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Big Brother 19 – Things Are Going To Get Nasty On Kevin


Good afternoon, everyone!  I hope you’re having a great weekend and for those of you who are in Florida and still have power, please be safe. The next few days are going to be rough, but we’re a family here and we’re all pulling for you guys to come out as unscathed as possible.

To the game – The Axis of Evil gathered together last night to discuss the plan moving forward. Paul is trying hard to be able to not use the veto and come out with his hands clean, so like I predicted, he is trying to make Christmas and Josh the villains of that move. He plans on telling Alex that he can’t use the veto because those two threatened to come after him if he does as well as lose his jury vote if he makes such a move. Josh tells Paul not to say that, but I have a feeling Paul is going to tell Alex anyway and just make sure she keeps it secret. He’ll probably say that Josh threatened the same thing if Paul even told Alex that. A gamble that you probably wouldn’t make on other people, but these people are dumb so it’s a safe bet that Alex will keep that a secret to protect Paul.

Speaking of, at what point does she realize that Paul is not with her? There are so many neon arrows pointing to a sign that spells it out for her but she is too dense to see it.  If I’m Alex and I’m convinced Paul is my ‘ride or die’, and he approaches me with that ridiculous threat about coming after him, he is what I say… Umm, so what? Let them come after you. You and I are two super strong competitors and they’re not. Josh is barely above average in any competition he does, and Christmas still has one foot.  On top of that, the one with two feet can’t even play in the next HoH. Let them pretend they’re going to come after you, but we’ll just squash them when they try and one of those two will be the next to walk out the door. What are they going to do, poison the jury by saying you made a good move by protecting your ally?  Even if you end up in the final 2 or 3 with them, they can’t even poison the jury and one won’t even be able to vote against you, so what are you worried about? Save me and we’ll go rock this house. Best case, you and I are in the final 2 and you know they’re not voting for me, and worst case they’re sitting next to you and lose a key jury vote”


I mean is it that hard to see for Alex? Think of a true alliance this season. If Cody won the PoV this late in the game and Jessica was on the block, do you think he’d not use it because of some idle threat made by the girl with one leg and Josh?  Come on. It’s not even a question right now. In Alex’s eyes, Paul should 100% save her and there isn’t even a question. If he doesn’t, he’s not her ally. It’s simple.

Speaking of the one-legged queen and the third piece to the Axis of Evil, during her conversation with Josh and Paul at around 9:15 last night, she had a few interesting tidbits to say..

First, she put on as bitchy of a face as she could….

And gave Josh another “real talk” where he needs to stop questioning her and Paul.  She stops a few times to make sure he is listening and understanding what she is saying.  She says if he agrees to this but goes off on a tangent, she will light his ass so fucking fast. Josh asks what a tangent is… lol. The key thing is she wants him to fully commit and not question anything any more. Be the brainless puppet they expected him to be when they chose him for that role (my words, not hers).

As they continue, she drops some stuff on Kevin. She says before the next HoH, she plans on ‘getting in his head’ by saying “So I heard you wanted to bang me when we got to jury” then said she is going to rape his soul with her words.  Classy.  Oh, and we’ve yet to see ‘Cunty Christmas’ come out.  Really?  Have we?  You mean this is the nice version?

I have a few things to do today but seeing as there is going to be two evictions this week, it’s possible they’ll have the veto meeting today. I need to be around to see how Alex reacts to Paul’s bullshit. Will be buy it, or will she finally realize she’s been duped?  Check back later on to find out!



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  1. Helen

    Christmas is not going to have much chance to go off on Kevin…..Tuesday they will be filming eviction then they will do HOH comp…Wednesday they will need to do noms,POV comp and POV ceremony. For Thursday eviction….a lot going on with production all over the place…..

    • Avatar

      The fact that any of them have gone off on Kevin and excluded him is a fuckin joke. The guy is in his 50’s, he can’t win anything so they don’t need to get under his skin or psych him out, they can literally pick him off whenever they want, literally! So why not include him while he’s around? He’s harmless. And that’s exactly why, they know he’s alone, no one to talk to or to get his back. They find it fun and amusing to pick on an old man. I don’t care who wins, but I’m not a dick. These four? Total pieces of dog shit. Imagine being in a relationship with Christmas? What the actual fuck would that be like? Talking to you like a trained dog…… and Paul? Total scumbag

  2. Avatar

    Kevin needs to yell and be aggressive back, not just take it. It’s his choice if he wants to turn the tables. Christmas,for all her bad ass talk, seemed uncomfortable and finally shut up when Kevin went off last time.

  3. AIO_7

    “Speaking of, at what point does she realize that Paul is not with her? There are so many neon arrows pointing to a sign that spells it out for her but she is too dense to see it.”

    It’s not just the Deputy who can’t seem to see that the Garden Gnome and 12/25 have been sharing a bed together for weeks now.

  4. Painter1

    Alex will be like most of Paul’s supposed partners, figure it out after it’s to late.As for Paul and Christmas their treatment of Josh finally got to him,he was pissed in the HOH room saying he was going to blow the three of them up he didn’t care what they would say because they think he’s stupid. Think they just pushed Josh to far and he knows there is two in the finals not three.

