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Big Brother 19 – Veto Ceremony Day Feed Updates


Happy Monday, everyone!  It’s time for the veto meeting inside the Big Brother house which may or may not be a pointless week.

I know I’ve been saying it is a pointless week, but Paul has been trying really hard to prevent that. As you aware, Jessica revealed her hex secret to the house which apparently was to prevent being nominated for the next 3 weeks. It wasn’t a very well thought out plan, but then again most of the strategy by her and Cody aren’t very well thought out.  It was the classic Survivor move of pretending you’re safe or even showing off your real immunity idol so people vote for someone else.  Except the difference is that typically happens right before a vote (to throw everyone off without giving them a chance to re-strategize) and there is no rule where you can’t lie.  The only time they know for certain is when they hand the idol over to Jeff and he tosses it in the fire because it’s a fake (I’ve only seen that happen like once. Someone believed they had the real idol).

With Big Brother, Jessica said she has to be honest about her hex powers. She has the option to not share the information, but if she does choose to share it, she can’t lie about a power she doesn’t have.  This took about a day of grilling before she confessed that it’s a power that stops the nomination.  After Paul came up with about 3-4 different ways to handle this, she revealed even more about the hex.  By not only revealing she had the power but revealing exactly what it is, she got herself nominated (though she would probably be nominated regardless) and lost a ton of negotiating leverage moving forward.


Paul has been trying to cut deals for her not to use the hex and the house sends Cody home.  It’s hard to tell if she’s actually considering it or humoring Paul, but the fact that she’s entertaining the offer is absurd.  Jessica tried to cut a deal with Paul where she gets 2 weeks of not being nominated, and the house votes Alex out during that period in order to not use the hex. That’s it. 2 weeks and a false promise of voting out Alex.  Of course Paul is telling her what she wants to hear even though he has no intention of honoring that deal, but that won’t matter because once Cody is gone, Jessica is completely toothless. On top of that, they already have a plan to nominate her next to Alex, pretend they’re going to vote out Alex so she doesn’t use the hex, and then vote her out instead.

Out of this entire cast, they gave us two people with the balls to stand up to Paul and one is a psychopath and the other is an absolutely terrible player who continues to believe people who lie to her on a weekly basis.  I mean Jessica couldn’t even negotiate a deal to get herself off the block. That should have been the first thing she demanded. “Look, Paul. If you want to build trust with me, you take me off the block. It’s that simple. If you don’t, the hex will be used and your HoH will be pointless”.  Done.  And to dig the knife in deeper, she still should use it.

Paul is expected to remove Jason from the block today and the feeds are down for the ceremony, so when they return, I’ll tell you what happened!

