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Big Brother 19 – Tuesday Feed Updates


Good afternoon, everyone! It’s Tuesday and it should be a slow day, but I have a feeling it may not be.

Yesterday had a few minor arguments with mostly Alex, Christmas, and Josh versus Mark at various stages throughout the night. This is because Paul is telling them to get in his head before Thursday while pretending he’s going to join in at some point (he won’t). The three stooges started ripping on Mark about stupid things like him taking pillows to once again being disloyal to his alliance. At this point, the reason for shitting on Mark is almost pointless to talk about because they just make silly stuff up.  Mark isn’t good at defending himself so they just pile it on.  It’s the tone of the season and a pretty familiar tone in general. Rather than split the house, one leader of the house sets a target and everyone else gangs up on that person. People that were once in that group are left alone because they’re pegged off one at a time and they don’t have the numbers to rebound.

When Cody goes home, Mark is completely screwed because no matter what happens, he won’t have the numbers. Even if he wins HoH, that merely buys him a week until the majority win it then put him as a target next to a pawn who is most likely going to be the next target. Rinse and repeat.


Let’s jump into the feeds

  • 10:30 am – Cody is alone and actually doing a little cam talking.
    • This is interesting because he doesn’t do it like Josh and ramble trying to get airtime.
    • He says he just wants to be left alone from these crazy people who keep trying to drag him into their arguments.
    • He’s glad Elena stole that $5k from Alex, and to give her a punishment on top of it was great
    • He wants to clean out of boredom but doesn’t want to help them out. Last time he did that, they were thanking him and he just doesn’t want them talking to him
    • “I can hear Matt’s shitty laugh from here”
    • “Does anyone else think that Matt and Raven’s fights are psychotic?  They’re crazy. If they look bad on the feeds, imagine how they look in person”
    • “Raven’s cooking is blahhhh”… “Matt, he just hangs out there and eats food”
  • 10:55 am – Kevin comes outside
    • Cody tells him he is losing his mind. He’s never talked to himself before
    • Kevin tells him he’s had a toothache for 5 weeks and it’s terrible now.  He wants to get it pulled.
    • Kevin says that every non HN should drink Gatorade and leave the water to the HNs
    • Cody says “You know what, Kevin?  People in here are real assholes”
    • Cody says people in there are ungrateful. They complained because of the beer during the Outback dinner.
    • They bitch like they’re movie stars
  • Raven and Paul come outside and Cody leaves
  • 11:16 am – Kevin says he’ll touch his dick with dirty hands any day. Production comes over the speak ‘zing’!
  • I guess Cody leaving was temporary as he’s back outside having small talk with Paul and crew
  • 12:45 pm – Kevin is giving Cody life lessons while Paul is doing the same for Paul in the other room. Not very exciting
  • 1:50 pm – Alex is yelling at Cody for eating the last of her cereal
    • She is saying he should be happy he’s in jury, and he replies that he’s thrilled he lost a chance for $500k
    • Jason says he thought Cody was joking at first but he’s just being an idiot to her
    • Cody says he saved their game. He could have put them up
    • Cody keeps saying he doesn’t care. He doesn’t care if anyone hates him.  Don’t ever talk to him again.
    • Alex asks “how is your kid? Do you have one?”.  Cody tells him to stop talking to her and she says if they hate him he’s going to hate them
    • She asks if he even liked Jessica. He fucked up her game
    • Cody says “over cereal?  I’m done talking”
    • Christmas jumps in because that’s what she does and says she tried to save everyone some cereal but they saved the wrong one
    • Alex says she knows the person he’s trying to protect but they’re probably next.  She asks him who it is.
    • He says ‘no idea’ and she says “you’re lying again! Surprise!!”
    • Josh comes in to chime in and Paul asks “wait, who is this?”
    • Christmas says “wait, you never told me that Mark was your ride or die from day 1 before I went into surgery?”
    • Cody says he kind of went back on that one
    • Christmas asks what the point of him even being there is… good question, Christmas. Same to you!
    • Cody says he can’t protect anyone. He couldn’t even get a sympathy vote
    • Cody humors them and says everything he says is a lie
    • People keep talking and Christmas says it’s pointless.  Alex says he’s really a nice guy and this isn’t him.
    • They apparently don’t see when you gang up on someone, that person doesn’t really like it and gets defensive
    • Cody says from here on out, he’s going to be polite. Christmas says that’s not what they want. They want answers.
  • 2:05 pm – Cody left to go outside and Mark tagged in to take the beating from the house
    • Now that Cody is outside, Paul starts speaking up to recap the argument to himself and Raven runs to his side because that’s what she does
    • Raven complains that Cody said he’d never vote for her. Paul tells her to call him out
    • Christmas jumps in and tells Raven to ask Cody some questions.
  • 2:15 pm – Elena is now screaming at Josh because she’s sick of his shit
    • Elena keeps yelling at him and Josh of all people is trying to back out lol.  I guess they don’t like it when people fight back
    • Josh says a bunch of random things like calling her condescending and she tells him he doesn’t even know what those words mean
  • 2:35 pm – Christmas jumps in because of course
    • Now Alex jumps in which is good because unlike Christmas, she actually has a point. She starts yelling at Elena about the competition
    • Oh wait, now they’re talking about their financial situation
    • Alex keeps talking about how they brought Elena into the team and she screwed over the team.
    • Christmas jumps in with some comment again. Christmas, you’re useless
    • Alex keeps telling her that she was going to take Mark’s prize if she won first.
  • 2:44 pm – Josh keeps talking about his crush on Elena lol
    • Josh talks about how Elena blew his trust and she points out how he’s the one who grabbed the golden apple early on
    • Josh is talking about how Elena’s demeanor wasn’t good when he won HoH.  These people are nuts
    • Elena leaves and they start to pat each other on their backs while Paul once again brings up Cody. He is trying to get Raven to yell at him.
    • Elena starts yelling back from the bathroom and lying and Josh asks what he has lied about. She told him that he lied about the Jillian vote and even Christmas appeared to back her up there
  • 4:30 pm – Took a small break because it’s a slow day. Right now Paul and Kevin are chatting outside with Cody nearby in the pool.  Alex is talking to Jason.
    • Boring conversations overall
  • 8:00 pm – House is taking a fight break for now.  Matt is in the kitchen eating of course. Josh is up Paul’s ass. A typical night.

Check back for updates


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  1. Avatar

    And that’s why I hate to see Cody go…he sees the people in the house like a lot of the viewers do… lazy, psychotic jerks. Yet he has to live with them…even if only until Thursday (then in jury) :/

    Cody: “They (Maven) probably look crazy on TV, imagine what it looks like here.”

  2. Avatar

    In this day of how the world looks at bullying, I wonder how BB production likes the way the house mates bully each other. Actually, they just gang up on one person at a time and berate them. Mostly at the urging of the leader Paul!

  3. LynnD

    I’m so annoyed by Paul. He is just a bossy POS!

