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Big Brother 19 – Tuesday Feeds


Good afternoon, everyone!

I want to come out and explain some detailed strategy that may or may not happen like I typically do, but I have nothing. It’s a strange week inside the house as all the elements for drama are there, but drama is not happening. You have Cody and Jessica interacting with the house, Josh’s plans of getting Elena out have all but died for now, Raven still talks about herself any chance she has, and everyone else are still playing ‘decorations’ inside the house.

It’s an incredibly dull week, so I guess it’s the perfect time for me to not feel great.


Before I begin today, a reminder that I put a permanent link to the player poll inside the floating link box that appears near the beginning of posts. This way you can hop over weekly and vote without me making a post about it.

Alright, update time…

  • 11:00 am – Jessica and Cody are on the hammock talking a little game
    • Jessica said she wants to see these people scared to do anything without Cody’s permission (weird)
    • He said he’s not going to walk around banging pots like ‘these jackasses’ but he will put the fear of game in them
    • Cody is going to ask Kevin to vote to evict Raven.  He already asked Jason to do the same and is going to ask Mark
    • Jessica said she doesn’t want it to be a tie because that gives Josh one last ounce of power, but they want to at least scare Raven before she goes
  • Meanwhile, Christmas and Paul are outside telling Jason how to squeeze his fans for every penny
    • Free pictures with fans?  No way!  Charge for that!
  • 12:00 pm – Cody and Jess are in the pool (seriously, the cameras are ALWAYS on them…. except when they have sex)
    • Kitchen cam features Raven and ole’ Orange Shirt Matt
  • 12:40 pm – Paul holding a chat session with the ladies
    • I turn to his feed and his first words “It’s ok to feel vulnerable”.  lol.
  • 1:00 pm – Josh and Paul bashing Jessica
    • Paul says that she wants an atomic bomb to drop on the house
    • Jess told Josh to spell drought. He did and Jess said she guesses she can catch him on another word
    • (side note – If Jess is making fun of intelligence, she really needs to learn the proper usage of “Cody and me” vs “Cody and I“. She says “Cody and I” like 99% of the time which is wrong probably 40% of the time she uses it that way.  Also, 78% of all stats are made up on the spot)
    • Josh told her that he has a degree and runs his own business
    • Josh says that Jessica screwed her game by playing Cody’s game.  Says the guy who plays Paul’s game.  To be fair, playing Paul’s game will likely allow him to lose in the final 3 and maybe even finish 2nd
    • Christmas says that Jessica used her hex (temptation) inappropriately, then brags that she used hers appropriately.  Kind of the other way around. Christmas looked stupid using hers.
    • Josh then confirms why because he said Jess was going on the block no matter what.
  • 1:10 pm – Paul jokingly tells Josh to have Jess spell evicted.
    • Josh runs into the house and Christmas scoots along in because she can’t miss a second of drama caused by Paul’s Minions
    • He walks in the kitchen and she tells him to go fuck himself
    • She calls him the dumbest human being she’s ever met in her life
    • Josh goes back outside to bitch some more about Jess
  • 1:15 pm – Josh is still worked up so he goes back inside to start shit with Jess again
    • Josh begins talking and Jess keeps telling him to shut up while not listening
    • Cody says “listen here you fucking piece of shit” and clenches his fist. Jess stops him.  I wonder if Cody will murder Josh next week when Jessica isn’t there to control him
    • Josh explains how he’s upset she told him to spell drought
    • She says he’s still a moron. Cody says he’s the dumbest person they’ve ever met
    • Cody says he waddles around here with his fat fucking body and acting tough but he knows it’s because they can’t do shit in there
    • Cody says “if you want to try this shit on the outside. Go for it. I fucking dare you”
    • Josh continues with the “you guys are making this real personal” and Cody says “it is personal, Josh. It is personal”
    • Jessica says she’s not in the mood so don’t speak to her, don’t address her, and get away from her
    • Jessica said she’ll play along today because she only has 2 days so if this is the game he wants to play, she’ll play it
    • Josh says she’s going to watch back and feel stupid. She says she’s not
  • Josh leaves and goes back outside
