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Big Brother 19 – Thursday Feeds


If and when Cody and Jess look back on the season and try to figure out where they went wrong, they may pin it on the wild first week, but this week was probably their worst.  Paul continues to be a few moves ahead of Cody in the chess match that has been season 19, and that didn’t change despite Paul taking a clear shot at him during his HoH.  Cody had some reflection time to himself after eviction and clearly didn’t get any better at the game because once again he and Jess are about to be screwed over by Paul.

As you know by now, Cody won the battle back last week and re-entered the house with a new outlook on the game, and that outlook was to play with emotion and target someone who was virtually no threat to him in the grand scheme of the game.  Sure, Josh was getting under Cody’s skin, but he is not winning this game, and is certainly not going to be a roadblock for anyone else to win. He’ll quietly be evicted as soon as Paul has no more use for him and that will be the end of the Josh era.

Jessica won the HoH in a pretty epic battle of endurance that took around 3 hours (!! – that’s a lot for the newer generation), and then went ahead and won herself the power of veto.  Rather than get revenge on Mark for flipping on them the first week, or going after the strongest player in the house (Paul), they decided to go after Josh. Paul took advantage of this and quickly flipped the house to target Jessica’s pawn (Ramses) and have been able to keep it mostly quiet until Jessica started getting a ‘bad feeling about this’ last night.


Today, Josh is staying but quite possibly may be murdered before he has a chance


  • 10:35 am – Thought it would be a quiet day, but Josh is already up and running around.
    • He is running around the house banging pots and pans screaming ‘It’s my last day, bond with me!’
    • He walks into the kitchen “The only person I want to bond with is Mark. We had a connection from the start”
    • Meanwhile, Mark is hiding in the apple room.
    • I should note that last night around 1:30 am, Mark and Elena had a long and serious talk that sounded quite a bit like a breakup talk, so Mark’s not having a good 24 hours
    • Mark is telling Jason how this is bullying and harassment though he probably deserves it for laughing when Josh did it to Cody and Jess
    • Note – Mark does say this is bullying because he really can’t do anything about it.  It’s a coward move, but he (Mark) was bullied as a kid but wouldn’t tolerate this in the real world
    • He can’t believe production is allowing Josh to follow him around
    • Cody has entered the room and is telling Mark that people likely don’t like Josh and will be booed when he leaves
  • 10:50 am – After some talk, Cody convinces Mark to just go to the HoH room.
    • This is while Josh was sitting outside the door yelling into the room.
    • Josh may be one of the first people who was very secure but ended up campaigning his way OUT of the house by acting like such an asshole
    • Now that they’re up in the HoH room, Josh is off feeds and the rest of the house are studying for what they think is going to be a mental competition tonight.
    • I assume this is going to be the tone of the day, I am just wondering if the house is just going to get sick of Josh and keep Ramses
  • 11:20 am – Things have calmed down for now.
    • Feeds go down for some live show prep.  I’ll let you know if there is any murders to report when they come back up
  • 2:30 pm – Feeds have been up but everyone is just getting ready.  Still plans on getting Ramses out

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  1. AIO_7

    Especially after watching last night’s CBS show, it wouldn’t bother me one bit if Cowpoke Whistle-Nut won the 500k.

  2. strwar1

    God i love Paul!! This guy is always few moves ahead of Cody and Jessica! He is like Sun Tzu! Still i can’t wait for Tonight!!!

    • Avatar

      yeah its a shame that Cody got scared and not really playing but trying not to stir up the house. I would have thought after the POV comp and EVERYONE after he and Jess that they could not fly under the radar that they ARE the targets. Cody blew up Jess game 2x now, lets see how she reacts tonight its going to be GOOD!!!!

      • NKogNeeTow

        I don’t believe Cody got scared. He’s fueled by 2 things, lust and revenge. Neither of which are good in this game. You lose your head, you could quite possibly lose the game. Maybe if they spend more time thinking strategically instead of going after people they just don’t like, they might stand a chance of winning.

      • Avatar

        I am sure empires have fallen because of lust and revenge !

    • danmtruth

      strwar1 how hard is to be ahead of someone without a clue

  3. AIO_7

    * “I should note that last night around 1:30 am, Mark and Elena had a long and serious talk that sounded quite a bit like a breakup talk, so Mark’s not having a good 24 hours”

    About time, baby face/big body annoys me; but then again, so does porker lips.