      • LynnD

        Thank you. I have been a reader for years. Don’t really comment. However, yesterday when Paul was yelling at everyone (and just randomly at nothing) while at the pool table it was just irritating me like never before. I just wish these house guests will wake up! It’s going to be funny as hell when they figure it out at the jury house.

    • Avatar

      Everyone is hanging onto Paul for safety. They know which side their toast is buttered. When it gets down to them having to “Eat their young” they will turn on him. give it another week or two when they get Cody, Mark and Elena out. However, Mark is getting pretty good at comps, so he might get it on the double and shake it up.

  4. Avatar

    Listen for as much as people banged on Cody early and often, people grew to hate Cody…..why is that….even in the posts….so many just labeled him a hot head…..I submit to you the reason I liked Cody from day 1 was simple. Cody saw all of them for who they were very early….and when faced with such idiocracy it’s hard to even communicate with them, trying just brings out utter frustration, the only time I ever thought Cody was gonna hit someone was when he took the pans from Josh and Josh was WELL beyond what I would justify for a punch right to his nose…..so now here we are, everyone sees that the house is straight crazy train, the one time “loose canon” seems like the only sane one with a brain! #TeamJody #RavenSTFU #WorstFloaterEvee #JoshSTFU #PaulGTFO

    Side note I don’t like Paul’s game however it’s not really his fault this is happening, these people really are that dumb!

    • Avatar

      One thing about Cody is that he is military, as we all know. The word lazy is something never uttered in any branch of the military. For him to see so many lazy people sitting around and complaining about things I think he’s in shock how ungrateful and lazy of a cast BB put together this year. It’s special talent to find the laziest, dumbest group of people and assemble them in one house. I think if anything comes out of this season people will say how Cody (so far) has kept his cool. Knowing he was likely not going to win he could have easily snapped and didn’t. That is very, very impressive. It would have taken three guys to hold him back if he went off, physically. But he didn’t. Thankfully. So he can leave the house with America knowing he took the upper hand and stayed loyal to himself and cool under the pressure of being bullied by people you could snap in half. How many other people in this house can leave there with their head held high?

      • Ann

        Cody did his fair share of bullying too. He & Jess treated Josh like trash even when Josh was trying to make peace with them. I hope like hell they get rid of Codys ass Thursday no matter who the second person it is that goes out right behind him.

  5. danmtruth

    This makes the first few weeks of his game so aggravating If we had this Cody at the begging This could have been a fun season Now we are stuck with Paul directing his summer stock BB Paul 2.0 Looking for the clown to stand next to What does it take to stand their you ask Just no self pride Be willing to be cruel to the remaining HG so Paul can point out-how poorly you treated the different jury members How if you were ever HOH you did what Paul told you Looks like Josh, Raven, and Xmas fit the bill for now
    Funny to watch as different players try to get each other to blowup From hiding Alex Coke To claiming people are plotting behind others back But because your friends you wanted them to know

    • Sassy

      Jess and Cody were better separate than as a pair. If only they would have avoided the showmance, I think it would have been better for both their games.

      • AIO_7

        “Jess and Cody were better separate than as a pair.”


      • Avatar

        YES!! Everyone keeps saying how bad Cody was for Jess’ game but I really think she was even worse for his. He has been SO much more enjoyable this week with her gone and he has been a lot more calm and stable. Even though he is being pushed, he hasn’t exploded once since she left and I think it’s because she isn’t there egging him off.

  6. Zach

    Love it or hate it, Paul has made this house interesting. How boring would this season have been without him stirring the pot? It would have been horrible. I’ve never missed a season of BB but I can imagine with all the dull personalities on this season I would have been tempted to turn it off. Honestly, sometimes I think that’s why they bring back veterans because the people they cast suck that bad. Imagine the game last year without the vets and Paulie ( he was a vet because his brother played the season before tell me how that’s fair?) I really think they should get new people in charge of casting because whoever has done it the last two years, pathetic.

    • Avatar

      I disagree, if Paul wasn’t in the house they would have played and drew lines that were better than 10 vs 2…..and without Paul explaining to them the luxuries of the jury house he’s never seen…..they wouldn’t all be playing to make it to Jury….

      • Zach

        That’s speculation. You can’t say what alliances would or would not have taken place with out him here. I can say that the house would be boring because you take him out of the equation and they are still a bunch of clueless nimrods.

      • LindsayB

        Why is it that so many people assume the HGs would be different without Paul? They have all shown their true personalities. Do you think that Josh wouldn’t be a paranoid basket case? Elena wouldn’t be a know it all floozy? Jess and Cody wouldn’t have spent their whole time banging? Alex wouldn’t be a man beating bitch? Raven wouldn’t have been a scam artist? Matt wouldn’t have been a mattress? If Paul wasn’t in the house I garuntee all of you bitching about him would be bitching about somebody or something else.

      • LindsayB

        And…. regarding the “luxuries of the jury house”… we’ve been plagued with people just happy to get to jury long before Paul so tell me again why it’s all Paul’s fault that we have a house full of people just wanting to get to jury??

      • The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

        @lindsayb and @zach I completely agree. We’ve seen far too many seasons filled with lame HGs who want to just float to the jury house without getting any “blood on their hands” to think that Paul is the real problem this season. The problem is with casting, and it’s been a problem for YEARS now. I think casting did a great job of finding people with explosive personalities this year, but once again failed to find people with a real passion for the game. Until they start prioritizing the latter criterion, we will likely continue seeing the same type of lame, lazy HGs who are prone to groupthink.

      • Jenny

        LindsayB, the difference would be, without Paul, who knows how the HG’s would line up? Would someone like Alex be the one they followed? It’s not that they would have different personalities, but there might be more interesting game play if they didn’t all have stars in their eyes over a vet. Without Paul to hate, Cody’s game may have gone a very different direction.

        We’re all frustrated with everybody being dumb enough to think they are Paul’s F2, but he’s very persuasive and they don’t get to see what we all see, which is how he controls everybody. Cody sees it but they won’t listen to him. Mark sees it and I think that’s why Paul has targeted him.

        Raven would still be her hypochondriac self and Josh would still be all over the place… but the game would have possibly been a lot more exciting.

      • LindsayB

        Or it could’ve been worse.

      • Avatar

        True…..remove a dictator there is no promise of free thought look at all the countries we tried this with…..HOWEVER what I do know is no one else would have been able to mindlessly play the entire house against a small minority and been able to keep them as he made a new small minority every week…..it’s because he has a vet label….which is how I know NO other HG would have been able to do that…..it’s boring now Zach….it couldn’t get much worse……also I find it funny that you can speculate and assume while at the same time telling me not to speculate or assume….no wonder you are a Paul fan….LMAO!!! It’s the fear and mob mantality of these HGs that’s sick…..and some of them like Mark are afraid to go against out of fear…..this house is a microcasim of everything wrong with society….I could breakdown the entire cast and show how each represents a failing side of society but I would probably offend everyone in the process lol…..and I like most of you and your opinions so I won’t 🙂

      • Ann

        If Paul wasn’t there then Cody & Jess would be running the house & I surely would’ve quit watching because I hate that girl that much.