    • Josh tries to play nice and says “I never say this and that or that” and Cody says “wait until you see the shit I say about you. I destroy you”. Cody isn’t playing nice today
    • Josh says “you realize you’re playing a game, right?”  Cody says this is not a game to him
    • They go back and forth and Josh says he’s HoH, and he’s living the dream.  Jessica says he got lucky with some stupid ass competition, so congratulations
    • Josh says she dug her own grave. She says she doesn’t care, she has a life outside this house
    • Josh tries the “Cody ruined your game” and she comes back with “the only reason people keep you in this house is because you’re a moron and can’t think for yourself” (ouch)
    • Josh repeats how stupid Jess is going to feel
    • Josh is going on and on while Jess keeps nitpicking his speech.  Like how Josh says he can obtain a conversation with people.  I’m not sure if English is Josh’s first language so she needs to give him a pass for wrong words
    • They yell back and forth about weird shit like people would not know Cody’s name if not for Cody
    • Josh says she’s going home on Thursday and she says “thank god! I don’t have to listen to your moronic speech any more”
    • Josh starts telling Cody his face is disgusting (but he’s not playing personal)
    • Jess makes fun of how desperate Josh sounds by saying how he needs a boo
    • Josh gets loud and Jess stomps it down by slamming her spoon against the counter and the cup to make fun of the pots and pans
    • Cody decides it’s gone too far and he goes to calm Jess down but she’s still yelling at Josh
    • Josh keeps yelling “no more airtime. No more airtime”… Josh, come on, bro. We all know you are the one who plays things up for the camera
  • 1:25 pm – Josh sits at the table quietly and the house resumes talking about general crap.. .for now
    • Josh leaves yelling some more shit to Jess as he heads to the HoH room
    • Matt is comforting Josh who begins crying
    • Josh says he doesn’t know what he did to that kid  (really?)
    • Paul comes in and says “way to hold your ground my man!  You didn’t call anyone ugly” (he did)
    • Paul doesn’t seem to realize that Josh was the person who really kept pushing this situation. Jess was bitchy for making him spell drought but he got carried away
    • Paul randomly shits on Mark for not being there.  He is working his game even while Josh is at his lowest
  • 1:35 pm – Mark comes in the room and Josh kicks him out. Mark is like .. uhh what did I do?
    • The group continues to comfort Josh
    • Christmas comes out and says when Jessica was in his face banging the spoon and cup, she was ready to tackle her broken foot and all (umm, they do realize that’s the same shit Josh was doing with the pots and pans, right?  Remember Paul specifically telling Josh to ‘turn it up to 30’ and ‘get the pots and pans let’s go outside’)
  • 2:15 pm – A group is in the apple room and once again they start on Mark for absolutely no reason at all
    • Paul is asking why Mark didn’t go in and stop it after hearing the personal attacks (Mark wasn’t even in the room)
    • Paul plays it off and says Mark doesn’t have to get defensive
    • Mark asks if he stepped in when everyone was attacking Cody (he didn’t)
    • Paul points out how nobody said anything, but Mark is upset because now Josh is pissed at him (Mark) – which is because of Paul
    • Mark and Paul are going back and forth. Paul really sounds stupid here but he’s talking his way out of it. He’s clearly just putting a target on Mark for no reason at all
    • Mark brings up Paul’s argument with Big Meech last season. Paul says she didn’t call him fat or things of that nature (yet Paul still called her a c*nt)
  • 2:22 pm – Josh enters the room and says he’s raising hell the next two days.
    • So he goes outside to mess with Jess and Cody again
    • Cody starts charging Josh. Josh says “if you hit me… ” feeds cut.  Yikes
    • After a few minutes, feeds return and Josh is still alive.
  • 2:33 pm – Jason is saying the house is making it worse by basically encouraging Josh (he’s right)
    • Jason is the voice of reason. He is saying the other people in the house (Paul) are making it worse by saying “doesn’t it hurt that he called you fat??”
  • 3:15 pm – Mark finally got some time alone with Josh to get his side of the story.
    • It’s a crazy thing that Mark wanted to get all sides to a story before randomly jumping in and stopping a fight.
    • Paul tried real hard to make Mark out to be a bad guy of the fight, but logic prevailed
    • I’m going to close this thread soon because it’s really long. If the updates stop, go back to the main page to look for a new thread

