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Big Brother 19 – Tuesday Feeds: Will Matt Be Booted?


Who said the end of the season can be boring??

There were fireworks galore yesterday and I am not quite sure it is over yet.  Matt and Raven are still pissed at Kevin and Jason. Matt is still being a baby and breaking havenot rules because he wants to get a penalty votes (his claim to fame is being a huge loser as he put it last Thursday night!). Alex is still hellbent on ruining Kevin’s life. Josh may be finally realizing that Paul is more like Littlefinger than he is Jon Snow (I’m sure with some hints from production).  I’m going to be monitoring this crew as best I can!

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  • 9:30 pm – Many people are awake now oddly enough.  Hopefully, they woke them up to kick Matt out!
    • He plans to keep breaking the rules and at this point it seems like the only other move is to kick him out and hold back his stipend.
    • Scratch that, they just got up to get their mics and have gone back to bed.  Weird
  • 11:00 am – Jason and Kevin are walking the yard and talking
    • Jason is telling Kevin that talking to Alex is pointless because she only thinks about this game. She only talks about the game.
    • They are talking about the remaining players and who is likable.  Kevin says if Josh and Alex are in the final 2, he’d vote for Josh. This is a day after he had a huge fight with Josh. That’s the difference between maturity and Matt/Raven
    • Kevin said today is the first time all summer he didn’t want to get up.  This house is clearly wearing on him
  • 11:10 am – Meanwhile, Matt is continuing to play the baby role. He is taking a hot shower
    • Boot his ass, Big Brother!
  • 11:30 am – Half the house is sleeping because fuck the rules, right?
    • Jason wakes up Alex to talk about Kevin and how he should have just nominated him. Shut up, Jason. You don’t realize how much support you gained yesterday and then shit all over it hours later.
    • Jason says he thought they were just messing with Kevin (which apparently was okay with him)
    • Alex says it was Jason’s HoH and they can advise but they’re not going to bully people to doing what they want.. hahahah
    • Alex says what bothers her about Kevin is playing the victim and the ‘old man card’.  So she’s upset because he’s playing a social game?
    • Jason says he wants Alex or Paul to win if he can’t.
    • Alex says if she finishes 2nd or 3rd she thinks she plays a good game and can cash in on opportunities.
  • 11:45 am – Alex compares Kevin to a child molester because he can ‘see the weakness’ and conditioned Jason
  • 11:54 am – Matt was called to the DR after his shower, he’s back. Blah
  • 12:05 pm – Alex says in the real world she’s super nice.
    • Alex brags about how she defended Jason yesterday. She didn’t. She threw him under the bus and saved her own ass by saying she didn’t agree with Jason’s decision
  • 1:00 pm – Matt is cooking eggs and keeps getting called to the DR for dumb things. They’re probably trying to annoy him but it’s not working.
    • Matt is outside talking to Paul about Kevin.  Paul says that if Kevin wins America’s Favorite, he’s going to walk away with around $65k
    • Matt mentions something about ‘core values’. The guy who can’t even handle a punishment
    • Meanwhile Raven is so outraged because Kevin has kids but is going to ‘bash a 23 year old’s head in’ (Josh).  Relax Raven
  • 1:05 pm – Matt and Raven are acting like the children they are and Raven with her anger issues comes over and gives Matt a huge slap to the head
    • Can we evict both of them as a package deal?
  • Big thanks to Keyur P and Shannon R for donations to the Hurricane Fund!  I need to increase the amount once again!  Amazing
    • The group turns to Cody of course and how he is going to gain weight in jury
    • Matt wants to say to Cody “Cody, weren’t you clowning Josh about his weight, dawg?”  … Matt, you’re 33 and look 50. You sound like an idiot. Stop trying to act 20
    • Raven replies that Cody was ‘gumpy’. That is the new phrase of the season
  • 1:20 pm – Matt says Raven is not going to be able to find him. He’s not accepting anything on social media.
    • She comes over and starts smacking him.  Production has to hate this cast. They have to
    • Raven keeps staring at Matt and following him around. He keeps telling her to get away from him.  This is so painful to watch.  He’s clearly done with her
    • And now Matt has dumped milk on Raven’s head
  • 2:10 pm – I need a break from these people. Be back shortly
  • 5:30 pm – Matt and Raven have made up and are sitting outside while Josh and Paul play chess. At least we get a break from nasty talk
  • 5:45 pm – Jason – After the things I’ve said here, I’ll probably walk out to eggs and paintballs.  Yea, probably
  • 6:13 pm – Jason and Kevin are outside talking…
    • Kevin says “Man, I’m really loved, huh? Talking about the neighborhood I grew up in”
    • “When I find out who did that they better have their family with them here”
    • Kevin says the pack of wolves gang up on people who are about to go home (true)
    • I guess Kevin wrote “Mission Hill #1” up in the HoH somewhere and someone crossed out #1 and wrote “sucks”.  Kind of a silly thing to get upset over
  • 6:40 pm – Matt walked by Kevin off-camera and Kevin asked him something.  When feeds turned to them, Matt was screaming at his high pitch and telling him not to threaten him.
    • Kevin didn’t seem to know what he was talking about, or he was playing dumb.
    • Don’t know who was at fault, but I’ll blame the baby who can’t follow have-not rules
  • 7:40 pm – Feeds have been down for almost an hour now. So much downtime with all these fights
  • 8:30 pm – Feeds back
    • Kevin is paranoid people are going to start messing with him stuff
    • Meanwhile, Alex, Jason, and Josh are up in the HOH bragging how they have been able to rattle Kevin by spelling Mission Hill sucks (Alex admitted to it)
    • Ok, seeing as Matt is still in the game and Alex is still acting like a shithead, time for me to step away for the night

