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Big Brother 19 Upcoming Schedule


As you know, the battle back competition will be airing tomorrow night in a special Friday edition of Big Brother. In order to prevent that episode from going unwatched, CBS is blocking the feeds from later today until after the west coast episode airs (roughly 9 pm pst).

This means the feeds until tomorrow night will either be extremely slow or off altogether because Thursday afternoons are typically spent with people sitting in front of mirrors getting ready.  What this means for you?  Take a break! Or stay here and chat about the house.  Or go catch up on some DVR.  The world is your oyster.

The house has been talking about the possibility of a battle back competition, so I’m a bit surprised talk hasn’t pushed more for Jess to get evicted, but there is always today.  Most seemed to have moved on to next week as once again a houseguest is doing little to no campaigning to remain in the house (Dom). Jess has been working hard to mend fences broken when Cody did the horrible thing of trying to nominate the biggest threat in the house, while Dom has spent most of the time in isolation.  It’s very frustrating to see this because nobody can really list a solid reason why Dom needs to be evicted right now.  For situations like that, even moderately skilled players should be able to talk their way out of the eviction, but Dom is just praying and hoping for some divine intervention.


There is still no word on who won the temptation this week.  Judging by the polls and the people involved, this makes me think Kevin or Alex won, although Jess was really relaxed after the feeds returned, so she’s a third possibility.  I think Alex or Kevin because neither really trust anyone in the house enough to tell them they won, and both have been high on popularity polls around the Big Brother world. I am still not sure anyone knows that Kevin is the one who took the $25k, so he’s pretty damn good at keeping a secret.  If I were to bet, I’d say Kevin is holding the power and will be able to stop one of the next four evictions.  This basically amounts to a week of immunity because it’s highly unlikely he’ll use it unless he’s the one sitting on the block. There is a chance he’d save Paul, but I would like to believe he’s smarter than that. We’ll see.

Regarding the battle back competition, this is how it will go (if they go by last year’s BB comp):

Round 1 – Cameron vs Jillian
Round 2 – r1 winner vs Cody
Round 3 – r2 winner vs Dom/Jess

Round 3 winner gets to return to the house.

Let’s run a quick poll…..

I’m off for a bit, but I will be posting the results from the first two weeks of popularity polls later on.  Week 3 is open for voting, so be sure to do that!


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  1. ElaineB

    Dom might have thought there would be an early battle back, if she has watched BB previously and with her direct line to God. This should have led her to ‘work the room’ and campaign to stay. Again, she is on the block against Jessica…*yawn*. I hope she doesn’t win a second chance, because I think she hasn’t made anything out of this first chance. Yea, I know, they have been mean to her. This is the g-a-m-e! It is time for Dom to head home.

  2. All the votes for Cameron are the Cody haters! He will actually stir up the house so it isn’t the Paul Puppet Show™.

    • LindsayB

      Or they may just be cuz they want to see what fresh meat would do to the game. I’d rather have Cody come back but the fresh meat option would be interesting to watch too.

    • Out of all I would like to see Cameron be the one to come back….not because I’m a Cody hater….because Cameron is the only one that has not had any chance to play…..Jillian had a chance…she had no game…she was as exciting and interesting as watching paint dry….Cody had his chance and most of my dislike for him comes from how he treated people ….same with both Dom and Jessica…both have had at least a chance to play……..

    • ElaineB

      Actually that is not true Jake. I was okay with Cody being evicted because he was too big for his britches, although I do applaud him taking an early shot at Paul. I didn’t like him in his gross-mance with Jessica. I would prefer Cameron to come back in because he is an unknown. Of the other choices, Cody would be my second choice, hoping that he would put his gross-mance to the side and play the game. By the way, in his interview with Jeff, Cody said he would work with Paul, if going back in, so the hope for an end to the ‘Paul Puppet Show’ may not end with Cody re-entering the house.

      • Ann

        If I were Paul I would not trust Cody. He already lied to him about not targeting him & in the same breath he turned right around & came for Pau with both guns ablazing even though he missed. Then he came for Christmas just because she was close to Paul & he missed again & got Jillian evicted. He is a cold hearted, psycho bully & I wouldn’t want any part of him. Paul could do the same thing & lie to him & use him but when it comes to endurance comps in the end, I don’t think Paul could win so he would have to take a shot at getting him out before the end. I don’t think I would take that chance other smiling in his face while I have a huge hunting knife buried in his back waiting for the right time to make that kill.

        Kevin will have to keep doing what he’s doing laying low & collecting cash anytime the opportunity arises. Kevin has had it in his mind from day 1 that he is not going home with empty pockets. If he can’t win 1st prize he’s got enough sense to get whatever cash he can while the getting is good. Now that’s what I’m talking about. I didn’t like Kevin in the beginning but he’s grown on me quite a bit once I figured out Mr. Kevin is playing these people & he knows what he’s doing.

        I’m sick of Mark’s big crybaby ass, all he needs is a diaper, a pacifier & a damn rattle. Miss Cleo just might get her Mark by the time she gets through showering & saying Hakuna Matata or whatever it is she’s chanting.

