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Big Brother 19 – The Christmas Situation


I brought this up in one of my recent posts, but the site issues have had me distracted to further talk about it. So, crossing my fingers they’re gone (site issues), let’s talk about Christmas a little

With Kevin holding no power tonight, there is about a 99.78% chance he’ll be evicted and the final three will consist of Paul, Josh, and Christmas. Let that sink in for a minute….

Done?  Ok, now on to the situation.  During the episode last night, one part really stuck out for me and that was production not clearing Christmas to play in the comic book challenge. Why this is a big deal is because she did clear her for play in the running HoH competition despite clearly not being able to run.  She could hop, but odds are she was going to lose that competition unless every single person faulted and threw the comp to her… oh, wait.


Why did they not clear her for the comic book challenge?  Obviously, she can’t hang on to that wire thing and risk falling on her bad foot so they removed the temptation to even try and didn’t make her sit around for 45 minutes to time out (like they did for Kryssie during the wall challenge last fall when she “injured” herself and gave up). Wouldn’t the same be said about the running competition? Wouldn’t she have also been tempted to just use her bad foot and run against doctors orders?  There is no way a doctor actually cleared her to run as she can still barely walk without crutches.

The reason why this is important is because of what happens tonight. If history repeats itself – and it should – the trio would traditionally play in some type of endurance competition tonight in the first of three rounds of competition.  The big questions will be will they clear her to even try, and if they do, will they change the endurance competition to something she can actually participate in?  Like standing there holding a key for example (minus water being sprayed on them). While it makes sense to change it up for her because it would be weird to have a two person endurance challenge knowing Christmas is almost certain to sit out round 2 as that is typically even more physical than round 1.

It basically boils down to production either changing the comps and pretending they had these one-legged comps already planned, or they do nothing tonight and disqualify Christmas from competing in the first two rounds of competition which will automatically send Josh and Paul to the final round. A third and more likely option is to awkwardly go through with whatever they had planned and make everyone waste their time building an elaborate challenge just so Christmas can sit out and Josh can fall 30 minutes into it.

What do you think they’ll end up doing about her situation?  Should they go against their word and make the challenges easier despite already going out of their way to allow her to remain in the game? I mean Big Brother is not only about competing against others, it’s about competing against yourself and trying to remain sane despite being isolated for 3 months. Even if CBS secured her exit to prevent anyone from spilling any secrets, she was already given much more outside human interaction than anyone else, a break from the game, and drugs! They put themselves in a tough spot by allowing her to remain in the game, and that move was kind of forced on them by the pressure of potentially losing three people during the first HoH (Megan, Christmas, and the first evicted player).

I’m back to rambling. Tune in tonight to see what they decide to do. It should certainly be interesting to say the least.


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  1. hogwild

    She should have never been allowed back in after she broke her foot if she wasnt going to be able to compete in the comps she shouldn’t be there.

    • Avatar

      Very true! I’m wondering if production will whisper into Paul’s ear that he needs to vote Christmas out to save them the trouble of figuring out what to do with peg leg.

      Since my choices are so limited, at this point I guess I hope Paul takes Josh to final 2 with Josh for the win. I can’t even believe I just typed that.

      Just to see his Royal Highness’ face coming in second place (again) would personally ease some of the sting from this season.

    • Avatar

      AGREED! Bitchmas “should” have been Disqualified to continue on in the Game due to her Injury. We all know that BB has Endurance Comps, & she would have to sit them out! This in my opinion was a Slap in the Face to every person who has ever Competed in BB Comp, you “must” be able to Physically Compete…But that didn’t fit the script for this season, imvho.

      What really sticks in my Craw is when Bitchmas used her Hex, to Void Cody from Competing in the POV Comp?! Part of the Hex was that “SHE Had” to Replace the Person in the POV Comp, which she did Not?! Imvho, this Whole Season was Scripted for Paul to win (no disrespect to Paul Fans), from the Beginning to the End. As a Avid Fan of BB this turned out to be a very Frustrating, & Disappointing Season, because the writing was always on the Wall.

