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Big Brother 19 – Tuesday Feed Updates


Good afternoon, everyone!  I’m still a little hungover from yesterday (not drunk, I don’t drink. Big Brother hungover), and I bet the house is, so there is a chance it could be a slower day than the craziness that transpired throughout the afternoon after the veto ceremony.  You can read a summary of it here

I also want to give my father a happy birthday shout out as he is still recovering from his surgery in the hospital.

There has been a lot of feedback on the events of yesterday, and a lot to take in. I try to see both sides to every argument and there certainly was one to be made for team Cody, but also one to be made for team Paul. While I personally wouldn’t have played that way, I can see Paul’s side that this is a game he is trying to win and $500k is a nice chunk of change.  He has been able to convince a solid 5-6 people to blindly follow him and throw away their chances at winning (Josh, Raven, Alex, and to a lesser extent Christmas, and Matt). You can also say he has the rest of the house minus Cody and Jessica under his umbrella though they’re more of sideline players than active followers.  Paul is using his minions to throw his two (and only?) threats off their game because he knows they’re not going home this week and so badly can’t afford for them to win HoH.


Let’s also not forget that Cody was on the ‘bully’ side of the house early in the season when they were ganging up on the weaker players like Josh. While it wasn’t nearly as bad as yesterday, intimidation has been Cody’s way to play.  Look at the conversation he had with Jason a few days before the vote. He got in his face and tried to scare Jason into voting their way. This wasn’t a random conversation, either.  Cody told Jess he was going to pull Jason aside and try to scare him into voting that way because he saw Jason as weak and an easier target for that.

Jason re-enacting the conversation he had with Cody

Again, I am merely playing devil’s advocate here. When they were sitting around the kitchen with Raven screaming at Jess while essentially the entire house egged her on, I don’t think I could have sat back and not said something to calm Raven down. She was borderline crazy and the house acted real shitty when they moved outside and cornered Cody and Jess and shouted things across the yard. Maybe I wouldn’t?  Maybe it’s smarter to just stay on the sidelines like Kevin did and let the house eat each other up because again – $500k is a nice chunk of change. Someone interfering most certainly would become a target and get booted when they can privately pull Jess/Cody aside and form a secret alliance to get back at Paul and crew.  Maybe Kevin will do that. Maybe Matt will do that.  Maybe nobody will, and the pair will be left on their own for another week+ until one is eventually voted out.

Enough rambling, updates…

  • 10:15 am – Slightly late start to the day as fish just came on to wake the house up
  • 12:15 pm – Slow afternoon, most of the house is up – Slow afternoon, most of the house is up
    • We learned that Paul earns $2k/week here versus everyone else making $1k
    • Christmas got her stitches out
    • Paul has calmed down a bit, as has the rest of the house
    • Cody was confused because he walked inside and Raven had a happy ‘hi’ for him. He asked Jess if he was drunk yesterday
    • Sounds like the house all eventually knows what was yelled over the wall yesterday
  • 12:25 pm – Paul was up doing his blog which explains why his minions were all calm
    • Paul comes down and asks Raven if they (Jody) were mean to her.
    • Raven said she said hi and Cody acknowledged it up Jess gave her a big ‘fuck you’ (not literally. Just ignored her)
    • Raven playing victim
    • The house is literally sitting around and confused why Cody and Jess aren’t friendly today because the rest of the house decided to just put water under the bridge rather than apologize
  • 12:55 pm – Everyone is worked up because Cody cracked eggs and put the empty shells back into the container.
    • Christmas is raging about it. Raven jumps in with some bitching
    • Christmas is so worked up about it, she needs some time alone lol
    • Even if it wasn’t a joke, they do realize they put vaseline all over the coffeepot, right?
  • 1:05 pm – Paul is still ranting about the eggs.  He said Cody won’t apologize for anything even if convicted by a jury. No apology from Paul to Cody for yesterday yet
  • 1:30 pm – Josh approaches Alex and says he feels bad about yesterday
    • Alex is shocked. She says “you know they made fun of you all the time, right?”
    • Josh is explaining how he didn’t want it to get where it did yesterday.  I will note that Josh was jokingly doing the pots and pans and having fun with Jessica when she was throwing apples at him. He was messing with them, but it was annoying, not malicious. He knows that.
    • Alex tells Josh the way it is.  Alex says Jess steals from her (points to her ears), lies, steals from her (again?), and is a sexual predator. They were going to go out in the real world to the point where people will spit in Josh’s face (lol)
  • Meanwhile, Paul is retelling a lot of yesterday to Elena.
    • Paul is mentioning how Jessica was wondering why Raven was crying (Paul told her to cry)
  • 1:58 pm – Elena asks Josh if he was able to swap spots with her. They were trying to get Josh to take her spot as a havenot.
    • People walk all over Josh, but luckily production told him no
    • Meanwhile, Mark tells Paul that the eggshell thing was silly because it’s not dangerous, but he didn’t want to say anything
  • 2:30 pm – Elena has been talking game with Paul. Doing some ass kissing while listening to Paul’s stories
    • Josh comes over and asks permission to talk with Cody because yesterday is eating him up
    • Paul and Elena both tell him no. It will serve no purpose
    • Elena tells Josh that he’s tried to settle it many times with nothing happening. Josh agrees
  • 2:45 pm – Paul is discussing the temptation competition on Friday
    • He is trying to decrease the chances of Cody or Jess winning that and getting safety, so they’re trying to see if they should not play which guarantees one safe and one on block, or everyone play
    • Paul is thinking about having someone throw the comp because they don’t want them to be a 3rd nominee.
  • 3:45 pm – Really slow day in the house. That’s good because I think they needed it today. Likely more drama later in the week
  • 6:30 pm – Been off and on.  The house has been on outdoor and now indoor lockdown so everyone is just kind of there
    • Christmas is in the HoH room complaining with Paul about Cody and how ‘aggro’ Cody is
    • She is still going on about the eggs and compares it to eating bad meat
  • 9:45 pm – Checking in on the feeds after treating myself to a nice night off
    • This basically sums things up