      • jimbo

        Also, Paul was given 3 weeks of safety because CBS knew nobody else was known to the BB world, so, of course, it was always going to be Paul. Plus, they made each member BEG for “friendship” safety from Paul the first week, to only further his interaction with each and every HG. Except Cody — he said he didn’t give a crap about kissing Paul’s ass.

    • The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

      I think it depends on what you’re interested in watching. Paul has certainly stirred the pot and incited a lot of confrontations in the house, and many of the HGs seem prone to arguing and fighting, which has definitely helped make this an interesting season to watch from the “drama” perspective. However, from a game and “strategy” perspective, so far this season has been complete flop (although things may change moving forward…at least I hope they do). I don’t think you can completely blame Paul for that though. As Zach mentioned, I think casting is the real issue here. If the producers would cast HGs who are hungry for the grand prize, Paul wouldn’t have had such an easy time herding them all in and getting them to just follow his every command. You can’t blame Paul for taking advantage of a jacked up system.

      The other thing I will say (while we’re on the subject) is that this is exactly why I’ve been so critical of Jess and Cody, particularly as it pertains to people painting them as the potential “saviors” of this season. To me, Jess and Cody were definitely good from the “drama” perspective, but were not any better than any of the other HGs when it comes to strategy. When it came time to make real game moves, they also followed what the house wanted (i.e. the Ramses blindside debacle) just like everyone else. If Paul hadn’t flipped the house during Jessica’s HOH and evicted Ramses against her wishes, they would’ve been content to just float along all summer just like everyone else. When it comes down to it, Cody and Jess were pretty much only good for drama just like everyone else in the house. The only difference is that they fought WITH Paul instead of FOR him.

      • Zach

        Preach it brother! That’s why I said this season would be boring, because without the drama, there would be nothing because they are all nimrods or in the game simple for exposure. No gameplay either way IMO. They need to put people in the house hungry for money. Whether that’s super fans or ordinary joes. Stop putting internet stars and entrepreneurs on the show already!!

      • Avatar

        “They need to put people in the house hungry for money. Whether that’s super fans or ordinary joes. Stop putting internet stars and entrepreneurs on the show already!!”

        @Zack I think your words could be the beginning of a petition that needs to happen.

      • Avatar

        Gerrado I do agree Jessica’s HOH was disaster but only cause she was still nieve enough to believe anything anyone said…..fool me once shame on you…..the second one Jess was all on you….Cody was punked by a temptation that was more powerful than all the other ones combined…..I blame CBS for handing someone 3 weeks of safety that’s just BS!

      • Avatar

        Two things need to happen to make BB fun again. 1) Somehow eliminate the possibility of the backdoor plan…it has gotten so boring at this point. 2)Make the jury house a miserable boring place to go so these idiots actually play to win..not to go on a paid vacation.

      • Jenny

        I hate fighting. I don’t find it entertaining.

      • The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

        @marta you are brilliant! I totally agree on both points! CBS needs to hire you immediately so you can put this plan into action!

    • Avatar

      I can see your point @lindsayb but I guess we’ll never know if some players would have stepped up to the challenge and thought they may have had a chance to win. It seems that they saw Paul and figured, oh, Paul’s here I ain’t winning this and quit trying to win for themselves. They have all been pretty lazy so I see your point and you’re spot with your breakdown of each of the hg’s you mentioned, Spot On! But maybe Cameron would have been a stud this season and who knows he might have been allowed to take his glasses off. By Paul not being in the house I wonder if all of the shit stirring that he has encouraged would be happening and the tone of the house would be different. BB would have found another way to shake things up and make it interesting even without Paul. The game interesting, not necessarily the people.

      • Zach

        Half the HGs weren’t here for the money, they were here for the exposure. Again I think you had probably 4-5 people who were here for the money and most of them are already gone.

      • LindsayB

        The point is that we will never know what would’ve happened if any of the HGs would’ve been cast differently. So many people put this idea out that Cameron would’ve been the end all be all to make this season good. He had his chance and lost. End of story. He thought a pathetic lap dance would get him votes. That was ridiculous. If he potentially such a good player he would’ve drove home how competitive Christmas could be and she would’ve been the one out instead of him. My opinion is that he would’ve been just as pathetic as the rest of them.

      • Avatar

        I wasn’t expecting much from Cameron but with this lazy bunch of hg’s he might have been less lazy than the rest of them and hung around a bit. If he had knocked off Cody in the battle back and returned to the house he likely would have had some friends and who knows. To say he played a bad game it’s more he played a bad few hours. He was a casualty of the season of Friendship.

    • jimbo

      Spoken like a true member of Paul’s Cult. Knock on the House door…who knows, maybe Paul will let you in. He could use another follower. Why not?

  7. strwar1

    You might hate Paul or love him(like I do love him) he has made it very possible for him to win this Big Brother.The reason I bring this up over and over again is because he has played this game so well that no matter what he will be in the final two with Alex(Alex cause why not?). Also Mark is going to stay very long in the house and Paul has his crosshairs on him this week when Cody is out of the house. Paul in my eyes(love it or hate it) has won.

    • strwar1

      *Mark isn’t going to stay very long in the house* Typos suck!

    • Avatar

      I agree strwar1. I love Paul, too. I know from reading the comments on here for so long before joining, I’m going to get a gazillion thumbs down, but it’s OK. I don’t agree with all of his tactics, but at the same time, it’s not his fault that the house is filled with a bunch of followers. They were all too much in awe of him that they all wanted to be on his “side” hoping to get taken to the end, and now they’re all in the position of being his “minions”. Cody and Jessica didn’t, but they just didn’t have the numbers to take him out. There just weren’t enough people questioning him, and now that there may be a few, they still don’t have the numbers to do anything about it. Even with everything everyone hates about him, he is still the only one doing anything to play this game. Everyone else is just listening to him and following along. If he quit telling them what to do I bed they’d just be sitting around hugging and rocking themselves for comfort.

      Anywho…I have been trying like hell to figure out what DMW means when you’re referring to Raven on here. Someone PLEASE enlighten me!!! For the life of me, I cant come up with anything!

  8. Avatar

    If Mark wins HOH, he puts up Paul and Alex. Mark should go up to Elena, Jason, Matt, Raven and Kevin and tell them they are not getting put up no matter what. They are safe. So we are guaranteed to see either Paul, Alex, Christmas or Josh go home. For Mark keeping them safe, he could ask for them to vote his way which could backfire depending on who is up there but getting out any of the 4 listed above would be huge. He’ll only need 4 votes to do it and he’s the tie breaker. If Matt and Raven give him a hard time then Matt is going up as a replacement nom and he’d likely go home against the other 4. It will also force Matt and Raven to play to win the veto instead of handing it off. If Matt wins the veto and pulls off Paul, Raven goes up and probably out vs. Alex. Many might say it’s a wasted HOH if Raven goes home but he just shook up the house and maybe people will see the light a bit on what can happen and where allegiances fall. Most importantly, like I said, Raven will be out of the house so Mark’s popularity outside the house skyrockets!

    First things first, Mark has to win HOH for the fun to start.

