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Big Brother 19 – Sunday Updates


We are two and a half weeks away from Paul completing one of the more successful seasons in Big Brother history. Sure, it was against very weak opponents and he had a lot of help from production, but nobody complains when the Globetrotters win, do they?  Hmm, bad example. Globetrotters are fun and put on a show while they do it. Paul has been manipulative and vindictive this season and a huge disappointment from the much more fun version last season.

Last night he managed to pull out a veto win which makes for his 3rd of the season combined with 2 HoH’s combined which brings his career total to 6 vetos and 5 hoh wins. Not bad considering he has thrown a majority of competitions this year and hasn’t really had to win anything all season.  The only time he was ever really at risk were the first few weeks but was handed safety by production, so he hasn’t really faced any pressure all year. To his credit, that is his own doing with a pretty brilliant social game. His strategy has been giving advice to these newbies and acting like the ‘father role’ of the season while sniffing out and evicting anyone who remotely posed a threat to his position (Jess, Cody, Mark, Elena). He didn’t fall into such a good position in the house. Sure he was helped by dumb players but keeping the dumb players around gave him the power and numbers he needed.

It’s not over yet. There is a (slight) chance they can turn on him, but I wouldn’t put money on that. I fully expect to see him in the finale and the only thing that can stop him is another dumb jury. That’s the only flaw in his plan. When you pick dumb players to carry you to the end, you risk those same dumb people sitting in jury being easily manipulated with Paul powerless to sway opinion except his final speech.


I predict a fairly slow day in the house as Paul told Alex he is going to save her so she’s not going to cause any shit until tomorrow if and when he doesn’t do that. If you’re into a bunch of people sitting around shit talking a 55 year old man who has been largely isolated his last few weeks, these are the feeds for you!


  • 9:30 am – House still sleeping
  • 10:00 am – They are being woken up. Going to step away for a little bit
  • 4:50 pm – I’m back!  Kevin is alone – shocker. Jaso is reading his letter from home. Checking back to see if anything exciting happened today
    • Alex thinks she is going to get America to hate Kevin if he campaigns against her in jury lol.  What is more delusional? Thinking she’s making it to the final 2, or thinking Kevin gives a shit or even has power?
    • Christmas had a meltdown on Josh because he dared walk away from her. She is on some serious power trip
  • Back to live
    • Raven is talking to Paul and says tattoos won’t hurt because she’s been awake through one of her surgeries.  Ok
  • Shoutout to Teresa G, April F, and Daina E for the donations recently.  You are amazing!
  • 5:45 pm – Raven is listing her ailments once again to Alex
    • The sun sets and rises in Raven’s butt.  Jk, not an ailment, she is just using a weird saying
    • Raven isn’t a freeloader fyi
  • 6:45 pm – They had dinner, now back to chess. Holy boring
  • 7:45 pm – Most of the house (minus Kevin) are incredibly bored and goofing off getting multiple ‘shut it down’ by production
  • 8:10 pm – Hi, I like attention!

Check back for updates


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  1. Avatar

    I would love to see him make F2 and lose again!!

    • Avatar

      I would love to see him in final 3 and not win at all. :p

    • Avatar

      This must be BB “SWAN SONG”. I’ve watched many BB from Day1, Never, ever have I seen a NETWORK and some Executive producers do everything in their power to have a VET WIN!. These TEMPS are common play in BB, but NEVER did BB give a HG 3 Full weeks of safety in the house. It’s pathetic to see and watch. Guarantee they paid Paul something to comeback regardless of whether he made it to F2. This was just PLAIN Greed on CBS, knowing America did not know any houseguests, safe to assume they will vote for PAUL. It was all about the $$ paid to Paul, as we saw CODY backdoored Paul and was NEVER to be seen.

  2. Avatar

    The blindside of Jason this week is of no surprise to anyone in the house, except Jason himself. The delusions of grandeur (being invincible) he had just less than a week ago, is now replaced with real paranoia in being ousted from the game. Makes for good tv, when these clowns who have had the majority of power all season long, now have to face the reality of their own game coming to end.

  3. Helen

    Groundhog Day and Josh are very close…..you would think that no matter what Paul tells them individually that they would realize only one of them is going to be picked by Paul to sit next to him in F2..,..

  4. jimbo

    Yep, Stevebeans, and we already saw a glimpse of Cody working the “should have got out Paul” angle in the Jury House. They will all know Paul used them. So, could be a bitter jury, ala Russell Hantz. Or they reward him for using them — dumb people usually don’t like being shown they are dumb.

  5. Avatar

    I’m wondering if after everyone was supposed to throw veto to Kevin, if Paul purposely went for it after hearing that Kevin had that little pep-talk with Jason.

    He would have realuzed that if Jason won veto, that Alex his ally would have been evicted.

    Also, unless something happens during the double eviction, Jadon or Kevin winning the veto would have given Christmas one of the only chances to back-door Paul.

    It’s not much of a surprise that he won it.

    • Ann

      I just cannot for the life of me understand how these idiots are not seeing what Paul is doing. Maybe when it comes down to the end 2 of the F3 will catch on to Paul playing them & making fools out of them, then vote him out F3.

      Just wishful thinking!!!

      But then again I don’t want gimpy leg or crybaby to win, I want Kevin to win,

      • Avatar

        I hope so too, Ann.

        Unfortunately, Kevin’s strategy has been to follow the guy that is playing the whole house.

        He’s my favorite, but if he is lucky enough to be sitting beside Paul final 2, he’ll have to be happy with the $50k

  6. Jay H

    This is one season in a while, that I’m not sure that I care who even wins, maybe with the exception of Alex or Raven. Paul deserves the win, but he’s played so slimy, I just don’t care.

    I genuinely feel BB needs an overhaul, from producers, casting, etc… I love this forum and am more an observer than anything, but it’s clear from the last couple seasons the consensus is that the majority of the participants in the show are outright despicable people and many times, seems like the fix is in. Look at the praise the foreign versions receive for the casting and originality and for the past 4-5 years the US version gets dumped on, mainly by the fans.

    I will still watch it, but I feel there is much lost potential for a more enjoyable show.

    • kneeless

      That’s the way I feet too. As long as Raven & Alex don’t win any prize money, I really don’t care who wins. Although, Kevin winning would be the only exception. I would like to see him win but I think the chance he gets that far is pretty slim.

  7. Avatar

    Paul has avoided any blood on his hands for quite a while now, but by winning the POV, he’s gonna have to send another person out of the house (Jason) who may not be voting for him in the end. But sadly even with that, putting up Kevin as a replacement nom to save face isn’t even remotely necessary, because Paul has such a stranglehold on this game.

    • Avatar

      Christmas nomunates the replacement, and Christmas is the tie-breaker if necessary.

      Paul gets to save one, then act stunned if the other goes. No blood on his hands again.

      • Avatar

        If he uses the veto and Kevin is the replacement nom because Paul didn’t leave the veto’s the same, that is sharing in some of that blood!

      • Avatar

        Not really, because Alex & Jason both think Kevin is the target.

        So they both expect Paul to take one of them off the block, and for Christmas to replace them with expected
        evicted hg, Kevin.

        It wont be until Christmas breaks the tie, and keeps Kevin, will there be blood on anybody’s hands.

        Christmas will have both Alex and Jason pissed at her. Paul will do dammage control ( I can’t believe Christmas went against the plan. What’s Christmas doing ? Christmas has to go ) And voila, Christmas has the blood on her hands, Paul looks like the good guy again.

  8. Avatar

    I think we can all agree Matt is a really sharp guy. He had his finger on the pulse of the house, and it took the whole house to band together to defeat him in his last challenge and conspire to get him out. It was especially evident how astute he is when he said Paul and Raven were the two best players. I believe him. Not bc Paul is particularly good but he is commanding the ship, and Raven, she has everyone fooled. She knows that no one is going to see a mental and physical train wreck as a threat, and will take her to the final 2. Who would ever vote for that thing when the other choice is a tangible being? So at the finale, she will reveal that she has been acting all along. That she took mental and emotional retardation to a whole new level in order to secure her spot in the final two. And who wouldn’t vote for the greatest actress of all time, who fooled everyone in the game in order to make it to the end. She is a true genius, and we’ve all been duped.

  9. hogwild

    Another SSDW (same shit different week) in big brother.

  10. AIO_7

    A shame Alex isn’t going to be leaving this week; sure would have made life easier for Kevin.

  11. Avatar

    Over the last 24 hours Josh and Christmas continue to adore Boss Paul and his game play this season, fully acknowledging their roles in his puppet show. Joshmas have also had small talk on how they should start to subtly campaign some jury votes for themselves. These two would be smart to be their own final 2, because Xmas damn well won’t win against Paul, and Josh may have a slightly better chance to get a couple of votes to properly secure 2nd place this season.

  12. JayP

    I can’t wait for the next installment of the jury house. Matt’s gonna try and bring that weak ass campaign for Raven bullshit in with him.

    • Painter1

      I will get a laugh when the other jury members give Matt the low down on how Paul was working EVERYONE in the house and not with just him and Raven. He believes Raven is ok because Paul is still with her lmao.

      • Avatar

        Matt is either really dumb or also lives in an alternate universe like Raven. Convincing him of anything he doesn’t want to be true may be extremely difficult.

  13. Avatar

    Long time reader first time poster. I have seemed to develop a new disease called I don’t give a f*ck Raven syndrome. Every time she speaks it seems to make me hate her more. Is it just me or does anyone else seem to have it too?

  14. Helen

    So come Monday Jason and Kevin will face the fact that one of them is going to jury on Thursday….how honest are they going to be with each other?