  5. AIO_7

    .” Josh asks what a tangent is”…

    Here Slosh.

    Definition of tangent

    : an abrupt change of course : digression. the speaker went off on a tangent

    It’s also a Trigonometric term.

  6. AIO_7

    ” she drops some stuff on Kevin. She says before the next HoH, she plans on ‘getting in his head’ by saying “So I heard you wanted to bang me when we got to jury” ”

    I guess now that the Garden Gnome is keeping her snatch satisfied, she forgets all the times she hung out in Kevin’s bed, or couldn’t stop staring at him that time he came out of the HOH shower.

    • Avatar

      If I was Kevin, and I am actually…. If she was to come at Kevin with that little nugget I would turn it around and say, “Hell yeah, you’re hot. It’s no different if a 52 year old man wanting to bang a 35 year old hard body hottie as apposed to a 35 year old hard body hottie that’s trying to get in the pants of a 24 year reality junkie… I seem to remember you constantly staring at me when I’m coming out of the shower, cuddling up to me, throwing me signs that you wanted me. Now that you’re spooning up to Paul and giving him the the middle of the night reach around, I’m no longer of interest and you use the previous sexual tension between us as an attack weapon. Bitch, you’ve got issues…..”

      Yeah, that’s what I’d say if I was in a position of being used and dropped like that…

    • The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

      AI: LMAO at “I guess now that the Garden Gnome is keeping her snatch satisfied”. Savage!

      Wayne: Excellent and accurate response to Friday the 13th’s BS

      • Avatar

        I’d really like to find out the dynamics of her called off wedding. Who called it off, why it was called off. What’s the chances of her ex beating the shit out of the wanna be heavy metal god.

        She really has some damage control to accomplish to her brand when she gets back to NC.

      • Helen

        Supposedly she called it off because he was cheating on her…..after listening to her all summer it kinda makes me go hmmmmmm

  7. Avatar

    Does anyone else think that Paul’s real final 2 is him and Kevin? That is the only thing that makes sense as to why Kevin would listen to him. Paul keeps telling him to lay low and be quiet. Remember yesterday he reported back to Paul that he talked to Josh but not about game.
    So if Paul told Kevin from the very beginning “just do whatever I say and I will take you to finals,” (guarantee 50K) then argued for the win that Kevin did nothing but what Paul said.
    It also makes sense as to why Paul is coaching everyone to be hating on Kevin all the time.

    • Helen

      That thought has crossed my mind as well…..guess we will know in just a few days…..

    • Avatar

      If you think about it, Paul really hasn’t played hard during the HOH comps.. Only the POV comps when he had to. Alex is the last real threat to him, he can beat Kevin, Josh and Xmas hands down on any HOH/POV going forward. His only real overt action is to reel in Xmas with the game he’s playing with her right now. He gets rid of Alex, has Josh/Xmas get rid of Kevin/Josh depending how it plays out and he beats them easily during the F3 round. It’s brilliant strategy.

    • Colby

      I’ve thought about that being a possibility too

    • Avatar

      I’m not sure. Last night when Paul and Xmas were talking about finals, he said something about when Josh talks to the jury to defend why he should win. It sounded a lot like he was envisioning Josh being with him. But regardless, I think he thinks he can beat any of the last 3 so he’ll make that decision when the time comes. He thinks so far ahead but then he brings it back and stays in the moment. It’s really interesting to watch. As long as no one blows up his shit, he really can go any direction and still win.

      • Avatar

        I thought Christmas was okay w her role being to just to help Paul win this year. I thought she cared about righting wrong of last season and that is why she blew Josh off. That she expected to be brought back when recovered to win her own season. Maybe that was just talk and she is out to win it.

      • Avatar

        @susancran I think that’s what she told them and maybe even what she thought but the closer it gets and the more cocky they have gotten, I think she really thinks she could win. Just like she’s totally flipped on Josh and won’t say that she’ll take him to the F2 but that’s supposed to be her ride or die.

    • Avatar

      I didn’t guess that. But if Paul’s plan all along was going to final 2 with Kevin then he has done an amazing job of hiding it. It would also put a diff spin on Paul showing no true remorse for getting people to put down Kevin all the time. If his plan was to drag Kevin along, do things to assure very few had a connection to Kevin and give him F2 prize.., then Wow. We’ll know soon enough.

  8. danmtruth

    I think the yard boss is happy to be left out of all this scheming & scamming He can look at everyone in the jury and say he was not part of any of it
    Clueless Kitty is back to burying herself with talk of F2 and flashing skin
    lots of “talks” planed today for Clueless Kitty First the Garden Gnome will tell her how he is being forced into not pulling her down But don’t tell anyone so he can keep working on people ( um only other person is C#ntless )to flip the vote Than survive the water works from Valentine Day crying how she LOVES and RESPECT her but she knows she cant beat her Her talk with Josh could be interesting Does he turn into Tony Montoya and cut his old ally’s Or just blubber and say he has no choice she is too strong Than start crying in his goodbye message and tell her all
    Is it me or is Josh crying and camera talk all to try for Americas Fav

    • LindsayB

      Josh has done a lot of tough camera talk all season with no action. It started early on with the golden apple. I would be mildly impressed if he did do anything other than talk but I’m not holding my breath.