Check back for updates


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  1. Renee

    CBS could restore a little faith in their viewers by holding him accountable to the rules and booting him out.

  2. strwar1

    To all those who still think Josh knows that Paul is like littlefinger? I wouldn’t put so much faith into that and Josh from Sunday’s episode shows he doubts Paul a little,but not by much to where he wants Paul gone or lost trust with him. BTW did anybody see Alex go more crazier on Kevin last night? I did.That bitch is crazy!! I hope she goes after hopefully if Kevin wins HOH (Please Dear God!!!!!) gets her ass out Godfather style.You know when he is the HOH room and he wants Alex to come up and he tells her to go on her knees and beg not to get her out. Lol I want that soooo I will get godfather vibes from it

    • Tinkerbell

      @strwar1 She truly is a very disturbed person, seriously disturbing. Her constant reference to killing people, strangling people, eating children, punching people in the face, the list goes on and on…….terrifying. She has a little nephew. It is horrible that she is having an influence on him, especially at his tender age when his personality and thought process are being formed.

      • Tinkerbell

        After being evicted, and walking out on stage, I know it is forbidden to boo the houseguests. However, what about complete silence. At this point in time, only my opinion, the only person deserving of audience response is Kevin. All of these people think they are rock stars. Good luck with that, knuckleheads.

      • Avatar

        I believe the applause is canned. No mics near the audience.

      • Tinkerbell

        Wayne, maybe the “can” will malfunction. Haha

      • HappyHippo

        They really do think they are rockstars! I hope they read sites like this after. It’s not just a few people who hate them!

      • Avatar

        I don’t think it is forbidden to boo and I don’t think it is entirely canned either. Some people get louder applause and cheers than others. If it was canned, it would be consistent, like a laugh track on a sitcom. Besides, didn’t Christine get booed a few seasons ago when she left the house?

      • NKogNeeTow

        She did Sauce, and since then CBS doesn’t allow booing during a live show.

  3. Tinkerbell

    This probably is not the time to post this. US Weekly several hours ago. Interview with Cody. I have my helmet on for flying rocks.


  4. Avatar

    Wayne, Steve and I went to a live show a couple of years ago. The applause is not canned. They tell you over and over again to give applause and not to boo the HGs, that they are people with feelings just like everyone else.

  5. AIO_7

    Last night Passover Christmas Eve had just taken a shower in Cowpoke’s HOH shower. In comes Paul and the main thing they talk about is eliminating Cowpoke. Mind you, this is in Cowpoke’s own HOH room. Paul was going to take a shower there too. Then in walks Slosh and immediately they shoo him away and back downstairs. After so many times they have rejected Josh joining their conversation, how in the world can that dope still think they are working for him?
    I’m not looking for sympathy for Cowpoke (since his comment yesterday) but I find it a bit cheeky that they use his HOH shower, eat his snacks, and plot his demise at the same time.

