Good afternoon, everyone!  I’m still a little hungover from yesterday (not drunk, I don’t drink. Big Brother hungover), and I bet the house is, so there is a chance it could be a slower day than the craziness that transpired throughout the afternoon after the veto ceremony.  You can read a summary of it here

I also want to give my father a happy birthday shout out as he is still recovering from his surgery in the hospital.


There has been a lot of feedback on the events of yesterday, and a lot to take in. I try to see both sides to every argument and there certainly was one to be made for team Cody, but also one to be made for team Paul. While I personally wouldn’t have played that way, I can see Paul’s side that this is a game he is trying to win and $500k is a nice chunk of change.  He has been able to convince a solid 5-6 people to blindly follow him and throw away their chances at winning (Josh, Raven, Alex, and to a lesser extent Christmas, and Matt). You can also say he has the rest of the house minus Cody and Jessica under his umbrella though they’re more of sideline players than active followers.  Paul is using his minions to throw his two (and only?) threats off their game because he knows they’re not going home this week and so badly can’t afford for them to win HoH.

Let’s also not forget that Cody was on the ‘bully’ side of the house early in the season when they were ganging up on the weaker players like Josh. While it wasn’t nearly as bad as yesterday, intimidation has been Cody’s way to play.  Look at the conversation he had with Jason a few days before the vote. He got in his face and tried to scare Jason into voting their way. This wasn’t a random conversation, either.  Cody told Jess he was going to pull Jason aside and try to scare him into voting that way because he saw Jason as weak and an easier target for that.

Jason re-enacting the conversation he had with Cody

Again, I am merely playing devil’s advocate here. When they were sitting around the kitchen with Raven screaming at Jess while essentially the entire house egged her on, I don’t think I could have sat back and not said something to calm Raven down. She was borderline crazy and the house acted real shitty when they moved outside and cornered Cody and Jess and shouted things across the yard. Maybe I wouldn’t?  Maybe it’s smarter to just stay on the sidelines like Kevin did and let the house eat each other up because again – $500k is a nice chunk of change. Someone interfering most certainly would become a target and get booted when they can privately pull Jess/Cody aside and form a secret alliance to get back at Paul and crew.  Maybe Kevin will do that. Maybe Matt will do that.  Maybe nobody will, and the pair will be left on their own for another week+ until one is eventually voted out.

Enough rambling, updates…

  • 10:15 am – Slightly late start to the day as fish just came on to wake the house up
  • 12:15 pm – Slow afternoon, most of the house is up – Slow afternoon, most of the house is up
    • We learned that Paul earns $2k/week here versus everyone else making $1k
    • Christmas got her stitches out
    • Paul has calmed down a bit, as has the rest of the house
    • Cody was confused because he walked inside and Raven had a happy ‘hi’ for him. He asked Jess if he was drunk yesterday
    • Sounds like the house all eventually knows what was yelled over the wall yesterday
  • 12:25 pm – Paul was up doing his blog which explains why his minions were all calm
    • Paul comes down and asks Raven if they (Jody) were mean to her.
    • Raven said she said hi and Cody acknowledged it up Jess gave her a big ‘fuck you’ (not literally. Just ignored her)
    • Raven playing victim

    • The house is literally sitting around and confused why Cody and Jess aren’t friendly today because the rest of the house decided to just put water under the bridge rather than apologize
  • 12:55 pm – Everyone is worked up because Cody cracked eggs and put the empty shells back into the container.
    • Christmas is raging about it. Raven jumps in with some bitching
    • Christmas is so worked up about it, she needs some time alone lol
    • Even if it wasn’t a joke, they do realize they put vaseline all over the coffeepot, right?
  • 1:05 pm – Paul is still ranting about the eggs.  He said Cody won’t apologize for anything even if convicted by a jury. No apology from Paul to Cody for yesterday yet
  • 1:30 pm – Josh approaches Alex and says he feels bad about yesterday
    • Alex is shocked. She says “you know they made fun of you all the time, right?”
    • Josh is explaining how he didn’t want it to get where it did yesterday.  I will note that Josh was jokingly doing the pots and pans and having fun with Jessica when she was throwing apples at him. He was messing with them, but it was annoying, not malicious. He knows that.
    • Alex tells Josh the way it is.  Alex says Jess steals from her (points to her ears), lies, steals from her (again?), and is a sexual predator. They were going to go out in the real world to the point where people will spit in Josh’s face (lol)
  • Meanwhile, Paul is retelling a lot of yesterday to Elena.
    • Paul is mentioning how Jessica was wondering why Raven was crying (Paul told her to cry)
  • 1:58 pm – Elena asks Josh if he was able to swap spots with her. They were trying to get Josh to take her spot as a havenot.
    • People walk all over Josh, but luckily production told him no
    • Meanwhile, Mark tells Paul that the eggshell thing was silly because it’s not dangerous, but he didn’t want to say anything
  • 2:30 pm – Elena has been talking game with Paul. Doing some ass kissing while listening to Paul’s stories
    • Josh comes over and asks permission to talk with Cody because yesterday is eating him up
    • Paul and Elena both tell him no. It will serve no purpose
    • Elena tells Josh that he’s tried to settle it many times with nothing happening. Josh agrees
  • 2:45 pm – Paul is discussing the temptation competition on Friday
    • He is trying to decrease the chances of Cody or Jess winning that and getting safety, so they’re trying to see if they should not play which guarantees one safe and one on block, or everyone play
    • Paul is thinking about having someone throw the comp because they don’t want them to be a 3rd nominee.
  • 3:45 pm – Really slow day in the house. That’s good because I think they needed it today. Likely more drama later in the week
  • 6:30 pm – Been off and on.  The house has been on outdoor and now indoor lockdown so everyone is just kind of there
    • Christmas is in the HoH room complaining with Paul about Cody and how ‘aggro’ Cody is
    • She is still going on about the eggs and compares it to eating bad meat
  • 9:45 pm – Checking in on the feeds after treating myself to a nice night off
    • This basically sums things up

Check back for updates