      • ElaineB

        And in the end, between stipends and money won along the way, some HGs have done better than landing in 2nd place, moneywise. I will encourage Kevin to pocket as much ‘for-sure scratch’ that he can, and though it is early I think he might have a shot as AFP.

  3. Zach

    Has anyone heard what the twist is going to be? Last week the live show mentioned that the battleback could be blocked and no one would return. Has there been anymore info on how this might happen?

    • not that I’ve heard, I think they’re trying to keep it under wraps until it actually happens, my guess is that accepting the halting hex allows the battle back to occur, since they said that the curse will effect th whole house, and a evicted player returning would effect the whole house

      • Colby

        The only thing about that is if the temptation wasn’t taken, what would they have done for the Friday show?
        I guess they could still do the battle back and then announce it was all for nothing.

      • very true. did they tell them this is the last temptation? if they knew, then it could heavily influence taking it. But also I believe Kevin, Alex, jess, and Dom were the top for it. Jess + Dom would take it, I feel like Kevin will take whatever he’s given (that $27 was hilarious though), and Alex talked about not taking it, but then again if I was granted that, there’s no way in hell I’m giving that temptation up lol

    • What’s with all the thumbs downs for Colby ? I think she has a good point.

    • LindsayB

      Zach, that’s the million dollar question right now. I think we are all scratching our heads trying to figure this one out. They’ve been very vague.

      • Zach

        Lindsay, yeah I completely agree. They’ve did really well keeping this under wraps. Normally there is at least a tiny leak of some sort.

    • They really should announce the power of the halting hex, at least to us and not necessarily the hg’s, before Friday’s battle back begins. It looks sketchy if it is announced AFTER we see who wins. There is no reason America can’t know before the battle back begins.

  4. I low-key want victor to host the battle back comps with a crown on since he’s the battle back king, it would be hilarious to bring him back in general for a comp

    • The only way you’ll see Victor back on the show is if he is part of the battle back and he comes into the house to help Paul since his 3 (actually 4) weeks of safety are up. LOL. Expect the expected!

  5. Colby

    I know the halting hex is to be used during the live eviction show, but I wonder at what point it is to be used. Before or after they know who is being evicted?
    I hope whoever got it is smart enough to keep their mouth shut and save it to use on themselves, but fear that the Paul worshipers will be stupid enough to use it on him. If he finds out they have it he will definitely work to convince them to.
    I really don’t think Jess has it because she again questioned Dom about having it in a late night conversation.

  6. Ann

    Ok, I’m just watching last night’s show & I’m freaking scared. What the hell is up with Dom in the shower? I almost turned my tv off. The girl is straight up trippin. One night I woke up to somebody talking like that on tv on the BET channel & it scared the living shit out of me. I started screaming & my youngest son who lives with me came busting in my room & I got the hell out of there & slept in another room with the light on & I do not turn my tv on BET after dark ever.
    Dom creeps me the hell out & if I had been in that house when she was doing that I would never be around her & I would not sleep alone. Hell, I would probably pull a Raven & attach myself around somebody’s damn neck.

  7. Ann

    Miss Cleo has got a lot of nerves to lay her ass up in that bed shedding tears because she feels like she was backstabbed. What in the hell is that she’s doing to Elena?
    Now Mark sitting there looking like Baby Huey just don’t know Miss Cloe does not want to be his sister, that nutjob wants her some Mark & Little Markie. Lol

    • Jannie

      Oh Ann, you’re a hoot!
      Hi everyone! I am in the game a little late, still catching up… Very busy summer dealing with a serious family health issue(my sister was diagnosed stage 4 melanoma 6 weeks ago)…so, yeah, getting adjusted to that. But I am getting my head in the game, just wanted to let you all know I have been reading and laughing…thanks all!
      So I just have a couple of observations about the players… They will change, I’m sure, because I still haven’t watched all of the episodes.
      Mark – wtf…seems like he is auditioning for a soap opera in the diary room.
      Kevin – I actually kind of like him. At least there are a few “over 30’s” in the house. And I saw him “being dad” with Ramses…his advice was crazy…but he may just be a really smart player.
      Dom – i agree with Ann, she was OK until she started the wacky talk…but I do want someone to go against Paul, because i am about done with his obnoxious personality. So I hope that either Dom or Cameron(poor Cameron) get back into the house.
      The rest I haven’t quite figured out yet…but I am liking this season better than last season, that was the worst! No one has made me want to throw a brick at the tv yet…
      Thanks again Stevebeans and everyone(NKog, Ann, Colby, danm, etc, etc…) – I may not be on much, but I am reading and being entertained by you all!

      • ElaineB

        Good to have you with us again Jannie!

      • Ann

        @Jannie, I’m so sorry to hear about your sister & my heart & prayers go out to you & your family. Just know if & when you need a little cheering up, all you have to do is log on to BB Junkies & I guarantee you’ll find something to laugh about & lift your spirits even for just a little while.

      • NKogNeeTow

        OMG, as I live and breathe….MY JANNIE IS BACK!!! I have asked about you several times. I missed you so much and am so glad you’re back (you were my ride or die like Mell is Gerardo’s…lol). Now if we could only get Franko, AmyElizabeth and Ryn back, all the old Regs would be in the same house.