    • Avatar

      Great question. I feel whoever decides that they have no chance to stay will most likely be the most honest of them all. Jason ducked and dodged even with Matt of all people calling him out after the last veto.

    • Shivani33

      Kevin has been honest with Jason already. He’s the only person who told Cowpoke what’s happening, and Cowpoke went into panicky denial and sought bad advice elsewhere from Alex, from Paul, etc. Jason holds to his chest all of his ugly and hypocritical ravings against Kevin (and his family) while acting friendly to Kevin’s face and scorning him out of the other side of his big mouth with everybody else. To me, Jason made his bed, and he can go screw himself in it.

      • Helen

        Oh I agree….Jason deserves to go …..so does Alex…and Raven …and Paul….and Christmas …
        Josh has moments of guilt but then talk to Christmas and Paul so yeah,he deserves to go too

      • Ann

        @Helen, I don’t think it’s guilt that crybaby Josh is feeling, he’s just trying not to look bad to America because if he can’t get 1st or 2nd place he wants AFP which “AIN’T GONNA HAPPEN.” I’d be willing to bet this is how that asshole acts in real life.

  15. Shivani33

    Once Alex gets saved by Paul, the more awful she’ll be towards Kevin until Thursday’s eviction, when Cowpoke gets evicted and Paul pretends to be shocked that “the house” kept Kevin. Christmas has now explained and justified to Josh why Paul has the best plan and Josh has agreed to shutup and not say more anti-Paul things. Josh’es independent thought has been squelched for the greater good, which is whatever is best for Paul.

    Kevin is in for a worse layer of hell from Alex, and this works for Paul, too. She has several days to make herself look demonic. Kevin might react. Paul can throw his hands into the air and look like the only rational one left in the house.

    • Shivani33

      Then, of course comes a double eviction. Everyone will see that the vitriolic Alex must go next. That is, unless she wins that quick HoH. But so far, she’s been assigned not to win the next HoH by Paul. Alex acknowledged late last night that she threw Saturday’s veto comp to Paul. He keeps telling her how great it is that no one even suspects that the two of them are working together. So far, so dumb!

      • Helen

        The problem with all this is that Paul does not really want this HOH either……but they are all thinking they will have a week for their “damage control”
        Alex will be pissed right after noms that Kevin stayed and Jason went…
        Kevin will be pissed at both Christmas and Paul for lying to him
        Josh is a wild card at this point….he wants himself and Christmas in F2….he also “sees” Paul’sgame
        Raven thinks Paul is not going to use veto….but Raven is too stupid to think for herself

      • kneeless

        Yes, little Miss Don’t Trust Anyone, is gonna get played because she trusted Paul. That’said what you get when one gets too cocky!

      • caRyn

        I may be wrong, but it seems Kevin believes that Jason and Paul say negative comments behind his back because of the game only – just for the game. When it is brought to Kevin’s attention by other hg, Kevin ignores the information and blows it off not believing there is some real truth to it. Kevin may think that he is going to the F3 with Paul and Jason and may think Paul and Jason really have his back in the game.

  16. Shivani33

    James Rhine (BB6 and BB7 All Stars) hung out with Jessica last night. Their photo is on his Instagram, with Jessica wearing half of a black dress and grinning oh-so-fetchingly. Rhine sounds like a rhapsody Jessica fan. Oh my!

  17. kneeless

    I wonder if Paul has things too scripted. He can’t see any flaws in any scenerio. He has everything scripted down to fighting with Christmas & separating from her. Does he really think they can pull that off. Although with the people he is working with, it is quite possible. I am not quite sure of his relationship with Kevin. If a ‘kid’ Paul’s age talked to me the way Paul does, I would slap him silly.

  18. Avatar

    @dmc Jason is already paranoid he is the target, he knows Paul masterminded the backdoor (false plan) to get Kevin out.

    If Paul leaves Jason on the block and replaces Alex with Kevin, a whole weeks of paranoia culminating in him walking out the door will include Paul in bloodshed = not a guaranteed vote for Paul in jury.

    If Paul leaves Alex on the block and Kevin joins her, she will immediately suspect something is up because why would Paul leave his only F2 deal sitting on the block. If she goes home and Julie asks her why are you sitting here; Paul’s name will be included in the bloodshed = not a guaranteed vote for Paul in jury.

    The most obvious is Kevin who is not on the block, but once replaced and put on the block and especially if he should go home, will quickly understand that he is the alleged target and will know Paul has a hand in this (=not a guaranteed vote for Paul).

    Paul is playing a decent game, but he isn’t invisible and damage control cannot work with Alex, Jason, and Kevin to the point that he is seen as totally innocent (bloodshed) on what’s about to transpire this week.

    • Avatar

      It will also depend on the vote. if the vote is 2-2, hoh breaks the tie. Blood is on her hands.

      If the vote is 3-1 or 4-0, then the house has made the decission.

      The only way I see Paul fully having blood on his hands, if he doesn’t use the veto. Jason should expect to go at that point, because he went against the house last week.

      • Avatar

        If Jason goes home with a 3-1/4-0 vote, Paul why didn’t you take me off the block? (bloody hands)

        If Alex goes home 3-1/4-0 vote, Paul why didn’t you take me off the block? (bloody hands)

        If Kevin is put on the block as a replacement and sent home 3-1/4-0, I wouldn’t been in this boat had Paul not used the POV and kept things the same (bloody hands)

        2-2 vote with Xmas breaking the tie with Jason or Alex going home, Paul why did you leave us on the block (bloody hands)

        2-2 vote with Kevin as the replacement, Paul why didn’t you just leave the veto the same, why did you use it to take one of them (Alex, Jason) off? (Bloody hands).

        No matter what way you slice it in a fantasy World, the reality of it all dictates that whether partial or full, Paul cannot avoid getting any blood on his hands. 3-1/4-0/ or 2-2 Xmas tie breakers will directly be connected to what Paul does or does not do with the Veto.

        Its plain as day for anybody to see!

      • Helen

        Your correct Ritchie…..and you know they are going to be talking in jury….Jason already knows Paul is behind the “backdoor Kevin” plan….Do you remember how close Paul was to elana at the beginning? She was his eyes and ears and vote counter to get people he had targeted for eviction..I’m sure she has lots of “beans” to spill..
        This is going to be a very bitter jury and like someone said earlier no one likes to be reminded how dumb they were…
        Paul’s F2 speech was not good last year and his ego has grown so much since then I can see him alienating them even more

      • caRyn

        Paul will say he had to get out the biggest target left in the game while he had the chance and make the evicted hg feel like he (Paul) couldn’t win against them. Couldn’t take you to the end and come in second again. The evicted hg will think they would have won if Paul took them to the F2 and will respect Paul’s game play and the reason for their eviction.

      • Avatar

        We see it differently, Ritchie.

        I see Christmas as hoh having blood on her hands as she nominated the people on the block; she will nominate the replacement if necessary; and she is the tiebreaker if necessary.

        I think Paul would rather have won veto, than risk being backdoored this week. I don’t see that as a mistake in his game.

      • Avatar

        I agree dmc. Paul will walk away from this looking innocent as usual. The reason he is pushing so hard (against Josh and Christmas) to take Alex off and replace with Kevin is because it is what’s best for HIM. Yeah Kevin will be upset but he knows the chance of Kevin winning HOH and retaliating is slim. By removing Alex he feeds her ego thus making her trust him more. Then he and Alex will vote for Kevin to leave, Josh and Raven will vote out Jason, and Christmas will break the tie sending Jason home. Paul will turn on his acting skills and pretend to be so shocked and run to Alex and pretend to be pissed that Josh, Raven, and Christmas betrayed them. He will further get Alex into his pocket because she will believe he was as blindsided as her.

  19. Avatar

    The double eviction could throw a wrench in Paul’s master plan though, especially if Josh does what he says he’s going to do and tells Jason and Alex that he’s voting to evict Jason the night before. Still this morning Christmas told Paul that Josh was planning to tell them – so unless they convince him not to, Alex and Jason will have a full night to figure out who was behind the plan. And if Alex wins the quick HOH, I would think her target would quickly shift from Kevin to Christmas and Paul. IF she has half a brain…

  20. Avatar

    Paul — If/When you are reading this and you just won BB19 … I hope you realize you did it ONLY by being a manipulative, lying, cruel, deceitful, selfish, controlling, loser of a human being. No wonder you’re hiding between beards, bandanas, and substitutes for the blow-up dolls you probably “wear” at home. Glad you were locked up while all of the heroes have been out here showing the world that Americans aren’t all narcissistic ass-holes. Enjoy the money while it lasts. I predict not for long. Go ahead and laugh because you think you’re in there with the half mil and I’m not. I’ve got unlimited riches for the rest of my life … and beyond.

    You are just a monkey in a cage, throwing his shit around. Now live with that.

    Production, spare us from having to watch these kinds of low-lifes win. We see that everday anyway. Why not recruit from the unlimited supply of HEROES that showed up for southwest Texas lately? Some POSITIVE energy would be worth watching. Some may not want to, but we sure need to. Make a “bold move”. Reverse the crap-fest.

    • Zach

      “Paul — If/When you are reading this and you just won BB19 … I hope you realize you did it ONLY by being a manipulative, lying, cruel, deceitful, selfish, controlling”

      You could have said you only won because you played the game. Being controlling, manipulative, deceitful, lying and selfish is how you win BB. Haven’t ever seen one player win BB by being truthful and honest The Whole season. It’s impossible.

    • Avatar

      It is clear that this “character in a show” (Paul) was not the winning formula in terms of a hit BB production thought he was going to be this season.

      • AIO_7

        “It is clear that this “character in a show” (Paul) was not the winning formula in terms of a hit BB production thought he was going to be this season.”