  9. Avatar

    I will be so happy when Alex is gone – oh em gee just saw this posted on Jokers……”Jason tells Alex he is concerned about Christmas, she was all cool in the beginning but now she knows she is expendable. Alex: she says she doesn’t want to be handed anything. Jason: I think she thinks she is going to get that boot, I just don’t want her trying to do something with Josh and Paul. Alex: Don’t ever ***** over Paul, he will ruin you.” what is wrong with these people? Please Mark win HOH and get either Paul or Alex out!!

    • Avatar

      Alex has to go before Paul. It’s actually more annoying to listen to her attempt to strike fear in the hg’s with the mention of Paul’s name. Did she bang her head or something?

      • Zach

        They are each others final two. It’s the only person Paul has agreed to a final two with to my knowledge. So why wouldn’t she back him up?

      • Sassy

        Everyone (except Cody) has a final 2, 3, or 4 with Paul. He will not take Alex to the final 2, de ja vu… I think he would like to take Josh, as no one really likes him.

    • Avatar

      “Alex: Don’t ever ***** over Paul, he will ruin you.”

      Translation: Just give him the $500,000 and no one gets hurt.

      At some point everyone gets ******* over. It’s Big Brother. Hell even in musical chairs someone loses every round.

      They really should just ask who wants to go to jury right now and we’ll see who is left to play for the $500K.

  10. Avatar

    I think Paul’s order of eviction is funny, 1st Cody, then Mark & Elena, then Kevin 4 people who like each other comparing notes with nobody to interupt them, then send in Jason & Paul just might not win

    • Shivani33

      Paul states different orders of eviction. It has everything to do with who’s being addressed by him. What he says to Alex, for example , is designed especially for Alex to like. He’s going to adapt and improvise according to what’s happening with comp results, just like everyone else. There’s only so much orchestration which can work when combined with the element of luck. One thing that I like about Paul is how swiftly and well he adapts from ” what if” to what is. I don’t think that he cares how soon Elena gets evicted and in part lumps Mark & Elena together simply to keep others complacent. If Paul can get rid of Mark, I think his next goal for eviction might turn out to be someone other than Elena. Someone stronger. If Elena goes, fine. But she isn’t an urgent problem.

      Of course, if Paul loses the reins and someone like Mark moves directly away from Paul’s will power, all hell can break loose and Paul will need to do some special scrambling. Maybe even some compromising!

      • Ann

        Whatever it is, Paul is the only one smart enough to be able get out of a bad situation, change a bad situation, let one of the idiots think that they are the ones to fix the situation when all along it was Paul’s idea.

  11. Avatar

    Oh Mmm Gee… First THANK you for everyone who posts comments. I usually don’t comment (I can probably count on one hand how many times I have!!) but LOVE reading everyones take on whats happening!
    Second, I’m watching the LIVE FEEDS and just cannot take what the HG’s just did to Cody. Not that he’s my fave or anything, but these people throw the word “bullying” around like its Halloween candy yet they do not see that they are just as guilty!! PLEASE lets have someone win the HOH and do some real BB work here in this house!! PLEASE!
    Thank you and good night!! 🙂

    • Ann

      What did the house guests just do to Crazy Cody?

      • Colby

        They all ganged up on him trying to set him off. Alex started it over her cereal, then others joined in, saying he didn’t really have a child, trying to get him to admit that he and Mark have an alliance, etc. But he wouldn’t bite.

        Then Josh and Elena started fighting. Not really sure why, but now Christmas and Alex are ganging up on her, over the car she drives, etc.

      • Avatar

        These people must really have terrible lives to get off picking on everyone. They should leave Big Brother Junkies M.V.P. Cody alone. He’s leaving on Thursday so what sense does it make to try and annoy him. If they knew he had 44% of the popularity vote on this site they’d flip.

      • Colby

        Cody is on top on the jokers ratings too.
        Alex, Paul, Christmas, Josh, and Maven are ranked lowest, even below the evicted players. Raven has been on the bottom for a long time now.

      • Ann

        These people act like a bunch of jr. high dumbasses. I would’ve snapped a long time ago & got evicted by production. I can’t stand a whole bunch of silliness & I swear I would’ve went off.

    • Sassy

      Alex, Scooter, and Whistle are all in the HN room talking about how there is NO way Cody has a child. They think that everything he says is a lie.

      • Avatar

        I’m no Cody fan by a long shot, but why in the hell does it even matter if he has a kid or not?

      • Sassy

        These people are SOOO bored, they are making up crap to talk about. After they create a lie, they say it so many times, they start to believe it and use it later as a way to start an argument.

      • NKogNeeTow

        Not a Cody lover here (*raising my hand*), but I can see why he chose not to let them know he has a child. These people will use anything against you out of desperation….which means kids wouldn’t be off limits. Not 2 hours ago in the HOH, Alex, Jason and a few others, were questioning not only whether or not Kevin has 7 children, but if he has any at all. One of the mentalities of the house seems to be, when in doubt, speculate then lie.

      • Sassy

        NK – I wish they would speculate on game play and who has an alliance with whom and start spreading those rumors. Leave the personal shit out of it. Their children have nothing to do with game play.

  12. Avatar

    Hey everyone! I’ve been reading this blog for a few years now, and just had to finally join! I found these 2 links and I had to share. Enjoy! Hahahaha!!!!!!!




    • AIO_7

      Thanks for the links, Misty.

    • danmtruth

      Misty that GOT –BB was perfect

    • Sassy

      Thanks for posting Misty!

      The last sentence in the article is so disappointing. I say NO, NO, and NO.

      “Whatever the reason, numbers seem to dictate trends. And with Big Brother 19 getting strong ratings, perhaps this means we’ll be seeing more returning players, more temptations and more showmances in future seasons”

      • Avatar

        You’re welcome, Sassy. I saw that article and thought about you guys. 🙂
        I was surprised to see that the numbers are so good for this season. With everyone complaining (not just here, everywhere!) I thought for sure it was going to be one of the worst seasons ratings in quite awhile. I can definitely do without the returning players and the showmances in future seasons. The temptations might be OK, depending on what they are.

      • Avatar

        My friends who only watch CBS airings and don’t read anything online about BB loved the last 2 seasons.

  13. Avatar

    I want to know how Mark keeps his cool. That takes serious self discipline. I’d go ape shit on these people. Even though mark has his own quirks, I highly respect the guy for not breaking someone’s neck by now.

    • Shivani33

      @stemmie. I agree that Mark has worked hard not to have another moment like his pickle juice/hot sauce toss. I also don’t think it’s in his nature to want to hurt someone. Gentle giant. Bless his heart for that and for his stated desire to work at helping kids who don’t have much help in their lives. I hope that he has truer friends than Elena in his real life. He let’s her get away with being a real drag.

      • Avatar

        Agreed, Shi. I think he will leave the BB house and get a lot of love. Shoot, that pickle juice moment was nill compared to how much he’s had to listen to by Xoshlex.

        Hoping Mark can pull off a Rachael season and win POV from here on out.