        So sorry to hear about your sister. Saying prayers for her and your entire family. Considering what’s going on in your life, we understand if you can’t be with us on a regular basis. Just come back to us whenever you can. 🙂

        So glad to see you!

      • Colby

        Welcome back, Jannie!
        We’ve missed you and wondered where you have been.
        Sorry to hear about your sister.
        I look forward to hearing more from you.

      • Good to have you back! Prayers for your family.

      • Jannie

        Thanks everyone!
        Looking forward to the live show tonight.
        I’m starting to think I want Cameron back in the house. Dom or Cody are both too damn annoying. Give Cameron a second shot…poor kid never had a chance.
        Looks like I’m going to have to get caught up on these “temptations.” I don’t know who’s got what or what exactly they do, but I’m pretty sure I don’t like them!

      • Best wishes to you & your sister, Jannie.

  8. Wow. Feeds already down until tomorrow night at 9 pm………last I heard on them Matt and josh were telling Paul it was better to vote out Jessica……

    • I was upset, I thought we’d at least have a few more hours, but if there’s a possible vote flip, that could be a reason to shut off feeds to keep it as a possible surprise with the one tonight. if they do, id be down with it since it could again save Dom for jury, if she does go, I’ll have to find a new fav for the season to win

      • Im with you @ike7482 I’m a Dom fan too. People like Paul and Dominque need to remain in the house to take a shot at the snake.

      • I meant Cody not Paul

      • Zach

        I don’t really understand you calling Paul a snake. He is playing the best game I’ve seen since Derek.

      • LindsayB

        Zach, this may be too soon but I think you may be my BBJ ride or die. I realize this is like making a F2 deal on day one in the house, but so far everything you’ve had to say is perfect in my book.

        Please don’t start speaking in tongues and ruin this.

      • Ann

        @Lindsay, so now you’re cheating on me with Zach after u just told me you loved me? What do I need to do, get in the shower & start talking like Dom? Is that what you want? Lmao

      • Zach

        Lindsay, you’ve actually been one of my favorite commentators on this site. I agree our opinions tend to line up. Oh man, I sound like a super fan who just teamed up with a returning vet. Please don’t backdoor me And Ann don’t worry we can cut you in for a final 3 pact. Haha

      • LindsayB

        Ann, you may have to tell your kids that you’re in a threesome. That’ll get you some quality time with them.

      • Ann

        @Lindsay, quality time my ass, they would probably try to throw me in the first old folks home that would take me. Lol

    • NKogNeeTow

      Oh thank God. Now I can finally take my azz to bed at a normal time. Don’t judge…lol

  9. Ann

    I can’t stand the way Dom talks to people like she’s talking in riddles & wanting you to answer her damn questions. What the hell kind of conversation is that? I would most definitely have to tell her ass don’t come talking to me playing no riddle me this, if you’ve got something to say then say it & move your ass around & away from me. Im sorry but that irritates the pee waddling shit out of me to be talked to like we’re in some elementary school class.

    • NKogNeeTow

      I think what annoys me about her most is that she questions people like they owe her answers, yet when asked, she never answers any questions. That’s when I’d have to dismiss her azz.

      On a positive note, she has one of the most beautiful complexions I’ve ever seen.

      • NK I agree with you… I actually like Dom but her lack of strategy and game play is obvious. Her riddles and side talking are annoying and further ostracized her away from her team, making her disposable. I’m not crying when she leaves, neither should Mark… she didn’t fight to stay. Her tantrum is a direct contradiction of her faith in God and in her teammates.

  10. I’m confused why are people so in favor of Cody coming back into the house? I understand he would stir up the house, but his shtick is boring & at times bullying. I don’t know, a fresh person coming into the house could help tilt the tides a bit.

    • CLangley

      Completely agree!!! I can not stand him. He acts like he’s so much better than everyone else while being creepy and a bully at the same time.

      • See that’s the thing. I can’t stand the bully act. Does anyone seriously believe that Jessica won’t go back to her snobby ways if Cody comes back? Another thing, did they even add much of drama to the house? I mean they turtled as soon as everyone was onto Cody’s BS.

    • NKogNeeTow

      Jbeer, how about NOBODY coming back into the house?!?!

      • You know that’s not a bad idea either. You had your shot this season. If you want to come back, maybe CBS will be nice to bring you back. I’ve always wanted a season either on Survivor or Big Brother to return all the 1st evicted house gifts from the prior seasons & let them really try to play the game.

      • Alda

        That’s even better.Lock the damn door!

      • ElaineB

        Oh NK, from your lips to BB gods ears! That would be great!

    • I guess many people feel that Paul is a bully (see definition below) and the best way to deal with a bully is with another bully. Despite the fact that Cody told Paul he wanted to work with him if he stayed. Don’t believe it.

      “Bully: a person who uses strength or power to harm or intimidate those who are weaker.” Weaker not only refers to strength but lack of smarts and common sense. We have a house full who fit that mold.

      • He was all about his own agenda, and was incapable of playing nice with others. I know you have to play your own game, but his style is not one anyone could work with. Heck Jess was with him every waking moment & he wouldn’t let her in. Come on now…

    • I for one want Cody back, for exactly that – he will stir it up.

      He is a competition beast. He may get on some peoples nerves, but it’s all about having the best players outplay and outsmart each other.