  • 12:05 pm – Feeds are back
    • Paul used the veto on Jason
    • Jessica doesn’t seem too upset. Sounds like she may use the hex which is really her only option.  If she doesn’t, she doesn’t deserve to be on the show
  • 12:30 pm – Jessica is talking about the veto meeting.
    • I guess someone said something (Jason) giving Jess a compliment but trashing Cody. She wasn’t thrilled
  • 12:45 pm – Jessica is in the rose room confronting Raven
    • She says that she walked in the room and saw Raven do something weird with the veto
    • Raven pulls a “let me look you in the eyes” and Jessica shuts it down by saying “Raven, you looked me in the eyes on Thursday for your vote”
    • Jessica says that looks really bad and left the room
    • Raven pulls Jess and Cody into the apple room to talk
    • Raven tries to explain the weird and pointless thing that Jessica is upset about. Raven is all shook up trying to explain it
    • Raven rambles on and on about how she wasn’t really talking bad about Jessica
  • Raven leaves
    • She goes to retell the conversation to Kevin, Jason, and her boss (Paul)
  • 1:05 pm – Raven’s crew goes in to talk to Jessica
    • Kevin interrupts his shave to tell Jess they weren’t talking about her
    • Meanwhile, Raven is in the other room crying and Paul is making it sound like Jess was harassing her
  • Everything breaks up and now Jason is in the pantry with Alex
    • Jason is telling Alex everything, including how Jason was pointing to Jess and how Jess saw it in the mirror
    • The group told Raven to start crying
    • Alex is cracking up over all this
  • 1:20 pm – The group is all together talking about what is going on
    • Jason randomly mentions he doesn’t think Cody was in the military because he taped up his dogtag
    • Paul is asking the group why Jess/Cody have them by the nuts if Paul has the HoH/PoV.  If she uses the hex, she’s gone. If she doesn’t, he’s gone.
    • I can’t wait until Cody and Jess are gone and these people get to play victim wondering why Paul is after them – because he will be
  • 2:00 pm – I’ve been listening to the feeds from bed for the past 30ish minutes. Here is the summary of what was said…
    • Paul wanted to defend Raven because he doesn’t like to see people bullied
    • Paul wants to spend the next week having the house bully Cody into snapping
    • This is because if Cody snaps, Jessica will look bad and not use the hex so they vote out Cody (assuming he doesn’t get kicked from the game)
    • Paul thinks it’s okay to do this because Cody said something negative about transgender people a few weeks back
  • 2:10 pm – Christmas and Paul are coaching Josh on how to press Cody’s buttons
    • Those two are literally encouraging a pretty mentally unstable person to taunt another mentally unstable person
  • Meanwhile, up in the HoH room, Matt has some logic
    • “What we are doing is trying to get a man who has killed other human beings to crack. That is fucking stupid” – While Cody’s military experience should be irrelevant, just getting someone to crack is shitty
    • Matt asks Christmas if she is going to feel good if Josh gets punched in the face
    • Matt leaves when Christmas gives him some runaround answer
    • Christmas gets pissed and starts yelling about Matt to Raven
  • 2:45 pm – Jessica is talking privately to Cody about not using the hex if he wants to go home
    • He says he wants to stay and he’ll keep under control
    • Jess confesses her backup plan she had going with Paul and crew
    • Meanwhile, Josh comes in to taunt Cody and Jess tells him to leave
    • Josh is still yelling stuff from the kitchen and Jess begins making out with Cody to ignore Josh
  • 4:00 pm – Back in bed with some eye strain listening in
    • Paul is complaining because Cody is “hiding” and not taking the bait from bring taunted
    • He moves into the apple room to talk to Jess
    • Jess retells the story about Raven from earlier
    • Paul says that he took away from it that Cody was being aggressive and Raven was crying
    • Jessica said it’s funny because Cody wasn’t even in the room  (when he was, he wasn’t aggressive)
  • Cody enters the room
    • Paul says “if there is anyone to tell people to pump the brakes, it’s me”  lol
    • Jessica says that Josh is playing a victim now (he is)
    • Jessica mentions how Josh hinted Paul had a hand in him acting the way he is
    • Paul is playing dumb
  • Cody still hasn’t said a word…
    • Jessica is calling Paul out and saying he has a lot of power but is pretending he doesn’t when it’s convenient for him
    • He asks for an example, she doesn’t give one, just says that he’s playing a great game.
  • These feeds are going to be the death of me. Had to order pizza because I’m too busy to cook haha.  Thank you guys for donations btw, that helps me do stuff like that (want to donate? here is the link!)
    • Paul has some serious damage control going down
  • 20 minutes later, Cody still hasn’t said a word. Creeping me out, bro
    • Cody speaks!  Jessica mentions the battles Cody had with Paul and Cody said that’s all in the past
    • Jess says she has a tough time believing Jason came up with that speech on his own
    • Paul insists he hasn’t had any protection from Jess despite not being nominated during her HoH
    • Paul tries to say that people didn’t appreciate that Jessica gave her word not to nominate them, even though he admits she didn’t give said word to Josh or Ramses.. so she was honest, but people don’t like it
    • Jess says that logic makes zero sense in her mind
    • Jess asks how any of this makes sense
    • Paul tries to explain that because Jess made a deal with everyone (except Josh and Ramses) that she wouldn’t nominate them if they kept her safe, that was bad because it turned the house on each other
    • Jess says that ‘so asking people to respect that Cody and I want to make jury is somehow a bad thing?’
    • Jess says that she’s going to use the temptation because if people have moral issues with what she requested then it’s clear she can only trust Cody and she’s going to do what she can to save him
  • 4:35 pm – Conversation breaks up finally
  • 4:45 pm – Josh comes into the room
    • Jessica is apprehensive of him.
    • Josh is rambling about Cody not giving a speech and how he can do that to his fans
    • Cody says “Josh, I don’t have a fanbase outside of this game. I’m not playing for fans”  (so, the anti-James)
    • Meanwhile, Christmas and Paul are listening in
    • Jessica just keeps laughing at Josh
  • Cody leaves the room
    • Jessica and Josh keep talking but now cutting to follow Cody
    • Paul and Christmas follow him to kitchen
    • Now that Paul has his friends around he talks to Cody and asks “Cody, do you still think I’m a character on a TV show?”
    • Cody says he has no more words for Paul.  Paul replies that’s because he’s saying them all behind his back
  • Cody leaves and Paul trashes him
    • Paul mentions how Jess was willing to not use the hex as long as they’d get Alex out.
    • Alex jumps up to go ask Cody if he knew (Jess told him)
  • 4:50 pm – Alex is playing victim to Cody now
    • She keeps asking if he knew that Jess was trying to get him out
    • Cody tells her people are just trying to stir things up
  • Cody leaves this room and goes back to Jess – They are clearly harassing the guy
    • Paul rallies his herd some more to continue the fight
  • 5:02 pm – Feeds went down briefly and they return with Josh banging pots and pans with Jess jokingly throwing apples at him
    • While Jess is in the hallway, Paul summons her to the kitchen for the attack
    • Alex asks why Jess wanted her out. Jess said it’s because she nominated her.  Alex keeps yelling a bunch of stuff I can’t make out
    • Jess says “Do you think I’m going to feel safe on the block then owe you something?”
    • Paul jumps in and says “since the deal is off, does Cody know about the deal you made?”  Jessica says yes.  Paul then says “so you’re a liar?”
    • Jessica explains that when asked, she didn’t tell Cody. She told him later (this is true)
    • Paul brings up the old conversation that was discussed days ago during week 1.   Jess says she was not aware of it, but it was week 1
    • Jess says a lot of people said things in week 1.
    • She asks why Paul cares what Cody said behind her back
    • Holy shit, at 5:08 pm Raven gets involved and a screaming match calling each other a bitch, etc
    • Raven says that Jessica likes assholes so much because you talk out of yours
    • Cody comes in and walks Jessica outside
    • Raven is still yelling, Paul is stirring people up and orders Josh to get the pots and pans to go outside
    • Meanwhile, Alex is in the back yelling at Mark about something that again I can’t understand because she doesn’t take the marbles out of her mouth when she talks
    • I guess this is about cat ears or something
    • Paul keeps trying to rally the troops to focus on Jess/Cody.  He says “the people who didn’t secure your spot in jury are right outside”
    • Paul blames Cody for this
    • Alex is still going off on Mark oddly enough
  • Now may be a time to update your vote in this week’s popularity poll
  • 5:10 pm – Josh heads outside with the pots and pans
    • Paul begins dancing with him
    • Nearly the entire house is outside with Raven still yelling
    • Cody and Jessica are ignoring them on the hammock
    • Paul is sarcastically saying “.. but we’re the bullies??”  – yes, Paul. You are
  • 5:30 pm – Alex is calling Jessica a sexual predator because she slapped her vagina at some point
    • Alex and Christmas are now shitting on Cody for allowing the American flag to sit on the bathroom floor.
    • Alex says she knows other marines who wouldn’t allow that
    • All of this while Cody and Jessica keep to themselves. They’re being picked on by nearly the entire house
    • After all this, the biggest surprise is if Matt stays with Raven.  Very bad look for Raven today.
  • 6:15 pm – I took a small break, come back and Josh is still going at Cody who is now showering
    • I really need to wrap this post up because it’s getting super long. I’ll probably start a new one when this conversation is over
    • Josh is blaming Cody for putting vaseline on his bed. Apparently, someone put it on doorknobs and Cody wiped his hand on the nearest object after touching it
    • Oh, I guess we found out who did the vaseline trick. Paul is bragging about how he put it on the doorknobs and cracking himself up
    • Paul says “this is gameplay”… ok. Sounds more than that, but maybe it’s me

Ok, I’m ending this one. Too long. Will start another shortly


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  1. Avatar

    honestly while i dont like jess and cody i really hope shes not a complete idiot,i mean,paul should be gone already.unfortunately even if someone from the other side wins they try to do stupid things(ramses and josh,for example)in order to make paul like them,i hate this…i guess lets see

  2. Avatar

    I didn’t comment last night after the episode but I just have to tell yall, Josh and his antics with Mark cracked me up. Yes he was annoying and I am glad it wasn’t me on the receiving end but his dance and all just cracked me up.

