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Big Brother 19 – Thursday Night Recap


Crouching Tiger, Hidden Boot (Christmas) won hoh and the house was quiet compared to what is a normal evening for this group. I don’t understand how she was cleared to play. It’s a foot race! I understand that she never had to run but that has nothing to do with her being cleared for it before it started.  Last nights chat:

  • Xmas told Josh she didn’t mean to attack him (Kevin) that day and that they had an “unintentional fight.” She told Josh to stop looking so happy.
  • Xmas told Kevin she has his back and he has nothing to worry about. She said she knew it was a leap of faith when he threw the comp. Kevin told her about one of his talks with Jason when Jason told him that he had to separate because Jason’s best chance to win was with Alex. He told Xmas that Jason said “no one can beat me and her.” (I don’t know if Jason put it that way or not but good for Kevin)
  • Paul told most of the house at different times how he “threatened” Kevin during the comp because at first Kevin didn’t want to throw it. He said he told him that if he didn’t drop, he would win himself and get Kevin out of the house.
  • Paul & Josh volunteered to be HN’s if they need to. This will probably make Alex mad since she wants Kevin to do it again.
  • Paul told Kevin to stay in his room, read the Bible, not to worry and not ask questions. Kevin questions further and Paul tells him he won’t go otb as a nom or as a renom. Paul tells him he’s better off not knowing the plan but there isn’t a back door anymore.
  • Raven said that Matt will call Cody out in jury, thinks Julie seemed sad for Matt and Raven to be separated, told Xmas she was sleeping in the HOH after noms and has gone back to wearing her friendship bracelet. She also made a fake Matt with the heart-shaped pillow to snuggle with- copying Jessica. She also talks about her Cali trip she has planned with Matt after the show. (I guess Mom can wait) She put on quite a show with a bowl of cereal and sad eyes for the cameras last night.
  • Jason said he couldn’t find the M&M’s and Kevin told him they were in the condom drawer. He said this in front of Raven and the look on her face was priceless.
  • Jason wondered how long the comp would have gone on if they had actually competed.
  • Xmas was surprised to find out James had ever won AFP.
  • Paul told Xmas they should keep winning the hoh’s and he should win the vetoes because vetoes are his specialty. (He’s leaving out that the last veto comp was an hoh before and lasts nights hoh was a veto comp before)
  • Alex volunteered to go OTB as a pawn next to Kevin.

My thoughts on the live show and hoh comp:

  • First and most importantly, what the hell was Julie wearing? I complimented her last week and she shows up wearing a couple of poodles on her arms this week.
  • Matt was more obsessed with Jason being in the storage room & Raven said “loyalty” even more than I remembered. Jason did tell her he would pull her off the block. Who cares? It’s BB.
  • The show made it look like Kevin went after Paul out by the pool, they didn’t show how far Xmas pushed Kevin before he got mad in the kitchen and Alex got a very good edit. I hope they show more of how it really went down on Sunday’s show and since the hoh comp was so short, they’ll certainly have time.
  • Raven and Matt practiced everything they would say and do for the live show and that’s the best they could come up with? I noticed Raven telling Matt during her speech that she couldn’t wait to see him when the “show was over” instead of “hopefully I don’t see you too soon in jury.” She really believes these people are there to help her win the game.
  • Alex is a Paul Jr with that stupid pool toy and I was surprised to see her give Kevin a high five in the hallway during voting.
  • Alex’s DR clip had her saying it’s time for her to put on her boxing gloves except Jason took the heat alone while she took the position of not knowing he was going to do it.  (And when she did “help” it was to take the blame for keeping Jason in the storage room because she was ‘yelling at him’ for his move. Defended him by throwing him under the bus)
  • Many people seemed upset and felt Julie didn’t call Matt out on his HN cheating. Once BB made the decision to ride the week out, nothing was going to happen. If he was going to be a ejected or sent home instead of jury, it would have happened during the week. They’re not going to show a segment on how they let Matt cheat all week and did nothing about it. It was never going to be addressed and she only mentioned his eating as a HN because they had to explain the extra vote.
  • Julie did throw plenty of shade at Matt. She just did it in her subtle way. She wanted to know when he decided to “throw his game away” and she worded it that way. She mentioned what a short time he had know Raven. When Matt mentioned what a gamer Raven is and that he thought she could win, she asked him “Why? She hasn’t won anything.” She also asked him if he came into the game wanting to win or not.
  • It may have been a coincidence of timing but for a moment, I thought Raven’s makeup in her goodbye message scared my new puppy. I mean, WOW!
  • I wish Paul would stop trying to make Gumpy a thing. We enjoyed pissed and never cared but Gumpy is stupid.
  • We all know Paul continues to talk about Cody daily and my personal favorite was sometime last week when he said he would like for them to fight after the show. I laughed when Paul started talking about Cody as the credits were rolling at the end of the show. I don’t think he meant to give Cody any live show air time but he did.  (Cody would completely destroy Paul or anyone else in the house who tried to fight him – imo)
  • It’s funny that Elena can call people out for playing Big Paul when she did it too. I expect to see more of this as people go to jury. (A lot of buyer’s remorse this season from these dopes)