        Clearly a flop. Paul is a scumbag.

    • Avatar

      There are several ways to win the game. Some of it involves some great gameplay which might have to include some lying; deceptoin; and back-dooring.

      Paul knew that going back into the house.

      When he wins, I don’t think he’ll care if we respected his game or not. He will have won, and that will be that.

      • AIO_7

        You can “win” and lose at the same time; there are plenty of miserable “rich” people out there.

      • Avatar

        Yes there are.

        But Paul”s style of playing BB may not necissarily be Paul the guy in real life. And having said that – I don’t get the feeds – what has Paul really done that is so terrible ? Correct me if I’m wrong, He has played the game and manipulated the flock, but that’s about it.

      • Colby

        dmc, he has manipulated the flock, and it is not his fault that they are all stupid.
        But, IMO, the problem most have is that he has ordered and encouraged the nastiness far beyond the level necessary for game play. I get rattling someone before a comp to try to throw off their game, but see no reason to humiliate, isolate, degrade, taunt, and mentally torture a person when they are already down. And especially when they know they are gong home and have no chance to change it.

      • Avatar

        Dmc. Paul has been the leader of the bullies. He has been the instigator of all the bullying. I think that is beyond terrible!! And you can play the game without that. The bullying has not helped anyone’s game. It’s just hurt the victims. Purposely setting out to personally hurt people is unacceptable and is not a game strategy..that is not ok!!

      • Avatar

        Colby, I know he has encouraged some nastiness, but again, you can’t dispute that Alex & Josh – who I think have had a lot to do with the nastiness, take it to the level they choose to. Paul. might try to get them to do something, but when they do it, they put 100% into it.

      • Colby

        That’s true. And he has loved every minute of it.
        But the way they follow his orders, if he had any one ounce of decency or compassion, he could have called it off or toned it down at any time.

  21. Zach

    Order of Evictions coming up. Jason then Kevin in the DE. Next week will be Christmas/Josh blindsided when they think Raven will be evicted only to be evicted themself. Paul will then win the final 4 HOH and send Alex home leaving it as Raven, Paul and either Christmas or Josh as the final 3. Paul will easily win the final HOH of the season and choose the player who has won nothing this season in Raven. Final vote Paul wins 8-1. Only Matt voting for Raven.

  22. Avatar

    Maybe the house did get burned down – they smelled smoke and saw ashes coming down – then feeds went down….

  23. Avatar

    If Paul loses he may regret creating a player (I do think this is a role for him) who will be compared to BB16 players. His ego could also take a big hit if he loses to one of the people he dragged along w him and then he is bashed by his BB alumni friends. But if he wins and achieves his goal then he will not care because loss least season was killing him. That’s my opinion.

    • Avatar

      Paul staying in conversations or laughing along when people said terrible things ( like comment about Kevin’s family) is only reason I can’t bring myself to root for him.

      • AIO_7

        So you don’t think that Paul being the indirect trouble-maker behind the bullying is a problem?

      • Avatar

        I do think that he has made things much worse. And I don’t like him for it. But I think he is playing to the personality of many of the cast this year. If nastiness wasn’t furthering his game he would switch his character according. They are a pretty rotten bunch. Kevin wasn’t perfect but he can be proud of the way he has carried himself overall.

      • LindsayB

        Paul didn’t “make” anyone do anything. This argument is really getting old. He suggested, manipulated, and laughed. Oh the horror!!! He saw the strengths and weaknesses in everyone in the house and played each of them accordingly. I know it’s easier to blame it all on him since he is a returning player. He’s still a player. The only one who has played his own game. It never ceases to amaze me how one can complain about nobody playing the game for themselves and in the same breath curse the only person playing for themselves.

      • Avatar

        Indirect responsibility. Paul cannot absolve himself even though he did not actually do it himself. Is someone robs a store and someone dies unintentionally….the driver of the get away car is charged with murder too…even though he was not in the room and did not hold a gun…because he was part of the plan even if he did not actually do the robbing. Like someone harassing someone on the internet….if that person commits suicide, the harassers can be charged .The harassment idea originated with him. He has to own that. Some of the things they are doing has nothing to do with game play. It is just meaness for the sake of being mean. They derive a sick pleasure from it. This is not because of where they are in the house and the game; their situation simply enhances and exposes what one is actually capable of. When they get in the real world, when an employer or client Googles the name of the person they want to hire or do business with….every youtube clip will come up.. Even if Paul wins the battle, he will have lost the war. Remember what happened to GinaMarie and Spencer.

      • LindsayB

        So now we are comparing big brother to robbery, murder, and suicide? That’s just comical.

      • Avatar

        @LindsayB … Just using a reference to explain indirect responsibility and how it is not a defense. Nor is hiding your bad behaviour around the feeble excuse of calling it gameplay. Everyone has a moral compass….a line they will not cross. Being in a game does not give one a pass to behave like they have. It has to be in you as a person to even go there. He is just too good at it for it to have suddenly just occurred to him. Just because certain people would do it and even succeed at it does not make it right. Once the real world hits them….they will discover it. They will be judged by what they have done and put out there on the internet. Perception is everything. I guess we know the price of their moral souls. Maybe you would do that for cash…but there is no amount of money to make me do that. I would rather look in the mirror and have a sense of self respect. No amount of money can buy a good name and self respect.

      • caRyn

        Agree, Browning. I like Paul as a BB player and I do believe he is indirectly responsible.

      • Helen

        I think what is being said is that certain people,by way of manipulation,bring out the absolute worst in people…
        Game or no game ,television or no television his strategy to use people to kick others when they are down is absolutely disgusting…..

      • LindsayB

        Paul has a ton of self respect. He’s going to have even more when he walks out of there accomplishing the task he went in for. You have your way of how you would do things but that doesn’t make you any better or any worse than him. There’s some kind of pleasure you get out of watching it, looking at clips on you tube, reading about it, watching feeds, etc. You’re entertained by the very thing you are so disgusted by.

      • Avatar

        I stopped watching it when Mark was evicted….not entertained at all. I come here to see how it turned out. I do not watch Youtube either….but I know they are there because of what people have said. As for being better or worse….sorry I disagree. Kevin and Paul and Alex are all playing the same game. As a person, I do think Kevin is a better person than the others. Actions speak louder than words.

      • LindsayB

        And for the record, I don’t care for any of them except Paul and Kevin. Paul, because he actually is a genuine person who cares about his friends, family, animals, and fans very much. His actions outside the house is where I get that opinion. He is also great at this game and I’ve loved watching him successfully (so far) herd cats.
        I like Kevin cuz he seems like a cool guy. He’s someone I’d like to drink whiskey with. I don’t think he’s any good at the game tho. I also just seem to really like people named Kevin.

      • Avatar

        I watch the news each night too….I don’t sanction what I see. You can rationalize what is happening and think it is fine….that is your prerogative. I don’t see it that way. Clearly we draw our moral lines in different places. I guess we will just have to agree to disagree because I stand by my words.

      • Colby

        So here’s a question. To all of you that think Paul is not responsible in any way because he is only ordering and / or encouraging the behavior of the others, do you believe Charles Manson was innocent too?

      • Summer

        @Browning – 100% concur.

      • Summer

        @Browning – Commentary on this forum from a few is abrasive. Ignore them. Why? NEVER CARED! 😉

      • NKogNeeTow

        Because of the way this conversation headed or rather quickly escalated, I have removed as much of the thread as I could, without removing all of it. I hate removing comments, it’s tedious and time consuming, so I’ll ask my fellow Board Members again, if your disagreement starts to turn personal, PLEASE TAKE IT PRIVATE!


  24. Yael Sara

    Why is Raven celebrating that there are no Have Nots and they are over for the summer?

  25. Shivani33

    Josh is beginning to make Paul’s eviction list, not that this hasn’t been planned out already. It’s just that now Paul has the ammunition, and the timing is right to start talking about it to a chosen few. Ah yes! The Investigation of Josh is underway. It’s time to separate the last couple of allies.

  26. Avatar

    Christmas’ wedding, which was set for Sept 3rd, being mentioned on Jokers alum page. Wedding was cxled but it was said that Production would probably have let her leave to go on honeymoon and come back to game. Yup.

  27. Helen

    So now Raven has hyperthyroidism…..she says untreated
    Take it from someone who had hyperthyroidism…it’s not something you leave untreated…..treatment of choice is taking a nice little capsule filled with radioactive iodine or in extreme cases thyroidectomy….
    Mine was treated with radioactive iodine….after a year of constant dr and er visits trying to stabilize me enough to do the radioactive iodine…

  28. Yael Sara

    Scabs for Gastroparesis and Ear Wax for Hypothyroidism?

  29. Avatar

    I admit I haven’t been able to watch all seasons of BB, but this season is the worst. I only continue to watch in hopes someone will wake up. Paul has been running the house since day1. Poor Cameron is a fan and got bumped off just so disaster Paul could join then Megan left because she saw how dysfunctional these people are.

    Josh can dish it out but can’t take it. Calls everyone else a bully but he’s the biggest bully, clanging pots around, gimme a break. Plus, he now refers to himself as ‘ your boy’, Paul’s catchphrase from last year.
    Alex is a shit stirrer. She claims she’s nice in real life, not likely. Situations like this turn up the heat and show people’s true selves.
    Jason, rape jokes, not funny under any circumstances. Your wife and mom must be so proud of you.
    I had hope for Christmas, that’s been dashed. I hope her personal brand suffers from her showing her true self.
    Raven wins for most annoying and pathetic.
    Kevin, dear Kevin. I hate how Alex has treated him, no human deserves that crap. I forsee he’s out in the next vote. That’s a damn shame.

