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Big Brother 19 – Tuesday Feed Updates


The week is pretty much on lock so there isn’t a whole lot to talk about here.  I typically like to give a little recap of what is going on before heading into feeds, but now I find myself just writing a paragraph to fill space!

Again, I’m humbled by the donations this year.  I really appreciate and try to reply to every email I get.  Some I was not able to respond to so I’m doing it here.  Thank you!

Alright, jumping into the feeds…

  • 10:30 am – The house is up and about
    • Jason asks if Alex was a natural blonde.  She says “yup”.  He asks how is that possible.  Her reply “Because I’m not, I’m not sure why you’d ask that” lol
    • He asks why Alex said she needed to dye her roots black, and she said to see how stupid he was.. she guesses very!
  • 10:58 am – The house calls for indoor lockdown just after Jess and Cody step into the pool. Back to the frog suits
  • 12:35 pm – Matt is talking to Christmas about general Cody stuff. His mistakes, etc
    • Christmas asks Raven if they’re still on lockdown and Raven tells her they’re building something outside.  Weird. Very early to be building something for Thursday
  • 12:43 pm – Matt says he doesn’t care what happens as long as he gets to jury. Doesn’t care if he’s voted out after.
    • Glad they cast a bunch of winners. Now we know why people are so willing to hand the game to Paul
  • 1:20 pm – Paul is running around with Snapchat glasses. I’ve never even heard about these
  • 1:30 pm – The house is having a cake for Dom’s birthday
    • Yum?
  • 3:00 pm – Christmas is talking to Kevin about the game
    • She says Cameron refused to come back to take the cast photo, but she obviously has no way of knowing that.
    • Then you realize that he’s actually in the cast photo, but he was probably photoshopped in.
    • This is discussion about America’s Favorite or who can potentially come back
    • She is leaving tomorrow around noon for surgery
  • 3:30 pm – I’m going to stop for a bit.  Amy is going to start a new thread and live blog for a bit!

Check back for updates



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  1. feltso gudinya


  2. danmtruth

    @Mel hellow il’s me l I’ve thought about us for a long, long time
    Maybe I think too much but something’s wrong
    There’s something here that doesn’t last too long
    and that would be Grody !( name the artiest show your age )
    Jason did the best thing with the Ve-Toad he embraced it and had fun with it Grody might as well be in witness protection for as much we have seen him Maybe Kevin gave him some tips on how to stay low

  3. Alda

    Jessica asks Cody if he thinks they have a chance of staying?He replies that he has started talking to people.Is he for real? Just hop on out of BB on Thursday,Cody!

  4. Avatar
    Helen (5158 comments)

    Matt just told Christmas that there is no way that he could put up Jessica if she wears her costume all week

  5. Shivani33

    Cody, Jessica and Jason – vetoads. The vetoads are all on a list to hop out the door. But Ramses is on the list mostly because he knows too much. I still think the focus on his ” lies and disloyalty” is a diversionary tactic. Not only does Ramses know how he voted and who is fibbing about that, he is also good at playing the game and nearly beat Paul in a comp. And Ramses hasn’t been a good little kissass. Alex is a much more dangerous potential revolution leader than Ramses, but she’s getting a pass. Maybe she’s assessed correctly that Paul is willing to use her later in the game to do some dirty work and help to evict the groupies. She might be okay with that, (unless her straw hair spontaneously combusts) because she knows that every day she’s really playing to win the game. I think that Alex and Kevin both keep playing without forgetting the goal is to win. To some extent, Dominique keeps that in mind, too. But her basket is full of strange fruit.

    Kevin is a joy to watch. Anybody who saw him run that pool tournament last night got a clear glimpse of his methods as a distracting and seductive conman. He has skillzzz!

  6. LindsayB

    I find it funny that people are pissed at Paul cuz he’s running the house. Why aren’t people pissed at the people who are just blindly following him? Give Paul props. He’s making it work. It’s not his fault that they are too stupid to realize they are handing him the game. Love him or hate him, he’s the only one doing the right thing right now.

    • Mel

      I agree and disagree. I don’t think they’re all stupid. I think some of them are just waiting. I mean Paul has three weeks of safety and he’s the HOH. They would be stupid to start targeting him now. He’s annoying me with his constant blabber but I agree that he’s playing a very insightful game. His threats will change but for now he seems to have a very good feel for who those people are. He isn’t going to trust Jessica but doesn’t feel she has to be a priority right now, he knows Ramses is a wild card, Alex and Dom are probably biding their time and that Jason’s going to do whatever the hell he wants to do. As an outsider looking in, he’s aiming where he should be and he’s doing a good job. If he’s already picked up on the fact that Matt won’t follow forever, he’s doing a fantastic job so far.

      • Shivani33

        Another one who isn’t following Paul is Dominique, and Paul knows it. Not to mention Alex. Plus Kevin is an experienced guy who does a terrific job of concealing that he has a mind of his own. Jessica also told Paul some interesting thing during their private powwow. Until she goes, she’s going to work at manipulating houseguests to her advantage.

    • Shivani33

      LindsayB Exactamundo! Paul has brought up potent reactions from viewers ever since he walked in the door on BB18. People are emphatic about him, whether it’s love or firm dislike. The BB world gave him a 3 week safety net, and he’s making friendship and influencing the houseguests, who are making their own choices. We’ll see what happens, and who decides to challenge Paul’s reign and who just rides his coattails. We are early in the game.