  14. Tinkerbell

    I have watched BB since the first season, and Live Feeds since they first became available. BB has been a fun and entertaining summertime show. These truly are the worst houseguests ever. They are nothing but bullies. They are sharks circling their victims in bloody waters. If any of them had real jobs on the outside, they would all be fired…..as they should be. If they were students, they would be expelled crom school. I was not a fan of Jessica and Cody. However, Cody is now my favorite. I hope he wins America’s Favorite. If nothing else, so none of of the others receive the money. The rest of them are nothing but cult followers, following their leader, Paul Manson. Paul gets everyone riled up, then sits back and watches. How stupid can these people be. They are also the biggest group of floaters in BB history. These people
    are unstable, frifhtening, and just downeight mean. I know this is a game, but shame on CBS for allowing the blatant bullying, and for the way they edit for the regular shows. Unless people are able to watch Live Feeds, they do not see the true personalities of these vivious people. On a side note, I’m 70 years old. The only reason I post this is so people understand I have many years of life experiences. I’m writing from the point of view of someone who has had interactions with many types of personalities and situations. This season of personals attacks is so disappointing and. If these people are like this on BB, they are like this in real life. Very sad. Thanks for reading.

  15. Avatar

    OMG I dont remember a season being this bad!!! These people are awful

    Alex please #STFU and makes some more hotdogs you have gotten on my last nerve

  16. AIO_7

    The “in” crowd having a hardy guffaw at Cody’s expense.


    • AIO_7

      Kevin separates Cowpoke and tells him he disapproves of the mocking of Cody.


      • Avatar

        I hope BB alumni are honest w Josh, Raven and Christmas when they meet them say what a pathetic games they have played. They are dying for praise for being loyal to Paul and protecting him all season when they walk out the door.

      • Avatar

        Alex is such a hard —— don’t know if she will care what people say.

      • Avatar

        She’ll be back in her basement playing video games. I don’t think she cares about what her friends think, then again her best friends are probably video game characters who are good listeners.

      • The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

        Evel Dick’s sorry ass can have the tallest, coldest glass of #STFU!!! Since when is that a-hole the arbiter of class and morality?? He has absolutely no room to criticize Paul. Hypocrite much???

      • Sassy

        ED is funny. I loved him his first season. The biggest difference between him and Paul, he owned his decisions and choices. We knew he was the bad guy from the beginning, he wasn’t trying to sell us a brand of fake friendship.

      • The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

        ED wasn’t funny to me Sassy, I just thought he was gross. And although he may have owned his decisions and actions, it doesn’t give him the right to reprimand Paul for doing many of the exact same things ED did on his season. ED used many of these same tactics Paul is using and made the other HGs feel the same way Paul and his crew are making the others feel now. I’m sure if you ask the HGs ED tortured on his season, they wouldn’t give a flip that he owned his behavior– he still made their time in the BB house miserable.

        In my view, you either support the use of those tactics or you don’t. You can’t have it both ways. Personally, I’m not a fan of some of the tactics Paul and ED are using, but I also understand it’s a game and it’s fair play– and with $500K on the line, some people are willing to do just about anything to win and I can respect that. However, I just can’t stand hypocrisy and that might as well be ED’s middle name. ED should be the last person to try to reprimand Paul for his behavior this season when he pioneered that type of gameplay on BB.

      • Sassy

        I respect your opinion G, but I see it differently. I follow ED on Twitter and I find him humorous. He has the same right that we do, to make comments about houseguests and he talks about several of them, mostly Raven. ED was not nice to HG’s and I am sure some of them still hate him to this day. That is their right, as it is mine to laugh at him. I did feel sorry for some of the HG’s he attacked, and I was not fond of his tactics, but he did not have the WHOLE house attacking one person. He made no excuses about his actions and didn’t care what WE thought of him. He wasn’t being disingenuous, that is just who he is/was. Maybe this is the real Paul. I don’t know and really don’t care, I have the right to not like him or his tactics. I think he has taken it to far. I don’t plan being friends with either of them nor would I go to a meet and greet. It is merely my opinion and observations.

        I just started watching live feeds a couple weeks ago, so my opinion of ED may have been different if I had the full picture of what was going on other than what CBS wanted me to see. I know my opinion of HG’s this year dropped after I started watching the Live feeds…

      • The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

        Totally respect (and understand) your position too Sassy ;-).

  17. AIO_7

    Earlier this morning….Ms. Important, Chipmunk Cheeks, speaks…


  18. Avatar

    Lets get Dan Gheesling to come back, coach these worthless brain-dead idiots, and teach them how to PLAY the fucking game

  19. Avatar

    As much as I liked Paul last season, i just can’t stand him this summer. He’s such a bully towards Cody right now and it’s so painful to watch.

    • Avatar

      Isn’t it similiar to him encouraging Meech to bother Paulie once he was down? It worked last time and he just decided to use strategy on a bigger scale this year. If he gets others to do his bidding he can claim not to be responsible, as they are adults and did not have to follow through with his suggestions. At this point they are trained to swarm whoever his current target is in the house.

      • Avatar

        It takes a small person to kick a person when they are down. I don’t mean small in stature, though it applies, but small in morals. No matter what happens, Paul will never be regarded as one of the best players in BB history except in his mind.

      • Avatar

        Exactly…Talk about beating a Dead Horse when he (Cody) is Down. But I believe Production has told Paul that his Brand has taken a Hit due to his behavior in the House. Paul has been horribly upset today about the hit that his Rep is taking. Paul definitely is not have the Fun that he had last year in the House.

  20. Sassy

    Alex is telling Jason how she is going to have Raven’s disease soon. Her mother has it and it’s hereditary. I think it must be contagious… Jason says he has superior genes (haha). #AlexSTFU!!!

  21. Sassy

    Poor Paul is complaining to Kevin, that Elena says mean things about him and he doesn’t deserve it. He says, “See what I have to deal with?”

    Yeah, we see Paul. You are really being abused in the house.

    • Avatar

      if he fucking wins, I wont count him winning as credible, I’ll count it as a rigged win

      • LindsayB

        He will still have the money so who cares?

      • Avatar

        @colbyf without question. There were just too many things obviously done for him to keep him safe. I almost expect if he gets voted out, the screen will light up and the first class re-entry ticket he won last year will be back in play. Get out the asterisk if he “wins”. For him it’s not about the money as much as others. He wants to be king. Think Napoleon.

      • Zach

        I highly doubt he gives two fucks what you think to be honest.

      • Avatar

        I’m sure he doesn’t care what anyone on here thinks. Even the dwindling number of people on here who worship him.

      • LindsayB

        Bottom line is that whoever wins, what you or I or anyone else thinks of them is going to be the furthest thing from their mind when they cash that check and spend that money.

      • Avatar

        And there’s better ways of expressing that point than using vulgar language. The individual in question’s response was crude, immature and done to illicit a negative response. Well he got it and couldn’t handle it, responded with more immaturity and that’s why everything escalated.