    • Colby

      It may be that he is trying for AF.
      He seems to have been raised that he can behave however, but it is all excused if he cries and says he’s sorry. Not sure he realizes that America isn’t Mommy and Daddy and he is not our ‘lil darlin’.
      But more than that he probably realizes he is gonna see Mommy soon and (hopefully) she will probably smack him for the way he has behaved, and he needs to be able to tell her ‘but Mommy, I cried and said I was sorry’.

  9. Avatar

    Going off on Kevin helps only Paul…because Kevin will push back and in the end it will rattle Josh and Christmas before HOH….Josh will fall apart and cry and Christmas has never had anyone really push back at her…..it could unnerve her as well….it could also light a fire under Kevins butt if they rile him up and get the adrenaline going before an HOH. This plan to go off on Kevin could backfire.

    • Avatar

      Win, lose or draw, Kevin is already going to walk away with more cash than whichever one of the Triple Terror takes the 3rd spot….if he wins AFP he will walk off with the same as the one who takes second. THAT would be poetic justice. Kevin for AFP…

      • Avatar

        Browning you and Colby are right. Who would ever have thought that people would be voting Kevin AFP at the beginning of the season? I thought he would be among very first to go!! I really didn’t care for him, but he has become the lesser of all evils. He tried to make the victims that were bullied so badly by all the others, with Paul being the ring leader, feel a little better by talking to them. My vote will probably go to him. Unless it goes to Cody,who made the biggest play in the game by putting Paul up the first week!! Paul was saved by production and given 3 weeks of safety, which is unheard of. That had to have been in Paul’s contract. You better read this comment fast because all mine seem to disappear fast. NK appears to have a friendship with lindseyb and everytime I disagree with her my posts disappear. I never use foul language or call people nasty names in my posts although I do quote things they have said and express my opinion on that. Just like everyone else does but I get booted. lindseyb is right when she said last year she did some nasty things and many long timers left because of it ( she wasn’t the only one) you can’t have a forum like this and remove people posts unless they use foul language, racist remarks etc. but this year for the first time it’s been done by one moderator. Stevebeans, please contact me. [email protected]. I need to talk to you and didn’t find any contact info. Thanks

      • AIO_7

        Trudy: if this one disappears then I’ll be pissed.

      • Avatar

        Trudy….I think Kevin deserved AFP, just for putting up with the mental abuse from these HG. He has had to have his slop tossed out, ridicule and people eating in front of him…and even at that he still shook Jason and Ravens hand last Thursday and wished them well while they were on the block…He is not perfect, but he is the classiest one there. For that he deserves the money just for putting up with it for so long.

      • NKogNeeTow

        First of all, your post wasn’t removed because I am either friend or enemy of anyone here. It was removed because you made a direct insult at Lindsay, which isn’t allowed here. If you had noticed, I removed hers that did the same to you.

        I have constantly asked the board members to NOT attack each other when they disagree and if they feel strongly enough about that person, to take it private. You all have the option to send each other private messages, yet some choose to openly fight on the board, subjecting the rest of us to it. It’s not hard, just click on their name, click on “Private Message”…Voila! That you choose to do it on an open forum and take the risk of it being deleted, is on you.

        As for “booting” you, I can’t boot anyone, only Steve can. I can only edit or delete. As for me favoring one commented over another, please don’t make assumptions. I have removed comments by Regs as well as Newbies. Not because of their views (personally, I enjoy all views), but because they were made about other board members and not the game. What you (not you personally but everyone) says about the game or the HG is one thing, but it should never get personal.

        Now maybe I missed it, but I didn’t see where she addressed you or even referred to you in any of her comments today, yet you passively/aggressively mentioned her in your above post. I am sincerely hoping that she won’t respond to the one above so it won’t go into a back and forth.

        If you feel that I’ve treated you unfairly, then you always have the option of contacting me. I will always respond. If you feel the need to contact Steve, you have that right also. I have never waivered in my request that board members respect each other, and I never will. I stand by everything I’ve said and done.

      • Avatar

        NK, of course I think I was treated unfairly. I would like to know how I personally attacked Lindsey. I don’t think I ever even mentioned her name until today. Did I call her names, make racist remarks, cuss her? I never mentioned her name in any posts. I did quote something she had said and then explained how in my opinion she was wrong. People do this all the time. I’m not trying to have a fight with anyone. That’s not my style. I don’t think it’s up to you to decide if I attacked someone else. You are making a subjective judgement. I have nothing against Lindsey, I don’t know Lindsey. Do I think her opinions are nutty? Yes. But she probably thinks mine are. That’s ok. Opinions are like a– hol–. Everyone has one and they all stink. And that’s as nasty as I will ever get on a public forum. Lindsey posted she had done some nasty things last year to others and she did but was not the only one. She said she was sorry for that and I admire that. If Lindsey has a problem with me, she’s a big girl and can let me know herself. I don’t agree with lots of things people post but I have always said I respect their opinions and expect them to respect mine. You only make things worse by deleting posts you might think are attacks. I wouldn’t ever attack someone in a personal way on purpose. We all attack one another’s opinions when we think they are off the wall. That’s what this forum is for and what makes it fun. I have been on this forum for many many years, and seen lots of heated debates. To my knowledge none were ever deleted by Steve. Our country was founded on free speech and you shouldn’t be censoring it unless their is hateful and malicious name calling, and even that is protected under the law.