Check back for updates


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  1. Avatar

    Yes “decorations” are correct (lol). Think I said that a few weeks ago and absolutely nothing has changed.

  2. Avatar

    How many of the guys Mark,Jason and Kevin can Cody flip to vote out Raven?

    • Ann

      So, how many times has that worked out for old Psycho Cody before?

    • Avatar

      He could maybe get kevin. Otherwise cody isn’t the softest guy with his approach.

    • Avatar

      Well…Mark will do just about anything Cody says, so he will be an easy flip. The other two, are more aligned with Josh and Paul, so may stay true to voting out Jessica. Kevin has done some shading voting things in the past though, so I wouldn’t want to put a wager on him. Jason…well, I am not sure. Maybe they will tell Matt and we can see what kind of reaction that elicits. I am hoping Jessica really does go home this week. She was told Cody will kill her game…and he did, so let her go! She may be a strong player…but let’s just rip off the band aid and move on to the next target, whomever that may be!

      • Ann

        Mark is not even a 100% for sure vote for whoever Cody tells him to vote for. Mark goes along with whatever the last person told him to do as they get closer to eviction night. Mark acts like he can’t think for himself, he has to have approval. You bet he won’t go against hot lips Elena no matter how much she treats him like shit.

  3. Avatar

    Is he doing anything to flip the guys? Is Raven bugging the rest of the house? They don’t show here much on BBAD but they do show a lot of Elens and she bugs the crap outta me, what a mean bitch. I really would like to she her go then maybe Mark would get his head outta his ass. We’re half way through the season and there’s still no one I’m rooting for.

  4. Jenny

    Steve, I’m sorry you’re not feeling well – get better soon!!!

    I hope Raven gets a few votes so we can see the look on her face when she realizes she’s not loved by everyone.

    And if you’re dumb enough to pay to get your picture taken with someone, well, you’re dumb.

  5. Avatar

    These “celebrities” are pieces of work.
    Charging fans for autographs ? Really ?

  6. Avatar

    6.46 million people watch BB, of that number, how many do you really think are gonna remember any but a few of this years HGs and for how long? These people ar delusional.

  7. Shivani33

    Jessica doesn’t try to swim counter to the houseguests’ riptide motion pulling her to eviction. She’s on the block against two very obnoxious other women. Raven bothers nearly everyone, but is almost never encountered by anyone about anything. Elena is in her own special whorehouse BB summer. These two opponents for eviction aren’t as threatening as competitors as Jessica (and Cody). Neither Raven or Elena has won a comp. Both are eating their way through the game in their own particular ways. It makes sense that Jessica would be evicted. Especially if sheeple remain sheeple while Paul works to keep it that way.

    But Jessica has so much material to work with to try turning that tide. There’s another Friday episode coming up August 18th. Jessica is the most popular woman in most BB fan polls. Even with her no-fight, foregone conclusion about her eviction, could she make a reappearance? If there’s a double eviction announced by Julie this Thursday and Jessica is evicted and kept sequestered on that same day, it could happen. Someone could get a chance to Battle back.

    How much unseen DR footage could be time used for influencing players to steer them in the directions which trend on social media amongst viewers? And when will Raven find herself having a major encounter group with other players? Also, who does Paul REALLY prefer to take further in the game?