Check back for updates


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  1. Zach

    I’ve thought for years now the majority of Americans under 40 were a bunch of pussy’s. Well I have to say, after reading a lot of the comments from the last thread, it just reinforces my beliefs. Awe poor Jessica and Cody, cry me a frackin’ river, build me a bridge and get the hell over it. I didn’ think it was a problem when Cody and Jessica were bullying some of the HGs in the first few weeks and I don’t think it’s a problem now. people and their PC crap is getting on my last nerve, can’t wait for a revolution to take America back from all the woe is me, you can’t say that it might hurt someone’s feelings, bunch of poonannies. Rant over.

    • LindsayB

      Damn!! Zach’ coming in hot this morning!!

    • MYKEL

      I agree with you Zach

    • Avatar
      Helen (5156 comments)

      A man after my own heart!!

    • Painter1

      Got to agree Zach, we finally get some action and peeps thinks oh it’s to much. WHAT!?!? It’s a game and everyone says your not in it to make friends or relationships your in it for 500,000.

    • AIO_7

      ….”can’t wait for a revolution to take America back”….

      How did we get from BB 19 to revolution in America? Anyone even vaguely familiar with the French Revolution knows that the guillotine lopped the heads of plenty of the advocates for revolution.
      Careful what you wish for; let’s not make this 1793.

      • Zach

        I’ve been wanting a revolution for years. It’s time to let the government know who signs their paycheck

    • Avatar

      Damn right! As soon as they stopped teaching kids sometimes you win and sometimes you lose, and started giving everyone participation trophies we were doomed. A whole generation (at least) who thinks everything is or should be fair. Regardless of your choice (both were bad in my opinion) the way people cried and actually threw fits over election results was sad and amusing at the same time.

      • AIO_7

        ….” As soon as they stopped teaching kids sometimes you win and sometimes you lose, and started giving everyone participation trophies we were doomed”…

        That is such a pathetic talk radio talking point. Turn off Limbaugh.

      • Avatar

        never listened to him but thanks. (no talk radio for that matter) I of course heard of him and heard he was an idiot.

      • Zach

        I’m with you Dan, life isn’t fair, participation trophies and that type of mindset is part of the reason 75% of the people 18-25 still live at home and are on their parents insurance.

      • Mel

        The point about life not being fair and participation trophies can go both ways as it perains to this season. Cody has been a big a hole and Jessica felt entitled for things to go her way. On the flip side, what we witnessed last night was Paul having a temper tantrum because things weren’t going his way.
        I’m also not a fan of the participation trophy and I would have to be tied down to something to be made to listen to Rush Limbaugh. My son is about to turn 21 and his generation feels very much entitled. Sad but true. However, he’s a 5’10” college basketball player so luckily he agrees the “participation trophy” is crap. He’s had to work for it and being vertically challenged….work quite hard!

    • Avatar

      Zach – you are off the mark. The problem with the under 40 is what went on in the house. A mob mentality. One person Paul, leading the way with lies and miss directs to convince weak minded people what to do.

      People keep calling Cody out for being a bully. He is more of a “Robert Conrad” he wears his anger emotions on his sleeve and is always in protect mode. He tells people like it is, ie Josh and his sexual predator acts by peeking at the girls while in the shower. Josh for being a crybaby and immature, notice the golden apple josh took.

      Cody is by far a good game player other than his athletic ability, he is pretty much a non factor.

      • Avatar
        Kevin (137 comments)

        sean james: I thought that was a battery Robert Conrad wore on his sleeve and dared someone to knock it off…… 😉

        Just out of curiosity, do you even know what sexual predator really is?

        Someone who peeps is just a pervert, now if he was attempting to grope them or try and be physical around them, then he’s leaning towards being a predator.

        What would be your classification be of a woman who sticks her finger in someone’s a$$ or is slapping someones a$$ or touching someone’s Vagina, even through clothes, without permission? If a man did that, that’s sexual assault and prison time.