      • Sassy

        He will need that 500K to repair his brand. Most of these people (including Paul) do care what their public perception is. They are counting on meet and greets, public appearances etc…

      • LindsayB

        Wayne, I haven’t seen the comments that were deleted and I give zero fucks about them. Whatever problems that were had earlier are being kept alive by only you right now. My comments have nothing to do with the drama you were involved in earlier.

  22. Sassy

    If Alex wins, she will fix her broken down car, start her nephew a scholarship fund, help her parents out, and donate some of it to a couple of charities.

    Jason, I am not donating a f’ing dime! If you are donating money, you have to much. Most of these charities are a rip off…

  23. Sassy

    Christmas – You are doing a really good job.

    Josh – Yeah, if you and I weren’t here, Paul would have gone off on these people.

    Christmas – Yeah, these people are just redundant.

    • Sassy

      It’s not Paul’s strategy to go off on people, that’s what he has you for Josh.

      • Avatar

        Paul goes off on them, it’s just done behind their backs. These hgs who torment the crap out of people – for strategy and/or just to be mean…then turn around and whine that they’re the ones being bullied…they bitch about each other constantly but accuse others of flip flopping…. I just want to slap them upside their two-faced stupid heads. Bravo to Mark and Cody for not snapping these dirtbags in half!

  24. Sassy

    Scooter would never date an athlete because its a selfish profession, unless they are SUPER established and her friends are all bobble heads.

  25. hogwild

    We know who the first three to the jury house will be Cody and most likely Mark and Elena in that order if that is indeed the case and the fourth should be Josh, Matt, Raven, Christmas, Alex or dare I say it Paul it would crack me up if the first three gave that person whoever it may be the same treatment they gave them in the BB house. I mean give them the pots and pans treatment jump on them about silly stuff about pillows make up outright lies about them I would really love to see if these people could take what they dished out.

  26. Alda

    If Paul never came back this season,who do you all think would be running the house? Name one man,and one woman.

    • hogwild

      Hard to say as the only people to really try and play this season outside of Paul have been Cody and Jessica i would say Cody for the guys just because of how he could do in comps and Alex because at the start she seemed like she was there to play and win until she decided to become one of the minions.

    • Avatar

      My guess for a man would be Kevin would have drawn people in once Cody’s lack of social skills pushed them away. For a woman I would guess Dom or Jess. The other woman were so changed by Paul’s presence it’s too hard to know.

    • Avatar

      Who knows who would step up. It really doesn’t matter. The season is a bust because of the HG makeup. The production profilers and personality screeners really picked a winning lot to stick in the house and then add Paul. Now the few Paul disciples in here will beat there chests that Paul played the best game, but come on, look what was put in the house with him. If it wasn’t for the greedy old man, Paul wouldn’t even be on the house, but I imagine production would have figured out a way to get him in. Maybe they made sure of it anyway. Maybe they knew that the old man really needed the money and just knew he’d hit press the button.

      Even with Cody and Jessica who they couldn’t have possibly known they’d hook up, I’m pretty sure they put together the most pathetic group ever. Puppet masters, that’s what the BB production team is. Advantages that appeared to conveniently for the people who needed the most. Paul gets three weeks immunity and gets to choose 8 people who will worship him at least the first week because they are safe. Jessica gets the temptation that halts her and Cody’s demise for another week. Can anything be more transparent. Then there’s the DR room psychologist that pumps them up screws with their minds (hints information) to manipulate the house.

      Paul maybe king in this house but if was in some of the houses from past seasons, he would have been gone already. Go ahead Paul worshipers, you both know who you are in here. Go ahead and throw shade and thumb me down. What I’ve noticed during this discussion thread is most of your posts are leaning negative. Kinda think the forum has a different point of view…

      • Avatar

        If no one pushed the button at 25k, Julie would have probably kept upping the ante until it was pushed. Paul was written into this show and the candy crush episode many months ago. I’m sure he was promised a decent weekly salary and a guarantee of at least jury house and possibly “America Favorite” though we know he really wouldn’t win it if they used America’s votes. Even Cody is CRUSHING him in the bbj and jokers popularity voting.

      • AIO_7

        “Jessica gets the temptation that halts her and Cody’s demise for another week. Can anything be more transparent.”

        Some people around here think that Jessica earning America’s votes for the Hex was on the up and up. I guess it’s possible, but I have huge doubts.

      • Sassy

        I think the temptations were legit. Paul got the first one because he was loved last season and voter didn’t know the other players. Scooter got hers because people felt sorry for her. Jess got hers because it was the week after the mob descended on her, sending her boy toy out of the house and leaving her alone to face the houses wrath. It makes sense with the timing of what was going on.

      • NKogNeeTow

        Wayne, I am not a Paul worshipper, but I am a Paul fan, and not ashamed to say so. If you dislike, hate or whatever, you have every right, but maybe you need to be the one to stop throwing shade just because people don’t like your favorite players. Other people have a right to their opinions just as you do. 🙂

      • LindsayB

        Wow! Some people are taking this show so personally. I guess my question would be if you hate it so much why are you still watching? Why do you care if someone is a fan of Paul? Why should anyone here care if the whole forum is against the player they like? My god people it’s just a tv show!! Yes, I’m team Paul all the way but if he gets the boot I’m not gonna start crying and lashing out. I won’t cry production foul. I’ll watch to the end then forget about all of it after the finale. Then, we will do this dance all over again next season.

        I’m a Paul fan. I’m not part of a cult. I’m not blind to what’s happening in the house. I haven’t had kool aide since I was a kid. I enjoy watching him play puppet master. I enjoy the psychological warfare.

      • Avatar

        For the record, I have no favorite player and I have sat back and watched Team Paul people in here bash other contributors because they are sharing their opinions. It’s no secret LindsayB and Zach are joined at the hip and I have seen them tag team other contributors in here because their opinions didn’t match theirs. Look at the majority of a thread that had to be deleted because Zach chose to jump on someone and take their opinion and spin it into his negative view of the current state of the world. He got called out and he didn’t like it. That has nothing to do with this idiotic show. It has more to do with his character and yours to some degree for always backing him.

      • LindsayB

        Wayne, don’t try to start with me. I’m not attached to anyone. I didn’t see what transpired between the two of you and I don’t care about it. My opinion of the game or of what’s happening on here has nothing to do with Zach or anyone else. You know nothing about me or my character just like I know nothing about yours. When I am insulted because of who I like I will defend myself. If I have a different opinion than someone on here I will share it. How did any part of my comment have anything to do with Zach? It didn’t. I’m not backing anything. I wasn’t a part of whatever happened.

  27. Avatar

    Isn’t it lovely how Paul has the freedom to talk with Cody anytime, anywhere, without suspicion, but if anyone else dares to talk with him and not be chaperoned, the wrath of Christmas and Alex will fall. It truly is Paul’s world and they’re just privileged to be a part of it.