    • Gerardo (Domini-CAN not Domini-CAN'T)

      Personally I’m not mad at Paul at all for running the house, I just wish he’d do it a little less conspicuously. I also agree with Mell that while some of the HGs are being Paul minions, others are simply waiting for the optimal time to strike.

      A lot of people are already saying that Paul is cruising to the $500K and this season will be boring, but keep in mind that we said the same thing about Paulie last year. Ironically, it was Paul himself who played a key role in overthrowing Paulie’s reign of terror, and I predict we will see another power struggle soon enough in the BB house.

      • Ann

        I love Paul, I really do but I would not be a bit surprised if Kevin quietly sneaked right on in & took the $500K. Kevin is not as dumb as he’s pretending to be. He’s quite, staying hid in the back just watching & waiting. He’s not getting any blood on his hands, he’s pretending to be clueless to what’s happening. I don’t think anyone will really know Kevin til they’re sitting at home watching him PLAY BB.

        Paul is buddying up to everyone so they won’t have a reason to turn on him & so far it’s working but I’m not so sure it’s going to get him there. It very well could but I’m afraid someone is just waiting until his safety is gone & then go after him. They gave Paul that HOH because they knew without a doubt he would go straight for Codys jugular. Were they afraid to try because if it didn’t work, Cody would come right back after them with both guns ablazing. Its obvious the guy is unstable.

        Just how well do the producers check these people out before casting them?

      • Avatar

        I hope you are right, Ann. That would be great to see Kevin win it.
        Now it’s a matter of how will he get the votes ? If he plays it too well, the jury might not think he deserves it.

    • ElaineB

      I am just ready for this three weeks of safety to end. After that I will give the HGs a chance to turn it around. Having said that, when you hear comments about just making it to jury, I begin to wonder. Unfortunately, Paul will not be loyal to everyone, so each HG best play as if he/she is not one that Paul will be loyal to.

      • ElaineB

        Oh and thank goodness Paul can’t get another Temptation.

      • Avatar

        Paul is playing a divide and conquer game. Cody screwed his team, Paul went after him.
        Ramses didn’t throw veto, he’s an outcast, and has to go.
        If that continues, tgese lost sheep will be following for a few weeks, but hopefully not many.

  7. Gerardo (Domini-CAN not Domini-CAN'T)

    By the way that cake looks nasty as hell, but I guess they did the best the could given that it had to be “glutton” free.

  8. AIO_7

    I keep wondering when Flatt Matt is going to pull that band off of his right arm. Does he have a dirty word there that he is hiding?

  9. Ann

    What does teebag mean Mell?

  10. Mel

    Why does Alex keep saying this is the season of revenge? She’s said at least 5 times since last night. She’s says that it’s the season of revenge and that they haven’t had a twist for it yet? What the hell is she talking about?

    • Ann

      Whatever it is I hope it doesn’t help her out. I don’t like her.

    • Avatar
      Helen (5158 comments)

      She’s said it for days now…..she is somewhat delusional in her thoughts……she thought Paul had to “break up a friendship” for his three weeks safety……now she thinks they have this season planned out for everyone to get ” revenge” because Paul is HOH and backdoored Paul……

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  12. Avatar
    Helen (5158 comments)

    Sorry cody

  13. Mel

    Rumor: Elena and Mark may have done the deed.
    True: Matt has had diet coke more than once and cheese even tho he’s a have not. Is the soda allowed? I didn’t think so but I know the cheese isn’t. Lol

  14. Avatar
    Helen (5158 comments)

    There are so many that I don’t like this season…..it’s gotten to the point of who do I like?? Usually there are a few I don’t care for at the beginning of the season but this year it’s like they hit the jackpot!!
    Even Kevin….he really was my favorite at the start….but now….I don’t much care for his slick con game….
    Christmas is another one who bothers me…..really liked her at the beginning….she’s started to get on my nerves……
    Raven…..while I empathize with her health issues and her wanting to use BB as a platform for awareness is BB really the place for that?
    I guess at the stage of the game the only one I like is actually josh….yeah he does come across as a fumbling dolt he seems to have a good heart .

  15. Ann

    Well Mell, the kids want to come & look at my cable bill & Internet to see if I’m watching porn. Lol
    I needed my son to come over anyway to give me the money to pay the yardman.

    The yardman was cutting the grass in my back yard & I could see his 3 little kids jumping on the trampoline. I opened the back door & told the kids they can play on the trampoline but they have to take their shoes off & they did. When I closed the door, I could hear one of the kids calling their dad. The little boy said “Daddy, that white lady told us we have to take our shoes off,” the man said what white lady,” the little boy said, “the fat white lady who lives here.” I laughed my head off because the man was so embarrassed when he saw that I heard them. I laughed because the kids think I’m a white lady but I’m black. I guess because my skin color is not dark, they thought I was white. The little monsters won’t be getting a popsicle from my fat ass today. I don’t care about the white lady part but I am not fat, just big boned. Lol

  16. jimbo

    Nice how Xmas can just come and go for her appointments. Where the hell is Jeff Probst to give her ass the boot? Ridiculous.

    • Colby

      I agree with you that she shouldn’t have been allowed to continue.
      I don’t believe they would have let anyone else do it.
      And now the others will probably be hesitant to put her on the block or anything because they will fear being viewed as ‘picking on the handicapped’.

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