      • Russell James Yost

        What if Josh had not have taken that Golden Apple for that specific eviction. Nobody knew Megan was going to quit, Paul was going to have immunity, and Cody would be forced to put up four nominees. Josh would have been an easy target for Cody to pick off and with Cody’s feelings about Josh completely out now Josh would have been a target.

        Calling someone a crybaby for going after an advantage that everyone has an opportunity for does not make sense. It is a game and Josh wanted immunity. Perhaps he was being paranoid, but in hindsight he probably saved himself that week and Cody’s game blew up.

        Be careful when you accuse someone of being a sexual predator. Predators are real and there are people and children that deal with them on a daily basis. It is not something to be thrown out there just because you disagree with how someone is playing a game.

    • Gerardo (Domini-CAN not Domini-CAN'T)

      Zach got time today cuz… cash him outside lol

    • Jannie

      I guess I see it the exact opposite way. I don’t remember my generation ( I grew up in the 70’s/80’s) feeling so entitled that if they didn’t like the way someone was acting they were, again, ENTITLED to throw a big ole ranting shit fit. I didn’t get away with it, that’s for damn sure. We had manners and were taught that the world didn’t revolve around us…you know…compassion? If I wanted a new bike, I had to earn it. Sadly, my generation, i think, somehow began spoiling all of our little darlings to the point where, if they didn’t want to earn it, just throw a big tantrum and it will be given to them. Spoiled rotten bratty bullies, I say….
      And all of this technology/social media is seriously impeding their social interactions, so yeah, that sucks.
      Thanks for letting me rant!

      • Zach

        I agree!!

      • NKogNeeTow

        Rant away Jannie! I was raised the same way. My Grandmother passed away some years ago, and I lost my Mother almost 2 years ago. But even up to the day my Grandmother died, my Mother and Uncle still replied to her or anyone older than her as “Yes Mam or No Mam” and to always show manners and say please and thank you. My Mother raised us the same way. Any relatives we had (whether Aunts, Uncles or even cousins), who were my mother’s age, we weren’t allowed to address them by their first names because they were older. Heck, I had a cousin that I thought was my aunt until I was almost grown. It comes down to respect, for other people as well as for yourself. The current generation hasn’t any or at least not much of any.

        In the case of the HG, not because of age, because most of them are around the same age or at least close. But because, every one of them in there believe they deserve something just because they exist or because of their situations. Kevin believes he deserves the money because he once had everything and lost it due to his family situation (his father). DMW believes she deserves it because of her *cough* fatal diseases. Paul believes he deserves it because he feels he was cheated out of it last year. Jason believes he deserves it for his wife and son, and so on and so on and so on. I believe anyone who plays the game and plays it well or exceptionally well, is the one who deserves it.

      • Avatar

        Huge difference between getting emotional and even protective and saying some over the top stuff….and actually orchestrating a mob attack on people cause you didn’t get your way…..Zach here sounds like he’s supporting the crybaby snowflake movement of whine and break stuff when we don’t get our way (in this case it’s Jessica using the hex) and then trying to pass it off as old school those under 40 can’t handle things…..I’m not too much under 40 myself but I’ll tell you what my peers grew up with a little bit of decency…..

      • Zach

        What the fuck are you talking about Tim??

    • Avatar

      Could not agree with you more. People need to lose there “don’t upset people or make the situation worse.” I get cut off on the road by some jack hole with my daughter. Did the American thing honked my horn and gave him the bird. He does it two more times to other people and then cuts me off again by moving two over to the end of the turn lane. We go into the gas station on he would not even look at me. Guy was around 30 and I asked him what his big hurry was that he would jeopardize my daughter and I safety. He just look down and away. So I keep on him to explained to me why his inconsiderate a.. did what he did. He would not look at me and just acted like he did not know what just happened. People started telling me I’m the one that is doing something wrong for demanding an answer for why we almost crashed twice because of his driving. It’s so easy for people to say whatever they want on the internet but as soon as you confront them in real life the take no responsibility for their actions and play victim.

  2. Avatar
    Helen (5156 comments)

    Is VIP Concierge the new politically correct terminology for paid escort?

    • Mimi Ryan

      My thoughts exactly!!! Yeah Cody was easy on the eye(s), but his attitude and his behavior, among other things are seriously lacking in a full social set. Jess, who hooked up with him, clearly lost sight of the $500K. Once out of the house, how the hell will these two even function as a couple. Probably NOT!!! If Jess has or needs a sugar daddy, Cody sure as hell isn’t it. Cody, who may not know what a VIP Concierge really is, might not like the idea this woman provides services that he clearly can’t afford. This is a GAME FOR $500k in a house with people. The hook ups are nothing more than a distraction and a way to pass the time, until it gets real. I don’t want to see Paul win, he’s a vet and yeah he’s back, but does he deserve to win against a bunch of newbies? I like Jason for the win, but he has to navigate his way through this house of nutz. Christmas is playing and playing hardball. I don’t like how she is participating in the Josh deal and pushing the abusive behavior. Alex can be a bully too. Perhaps as the weeks close in on the finish line, Matt, Jason, Christmas, Kevin and maybe Mark will fine themselves having to play their own game and once Paul has finished taking out other targets, this group can find themselves actually playing for the $500K,

    • Avatar

      and “paid escort” is the old pc term for hooker, prostitute, lady (or guy?) of the night!