      • NKogNeeTow

        Trudy, you attacked her when you responded to her post and insulted her personality and character because of the things she stated in her post about Paul’s game play. I cannot quote it verbatim because once a comment is deleted, it’s gone permanently, but you know what you said.

        You stated that you would “never attack someone in a personal way on purpose. We all attack one another’s opinions when we think they are off the wall.” Attacking someone’s opinions and attacking someone personally are not the same things. And please don’t give me that free speech spiel as a means to getting around disrespecting someone. We all know that one can be malicious and demeaning and justify it with free speech. I really don’t want to have a war of words with you on the board and subject those who only want to read game related comments to it. If you’d like to discuss it further, please feel free to message me and we can discuss it as long as you’d like.


      • Avatar

        NK, you are wrong. I never insulted her personality and character!! I criticized Paul’s personality and his moral character and said that what he was doing was not game play. And I said that anyone who was ok with bullying was just as bad. And I know exactly what I said. You read my comment and took it completely wrong. I take a very strong stance on bullying. It is one of the few things that can set me off. I knew an adult and a 14 year old who recently committed suicide because of bullying. I resent you telling me the difference between attacking someone personally and attacking their opinions. I’m a grown woman and I know the difference. At this point it’s what you said that I said and what I said I said. And since its you with the all powerful delete button in your hand there is nothing I can do about it. You have made yourself judge and jury. And with your power there is no appeal. By the way, Lindsey never posted anything that I thought was a personal attack on me. She pleads herself aggressively as do I and many others on here. You are here to let readers know what is going on in the game, not to judge whether or not they are being too personal with one another in their posts. What you might think is a personal attack, others might not think a thing about it. This is a forum for opinions. Not for judging the posters. We can handle that ourselves. If readers think someone gets out of line, others can let them know it. To my knowledge, Steve has never gotten involved or deleted postings. He runs a great page. You need to follow his example.

      • NKogNeeTow

        Yes, you did say that about Paul. Then you followed it up with a direct shot at her with something like anyone who could defend him or his actions, was lacking in character and/or personality (just paraphrasing, not your exact words, but close). You have a right to resent whatever you like, but as I said, attacking someone’s opinions and someone’s personality, are not the same. You stated you’re a grown woman, then act like one and stand behind the things you say and not change it the moment someone responds to you.

        I state again, for the record, for everyone to see, I did not delete your comment for your views on Paul. I feel almost the same way about him as you do. I deleted it because the second part of your comment was aimed towards her character and personality. I might not remember your exact comment, but I DO remember that much about it. Last year you did the same thing. Every time someone said something about Nicole, you instantly went on attack mode against them (It’s right in the archives for all to see). Then you get defensive when someone calls you out on it, and follow it up with victim noises. Get off the cross Trudy, somebody needs the wood.

        Now, I’m through with this. I stated before that you can contact me at anytime and I’ll respond. But I’m through with this subject on this thread. If you want to talk, contact me and I will gladly listen. But I won’t clog up this board any further with a word war.

      • The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

        “To my knowledge, Steve has never gotten involved or deleted postings. He runs a great page.”

        Trudy, you must have forgotten that the reason Steve hasn’t personally intervened and deleted postings himself is because he brought on a MODERATOR to do exactly that. And that moderator is NK. Steve has made it abundantly clear that he does not want personal attacks on HIS site, and he announced that he was bringing on a moderator to take charge of that issue. Bottom line. This is HIS site, HIS rules, and it was HIS decision to make NK the moderator. You don’t have to like it, but you must respect it. Point blank period. Now let’s get back to Big Brother.

      • Avatar

        NK. You just attacked me personally several times!! You have no proof of what I said and as I said before, you took what I said wrong. I said I thought Paul was responsible for instigating the bullying and that made him just as guilty as those doing it. Just as Charles Manson was just as guilty for the killings although he didn’t take part. I THEN SAID, ANYONE WHO IS OK WITH BULLYING WAS JUST AS BAD!! I then explained the devastation bullying can do to people emotionally and physically. I didn’t accuse anyone. You then even attacked me for thing about last year??? I would love you to get out last years posts you are talking about and let’s see who attacked who for their opinions!! I challenge you. A moderator doesn’t attack people personally like you have done to me for merely stating my side and in all my statements I didn’t attack anyone or say anything bad about anyone! And you tell me to “get off my cross”? Real cute and mature. Is that not a personal attack? I surely took it as one.