    • strwar1

      I forgot who is porker lips is? But still glad Elena and Mark broke up(if they did break up that is)Elena serves someone who cares about her but I’m pretty sure she will find somebody she can rely on.Mark doesn’t seem to care about her from what I see

      • AIO_7

        Porker Lips = Hot Lips = Elana.

      • NKogNeeTow

        I think you’re wrong War. I see just the opposite. He cares very deeply for her. She doesn’t give a tinker’s damn about him. It was obvious during their exhausting conversation last night.

      • ShoeLover

        Totally agree NK!!! I went back and looked at the pool scene ( as cringing as her Barney swimsuit struggles to hold on to her body parts ) you could totally see he is falling for something and that something is hopefully infatuation. He is really into to her, as crazy as it may be, HE IS. Now if I remember correctly, she was supposedly the relationship guru on the radio show she was part of here in the DFW area. I hope she uses some of her smarts and sees he nothing like her typical crowd she hangs with and sees he is possibly naive and vulnerable under her weird ass over exudes sex pot girl potion. Yeah, I just hate to see little boy head on a bodybuilder’s body some how get hurt by someone like her…. my softy side coming out. Damn it

      • Avatar

        I agree with NK and ShoeLover, Mark a way more into Hot lips the she s not him. From what I saw she belittled him and treated him like crap.

  4. AIO_7

    Raven just walked into the green bedroom where Paul, Keven and Cowpoke were talking and told them in no uncertain terms that Jessica “knows”. Of course, dry drunk Kevin didn’t let on that he ratted out the flip.

  5. Avatar

    Dan you will be happy to know I have given up the double eviction tonight thought………I have decided I just don’t know but whatever it is I’m sure I’m going to be disappointed….

  6. Avatar

    I know it’s easy to spit strategy from outside the BB house, but I think Cody should throw the HoH this coming week. Jody’s olive branch noms this week didn’t secure any additional goodwill with the rest of the house, so it’s a safer bet for Jody to have both Jess and Cody available to play for HoH the following week when the hex is expired. That way Jody’s worst case scenario this coming week would be for no one to go home (but still give them time to continue trying to build relationships), and their best case scenario would be that they team up with whoever wins HoH to get out mutually beneficial targets by threatening to hex the voting ceremony if they don’t agree on noms.

    • Avatar

      That’s a great thought. Cody should throw it. With the Hex in their pockets, there is no need to win. But oh….if they get put on the block and they pull the Hex…they stay. 🙁 UGH. I always like to “think” production has nothing to do with the out turn of the game. This particular season has completely solidified the fact the production is right in the MIDDLE of everything.

    • Seattle Kari

      Jody? I can’t for the life of me think of who you’re talking about. Am I that dense and forgotten the name of one of the people?

    • danmtruth

      @bshelt / Brandon don’t you think the best would be for Cody to win this week to save the Hex go into next week even if they are not HOH they are safe than can make it to jury

      • Avatar

        Doh…good catch. I was thinking the hex expired after the next HoH reign. Apparently my game play strategy would be on par with Cody’s if I was playing in the house. Lol

    • Avatar

      I agree, Brandon. But the problem is, after all that Cody has been thru, he hasn’t learned a thing! That guy couldn’t have a social game if he tried! He STILL thinks BB is all about winning comps. No way he will throw anything! I can’t wait till he’s gone!

    • NKogNeeTow

      Sounds good in theory Brandon. The biggest problem is that Grody/Messi have no personality, no social skills and have no desire to associate with anyone other than each other. They had more than enough chances all week to mend fences if they really wanted to. What did they do instead? Spend about 30 minutes to an hour among the other HG each day, then run back up to their Fortress of Fornication and lock themselves in. The only people they even pretended to want to work with were Wreck-It-Ralph and Elena…and they really don’t even want to work with them.

      • Avatar

        I feel sorry for WIR today. He was used by Elena and Cody, and he just isn’t smart enough to realize the part he played in it.

  7. Avatar

    I really liked Kevin up to this point. But now….not so sure anymore. And Jason scored some bonus points last night when he talked about his wife and son. However…I am Team Paul all the way! loved him last year and even more this year! I would use nicknames but I can’t keep up with them all. 🙂 I want Ramses to go home just for the shock factor. However, Josh needs to go sooner than later. He is out of control; a Bipolar mess! Tonight is going to be really good and I can’t wait! Come on…anybody but Cody needs to win HOH! ANYBODY!