    • Avatar

      OMG…Helen…yes! I looked it up and a VIP concierge is a paid escort. LOL. I wondered who else noticed that title. I think…does Cody know what she does for a living. She is arm candy for the man who is willing to pay the price. LOL. They make upwards of $97,000.00 a year! Look it up! Haha! Just love it!

    • Alda

      Jess always mentions her “clients.”

  3. danmtruth

    as i mention in an earlier post A lot of revisionist history being played out Firs it was Josh who started in on Megan I fail to remember anyone jumping up to defend her It was Paul who planted the idea that Jess made a raciest comment about Alex When Megan was foolish enough to run with that It back fired on her big time Except Paul and all the people who heard the original comment Raven Matt Elena Mark and Paul went silent Thats when Cody got in Megans face Along with many other HG So this poor Megan sympathy is a bit fake When Cody and Josh had there issues again the house was backing Cody With most of the women complaining how Josh hung a round the showers trying to spy as they took showers All seems forgotten now with the mob rule
    Jess and Cody are far from angels but please don’t try to take a moral high ground on this Trying to debate who has the moral right is like argueing who’s the tallest midget

    • LindsayB

      Why is there so much attention on their morals or lack thereof. They are playing a game! All is fair in love and big brother. They are all assholes!!

      • danmtruth

        @lindsayb i’m never going to confuse BB with a morality play All i’m saying is the HG felt safe in doing what they are doing to Jess & Cody Because the are correcting a great wrong That Cody was this big bad bully Forgetting that they went along with him back than That they saw nothing wrong The selective memories kicking in There is nothing moral or noble about this game or these people nor do expect to see it Just when they try to use it to justify being an ass I throw the BS flag

      • Avatar

        THANK YOU LindsayB!!!

      • Russell James Yost

        Cody’s entire strategy was one of intimidation, which is being a bully. I don’t care that he chose to use that strategy, but that is how he chose to play the game. When Megan came into talk game with Cody he just sat there and drank coffee and said nothing. He did the same to Paul later on. Cody has a clear history of using intimidation as a strategy. Problem is that when you use that strategy and you are not in power you become an instant target for eviction and ridicule.

    • Shivani33

      Well said, Dan. Whether someone empathhizes with Megan’s self-eviction or not, it set a precedent which production doesn’t want to have continue, where players insist on leaving. Plus, Paul has repeated often that Cody demeaned him and insulted his character “on national tv” and then said it’s all-out warfare against Cody from now on, with Paul as the Head of the tribe. He revises his story (history) to overlook, ignore and justify his own personal attacks on Cody. It’s all silly. It’s all a social game, where production gets to set the parameters for our BB summertime ship of fools. The politics of this experience is designed to push our buttons. Sometimes we cry. Much of the time it’s easy to to sit back and be entertained. The same player who gives you a warm, fuzzy feeling one day can be asshole#1 a minute later.
      Unless it’s STFU Raven. Lol.

  4. Avatar

    Danmtruth Well Said!!!! Lets not forget it was Paul that urged Raven to fake cry , so as to use it against Cody. This backfired when the only person in the room was Raven and Jess. Then Xmas and her dumb ploy of telling Alex the plan of keeping Jessica and getting rid of Alex. ( Alex was so dumb she agreed with Paul it was a good game move ). She accused Jessica of not being on her side, when it was Alex that put Jessica up and only thing that saved Jessica was Dom.

    Its always fun to watch shows and people who choose a favorite can see no wrong in their actions, well unless those actions are played against their favorite.

    Cody is no boyscout, he messed up by not discussing with his team to vote paul, but who saw the first temptation coming? He also went the wrong way with Paul and getting in his face. His protect mode kicked in. Bad on him .

  5. Shivani33

    You can taunt, get in someone’s face and gang up on another player. You can be a Vaseline man like Paul and play tricks. You can have big verbal battles. You can isolate or be isolated by others. None of this is unusual. What is not allowed is to deliberately try to incite violence or to try to make another player self-evict. The distinction is simple. In a hot situation the goal is NOT to lose players entirely from an ongoing game.

    Paul, and later some of his supporters, verbalized that their intention was to get Cody to lose control and become violent. Paul revved up this specific kind of plan the evening before, saying frequently that he wanted to get Cody to throw a punch and/or to walk out of the house, with or without Jessica. Then he orchestrated much of what happened while “mob rule” was escalating. Raven and Christmas both got very into it and acted like apeshit hags.