    • Avatar

      Josh is a mentally defective human being who one minute creates chaos and bullies others… and then runs and cries like the true pussy he is when someone calls him out on his antics or lashes back at him. I worry about anyone who can like Josh or what he does, and i’m sure these people are enablers in real life too.

      • NKogNeeTow

        I like Josh and I am not an enabler, nor do I make any apologies for it. Do I like everything he does, no. But then again, I don’t like everything any of them do. As for you worrying about anyone who likes Josh, thanks for your concern, but maybe it would be best served worrying about yourself. 🙂

      • The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

        “mentally defective human being who one minute creates chaos and bullies others… and then runs and cries like the true pussy he is when someone calls him out on his antics or lashes back at him.”

        This description also applies to Mark, Cody, and Jessica as well. Are their fans enablers too?

      • Avatar

        Mentally defective? He is playing a game. It is probably not a good idea to judge anyone’s true character or mental stability while on a television show when they are trying to win 500K. These people hate each other at times during the game and then outside of the game get along great.

        For awhile Josh didn’t know what to do with himself. He didn’t have a role or place in the house. He was trying to fit in while at the same time constantly getting crapped on by others who were in power, like Cody. To Paul’s credit he figured out how to use Josh effectively and his antics are kind of funny. He has been effective at digging at Cody (I think Cody has moved on from Josh now) and even getting under Mark’s skin.

        In the end Josh isn’t going to win and he will only go as far as Paul wants to take him, but kudos to him for at least finding some sort of place in this house because a month ago I thought he was going to self-evict.

  3. danmtruth

    Paul is making moves with the Jury in mind He has said his big mistake last year was not securing the jury votes. Underestimation how much how much DeVonn hated him
    First step make jury house sound like a heaven on earth All the alcohol, food you want Talking to the press Reminds me of an old Irish saying He can tell a person to go to hell in a way that they look forward to going.
    I like you personally but you were way to strong of a player You were my biggest
    How can Jess think that anyone will honor that deal to keep her safe ? Just like with the Ramses vote Everyone claims it was a last second decision They were left out they just voted that way because the “house” was ,,,, she has heard the lie’s before No one will honor it so use the Hex stir sum crap up

    • Sassy

      In order for Paul to win, he needs to keep non alliance members around awhile. If he gets rid of them, everyone in jury will know they were evicted at Paul’s say so. He needs an enemy to evict a lot of his followers when it comes to jury time, otherwise they will not stay loyal to him in the jury house. He will not be able to pull strings when they are gone and talking about him. I would hope that would anger some of them to vote against him in the end. While, I in NO way, am hoping for Paul to make it to the final 2, his cult like ways seem to be working in the house of drones. #teamanyonebutPaul

      • AIO_7

        ….”[Paul’s] cult like ways seem to be working in the house”…

        Some still call him Rasputin.

      • Avatar

        Assuming the hex is used this week and everyone stays. If the next HOH were Mark and he put up Paul and Alex (assuming she doesn’t win HOH and neither win POV or temptation safety) it would get pretty interesting in the house. Votes to get out Paul (or keep Alex, same difference): Jason, Jessica, and Cody. They would need 5 votes and none of the 3 mentioned to play the Temptation Game so they can all vote and not chance being in last place and on the block. That makes Elena’s vote pretty important. Or is Kevin ready to pick a side? Or are Matt and Raven realizing this is the best time to make a move to take out a big player? This is Big Brother! It would be nice to see Paul and Alex go against each other for safety to see who comes out on top. I think a lot has to fall into place to see this happen since only Cody, Jess and maybe Mark or Kevin would actually put up Alex vs. Paul. It would be interesting to see Mark win HOH and watch Elena get buddy buddy with him again.

      • ElaineB

        Sassy I am on that team with you. I am still hopeful that newbies will do the math and figure out that the odds of most of them being Paul’s ‘chosen one’ is limited. After doing that math problem (using fingers and toes), they need to WAKE UP, and realize that it is may be more beneficial to their games to get Paul out.

      • Sassy

        I think IF Paul was on the block with 2 or 3 other players (ANY of his alliance) after the veto, they would use what they know about Paul to save themselves. Even if he were to stay, they could leave enough doubt in the house to turn people against him or weaken his rein.

  4. strwar1

    I think Jessica and Cody are by far the most useless players ever!!! But Idk if there are worst players before I lost my past big brother players over the past few years,so idk.But still I think Paul has this is the bag when he gets rid of Cody and soon Jessica(if she still believes that Alex is going home in the second week lol so stupid) anyway I love Paul’s game and I have always loved him since last year’s big brother.Go Paul!

    • Avatar

      Paul does not have this in the bag. Kevin is lining up support to take the king down…. you watch. When Jessica becomes a single, Josh makes his move, It will be a backdoor.

      • Avatar

        I meant Kevin Makes his move…

      • Colby

        I agree. Except I’m not sure Jess has to be single. That is 2 votes against Paul. And it could happen sooner than later, depending on who wins HOH this week.

      • Sassy

        Jess is definitely better off to keep Cody in the house. He would never turn on her and he will continue to be a target equal to or greater than her.

      • Avatar

        Colby: Gotta get Paul on the block for that to happen. It hasn’t happened yet.

        Sassy: Cody needs to be gone to take the heat off Jessica, just by association with Cody, she is a target. As a single, Kevin can make the move…

      • Sassy

        Kevin won’t make the move. Still to risky for him. Cody and Jessica are the only ones that would not lose anything by making that move. Everyone already hates them.

      • Avatar

        If anyone wants to win over Paul, they need to cut the head off the snake as soon as possible.. Kevin and Elana are seeing that…

  5. Shivani33

    Paul had said that he wanted to talk to Jessica one more time just before the PoV ceremony, but I doubt that he got much chance. People seemed barely awake at all when we got puppies. Paul told Cowboy to go after Cody at this ceremony and to light into him. Cowboy was not into doing it.

    • AIO_7

      Good on Cowpoke; let Rasputin do his own dirty work.

    • Sassy

      I hope Jason does not fall for that. Paul needs to start sticking his own neck out. REVOLT minions REVOLT! Let Paul know he is not the God he thinks he is.

      • Ann

        Exactly why I said I had the 2 dreams like Dom in the last thread. Obviously I was bull-shitting but I do think King Paul is coming on a little too strong towards his cult & they are slowly but surely seeing that they’re playing Paul’s game & not their own. Eventually they’re going to go running to the Crazy Cody the PTSD Sniper & his Whore seeing as how they’re trying hard to pull them away from Paul Koresh’s cult already.
        Paul needs to quit trying to get the psycho out & get the psycho’s bimbo out first. She is the brains of the operation.