It sounds like the HOH comp was very short but it could end up being video proof of why Paul should win the season because it sums up BB19 perfectly. It’s a group of people not willing and/or wanting to play and people giving in to Paul’s demands even when they didn’t feel good about it. (Alex & Kevin didnt want to throw it)  Not only did every single person drop out, it sounds like they did it in the exact order Paul had said to do it. This left the only player who has doctor’s orders to keep weight off their foot for two weeks, winning a comp that’s basically a foot race. I’ve seen some crazy sh*t on Big Brother but this may top it all.


Check back later today and Steve will update you on today’s shocking (but not shocking) nominations. Have a great weekend!


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  1. Avatar

    This season is so boring and predictable, I keep hoping one of them finds the guts to put Paul on the block but Jason had the perfect opportunity and he blew it! My question is how can Paul argue how he played the game when he lets everyone else win competitions? I get confused with these people and my head starts spinning.

  2. Leah-Ann

    I don’t have feeds, so I’d love a screenshot of Raven’s face when the condom drawer was mentioned, if anyone has it.
    Also, the only thing I wish Julie (or anyone else for that matter) would’ve said to Matt was how hard they harassed Jessica for throwing her game away for Cody, but yet gave a free-pass to Matt for doing the same thing!

  3. AIO_7

    A few thing that I gleaned from last nights show.

    1. Jason DID tell Raven he would take her off the block. (He’s turning out to be a real worm)
    2. They didn’t show the house’s alienation of Kevin; the bitchiness of Alex, and kind of made Kevin out to be the bad guy in the arguments.
    3. Slosh wept (during fish) after Kevin rightfully verbally bitch slapped him.
    4. Production is trying to make Christmas out to be a Florence Nightingale type.
    5. I wish Matt would have taken that nasty orange tank top with him; now we have to see Raven wearing it.
    6. Production still tried to convince us that the houses real target were Matt and Raven. Paul, Alex and Christmas (and Slosh by default) all tried over and over and over again to get Jason to put Kevin up and out. Being the worm that Jason is turning out to be, I’m surprised he didn’t fold to them.

  4. Tinkerbell

    Hate Gumpy, hate Boys. Sorry, Paul. I don’t think those two words are going to fly.

    My new fav…..unintentional fight. Thank you, Halloween.

    I was married to a Marine, and employed at MCRD, San Diego. Cody would rip Paul to shreds in zero to sixty……and anyone else in the way. I already bought my ticket.

    Have had it with Christmas flying through the house on her wheeled broom. Visions of the Wicked Witch of the East. Why can’t the house crush her. She is even more fetching in the pink tutu. Brings out her manliness even more.

    Jason……. Do not pass go, do not collect $200. You are a disgusting-disgusting human being!!!!!! You deserve everything you get slammed with when you leave the house. Take your vile bitch ride with you. You two might as well have at it, who else would have either of you.

    Raven is like a hog at a trough at the HOH goodie tables…..doing what she does best, scarfing down everything in sight that isn’t nailed down. Suuuuueeeeeyyyyy!

    Except for Kevin, every last one of you are repulsive and revolting. Fame whore wannabes. Useless. Please just let them sleep.

    Thank you, Mell. I’m so sorry your little sweetie was traumatized by someone on her deathbed.

    • AIO_7

      ” Cody would rip Paul to shreds in zero to sixty”……

      He sure would; he also curb stomped “the master” in every physical comp they competed in. People think that Paul is such a good player but that puss never wins physical comps. Didn’t last year, hasn’t this year.

      • Helen

        It’s all set up if the garden gnome has the balls…..

        Spoke to @bigwoodmma who owns a big MMA fighting facility in Vegas & he’s down to do it there & ref @BBCodyNickson vs @deadskulltweets #BB19

      • Gerardo (Domini-CAN not Domini-CAN'T)

        “People think that Paul is such a good player but that puss never wins physical comps. Didn’t last year, hasn’t this year.”