    • Avatar

      Actually I think if he wins AFP he’ll walk away with more because he’ll also get the stipend. I do not believe 2nd place gets the stipend.

      • Helen

        If he wins AFP he will win more than 2 place winner….about 65,000. 2 place will get 50,000.
        Even if he does not win AFP he will walk away with 40,000…..so…..

  10. LO1004

    I wish they’d just leave Kevin alone. Poor thing just sits by himself all day. He’s clearly struggling enough. Ugh. Bunch of jerks.

    • The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

      Josh went downstairs and had a nice conversation with Kevin last night but as soon as Kevin saw Paul coming he darted out of that room like a bat out of hell. Then a few minutes later he bragged to Paul about how good he’s been doing at following Paul’s instructions to isolate himself, and he has spent the last 14-15 days practically by himself.

      I do feel for Kevin and I hope the others decide not to antagonize him this week after Alex leaves. But as for the isolation, I’m afraid Kevin appears to be a willing participant in that. Anything Paul tells him, Kevin is willing to do it.

      • LO1004

        Yeah. I think partially willing. When Kevin used to ask questions Paul would shut him down and telling him to stop asking questions. So it’s like he was backed into a corner.

    • AIO_7

      “I wish they’d just leave Kevin alone. Poor thing just sits by himself all day. ”

      LOL! Make up your mind.

  11. Avatar

    Couldn’t stand Paul last year, can’t stand paul this year. If Big Brother is going to keep bringing vets in the least they could do is make the rest of the cast be people that have never even heard of the show or know very little about it…… Maybe they wouldn’t be so star struck that they would give the vet a open path to the finals.

  12. AIO_7

    The talk finally happens. The Garden Gnome blows smoke up her ass, the Deputy says she understands.


  13. Newbie2017

    Paul deserves an Oscar or an Emmy for that performance!

  14. AIO_7

    One of Jessica’s questions was who she would like to see on Celebrity BB. She said (surprise, surprise) Ariana Grande.


  15. Jenny

    On last night’s BBAD Paul was wearing red and white striped knee socks but otherwise in all black. He looked like an emo elf.

  16. Mimi Ryan

    Here is my Hit List Updated from June 29th of the BB19 Line Up aka Village Idiots & the Garden Gnome BB19 DupperStar

    List of who I like thus far and whom I don’t. 6/29/17 Now Edited as of 9/10/17

    Alex (I like her) – Not Anymore
    Paul – Ugh ‘( (Nothings Change here)
    Christmas (I like her) (Damn she’s nasty)
    ***Josh (Not) (At this point, I don’t like him, but he’s just a puppy meatball crybaby).
    *****Kevin (God No) Creepy – (Now I like this Man, for the most part) AFP

    * Stands for Least Offensive HG aka Village Idiot

    EVICTED Cody (not so such about this guy)? Do Not Like
    Evicted – Dominique (I like for the moment, but that could change) (Deranged)
    Evicted – Elena (NOT!!!!!!!!!!) (No Change)
    *Evicted – Jason (I like him) (Still like him, but a penalty dislike for obvious statements)
    Evicted – Jessica (Not) (No Change)
    Evicted – Jillian (Not Sure) (No Game)
    ***Evicted – Mark (so far ok) Really good Guy, just no real game and got lost in Elena
    *Evicted – Matt (yes so far) (I liked him, however penalty for being a dufus around not getting a PoV used on Raven) No Game Play At All!!!!!
    Evicted – Rameses (Not sure) Still Not Sure
    Evicted – Raven (possibly a good player) – NOT, Zero Game Play, Gone!!!

    Megan (not so sure, probably will not make it far in the game) – CALLED IT!!!!

  17. NKogNeeTow


    HOH: 9/10 3:24 PM PT Cam 3: Josh cam talking.

    Light bulb is FULL lit! He realizes that Xmas is NOT taking him to F2, she is taking Paul. He is LIVID!

    He says that if they (X & P) want to keep playing selfish, he might just split the vote and keep Alex.

    He ask God to give him patience and says he’s blowing everything up.

    He says she is taking Paul because she can beat him and Paul is taking him (J) because he can beat him. He says she’s not gonna win.

    He gets back in bed and says he needs to calm down.

    He says they think they’re going to keep him silent and that he’s going to be quiet.

    He ask God to give him patience and keep peace of mind. (*cam goes to fish, A & X must be talking about something they shouldn’t on the other cam*)

    He’s laying in bed with his sunglasses on, watching the monitor.

    • Avatar

      If Alex is left standing, two people will have a major hissy fit. The only problem is Paul will spin it to Alex, that was the plan all along. She still thinks she’s F2 with Paul so it’s not really a major setback. Alex wins HOH which Paul will not mind at all. She puts Kevin/Xmas or Josh up and Paul sits back and watches them duke it out.

      Bottom line is Josh will not be able to convince Alex of the F3 deal with Xmas/Paul. The status quo will remain the same and Paul will still be F2.