  6. The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

    Happy Monday everyone! Or as we say where I come from: “#RavenSTFU!!!”

  7. Seattle Kari

    I watched a little bit of after dark last night and I just want Raven gone. She annoys the holy shit out of me. I know that I’m not a lipstick chick but when she does the gothic style lipstick, (at least that’s what I’ve called the black her look style), it just does not look good? I know I shouldn’t be judging her for makeup styles but that’s not all of it.

    She screeches so loud especially when she’s doing her vote for who she wants to leave the house, and going off the way she did last night about a little bit of powder on her? Really? So stupid and exaggerated. But they’re probably told to exaggerate every damn thing that happens in the house for drama..

  8. ElaineB

    Hi everyone. Okay, so please ‘splain what taking down Jason did for Paul? I am still confused about the hex.

    • Avatar

      Per CBS…
      Accept this Temptation and the Halting Hex will allow you to halt any one of the next four evictions. If you or any ally is in danger of going home you have the power to stop the live eviction by unleashing the Halting Hex before the voting process begins. You may use the Halting Hex at any one of the next four evictions, but it may only be used once then it is gone forever.

    • Avatar

      He save cowpoke from being evicted in an eviction that will never happen.

    • Avatar

      Paul is hoping he can convince Jess to not use the hex so they can evict Cody. She keeps giving him little glimmers of hope that she mighr not use it so he is covering his basis if that’s what happens. He took Jason down so that if Jess doesn’t use the hex and an eviction occurs, the only options to evict will be Cody and Jess and no one will have the opportunity to flip the house and vote out Jason (who is a vote on Paul’s side).

  9. danmtruth

    Thank you Jason for showing some integrity
    Kevin the yard boss talk to Paul the other day Saying Alex told him Raven was talking to her and Paul Mention a final 4 of Alex Paul Matt Raven This upset Kevin Paul assured him it was too early in the game to be making deals Forgetting he made a deal with Kevin already
    Paul latter went around talking to Xmas asking what her pecking order was Than the same with Matt and Raven To my count that’s 3 Different final 3 deals for a man who claims that it’s to early to make deals

  10. Avatar

    If she uses the hex and Alex wins the HOH, they go right back up because Paul will tell Alex about the deal Jessica wanted. A deal that can be corroborated by a few people who witnessed it. Jessica will be doing a serious tap dance to get out from under that one. Actually, Paul could use that prior to eviction night as a threat to Jessica, Allow us to evict Cody or he turns Alex and Jason loose on them.

    • The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

      Jessica is pretty much screwed if she does, screwed if she doesn’t (use the hex). If she doesn’t use it (which would be insane), Paul was even trying to convince Matt and Raven to vote JESSICA out this week over Cody. Her best bet is to use the hex, and pray that either she or Cody wins HOH so they can try to turn things around (and this time they’ll need to spend sometime out of bed to make that happen).

    • Sassy

      That’s not even a threat. Alex and Jason are already gunning for them, it wouldn’t change anything.

    • Avatar

      Not sure how threatened cowpoke felt on the block before Paul pulled him off but Jess would have been smart to tell him as soon as he lost the temptation event that he was safe, same with Elena or anyone else who wondered if they could go up as a veto replacement. If Jess knows she is definitely is going to use the hex this week she should have been walking around saying she will protect everyone who Paul could possibly put up this week. The time is passed now and it’s a hallow promise WE know but it always sounds good to have someone tell you you’re safe this week. Now by Paul pulling off Cowpoke it’s almost like he owes him one, though Paul just wants to make sure he has one more vote his way for eviction this week, if it were to happen.

    • Avatar

      Alex already knows about the deal……AMF is still strong

  11. Avatar

    Paul is getting a power drunk going on. He better sober up before he looses control….it’s only Monday, Thursday is a long way off at this point.

    • Avatar

      AMEN, Mindy….I never thought, or realized that Our beloved Paul, & “FRIENDSHIP” would devolve into a Tyrant?! I was reading on Jokers where Jessica said that 10 HG are scared of 2 people, & it makes No Sense!

      But Paul has put into action a Plan to make Cody Crack, & it is a Sinister one of Questioning Cody’s Military Service, Telling Cody that he is a Coward, and that Cody is Not a Man…Sad. Yes Cody is a Hot Head, but No matter what you think of Cody, this is “JUST” a Game, & he & Jessica don’t deserve this treatment?!

      Spearheading the Plan is Paul, Raven, Christmas, & Josh, with the rest of the HG agreeing to follow Paul’s orders. the Only Sane HG is Matt, who is willing to back Paul Plan up, but not to the point where it leads to Violence, which it could! Christmas got Pissed off at Matt for trying to be the voice of reason to his GF Raven?!….WoW!

      One last thing…Cody Told Jessica that the Game would be totally Different if Paul was not in the House. I hope they, Jessica, & Cody can make the rest of the HG realize that! But in the meanwhile it getting ready to get RAW in the BB House, via Paul, & Co!

      • Avatar

        He is following in the footsteps of Paulie and too damn blind to notice. Its going to come back to bite him. It hurts to say these next few words so here goes…. I hope Jess uses her hex and her or Cody win the next HOH. Now I have to go vomit.

  12. Zach

    Haters gonna Hate

    • Ann

      I’m just scared for Paul because he’s worked waaaay too hard to get to this point. I would hate to see him mess up & lose it all.

      • Zach

        Oh I know Ann, I don’t want to see him throw away his game but at the same time I kind of want someone to challenge him besides Action Jackson and his slooty sloot.

      • Ann

        Actually, I’m afraid for Josh because if he tries to torture Cody, he just might get pulverized.

  13. danmtruth

    Why does Paul insist on making things personal Why must he orchestrate to make people look evil Having Raven cry on demand Having Cowpoke disrespect Cody Of the 12 remaining HG Paul controls 8 out of 12 people of the 4 only 2 can vote this week Why does he do it ? To keep the simple minded busy and distracted

    • Avatar

      Yep, its basically what he did to Domi, when she called him a Snake, he dressed up in a snake dress, which was so unnecessary. Paul has the tendency of taking things to a WHOLE other Level…Smdh.

      I have a feeling that dear Paul is not going to come out of this Season of BB as beloved as he was on BB18.