    Eventually (too eventually) production stepped into the fray. Paul, then Josh and Christmas all were called into DR in sequence and things began to become less aggressive. Players certainly can get away with the behavior which we saw yesterday. It was the stated intention of using that action to evoke violence or self-eviction that is a no-no.

    • Avatar
      Kevin (137 comments)

      Heck, let’s just kick them all out, replace them with puppies and kittens and move the show over to the animal planet… oh wait, that show already exists…

      I maintain that all involved in the deliberate attempt at provoking violence should be put up on the block. At this point, no of them deserve to win. The winner will be the least vile of the group…

      • NKogNeeTow

        “The winner will be the least vile of the group…”

        No, because that would be MattRess, and all he’s done in the game so far, is lick The Zombie Queen upside the head.

  6. Avatar

    There is no excuse for the behavior of the house yesterday. Gameplay is one thing, but that demonstration was out of control. Each of the guests has some sort of story – fractured childhood and or adolescence or illness. As we have seen each of these stories may have been embellished or is still subject to full disclosure. Cody can be a jerk and say jerk stuff but he has been the only one to really (other than Domonique) to call Paul on his shit. I see Paul in the role of desperation. He knows if just a few of the guests figure out that he is manipulating and making deals with the whole house, he is toast. I would love to see the whole house to really play the game!! If they figure out to get out Paul it could be fun (and not painful) to watch.

    • Shivani33

      No one has been more direct with Paul about his game than Jessica. Her gaming conversations with Paul tell him that she sees his (temporary) leadership and methods well and that she is willing to be in opposition to it. Even when she was negotiating with Paul, she didn’t mince words about his talent at manipulating his followers. She has been able to both compliment him for playing a strong game and to tell him that she sees what he does, how he does it. Though Cody tried to put Paul on the block and couldn’t, he is less verbal and analytical than Jessica.

      Predictably, more players are going to need to rise against Paul to remain playing, or they’ll find themselves on the eviction list. Will any of them survive as such conspicuous eviction targets or fight as hard and long as Jessica and Cody? Many seem to be safe only as long as Paul decides that they’re safe, i.e. useful.

      For all of the humorous or judging remarks sent Jessica’s way, despite her various tactical errors, I find her to be the strongest female player so far in this game. Even though she wasted her HoH by nominating Ramses, she has the guts to speak her mind and to go out on a limb. Maybe I’m alone in still liking both Paul and Jessica. Criticisms aside.

      • NKogNeeTow

        Shi, as much as I dislike Messi, I completely agree with you. So far, the only REAL players in the game are Paul and Messi. They read each other. They know each other. They ARE each other. Unless the rest of them step up their game and barring that no one evicts either of the, the money is there for either one of them to take.

        I’m Team Paul, and have never swayed from that (although I have been disappointed in some of his tactics at times), but so far, he and Messi (and I can’t believe I’m saying this), are the only ones who deserve the money.

      • Gerardo (Domini-CAN not Domini-CAN'T)

        Sorry Shi and NK, have to disagree with you about Messi Jessi. I think she has POTENTIAL to be a strong player, but she is playing a TERRIBLE game. Her standing up to Paul is interesting (and fun) to watch, but that doesn’t equate to strong gameplay in my opinion. She’s a good competitor but she’s squandered pretty much everything she’s earned via competitions due to her uncontrollable libido.

        She and Paul are NOTHING alike in my eyes. Paul is not playing a “perfect” game and he can be annoying at times (especially yesterday) but virtually every move he makes, every statement he makes, has a game purpose behind it. Messi has barely even been playing this season. Paul has worked tireless to remain on the offense and in control, and Messi has kept herself backed into a corner playing defense all season. And she’s currently on target to potentially not even make it into the jury house. I just don’t see how there’s any comparison here.

      • NKogNeeTow

        Fair enough G. The only reason I compared those 2 (and I’m not backtracking), is because I think that in spite of the being on opposing sides, she seems to be the only one in the house (so far), who really understands Paul’s game play and yes, if she could keep her pants up long enough and get away from Shell-Shocked Grody, she could be a real contender. I do think that Kevin and Jason could also give both of them a run for their money, but it’s not the right time.

        I also agree with your assessment of Paul. That’s why I like him. People view him as some sort of Svengali. I’ve even compared him to Pavlov. But the main thing I like about him is he’s constantly thinking. He never has any down time. Some might say he’s over thinking (which at times he has), but he’s there to win so I’m not mad at him for it. Messi does have the potential to do that. She just got sidetracked by a smile, a kiss and a bulge. That’s not on Paul, that’s on her. To get back to what I said about Paul always thinking, it brings to mind that old saying “You’ve got to stay 3 steps ahead because they’re going to push you 1 step back”.

      • Russell James Yost

        I think Jason and Kevin understand Paul, but they also know that the time is not right to target him. I love when those two are alone and start talking game. I think that is when they are most honest about their strategies.

        If Cody were to win HOH this week and put up Paul and Christmas or Paul and Alex, then I think there is a real possibility Paul will go home.