    • danmtruth

      Tango never thought about it but yes Josh does seem bi-polarv

      • AIO_7

        Sumthin’ sloshin’ around up there.

      • Jenny

        I know some bipolar folks. To me he comes across more as just immature and not in control of his emotions. He gets bullied, he cries, then he wants revenge. The way he acts is very child-like. I think he is a sweet guy in general but his emotions are too strong and at the surface. Give him a few years to mature and he may turn out okay. His camera talks do crack me up, though.

    • NKogNeeTow

      Tango, I’m just afraid that all Josh’s shenanigans are going to push Mark over the edge and Mark will hit him and go home. I’m no Mark lover, can’t wait to see him crunch out the door, but I’d rather see him voted out than kicked out. Josh is baiting Wreck-It-Ralph, Grody and Messi because Paul told him to. But I think that at some point, it’s overkill.

  8. Seattle Kari

    This is related to the comment as to how production is allowing Josh to get away with stuff..

    WHY? For the drama? This is idiotic childish behavior and, yes, it is bullying. And in the game where he was over harassing Cody? Why did production allow that bullshit too

    Fine, say something once or maybe twice but the whole meatball thing *over and over and over* again? Come on, this is just idiotic!! Quite honestly, it’s making me not want to watch.. at least until he’s gone. I feel he should have been dealt with a long time ago and told to chill!

    As I’ve said before I honestly feel he has some sort of a disability perhaps Asperger’s or something related but that doesn’t excuse his kind of behavior.

    • danmtruth

      @seattlekari / Kari B Well said The problem is you had a player in evil dick And boogie whose game was to mess with peoples minds This is a two way street going in People need to know this CAN happen The issue comes in when people cross the line as i feel Josh has Josh is a big boy part of his problem with Mark is Both get locked in that macho i’m not going to back down thing It’s stupid but it is what it is This can turn quickly in a bad way

      • Avatar

        You can only cross the line 2 ways. Death threat physical violence. Josh has done neither. Being annoying is something grown men like mark and cody need to learn how to handle like adults. Instead they both keep making VICTIM NOISES haha

      • Colby

        I am neither macho, or a guy, but I would like to punch him.
        Castro, er-uh, Paul has instigated the whole thing.
        They are playing with fire, and if anything happens he needs a penalty for ‘contributing to the delinquency of a minor mind’.

      • Avatar

        What about Kevin instigating him to start s**t today? At 12:38 am ……..

      • Shivani33

        Physical violence is supposedly not allowed and can be grounds for removing a player from the house. However, this Season production lets Alex hit Jason and Raven has kicked and swatted MattRess often. Last night Alex hit Mark with a baton thingy when he was in bed, eyes closed, maybe even asleep. Mark got away with throwing a nasty drink straight at Josh, who returned the favor. Production gets to decide what and who crosses the line. BB19 production is using one hell of a broad line with tons of leeway. Several players could have been kicked out for getting physical, and the entire game would be in shambles.

        What if Matt pounded and kicked Raven instead of the reverse? What if Wreck it Ralph had been kicked out for throwing that drink before Josh had a chance to retaliate? What if Cowpoke was the one getting rough with Alex? How to distinguish between so-called playful hitting and kicking versus crossing the line?

        For those who love to read, maybe BB could be described as 1984, Lord of the Flies and Catch 22 all mashed together in a blender. At least we aren’t the audience in an arena seeing gladiators try to fight lions. Maybe Cody is like that, if his Ferguson riot story is the truth.

      • AIO_7

        Another great synopsis, Shiv..

      • NKogNeeTow

        As bad as Josh has been, don’t forget, he wasn’t always the aggressor. Cody and Mark never liked Josh from the start. In the beginning, anything Josh said, they would either give him a negative response or just be outwardly nasty to him. I think they are more pissed off now because he’s not backing down and he’s now being the aggressor. What goes around, comes around.

    • Avatar

      I love it lol Mark and are giant pieces of shit that think they are the greatest ever and its fun watching Josh torment them. This is vintage BB right here. What would you rather watch Grossica making out in HOH for the next 2 hrs? Or just listen to mark cody act like big tough guys by shit talking behind everyones back? I dont want Josh to win the game but atleast hes messing with the people who deserve it while hes here.