      • The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

        Yep, that’s the thing– the way Paul set it up, he’s golden no matter what happens. Paul only wants Alex out now because she’s the strongest competitor left in the house and the only person who has even a shot in hell at beating him in the finals. But it’s not like he wants her out because she’s coming after him– she’s not. No one is. Alex gave a whole monologue last night when she was alone about how she trusts in Paul and she trusts in “Friendship”, so she’s not sweating being on the block this week.

        Josh’s best shot at getting Paul out before F2 is if he wins veto next week, and Paul does not win HOH (so Josh would be the only vote that week). Keeping Alex around will only hurt Josh’s chances of accomplishing that. Alex would be more than happy to throw HOH to Paul, and she would also make it harder for Josh to win veto. Even though Kevin is also up Paul’s butt, there’s at least a chance that he won’t throw HOH and at least he’s a weaker competitor for Josh to face off against in the veto comp.

      • LindsayB

        Josh would be stupid to let Alex go to the finals. I know, I know, he’s not known for his mental strength. Or his emotional. Regardless of what anyone thinks of Paul (I have a feeling you all don’t care for him), Josh would have a better shot against Paul in F2 than Alex. Alex has proven to perform well in comps so in a F3 with J,A, and X she will probably be the one making the decision and I think she would choose xmas. If it was Alex and Josh at F2, she would have a strong argument of playing the game better than him. They were both assholes to everyone in the house so it would come down to gameplay. If he is F2 with Paul he has more of a chance because of the possibility of his goodbye message turning into something. I think his anger should be more directed at xmas than Paul cuz she’s been his other half the whole time with Paul as the third wheel. It’s more of a betrayal from her. This is just an Alex vs Paul with respect to Josh thought process. If you’re truly wanting Josh to have a chance to win, he’s gotta go with Paul’s plan to evict Alex. Sticking it to Paul by setting up a sneaky tie breaker would only benefit Paul haters, not the new house hero.

      • Avatar

        Ugh someone who cried half the time and only here because others constantly calmed him down winning 500k. Maybe if he leaves another good farewell message it would be easier to accept.

    • Avatar

      When do we think Josh will realize that Paul didn’t want this hoh so he could play in next week’s? Maybe the limo driver will tell him on the way to the jury house after Alex goes.

  18. Alda

    How could Josh split the vote? Paul and The Nightmare before Christmas will vote Alex out? Josh won’t be voting at all.

  19. NKogNeeTow

    Kitchen: 4:20 PM PT Cam 1: Josh/Xmas at kitchen sink.

    She ask him what’s wrong. He tells her he just needs a minute.

    She tells him to talk to her. He tells her he’ll talk to her when he’s ready, then walks away.

    She keeps calling him and he continues to walk out.

    She looks at him angry and starts thrown the dishes in the sink so hard it sounds like she’s breaking them. She is PISSED! She keeps looking towards the direction he went.

    He goes to the Rose Room to talk to Alex.

    *I missed the convo but when I got to that Cam, she was telling him that she didn’t want to talk about it and that since he wants her out, she’s out, then she leaves the room.

    He sits on the bed and cries and thinks quietly.

    Paul is in the Wave Room alone and staring into space.

    • The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

      So when this b*tch “needs a minute” to herself (like, for instance, when she screeched that exact statement at Raven last week during the double eviction), then it’s fine and everyone should respect that. However, when Josh respectfully tells her that HE just needs a minute to himself, now it’s a problem? She is such a hypocrite and such a domineering psychopath, that she cannot stand the fact that she can no longer control Josh’s every thought and movement in this house.

      Christmas, seriously, F**K YOU. You are the most arrogant, self-righteous, hypocritical, mean-spirited, dumb ass, fake ass, pseudo-intellectual idiot I have ever seen. Can’t wait to never have to see or hear from you ever again.

  20. danmtruth

    If Paul does that He would move to the top of the dumb player moves of the season Good for Josh But i’m not holding my breath it will happen Still say goodbye Alex Josh will do his big talk away from where Paul and Xmas can hear He was very nerves the other night when he found out you could hear people talking in the DR

  21. Mimi Ryan

    OMG this is great. Nightmare Before 12/25 seems she can’t always “MENTOR” (HER WORDS BY THE WAY) that Crazy MeatBall. MeatBall finally had that bright light happen to him, good. But his emotions keep getting in the way of his “idea of blowing up someone else’s game.” Hey, MeatBall, better game play would be play strategic and NOT STUPID. Not everything you say will work out because you need to think things through and plan well. Reduce expectations and navigate accordingly to reactions/responses from the Village Idiots. Yeah, this is more the those of us out here on the Message Board, or he will eventually see what everyone is saying and look at his game play better (or not). Thank you for the RED ALERT!!!!

  22. NKogNeeTow

    3:20 PM PT

    Josh is crying and saying he can’t snap out of it, then leaves the Rose Room and goes into the other bedroom where Alex is packing.

    He ask her to please talk to him. She says it’s not going to help.

    He cries and says he loves her and he’s so sorry.

    She says she and Jason trusted him and she’s tired of it.

    They’re both crying and he goes to sit on the bed and tells her he really loves her.