    • Avatar

      It drives me nuts. She just doesn’t get it. She’d be strong because she stands her ground and is a fighter but she just doesn’t know how to channel it. I hate Raven and am indifferent toward Elena but the fact that Jessica needs to go over Raven is just insane. That’s how bad of a game Jessica is playing.

    • Avatar

      Hey, Shivani…Do you think that there could possibly be a JURY BUY BACK???

      • Shivani33

        Something has to be happening for another Fri. show scheduled, but Julie Chen knows WHAT. There’s gotta be a jury to have a buy back. That could happen by the eighteenth of August, one way or another. DE plus whoever is evicted this Thurs.? How about DE plus the dreaded possible return of another vet? Maybe they’re planning another dumb episode full of halfway party footage like BB18. Thank God it’s probably too soon to start showing the players’ families and hometown fans. Raven’s mom with a shotgun and a catheter.

      • Sassy

        OMG! If they do another battle back, they are going to have to start evicting 2 housepets at a time… Eventually, some of the HG’s have to go home for good!

    • Avatar

      Paul told Alex they would go all the way together but remain separated in the house. I think Alex really likes Jason. Also, is it my imagination but does Alex have head lice? She seems to always scratch her hair.

  8. Avatar

    The social game that Jess & Cody are displaying is amazing. Flawless flawless flawless! The only reason why I want Jess out this week is so she doesn’t get to make it to jury. Maybe Alex & Cody can get something going in the jury house lol.

  9. Shivani33

    Helen the Director of the Department of Speculation, is right again. She said today would be crises and battles. People are fighting. Josh vs. Jessica, etc. Josh crying in his HoH, and sheeple are offering their wool as kleenex.

    • Avatar

      LoL. It has been a pattern over the past few weeks. I’m sure it’s not over for today….there are still two contestants we haven’t seen yet today to lead us into Cool down Cliffhanger Wednesday!!!

  10. Jenny


    okay I feel better now. Seriously though, she’s a jerk.

    • Ann

      I’ve been saying that since the beginning. HAVE I MENTIONED HOW MUCH I HATE JESS??? I pray that these people vote that bitch out thursday.

      • Avatar

        Gosh darn it….my theory is holding true……smack down Tuesday started while I was away at the store!!!
        Send that balding biotch out the door on Thursday or we are gonna get a possee and drag her out with whatever hair she has left when her extensions fall out

      • Ann

        Dammit Helen, I want to be in that posse & I sure as hell want to be the one to go in & drag that balding busted up BITCH out. If I’m not out in 30 seconds then bring in the rest of the posse because that means I beat her ass down & I need ya’ll to get bail money together to bail my ass out of jail.

      • AIO_7

        I missed it too, Helen; bur Mark and Paul are close to a bro-down now. Paul started it.

      • Ann

        I’ll chase the hospice patient’s ass out the door too so get the stretcher ready because she’s so sick & I think I’ll let one of ya’ll get Christmas because after all, she’s delicate with a broke foot & those big ol’ muscular arms & 1 good leg. Lol

      • Mel

        Helen, I only got on here to tell you that you called it!! Lol

    • Avatar

      Can I possibly add Christmas, Alex, & Raven to that List too??? This cast is UGH this year!

      • Ann

        Me too but I’ve got enough sense to know not to be the one to go after Christmas because that girl looks like she could still snatch the hell out of somebody, broke foot & all.

      • Jenny

        That comment was in response to the way she acts toward Josh. He’s not perfect, but come ON. She makes fun of him because she thinks he’s dumb, he throws it back at her and then she goes ballistic on him and her boyfriend Captain Testosteroni jumps in ready to kill the guy. The times he has tried to apologize, she just shuts him down and tells him he doesn’t exist and he needs to shut up and go away. The things those 2 have said to Josh are just way out of line. Not excusing any of the others for their bad behavior. Josh needs better coping skills, Paul is a jerk for egging him on, etc etc etc. Jessica is a mean girl and acts like she’s still head cheerleader when she’s really just, well, paid to be a hot girl, and we all know that’s not gonna last. *rant over*

      • Ann

        I realized it once I posted it. Sorry…

  11. Alda

    Josh had been saying that Jess was good people? i hope he has reconsidered that train of thought.Cody and Jess are two douche bags and deserve each other! Yelling and screaming at Josh and calling him a fat fuck! Send both their asses home! Oh yeah,and tell them to take their soiled sheets with them!