      My point of view is this, If that is the case from the very beginning of the Season for a certain Individuals to win, Big Brother should add a Disclaimer that 2 to 3 People have already been Predetermined to be the winner of this current Season…View the show at your own Discretion.

      • hogwild

        Another thing that got me Mello was the temtations America voted on to give players everyone that accepted one it was only good for one vote or comp except Pauls that gave him three weeks of no one being able to put him on the block as Dana Carveys chruch lady character from SNL said how convenient. There is a small part of me that wonders if America did vote to give him that or if production decided to.

    • Avatar

      If it was just her not being able to compete, they should have still let her stay as not being able to compete only hurts her. BUT, except for initially seeing a doctor and maybe getting an exray, staying out of the house longer than that is unacceptable. She spent at least two nights out of house didn’t she? No way should you stay in house if you have to spend night out. ALSO, she should NEVERTHELESS, have been able to stay in the house while on narcotics!! She admitted being high most of time. Someone high shouldn’t be in the house. Much higher chance of something happening safety wise. Plus if the Meds were making her high, then her dose was too high. I’m pretty sure they wouldn’t let someone come and n house on narcotics. I’d say something like adderall might be different as they have allowed that before. But remember they wouldn’t let Cody last year take his adderall. This season hasn’t made sense in many ways.

    • Avatar

      I agree with you 110%. They probably allowed her to come back to prevent a law suit. If she would have had to compete there would have been more mental stress to win but she got to be in laps land on her pain pills.

  2. Ann

    @hogwild, I agree, they should’ve sent her ass home because that was her that she broke her foot. Running around the yard on Jason’s back was not a comp. Getting hurt was totally her fault so not being able to participate was her fault. She shouldn’t be there.

    • hogwild

      What CBS should have done is told her because she can’t compete she has to leave the game but offer her a chance to come back next season when she is fully recovered that would have been far better than letting her be carried (no pun intended) to the final three and maybe the final two.

  3. Helen

    He can’t even be honest and own it at the end…..

    11:27 AM Kevin talking to Paul in HoH and Paul leading him to believe Cmas is voting out Josh tonight.

  4. Ann

    I saw video on youtube with that delusional idiot Raven claiming everything she has said in the house is true & she stands by her GPA is dance & her mama was asked to be in Mensa twice.

    GPA is grade point average you scamming moron & if you are in Mensa why didn’t you know that? You see Raven, we know you & your mom are MENTAL but Mensa, I highly doubt.

  5. Jannie

    April Fool should have been given the “boot” the minute she broke her foot.
    Makes you wonder about that rumor that she works with Yosemite Sam’s mama.

    Don’t you worry about us. You are needed elsewhere right now. So sorry about the situation your friend is in – hugs and prayers. Friends and family are what’s important. Know that we are all here sending the best to the best! <3

  6. Alda

    Josh could win the jury’s vote once Jason and Alex spill the beans about Paul’s conniving through this entire game.They might look at it this way.Boy,we thought we were so smart,and never realized how we were played by Paul.Josh is just a dumb kid.He did cry real tears,maybe he really did feel bad for following Paul’s orders,but,it was too late to cross Paul. We’ll just give our vote to that innocent Slosh,instead of that damn,two-faced Paul.Could happen.

  7. Colby

    I can’t see that Veto and eviction would take much time, so hopefully they will show the jury house arrivals tonight.

  8. Avatar

    With all of the special concessions being made for Christmas this year, Paul having the 3-week Pass at the beginning of the season, the majority of the HG’s rolling over and doing whatever Paul tells them to do (not to mention the rumors about XMas working for Paul’s mom, Raven knowing Paul before the game, etc.), am I the only one who feels that BB has actually rigged the show this year? I remember reading about the game show scandals back in the 1950’s and can’t help but smell stink on how this is turning out. It almost seems like Julie Chen sees it, too, and can’t wait for this season to be over with. Thoughts?