  6. AIO_7

    Let’s play……Which shirt is Matt wearing this morning.


  7. Mel

    I wish big brother would have surprised Matt this year with something new. Instead of a penalty vote I wish they would take one weeks stipend pay for every day someone cheats as a have not.

    • Mel

      Nevermind that idea. He’s being such an asshole about it, he needs to be ejected. For starters, he’s using production as a strategy since we heard him say he’s doing it to get a “penalty vote.” That isn’t the reason because he knows he’s being voted out anyway and doesn’t need that vote, he’s just a big baby. He’s going home so now he wants to start eating. He still said that was his reason.
      Secondly, he’s doing exactly what Chima did and BB11. She didn’t eat but she was injected because she repeatedly broke rules by tossing her mic and refusing to go to the DR. Matt is repeatedly being told not to do things and is ignoring all of them so he’s breaking multiple rules too.
      He’s ready to go to the jury anyway so he doesn’t care but being ejected doesn’t send your ass to the jury. It sends you home, you don’t participate any further, don’t do anything after the show and you sure as hell don’t have a jury vote. Big Brother needs to follow the rule they set in the past and send his ass packing.

      • HappyHippo

        It really is ridiculous how they talk so much crap about each and every person who’s on the block and “loses their shit” and look what they do! Craziness.

  8. AIO_7

    Cowpoke up and about. I just wonder how long it will be until he confesses to Kevin what he said; or how long the other cretins in the house hold this over Cowpoke’s head.


    • Avatar

      That will be used if Kevin wins HOH, You better believe Josh and Paul will ride the elephant around the house all week.

    • Avatar

      Alex and Jason seemed to think that was a normal joke so it won’t cross their mind unless Production beoight it up. Paul is pushing the hate as part of his strategy to secure his win so he may bring it up if Kevin is in power. I don’t think Paul is following Boston Robs game plan as Steve suggested earlier this season. I think he is borrowing moves from MTVs The Challenge, Johnny Bananas. Mentally break your opponents through words and actions. People ganging up on individuals they want out. Johnny Bananas its considered a POS by many but has made a lot of money.

      • AIO_7

        “Alex and Jason seemed to think that was a normal joke”….

        I’d expect that from Alex; Jason should know better and I think he does.

      • LindsayB

        If he knows better than he wouldn’t have thought it, much less said it.

      • ShoeLover


        I honestly think it will eat at Jason’s conscience and he may tell him. Let’s just hope. It was an awful thing to say and I believe it was geared towards trying to one up the other bullying comments. Still not sure what would make Jason say this or even have those type of thoughts cross his mind, but it also makes ya wonder what others have might have said about others in the house. I am sure some things are missed even if there are many many cameras rolling 24/7. We don’t see all so to speak. I just wonder if the vile,hated comment was made since Josh was apparently shaken up how Kevin responded towards him, but we didn’t get to see what happened because feeds went off and maybe they were all shocked by it and were responding towards Kevin’s angered reaction??? I just don’t know how to react other than let it go and get back to the focus of the game. Sadly there will be others that will continue to dwell on it.. I don’t mean that as being rude, but hate to see a good guy fall from his life because of word vomit.

      • AIO_7

        Lindsey, I should have said I HOPE he does. That is a way out there comment, and like you said….who even thinks that.

      • AIO_7

        ….” but hate to see a good guy fall from his life because of word vomit.”

        Shoe., this will probably screw his life up outside the house. He needs some serious repentance and plotting with the Deputy ain’t helping him.

      • ShoeLover

        And that’s why it’s tearing me up inside, AIO!! Jason needs to separate from little Miss 5ft Notning!! Like right now!!!

      • AIO_7

        Not going to happen, Shoe. He’s a dummy.

      • Avatar

        I really don’t think this will weigh on Jason or the others. So much has been said all season that they don’t even flinch anymore. I saw a clip of what he said yesterday and was appalled. Later I saw another clip that started a few second before the comment was made. The group was talking about how, if Kevin were to win HOH and put up any of them, they were gonna gang up on him and say crazy things to make him snap so he loses the $25K he already has. They start to joke about outlandish things that could say which is then when Jason made the comment about f***ing Kevin’s wife and making his daughters watch. Because of the context of how and why it was said, in a joking manner and as something to get a rise out of Kevin, I don’t think it is something any of them will keep in their back pocket or be something that weighs on Jason. He didn’t say it out of anger or maliciously so I think it’s already a lost thought for them.