      I would rather have a great competition, instead of having a player coast to the end, and have a boring season.

      For me, that’s why I think it’s good to have Cody back in.

  11. Mimi Ryan

    Hi All….. Cody hater here. I’m going to bring up a couple of things. Cody asked Jess to be his GF outside of BB. I can see it now…… James & Nat all over again. And he’s 32 not 20 something. And does Jess know he has a kid? Now, if he gets back into the BBH……. Will he have learned anything about game play? I would love to see Cameron get s chance to play. If Jess is evicted, and someone like Cody go back in…..?

  12. CLangley

    Ok I’m confused on the temptation. If they block an eviction is the other person on the block automatically evicted? Do they put up another player in the other person place and they all vote again or once the blocked eviction is used nobody gets evicted? Sorry if I just confused the heck out of everyone else with this post but if I did, now you know how I feel. Hahaha

    • LindsayB

      We don’t know. We have lots of speculation but none of us really know.

      • CLangley

        Well good at least I know I’m not alone in the confusion. Lol

      • That’s what I’ve always hated about these care package/temptation vote things….while they seem to us to be straightforward there always seems to be some thing just a little different than what we thought we were voting on….I also don’t like the consequence thing….supposed to be something that affects the whole house but yet seems to single out an individual player….

    • I saw on a forum that talked about all three of the temptations before all were revealed showed that it “halts” the eviction, so there’s no vote, no one leaves the house, they just go do the next hot and then go back to the normal week

      • That made zero sense to me lol..

      • like Instead of any vote, they would stand up and pull out the hex and say something like “the den of temptation granted me this, and I’m using it to halt this eviction”, and if my theory is correct, then they would anncouce that the curse is a player returning in a battle back

      • I thought there was a list somewhere of all the den of temptations? No?

      • Makes sense though. If someone stops an eviction, no one is evicted. I was thinking the other evictee would go home automatically but maybe not. That’d be interesting, Dom and Jess stays, Cody comes back.

      • I thought about that, but since you don’t have to exclusively be on the block, they wouldn’t have anyone to automatically go home. Like if mark got it (no way in hell that he did), and he wasn’t being an ass to Dom, he could use it for her, or if Jason hot it and randomly used it for jess, then there’s no one to automatically go home. If it was meant only to be used in yourself, then maybe, but this is all up in the air since they love to keep us on the edge of our feet

      • there was a list, but they had like the information for them all rather than just the names of them, so who knows, these 5 hours can’t pass by quick enough lol

    • NKogNeeTow

      CL, you just confused the hell out of me….rofl

  13. Last week I wanted Cody gone now I want him back! I guess the fans flip flop too. lol

    • Ditto on that… often times I find the ones I originally root for in the beginning I will end up changing my mind on later…who knows …it’s entertaining…and Cody was the only one who stood up against Paul, hopefully without Jess there as a distraction he can play a better social/mental game and not be such an asshat/bully. I still haven’t decided who I am rooting for at this point…I thought maybe Kevin but not sure…imma flipping flopper too!!!!

      • I’m with you @monkicorn. I like Kevin too. Honestly if he won, it be the first someone his age wins, rt?

      • Ann

        @Cyn, count me in with you & monkicorn, I want Kevin to slide on into home plate with those pockets fat & full. Can you imagine the looks on the others faces when they find out Kevin ain’t no fool & he knew what he was doing all along.

      • thats what has me Kat Daddy Kev a sly ol fox or just a dumb luck ol goat? whatever he is he is a straight trip and a half! entertaining AF. ! i may be mistaken, wouldnt be the first time, but do we still have a loooooong way to go until the final two? i was liking that lil spit fire alex, but idk now that she is following along with paul…i would like paul alot better and give him his game cred if wasnt so irritating and arrogant but i think that is just how HE IS..its EXHAUSTING….and no need to be just mean especially to someone who really isnt doing anything to you, game play or not, if the roles were reversed not cool ever.

  14. Zach

    If Cody comes back and forms an Alliance with Paul. Would it be the strongest two person alliance in the history of BB? Cody has challenges down pat, I think he won every one he was in this season. Paul has taken his social manipulation to another level that I’d put on par with how Derek worked the house in his season.

    • LindsayB

      It would be epic. The two together would dominate and the suspense of finding it when they turn on each other would add a whole new level of awesomeness.

      • Zach

        It definitely would be interesting to see. Sure the next few weeks might be “boring” but after that I think once we get to jury things would heat up. Especially if there is another battleback comp lurking in the future(I personally think there will be) side note: have you ever tried out for BB? I went last season to a local casting call but didn’t hang around to get interviewed.

      • Colby

        I think Cody may have learned a thing or two, and may do things very differently. I do think he may work with Paul, right up until enough of the others realize that Paul has to go if they want any chance of winning, and then he will boot him in a heartbeat.
        But Jessica needs to go.

      • LindsayB

        I haven’t. I would love to be on it.

      • Zach

        Colby, I just don’t see Cody having the social game to turn the house on Paul. He could surprise me, but he has already shown his cards. It’s hard to change peoples perception of you so far into the game.