    The previously evicted guests had their issues too. I think Jessica adequate he dumbest move in the game by leaving Ramses up. I would have pulled him and put Paul up, he was already gunning for Jessica and Cody. She could have told everyone she put Paul up solely to get Josh out because she knew no one would vote Paul out. Plus his safety was up at that time and someone may have opened their eyes to see how much Paul was controlling the game.

    I’m not sure I will keep watching this season. I may just check back in for the final vote. I can’t handle this much crap right now.

  30. Avatar

    Please do not let us excuse Paul’s behavior just because he didn’t directly do it, he did not suggest to Josh to do these things he told him to do them knowing full well he would. I’m not saying Josh shouldn’t have declined,but Paul knew he wouldn’t . Paul has played the game & probaly still won because these people are morons, but the bulling he perpetuated was wrong. Send in the thumbs down

    • Avatar

      If you order the hit you are just as guilty as the killer

      • LindsayB

        Yes. When you are dealing with murder. Not when you’re on a reality show trying to win a game. These are all competent adults. They all choose their own actions. I imagine some of them would be offended by the idea that someone would think they were bullied. They went on big brother, not Sesame Street.

    • Avatar

      Bubbaj, every year there is yelling, screaming, some kind of bullying on this show.

      Most years, the eventual winner has to lie; manipulate; participate in some kind of alienating; as well as other similar things that make us feel sorry for the rest of the houseguests.

      I am just curious why do you personally watch the show, when these things are so morally offensive to you ?

  31. Alda

    Now,we have a new disease to add to the list.Raven just said that her mother also has epilepsy!

    • HappyHippo

      I saw that! The first day of spring asked if it had to do with her diseases and she said “no, just an extra whammmmmy!” I died laughing. I’m telling you that documentary on HBO that I watched yesterday….mommy dead and dearest sums them up! Even st Patrick’s day commented that her hair had grown really long and of course we all know she has put on weight….being away from your fraudster mother making you well Again?? I think so!

      • LindsayB

        Ok. Now I’m gonna have to watch the mommy dearest show. It’s been brought up on here so many times I feel like I’m the only one who hasn’t seen it.

      • danmtruth

        it was a fun watch and yes it seemed to parallel Ravens May be this Cali trip is Ravens way of getting out of the house

      • HappyHippo

        you have to watch it! Seriously! Sums up what I feel her situation has been!

      • LindsayB

        I just started watching it. Holy shit. This is where I’m from! I grew up close to where they are from and went to college there. I moved away ten years ago so hadn’t heard about this. So far this is just like Raven. The girl sings about as good as Raven dances.

      • Tinkerbell

        Her name is Gypsy as well. Alike, alike.

      • NKogNeeTow

        Hobie, have you noticed that the Gnome King calls the Corpse Bride “Gypsy”? I noticed it a few days ago because one of my sister’s nickname is Gypsy and when I heard him call her that, I screamed “NOOOOOOOO”!

      • Avatar

        I just watched it and I really feel bad for Gypsy. Yes, what she did was wrong but I just have so much sympathy for her. I’m sure Raven is in the same situation but she seems to enjoy it. If this is really the case for Raven I hope that the feedback she gets from being in the BB house in someway helps her to one, break away from her mom’s control and also makes changes in her life for the better.

  32. danmtruth

    LindsayB you and Paul can’t have it both ways You can’t on the one hand say how he has controlled the house Than turn around and say he does not control or make people do and say the things they do Paul is a very educated person He knows about manipulating people How to use the power of the crowed to get people to suspend there moral guidelines
    This is the game Paul has laid out and played He understood what motivated these HG What there strengths were More importantly what there weakness were Than like a chemist he mix people Giving them a limited outline and let there nature take it’s course Just as a chemist if you mix certain chemicals you will get a reaction Just like this Paul should not be surprised by the results

    • LindsayB

      He has played on the strengths and weaknesses of everyone in the house. They all played into it based on what their own personalities were. Simple as that.

      • Avatar

        Exactly! Game, set, and match LindsayB. Personally I think Paul is a tool and would never consider him anything else. He has done his homework, he has studied human nature and has learned from his previous season mistakes. He’s only weakness now is if a few of the HG’s start comparing notes and axe him at F5 or F3. He’s played the best game! It’s not murder, robbery or anything that requires prison time. It’s a frikin game. Hate the game, not the players.

      • Summer

        @Wayne – Browning was making an analogy (a correspondence or partial similarity) to the game. Simple as that.

      • Avatar

        Well, since I am not backing any horse in this race, let me pose this question. Would everyone’s opinion be different, would your analogies be different if your fav player in this “game” was running things? All I read lately is a lot of upset individuals attacking people in this forum because their horse is either out of the race or in last place. If your fav was playing the game Paul was, you’d be praising their play.

        Let the thumb downs begin.

      • Colby

        If my favorite player pulled the crap Paul has, they would no longer be my favorite.

      • NKogNeeTow

        Wayne, I believe the correct saying is “Hate the player, not the game:. 🙂

      • NKogNeeTow

        THANK YOU for the Thumbs Down! I was beginning to feel unloved. 😉

      • Avatar

        Been watching since season 2. This is the worst season for viewers. Almost all of them make it unwatchable. They think wearing those dumb ass floaties are “cute” and viewers will think they are all such fun people. It was sorta funny last year Paul, the joke is stale. BB better come up with something really good next summer, this was the first season I really find it hard to turn the show on. #fpaul #fpaul #fpaul

      • Avatar

        Paul is playing the game to win no matter the cost. I am one that does not believe that no matter what you do to win its ok. That’s not how my moral code in life works. Bullying is never ok. NEVER!! Paul has instigated the bullying and egged it on and kept it going. Kicking people over and over until they are down and then kicking them again is not done by moral people in my opinion. Many talk about how bad Jason’s jokes have been, but he in no way comes even close to the nasty bullying Paul is responsible for. Paul would have been completely ok if the bullying had lead to violence, which it almost has done several times. I actually think he wanted that to happen therefore eliminating his victims. (Maybe some could rationalize that would be a game move-but at what cost?) People who get bullied can develop severe emotion problems and it has caused many to commit suicide because bullying isolates and strips the victims of their self esteem. The worst part of all this bullying caused by Paul is that it is not game play. This has not furthered his game play at all. He is setting out to purposely hurt someone personally!! Can any of you rationalize how in any way this was ok or was even a game move?

      • LindsayB

        I’ve done that multiple times. You just don’t want to hear it because you think it isn’t so.

  33. Tinkerbell

    Rewind, rerun………”Kevin is driving us nuts.” Guess I’m dense. How can a person drive anyone crazy when they aren’t doing anything – absolutely nothing.

    • Avatar

      It’s a combination of peer preasure, and mob mentality.

      There was a social expirement once conducted in an elevator. The people conducting the expirement would get into an elevator, and face the back instead of the front. The people already in the elevetaor, would eventually turn to face the back, to ” fit in ” with everyone else. People getting in the elevator would usually face the back too.

      In BB case, you have a couple leaders saying they don’t like what one hg is doing, so they all go along with it.

  34. Alda

    Christmas just yelled at Josh for walking away from her! Josh doesn’t like the plan of using the veto on Alex.He says that it only benefits Paul,not them.Christmas is all in for the plan.There is trouble brewing with Slosh and Idaho Human Rights day!

    • Avatar

      Agreed, Christmas lost it and blasted Josh like he was in kindergarten and he took it. But for about five minutes I thought Josh would actually think for himself when he told the camera as he was alone that “Paul was playing his own game.” I don’t see how Christmas can rationalize being the tiebreaker vote as a good thing for her. Why not make Paul draw the line now? If she has to break the tie, Alex is going to come after her, and Paul has no reason to try to win HOH on Thursday…so again, no target on Paul.

      • Tinkerbell

        She is a bitch, of the worst kind. Everyone is suppose to bow at her stinky feet and worship the ground she walks on. Creep!

      • Helen

        Josh could flip this whole shit season Thursday….all he has to do is cast his vote for Kevin…
        Paul will be backed into a nice little corner….
        He wants Christmas and josh in F3 because he can control the outcome….Christmas will no doubt be unable to compete in first 2 ….Paul knows he can beat josh……that way he chooses who sits next to him at the end.
        He HAS to get rid of Alex and Jason….they can beat him has he really WON ANY comp this season? They have pretty much been thrown to him….
        I remember a few weeks ago josh telling Alex and Jason in GBR….remember ..no matter what,we gotta stick together…..

      • NKogNeeTow

        As much as I dislike National Armistice Day, I think she could be the dark horse. She’s going along with the Gnome King now, but I believe that when it gets down to F4 or 3, she just devious enough to clip him in lieu of BitchBaby. Who better to take to the F2? Everyone in the JH already hates him and he’s 2 notches below ignorant.

      • Avatar

        I love it, Nee. Let’s hope.

  35. Tinkerbell

    Raven finally shampooed her real hair today, maybe for the first time. I think I know why Matt took so many showers……because Raven’s hygiene is zilch.

    That entire house needs to be deloused. Makes my skin crawl to watch them itch and claw themselves. That house is a science experiment waiting to explode/implode. Gross.

    • LindsayB

      True story although I think the OTT was worse. Did you watch that one? Nasty Krusti NEVER showered. Her and her ilk also rubbed their armpit sweat on people’s pillows and put chocolates that they knew certain people would eat in their nasty shoes before putting them back in the fridge.