        That doesn’t mean he isn’t a good player though, AI. Many of the BB greats hardly ever won comps (i.e. Dr. Will, Danielle Reyes, Dan Gheesling, etc). As I said last night, BB was originally conceived as a “social experiment”, and if you’re good enough at the “social” part of the game, winning comps isn’t as important.

      • AIO_7

        I get it, Ger., I just hate the MOFO.

      • Gerardo (Domini-CAN not Domini-CAN'T)

        Lol I know you do AI, I know you do. Don’t worry, it will all be over soon.

    • Tinkerbell

      Pretty sure Fidel and Slut Face Sick Girl are friends with benefits on the outside.

    • Jenny

      Come on Hobie-Lynne – get off the fence and tell us how you feel!

      Thanks for the image of Xmas as the witch gliding on her broom. I can totally see that now. I wonder if they allowed her to glide on her scooter instead of running?

      I’m sure Raven’s mom is expecting her half-dead baby to bring home that big paycheck. I checked out the Raven Exposed Party videos on youtube and yeah, these people just suck. Now I’m torn over whether I want Jason or Raven out next. Or Alex. Can’t stand any of them.


      • Tinkerbell

        Jenny, Who knows……half-dead baby girl could be going home with a b-b of her very own in the oven. You can’t tell me that out of those 625 used condoms in the drawer, that at least one of them didn’t malfunction. Says she can’t have kids, but miracles do happen. Haha

      • AIO_7

        …”half-dead baby girl could be going home with a b-b of her very own in the oven.”

        Oh, I’m definitely expecting some morning sickness symptoms (real or imagined) to start any day now.

  5. Avatar

    To paraphrase Kevin’s wife they all signed up for this but families didn’t. If atmosphere of horrible jokes and nasty comments about evicted and current hg’s continues I wonder if any arguments will start up w families finale night. Raven’s Mom has already attacked people online, imagine her in person. Jason’s wife could be another Alex and be furious that Kevin’s family threw her apology back in her face. Who knows what Josh’s family is like. Maybe they should have a cameras facing audience finale night.

  6. AIO_7

    I’m just catching up on the comments from the last 36 hours. Trudy wrote something that I agree with 100%, and I want to forward it here so more people will see it.

    September 1, 2017 at 12:13 pm
    Comments (1315)

    I think everyone agrees how terrible the bullying has been this year. It’s been heartbreaking for the victims. Not many people could stand up to that happening to them . Either everyone is yelling at them and telling them how bad they are or completely ignoring them. Isolation is very hard to live with. But those of you who are team Paul must admit that he has instigated all of the bullying while staying out of it or soothing the victims as if he had no part of it. Some may say this is good game play but actually this is a person at his worst!! Paul is the reason for all the bullying. Then he says Kevin is tiring to get jury votes when he talks to victims when actually Kevin talks to them because he knows the bullying is wrong and is trying to make the victims feel less isolated. But even if you don’t actively take part in the bullying if you don’t speak up when it’s going on you are just as guilty.

    • HappyHippo

      And eggs it on… just glanced at the live feeds a few min. Ago…. Paul making fun of how Kevin talks. I’m so over it. These people are disgusting. I feel so bad for Kevin.

    • LindsayB

      Oh my god. It’s a damn game. These are grown adults and have the choice of being mean or being nice. They have the choice to pull the covers over their heads or stand up for themselves. You have the choice to watch it all or not. I guess my question to you is if you’re soooooooo offended by all of it then why do you condone it by continuing to be an active member in the BB world? Are you about to say you’re not condoning it? Every time you turn on the show, watch the feeds, or google a clip to watch the very thing you’re so offended by you are actively participating in the thing you are so against. By your argument, participating or not stepping in to stop it is condoning it. Part of you is enjoying this. Maybe it’s the part that makes you feel like you’re so much better than all of them, but whatever it is… you’re still a part of it. Do you want BB to be different? Stop participating in it. Stop watching it. Stop googling it. Send your concerns to CBS and BB directly. Or just watch the show and be grateful for your moral superiority. Be grateful it’s almost over. Send Kevin a nice twitter message that he’ll never read. The more buzz you give the show the better as far as the show is concerned. Bring on your thumbs down, name calling, whatever you want but while you do that you should also take a second to take the emotions out of this and listen to what I’m saying.

      • Lynn

        Are condescending, preachy, shaming-attempts/rants toward fellow posters considered to be within the realm of civility rules of this site?