    She said no, they really trusted them and they did them wrong. She says she doesn’t want them to talk to her and she helped get Jason out.

    She says she will give him a fair vote but she’s done with them.

    He tells her he doesn’t want her vote, he just wants to be friends outside the house.

    She tells him to just leave, she needs a minute.

    He keeps trying to talk to her but she doesn’t want to hear it. He keeps asking for a hug and she says no, she doesn’t want to talk about it anymore.

    Xmas comes in and he ask her to leave. She leaves…pissed.

    Josh and Alex continue. He starts crying again and she tells him that he just needs to go out there and win it and leave her alone. She tells him to go eat lunch.

    She tells him he can win, he can beat them, just focus on winning.

    She tells him he doesn’t have anything to cry about because she’s the one leaving and this is a decision that they made.

    He tells her he’ll give her space, then leaves. She lays there and cries.

    Xmas is in the kitchen cleaning with a vengence and catches him when he comes out of the room.

    She pulls him into the Wave Room and gives him the verbal beat down, then nastily tells him to make a decision and stick to it. When he tries to talk, she tell him to shut up. Then leaves the room.

    Paul comes into the kitchen and ask what he said. She tells him that she told him to make a f*cking decision and stick to it and that she didn’t want to hear it.

    Paul goes to the Rose room and tells Alex that he’s sincerely sorry that he has hurt her. She tells him that she doesn’t want to talk to him about it. He says that sincerely hurts him.

    She tells him that she was Jason’s friend but she trusted Paul and didn’t pull Jason off the block. She said she did it for Paul.

    She said Jason probably feels expendable.

    She said she will give him a fair vote and will tell the Jury how hard he’s played but the friendship part is out of the question.

    She tells him she is so sick of Josh crying and saying how sorry he is.

    She says they should have never taken out Matt, they should have taken out Kevin.

    Paul says don’t you think it hurts me that Kevin is still here. She says she doesn’t care.

    She said if she knew then what she knows now, she would have played differently.

    He tells her that he’s been trying to talk to them (X and J), but it’s not working, but he will still try and the last thing he wants her to think that he crossed. her.

    She says she realizes that it’s smart this way but she just doesn’t like it.

    She says she did just as much damage as he did.


    Xmas is reading Josh the riot act again. She is telling him that if Alex doesn’t want to talk then leave her alone. She says that it’s her (Alex) trauma.

    She tells him that Alex is playing him and he falls into it.

    He tells her that he is 23 yo and can’t change overnight and be cold like her. He tells her that he has done everything that he said he’s going to do, but it’s hard on him.

    She doesn’t let up. She tells him he doesn’t have to be cold like her but he needs to just leave Alex alone and give her her space.

    He tells her don’t ever tell him to make a choice like “it’s me or it’s you”.

    He tells her he told Alex he was sorry. X tells him then just leave her alone.

    He says he really doesn’t like this has been going down.

    She tells him then to find another solution.

    She says stop trying to give Alex false hope.

    She’s still trying to make sure he doesn’t go near Alex.

    He just told X, don’t ever do that again. Don’t ever question him, And don’t ever tell him to choose her or me.

    Paul come in and starts in on Josh. Tells him he played himself.

    Paul tells them that Alex is blowing up on everyone and saying she hates it when Josh cries.

    Paul ask him why. He say he’s f*cking everything up…..FISH

    • Avatar

      That’s an interesting exchange…. they ARE planning to split the vote and have Josh do the dirty work….. Josh can make a small move… but I really thinks it’s too late… Paul has Alex thinking it’s Xmas and Josh that wants her out…

  23. NKogNeeTow

    4:54 PM PT : Cam’s back

    Josh ask them what is he suppose to do.

    Paul tells them that Alex is pissed at everyone, especially him and that she says she’s going to JH and tell on all of them (she didn’t).

    Xmas jumps in and starts on him again.

    Josh says he only told her that he loved her and was crying.

    Paul ask them what are they going to do now, how are they going to vote. Paul says this falls on Josh because he (Paul) gave her no hope and Josh screwed it up because he poked the bear.

    Paul is pissed and says how are they suppose to vote. Paul says this looks bad on him (Paul)

    Josh tells them to do the split vote and he will send her home.

    Josh starts to get pissed and tells them that he’s done everything they’ve asked.

    Paul keeps telling him that Josh asked for his helped and he gave it to him and look at the position that he put him in.

    Xmas pipes up and says what Josh has done has repercussions and that Alex will taint the Jury.

    Paul sits there mad and shaking his head while Xmas is talking.

    Paul tells him now Alex is bringing up the Kevin/Raven thing and says that now Josh is f*cking up their game.

    Paul is coming down on him hard while X tries to play good cop. Josh is just sitting there quietly.

    Paul tells him he has done everything to help him and he just f*cked it up.

    Josh tells them that if he’s f*cked up everything then send him out next week.

    Xmas tells him that Alex was accepting her leaving until Josh talked to her.