      • Tinkerbell

        Hey Linds, That is the only season I didn’t get to watch….and I don’t remember why. Think there were things going on in my family. Anyhow, what you describe is disgusting. Knowing that, I’m glad I missed it. Hahaha

      • LindsayB

        It was definitely hard to watch. You think things are divided and heated now? You should’ve seen it then. It was definitely a BB world divided. To me, the line was crossed because it wasn’t just verbal. The great thing that the group doing all that didn’t win in the end.

      • Tinkerbell

        Linds, When I feel like my stomach can tolerate some OTT grossness, I will have to watch it. Haha

      • NKogNeeTow

        She was deplorable Linds. And let us not forget her many injuries..lol

    • Helen

      Paul hasn’t taken a shower in over a week…..last one I saw him take one was after slip and slide veto

    • NKogNeeTow

      As much as I love Kevin, his hygiene is questionable too. The other night het took his toothbrush and combed his hair with it, then brushed his teeth with it (without rinsing it first), then after brushing his teeth, he didn’t even rinse the toothpaste off of the toothbrush. He put it over the mirror (probably because he knows that nasty little Gremlin can’t reach that high, so he doesn’t have to worry about her messing with it).

  36. Tinkerbell

    Sorry chickadee, Raven, the acting/dancing you are doing in the kitchen right now is not going to be picked up by Broadway. Your audition is over, exit stage left, immediately. Do not pass go, do not collect $200.

  37. Shivani33

    I’d be so interested to be an invisible spy in All Hallows Eve’s DR sessions, unedited. What does Christmas hear, and what does she say? As the only Mama Bear in the house, she’s symbolically tethered to Paul and to Josh, who are increasingly at odds, which is causing our Holiday Contradiction more awkwardness by the hour. I feel that she is convinced that Josh would not have lasted this long without her beneficence, her mothering, her design, which is both untrue and true.

    She knows that Paul is her bread and butter to stay in the game. But just in case, she keeps trying to coddle Josh, her tantrum boy. Paul rushes everywhere, keeping a vigilant check or everyone’s $500,000 temperature. Do you imagine that in her DRs, Christmas is reminded, for her own good, who holds the bread and the butter? Is she warned to tread lightly in her boot? How soon will she be forced to send Josh off with his little knapsack?

    • NKogNeeTow

      I don’t think she will send him off Shi. As I said in a comment above, she’s devious enough to let the Gnome King take her to F or 3, then clip him and take BitchBaby to F2 because everyone in the JH already hates him and he has the IQ of a turnip. She could easily beat him in the F2, more so than she could Gnomey.

  38. danmtruth

    as you said before people don’t want to go on a show and admit they were buffaloed Paul was banking on this As I said You can’t have it both ways he cant be the puppet master Yet not be responsible for there action
    Paul now finds himself with a student in Josh who has listen to well Josh has heard Paul’s story’s that his big mistake last year was not thinking about the jury votes Well Josh now understands that the jury votes will not be kind to him when this next plan goes down
    It was interesting that it was Josh who figured out the double eviction this week This will need to be a quick comp Along with the POV Paul knows the real power now is in the POV
    In the end Paul should walk away for this Some will cheer Some will boo I will laugh and move on with my life

    • LindsayB

      He can guide them but isn’t responsible for their words or what they do with his suggestions. He has them all eating out of the palm of his hand but they choose what to say and do. He’s no more responsible for their words than he is for Raven eating cereal out of her butthole.

  39. Tinkerbell

    Raven announced her tattoo plans. Left foot/shin – ballet shoe. Back of neck – Raven, a bird. Right stomach area – her Mama’s hand. Others will follow. Says it won’t hurt….she has been awake during surgeries. Oh Raven, how I love thee. Let me count the ways……or your illnesses/injuries.

  40. Yael Sara

    Seriously, what is with the bizarre habits these people have. Alex had just been flossing her teeth and snacking on what she glosses out. I didn’t realize it was a “save for later” tactic

  41. hogwild

    I knew what was going to happen on the HOH comp yet I still find it unbelievable. #DumbestBBcastever

  42. Avatar

    That was the WORST excuse for a HOH that I’ve ever seen! And this far into the game? Wake up people!!! I hope this weeks eviction opens someone’s eyes! Someone! Anyone! Ahhhhh!!!!

  43. Avatar

    I wonder how bb feels about setting up the whole hoh comp and not having it used? They should just ask Paul going forward who wants hoh and who wants veto. It would save everyone a bunch of time watching tv. A player with one foot just won a speed/running comp. That would not have been expected in the first 18 seasons but bb19 is such a joke it’s just par for the course.

    • hogwild

      If this is going to be the new normal for the show it’s time for CBS to pull the plug on it.

      • Avatar

        If I could give you a Million Thumbs Up, I would…I truer words said.

      • Avatar

        Doggone It Steve Beans, PLEASE give us an Edit Button! 🙂

      • hogwild

        I think i will start my countdown till survivor at least the players on that actually try and win and I don’t recall any throwing an indvivdual challenge.

      • ElaineB

        I haven’t been watching the episodes, but due to reading Steve and other comments, I was curious to see how Christmas ‘won’ HOH. I watched Kevin, Alex, Raven, and Paul with ‘false starts’ and then I bailed. Oh my gawd………….how does CBS continue to have viewers that are accepting of a season that has everyone throwing the HOH comp?? And Kevin gave me the icing on the cake (unfortunately) when he is saying “This is what Paul wants”. I agree with hog….if this is the new norm, it is time to pull the ‘BB plug’. Paul will win, but it will be by default. What a sad state this ‘game’ has become. Pox on CBS!!

      • NKogNeeTow

        There’s my girl! A POX ON THEM ALL!!!

      • Avatar

        The only way to get CBS’s attention, is in their pocketbook.

        If you do not like it, stop watching. If the ratings go down, sponsors wont want to pay what tgey pay for commercial spots.

        I’ve cut out my viewing a lot at this point. A half hour Sunday. Don’t care if I miss Wednesday. I watch Thursday to see the eviction, and hope it’s a quick hoh comp.

    • Avatar

      This is Truly a TRAVESTY, & Allison Grodner needs to be called out on it?! I knew something was Fishy when Julie said that the competition could not be played, due to RAIN?!

      We are having a Freaking Heat Wave in California!

      • Helen

        They cut the feeds in order to film something passable for prime time viewing….
        All that rain must have started all those fires huh?

  44. Avatar

    BB has reached a new low… letting someone with a broken foot even compete in a RUNNING competition is absurd… especially given how many other comps she HAS NOT been allowed to compete in that were far less involved. Why did they let her compete… Because she is Paul’s minion and they know Paul’s plan was to have everyone throw it that’s why. This is further proof that CBS/BB is in the tank for Paul and they’ve already written and signed the check for Paul to win. This show is shit!

    • hogwild

      She was not medically cleared to compete in hide and go veto but less than a week later she’s ok to compete in a running HOH comp that could not be a bigger bunch of bullshit.

      • Avatar

        @hogwild –EXACTLY! This season is complete and utter BS.

      • Avatar

        I imagine one of reasons Paul has not been threatened by Christmas is if she makes it to final 3 she only has the chance of winning one competition due to her injury. Based on what we have seen this season it is very possible competitions would be changed for Christmas to have a fighting chance if she makes F3. The most bitter jury member could end up being Paul if Christmas wins and does not take him to F2.

      • Avatar

        I especially loved how they showed Christmas doing push ups and sit-ups as if to say, “hey stupid people watching this, Christmas was cleared to do that comp because she is in so much better shape now”. They must have the same geniuses that did the casting doing the cbs edits. Writers meeting: “We’ll just show Christmas doing sit ups and the viewers will believe she’s ok to do a running comp They’ll believe anything”. #bigjoke

      • Avatar

        @antsal I think you nailed it. That is exactly why they threw that montage in there.

  45. Avatar

    We say this every year…production has a hand in who wins, the house guests are idiots. Never have those statements been truer than this season. I am appalled at the treatment of Kevin by production. We will finish this season out but no more. This is the most ridiculous blatant season ever. Looks like this is the last one viewed for my household.

    • Avatar

      EXACTLY!!! And welcome to the BB Junkies Message Board.

    • Avatar

      Could not agree more. My son recently turned 13, and I told him at the beginning of the summer that I had a great show for us to watch together. Guess I win mother of the year for exposing him to the most vile, deplorable, self-centered scum on TV. We stopped watching and now read the blog together to see just how much lower they’ll sink. At least we’ve had some good conversations about what it means to be a decent human being. Bye-bye BB19. CBS, this show is an embarrassment.

  46. Tinkerbell

    Sorry for borrowing this…….RAVEN – STFU !!!!!!!!!!!

    • Tinkerbell

      What a bunch of morons……enablers for listening to her yap-yap-yap. Stop listening, stop asking questions, stop attending her poor pitiful Pearl pity party. It’s like pouring 60 gallons of gas on a fire. Spreads and grows. STOP it you bunch of nimrods. You know she is a liar, stop listening. Her nose is already longer than Pinocchio’s. Call her fat butt out.

  47. Tinkerbell

    New today…..born vomitting. Lost weight so she only weighed four poinds. Had to wesr Cabbage Patch kids clothes. Much more…..but I turned it off – just like they should. As Raven so proudly asks….”Are you shittin’ me.” Yes, Raven. You are trying to shit everyone. When you are out of the house you will see exactly how well that worked for you. I cannot wait!

  48. g8trgirl

    Just sent a nasty email to CBS and Grodner et al. Most pathetic episode of BB ever and felt completely set up for the 1 legged hg to win. Be mad at me if you must. But that was an hour of my life I can’t get back.

    • NKogNeeTow

      If anyone else is interested, MonkiKorn posted contact info for CBS, BB, and Fly On The Wall Productions on yesterday’s thread.