      • LindsayB

        Just because my view point is different than yours doesn’t mean it’s shaming. It’s just another way to look at things. I understand that you don’t like it and that’s ok but don’t try to make it into something it’s not.

      • AIO_7

        ….” if you’re soooooooo offended by all of it then why do you condone it by continuing to be an active member in the BB world?”

        Haven’t you been offended by Raven all season? Your whole comment is blather and hypocrisy.

      • LindsayB

        AI, you keep trying but just can’t quite do it. I can’t stand her. She’s provided a great amount of entertainment for me, for all of us. I’m offended by who she is but not by BB casting her. As annoying as her screechy voice is I get a great amount of pleasure in all of the STFU Raven stuff and really look forward to any potential after show info. So how am I a hypocrite? Oh that’s right, I’m not. I’ve said multiple times that I still love the show and will still watch it. I may not like every decision BB makes but I am not throwing a fit about it.

  7. Tinkerbell

    Not exaggerating, I cannot understand one single word that comes out of the trap of Bitch Face Prison Girl’s mouth. Seriously wench?! Get that pile of shit out of your mouth. One thing I was able to understand – “15 X 7 ?? I can’t do that math in my head.” Really?!?! Do any of these airheads even have a GED.

  8. Mimi Ryan

    (Cody would completely destroy Paul or anyone else in the house who tried to fight him – imo). Josh & Paul talk all big, but when it comes down for real, they can’t handle it. Alex I believe will have a hard time outside of the house because of her attitude, actions & behavior and her “ride or die” Jason too. Raven Boo Boo, yeah, I’m not so sure Matt will be up for all of “that”. Just like Cody & Jessica – yeah he loves her, yeah he wants to marry her, but here in reality I don’t see it surviving much. Jessica is all about her brand and her life and her $$$$$. Cody, not so sure he’s got a life style she would want, or could afford or put up with either way. Boston Kevin, dude I feel for you in this situation, hang in there you are my AFP.

    • Sassy

      I don’t think Alex will have a hard time. I think this is who she is and she is ok with that. She will be excited about all the messages she receives, even the negative ones.

  9. Tinkerbell

    It has been fun to watch most of their Twitter accounts magically become “Protected.” Today was Alex Ow’s turn.

  10. Avatar

    I get that it’s a game etc….but I truly feel bad for Kevin.

    He has been so alienated now, that he feels he has no choice but to listen to his only ally, and he is completely screwing him. Yeah, it’s a game, with big freaking bucks on the line, and it’s Kevin’s fault for not figuring things out, but it’s sad.

    His particular situation reminds me of how deceptive people take advantage of the elderly in real life.

    • LindsayB

      Don’t get me wrong, I don’t like seeing Kevin (or anyone) sad. Correction: I’m ok with Raven being sad. Anyway, people get upset that Kevin gets left out of stuff but I think he also chooses to separate from them. He knows he’s surrounded by assholes so alone time is preferable. I know if I was in the house and in his situation I would have to take time by myself to recharge. He comes out and has conversations but they are more on his terms.

      • Renee

        I’m definitely not looking for an argument, because I always enjoy your posts @LindsayB But, I don’t think Kevin is wanting to be alone. He has always seemed to enjoy socializing and story telling. He mentioned the other day that production told him to “just stay away from them”.

      • Avatar

        Exactly! Kevin chooses to separate himself from the BS. That’s maturity and wisdom. The fact he only bites back when attacked and doesn’t go looking for it speaks volumes. It is. Or a sign of weakness or cowardess.

      • Avatar

        Meant. Not a sign of weakness.

      • LindsayB

        I hear you Renee but see it differently. His level of maturity is much higher than all of them. His tolerance for the BS that goes on in there is much lower. He has said on multiple occasions that they annoy the shit out of him and that he’s sick of them. Are there times when he feels left out? For sure. But I also think he needs to take a break from the bullshit.

      • Avatar

        I agree he’s the mature one. But I think staying in his room is the only place he feels welcome now. Alone and isolated. Nobody yells at him in there.

        Remember how much fun he was having a month ago ? Laughing, joking. Being the father figure offering some life advice. That’s gone now. They are nor allowing him to be who he is, and that’s getting to him.

      • Avatar

        I feel bad for Kevin too. But unlike many of them he is here to earn $ for his family. Smartly he took the money offered in beginning of season and didn’t care about being a team player. I think the only reason he still puts up w all of it is he wants his full stipend plus chance for more money due to AFP or to come in 1st or second place. His big error this summeris believing Paul and I think he will kick himself when he realizes it.