    • Jenny

      I think the vote for that 3 weeks of safety was technically fair, in the sense that Paul got the most votes. But they had to have known that with a brand new cast, the votes for any of them would have been split since we didn’t know any of them yet, while Paul has enough fans that he was bound to win it.
      I am suspicious of Xmas being allowed to participate in that running comp. Obviously Production knew the plan for everybody to throw it, but she should have had to sit that one out.
      And she should have been out of the game when she broke her foot and needed surgery to fix it. Given the chance to come back next year, sure, but her game this time around should have ended.

      • Alda

        How many times did Chrismas leave the house? First her evaluation,then surgery,then all her doctor appts..This is unheard of! She should have left the show, and been given the option to come back next season.

      • Avatar

        It should have been one week of safety. Three weeks of anything is unheard of and too much of an advantage.

    • Avatar

      Agree 100%. Thats why this season (for me) wasn’t even worth watching. This blog and its comments are much much more my style! 🙂

    • Avatar

      BINGO!!! Great minds think alike…..Weatherman they made a Movie about the Game Show Scandals of the 1950’s! And I can’t help but to think about that Movie, & the Game Show Scandals when I watch Big Brother?! My thing is That CBS, Big Brother, & Production should be Up Front with us from the beginning of the Season! And tell us that 2 to 3 Individuals have been Predetermined to win this Season…VIEW AT YOUR OWN DISCRETION!

      Big Brother should stop Blowing Smoke Up our Behinds, like No one has been chosen from the beginning to win the Show, & just be up Front?!

      • Avatar

        I agree Mello One. I read a comment just a little below our string from Damn Truth. They mentioned that someone had filed a complaint with the FCC on this and that the response pretty much was that this isn’t reality TV, it’s entertainment TV. Haha! Watching this season hasn’t been entertainment for me, it just pisses me off. Reading the comments on BBJ is entertaining. Some great folks on here and it seems like most everyone is thinking alike.

      • Tinkerbell

        The $64,000 Question was a huge scandal.

      • Avatar

        This is not a game show. It’s a reality show. Big difference. All reality shows are scripted at least some.

  9. Avatar

    Prob the most frustrating part of a very frustrating season. Having xmas hop in and out of the house all summer is absolutely ridiculous.

  10. danmtruth

    In a past post one of the regular contributors sent a letter of complaint to the FCC The answer she got was eye opening In short because of the way the HG are paid this is not technically a game show competition The FCC says this is entertainment like the WWE
    It has been an issue in other countries In Australia they had to reclassify as a scripted reality show We need to stop looking at this as a pure competition It is for entertaining purpose’s only

  11. Avatar

    Hi Ann, So glad to see you on here today. How are you doing ?


  12. Mel

    It will be interesting to see how they handle the Xmas situation. It’s a let down for viewers because if she can’t compete in part one and part two, technically they don’t need to do them. We’ll already know who’s playing in part 3 if she doesn’t play. I was never really bothered by her wanting to stay even though she couldn’t compete in comps because the main person that would have potentially hurt was Xmas. I do have a problem with how many times she’s been out of the house and all the medication she’s been on for half the season. People have left the house before for a medical emergency and that’s life because sometimes things happen. If she’d had a medical issue, gone to the doctor, been treated and came back, it wouldn’t have bothered me. The revolving door is where I felt it was too much. It will be stupid if we have final 3 comps that only two people can play in but in this season and with this cast, I don’t even know if it matters. I think she’ll throw it to Paul even if she does play in it.

    • Avatar

      I don’t know why it would be any more of a let down than all of the HG laying down this year and not fighting/competing. There have been a lot of comps thrown this year by just about everyone at one point or another so to me this is on par with the level of play this year. And to be clear, it’s been a huge let down to me all season that people haven’t been fighting with everything they have to win these competitions.

      • Mel

        I agree. The final 3 hoh is usually intense. I only meant having only 2 people do it would be a let down….in any other season. I also agree in this season, it fits the BB19 theme perfectly!