      • Avatar

        Unfortunately, at this point they can’t win. If Paul wins it’s expected because it was rigged, if Paul loses it would look unfair because how can the only person who played the game lose? Due to them interfering too much they’ve painted themselves into a corner.

  49. Avatar

    Out of Raven’s mouth she has “rough knee syndrome” what number is this ailment?

  50. Avatar

    I think Christmas winning HOH is the most compelling reason for people to believe production has the fix in. I realize it was only a short sprint, but there was no way she should have been medically cleared for that competition. Don’t get me wrong – I would be delighted to see Jason and/or Alex (hopefully both) go this week. I don’t like Paul’s tactics, but he deserves to win. With or without production’s help, he has totally played those fools. And I am glad to see him owning that manipulation in the DR sessions lately. Kevin is the only one I can come close to rooting for, but I don’t think he has any realistic chance. Josh annoys me to death-he plays Mr. Tough Guy and then runs off crying when he is challenged. He seems to have some game smarts-he gets so close to figuring things out but then lets Christmas or Paul talk him out of it. And Raven makes me want to break her poor, medically fragile body in little bitty pieces.

  51. Avatar

    Anyone know why they yell at the camera in the DR? It’s right there and they yell. That was what initially turned me off Paul, Alex, and Josh. Then their personalities sealed the deal. Especially w Alex referring to herself as America’s Favorite and saying she was cute. No.
    If the govt decides to ration oxygen, her and Josh are going to be the first to go. Raven will be safe though as she had deoxygenization surgery so she doesn’t actually breathe anymore. Because she would die if she breathed.

  52. danmtruth

    Garden Gnome in bed with Take a Kid to work Day convincing Slosh to stay calm That HE has figured it all out Keep trusting in the Paul Slosh is just looking at him knowing he is being played
    Now Raven is walking around with a float Can no one in this house have an original idea
    Alex STILL thinks Kevin is the back door plan Will she be shocked as Jason walks out

  53. NKogNeeTow

    I’m watching BBAD now, but I doubt that I’ll see it till the end. I’m trying to hang on as long as I can but it’s only been on 10 minutes and they’ve started in on Kevin already. It’s getting old now….real old.

    I’ve noticed something about The Gnome and The Ice Queen while watching them lay in bed together. They look like a perfect match…although their egos would no doubt make them fight over a mirror or who has the biggest d*ck.

    I was thinking about The English Patient’s inverted spine. I was wondering if it could have been caused by bending over backwards in bed to give the MattRess a BJ.

    The Gremlin might be so pissed at Kevin because she thinks “his” is bigger than hers. And she might be jealous of Cowpie because at least he can rape women but she doesn’t have the right equipment.

    Cowpie fainted because he realized that he might be leaving the house soon and the law might be waiting outside the stage door to take him in for questioning for “certain” unsolved crimes in Iowa…maybe some involving bull parts?

    BitchBaby is depressed because he’s to tired to attack anyone tonight and might just burst out into spontaneous fits of hysterical crying without a reason.

    Meanwhile, poor Kevin wanders the house fro room to room, staring blankly into space like a man without a country.

    And all this thinking is giving my computer a headache.

  54. Mimi Ryan

    So not ok!!!!!!!!!! 🙁 Paul and the Village Idiots on a HoH Comp that NEVER HAPPENED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhgggggggggggggggggggggg. Seriously, Oh & DON’T TAKE AN APPLE FROM THE TREE. Let’s not upset the “PLAN”. Damn, these people are seriously STUPID. I still don’t want Paul to win, because he’s the MASTERMIND and all the HG’s are nothing more than Village Idiots. This village is full of them. Kevin, you are doing your Family & Boston Proud, Dude.

  55. Shivani33

    One more thing about the CBS version of the footrace comp won by the least able due to default: I was so MOVED to see that Paul was in place between the 2 people whom he needed to control the most, Kevin & Alex, so that he could engage each of them in active, concentrated and insistent coaching and ensure that they threw the comp. How many takes were filmed? You know, to get it all fudged just right? I needed a long nap after tonight’s show and have just awakened with a headful of odd BB dreams and editorials to muse over and consider. Luckily, a loved one just made us beautiful Cuban iced coffees.

    First of all, my thanks go out to you, @nkogneetow, for keeping up with giving our Junkies space first-aid and taking the time and effort to remove comments when things get roughneck. Please accept cyber hugs from me.♡♡♡ You are a diamond. love from Shivani

  56. Shivani33

    Paul’s edit has changed a lot. For quite awhile, he represented himself as the vet to be viewed as playing at a disadvantage because he’s the sole vet. He had to work harder than anyone else just to survive, yada yada yada. Everyone else would target him, and he had to outthink a house full of players who wanted to gun for him. Beleaguered gentleman and The Wonderful One on a hard mission, salty tongue aside. It got old, production saw the backlash of a rapidly tarnishing image, no longer suitable or flattering. Off to DR Land for maintenance and a new paint job.

    Now his perspective has changed completely, and his pre-filmed DR spiels reflect upon his humorous incredulity that he is the mastermind who orchestrates every action, motivation and attitude being displayed each week by his ship of fools. It’s the benevolent dictator edit, as he chuckles and gloats. Inevitably, any malfeasance on Paul’s part gets scrubbed away for CBS BB. He is allowed only endearing faults. Just give him a f*cking red suit and a couple of reindeer, as he is forced to lead his little, ever dwindling troupe of hapless elves as they fight amongst themselves. Good old Saint Paul will see us through to happily ever after. Then at last, everyone can inhale a good blunt and reminisce at his Halloween party. RSVP!

  57. NKogNeeTow

    Aww, thanks Shi, and I love you right back! In fact, I love all our little Junkies here.

    Oddly enough, I hate removing comments. Mainly because they are usually really good comments and make good points. They just get a little to personal sometimes. One thing I can say for our group, we have a plethora of intelligent people here who have no trouble expressing their thoughts and expressing them well…lol. At least everyone is passionate about their beliefs and support, no matter which side they fall on. Good or bad, I LOVE THIS GROUP!

    Now, as for these HG, they’re about as dull as you can get. It’s only 11 PM there and they’ve been in bed for about an hour. I guess all that back-biting behind close doors takes a lot out of a person. They have been so lackluster tonight, I sat here and nodded out myself (just woke up about 5 minutes ago). Unless they can get that fool to run through the house banging pots and pans again, I might just wind up going bed too.

    I am hoping that since he’s the only one up, he might go into the Wave Room and talk to us, tell us what he really thinks o Paul and his plan and why.

  58. NKogNeeTow

    Oh oh, looks like I got my wish….BitchBaby is in the HOH alone and BITCHING about PAUL! He’s cam talking.

    The Ice Queen is sleeping in the Rose Room with Gnome, which I thought was against the rule….who am I kidding, WHAT RULES!

    He’s saying Gnomey got greedy and is only playing for himself and he believes he wants to win no matter what he says.

    He says they protected Paul and if it hadn’t been for him and Xmas, Paul wouldn’t have gotten this far.

    Homeboy has reached the pinnacle of pissivity.

    He say’s he hopes to God that the Ice Queen and Gnomey comes to their senses and realizes that Paul’s plan is NOT the best move for them.

    He keeps repeating how Gnomey only wants to protect his game.

    He keeps saying “Why. Why Paul, why”?

    He is SO frustrated. *Not frustrated enough to go against them though.*

    He says he’s pretty sure that Paul came up with this elaborate plan when he told him that Jason was questioning him and linked him to Paul and Xmas.

    He says that Paul is trying to distance himself from the 2 of them so that Jason won’t connect the dots.

    He’s laying in the HOH bed, listening to music, watching the fish and the TV.

    He says the only benefit that he sees in this for himself is if he has a convo with Alex/Jason, which they don’t want him to have but he’s going to anyway.

    He says that’s the only way he can see Jury being good with him so that Jason can tell the Jury that his vote was only for game and so things won’t blow up like Paul wants it to so they will vote against him (Josh).

    He says he doesn’t have stupid written across his forehead (he does, it’s just invisible). He says people see how smart he really is.

    He says Paul is “fucking up”and he’s never questioned his game play until now. He says Paul should cool his heels because if Paul wants to pull a quick one, then he’ll have to pull a quick one. He says this is not going to be good.

    He looks like he’s trying to calm himself down. He pulled his bandana over his eyes and is just laying there listening to music.

    He said he has been loyal to Paul all through this game and if someone had offered him $500K to turn against Paul or walk out the door, he’d walk out the door first, but Paul has his own agenda and he doesn’t believe it includes “the team”.

    The Corpse Bride is now roaming through the house, raiding the SR. She grabs a gallon of milk and goes to the kitchen to eat a bowl of cereal in MattRess’ honor. She started to go eat in the bathroom but instead went back int he kitchen and is sucking it down in front of the Memory Wall.

    In the HOH, BitchBaby is up and going to the bathroom. *Hope he talks some more when he gets back or else I’ll have to watch TCB and that ain’t good for anybody.*

    They just showed the Rose Room. The Ice Queen is in bed fast asleep, but the Gnome is missing.

    TCB is back for her second bowl. Guess 1 was for MattRess and the other was for her. She’s back at the Wall again. Probably trying to remember what order they were evicted maybe? Doesn’t matter, I still don’t want to look at her.

    BitchBaby just brushed his teeth in the HOH bathroom. Who’s toothbrush did he use….dare I ask?

    TCB is studying that Wall hard. She finished her cereal, rinsed out her bowl and is back at the wall.

  59. NKogNeeTow

    Sorry for the delay but for some reason my computer keeps locking up on me. Maybe it hates the HG too.

    Gnomey is up and in the kitchen fixing food and talking to TCB.