        Disclaimer: As I said in a post yesterday, I do not think what he said is ok. It was vile and inappropriate so this is not me defending it. Just commenting on the thought process of Jason and the group when it was said. I wish he hadn’t said it and I feel awful for Kevin, Kevin’s family, and Jason’s family: Understandably the backlash from this has been big and will probably continue to be. And while I don’t agree with it I do even feel bad for Jason because I don’t think it came from a bad place and I genuinely don’t think he realizes just how ignorant of a comment it was and it’s going to bite him in the ass hard when he gets out.

      • feltso gudinya

        it doesn’t matter what he said…we no longer have standards of civility any longer…..it won’t affect him at all…..by next week all will be forgotten….

      • Sassy

        Unfortunately, his wife is probably the one reaping the effects of his comments. He will not think about it again while in the house, but when he gets home, it will be another story. Once he finds out what he put his family through, then he will have regrets!

  9. Avatar

    People who have been on the show are calling for his stipend to be removed or diminished. But I guess it all comes down to how their contract is worded. Matt’s only move this summer is seems to be against Production. He also plans on refusing to vote if he doesn’t like who is in the final 2.

  10. AIO_7

    Here, Cowpoke tells Kevin that that the only people left in the house that he trusts are he (Kevin), Paul and Alex. Kevin agrees. SMDH If they only knew.


    • Avatar

      Jason only trusts:

      Josh only trusts:

      Alex only trusts:

      Christmas only trusts:

      Kevin Trusts:

      Matt & Raven only trusts:
      each other

      Paul only trusts:

      Like him or not, there is a major lesson here…….

    • Avatar

      I was catching up on BBAD and actually heard Matt talking to Raven and saying… “at least I am leaving you in good hands with Paul.” LOL OMGGGGGGG This is like watching a bad horror movie where we know what is going to happen but everyone in the house is oblivious. The fact that no one has compared notes with anyone else in that house about Paul is astounding to me… not one person has even thought “hmm Paul was in this house last year doing this same thing… let me go ask x, y and z if they have deals with him too.” The wolf is truly guarding the hen house and no one is the wiser. I don’t give Paul ANY credit for this… I honestly think BB rounded up the only people on the planet who have never even heard of Big Brother or seen one episode. Any past house guest worth his/her salt could have done this with this band of merry idiots.

      • caRyn

        After Matt said he was glad that she has Paul once he is evicted, Raven said she also has Christmas and JuJu (?). I am guessing JuJu is Josh.

      • Avatar

        Here’s my two cents. I think they all trust him because of how intensely he will trash the others that they would never suspect that he has any other alliance but them. Part of me thinks he’s not such an asshole but maybe going a little too hard trash talking the other house guests just to prove his loyalty to whichever one of his multiple alliances he is speaking with at the time. I think for him its all game.

  11. AIO_7

    The screeching, vile, Deputy sleeping in this morning.


  12. danmtruth

    @lindsayb in NO way was I trying to excuse Jason for saying or thinking it was fine to say what he said. This year it has been one vile comment after another Go back to Josh and Megan Everyone who said crap to Cody Remember these were the same people who wanted to attack Cody till he would walk out , self evict for hitting someone Again the TONE of the house it’s ok to be an as#hole as long as you do it to the house target Nothing is off limits
    Steely Dan would be proud of the Pretzel Logic used be these HG Josh said it a few weeks past As he was calling Elena out for lying Josh explain he never lied to anyone in his alliance But not telling the truth to others was just game play That it did not make him untrustworthy

    • LindsayB

      You mentioned that the tone in the house made an environment that breeds comments like jason made, how all the crappy things that Alex said contributed to it. Yes, I’m totally summarizing. I feel that as much as there’s been a separate and attack tone to the house there has also been a blame it all on everyone else tone in here. Everything is Paul’s fault. Or Alex’s fault. Regardless of what’s been encouraged, suggested, laughed at, etc every person in that house is responsible for his or her own actions and words. Yes, including Paul. Nobody can “make” you do or say something. I feel like anyone who isn’t 100% up Paul’s ass gets a pass when they do or say something stupid instead of being held accountable. This isn’t directed at you, just my thoughts of how this season has been overall both in the house and on here.