      • Avatar

        I love it too, Laz! This is classic BB! Everyone is so quick to holler “bully” these days. This is the kind of BB I like. BB is not just winning comps, finding a realationship and holding hands and making lifelong friendships! Just because that’s what the last few years have been, doesn’t mean that’s how you do it! I love the strategy and mind games! This is BB!!!

      • Mel

        Well he’ll there Laz. I’m loving your comments!

    • Avatar

      Milk Duds Martinez has chronic persistent diaper rash and “uppsy” syndrome!

    • Avatar

      It reminds me of the time Rachels sister had to lock herself in the HoH room because she was getting bullied so bad by Amanda I think it was. I think as long as you dont physically touch someone, anything goes really.

    • Avatar

      Evil Dick got away with a lot of crap too, and I don’t think anyyhing was done.

      The presidence has been set, so as annoying as it must be, he should be able to do it.

  9. danmtruth

    wow signed off after bbad Was on the site with @nkogneetow & @gerardo thought it was just going to be mean girl study hall night Giving bad info to people you don’t like With a smile saying your only trying to help
    To his credit Paul did a service to humanity by planting the seed of doubt in Elena’s fertile head He gave the people are talking grenade to Elena and let her pull the pin Next came her fight with Mark These two forgot the first rule in a sub / mistress relationship The sub sets the boundary They also forgot there safe word because it sounds like Mark once again had his soul crushed For his sake I hope he has loaded up on fluids for I see lots of crying in his near future If CBS wanted to increase there “Live Feed” viewership Put a unedited cam in the DR We would love to watch these epic melt downs not just the 30 sec clip they show us . Also it lets us behind the curtain to see and hear what production talks to them about
    So Paul worked his voodoo it sounds like Elena might throw the comp – Don’t want to get blood on those hands -WTF in the mean time we should also be hearing WARNING WARNING OVER OBSESS , OVER HORMONAL , OVER SEX, WOMEN ON THE LOSE IN HOUSE ( in my best Lost in Space robot voice ) Elena will be looking for a fresh soul ,co%k to tease
    That was the good Paul did for the world Hopefully blocking those two from producing offspring ( if we can only do the same to Raven ) Than evil Paul had to load his “gun” Josh with tails of evil Dick and how Paul needs Josh to get in the heads of Cody, and Mark to mess them up to play poor in the HOH What ????? you need help to distract these two on a mental comp So the unimaginative Josh starts . From the Amanda sun-glass, hoodie, with blanket over the head now banging pots and pans Just like Paul told him evil Dick did Sorry @nkogneetow and @helen he takes a good idea and goes to far Shame Shame Shame Paul for misuse of YOUR weapon Shame

  10. Shivani33

    Josh is carrying out an assignment that Paul gave him. Paul told him to bring it on and torment Jessica and Cody. In fact, Paul wanted Josh to start the harassment last night, but it didn’t happen. Mark is a convenient, obvious additional target, especially for Josh. If Paul had told Josh to remain playing sad and isolated throughout today, I think that he would have done that. Though Josh might be enjoying the catharsis after trying to be uncharacteristically quiet since the nominations, he is doing his task from Paul with his usual flamboyance. Paul is using him like a battering ram for now, before Josh too gets whacked out of the house later when nobody needs his vote anymore.

    This isn’t anything new for BB players, but Paul is more sensibly the guy to be mad at about what’s been happening, since he’s the leader and commander and Joshy is the boots on the ground. Paul spurred on the Elena/Mark “breakup,” too. Since when do you have to be polite and nicey-nice to play this game? Since never. Bravo!

    • Avatar

      So did Kevin…..last night ..early this morning

    • The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

      In fact, Josh stopped tormenting them for a while earlier and Paul encouraged him to keep going. Josh expressed concern that he might be overdoing it and pissing other people off, and Paul told him that he wasn’t and urged him to keep going. Yes, Josh is being very obnoxious, but I’m sure he probably doesn’t feel like he can refuse one of Paul’s orders at this point. After all, Paul is the ONLY reason Josh is not going home tonight. What’s he going to do, piss off the man who holds his fate in his hands?