  14. ElaineB

    Super frustrated that Cameron, who wanted to play BB, got shut out of the opportunity by Cody and his ‘win’ in the battle back. So now instead of seeing how a newbie could negotiate his way in the game, we are left with the stone-faced idiot, who is isolating himself (and Jess), just to wait for ??????? Hopefully Jess will use the hex. I am ready for Cody to be done once and for all!

  15. Avatar

    just wanted to say thank you @stevebeans for all the solid updates! discovered your site a few seasons back, you seem to be the only one I agree with pretty much all the time.

  16. Mimi Ryan

    Since it was brought up, Jason having issues with Grossica’s Dog Tags are taped over, that is probably because that information isn’t suppose to be available to those in or out of the house. While this isn’t a military post, but he is a Marine, I’m sure there is no disrespect intended by having the information on the Dog Tags readily available to any and all trolls.

    • Sassy

      Dog tags have the service members social security number on it. I would hope they would protect that information.

    • Avatar

      My husband is a Marine and yes, there is personal info such as SSN and DOB and regiment that are on those. But then again, I am not too sure that CowPoke would even know his SSN!

      • Avatar

        Its a shame but Paul has told his Gang of 10 HG to question Cody’s Military Service, tell Cody he is a Coward, & that Cody is Not a Man?! Wtf….this is so Unfreaking Necessary! This Man Served his Country, & this is “Just” a Reality Show Game?! Paul has taken the game to a very Personal Level, imvho.

  17. Avatar

    Anyone else completely bored of this season due to the lack of alliances? Gah. Production sure picked a crappy pack of houseguests this year. Bunch of puppy dogs. Makes for lame entertainment.

  18. g8trgirl

    Could this backfire on Paul? Think about it…1 by 1 they all get sent to the jury house. They compare notes and see for the first time how Paul has controlled them the entire game. They’re pretty ticked off and vote for whoever is sitting beside him. These people don’t strike me as the “well, you have to respect his game play” kind of folks. Except, believe it or not, Cody. He would respect the game Paul has played.

    • Sassy

      I agree 100%. I said earlier he needs to keep at least one enemy in the game that can win competitions so he can blame them for evicting his alliance members.

    • Avatar

      True…But some of the HG are waking up to what Paul is doing. Just today Cody, & Jessica said that if Paul was not in the House the Game would be “Totally” Different! Now if they would only convey this to the rest of the HG.

      And on Saturday Kevin, & Jason said,”When are we going to take Paul Out?”

    • The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

      It might backfire, but in my opinion if that happens (i.e. the other HGs comparing notes about Paul in the jury house) they have no one to blame but themselves. If they’re truly fans of BB, they shouldn’t get mad at someone for dominating the game. They should be mad at themselves for getting dominated.

      • Zach

        This is the truth. Last season pissed me off because they voted for who they liked not who played the better game. Little miss goody good floated all the way to the finals and won because people liked her more than Paul. It should be who played the best game not who do I like more!

  19. Avatar

    If Cody is really ready to go and Jessica doesn’t use the Hex, It could very well be a double eviction Thursday. If they vote out Jessica, Cody could very well walk right out with her. Now that would make for dramatic TV. Or better yet, while Jessica is getting interviewed and getting her goodby message from Cody, he tells her he can’t stay in the house without her and then walks out the door.

  20. Shivani33

    Jessica will use the hex unless she and Cody have a big fight and are still broken up when Thursday night voting time arrives. After she received the temptation, Jessica went to chat with her fellow nominee at that time, Dominique. Jessica asked Dominique if she had gotten the temptation and just wanted to hear what Dominique would reveal. Right then, only Jessica knew that she was the one who had her hands on the Hex. JMO that Jessica has been leading Paul on to see what he’d offer and reveal, while she’s intended to use the hex all along. I don’t think that she’s trusted any of Paul’s negotiations. But, Jessica shouldn’t have said so much to Paul, either. Trying to get Alex up as a replacement nominee was unwise. She just handed Paul more fuel to use against her anytime he wants.

    I think that Jessica’s smartest way to handle things would have been silence. A wall of silence, not telling anyone what her hex can do and then just using it. Her emotions keep wrecking her possible strengths.

  21. Avatar

    Best Matt moment of the season yet (not saying much) @ 2:18ish BBT today when he spends a few minutes questioning the taunting plan of Cody to Christmas and she snaps. Christmas’ gameplay totally contradicts the message she says she’s trying to spread.

  22. Avatar

    Is production in here thumbing down all the comments again???? lol!

  23. Shivani33

    Paul is urging players to incite Cody to the point that Cody goes off the rails and gets thrown out of the game by production for violence. I wonder what makes this necessary as a strategy at all. I completely disagree with this tactic. Josh said eagerly, ” when do we start?” Christmas was told by Paul to insult Cody, but she wasn’t as enthusiastic about it as Josh.

    • Avatar

      I feel deliberate provocation should be met with swift penalties. If there is a plan to instigate and harass someone to the point of violence then all parties need to be evicted. Come on people! With 24/7 surveillance, production should nip this in the bud now!

    • Sassy

      Isn’t it against the rules to incite violence? If not, it should be!!

    • Avatar

      All of the HG want Cody to Snap, & to be ejected out of the Game…Its sad that Paul’s game play has devolved into this, Bullying a fellow HG to make him leave the game.

    • NKogNeeTow

      This shit is crazy. Just crazy. And I partially blame Production for letting it go on. I know that as long as physical contact isn’t made, that it’s allowed, but there should be at least SOME guidelines.

      As much as I like Josh and Paul, even I’m ready to grab those pans and bang both their heads between them.

      I could snatch that stomach pacemaker out of Craven’s stomach and ram it down her throat.

      I could take Xmas’ cast and kick her own ass with it.

      I could take that tutu and wrap it around Alex’s neck and hang her little psycotic (sp) ass from the shower head.

      I could slap that stupid forlorn look of off WIR’s scary ass (although he looks like he’s ready to run into the DR and self-evict at any minute).

      At the moment, MattRess is the ONLY one I have even 1 iota’s worth of respect for.

    • Yael Sara

      Paul and Josh are both fucktards.
      And Cody really is an awful ear for Jessica, and while he may be a vote on her side he is also a cancer to her game. Pushing her to walk and that she can’t win anyway. He is a fucktard too.

      I really want to see Paul, Alex, Josh, Raven and Christmas gone.

      Maybe production will call Paul into the DR and tell him they have made a mistake and his time back was limited – k bye

      • Avatar

        she needs to keep him for numbers, and if there’s ANY hope for her winning the game, she would want him in jury. I’m in no way rooting for Grody to win, just to help get Paul out.