    • Helen

      Yeah. Split the vote….josh will send Kevin to jury on Tuesday. Make Paul work for that 500k

      • ShoeLover

        That’s why I wish Alex would listen to Josh!! His emotions are all over the place!! Let that kettle top blow Josh and sing your heart out!! Dang you bang pots and talk smack, why not start blurting out all you know.. now is not the time to let others talk over you or silence you!!

        I am wide awake, ready for the show!!

      • Avatar

        If the light bulb is truly on and the vote is split, that should happen. If not, I say we all meet in Vegas and forget about the rest of the season and have some fun…

    • ShoeLover

      Oh my gosh!!!

      So ALEX still believes JOSH and CHRISTMAS are the ones that want her gone, and Paul is backed into a corner and has no choice but do what they want?!?!?! If she would only listen to Josh when he tells her this was PAUL’S plan all along..


      real soap opera shit right here!!

      Dun dun DUN!!!

      • Avatar

        This is all going to come out in Jury….. Paul will be a deer in headlights at the F2 vote…

      • Avatar

        There is no way anyone will believe Josh mastermind any of this. Or that Josh and Xmas told Paul “how things were gonna be”. Whether you order the hit or pull the trigger, you’re considered guilty and have blood on your hands. Paul won’t be in jury to steer conversations in his favor.

      • Avatar

        But, if he’s the one that has played them all, and he’s final 2, then he deserves the win.

    • Avatar

      Paul has to split the vote, he has to remain somewhat loyal to Alex for the jury vote. Problem is that Paul doesn’t know Josh Spilled the beans to Jason on the Goodbye Message about the F3 with Xmas/Paul and him. If it’s a 2-0 vote to evict, she will be furious and when she and Jason compare notes, that’s two votes Paul Loses, to go along with Elena/Mark/Cody. I don’t see Cody voting for Paul if Kevin is on the F2 block with him. That’s 5 against.

      Paul has to split it and Have Josh do the nasty.

    • The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

      Friday the 13th is livid that Josh would do anything that might cost her “boyfriend” Paul a jury vote. This conversation doesn’t even really have anything to do with her, it’s all about how Josh’s actions could’ve exposed PAUL. *rolls eyes*

      I only regret that I won’t be there to see the look on Columbus Day’s stupid face when she gets out of the house and Paul doesn’t return any of her pathetic, lovesick phone calls. She is such a fool.

      • Avatar

        He’s just that not into her…. He needs someone he can control and domineer in an open setting, not in a closed house where the choices are extremely limited.

      • Helen

        He actually told his “little burrito” that he misses her the other night when talking to cameras…..LMAO

      • AIO_7

        I think they will hook up if they think it will be mutually beneficial for their meet-and-greets (if there are any) or for profit.

      • Avatar

        She probably thinks that Paul will create a fashion line for her.

      • Avatar

        Didn’t I read on here somewhere that entering the house Christmas stated what kind of man she would be interested in? As I recall it was the total opposite of Paul. Even the Professor looked good to Mary Ann and Ginger after a while.

  24. Helen

    Wow. Alex is really stupid…she keeps saying SHE should have pulled Jason off the block……that she chose Paul over Jason….
    Ummm…hey boo boo……you never had the veto….Paul did….he pulled you off the block and they put up Kevin……

  25. HappyHippo

    Let me start by saying….feltso I hope y’all are ok. I’m in central FL and Currently take a pretty good lick but still have power….so far….
    What a dumb ass Alex is! Got screwed when cowboy got sent home and wasted an HOH! Now still thinking Paul is on her side?? WTF
    Literally a season of complete and utter dumb asses!

  26. NKogNeeTow

    Watch the show now. When Paul and Josh are in the Wave Room and Paul goes from crying to laughing, the look on Josh’s face is P-R-I-C-E-L-E-S-S! He says he feels like he was looking at the devil….LOLOLOLOLOL

    Somebody PLEASE screenshot that look!

  27. NKogNeeTow

    Just peeked at the Feeds. They are still tag teaming Josh.

  28. Edsel

    If I were Josh, I would walk out of the room on these two, go up to the HOH room and lock the door just to have a moment of peace.

  29. NKogNeeTow

    I kind of liked that Revengers clip. It was kind of cute.

  30. Edsel

    Paul really has an extraordinarily devious mind.

  31. g8trgirl

    North Central Florida is getting lots of rain and the wind is picking up.
    I know in the scheme of things this is minute, but the local news is pre-empting BB. I’m happy to have electricity while others don’t. Counting on everyone to keep me posted, please.

  32. Avatar

    NK thx for the updates…I don’t have the feeds. Did they show any jury house tonight I was late getting home.

  33. Helen

    I love watching Christmas walking with that crutch on her injured side as she leans her body weight onto the crutch and steps forward with her injured foot…..

  34. Helen

    Alex sitting on the couch in the backyard repeating over and over…
    Friendship is a lie…friendship is a lie
    Can’t wait till she goes back and watches beginning of season when she was beating it into Jason’s head that Paul was a liar..
    That was before she threw her game away

  35. Avatar

    I really don’t think x-mas and Paul will split the vote. They both want Alex gone this week and aren’t going to risk that.

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