    • Sassy

      I don’t consider Kevin to be “elderly”, he doesn’t even qualify for a senior citizen discount yet! I hate this season of Big Bully, and don’t watch the live feeds near as much as I used too. They just don’t interest me anymore. I thought I would have someone to root for by now, but I don’t… I like Kevin, I hate how they treat him, but I don’t see him winning and the rest are SOOO awful, that I don’t care who wins.

      Paul told Kevin not to talk to anyone this week and it’s best if he stays to himself and does not question the plan. He is not the target and that is all he needs to know… Yes, master!

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  12. Tinkerbell

    Why are these people so completely obsessed with each other’s pimples, and touching them. I feel like going to vomit just just writing this.

    Man alive, Jason has seriously dangerous anger issues. Even when talking about personal issues on the outside….he goes from laughing to bright red faced and spotting nails, instantly.

  13. Shivani33

    Raven keeps attempting to make proprietary gestures to Paul, to elicit and to exhibit their mutual oneness and devotion. Final twosies, y’all! Last night she swooped and lunged at him, swiftly trying to corral him so that she could pop a zit of his. She has no concept of how vulgar this is. He cut her off equally swiftly, bellowing “STOP!” This morning, she hung over him as he was helping to cook the group’s breakfast. As she hovered and invaded his space, she made a charming, magnetic comment about her inability to eat anything spicy for breakfast, what with the conditions of her conditions. Paul looked ready to scream. She’s trying to replace her old MattRess and is smothering the wrong guy. Kevin told Paul that this would happen once her toad of a boyfriend was gone, and I’m finding these situations very funny.

  14. Avatar

    I was supporting Jason and Kevin hoping one of them would win and certainly if Jason was in final 2 he would win.

    BUT, after 3 date rape jokes no way I can defend or be a fan of Jason. He has crossed a line and am now concerned about his mental health. If he is going to be a Father of two kids and have a Wife who he has been with for years he needs to show them some respect.

    His comments (Jokes) are unforgivable and I am sure his Wife is beyond embarrassed. I believe Jason will have to answer for these jokes at some point but before he makes a 4th it might be time for Production to have a word with him or remove him from the house before he causes the show some serious harm.

  15. Avatar

    Does the show not do Psychological assessments on people before they toss them in a house for 3 months?

    Raven is crazy. Clearly mentally unstable and some serious issues.
    Alex is psychotic
    Jason is a sexual deviant
    Cody was mentally unstable
    Jessica was mentally unstable
    Josh clearly has some issues. (Josh has shed more tears than any Man in history.)
    Mark has some issues. (I have never see a man cry and break down so much in my life)
    Christmas seems a little off and clearly has some anger issues.
    Paul is bat shit crazy.
    Megan was not all there clearly has some mental issues.
    Jillian had some serious self confidence and anxiety issues.
    Matt there was something very off with him couldn’t put my finger on it but something was amiss.
    Kevin is a bit of a nut case.
    Elena has some mental issues to work out.
    Ramses and Dominique appeared to have some issues as well but they were not in the house long enough to have them exposed.

    My point is I think it might be in the Networks best interest to do a proper Psychological exam before they put all these wack jobs in a house with no escape for 3 months.

    • LindsayB

      We all have issues, some more than others. No matter how stable someone may seem, when you put them in that kind of situation you never know what you’ll end up with. This setting is designed to challenge them physically, mentally, and emotionally. They are all human. There would be no entertainment value at all without their potential issues and there’s no way to predict how their issues will present themselves

    • Avatar

      Huh? Don’t you realize that’s what they’ve want! You pit 16 “perfectly” well balanced individuals (which is a myth) in the house and you might as well get ready for the snooze fest. That’s not the basis of the experiment. Same as survivor, bachelor, bachelorette and any show on MTV. Go back and rethink what you wrote please.

      How many in your immediate family would be categorized as any of the assumptions you wrote for each HG?

      • Avatar

        People like Derrick or Dr Will have mental capacity to be completely in control of their emotions in the BB environment but that is not the norm. But don’t take this as me defending the words of people like Jason, Raven or Alex. I think they are the same in or out of the BB house.

  16. Avatar

    This cast is really really bad. Season 15 had some very hateful and racist people in it but this cast is just mean to each other.
    I’m glad that I’m not the only one who wondered what in the heck Julie was wearing Thursday night. She always looks so beautiful and is dressed so nicely but that top with those sleeves was just ugly. I’d like to know who dressed her for the night. I would think that Julie herself has better taste than that top!

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