      • Sassy

        I’m with you Ike – Grody needs to stay just to get Paul out, then they could leave for all I care. ALL of these people make it impossible to like any of them. I have to rank who I hate the most to the least. I am so disappointed with the character of these people. AWFUL!!!

      • Yael Sara

        @sassy I have always been careful to say dislike rather than hate regarding – but it is starting to cross that line. These people are awful.

        I had to do the same thing the other day, figuring out who I actually thought may be decent and want to see toward the end. Creating a list of most disliked to least to see who I ended up with.

        My results were:

        13. Paul
        12. Alex
        11. Raven
        10. Josh
        9. Cody
        8. Christmas
        7. Mark
        6. Elana

        I guess I am most behind.. Jason, Kevin, Jessica, Matt

  24. ElaineB

    Paul defending anyone against so-called ‘bullying’ is laughable. My disclaimer is that I don’t listen to Paul on feeds or on the CBS episodes, so I have little data. I did make the mistake of listening to Paul ‘talk to’ (more like berate) Jessica in the HOH. Pointing that nasty little finger her direction and saying words to the effect of ‘I need for you to understand what I am telling you’. All I hope is that most of these HGs get tired of Paul telling them what to do!

  25. Avatar

    So it looks like she’s using the hex and let the HOH battle begin!

  26. Avatar

    I wouldn’t incite Cody to anything…..I would just say something to jess while Cody is present ….hey. Go ahead. Use it….guarantee you are a target next week not Cody….don’t forget there is still a temptation that hasn’t been used…….give her a little paranoia…..
    The rest is unnecessary

  27. AIO_7

    Get this; now Cowpoke is wearing a different shirt. A black polo with Whistle-Nut embroidered on the back of his up turned collar.


  28. Lynn

    I don’t understand why the bullying plan is necessary? They already have the numbers to evict Cody. I think Paul is guilty of what he’s accusing others of………doing things on emotional and personal level instead of a game/strategy level. While watching Paul speak, I can, very often, point to things he has done that he is accusing others of doing. Add hypocrit to his list of stellar characteristics. #anybodybutpaul

    • danmtruth

      he needs to grind and humiliate Cody for personal reasons Yes pure just being a bully It also distract the other players But he has unleashed a strange blood lust in some Mostly the women Alex ,Raven, and Xmas along with the ultimate follower in Josh He started banging the pots and pans Even xmas said this was more annoying than anything else
      As a fan it’s just disappointing to see how quickly these people try to out do each other in trying to get Cody to crack The mentality of the mob Be part of it before it turns on you

      • Colby

        There is absolutely no reason for it. The power and control has gone to Castro’s head.
        i hope if they do force Cody to crack that he and Paul are locked in the HOH room alone and he beats Paul to a bloody pulp before anyone can get there to break it up.

    • NKogNeeTow

      As much as I like Josh and Paul, Lynn, I have to agree with you.

      • NKogNeeTow

        I’m also disappointed in the rest of the house too. Yes, it’s funny sometimes but it’s starting to become scary stupid now. It’s all fun and games until someone gets physically hurt, which is something that I honestly don’t want to see. And the last thing CBS should want is millions of eyewitnesses to some sort of vicious or fatal crime.

      • Lynn

        I am interested to see if , after Cody and Jess are gone, they become civil or they just pick a new target?

      • NKogNeeTow

        My guess is pick a new target.

      • Sassy

        They will pick a new target. They are mean and spiteful people, I would like to see all of them get boo’d on their way out. Cancel the season and put 12 people off the street in the house to replace them.

  29. Avatar

    Gotta tell you guys, I have 3 friends who watch just the show and they all love this season.

  30. The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

    What really pisses me off about this silly plan to antagonize Cody is that it’s only going to further endear Grossica to the fans (especially broadcast-only viewers). I oppose any plan that would result in people liking or sympathizing with Grossica in any way. They are disgusting.

  31. Avatar

    Steve I love your site and will continue to read but will no longer read the comments. I am sick of how some posters think it’s ok to call someone with a mental illness names. We had one earlier call this person a retard. As a mother of a special needs child with mental health issues as his diagnosis, the behaviors I have seen this season just pisses me off to no end. Thank you for always putting your life on hold to keep us up to date. You should never ever have to apologize for having to deal with real life instead of staying glued to the feeds so you can tell us every time a house guest farts. I am out.

    • g8trgirl

      @Angie, I’m sorry you had to read that somewhere in these comments. I work in the BH field and I too do not have patience for name calling. Usually @stevebeans or @nkogneetow as moderators will shut down that kind of talk quite quickly. It must have been something we all missed and I’m sorry you had to endure that kind of ignorance here.

      • NKogNeeTow

        I did remove 1 comment I saw, where someone had referred to someone as retarded. I honestly can’t remember who made the comment but I thought it was inappropriate.

        Everyday, either before I officially sign on or after and always before I make my first comment, I read ALL of the comments to make sure there isn’t anything inappropriate. Sometimes I remove the comment and send the Poster a message, sometimes I just remove the comment. I can tell you that sometimes after, I’ve read a comment and moved on, someone can come along and respond to it in a negative way, which I might not catch. I’d like to ask, if any of you see anything that you deem offensive and think that I may have missed it, you can always click on my name and send me a private message, giving me the Poster’s name, what was said and the date and time. I promise I’ll take a look at it and make a decision.

        Angie, I apologize if anyone here has offended you in any way. I’m sure it wasn’t intentional. There are a lot of instances that we sometimes say things that are off the cuff…without thinking…or without consideration of others (I include myself in that group), or what they have been or are going through. I can only speak for myself here and say, that if I in anyway, have contributed to the stress of what you’re going through, it was sincerely not my intention. I do hope that you will continue to voice your opinion, no matter what it is. Please know that you are always welcome here.

  32. Shivani33

    What is with Christmas? Last night she laid around staring at the wall in a stupor. Drug/slop haze. Today, she has talked out of both sides of her mouth about how to treat Cody. She was mad at Matt for his opinion when he was against trying to rile up Cody. Then she gave Josh complete double messages about the same subject: don’t bug Cody too much and “go for it!” And then with Paul, she talks as if she’s completely supportive and calls Cody a bully who deserves every bit of hell that anybody can give him. What happened to her humanitarian rah-rah counsellor act? It’s slipping.

    • NKogNeeTow

      Shi, all of their TRUE sides are coming out.