      Also, to those who are saying Production should step in and put a stop to Josh’s antics…huh? What rules is Josh breaking? All he’s doing is yelling and occasionally banging pots and pans. I agree that it’s annoying but if Production stepped in every time a houseguest is being obnoxious and annoying, we wouldn’t even have a show with this group. Raven’s loud ass would’ve been out night 1.

      • Avatar

        I’ve seen a lot worse stuff done in the BB house other than being loud and obnoxious……

      • The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

        Very true Helen. Also, not a single other HG has told Josh to knock it off. Most of them think it’s funny, Jessica is glad (she thinks he’s sealing his own fate), and Mark and Cody are doing exactly what they should do to get him to stop– ignoring him.

        I could potentially see an argument for Production stepping in if he was out of control and tormenting the entire house (and even in that case it would be a slippery slope). But in Josh’s case, he’s not even technically insulting anyone. He’s literally yelling (sarcastically of course) that he wants to be Mark’s friend and bond with him before he goes.

      • Avatar

        Gee….did mark not just assault josh just last week? Or was that ok?
        Jessica and Cody have bullied this kid to where it made me sick….
        bang those pots and pans josh!!! More power to ya!

  11. Avatar

    Are feeds just down for the rest of the day? They have been off for a long time now

  12. Avatar

    I was on here a season ago and I like watching and reading more than posting. However I find myself so loving this season that now I want to write out my thoughts. So here goes… First I love Paul, but I’m not sure I want him to win. I like how his mind works, he is always thinking. I was so mad at Kevin last night for telling Jessica but then I realized he really is playing this game alone. It looks like he is playing both sides but in reality isn’t that kinda playing for yourself??? Then there is Alex, I like her more than I thought I would but she does need to bring it down a notch when it comes to Cowboy. Speaking of Cowboy, I like him alot. I think he knows more than he let’s on most of the time. I’m not a fan of Cody and Jessica. However I know people think it’s good TV that Cody came back and they are right. I don’t like romance in the house. I think it’s gross and not at all entertaining. Then there is Josh. I know everyone wants to not like this kid. But you all need to remember, it’s a game. Nobody is truly themselves in that house. I respect all of them for lasting this long. I know I couldn’t do it. It’s fun to watch and it’s totally interesting to me to see how fast people hook up either showmance or bromance or just who they gravitate towards. Most gamers play hard and most people who are smart pay attention and then some people just follow. It’s interesting to say the least. Okay that’s it for me. Sorry for how long this is. Have fun watching and don’t be too mean to each other…hehe

  13. danmtruth

    ok class who did Mark shed more tears for Dominique his emotional spirit guide , Cody his bromance is there any better way to spend the day than spotting for Cody while he lifts Elena please can i tell you again how beautiful you are any thing she wants to do is his fav Paul let me bask in the genius that is Paul Tell me another story about your season
    now go discuss and report back

  14. Avatar

    Cody getting voted out ruined his game play not enhanced it as he is playing scared. When I heard him tell Jess not to stir up the house I knew he was done. Jess had it all figured out and wanted to put up Alex to ensure Josh went home, nope Cody talked her out of that move. I bet Jess is going to be very upset knowing he blew up her game the first time and again upon his return. They should have gone after Paul and his alliance they know who they are but dont want to stir up the house. Its BB people are always stirred up and going after people. They will realize to late after tonight vote they blew it and Josh is dogging them to get Cody to get angry and lose concentration going into the HOH comp. It should be a great show but could have been Great had they played the game and not let the game play them.

    • The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

      I agree Monica, but it’s not over yet. Grossica will know tonight exactly what the deal is, so maybe third time will be the charm. They’re still strong competitors, and Jessica still has the temptation, so the game is far from over. But they are going to have to tear themselves away from themselves long enough to really get in the game and do some damage. So far, it just seems like neither of them are interested in anything other than satiating their lust. They really have to get serious if they want to make a showing for themselves.

      And for the record, I hate Grossica. But I would still like to see them step it up and put up a real challenge for Paul and co.

      • Avatar

        i agree, I too want to see some real competition, Paul house most of the house under his spell, lol. good for him and if cody jess dont step up at some point i would think someone with a brain cell would try and get rid of paul.