    • Jenny

      Josh is good people. He’s trying so hard to mend things with them but they’re too busy being rude. I hope Jess looks back on this and at least has the sense to be embarrassed by her behavior. Cody is a lost cause. If she’s dumb enough to stay with him, he might turn out to be an abuser. Definitely displays some warning signs.

  12. Avatar

    With all the crap between Jessica and Josh, he would probably still keep her if he gets to break the tie.

    The looks of shock would be priceless.

    I really hope it comes to that, and Raven hits the road.

    • Ann

      I don’t know why Josh is trying so hard to be friends with that tramp. Does he think they’ll be friends after the show? If thats what it is, with friends like that, he wouldn’t need any enemies. Give that BITCH the boot & move on.

      • Jenny

        I think Josh, for all his flaws, really wants to get along with everybody. He seems to genuinely feel bad after fighting with someone and I think his apologies are sincere. Is he a hothead? Sure. He has a lot of growing up to do. But he is at least trying. Has Jess ever apologized to anyone in the house for anything she has said or done?

  13. danmtruth

    Helen you were spot on great job
    Mark is holding strong against Paul and his BS defending Josh After Cody made Josh cry Now Paul is asking Paul who defended Mark when Josh went after him Now Paul is saying his sister was bulled

  14. AIO_7

    Mark won this debate; Paul is full of it and called Mark out in front of the group.


  15. Shivani33

    Jessica clutched her legs around a torpedo when she matched up with Cody. He is too much of a creep to ever hide it for long. Kevin has tried the most to reintegrate Cody into the game. Now, Kevin just said “we’ve gotta get him out” because Kevin sees that Cody is threatening people. Well, that hardass approach is exactly Cody’s plan. I do hope that Kevin stops talking game with him entirely. Jessica gets off on saying she’ll bring ruin on houseguests when the game is over. She has said way, way too much of this bullhockey. That is not playing the game, and she isn’t Marie Antoinette, except for maybe the guillotine end of the story, otherwise known as eviction. She has zero strategy beyond riding her delusional high horse. A huge disappointment as a player.

  16. g8trgirl

    @helen..can you tell me the winning lottery numbers? Lol.
    I’m sorry, but based on what I’m reading, Paul is taking this too far. Lighting the fire under Josh and pulling Mark in for no good reason except to fuel the fire even more is over the top. Enough already. It’s getting old. Is he going to do this with all his minions when it’s their turn to go?

  17. Avatar

    I don’t have Feeds, so can someone Please tell us what started the Fight in the Kitchen between Josh & Jessica?

  18. Avatar

    Lol. Wish I knew the lottery numbers !! I wouldn’t be a broke ass bitch watching live feeds everyday!! I’d probably be on a private yacht cruising the Mediterranean …….

  19. danmtruth

    g8trgirl Paul calls Mark out in front of most of the house Than gets him alone to try and smooth it over Try’s to align himself with Mark for his jury vote Telling him his sister was bullied just like Mark was Only problem was Mark was not buying into it This has gotten to a new low for both sides As he was telling Mark he did not condone Josh making things personal Josh comes in says he is going to stir shit up Pauls answer Do what you want
    Paul tries to say what Josh does is just game nothing personal like Cody Paul talks about Cody calling Josh Fat Hoping to make a connection with Mark Yet Marks comeback was why did’n’t any of the other HG call him out Just for the same reason nobody came to defend Mark when Josh was banging pots and pans They all thought it was funny

  20. Zach

    If Christmas’ goal was to get Jessica out, which it was, how did she use her temptation innapropriately? She kept Cody from playing the veto that he could have won and kept them both safe for the week. That’s two days in a row you have shown your bias Steve ol’ boy. I think you need to check yourself, unless of course your goal is to be a biased blogger… But I thought you portrayed yourself as the middle man.