        Jessica’s HOH will go down as one of the worst HOH’s in BB history. This week is a dud, but at least it gets the Hex out of the game. Last week I just couldn’t believe she was that stupid.

      • Gerardo (Domini-CAN not Domini-CAN'T)

        I agree @russellyost77, I think Jason and Kevin have both been on to Paul for a long time, but are waiting for the right time to strike. Jason has actually mentioned this to Alex numerous times but she always shuts him down (because she thinks she and Paul have a F2 or something).

        I ALMOST thought for a second last night that Mark had finally caught on to Paul too, but then he turned around and told Elena that she and Paul are the only 2 people he trusts in the house… *facepalmmmmm*

  7. danmtruth

    just for @aio_7 Whistle-nut no shirt yet this morning

  8. Avatar
    Helen (5156 comments)

    Never cared….I’m sick to death of the whole story line!
    Is Paul playing aggressive? Hell yes……does he have a 357 pointed at anyone’s head? No
    I would like to see the game shift a little more to include players like Cowboy or Kevin or Christmas instead of the overplayed and worn out storyline of Jody vs Paul

  9. Avatar
    Helen (5156 comments)

    Here is a dumb question….
    Why would Jessica give an eviction speech if she is going to halt the eviction?

    • Avatar
      Kevin (137 comments)

      My guess would be purely theatrics, based on what the production team needs…. I would expect it to be either sugary sweet towards Cody and announce the HEX or take shots at specific people and then use the Hex… either way she has the floor and will get uninterrupted air time on TV.

  10. Gerardo (Domini-CAN not Domini-CAN'T)

    Don’t mind me guys, I’m just here for the free wings and the #RavenSTFU… carry on.

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  12. danmtruth

    Now RavanSTFU Xmas and josh locked in a contest of who Jess hates the most

  13. Avatar

    I’m gonna say this again. You’ve got a bunch of 20-30 somethings stuck in a house with no other entertainment than a pool table, weights and a wading pool, they don’t see the outside world except in the dr, are away from their family and friends. Most of these people would probably never be friends in real life. They’re missing their phones, tvs, computers and other past times. Some of them are on slop, which would make me grumpier than hell, they’re sleep deprived. They’re have having to think all the Tim whose side they’re on and who is against them and there’s 500k on the line.This is all enough to make any sane person act like an animal. The blow up yesterday was a combo of all this stress and game play. With that said, Cody creeps me out, Jess s much nice when he’s not around, Paul needs to stop egging Josh on, Josh needs to grow the f up and think for himself. Mark needs to get his head out of he ass and stop moping around about Elena, Alex needs to play her own game and be the strong woman I think she can be. Mat and Raven don’t bug me as much as they seem to be a lot of you, I was digging her outburst yesterday. Kevin and Jason are doing a good job as far as I can see, they’re not making to many waves and not pissing anyone from, they may go far. And remember, no ones making the HGs follow Paul, they’re doing it of their own accord so hey, why not se them. It’s a game!

    • Gerardo (Domini-CAN not Domini-CAN'T)

      And don’t forget that Jessica actually started this whole debacle by being a complete b*tch to Raven for no real reason. And you KNOW any time you have me defending Raven (#TeamRavenSTFU holla at ya boy!), you must be way the hell out of line. Jessica is just as much of a bully as anyone else in that house, she just doesn’t have numbers on her side right now. Things went a little far for my taste yesterday (even though I secretly enjoyed every moment of it), but I’m not shedding any tears for Grossica.

  14. Avatar

    OMG Christmas, Paul & Raven getting so mad about the eggs is some funny stuff!!! Esp since they have been doing all the other pranks in the house. Talk about pot meet kettle.

    I have to say something about Alex and this sexual predator stuff… Wasn’t she the girl that was running around wanting to be spanked by a spatula?? I mean come on man this is really showing her in a horrible light.

    The other day I took offense to Christmas telling Josh what was going on was like someone in a abusive relationship. I think these people need to remember that there character are on display for america and right now I want none of them to win!!
    (BTW first post love this site!!)

  15. ElaineB

    I am feeling revitalized as I have read some comments that give me hope. I am loving the #STFU Raven crew, the #anybodybutPaul crew, and the #cowpoke (because I do like Jason). Phew. Maybe I can continue.

  16. Avatar
    Helen (5156 comments)

    In a way Paul is getting blamed for a lot of things that are just not true….
    In the beginning he told people …the first part of this game is mostly a numbers game…if you can get a core group of people to keep that end goal in mind you will get further….Cody hated Paul ….he decided to try to get rid of him without telling anyone just expecting everyone to follow him …
    Paul has been honest with Jessica and Paul from that point forward….when Paul won HOH the week after Jessica came to him…she asked him not to put her and Cody OTB together…..he told her he would not and he didn’t. He told her his beef was with Cody and not with her. After that Jessica again went to Paul and asked him for advice…..he told her point blank and what he thought she could do to get back right with the house…she took that advice and it was working for her. UNTIL Cody came back…..
    This time when he won HOH Jessica asked him not to make her a have not. He promised he wouldn’t and he didn’t…
    Jessica has no reason to blame Paul for anything IMO
    Okay. Rant over

  17. Shivani33

    How can Christmas and so many others not understand that the Temptation comp is the hex from Jessica’s halting hex temptation? The same nimrods who carried on about it last night still are yammering about it today, expecting that Jessica has an as-yet unknown consequence dogging her. What’s in the water at the BB house, a dosage of vague comprehension?