  28. Avatar

    I am so over this mob mentality of many ganging up on few!! BB16 Derrick posted on twitter earlier that attacking someone who is for sure going home is not game play, its personal, and I couldn’t agree more. I’m not Cody’s biggest fan but I so wish he could find a way to stay. I think he could if he tried but I think his ego will get in the way. We know he has Mark’s vote to stay and I really think he could convince Kevin and Jason to keep him, and then he would only need one more vote. I think if he tried hard enough he could manipulate Josh. If he would humble himself and try to talk to Josh and play on Josh’ emotions, I think you could sway him. If he went to him saying all he wanted was one sympathy vote just so that his daughter could see at least one person liked him and just play it from that angle, Josh might be willing to throw one vote to evict Matt. But what Josh wouldn’t know would be he would be the fourth vote, sealing Matt’s fate out the door. It would take a lot of work on his part but I think it could be done.

    • Avatar

      If I was Cody, I would unleash everything he knows during the eviction ceremony, Out Kevin, Out Alex, Out Jason and Out Paul… Stir the pot, tell the other HG’s that the Jury house will be open court and they will compare lies and ensure that Paul never sees a dime. It’s time to cut the head off the snake and see if anyone will step up.

      • Avatar

        @Wayne I like your idea but I think Paul would twist it and make everyone believe that Paul has no chance in final 2. Remember were not dealing with the sharpest tools in the shed.

      • Avatar

        That’s the beauty of jury, they all compare the lies…. I hope they all pay attention and figure it out.

      • Sassy

        I think Cody will vote for Paul in the end. He does not respect the floaters or followers.

      • Avatar

        I agree with you, Sassy. I know tensions are high in the house, but if Paul is in the final 2, I can totally see Cody voting for him. Jessica had also said that she didn’t like Paul, but if she made it jury, she was going to vote for him because she thought he was playing one hell of a game.

      • NKogNeeTow

        Wayne, I think that’s what he’s planning to do. What has he got to lose?

      • Avatar

        He really has nothing to lose, he can only bolster his rising numbers outside the house. He unloads everything he knows. Can you imagine all the info he has stored away just by sitting around and monitoring the house? Not engaging but just collecting data by the way of contradictions, outward lies, know alliances, he can really leave a scorched earth on his way out that might finally wake up the rest of the disciples…

    • Avatar

      Dani, sadly I don’t think Cody would ever get Jason to switch for him without Alex giving the ok.

    • NKogNeeTow

      Dani, Cody may get Mark and Elena’s votes but never Josh. Although Josh has a sensitive side, he has this thing about loyalty and he’s fiercely loyal to Paul. He wouldn’t get Kevin’s either, no matter how much Kevin wanted to give it to him. Kevin is on thin ice right now….VERY thin, and he knows it. He can’t afford to make any false steps. You can tell by the look on Kevin’s face that he knows they are either already on to him or suspect him.

  29. Sassy

    Jason was asking Paul for permission to stop the mob mentality because it is hurting their images and making them look bad. Seriously, you have to ask Paul if you can be a descent human being for a few days?

    Josh agrees, but justifies every time he has done it was for good reason. Scooter chimes in that she has never gotten into an unjustified argument.

    And then Paul fake cries and his minions fall all over him to make sure he knows he is the Messiah and they could not play this game without him. I will speculate (sorry speculation department, double check my speculations) when or IF one of them is on the block with Paul, they will not campaign against him. They will chalk it up to, better me than him.

  30. Avatar

    Thank you all again for keeping me updated on these idiots….I stopped watching the live feeds a while ago…. i agree with many of your ideas about the show, i hope cbs is trolling these websites, this used to be a good show, it is just feally idiotic now, but here we are, invested, because we all want to see how it plays out…i was thinking how interesting it might be to have an hour long reunion show? With viewer questions? Did you say paul is crying? Is he making “victim noises”? Oh boy!!!!!

  31. Shivani33

    Hollywood Reporter BB19 pre-game interview tidbits are fun to look back on now. Here are a few selections. Megan said she’d pick the girl who cried the most, take her to the end and beat her. Raven said that she wouldn’t start fights but might finish them, that she wouldn’t be in a big alliance as they never work and that her favorite player is Frankie Grande. Matt said his favorite player is Derrick but neglected to say that he never watched any other BB Season. Christmas said that she’s a problem solver, not a problem maker, would keep her cool and let louder people take themselves down. Elena said that she’s no good at dating, so why do it on tv!

    Paul came into the game as a “surprise” planned well ahead. No Hollywood Reporter pre-game interview for our surprise. However, upon entering the house, he said on camera that his BB19 strategy would be to give the other players good advice and win their confidence. Once that was accomplished, he said that he’d switch to giving them bad advice. It could be said that he’s the only player who has stayed true to his word. LOL!

  32. Avatar

    Cody brushing his teeth, Christmas getting ready to shower, puts her towel over shower door, goes to pee, Cody intentionally wipes his mouth on her towel :/

  33. Avatar

    8:26 PM Cody: All it is, is justification for themselves. Anything they do is right bc they justify it. Elena: Mmhhmm. Yep.

    Bingo. I know a lot of people haven’t liked the guy, have been on the bandwagon of he’s a hot head, he’s a bully, he’s psycho… Well, at least he’s not stupid! Which is more than you can say for the rest of the groupies!

  34. hogwild

    Anyone else get the impression CBS might have picked the players they did just to make it up to Paul for his not winning last season? Most people think he should have won last season and seriously what are the odds CBS could have picked this many dumb players for one season by accident?

  35. Colby

    Paul just told Alex that Kevin got the 25K. He said Josh told him.

  36. Sassy

    I guess CBS did not explain the jury house to the house pets, they left it up to Paul to give them a description. Elena thinks when she gets to jury, she is going to go in a room, close the door and watch TV all day. She is not going to talk to anyone. Hmmm… Sorry, but I think there is only 1 TV and it only plays the videos they bring back from the house. I may be wrong, but I think they are still sequestered.

  37. danmtruth

    Think anyone will remember how Paul said Ramses won the money ? No

  38. Yael Sara

    Did Alex’s implants implode and leak into her brain. This chick is an idiot!

    • Avatar

      Yael Sara
      WORD!!!…In the whole time I’ve watched Big Brother I have Never seen such a Selfish HOH Winner! Usually when a House Guest wins HOH, they Open the HOH Door to all their Fellow HG for the week, & tells them to help themselves to their HOH Goody Basket.

      Not Alex, she Wails when anyone Drinks her Cokes, Cereal, or when certain HG come up to the HOH. Alex is a Self Centered, Selfish Individual, with a Bad Persoanality.

      • Renee

        I was wondering if she had discovered that Raven was secretly using the stuff out of her basket and wasn’t Christmas hiding items from it? I may be wrong, but I thought I had read that Christmas had hid her Coke in hopes she would blame it on Raven.

      • Sassy

        She is not the first the lock the HoH room. I know Cody and Jess locked it when it was their time, not sure if anyone else did.

  39. Shivani33

    Announcement! Raven burned her head.

  40. Colby

    Now Paul is telling Alex and Jason that Kevin told him he got the 25K and Paul is considering putting him on the block.