    • Avatar

      Makes sense to me Zach. Christmas wants Jess out and she effectively used her veto to get what she wants. Jess used her veto when she could have absolutely made a deal with Paul for him to pull her down so Cody could exit the game and she could stay with her HEX in tact.

      Since she remained on the block she made the right move since she made the wrong move by telling everyone what her temptation was to begin with. Jess used her Hex because she had no other choice. She ran her mouth and exposed it and made herself a bigger target than Cody.

      Christmas’s temptation was the weakest of the three and I thought she actually used it effectively since her crippled self can’t do too much right now.

    • stevebeans

      It’s not ‘inappropriate’, but it was pointless. Why doesn’t Paul want Jessica in the jury? Because she and Cody will almost certainly vote against him (so he thinks). If they vote against him, who are they voting for? Christmas (assuming she’s in the f2 next to him). So she got Jessica and Cody to hate her and almost certainly topped their shit list to the point where they would now probably vote against her if she was in the f2 (obviously assuming Jessica won PoV, saved herself, and made jury)

    • LindsayB

      They are all brainwashed by Paul so everything they do is stupid!!

  21. ElaineB

    Josh feeling all ‘BMOC’ yelling at Jess that she is going out on his HOH. Lol, he wanted Elena out all this week.

  22. Avatar

    I understand people hating Paul and being frustrated at this house for blindly following him or so it seems, but I have a different perspective.

    Cody is a douche. He has played one of the worst games I have seen the past few years. Considering he had the following:

    * A seven person alliance that would allow him to pick off the outsiders like Alex, Jason, Kevin, etc.
    * HOH where Megan self-evicted allowing him to ween down the numbers of the “outsiders” some more
    * Won the battle back only to find out that his girlfriend was given a Hex providing him another week of safety
    * Winning immunity and having an opportunity to knock off Elena who Josh was wanted to target.

    He has had arguably more opportunity, with exception of Paul, so secure a dominate position in the game but he would rather have sex with Jess and threaten people. There is no reason that Jess and Cody could not have put their glands on hold for the week and been able to get one of the other two people out.

    Instead he wants to be a hard-ass and go around and threaten people and talk about their physical appearance. This is what I have seen from him all season and this is what Paul saw and why he unleashed Josh on him because Cody is just as an emotional basket case as Josh.

    This is why I had no sympathy for what happened to him last week and why I wish he would just be ran off the show. I am sick and tired of watching this waste of a competitor every day. The reason it seems like Paul has so much power is because everyone wants this douchebag out of the game. The game will stall until he is out. Clearly nobody wants to talk to play this game with him and I think this environment is not healthy for him.

    • LindsayB

      Agree 100%. What the Paul and minion haters don’t realize is that once the hated duo is out they won’t have that common enemy and goal. The house will be forced to divide. The game will be played. Paul will have to choose a side. You will all get what you’ve been wanting for so long.

      • Avatar

        Exactly Lindsay.

        I guess everyone thinks Cody is going to be the only one to challenge Paul. Cody was one of the worst players I have seen.

        There will be fireworks in a couple weeks. I have already seen Christmas, Kevin, and Jason begin to express at certain times the desire to take Paul out, but you can’t do that right now. Everyone hates these two pricks so much that is anyone back-doored Paul against Cody, then Cody would go home and Paul would target that HOH the next week.

      • LindsayB

        Also, why is it so wrong for Paul to egg on the fighting? What’s he supposed to do? Tell everyone to stop and get along so they can think about how to play the game better?? NO! He wants them distracted with this bullshit. HE IS PLAYING THE DAMN GAME!!