  18. NKogNeeTow

    I have something I need clarification on. Forgive me if it’s been asked and answered before.

    I know that once Messi accepted the temptation there was a consequence. I thought the consequence was that as of now, everyone had a choice whether or not to play for safety and that the loser had to be the 3rd Nom. Is this correct or is the consequence something else?

  19. NKogNeeTow

    This might be a silly thing to be annoyed about but does it bother anybody else how they constantly leave the refrigerator door open? It drives me NUTZ!

  20. NKogNeeTow

    Watching MattRess and The Zombie Queen in the Storage Room. I swear if he brings that thing back home, I’m going to turn DC inside out.

  21. Zach

    In non BB related news. I’m in Madison, Wisconsin for the week because of work. Anyone with any hot takes on what there is to do around here? I’m literally dying with nothing to do.. Speaking of, RavenSTFU lol

  22. LindsayB

    I’m hoping my #teamPaul peeps can hold down the fort without me for awhile. I have a date with Ed Sheeran tonight. Don’t worry AI, I’ll be back soon to read any passive aggressive comments.

  23. Avatar

    Hi,I have never commented on here,but I certainly enjoy following you kids on here.You all make it so much fun.Sometimes I just can’t keep up and figure it out.That’s what being like a fine wine does to you.haha…But between all of you and my little daughter who’s on here alot,I try to keep up.And thanks for all the sweet comments last wk. After my hospital visit….Keep up the good work.I’ll stay up all night with ya…ps. I love you Gerardo.Better go ck in to see if anyone has been killed in that house……

  24. NKogNeeTow

    Messi and Grody talking about the possibility that she may be pregnant then BAM! Production quickly changes cams….Damn them…

    Okay, cam is back. She tells him that the world will know before he does….lol

    He jokes that there will be a banner flown over saying its a boy.

  25. NKogNeeTow

    Kevin: “This is the most clouds I’ve seen since I’ve been in California. It must be wet rain coming in”.

    Yogi Berra #3

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  27. Avatar

    How in the world is Jessica beating Kevin on house favorite. Why the shit is Paul at the bottom all of a sudden? Jody’s been given a taste of their own medicine and you are now gonna like them? Like what? Don’t you see that Jody are two megalomaniacs? If they had power they’d be doin’ the same shit so don’t be coming out and saying that they are these perfect, pure, god-sent people from the catholic church downtown.

  28. NKogNeeTow

    Jason: “I’m going to send my kid to private school”.

    Kevin: “Is there a private school near you”?

    Jason: “No, I’m going to have to mail him out”.

  29. danmtruth

    all 4 cams were on Cody & Jess doing there Al Gore climate change debate Alert the Nobel people

  30. kneeless

    I think we may be in for a boring evening tonight after the fireworks last night.
    You guys need to keep me awake cause these hg’s sure won’t!

  31. Avatar

    Can someone fill me in on all the Nicknames you guys have given all the Houseguest, because im clueless on most of them.

    • NKogNeeTow

      Hi Neila and Welcome aboard! 🙂

      Mark: Wreck-It-Ralph or WIR

      Matt: MattRess

      Jason: Cowpoke

      Kevin: Kool Papa

      Elena: Hot Lips or Lips

      Cody: Grody

      Jessica: Messi or Messi Jessi

      Cody/Jessica: Grossica or Jody

      Raven: Dead Man Walking or DMW (I have also used The Zombie Queen)

      Christmas: Xmas

      Josh: Slosh

      Paul and Alex really don’t have nicknames.

  32. Avatar

    I am so sick of the bullying in this house. one person has already self evicted this season because of it! I’m sorry but every single time I go on this feeds someone is either talking s*** about them talking s*** to their faces. I understand that Cody has come off intimidating this season times and I don’t watch the feeds 24/7 but Josh walking around antagonizing them for hours on end or they’re eight against two is not the same. I’m not going to lie I am a huge fan of Cody and I hate Paul so yes I am biased. Imo Paul’s move this week was way dumber than Jessica’s last week. Paul knew about the hex so instead of a making a deal with Jessica and Cody that if he kept them off the block that they would keep him safe next week would have been a way smarter move then wasting has HOH this week. instead Paul decided that he can outsmart the hex and just wasted his HOH. he could have gone after the other threats in the house like Elena Mark Matt. the house is all mad at Jessica for playing the hex even though Paul was the one who back them into a corner by saying that if she doesn’t use a hex only one of them would go home but if she does use the hex both of them can stay what kind of ultimatum is that. but now the house wants to be pissed off because Jessica is costing them $10,000 each. this season is seriously aggravating and Paul is absolutely the worst part of it. The only hope that I have as a house guest smarten up and realizes that the hold Paul has over them. I am literally on my knees praying that either Cody or Jessica win HOH because I really want Paul to go down. I just don’t get America’s obsession with Paul. He is the most arrogant person that ever played Big Brother and that’s saying something.