      • Zach

        Lindsay, you should go to a casting call. The worst they can say is thanks but no thanks. I’m all about life experiences, and that would probably be the highlight of life experiences lol. I wish they would do a season of fans only. No one with a secondary agenda to further their career or to get some publicity to launch themselves into the public eye. I wanna see real people, I think it could be quite entertaining because everyone would be paranoid to a certain extent due to their knowledge of how the game actually works.

      • Colby

        Zach, I didn’t mean he would try to turn the house on Paul because it would get back to him too easily. I meant that if and when the other realize it and are ready to do that, Cody would jump on board.
        Maybe……….we will see.

      • Ann

        @Zach, I think Cody is set in his ways & he still won’t be able to play nice with others because dude is straight up crazy. I’m with you on this one.

      • Ann

        @Zach, I wish they would get just everyday people too. I would also like to see them with a season of old school people our age, well I don’t know how old or young you are but I’m 50, 51 or 52, I stopped counting at 40. Lol…We already know how the young kids play the game.

      • Zach

        @ann Cody is a one trick pony. And i’m 30 but I agree. I’d like to see maybe a group of HGs 30+ in age. I think the game would be more tedious but at the same time I think it could be interesting to see how it’s played differently. Survivor casts a lot of older people and it’s still a wildly popular reality TV show. I think BB could do the same. Or at least mix it up more with more seasoned players. Some of my favorites have been older players like Donnie from a few years ago and Kevin this season.

      • Mel

        Lindsay, we’d all be cheering you on but since we hang out with you here…. you don’t strike me as someone who would keep their mouth shut and their opinions to themselves. You may leave early but you would make a splash! Lol

    • jimbo

      Except Derek was REALLY low key. It was impressive; he pushed the house without ever really feeling like he pushed the house. Paul isn’t low key, and still nobody, aside from Cody and Dom, see the true threat he is.

      • i have to agree jimbo …. even thugh i am not feelin paul right now and Ann i agree on the vintage cast….these youngsters they cast know they are pretty much going to a resort for the summer, and they milk it for allllll they can….i just dnt get how they do THOTish things to be out in the “dark web” cloud forever….guess no one cares?

      • I see both Matt and Kevin to be much bigger threats than Paul!! Raven is also….she is a lifelong scammer…..she may not have the physical strength but she’s sneaky and devious… dream final 3 has always been and will continue to be Alex,Kevin and Paul……

      • I bet Kevin sees Paul as being the biggest threat. It’s still a little early to make the move, because it seems like he is allied with everyone.

        But the whispering will start. They’ll start to question if Dom was right or not.

        I’m hoping Paul will be in the juryhouse within 3 weeks.

    • Mel

      I haven’t had time to comment today but Ann-you’ve been cracking me up, Dan-the beach boner is back at it today, Angel-you’re right about pentocostal churches still speaking in tongues or some claiming they do, (I told my junior high church story a day or two ago) Janine- I’m so sorry to hear about your sister but am glad your back, Nk-glad you have your ride or die because BB isn’t complete without it, Zach-The greatest duo in BB history is BY FAR Will and Boogie (2X) and the runner up for me would be Danielle and Jason in BB3.

  15. Shivani33

    The only thing clear to me about the Halting Hex is that it can be used on any of the next four evictions. It would stop anyone at all from going home that week. The players don’t know anything about Friday’s Battle Back. The Battle Back is going to happen Friday, regardless. Maybe the temptation winner has been told that accepting the Hex unleashes the chance for someone who was evicted to come back into the game. I say this keeping in mind that we viewers know about the Battle Back show on Friday and the players are in the dark about it.

    Supposedly this 3rd temptation is the last one of its kind. This doesn’t mean that much. Production can unleash a new way to keep things complicated. Plus the Battle Back and any possible double evictions are going to mess with the players’ plans and schemes anyhow.

    What I wonder is WHEN the temptation may start to be used. Will it effect this eviction tonight or not? We don’t have to wait much longer to find out, especially on the east coast when we’ll know plenty more in 4 to 5 more hours.

    Raven and Matt were approaching Paul about voting out Jessica instead of Dominique, trying to see whether he’d be open to it. Obviously these two don’t dare risk pissing off Paul by just voting Jessica out – by voting as they would choose. Geez.

    • I see it as opposite…..Kevin may have been the one to get it…stipulation may be it can be used during the next four evictions but if not used tonight then another player returns… would make more sense…if halting hex is used tonight it leaves 13 housepets….if not used it goes to 12 with battle back taking it back to 13..,,,it may be why Kevin told camera in HOH last night….I find don’t feel good!

  16. Shivani33

    To me, it’d be marvelous if Kevin got his hands on this Halting Hex. He’s not only entertaining. He’s a gambling man, he’s pretty crafty as a player and he has a good heart, as evidenced by the way he treats people. Also, no matter what he says or how diplomatic he keeps things, I think that Kevin sees Paul much more realistically than anyone else in the house. It’s like that beautiful Jimi Hendrix song.

    Kevin: ” Have you ever been experienced? Well, I have.”

    • Zach

      I agree with you, Paul is playing the best game but Kevin is the dark horse and IMO 2nd best player this season. He sees that he can sit back and let Paul control things and go along with Paul so he does not pose a threat(similar to how Paul was with Paulie last season before he lost his marbles) I think if Kevin can stick around long enough he will be the one to take Paul out. Kind of like Steve sending Vanessa packing right before the finale.