  13. Mel

    Quote from Alison Grodner on August 18, 2009 regarding Chimas exit: “because of multiple rules violations, she needed to be expelled.”

  14. AIO_7

    Between his comment yesterday, and his plotting here with the Deputy the demise of Kevin, Ol’ Cowpoke here will go home and back to milking Ole’ (like he has milked Paul) with just his stipend and no chance of AFP.


  15. danmtruth

    Lindsyb I think we agree that these peoples dark side are coming out That they feel comfortable to let these things hateful things out because that what seems to be the way to get ahead in this house It is still comes down to the person to think it and say it It’s there choice
    It’s like this conversation between Alex and Jason now They both agree with each other No one wants to admit to ever doing anything wrong It is always someone else who are untrustworthy
    Can I also ask why everyone focus on Showmances Yet have no problem with ride or die To me a showmance is a ride or die with fringe benefits

    • Avatar

      I think different emotions come into play with Showmances. Let’s put it this way….

      How many Ride or Dies have collapsed in the history of BB?

      How many showmances (still in the house) have collapsed in the history of BB.

    • LindsayB

      If I were in the house I’d want all duos broken up regardless of whether or not they were exchanging body fluids. I’m more of a fan of an undercover ride or die situation than flaunting it the way Alex and jason do it. To pick one over the other, I’d go against showmances slightly more than other duos just because of the blinders that are automatically put on once there’s a coodie swap.

  16. Avatar

    Wow! Right now Alex is comparing Kevin to a child molester and saying he “conditioned” Jason and Josh…And Jason is buying it.

  17. Helen

    Felt really good to cancel live feeds today!!!!!!

  18. feltso gudinya

    ann … this was on the last thread, but it was the last comment and i don’t want u to think i forgot about u:

    u must stay strong ann. u r experiencing survivor guilt and that is perfectly normal…i know u r a devout woman and i assure u “this too shall pass”… from the depth of my soul i truly believe that “what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger”…your family sounds like true survivors…they will rebuild and be bigger and bettor than ever…u have guts, compassion, stamina and a great sense of humor…your display of great humanity and humility during this crisis shows the depth of your character…i am honored to have met u online and that u consider me a friend …thank you for bringing out the best in me……

  19. g8trgirl

    I thought the season with Amanda and the pizza guy and the racists was the worst season ever. But the way you guys are going on about the last 24 hours, I wonder if this season takes over that spot?

  20. Avatar

    Can anyone help me understand why STFUR has now completely turned her rage to Kevin? I have read all the comments and tried to figure it out watching the feeds, but I am lost… she doesn’t seem nearly as mad at Cowboy who she railed yesterday. What did I miss?

    • LindsayB

      She already donated her brain to science so she’s not working with much.

    • Avatar

      The crew is hyping her up about Kevin. Alex and Paul are pounding it into her head that Jason did this because Kevin got in his head. They want her mad at Kevin so she will target him if she gets HOH. And everytime she calms down, Paul rushes in to her and Matt to do some more Kevin bashing to get her all hyped up again.

      • Avatar

        Thanks Dani! I guess with all the mess of yesterday, I forgot Alex decided that would be the excuse for Cowboy not using the veto. Wow she is evil!!!

  21. Avatar

    Matt is making a mockery of BB! Production needs to boot his sorry ass out for breaking the rules and let Jason put up a replacement nominee!

  22. Avatar

    Not only should he be booted out of the house. He should be sent HOME and not to the jury house.

  23. Avatar

    There is precedent to do so. See Chima, season 11.

    • LindsayB

      I guess this is where we are supposed to finally expect the unexpected this season???

    • Avatar

      If they give Matt a pass then it’s a message to players in the future to do what they want despite the rules. Though I can see production not doing anything and the TV-only audience not even noticing. Matt’s actions in earlier seasons would’ve been a much bigger deal in the house. Remember when they competed in have-not comps? The last few years the have-not aspect seems to be mostly for showing off the house and creative ways production offers houseguests a place to sleep. The day-to-day challenges of have-nots are not really televised. I think we’ve heard more about Matt’s cereal than slop.

  24. Jenny

    I gotta say, this is the most excited I have been to see a live eviction! I had to force myself to go to bed last night instead of stay up for BBAD – will be watching that as soon as I get home tonight. Watching Raven have a total meltdown makes the rest of this season worth it!