    • Sassy

      I think at times they forget they are being filmed 24/7. Their emotions take over and they are out of control. I would bet none of them have ever watch BBAD. They think we can only see the one hour episodes.

    • Alda

      Maybe it’s her meds.My neighbor went completely off the wall when he took a fall and broke his nose and hit his head.He srarted saying people were breaking in and stealing his food in the middle of the night.Then TV cameras were outside his window.But the topper was my husband{who was taking care of him}was throwing him around! Well,He moved and I had to check his place,and found they had him on 18 meds!!! He was being over-medicated for sure.If Christmas had a substance problem in the past,these meds could be working on her in a bad way.

  33. kneeless

    One minute Raven is in the HOH room, “not feeling well” & the next minute she’s yelling at the top of her lungs. What a shit show this evening! And Raven, STFU!!

  34. kneeless

    While I am not a fan of Cody & Jess I also don’t like this gang mentality that Paul is inciting. But I still want Raven to STFU!

  35. The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

    Paul: “Guys, do I psychologically manipulate you”?
    Me: Umm, was that a rhetorical question?

  36. Avatar

    I may have missed it but when are these temptations over with? Anyone know?

  37. The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

    Alex and Paul are now telling the group that Jessica is a sexual predator. Alex says Jessica slapped her vagina against her will and Paul says Jessica put her fingers in his ass. Feeds go out (BB is probably concerned about the severity of these allegations).

    *facepalm* what a SH*T show this is.

  38. kneeless

    Too bad these bafoons can’t see past Jessica & Cody. One of them will be the next victim.

  39. NKogNeeTow

    Instead of Big Brother, this is starting to look more like “Lord of the Flies”.

  40. The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

    Paul: “Josh are you my dog?”
    Josh: “No”
    Raven: “Well I am!”

    Nah, too easy…

  41. Avatar

    I am having a hard time finding anyone that I can support in this game. I disliked Paul last season, but admired the way he hung in there till the end. I suppose I should be impressed by how he is manipulating ,oat of the house so well, but this campaign to make Cody snap is out of control. I think Jessica actually has good game instincts, but she stupidly lets Cody talk her out of what she should be doing. And I am sorry-I don’t think Josh is cute, or funny, or strategic. He annoys the daylights out of me and I would have already punched him in the face and been evicted from the game by now. Raven has almost the same effect on me. I continue to watch it for the train wreck value, but I don’t like any of these people.

  42. The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

    Finally here comes some much needed comic relief from Kevin. He tells Paul that he doesn’t need to yell to get his point across to Jessica– he should just go up to Jessica and say “Jess, if you go home next week all the girls are gonna be in the jury house with big d*ck Cody…” LMAO!

  43. Avatar

    I don’t like what is going on with the house right now. Throwing out sexual predator allegations is worse than laying a hand on someone because it attaches a stigma to that person that can be hard to shake.

    Production needs to get a handle on these situations because it just isn’t necessary.

    However, didn’t Cody threaten to brand Josh a sexual predator before his first eviction? I don’t condone any of this nonsense, but I do not believe Cody and Jess are victims.

    • The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

      You’re absolutely right Russell. Cody (and I think some others) did make those allegations (and Dom told Josh about that before she left). That’s actually what started that conversation today– both Alex and Paul were saying that it’s ironic that they were trying to brand Josh a sexual predator, when Jessica is one. I totally agree with you though, that is a VERY serious allegation and should not be thrown around as a game move. Absolutely appalling on both sides.

      • Avatar

        The whole frikin house needs a time out and a visit from Dr. Phil.

      • Colby

        You got that right!

      • Avatar

        I don’t think Jessica is a sexual predator. She’s probably used to that behavior due to her outside profession as a VIP “concierge. Which brings up a pretty good question. She obviously makes good money to afford the enhancements and the clothes and crap like that.

        1. How is Cody going to afford the maintenance involved?
        2. How is Cody going to handle her career going forward knowing she has to provide personal service for her clients. Late nights, being away for days…
        3. How are the clientele possibilities in Texas? She’s not moving there!

      • Avatar

        Cody can’t afford it!! He just said the other day he has earned enough on BB to fix his pickup!! The question is is Jessica going to be able to support Cody financially

      • Mel

        Jessica’s Christian Louboutin shoes she wore on Thursday are worth as much as a week of the stipend pay. Cody will need to get a good job.

    • Colby

      He said he would tell about Josh trying to peek at all the girls in the shower, which was true!

  44. The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

    Update: Alex is STILL upset about her stupid ass cat ears and Raven is STILL using this meltdown as an opportunity to promote her gofundme page every minute on the minute. They can both have a tall, cold glass of #STFU!!!

  45. Avatar

    Gerardo I I could only afford it I would get a plane to fly over the house with a banner that says that.

  46. NKogNeeTow

    DMW just had to use this opportunity to remind us all that she has had 8 surgeries and 2 fatal diseases. I have 2 questions:
    1. Is one of those diseases Terminal Stupidity?
    2. Is there anyway we can get 1 of them to kick in now?

    On a lighter note, Josh just said that he has a feeling that this season is going to get cancelled.

  47. danmtruth

    Josh is no complaining that there is Vaseline on his sheets He is blaming Cody No Paul is saying who would do that Well Paul you and Kevin just did and you told the whole house these people are pathetic

  48. The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

    Great, just freaking great! Now all 4 feeds are on Grossica the victims having a martyr party and stroking each other’s egos for being so mature and noble. Just as I predicted. Thanks a lot Paul!!!

  49. Mel


    Are we ever going to get to level 15 on that damn pacemaker????

  50. danmtruth

    the house is in a contest to see who can be more ignorant #RavanSTFU#JustDieAlready has years of training behind her on how to be a sneeky low life

  51. Lynn

    Now Christmas is threatening to make Cody self-evict from jury if he makes it there. Whaaaaaaat? Lol

  52. Lynn

    Josh just said that Production told him to stop. Paul says they can continue, but tone it down – not provoke a fight.

  53. Avatar

    Curious, if Jess and Cody walk, or even after they leave ( 3-4 weeks ) will the ratings drop due to how belittled they were? I heard the last BB only online was like this, but I think online people are a different viewership than the majority, the TV watchers only.

    None of this may come out on air, and if so, assume very little of it will. I hate this game has taken this type of path.

  54. danmtruth

    Xmas said again that they are costing someone a spot in jury I did not know there was a pre-arraigned list for jury

  55. Avatar

    We need a go fund me page for the banner and plane.