    • danmtruth

      Monica i just wonder how much of that Cody saying don’t rock the boat and keep the nom the same Was Cody trying to protect his unrequited second love Alex Cody has a blind spot for her ever since she told him to eat shit
      As an outside observer (voyeur ? ) it amazes me to see people who know things Let themselves easily get talk into bad choices Yes Jess game was ruined twice by Cody The same with Alex and Jason More times than not Jason has a better understanding Yet Alex need to be in charge blinds her

    • Avatar

      Jessica really did have everything figured out. That is going to haunt her. Lol. I almost feel sorry for her. Almost!!!Guess she should have gone with her gut. I think Paul is going to go pretty far in this game. I wonder how he will feel if he comes in second place again. Lol!

  15. Avatar

    7/27 @ 1:43BBT = another example of Christmas making things awkward AF for Kevin in the lounge. Poor guy can feel his wife’s laser eyes through the cameras.

    • Shivani33

      Poor guy? Kevin is loving it, his head in her lap, his arm stetched up over her thigh, Christmas shaping his South Boston hoodrat, metrosexual eyebrows. He arrived for BB with highlights and a gold streak in his hairdo, the big peacock. The two of them seem like kindred spirits enjoying one another a little too much. It takes two

  16. g8trgirl

    So, do Grossica and Ramses know for sure who’s going home tonight or did someone do some splaining?

  17. Avatar

    Why is Paul’s face blue?

  18. Alda

    Jessics tells Elena that she has the temptation.She says Cody and her are both safe for the next few weeks regardless of who is HOH.She says that the rest of the house will just have to vote each other out!Jess says Production told her she can’t lie abouth this either.Well,isn’t she lying right now??? They are BOTH not safe.

    • danmtruth

      Alda the lie is not that they are both safe In a way they are It’s up to Jess how & when to use it We all know she will use it if Cody is in jeopardy of going home
      The lie is that she has it for a few weeks As soon as she uses it it’s done A one time thing

    • Avatar

      i guess it depends on how its is used in the game. She can halt an eviction so if they are both on the block then neither go homes. I actually like it much better than what Paul had as it lets them show their hand and she can stop it cold. But it does not matter I thought the other side showed their hand at the POV by going after both of them and yet they did nothing about the real threat to their game. It was a wasted HOH and one of the worst moves in BB history knowing what they know and how the house feels about them and they are targets.

      • Mel

        If she keeps telling people, she’ll be called to DR and told to explain to house. Paul will be smart enough to go to DR and ask if that doesn’t happen. They need to call her bluff anyway and tell her that they’ll put her otb to force her to use it…like flushing out the immunity idol in Survivor. She’s an idiot. Who’s going to believe she can change MULTIPLE noms, pick new noms, for MULTIPLE weeks AND choose who gets the curse. (When Julie already said it would effect the entire house) Did she get hired to run CBS too? If they believe that, she deserves to get by with it.

    • Avatar

      Yes she is continuing to lie ….it is BS…….she’s been told….she and Cody are not necessarily safe the next few evictions…..if they put up say Cody and josh next week she will use it to save Cody. And then it’s done!! She is continuing to lie and use that lie as game strategy and I call BS

      • AIO_7

        Let’s see if production let’s them get away with it. Someone might have to call their bluff, but by that time it may be too late and they both at least make jury and another love nest.

      • Alda

        Exactly what I thought Helen.She is lying ang getting away with it.

      • Avatar

        I didn’t hear exactly what she said. Is she lying or not telling the whole truth? Technically, anyone next to her or Cody on the block is safe for the next few weeks.

  19. AIO_7

    Cowpoke is now wearing his red Whistle-Nut jersey.

  20. Alda

    and,sorry.I need to put a light on in here.

  21. Shivani33

    I’m still wondering if the Temptation’s curse could be that this eviction is cancelled. It would affect the whole house, as Julie said the Hex would. Plus it would be a great setup for a double eviction coming next. The whole house would get even more crazy if Josh and Ramses both stay. The only player who has been thinking out double eviction ideas is Paul. He shared some of these ideas last night with others. Even his ideas would be thrown some chaos if tonight is a reset with nobody leaving.

  22. Avatar

    We still don’t know the consequence for the 3rd temptation do we?