    • Avatar

      Mell. I promise I didn’t read your post before I posted mine!!lolj

  13. LO1004

    I’m personally over the girl in the boot making it this far. Production made their bed, and now we get to see their major fail on a grand stage.

    What does bother me is Jessica’s incessant campaign for Cody as AFP. Really all she’s doing is trying to get money towards the “big ring” she told him she wanted before she was booted. For the love of God, do not vote for him. He has done nothing to warrant this reward.

  14. danmtruth

    Did production feel that the other HG would get tired of Ms. 12/25 just sitting their and moving on Did they not see Paul using her to help keep Josh under control By then it was to late
    It cannot be stress what an advantage it was for her to have contact with other people Even if they did not talk fame Just seeing something beside the same walls Also having contract with other people even just to say hi
    Plain and simple she should have been kicked out Be given the chance to come back on BB20 Healthy and ready

  15. Shivani33

    Broke her foot and was allowed to stay. Who knows how come? Overheard something while being given the privilege of voting from her hospital bed and figured out who had voted prior to her and how they’d voted. Even that wasn’t enough and got swept under the rug of the soundstage out in Studio City.

    The compensation could be that St. Valentine’s Day Massacre has been a success at making more & more of a fool and an a** hole out of herself, the longer she’s stayed in the Big Brother house. It’s been quite the hollow victory, exacerbated by hearing her mouth off so superciliously and recommending herself as the “destroyer of souls” who will murder peoples’ families. Her words.

    Well, you can’t make good lemonade if you start with rotten, dried-up lemons and swamp water. Bye, Felicia!

  16. Tinkerbell

    The REAL AUTHENTIC nightmare before Christmas. How I wish BBAD and live feeders could vote. HEY you big-bad-tough-bully Honey Boo Boo…….you are in for a rude awakening after you exit the house. B-Witch.


  17. Tinkerbell

    Hey United States Postal Service…….be watching the mail being sent by Paul, to anyone. Could be some interesting, and illegal, items being shipped. Paul doesn’t care – he has been using CBS to broadcast it to millions. That’s “our boy.”

  18. Avatar

    In my book, when Paul said to the feeds earlier that this season he has had to work harder than he ever has, in a sense he is right and I agree. He worked harder than anybody I know to be an A1 rate a$$__le for all time.

    “Ya boy” on his way to earning a P.H.D. from Bully Master Sensei University, has either got a slap on the wrist or was told to stand in the corner for two minutes here and there, when he either attempted to or successfully masterminded his “mobbing” tactics against targeted houseguests.

    *The mobbing – Editorial: The Mob Has Taken Our Joy by Derrinick Kramer / (Steve Beans post yesterday) is a must read for all BB Junkie fans, but especially those who are no fan of Paul and his sadistic henchmen.*

    Should Paul, the puppet master and supreme orchestrator of the mob this season (again, a must read by Derrinick Kramer), be rewarded $500K when we live in a society that to my knowledge neither condones nor tolerates bullying of any kind (game show, or no game show)? The answer is an simple and emphatic NO.

    His gameplay, which lets face it, with all of the advantages that he (Production coaching, dissuading of other houseguests, 3 weeks of safety + 1 more week 9th ring) and his team members got (Xmas in/out of house, Raven a former fan and a never have not to name a few) it was clear that there was no real game to be played this season.

    • Helen

      Unfortunately Ritchie, the majority of the viewers of CBS do not subscribe to live feeds…
      They do/did not see the psychological abuse that Paul encouraged other housepets to carry out….while I agree that the others are grown adults and did not have to participate studies and experiments have proven that given specific circumstances people will do things that they otherwise would not do…..Paul knows these…he has studied psychology and philosophy…..so yes,I do consider him to be at fault.
      Should he be rewarded for it? Well, since we,the viewers are not making that decision,only those who chose to follow his path can decide that.

      • Avatar

        Khelen, I don’t get the feeds or bbad but I am more than aware of the bullying that went on and who orchestrated it. And that’s from watching the show. Reading comments tell me it’s been even worse than I thought, but just what I saw on the show was enough to rate the players

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