    • NKogNeeTow

      ” I just don’t get America’s obsession with Paul.”

      For the same reason Cody and Jessica’s fans are obsessed with them. 🙂

    • Avatar
      Kevin (137 comments)

      It wasn’t a wasted HOH. Just because no one goes home Thursday doesn’t mean it was wasted. The Hex, when used will be done. Sure, he could have made a deal to not put them up and he’s safe next week. What if someone else like Josh or Raven win HOH and put those two back up? She uses the hex then and now their safe another week. No, his HOH is not wasted. The Hex be used and gone. Someone wins HOH and they both go back up and then it’s either of them that goes home. Yes you are biased towards Cody, no problem with that. But from a strategic game play, it was the right thing to do. It sets up next week for another week of money making live feeds…

      • Avatar

        I understand that the hex would have been used but thinking towards the future I feel like Paul could have made a better move. Jessica and Cody are not his only Targets in the house period on the off chance that they win HOH next week which is a strong possibility considering their backs are literally against a wall I feel like he could have spun a better deal. even if they were to ride out the next two weeks it would still be like eight against 2 they could have easily taken them out. yesterday the whole house was mad because apparently if the hexes use then 9 go to jury and apparently they miss out on a $10,000 bonus. The move Paul made this week was strictly off his ego. he wanted to outsmart the hex and he had everything wrong.

      • NKogNeeTow

        Messi could have made a better deal too 😉

  33. Avatar
    Helen (5156 comments)

    Cody is a construction sales rep….
    Cody says his resume is very good: working on nuclear weapons. He tells employers he can learn things quickly with little to no mistakes. He said he always seems to be able to get jobs easily. -P
    Jessica tells Cody she spends 500 a month on Starbucks and 500 on Uber
    Jessica tells Cody she might be pregnant…..

    • Avatar
      Kevin (137 comments)

      This would be the biggest BB oh $hit moment in history if she is knocked up. The poor boy’s paycheck would be split in half going in two different directions. He’ll be driving that beat up truck the rest of his life…

  34. Mel

    I heard Matt got called to the DR a while back! They actually have something to ask him???

    • Avatar
      Kevin (137 comments)

      Matt???? who’s that? lol!

    • Avatar
      Helen (5156 comments)

      I wish I could have caught what Matt said in storage room to Raven…..she said something about him being in DR
      He said yeah. I know. It was good. The guy asked me ….if they pulled …..from the game how would he feel? He said I told them fantastic
      I didn’t hear who’s name!! Wish I had rewind

      • NKogNeeTow

        Rewind wouldn’t help, they cut the Feed and moved to another room.

      • Sassy

        I hope Paul is one of them being pulled! They can pull others too, maybe then I will be able to root for someone other than just being against Paul.


      • Sassy

        But, I will be disappointed if they pull Jess for being pregnant. Christmas can play after major surgery and #RavenSTFU can play while dying, Jess should be able to play while pregnant…

  35. Shivani33

    About those eggshells put into the carton in the fridge – Paul is only pretending to be indignant ’bout dat. He’s the guy who did it. Very carefully, he stuck empty, broken eggshells back into an egg carton. Then he hid the good eggs in another refrigerator. Vaseline Man strikes again!

  36. NKogNeeTow

    Paul and Kevin talking.

    Paul: “I have to win or I’m going to be out of here”.

    Kevin: “Nah, you have people here who will keep you. You’ve got what, 5 people right here who would keep you and the HOH and 3 can’t vote. On second thought, there might be a few here who will say they want to keep you but won’t”.

    Paul: “I ain’t worried about it”.

    Kevin shoots Jason as quick side look then changes the subject about the clouds. *Kevin and Jason are 2 of the few he’s talking about…lol*

  37. Avatar

    New thread guys!

  38. NKogNeeTow

    I hate the way Xmas is always rolling up on somebody with that damn scooter. Every times someone starts a good conversation it’s like her ears perk up wherever she is and she comes rolling in for the block. Kevin and Jason had just started a good convo about how Grody was really the strongest physical competitor in the house and just as it was about to get deep, in she rolls. Its like when it comes to being paranoid about conversations, she’s almost worse than Paul.

  39. Avatar

    Am i the only one Team Jessica!?

  40. Avatar

    Did anyone else catch Kevin saying that he was falling in love with Christmas??

    Also them talking about “hot chocolate and being supervised?”

  41. Yael Sara

    “She is still going on about the eggs and compares it to eating bad meat”

    This is a ridiculous thing for her to say, especially in her industry. By her followers, I would imagine she is expected to understand food health. Apparently, not so much

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