  23. Avatar

    guess a lot depends on the number of people going to jury this year…..they are almost half way through now with 13 in game

    • Shivani33

      Another “maybe” is that this eviction gets stopped, but everyone has to do a new HoH comp and noms immediately, with a fast eviction next. No PoV, no chance to plot or campaign and somebody is gone. Jessica might have to use her Temptation fast if Julie shakes things up to this degree. Or if Cody/ Jessica got the HoH power, Paul could be on the block tonight.

    • danmtruth

      Helen I love it when you talk math

      • Avatar

        Math is my worse subject!! Bout the only math I’m good at is calculating drug doses and IV drips. LoL

  24. Mel

    Gerardo & Nk, You guys were right! I did sneak off for some sleep. Busted!! You guys are good. I had to have my mom at the hospital at 6:00 am yesterday (we were up at 4:00) and went to work right after. I’ve been wiped out!

    Now for my vent before tonights show:
    *Josh isn’t a bully, he’s annoying. Talking smack in BB isn’t bullying. Pots & pans and throwing pillows on the floor arn’t either. Cody wasn’t called out for intimidating people in the past and Mark wasn’t called out for throwing a drink so I don’t see why Josh would be. Meatball may be stupid but it’s his dumb psychological warfare…something Cody and Mark were HUGE fans of in the beginning of the game. They said it and called it that too. It may be dumb but it also may be working. Mark’s been super snappy towards several people lately. (2nd week of slop and love life issues getting to him)
    * I don’t see Josh being in danger of people changing their minds today since these same people are encouraging him to do it. They spent days giving him a mission and his mission is to annoy the hell out of Cody and Mark.
    *Cody didn’t blow up Jessicas game. She got a bad vibe BEFORE the veto ceremony. Yes, Cody advised her to leave it alone. Instead, she had a along talk with Xmas and Elena and then a couple with Ramses. After, she made the decision. Like Cody, SHE chose to put up Josh without seeing if she had the votes. SHE chose to leave noms the same. SHE chose to stay horizontal since the POV ceremony and do nothing about her gut.
    *Production was at least a little concerned because Cody was called to DR and lectured on physical contact, I’m assuming in anticipation of tonight. He asked Mark if he had been talked to yet. Kevin may have done them a favor. Some of the shock won’t be there that would be more apt to cause a fight. I don’t want to see people leave that way whether I like them or not so I’m glad when it can be stopped in advance.
    *I’ll miss Ramses because I like his friendship with Kevin but he played Andy Herron’s game and not very well at that.
    *Paul’s plan last night was smart with Elena but it may be the first one to fail. She told Jessica that if Ramses went home, she was gunning for hoh because she will have been lied to…we’ll see, it’s “Miss, II don’t want to win” after all.
    *Think Mark’s gonna snap before he can finish 3 weeks of slop? He’s NOT going to throw hoh just so he can get off slop. He’s still gonna lose but he’s not going to throw it!
    I’ll still get crap for liking Josh but I see a few may stop giving me a hard time for liking Jason. Let’s be clear, I have thought for a while that Jason had game potential. (if Alex would just stop speaking) There’s just something about Josh I like but it’s definitely NOT his game!
    #TeamKevin #RavenSucks

  25. Avatar

    I just finished watching last night’s episode. There is only one Paul in the big brother house, and American meatball, it ain’t you lol!

  26. Avatar


    • The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

      You know what’s funny… I hadn’t even thought about that! Not because I don’t think he could win, but I guess he’s been riding the fence so well I never considered him as a possibility for HOH. That would be very interesting though, what do you think he would do?

      • Avatar

        Yeah ! It’s a mental comp.

        We might be calling hime Rainman soon !

      • Avatar

        I don’t know who he would put up. I would hope he would ignore Jess and Cody. He could say they are so outnumbered, that they could be ignored for a while.
        Maybe put up DMW…I don’t think he likes her all that much. Maybe use. Christmas as a pawn and backdoor a strong player – Paul or Alex ?
        Who would you put up if you were Kevin ?

      • The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

        If Kevin wants this HOH he could definitely win it. Last night as they were studying Kevin appeared to be one of the HGs that remembered the most.

        The person I’ve heard throw Kevin’s name out the most is Alex, but I’m not sure he’d go after her since she is close allies with his boy Jason (and I don’t think Kevin knows that Alex is on to him). I agree that he probably wouldn’t go after Grossica, especially after he just endeared himself to them last night.