  56. ShoeLover

    Oh my gawd y’all!!!!! This is completely insane and my insides hurt from laughing my ass off!!! Not because of the chaos happening in the house ( that’s some bad shit ) but the song Ballroom Blitz is blaring super loud upstairs while my hubby works out and its fitting for the moment and that picture of #STFU Raven, classy!! Hahahahahahaha!! The best freaking awesome medicine I needed all day!!! Thank you Big Brother!! I love it!!!

  57. jimbo

    No, stevebeans, you are right. Paul ordered his cult followers to “torture” and use “mental warfare” (i.e. Bullying) against Cody and Jess. Paul’s minions — except Matt, and hats off to him — gladly did what their cult leader ordered. Nice guy, that Paul. Charlie Manson and Jim Jones have nothing on this Cult Leader….he plays low and dirty (and many here love it).

    • NKogNeeTow

      Jim Jones and Charlie Manson are a little strong, even for Paul. He might be a manipulator, but he hasn’t murdered anyone yet and there is no indication that he will.

      • jimbo

        First, it’s hyperbole. That said, his skills translate exactly to a cult leader. Not all cult leaders kill people. Ever heard of Scientology?

      • NKogNeeTow

        Then maybe you should have listed L.Ron Hubbard. You listed killers instead. 🙂

      • Sassy

        I don’t believe Charles Manson murdered anyone, he ordered the murders, which is essentially what Paul is doing. He wants to push Cody to the edge, not knowing (but hoping) what will happen at that point. If Cody has PTSD, this could end VERY badly! I hope Paul is on the receiving end of it.

    • LindsayB

      Yeah… I’m pretty sure Paul hasn’t murdered anybody so comparing Paul to Manson and company is pretty silly and a bit dramatic. By a bit I mean a lot. Not sure why everyone has their undies in a bundle over all of this. Cody and Jess have said some horrible things. Paul etc have said some horrible things. Boo hoo. If Cody hadn’t showed that he can be reactionary and holier than thou then he wouldn’t be getting poked right now. If he wasn’t such a dick there wouldn’t be so many people wanting to make him miserable. This will all be forgotten by next week and there will be something new to bitch about.

    • Avatar

      Totally 100% agree with you @jimbo his manipulation and persuasion on these people is incredible. Do they even care to win 2nd place?

  58. Avatar

    All i can say is WOW! The way these houseguests are treating each other(Jessica/Cody) is PATHETIC!!!! Shame on BB for letting this toxic behavior slide.

  59. Yael Sara

    “you know me, I don’t throw names out” – paul (to mark and elena)


  60. The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

    Can we just evict them all and give me the $500K instead?? I feel I’m much more deserving anyway!

  61. Avatar

    Hello everyone. Hope y’all been well. What is going on in the house at this point? Is this really the levels people are stooping? Paul is initimadated by Cody and the fact that his HOH is a complete waste that he’s literally rallying up 9 people against 2? Is this not the epitome of bullying?! I’m disgusted with Raven and Christmas, those 2 winches irritate my soul. Josh is a damn joke and Paul’s puppet.

    • Avatar

      if only our girl Dom was there, she would join Matt in not being awful

      • Avatar

        Thank you Matt was the only one with some damn sense. I can’t believe these people are literally acting out this way.

    • NKogNeeTow

      Welcome back Cyn.

      In all fairness, when Grody and Messi were HOH’s, they did the same thing, trying to rally everyone against Paul. I have no problem with Paul turning the house against the 2 of them, turn about is fair play. I just don’t like it when it goes to far.

      • Avatar

        I’m just not with it. What they are doing and how they’re playing is not BB. None of them are real competitors with the exception of a few and they just think they’re suppose to go to jury because Paul promised them!! Who the fvck is Paul, their messiah now.

    • Avatar

      The saying goes, if you want to be the man you have to beat the man. I have never heard the saying if you want to be the man you have to have 8 other people beat the man and take all the credit for it. The last I checked the only time Paul and Cody went one on one was the battle back and Cody beat him fair and square all by himself.Cody possibly getting voted out in a week or so under probably someone else’s HOH by the group does not put a feather in Paul’s beard.

  62. Avatar

    Watching Raven yell profanities in the backyard is pathetic and hilarious at the same time. Give her a cigarette, a lawn chair, and a can of Busch, and she’d probably feel right at home.

  63. Avatar

    Guess its safe to say Paul is a little shit that can’t handle power. He’s playing the game as if his ass is on the block and in jeopardy of going home. No respect for this pussy ass gang up on a real life “Veteran”. Fuck that, shit is weak as hell! Glad production intervened.

  64. Edsel

    It’s time to comment.

    This is a total shit show. I don’t like isolating one or two people in the hhouse, never have. They’re all complaining about Jess and Cody lying. I guess no one else has been lying?! And, I don’t like this pack mentality at all. Paul is a coward. He gets everyone else to do his dirty work. He did his fair share of mouthing off but he did it from the other side of the yard surrounded by his minions. He wouldn’t have the guts to do that standing in front of Cody alone. Paul is only “pissed” because he can’t control Jess and his HOH will be a bust if Jess uses the Hex.

    Raven is another one, real brave that girl. She wouldn’t have done what she did if she wasn’t surrounded and egged on by the pack. She wouldn’t have the guts to do that if it were just the two of them. She sounded ridiculous trying to sound tough.

    Josh is an immature momma’s boy.

    I am very disappointed in Kevin and Jason. Two people who I thought had some common sense don’t. Kevin even assisted with the latest round of Vaseline wars.

    Like Jess and Cody or not, put yourself in their shoes and imagine what it would be like to be in a situation with 10 against 2 and there is no where to go. My adrenaline was sky high just watching it.

    I don’t like these people, they’re all idiots and I don’t care who wins as long as it isn’t Paul, Raven or Christmas. Everyone needs to remember it’s just a game.

  65. kneeless

    What did Alex say as she entered the HOH right before we got fish, again?

  66. Avatar

    The hex power goes with Jessica. I don’t get why Cody would have still been the target after Paul found out the details of the hex power. In my opinion Paul should have acted nicer this week to get Jess to not use hex. Built trust by taking Cody off block, put Alex in his place as a sign of good faith and then have players eliminate Jess even though she was promised safety. Even if Cody wins next week Paul still has too many fans in the house to be voted out. And if they all stabbed Jessica in the back again Cody might just self evict to get away from them all.
    Probably wouldn’t work but his plan this week might not work either and he is coming off like a real d*ck while executing it. And I am not a Paul hater.

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