  41. danmtruth

    Well Paul has made it official Kevin is the next target He told this to Alex & Jason Is he now calling Kevin Uber ? Alex &Jason wanted to move Matt & Raven next on the target list But Paul moved it to Kevin Paul wants Josh, Raven, or Elena standing next to him in the final as weak players Paul told them his list Saying he does not care Mark or her out next I will leave it up to you to take Mark or who ever first Funny the only name he uses is Marks than Kevin’s

  42. Avatar

    Production must pulled Paul aside, & told him that his Brand is taking a hit, due to his behavior in the House…Why, because while there has been several confrontations in the House today, Paul has made it clear, “LEAVE ME OUT OF IT.” Paul speaking to Kevin today told him, some HG are not prepared for the Backlash that you will receive when you get out of the Big Brother House.” Then Paul went on to tell Josh that he has received Backlash twice when he returned home from BB 18, & you’re not prepared for it.

    Paul definitely is not having Fun in the House like he had last Season on BB 18, & it is written all over his Face. Paul looks Tired, Worn Out & like “I wish this was Over.”

    According to Jokers Paul has been near tears tonight, & is worried about his Reputation when he gets on the Outside, Josh is trying to cheer him up. Production most likely has told Paul that BB Fans also think that the current HG are Despicable, because he kind of made reference to it, but it went over Josh head.

    • Shivani33

      Also according to Jokers, his girlfriend has put a stop to an earlier waiver which gave Paul permission to speak about her on the show.

      • Avatar

        The Little Burrito has been Dating Paul for 2 months, (this is what he has said.) And just think if she is watching Paul act like a Tyrant in the House, does Little Burrito want to Date him?! You could honestly tell that Paul was really upset today, almost crying. Paul’s Not enjoying this Season, like last season.

        Production over the years has told the HG if the Fans think your Season is Boring, a Success, or If the Fans Like You..Paul was so Beloved last year, that I can see this hurting his feelings, that he is so disliked this year.

      • NKogNeeTow

        If he winds up with $500K, damn right Little Burrito will still date him. Not only that, but will cut a b!tch if she goes anywhere near him.

    • Yael Sara

      Hey Paul… need help finding the door?

      Narcissism at its best

    • Tinkerbell

      It does seem that production has warned Paul of fan reactions regarding what is taking place in the house. I wish they wouldn’t tell him. Let Paul, and the rest of them who have been a part of the mob mentality, face the consequences when they return to real life.

      • Avatar

        They didn’t tell Aryn or GinaMarie. Maybe they told him about waiver withdrawal and he took a step back and realized how this must all look. He is very intelligent.

    • The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

      Well it’s not too late for Paul to turn things around. Look at Cody and Jessica. They’re America’s Sweethearts now and most everyone has completely forgotten about all their earlier despicable behavior. BB fans definitely have an unparalleled ability to let bygones be bygones (except for me of course).

    • NKogNeeTow

      Mello you know I love Paul (although I don’t agree with everything he does in the game), but I’m not buying that crying BS for one minute. For the last week, he has been working overtime trying to convince all of his Posse that if he makes it to F2 he will NOT win. He keeps telling him that his priority now is to just get them to the end…(*Me thinks he doth protest to much*). This is an act and no more. Not saying I blame him but if he can make them think that he’s sacraficing his game for them, and they’re dumb enough to fall for it, then they get what they get.

      As for that crying, I’m with Alex on this one…”This is a game. Stop all that goddamn crying!”

      • Sassy

        I think his crying was BS too. It’s all about game play with him. He knows how to work the minions and keep their loyalty. I will never be a Paul fan, but he has worked the hardest for the 500K.

      • Avatar

        Too True about Paul!!! But apparently Production has also told Christmas that Fans don’t like her either…She told Josh, “I can Call U out, & be Nice to you.” Christmas has also gone on to say she used to be worst when she had her Drug Problem?!

  43. Shivani33

    And breaking news. We interrupt your regular programming to bring you grave news from Studio City. Raven Walton has whacked her knee. She has applied hydrogen peroxide, Neosporin and something else that she couldn’t pronounce, followed by soap and water. This is her 156th injury since Raven sacrificed what could be some of her final months on earth to play Big Brother. Please send money to fund the Freeze Dry Raven Project.

  44. The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

    Hey guys, someone probably already mentioned this and I just missed it, but I noticed on the top of my live feeds that there is apparently a special episode airing this Friday. I’m assuming that means the Double Eviction HOH comp will last longer than the live show, and they will air the results on Friday. Of course, this also means the feeds will be down yet again most of Thursday and all day Friday (grrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!). #Pissed

  45. Tinkerbell

    Can any of them talk without saying “literally”?

  46. NKogNeeTow

    Around midnight in the BY:

    Lips and WIR on the hammock. She tells WIR that Josh and Xmas are just useless and they are just “blobs”. She then starts to refer to them as “The Blobs”. *This coming from someone who is quite a chunky little monkey herself*

    Meanwhile, at the same time in the Wave Room: Paul/Josh/Alex/Xmas:

    Josh feels bad about arguing with everyone and wants to stop. He says it’s draining.

    The Harpies (Xmas/Alex) encourages and pushes him to continue.

    Svengali (Paul) sits back and telepathically sends The Harpies their instructions to not let up on him before slipping out of the room to let them finish the brainwashing.

    The Harpies tell him how well he’s doing and how what he’s been doing so far, is not only working for him, but making him look like a hero for drawing out the liars in the house.

    The Subject (Josh) starts to cry and repeats he’s tired of it.

    The Harpies are relentless and Xmas tells him that if he stops she is going to smack him.

    *It got so painful to watch that I couldn’t take it anymore and switched rooms.*

    • Avatar

      Josh attempting to have a seemingly mature moment of reflection does not bode well for his puppet masters, including a motivational personality and devout Catholic who have proven that they can’t think for themselves either. As much as I can’t stand Paul, no one in the house comes close to him in terms of deserving the win on the season. The perfect moment to “start stirring the pot” that many of the other houseguests keep whispering about has passed a while ago. The newbies are all toast this season and have no one to blame but themselves.

      • Avatar

        Completely agree Brandon. Paul spoke into camera early in season and said seeing how badly Cody’s alliance took being left in the dark made him realize he needed to play the opposite way. Make them feel like he shares everything w them. In my opinion that is how he is winning this game. But he throw it away if he doesn’t stop belittling players who think he loves them behind their backs. He is not taking into account how he will not be able to run/oversee conversations in the jury house.

  47. g8trgirl

    Oh brother. Or rather, oh big brother.

  48. NKogNeeTow


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  49. Avatar

    I read a conversation on one of the other sites yesterday between Kevin and Paul. They were discussing how Raven will be glued to Paul if they evict Matt 1st. Kevin was funny saying he will make sure to keep others away from the new pair. Paul was not looking forward to Raven without Matt, said she will pour sauce on my head.

  50. Ann

    I don’t blame Paul one damn second for crying, there’s half million dollars on the line. I would cry, roll over & play dead for that kind of money, whatever it took. Lol Play your damn game Paul…

    Evil Dick has a hell of a lot of nerve putting his 2 centsin & talking about Pauls gameplay, look at the way he played.

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