In honor of a super boring week, I give you a super boring player as the header image today

I can usually write these long intro posts recapping the previous few days that have more than once got so long that I changed it from a ‘feed update’ post to a general rambling update. Now? Forget it.  The biggest thing going on in the house is everyone shit talking each other while simultaneously ignoring the fact that Paul is controlling each side group in the house.  Of course, things could quickly change if these people get together and start comparing notes, but I think we’re still 2-3 evicted players away from that point. Right now Paul is putting the heat on people not tied to each other so it’s been a good distraction away from talking about him.  I do know at some point they’ll eventually realize they have been handing the game to Paul all year, but sadly there probably won’t be enough time to enjoy it. What would be better than to see people who screamed at Jessica for ‘throwing her game away’ realize that’s exactly what they did all summer?


I’d get the most satisfaction out of seeing Christmas, Alex, and Josh coming to grips with this reality as they were the most outspoken against others.  Matt and Raven also said similar things but they did it in private (except the one time Raven gave Jess the double bird). Let’s jump into some updates…

  • 11:00 am – The house calls for an indoor lockdown. Don’t know if this is for the week or just a temporary thing
    • Christmas is out of the house to get a walking boot on her foot. In future seasons it should be simple. If you leave the house (unless via some planned reward), you stay out of the house. Pretty soon people are going to be faking injuries because they know the house will see them as weak and carry them along like they did Christmas this year.
  • 11:50 am – Paul, Kevin, and Matt have been talking about things like prison.
    • Meanwhile, Christmas is back and has a smaller cast on her leg now.
    • Christmas heads upstairs to do her HoH tweets and probably blog. We get to hear about the HUGE moves she made this week
  • 12:05 pm – Alex and Matt are talking about Cody
    • Matt is talking about how he is crazy and how Jessica’s friends were probably watching and will tell her.  I have a feeling Matt’s friends are going to have some words for him as well with his showmance
  • 4:30 pm – Super slow day. Right now Paul is playing chess with Mark. Fun
    • Meanwhile, I mentioned driving for Uber.  I spent a lot of time getting my car ready and actually did my first ride this afternoon! It was so fun. I can’t wait to drive all winter to keep busy until next summer. Sorry, random personal information during a slow period
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  • 5:15 pm – Paul quickly gathers Jason to tell him that Kevin is definitely working with Mark.  Oh boy
  • 5:50 pm – Please for the love of god will someone talk game and plan ahead.  This is brutal. Brutal.
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  • 8:00 pm – Paulmasosh (what a terrible name) are up in the HoH room chatting game
    • Christmas tells Josh to stop being friendly with her because they have to keep up an appearance.
    • Paul says if they survive the next two evictions, he’ll take them to the final 3 guaranteed
    • Paul says he can’t ‘draw the line in the sand’ with the house yet (because he’s waiting to see which alliance comes out on top so he can go with them lol)
    • Christmas calls for a break in the huddle
  • 8:12 pm – Josh is gone and now the two are talking
    • Paul tells Christmas how Matt said “Paul, I think you and Raven are the best players this season”… and Paul tells Christmas “Did you just put Raven in my category??”  nice ego, bro
    • She tells him if he makes it to top 2, he’ll go down as the greatest ever (sure haha)
    • He says ‘how, I won’t win’ (hahahaha)
    • They continue on to talk shit about the house
    • Most of their talk is how weird Raven is.  Many of you would like this conversation
  • 8:30 pm – Stepping away for a few.

Check back for updates