    • NKogNeeTow

      Don’t get me wrong, I love Kevin, but he doesn’t treat people as well as they (HG) think. He does show a sensitive caring side..when he’s in front of them, but behind their backs, he talks about them just as badly as the rest of them. Case in point: He’s always encouraging and joking around with Josh, Ram, Xmas and Raven, but behind their backs he says Josh is an idiot, Ram and Raven are annoying and he wants all 4 of them gone.

      • Zach

        @nkogneetow agreed, Kevin is just street smart. He isn’t a nice guy, but also doesn’t ruffle feathers and knows when to talk and when to keep his mouth shut.

      • NKogNeeTow

        Right Zach! I like that he can keep his mouth shut (although he did tell Paul about the $25K, which might come back to bite him later). Some of them have started to suspect him but none have been able to actually catch him yet. I hope it’s a while before they do. I’d very much like for him to stick around for a bit longer.

    • Colby

      I wanted Alex to get it, but since it is now obvious that she also has her head up Paul’s butt, I hope Kevin did get it. I think he will keep it to, and for, himself.

  17. NKogNeeTow

    Now that we’ve got some down time, I’d like to take a minute to b!tch about a couple that I’ve been bitching about for the last few weeks. Heck, maybe I’ll take some time over the next 24 hours to express my thoughts on a few others. But for now…Mark and Elena.

    Everyone has noted how much time Grody and Messica spent together when he was in the house. Yet no one has talked about how much time these two spend together. Not only are they together almost constantly during the day, but notice that they are ALWAYS the last to go to bed every night. My belief is that it’s because Mark wants more alone time with her and she wants more time on camera.

    At first, only Elena annoyed me. Now Mark has shot up to an even keel. She is a selfish, self centered, narcissistic, ball-buster. And he is just an overgrown, walking, talking p*ssy. Not because he cries, there is nothing shameful about a man crying (Ram cried because they thought he was a trader; last year Paul cried because he thought he might get kicked out of the house; Cowpoke cried because he broke Xmas’ leg; Josh cries because he feels like he’s embarrassing his family, when in reality, they probably don’t give a damn what he says or does as long as he brings home the $$$). He’s one because he no longer cares about winning anything other than her approval and affection.

    He spends 90% of his time wrapped around her like a python, cooing, making goo goo eyes, planting kisses and trying to cop a feel. She spends 90% of her time flaunting her “assets” in front of everyone, especially Mark and Paul (with and emphasis on Paul, which I’ll get to in a second). She taunts and teases Mark constantly and he falls for it every time. She presses her body, as well as body parts, closely against him, she kisses him, then when he responds, tells him she doesn’t like to be touched. She eviscerates, obliterates and emasculates him with her words every chance she gets (and she gets a lot).

    She also has this obsession with Paul. It is not reciprocated. He laughs and plays along with her (to a certain extent), but shows no real interest. She tries to use Paul to make Mark jealous, which it does. But Mark won’t say anything to Paul because, well because he’s a p*ssy. (Let me take a moment to note that if noticed, Mark only goes after people like Josh or Ram, who he perceives as weak). She tries to use Mark to make Paul jealous, but to no avail. At first, she would only pull up on Paul when Mark wasn’t around. Since Paul isn’t impressed with her vamp act, she tries harder now and is just blatant about it. Case in point, last night everyone was in the wave room (sans Mark). Elena was laying in Paul’s arms and she was running her hand up and down his chest. She starts to play with her nipple and makes a remark about it. Paul pays no attention to it (she has the weirdest obsession with her own breast). Mark comes in and snuggles up behind and puts his arm around her waist. She never moves away from Paul and Mark doesn’t say a word…because he’s a p*ssy. Paul finally sits up and she has no choice but to let him. That’s just ONE example, we have witnessed many more.

    I’m ready for both of them to be gone. I’m sick of his adventures into masturbation (see last night’s Live Feed for that conversation) and I’m sick of her adventures into ways to make him masturbate. Hell, as sickening as Cody and Jessica were together, they never were nearly as overly sexual as these two. At this point, I just want the HG to kick them out the house and let them go get a room (although most likely Mark would be checking in alone).

    • Zach

      In Elena’s defense, she does have really great tits.(cut me some slack, I’m a guy) LMAO but I agree she is pretty annoying and very self centered/diva. Is it just me or are the ladies on this season more slooty sloots than normal? I don’t ever remember the female cast ever being this forwardly sexual toward the guys, at least not to this volume. As for Mark, I really think he is on steroids. I was a nurse for several years before I got into the IT side of healthcare and most of the male patients we had who were on steroids were very emotionally unstable, especially when they came off of them(he obviously can’t take them while he is on the show)

    • ElaineB

      At this point in my ‘BB watching life’ I don’t root for anyone in a gross-mance. Over the seasons, the ‘forced physical’ nature of relationships has become more obvious, in part due to the fact that Production wants voyeuristic feed viewers to subscribe.

