else will wake up. I wish Christmas had not been injured, and I wish Kevin had more than just a social game. 😉

  102. AIO_7

    ….”and I wish Kevin had more than just a social game”

    Word is that he is a good kisser.

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