    The Gremlin got up and came into the kitchen. (*Ironically, Gnomey just told TCB that “the Gremlin” is up. Even he recognizes she’s a gremlin*).

    She goes up to the HOH and tells BitchBaby to go downstairs and mess with Cowpie.

    Everyone is up and in the kitchen now except for the Ice Queen and Kevin.

    Cowpie and the Gremlin are wrestling in the kitchen and keep getting warnings from Production.

    BitchBaby is sitting at the counter wearing some kind of face mask. Guess TCB really does stink.

    TCB is saying that she isn’t feeling to well. Gremlin ask her if she wants her to make her something and she says no, she’s fine. *She didn’t tell her she just ate a boatload of cereal* She says she just took some medicine. *Rolling eyes*

    General chit chat around the table…Gremlin talking about how somebody (BitchBaby?) is so easy to scare.

    The Gnome and BitchBaby are going to play chess. Gnomey starts to sing and we get fish.

    Cowpie is in a really good mood. *Somebody must have convinced him that he’s really not going home.*

    They all declare that they might be up for the rest of the night since they went to sleep so early.

    TCB is now in the kitchen putting on makeup AGAIN…she still looks the same.

    Cowpie says they all fell asleep because Production cranked the heat up. Gnomey said he had about 4 dreams.

    BitchBaby says he’s going back to bed and Gnomey ask him why.

    Cowpie announces he misses dirt. The Gremlin and BitchBaby misses Chipotle. TCB is still applying makeup.

    Gremlin is talking about all the things she eats on the Chipotle menu….at one time.

    Someone starts to sing….Fish.

    TCB is still applying makeup.

    BitchBaby is looking for a camera to dance to. He starts dancing….he and TCB dance about the same.

    TCB is still applying makeup.

    BitchBaby starts to compliment everyone. He tells the Gremlin she smells nice today, Cowpie that he doesn’t smell bad today. TCB looks at him with this stupid look on her face, like she’s waiting for her compliment and will be mad if she doesn’t get one. Gnomey ask, what about TCB. She says she likes the way he left her for 4th (in a sarcastic tone). She’s still putting on makeup….still looks the same.

    BitchBaby says he’s going to talk to the cameras then starts saying Hi to all the states.

    BitchBaby tells the camera that this is what he deals with everyday…Thing 1 and Thing 2 (and points to Gnomey and Cowpie).

    The Gremlin and BitchBaby head upstairs and he tells Gnomey to come up and play chess.

    Gnomey and Cowpie go up and Gnomey tells BitchBaby to play Cowpie first, while he goes in the HOH.

    Now all 5 of them are upstairs in the open area. Cowpie and BitchBaby start to play chess while Gnomey and the Gremlin watch.

    The Gremlin is called to the DR. The Corpse Bride is sitting on the sofa…still applying makeup.

  60. Shivani33

    Hurry up and spill those beans to Alex and Jason, Josh. They don’t have much time left to laugh at you & shut you down.

  61. NKogNeeTow

    Kevin is up and being ignored as usual. He’s in the kitchen fixing a bowl of ice cream. At least there are no more HN so he won’t have to worry about slop anymore.

    The Gnome goes to wake up The Ice Queen. He says that Production is calling everyone to DR and her turn should be soon.

    She goes to the kitchen and eats a bowl of cereal. TCB tell she that she ate ONE bowl (it was 2).

    Kevin is back in his bed doing something to his nails.

    As much as they talk about Kevin following Cowpie around, TCB is on The Ice Queen like a second skin.

    TCB follows the Ice Queen to the bathroom and announces that she thought her medicine would take affect but it didn’t….(*Where is a good bottle of Cyanide when you need one?*)…They hug…(*just as long as they don’t scissor…*)

    The Ice Queen goes upstairs just as someone starts to sing and …..Fish.

    Nothing much going on: The Ice Queen in the HOH bathroom putting on makeup; TCB in the downstairs bathroom admiring herself in the mirror; BitchBaby and Gnomey playing chess; Cowpie watching; Gremlin being her Godawful annoying self; Kevin still in exile.

    Cowpie, BitchBaby and Gnomey discuss who looks in the mirror more. The Gnome says he looks in the mirror once in the morning to fix his beard and that’s all (which is a lie, he always staring in a mirror).

    The Ice Queen is in the HOH cam talking. Says she’s hoping for a live show on Mon. and Thurs.

    She says they HAVE to get the Gremlin out.

    She’s saying BitchBaby is stupid and making a bad move and keeps repeating “Bad move Josh, bad move”.

    She says she cried a lot today…..then, Fish.

    Cam comes back and the Gremlin is just walking into the room…..talking a mile a minute (*this bitch needs to come with subtitles*).

    Gremlin leaves and Icy resumes talking.

    She says she got upset today with Josh having a caniption fit. She says she doesn’t know why he keeps bring up the conversation how he doesn’t feel comfortable (he wants to tell Jason that he is voting him out and why and she and Paul doesn’t want him to). She says she doesn’t do well with passiveness.

    She says she got a little cranky but that they are in such an amazing position as top 3 and she knows she should be doing Jury votes. She say Paul is and that he should be too.

    She says she hopes he keeps his shit together long enough to get top 3. She say Josh says he feels like a 3rd wheel. Then she says why would he say that….(Ummm…because it’s TRUE.)

    She stops talking long enough to fix her hair, then resumes asking herself “Why, why Josh”.

    She talks to the fish and tells them they were fed, then cleans her ears with q-tips, puts something on her eyes with a q-tip, wipes whatever she just put on, off her face, in silence.

    Meanwhile, outside the room, the Gnome and BitchBaby are still playing chess while Cowpie and the Gremlin look on. The Corpse Bride was looming over the table earlier, but seems to have disappeared somewhere now.

    In the HOH, Icy has brushed her teeth and is back at the q-tip in the eyelid thing again…(*In case you’re wondering….no idea.*). She goes back into the bedroom and starts to put on makeup. She’s getting frustrated because she can’t seem to get her mascara on right. (*I wonder if TCB has contaminated that too*). She washes it off and tries to reapply it.

    The chess game outside is almost over.

    Kevin is in bed reading his Bible.

    The chess game is over and Gnomey and BitchBaby are resetting the chessboard. The 2 Assholes are whispering something but it’s so low I can’t hear.

    Cowpie is going to bed.

  62. NKogNeeTow

    Sorry for the delay but puter just locked up again and I lost my entire comment, which was long…DAMMIT!!!

    The rest of the house has gone to bed, and the Ice Queen is back from DR. She, Gnomey and BitchBaby are sitting at the chess table whispering. *I wish they would go in the HOH so they could talk louder.*

    From what I can hear, they are talking about Cowpie.

    The Gnome King is telling BitchBaby that Cowpie keeps asking him (BB) questions, because he knows he’s in trouble and he needs BB’s vote.

    Now they are talking about TCB and how today she said that she was born with Gastropereisis and before she said it when she got it when she was 13 or 14.

    Now they are onto bashing Kevin…as usual.

    BitchBaby keeps trying to tell them that Thurs. is going to be a double. He keeps trying to tell them about his plan again but they keep shutting him down.

  63. NKogNeeTow

    The Ice Queen, Gnome King and BitchBaby are in the HOH room. They send BB downstairs to check to see if anyone is around (they just want to get him out of the room).

    She ask Gnomey to talk to him because he’s questioning the plan again.

    As soon as he returns, Gnomey tells him he has to play it cool and don’t act like they are a team and no matter WHAT, don’t bring HIS name into ANYTHING! She says that it’s Kevin who first started it (it wasn’t but these asswipes have to find something to blame on him).

    BitchBaby ask them if they would at least hear him out. They immediately shut him down…AGAIN.

    Gnome tells them that he wants to keep the Gremlin longer. Both Josh AND Icy poo-poos that idea. They don’t want to keep her any longer than necessary. (*Icy is suppose to be SO intelligent, why can’t she see what Josh sees?*).

    BitchBaby is trying to tell them AGAIN…He starts off by telling them he’s down for whatever he has to do, but that he knows once they do it Gnome’s way, they are going to blow up on him (BB). He suggest again that Gnome doesn’t use the Veto and will come out with better results. Of course you know the King won’t go for it because it’s not his idea.

    The King still doesn’t want BitchBaby to tell them that Gnome’s not using the Veto and 1 of them are going.

    BB says he’ll go along with Gnome’s plan, but he just wanted to get it out.

    The Gnome King, being fast on his feet, turns around everything BB just said to make it sound illogical. BB finally gives in and says “yeah, you’re right”.

    Gnomey tells BB that yes he (BB) will take the heat this week, but next week when he takes out Gremlin, he (Gnomey) will be taking the heat.

    Gnomey is telling BB that he is freaking him out. He says that they cannot slip up anymore.

    Icy tells BB that he can’t slip up anymore and that whatever he said has given The Corpse Bride that she’s part of the team and is going with them to the end (*she has no idea that that’s what he already promised her*).

    The Gnome King says he’s already noticed that TCB is walking around counting things and has tried to trip him up. Gnomey tells BB that TCB already has votes in the JH and all she needs is 1 more. (*If those 2 dumbasses (BB & Icy) would listen to Gnomey, he clearly states his agenda without even knowing it. They don’t even have to read between the lines. He’s so over confident, he’s blatant about it without realizing it*).

    They are tag teaming BB big time! Talk about verbally wearing someone down! Hell, they’ve talked to him so long, even I’m about to give in just so they’ll STFU.

    You can tell by the tone in his voice and the look on his face, the King is prepared to do this all night if he has to.