    Also thanks to whoever posted that youtube link with RATT’s reaction to Jason not using the veto. That was some good entertainment! I don’t like fighting but watching the two of them turn into whiny little bee-atches was hilarious.

    • Avatar

      Dare I say . . . based on how Matt is acting, if I were the other HGs, I’d get rid of Raven and keep Matt. I thik Paul especially should thnk that way. Neither Raven nor Matt has really done anything in the game, but who knows, if anyone really thnks Raven is terminal, she could get jury votes. Whereas Matt has no excuse for not doing anything and being a baby now will only hurt him if he made it to F2.

      I think the biggest reason Matt is breaking all the rules is to guarantee that he gets sent home instead of Raven. Penalty votes will help make his departure a reality (just in case there’s any votes against Raven). Remember, he is still shaken up that there were 2 votes against him last week, so he’s probably concerned Raven could get some votes and end up being sent home. He’s all but given up and now Raven is fired up, making her the more dangerous of the two. I’d blindside her and keep him because if they think he’s upset and not playing now . . . whoo, he’d really lose his shit after that.

  25. Ann

    I have to say this because my life is forever changed & I feel like I have been out in my place after going through & seeing the bigger picture in life of things that can happen & make some of the petty things that we complain about are just that, petty. There are so many wonderful people that have come from many many states from far away to help us restore power, clean up drpris & help rebuild. There are people giving free food, water, ice & supplies from our own community & these most wonderful peopl traveling so far away to be here to help. I wish to God I had a way to THANK them all & do something special for them all. These selfless, careing people have hearts of gold are HEROS in book & heart.

    • kneeless

      You deserve all good things, Ann. You appreciate things & you are the kind of person who does & will do your part whenever you can. I pray good things come to you & your family. I wish you the best during these trying days, this too shall pass

    • caRyn

      Ann, I am sorry for all that you and your family are dealing with. If you have a Go-Fund-Me account I would donate. I wish you and yours peace and good health.

      • Ann

        I Thank you from the bottom of my heart but I wouldn’t feel right asking people for anything when there are so many people in much much worse situations than we are. I’m just so grateful to our heavenly father that we are still here unhurt. I talked to my family & we will help each & give our all to help each other & get a new start again.
        My entire perspective on life is forever changed for the better & because of my new beautiful family here on this site. Each & every one of you will always be in my heart.
        Let me tell you something funny or maybe not so funny. My neighbors across the street 3 doors down has a big yellow port o potty that was blown on his front yard. Can u imagine how smelly that is. Lol

      • caRyn

        You are welcome. Please keep in mind that if we give to you and yours, you can always pay it forward. My brother is in Houston and he is doing fine. So thankful to be able to hear from him every day. Be safe. (I can’t imagine how awful the smell is.)

    • Avatar

      So sorry for your and your family’s misfortune. Wishing you well!

  26. Avatar

    Final Two….

    1. Jason vs (Paul, Matt, Raven, Christmas, Josh, Alex, Kevin) – Jason Wins
    2. Paul vs (Raven, Matt, Alex, Kevin, Christmas, Josh) – Paul Wins
    3. Kevin vs (Christmas, Josh, Alex, Raven / Matt ) – Kevin wins

    Only way Christmas or Alex or Josh have a shot is if they final two against each other regardless of combination.

    Matt and Raven have zero chance to win this game.

    Sorry Paul but if Jason is in the final two you will be a bridesmaid again.

    Kevin will win America’s Favorite Player. The rest of them have proven themselves to be douche bags.

    • Avatar

      I’m not a Paul fan but I can certainly acknowledge he knows EXACTLY what is going on in the house and is well aware of his, and everyone else’s, standing. He knows Jason and Kevin will beat him in F2 which is why he is pushing so hard for them to be the next out. Alex is a bigger threat to most so they should all want her out soon but Paul will make sure to work his own agenda. He know he can control Alex until he doesn’t need her anymore and he has a better chance of beating her than Jason or Kevin (but again, he will never take her to F2 because she at least has comp wins to use in her argument – he will take Josh or Christmas because he has the greatest chance of beating them).