      • Ann

        @LindsayB, I see what you see. Paul is playing the damn game. Why be mad at him for that? He’s thinking long term, who will give him their vote in jury if he gets to the end & who can he control while in the house. Getting that jury vote is most important in the end. Yaaaas Lindsay yaaaas, I see you girl, I see you 100%.

      • Mel

        How does thinking Cody’s an idiot have anything to do with hating Paul? I guess I’m greedy and want both. I saw the funniest comment on twitter:
        Gina Marie-“I’m the dumbest player in BB history.”
        Cody-“Hold my beer.”

  23. hogwild

    I wonder if any of these idiots who keep trying to push Cody ovger the edge have considered the damage someone with his military background and training could do to one or more of them if they were to succeed? I don’t think anyone like that will happen precisely because of his military training but you would really think the what if would have entered someone’s mind.

  24. danmtruth

    The best thing to happen to Paul was Cody trying to backdoor him Saying he had safety for those 3 weeks also help It gave him the free time to spin his web It put Cody in a bad spot for not going to his team first to tell them of his plan This gave Paul free reign to organize his minions As I said in another post If Paul did not have that safety There is a good chance he goes home Buts &Nuts it is what it was Cody over played that first HOH not sure he still would not have problems because he and Jess had a bad habit of isolating themselves.
    My problem with Paul is just what he did today He used his weapon (his words about Josh ) to ask Jess if she could spell evict (glad i have spell check tho at times that does not help ) All act like the spoiled brats they are Things blow up ( as predicted by our Helen still waiting on those lotto numbers ) Mark was drawn into it latter Paul complains that C& J made Josh cry by being a bully Funny Paul’s answer is you must bully a bully !(?)!
    He sets these things in motion than try’s to play innocent Trying to shame Mark into agreeing with him about
    Josh being a victim. Paul mention his sister I have no idea if this is true I have no reason not to Paul is smart enough to know this would quickly be looked up on the internet In his talk with Mark it showed how lacking his logic was Mark stood up and ask Paul direct question that Paul could not answer When Mark would make a point Paul said it was just a game and not personal Mark pointed out no how do you draw the line between personal and game It’s like slapstick Whats the difference between tragedy and comedy It’s funny when someone else gets hit in the face with a pie

  25. Avatar

    Imagine for one moment….If Paul had not been Cast for Season 19 of Big Brother….Christmas most likely would have had one side of the House & Cody/Alex the other side of the house. Imagine if BB would have Cast 2 Veterans, Paul, & Victor, it would have been a whole different ballgame within the house. But 1st lets all remember that Vets are “always” given HUGE Advantages in Big Brother.

    *Would Megan had quit the game…Mostly likely.
    *Would Ramses & Dom been Evicted, Yes.
    *Will the atmosphere in the house get better when Jessica is Evicted, Nah.
    *Would there had been all of this Dysfunction, Hostility, & Venom been Unleashed within the house without
    Paul, Maybe.
    * Its more than Obvious that Cody is not suited for the Game of Big Brother, and Jessica wear her Emotions
    on her Sleeve. Which makes for a very Volatile House

    Currently within house there are Factions that are Encouraging the Hostility, we all know who they are….. I have wondered often if Victor had been cast this Season as the sole Vet would it have been Different, or is it just Paul, who is at the Center of all of this.

    Paul has admitted that the atmosphere in the House is Draining him, & maybe Allison Grodner should have Cast one other Veteran with him. I like Paul, but maybe with another Vet cast with him, it would have taken a lot of the heat off of him. At this point I think that this Season has become too much for Paul also, & it is wearing on him. It shows on all on his Face, & he is mindful of his Brand outside of the house might take a hit from this Dysfunctional House. Hang Tough BB Junkies, it will soon be over. :0)

  26. Lynn

    Please help me settle an argument with my son! I told him there is one hg this season who unites us all…….Raven……I cannot recall any of us who is a member of #teamraven? Any closet memebers of that club?

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