        Mark and Elena are possibilities, but I think I’d go for Matt and Raven if I were Kevin. They’re seem innocuous but I could see them making it far if they’re not split up now. I could definitely see Kevin wanting to put up Raven, as he is one of the few HGs who sees through her BS and it seems to really irritate him, but I’m sure Paul would push hard for him to only use her as a pawn (since Paul has a strong alliance with Matt/Raven).

      • Avatar

        Well thought out !

        An hour to go !

  27. ElaineB

    For me, Ramses has just been there (possibly ottoman 2.0), not on either my ‘dislike’ or ‘like’ lists. So him leaving is ho hum. Definitely keeping Josh will bring more drama out of Cody and Jessica, especially as I have seen her tell other HGs how important it is that they help her carry out this week’s (dumb) decision. Anything that goes opposite to what Cody and Jessica want is okay by me. She had a golden opportunity to save Ramses with the veto. After that sketchy response by Raven (what was that??!!), she knew in her ‘gut’ that something was up. So all the saying how much she likes Ramses, wanted to keep him, etc. falls on deaf ears, since she didn’t use veto on him. Definitely a wasted HOH by Jessica!

  28. Sassy

    I’ve been following this site for a couple of years, but never commented. I love to read the multiple takes on the same conversation. I like that everyone has different opinions and favorites. I do not watch the BBAD because I would be obsessed with it and never sleep!! Instead, I allow you guys to keep me informed…

    I would like to see the temptation curse be America gets to vote out a houseguest next week along with one being evicted under the normal rules!

  29. danmtruth

    This is why Kevin does not want to win He is not anyone’s big target There is no need or advantage to him winning
    Early line is Paul, Elena, hate to say it Raven than the field I’m saying Kevin throws it
    as for Josh he has spent to much time being the team batering ram

  30. Avatar

    My BB brain is not as highly developed as all you guys brain are so I need your expert analysis to navigate the game. Plus I don’t watch the feeds but I really wish I had seen Josh go nuts with the pots and pans, maybe they’ll show that tonight. Did anyone happen to notice that in Cody’s DR sessions, he’s like a automaton. He has some life to his face while he’s talking then when he’s done the life goes completely out of his face. Productions into it because the linger on him just a bit more than the do anyone else. It’s kinda creepy.

    • ElaineB

      I think that ‘deer in headlights’ look by Cody has been emphasized by Production, because it gets people talking. In his interview, after eviction, with Jeff and even with Julie on the stage, he comes across as much more natural and less stoic. I think he has also latched onto those ‘creepy’ eyes, as well, while in the house. Maybe he thinks it will get him AFP…Lol.

  31. jimbo

    Remember the time, oh not long ago, when people in this forum actually, for some reason, felt bad for Josh? Because Cody and Jess snapped at him one time after he kept badgering them after asking him, many times, to just leave them alone? Oh, yes, Josh certainly needed defended and pitied by everyone because he is such a fine, upstanding individual that doesn’t have any mental issues at all. uh huh

    • The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

      First of all, Josh was hardly “badgering” them. He was simply trying to explain his decision in a very calm and rational way to Grossica, and THEY flipped out like two people with some issues. Secondly, even if they felt “badgered”, that does not warrant them calling that man a “bitch”, a “little girl” (and I think we all know what they meant by this comment), and a host of other low blow insults. Where was all that hostility when Mark came to Cody to explain why he also lied to him? What about Matt? Why didn’t Cody buck them like he did Josh? I know why– because he knew he would’ve been picking those teeth up off the floor, that’s why.

      And even if Josh does have mental health issues (which of course we don’t know), that doesn’t give anyone the right to be as hostile and aggressive towards him the way Cody and Mark have the entire summer. Josh was very nice to both of them from the beginning and tried to befriend them, and them being the BULLIES (yep, I said it) they are, saw weakness in him and pounced on it. They figured they’d have a punching bag to vent their frustrations on all summer long. Josh got fed up and decided to fight back, and I’m not going to cry for these jackholes now that they’re finally tasting their own medicine.

      Do I think what Josh did this morning was amusing? Not really. Would I have done it? Probably not. Do I feel sorry for Mark and Cody getting a few pots and pans clanged in their direction? Absolutely freaking NOT. If you’re going to dish it out, be prepared to take it.

  32. Avatar

    Wonder what rich in production had to say to the house guests just before the feeds went down? Inquiring minds NEED to know!!!

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