      • NKogNeeTow

        Agreed Elaine, but at this point, if we are voyeurs, then the Production crew are sex addicts. You would think that even though these HG know they are on national TV, they wouldn’t try to have sex, even sneakily. Production will shout out warnings about them not having their mics high enough, dancing or singing, but say nothing when they are trying to “get down”. Goes to show you the things they are REALLY interested in.

      • ElaineB

        Production crew=sex addicts.

      • That’s exactly why I will cancel my live feeds if Cody comes back in with Jessica there…..the production /camera crew fixates on those people…..hours of at least two feeds fixed on mark and elana when they are together….the other two will be fixated on Cody and Jessica…..somewhere someone else must be doing something!!

    • ShoeLover

      Yeah…. that’s a fast forward moment for me!! I try to engage in some of their conversation, but just can’t get past how DIFFERENT they are!! Ready for tonight’s live show!!

    • ohgawd.this is why i cant stay focused on the live feeds because blondie is usually doing something softpornish idk…. it makes me feel like i need to leave the room…i just dont get why theses bb hg dont care what they are putting out to the world? is this a good thing these days?i know about the any publicity is good publicity but who is this girl? is this what she wants to be known for? what a waist of 15 min of fame. dummy. i would say hope she gets pregnant, but thats not ok either. i read the post here so i dont have to douse my eyes in bleach after i see what i can not unsee…lol..but i do love this show…but thank you all who do watch it all and take it for the team!!!!

  18. jimbo

    No problem that Dom believes in God, but God doesn’t care who wins BB. That said, make jokes about her if you want, but she is one of only two people who have figured out who is the biggest threat in the house. Cody and Dom both figured out that Paul was, indeed, THE SNAKE. What do they get for this? Evicted. All hail King Paul, speak badly of him and be DESTROYED!

    • Zach

      Jimbo, just like Derek. Every time someone started to figure his game out, he manipulated the house to evict them. You can not like Paul, but you have to respect the game he has played so far.

      • jimbo

        I gotta say, though, that Derek was so smooth about it that it wasn’t as obvious. Paul is almost wearing a IM FUCKING YOU shirt right in front of everyone, playing hard. Derek never seemed to play hard…he simply sounded like the voice of reason to other HGs.

      • Zach

        Derek was definitely smooth, probably one of the best BB gamers of all-time. Definitely top 3-4. So with that being said, Paul obviously isn’t playing as well as Derek, but his game is mimicking Derek’s. You know what they say, imitation is the best form of flattery.

      • ElaineB

        I have more respect for Derrick’s game play than for Paul’s.

    • ElaineB

      Now Paul’s three-weeks of safety is over. If the HGs really are onto Paul and want him out, now is the time. Other than if he wins HOH or Veto, they have no excuse. They have the numbers, but do they have the guts! Paul is only in control if the HGs let him, and he only has sway over them, if they let him. It is in their hands….we will all see what they do.

    • NKogNeeTow

      Nature of the game Jimbo, nature of the game.

      • jimbo

        Or, the mental capabilities of those around Paul. Always easier watching it on TV, but, really, did ANYONE watch him at all last season? He only became “friendship” Paul after his hard play at the very start of last season with Victor put him on the same level as Jessica this year on the totem pole. He worked his way up with going low-key and his “friendship Paul” BS. People forgot about him for a while and they went after each other, saving Paul. But, could any HG have watched last season and not realized Paul is a snake in his gameplay?

      • ElaineB

        Cody said early on that Paul didn’t make it to F2 by being loyal to everyone. No one seemed to pay attention, because they were blinded by the cocky attitude of Cody. I will give him that statement, because it could be prophetic if not heeded by the HGs.

      • Zach

        @jimbo, I think that’s the reach. Last season Paul was never on the level of Jessica. No one thought of him as a threat the entire game. Yeah initially they thought he was a very brash dude. But, not a threat and definitely grew on people as the game went on. Also, last season he was pretty loyal to people he said he would be loyal to. This season, he has changed it up, used what people knew about him from last season and played them with it.

      • jimbo

        What I mean is, level on the totem pole. Right now, Jessica is rock bottom. After Paul was arrogant and a jerk at the start, brashly stating he was going after all “vets”, that they didn’t “deserve” another chance, he and Vic were immediately attacked and their game’s destroyed — so I mean he was in the same power position as Jess is now. This was the first 2 weeks — re-watch. He was a brash jerk, no mincing words, and he’s lucky they got Vic out first. He went low-key, kissed Paulie’s ass, and then “lasted” as other people (mainly Paulie) caused issues that made everyone forget newly formed”Friendship Paul.”

      • NKogNeeTow

        Like it or not Jim, this game is built upon deception. It practically relies on it! If it wasn’t Paul doing it, it would be someone else. So….

      • NKogNeeTow

        Jim, since Dom is the one going home, I’d say she’s the one at the bottom of the totem pole.

      • Ann

        @ElainB, you’re right about that, Cody put his own foot in his ass &it sent him right out the door.

    • jimbo

      Well, I never said Paul was the LOWEST at the start of last season, but pretty low. Jess is, too, pretty low. Neither Paul last season (after 2 weeks) nor Jess now have any power, or were a threat. Paul was neutered for like 6 weeks, the “friendship” Paul wormed (snaked) his way back in.