  27. kneeless

    I thought when we watched BB15 things had gotten to an all new low. Unfortunately, this cast has done a great job of to at least the same level, if not lower. It is hard to find many redeeming qualities. The mob mentality is ridiculous. I can’t believe these people are getting paid a stipend & 2 will win significant amounts of money for acting the way they are. Mark was on slop when he knew he was being voted out & he left with his dignity. Matt needs to be removed from the house even though it messes with numbers. Kevin is the only remaining person in the house who has his dignity in tact. I am the same age as Kev & I can’t imagine spending an entire summer with the folks. Please make it stop!!

    • Avatar

      There has NOT been a worse cast in BB History, close but this one wins. There is NOT one likable person left and even considering the ones that left, i never felt a connection with any of them either. Its a bust this season, I dont even watch the show just check here for updates so thanks to Stevebeans and all those that post. I can imagine that viewers are down this season due to this sorry cast of goofballs.

  28. kneeless

    I have really cut back on watching feeds & BBAD. When I do watch the comment that I hear over & over is that they’re tired if carrying Kevin, what has Kevin done, he doesn’t deserve to be here… Matt & Raven have won nothing, Josh won by luck & May Day had her HOH thrown to her. I can’t watch anymore!!

  29. Avatar

    Dumb question . . . do we still have the popularity poll here? I’m just curious to see how things are shaking out since Cody was evicted. He was way ahead in the poll the week he was voted out. I’m sure that has slipped since his departure, so I’m just curious in general. I realized . . . I haven’t voted in a poll for a couple weeks either.

  30. Helen

    Congratulations Cowboy. You made TMZ

    8/29/2017 3:20 PM PDT

    “Big Brother” contestant Jason Dent thinks rape is seriously funny — he went full LOL while talking about having sex with another housemate’s wife … while forcing the guy’s kids to watch.

    The footage is pretty disturbing … Jason was cracking up on the Internet live feed Monday, joking he was going to f**k Kevin Schlehuber’s wife if Kevin turned on him in the game. A female housemate, Alex Ow, was laughing along as Jason joked he’d also tie up Kevin’s daughters and “make them watch.”

    Fair to say … the ‘BB’ house is getting out of control. Remember, Jason also made a rapey comment earlier in the season — saying he’d hold down a female housemate so other guys would be able to ‘backdoor her.’

    • Ann

      I can’t imagine Jason having such a horrible thought in his head. I don’t care if he meant it or not but what sane man with a family of his own could even have such a vile thought in his head & then
      voice it on National Television. What must his wife & family think? Who does & thinks such horrible, vile, sick thoughts?
      I would like to kick that scooter from under ground hog day. That BI*CH made my blood boil when she tried to pick an argument with BIG DADDY over something so damn stupid & obvious to BIG DADDY that she & the the MORON of the house tried to pick a fight with him. I promise that man has the patience of Jobe because I couldn’t take it.
      I would most definitely call Raven out on all of her bull-shit illnesses, call The 4th of July out on ALL of her her crap even when she was HIGH.
      That fast talkiing man troll most definitely needs her shit blown out of the water (Raven).
      Matt is a HELL OF A LOT MORE STUPID than I ever thought he was. The fake & stupid food fights. Uuuug…I can’t stand a gullible idiot, half wit man that is so easily sucked in by a con, scamming, compulsive lying fool like Raven.
      Paul is starting to get on my bad side as much as he was my fav, not so much anymore. I hope Kevin can by some miracle win veto & tell them all to f*ck off & not let any of them in his HOH room but Kevin has a big heart & he wont do it.
      That is honestly why I won’t do the gofundme thing because I won’t lie, cheat & I would never try to dishonestly hurt anyone like that. Granted, it will take time to get the foundation repaired & im now getting some laking & what looks like black mold in one part of f my ceiling where the closet is is in my hall where my central air & heating unit are but I have aroof over my head Thank God.

  31. AIO_7

    Remember the boy band MINUDO? Who else thinks Paul is trying to lure their fan base type with this look?


  32. kneeless

    Could production please take some of Alex’s stipend & buy her some bigger tops?

  33. hogwild

    Couple thoughts first didn’t take Matt long to toss Raven overboard when he realized he wouldn’t be able to play hide the salami with her anymore seecond CBS is really going to have to decide if they are going to enforce the rules and standards they claim to have for the show either do so or stop pretending you have any because outside of using racial slurs or physically attacking someone it seems like anything goes.

  34. kneeless

    Raven would take Paul to the final 2 for all he has done for her & he hasn’t back stabbed her. I would think she first needs to win something.

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