    He told BB to just STFU, and don’t every question him and don’t ever ask anyone if he (Gnomey) ever through him (BB) under the bus again because that just pisses him off. (*See, I told you guys he and Icy were made for each other. They both think they are omnipotent.*)

    Gnomey just told him that he needs him to stick to his role and continue to be the crazy, confused, dumb stupid fool that his is. “Everybody has a role. Play your role.” (*The very fact that BB sits there and let’s some little runt talk to him like that, makes him less than a man.*)

    Gnomey says that they are about to ramp up the rumors on Gremlin and as long as Kevin is in the house, he is the go-to scapegoat.

    Gnome told them that how he has controlled the house (when trying to convince BB to see things his way). He “literally” just told them how they (the 3 of them) are in a good position because the house does whatever he tells them to do. (*That had me LMAO, because once AGAIN, he is TELLING them what he does and how he does it and they are still to stupid to figure out, if he does that to the other HG, what’s to stop him from doing it to them? BB was talking about it earlier when he was by himself, but as soon as he talks to either one of them or both of them, it’s like every rational thought he had in his head, just evaporated. You can tell he’s still uncomfortable with their plan but he’s still going to go along with it….SMH).

    Now Gnome King is telling BB to tell them 5 minutes before the Vote, he can tell Cowpie and Gremlin because they won’t have time to talk to TCB to try to get her vote. (*Let me just take a minute to say that at this point with all the going back and forth, I’m so goddamn confused I don’t know WHAT the plan is.*)

    The King tells BB that he doesn’t care who wins next week as long as they keep HIM safe. (Grrrrrrrr….)

  64. Avatar

    Wow as much as I dislike Josh… he finally figured it out. He is the first one in the game that has figured out that Paul is attached to Alex and Jason and is attached to himself and Christmas and that Paul is the one playing the two sides. Freaking Josh of all people wow! Now the question is… will he tell anyone or do anything about it.

  65. NKogNeeTow

    Sorry…computer went out again….*These HG are KILLING my computer*.

    BitchBaby apologizing to them for being “a pain in the ass”. The Gnome King tells him just not to piss him off…(Again…..Grrrrr….).

    The King says The Corpse Bride doesn’t want to win anything and Kevin can’t win anything so they are sitting pretty.

    The Kind says that starting next week, he and BB needs to fake a fight so that the others don’t catch on to them. He tells BB to just be annoying. He says to insult him by calling him short (well THAT’S a stretch).

    Gnomey and BB hug and BB leaves to go to bed. Gnomey stays to talk to The Ice Queen.

    She tells Gnomey that she feels that BB finally “got it” this time. Gnomey tells her that it’s normal, he just needed to hear the plan again.

    He tells her that he’s going to split from her and he wants her to spend more time with The Corpse Bride more next week. He says he can’t stand her and that she’s a liar and tells him he’s fat. They say she’s mean. Icy says she was referenced to a clown and she now has a second chin, that she watched he grow while eating a whole plate of potatoes.

    Icy says she tries hard not to talk about people (uh huh), but that TCB lies and does it all within the same sentence. That she is a cruel person with a fake accent and she connives people and she’s insecure.

    Gnomey say TCB calls Kevin an old motherfucker. He says he doesn’t say things like that about Kevin, he just says he’s sneaky. He says that his pet peeve is people who claim they are intelligent when they are not. He then says he studied (philosophy or something like that, he’s gotten on my nerves so much I’m barely listening after that comment). He says he knows people so he knows she’s a liar. He says no matter what the situation, he just can’t stand seeing people get attacked (Does the motherf*cker hear himself talk?). He said that’s why he can’t stand Cody, Jessica and Mark, because they did that. He said that TCB is a bully and attacks people.

    They talk about how TCB said that BitchBaby tried to look at her while in the shower but now she suddenly loves him. Gnomey says if he had truly tried to look at her, how can she love him so much now? Icy said he should call her out on that tomorrow.

    They are ripping TCB appart…almost as bad as they do Kevin. They are talking about how she attacked Jessica and called a whore and Cody and told him he had a small d*ck. They say now she says she wants 8 tatoos because MattRess has them.

    Icy says she’s never heard of anybody being that insecure.

    Gnomey said she was jumping around on her knees in the bathroom today, then she jumped on her knees and he said “but your kneesssss”. He said she replied “Well they’re fucked anyway”. He says “But you have Rough Knee Syndrome”. They both fall out laughing. He says his knees are fine but if he did that, his knees would be killing him.

    He says she says she can’t eat meat “but everyday, hamburger, steak, jerky, whatever”. He said when he was on slop and his stomach was hurting, she told him “Welcome to gastropereisis”. He said he told, he, don’t welcome him to her disease.

    Icy says TCB is not a positive girl. She says she’s a Negative Nelly to try to get attention and sympathy. Says she tries to talk over you and one up you then bring the convo back to her diseases. She says she’s self consumed and has no awareness of anyone or their problems. She says she has major phycological (sp) problems and has played the victim her whole life.

    Gnomey is STILL asking what the hell an “inverted spine is”. This flabbergast him.

    They then start to talk about how she likes to show her “peek-a-choo”. Gnomey gets down on the floor and starts to imitate her when she puts her legs in the air so you can see her vajajay. (*It is funny as hell to watch him do it*). Then he gets into TCB talking about freezing her eggs or adopting. This is also a funny convo but to long to type (I have the feeds in the background while I’m on this screen, typing what they’re saying as they’re talking…hence, why I have so many mistakes sometimes 🙂 ) To see it go to 9/4/17 3:20 AM PT camera 1.

    Icy says TCB insecurity will destroy her, and that she’ll go into a downward spiral if she reads anything negative on the internet when she gets out of the house.

    Gnomey says that’s why he told BB not to read any of it because it might make him feel bad. He said the Live Feeders see everything exactly as it’s happening. (*To bad that don’t ALWAYS keep that in mind*)

    Icy tells Gnomey that he’s the exception and that the world needs more people like him…(Gawd…)

    He says the only people that can hurt his feeling are people he cares about. Icy says that TCB will be hurt because of her weak mind.

    Gnomey says he doesn’t know why Production made him get up, because now he’s wide awake. She keeps yawning, I think she wants to go to bed.

    She ask if he thinks everybody will be chill after the show. He says the only ones he has questions about are Kevin and Cody, but he thinks TCB will be fine.

    She ask about his last Wrap Party. He said a few people weren’t happy to see each other, then she said more than a few and some weren’t even happy to be there. He said the people who went to Jury continued to play Big Brother and kept beefing with each other.

    She says she’s excited to hang out with everyone after the house to see what they will really be like. She said she’s turned off by them more in the house than she would be outside the house.

    He said he’s curious to hang out with TCB after the show to see if she’ll be more tolerable. She says she doesn’t see how MattRess tolerated it. He says he “walked in on them making mucho sex” a few times. He said he doesn’t understand people doing it on national TV and they should wait until they at least get to the JH. He said his parents would disown him if he did that and would tell him he’s an embarrassment to their family. Icy said they got called out by it by Zingbot. She said she didn’t know if TCB even got mad about it. He said “Of course she didn’t, it was about HER”.

    He ask her if she’s sleepy. She say no because she had a long nap. He says he’s going downstairs to get something and he’ll be right back.

    She sits in bed and listens to music and watches him in the kitchen on the monitor.

    He goes into the bathroom to check for something, but not before stopping in the hall to check himself in the mirror (which is something he said he DIDN’T do).

    He’s back in HOH with a bowl of water and a paper towel (probably to treat that nose piercing that’s been festering since last season).

    She tells him to get 2 beers out of the fridge. They toast to making it to the end. They then start to talk about beers.

    All right my little Dudes and Dudettes. It’s almost 7 here and even though they are wide awake, I’m fading fast. I’m off like a prom dress…

    Have a Happy Labor Day and eat enough BBQ for the both of us! See you guys later. 🙂

  66. LindsayB

    The level of entertainment I’m getting from this season knows no bounds. From day one the fandom against Paul for doing the horrific act of accepting another chance to win $500k has desperately attached themselves to anyone and everyone in the house who might maybe possibly go against him. It’s been fun to not only watch Paul manipulate everyone to play the game for him, it’s also been fun to watch each week’s potential new hero either get eliminated or just play into Paul’s strategy. It’s gonna be funny this week when Josh and Paul get into their fake fight and have some of the viewers thinking Josh is the new weekly hero. Love him or hate him, Paul has played everything perfectly so far. I’m looking forward to another week of people complaining that nobody is playing the game while hating on the only person who is playing.

  67. kneeless

    Thank you for enduring an entire night for us @nkogneetow. It saved me time to read your synopsis, plus it’s more tolerable to read your take than listening to them go on & on about how wonderful they are.

  68. Avatar

    I find this cast is frustrating outside of just following Paul. Fine that most of them aren’t great people but can we at least get decent arguments to watch? No. When they call people out it is over something irrelevant or from weeks earlier. All of the things that fans would love to see brought up they only talk about behind people’s backs like Raven’s constant lying or Christmas getting so many unfair perks are never brought up.

  69. Tinkerbell

    @nkogneetow Hey there, You were only up all night keeping us up-to-date. You think you get to sleep now ;))).
    Responding to conversation earlier regarding “Gypsy.” Earlier in the season Miss Delusions of Grandeur started calling herself Gypsy. Wish I could remember when and why. It’s all just a horrible blur. Her Bed Or Die, Mattheeewwww Jammmeeessss Kllllaaaaannnnn, started calling her Gypsy quite often after that. It was so endearing. I have missed that intimate exchange. I’m so thankful Fidel is picking up the slack. He’s so kind and considerste that way.

    Thanks so much for your spectacular recaps. They are always fun!!

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