  19. Shivani33

    @nkogneetow Elena acts like a swinger, sexually speaking. I was acquainted with a person who put a new age spin on being with multiple lovers and she was into what she called polyamory. She never married and had no children but had a trust fund, so no need to work. She wanted to have sex with people who didn’t choose to form exclusive relationships. Polyamory, of course, has a wiki page and lots of other exposure. I don’t think that Elena is sophisticated enough to be into polyamory and might not have heard of it. She’s more like an old-fashioned bordello madame. Her picture could appear below the definition of “bawdy.” It looks like she is afraid of commitment for personal reasons, and Mark is much too needy to float her boat.

    • jimbo

      I’m not sure if that made your acquaintance “sophisticated.”

      • Shivani33

        I don’t find it attractive or sophisticated either. Polyamory, as I said, is supposed to be new age stuff and has a following who think of themselves as a step above swngers. It’s swinging with “good manners” and individual boundaries and rules that are supposedly agreed upon to avoid jealousy and attachment situations. Elena is not a new age goddess type. I doubt that she’s heard of polyamory. Elena seems to like a good time ho’ down. She mentioned her father bringing a longhorn steer into her dorm room.

      • NKogNeeTow

        Shi, I thought polyamory was a person who doesn’t identify as male or female and has no preference in sexual partners (they love who they love). I could be wrong, but that’s the way a self proclaimed polyamory person explained it to me. Until then, I had never heard of the term before.

      • Zach

        @nkogneetow Polyamorous is actually the practice of having multiple people in a relationship. I’m not involved in the practice, but I know of people who are. Example: a person is in a relationship with 3 others at the same time, with all of them knowing it. Similar to the show sister wives.

    • NKogNeeTow

      See Shi, I don’t think she’s afraid of commitment. I think she just wants to be the center of every man’s dreams and attention. She loves playing the part of sex kitten. Thing is, she really isn’t that sexy. She just thinks she is. She comes off more as being gaudy and cheap. A dime store Marilyn Monroe.

      • She does not limit her affections to Mark and Paul….I have seen her fondling Christmas and Jessica too…..

      • NKogNeeTow

        I was so busy talking about the 2 fellas, I forgot all about that Helen…lol. The girl is like a sexual pendulum. She swings from one extreme to another.

      • Colby

        She has also tried with Matt.

      • Shivani33

        Lol. More like Mae West to me. She likes to get a rise out of men and women alike. Pun intended.

      • She is fascinated with Paul though…she can not keep her hands off…….I think it shocked her a couple of days ago when she kept trying to rub her boobs on Paul that he told her to stop,that she was making him uncomfortable…….she stopped but is right back at it!
        If I were Paul’s “little burrito ” I’d be sending him the next HOH letter and telling him to tell that BBB ( big bosomed biatch) to keep her hands and boobs to herself!!

  20. Shivani33

    Former BB player Wil “ain’t nobody got time for 2 ells” Heuser has 3 BB19 videos out so far this Season, playing Julie Chen, Cody, Paul, Jessica, etc. with his comic satire and costume talents still bringing some fabulous entertainment. And there’s more Raven stuff, also on youtube. “Raven Exposed” shows some interviews with Raven’s mother that could be straight out of a horror movie. The woman who made the video has said that she’s working on Raven Exposed part 2.

    • Mel

      I saw that and it was pretty interesting. Have you seen the 1 minute video of Ravens mother talking with the doctor? It was very strange.
      I watch Wils Saga every year!

      • Ann

        @Mell, how do I get to watch the Ravens scamming videos?

      • Mel

        I saw the clip of her and the doc on twitter, I’ll look back for it and let me see if I can find the you tube video/story for you

      • Mel

        @Tooms_BB is the Twitter account I saw the videoon. It BB Tom’s (the one who claims to use the megaphone to yell stuff at the hgs. The tweet said they saw it on instagram, the mothers I’m assuming. You can tell she’s trying to get him to say certain things but he’s very careful with his wording and then she asks him a question, I think about people dying or something terminal and the video abruptly ends, suspiciously before his answer. I’m still looking for the other one.

      • Mel

        Raven Exposed Party #BB19 is one of the videos

      • Shivani33

        Most of this stuff that I’ve seen is on youtube, with one exception that I linked from Jokers. Raven Exposed is a video that showed up as a youtube offering, since youtube looks at your search history and recommends its various videos to you based on your search history. It’s very convenient.

  21. ElaineB

    For every ‘thumbs down’ I am going to use ‘mad Bronte math’ and mentally turn it into a +2 ‘thumbs up’.

  22. Dom or Jess, Cody is coming back with a vengeance, Josh get your diapers ready

  23. Mel

    Dan, I’m blaming you! Guess what tune is stuck in my head…

    Beach boner, beach boner give me your hand
    Give me something that I can remember….

  24. Mimi Ryan

    Josh OMG, Seriously Dude . . . .. . WTH? He needs to get a fricken grip. He was all over the place with Mark. Josh has no credibility. Remember what you say and stick with it, or people will see you as being easily manipulated and not someone of their word. Josh is trying to play, but, clearly has issues. Good Luck Josh, because Mark is a man of his word and he didn’t play badly as you did. Like Josh when you were yelling as Mark was taking his shot.

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