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Big Brother 19 Veto Ceremony Results


Good afternoon, everyone.  Late update for me and that’s because (I’m sure you’re sick of hearing it) but I’m still away until tomorrow.  I have been posting some photos of my adventures on snapchat and if you want to see, follow me at stevebsfan

It was decision day in the Big Brother house. Would Jason use the veto or not?  On the surface it seems like a pretty easy and silly thing to go back and forth over. Dom is the target, she’s on the block. Shove the PoV up your ass for all we care because she’s going home* this week. Right? You’d think so, but as I touched on my previous post, this veto was a bit more important to the long-term “Paul Show” than we realize.

Although Dom is currently the target, I have this feeling inside that she is nowhere near a guarantee to be walking out that door this week.  The only way that would have happened is if Jason used the veto and saved Jess and Alex put someone like Mark up there.  The reason is Dom is a pretty stupid target to go after right now as she’s basically a decoration in the house who does a fake talk show every few days.  I still don’t really understand the urgent desire to get her out of the house and when I feel that way, the house typically does as well.


I have this strong feeling that over the course of the next few days, the mid-week paranoia will set in and the idea of someone returning to the house will become stronger and stronger.  If the real HoH (Paul) becomes convinced of a battle-back, then I am almost certain he will flip the house and get Jess out.  It would be dumb as shit to keep Jess in with Cody lurking in the background ready to come back in and mess with Paul’s game.

This is a long post to day that Jason didn’t use the power of veto, but it is to also say that in no way is Jess safe this week. We will obviously know for sure come Wednesday night, but right now I see Paul telling people to jump off the Dom train and hop on Jess’s.

What do you think?


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  1. Tiare

    I’m so sick of the Malena porn show. This is ridiculos. Dom feels like she was backstabbed because Paul DID in fact backstab here. He talked to Alec and let her know that Dom is a casualty of war. Dom’s talk show helped Paul make his case. Dom’s actions in the house help cement her eviction. What’s really sad is that Alex knows what Paul did and fell for it. She should have been trying to get his strong players out.

    How soon do people forget the crap that Jess pulled last week. Jesd literally threatened to whoop Christmas’ butt when Cody got evicted. OH HOW EASY THEY FORGIVE…SMH

    I hope people wake up and see what Paul is doing, keep Dom, and put Paul OTB next week.

    • AIO_7

      Jessica might yet get evicted. If the above poll is any indication, she, by a narrow margin, will.

    • Avatar
      Helen (5158 comments)

      Alex and Paul have had an “alliance” from early in the game….Cowboy was included via Alex and Kevin by both Alex and Paul……their goal has always been to break up that block alliance of the couples……..yes,Paul did “infiltrate” the Beverly Hills clique just as Ramses tried to have an alliance with both sides…elana and Jillian….Paul is just more devious in his methods…..something he probably picked up last season when he and Victor got royally screwed after making that final four pact with Cory and Nicole and Cory gave Victor the 5 grand bribe to seal the deal.
      Alex was always going to make a big move when she got HOH. Cody helped set her corse for her by his action and helped steer it when he drove the bus over Dom and Mark to both Paul AND Christmas…….he planted the seeds in the Dom show interview and gave Alex and Paul a perfect excuse to set their aim .

      • Mel

        Helen, I agree and disagree. Alex has talked big about making a big move so that’s true. The problem is that this isn’t that move. It does nothing to break up the couples. It will actually have Mark closer to Elena with Dom gone. After her initial claims of big moves, she’s only talked about getting out Xmas (cast), Jessica (no allies) and now Dom. (Outskirts of big alliance) Well let’s not forget, her newest target is Kevin, who’s on her team. I’m not impressed with Alex at all and I really wanted to be. She’s convinced Paul is in the house for trick reasons by production, she thought he was there to break up a friendship and now she’s saying that he can’t lie because of his friendship brand. Honestly, the only difference I see lately between Alex and the other girls that follow Paul around is she that acts like she lives on Red Bull and the are calmer.

      • Avatar
        Helen (5158 comments)

        @Mell…..to me it was a smart move…..Dominque is not in a showmance but she is very intelligent and probably one of the stronger competitors on that side. She also has a lot of influence with Mark….going after Dom takes a huge threat out but it also does not damage the relationships and trust she has been trying to build with that side. Paul has a good relationship with elana as does Ramses…mark will be more easily influenced with Dom gone……
        I’m just not ready to give up on the Alex or Paul yet…I’m hoping Paul will do the same as last season and loosen up and start having a little fun. Maybe they should give him the secret agent punishment again because that’s the Paul I came to love!! (Couldn’t stand him at the beginning of last season).

    • monkicorn

      YAAAAASSSSSGirrrrrrl!!!! Exactly.

    • Avatar

      I second that motion @Tiare

  2. Mel

    I agree with Steve. I never thought it made sense for Alex ro go after Dom. (It does take away a number but not one of the big ones) It makes alot of sense for Paul. Alex has such tunnel vision. I’ve been saying it! I thought she would be the gamer but turns out, she’s Paul’s biggest follower and guess what else?? She plays super personal. That’s not a BB gamer imo. Think of her targets the night she won hoh. Christmas, Jessica and Dom. She said that her reasoning for Xmas and Jessica was because she didn’t like them. Now she’s all about “I hate Kevin” because he lied to me. I’ve got news for her, he’s one of her numbers whether he lied or not so maybe she should sit him down, discuss it and move on. I don’t think she even knows why she put Dom up anymore- that’s how much Paul has gotten into her head. The ‘do we or don’t we’ veto fiasco is the perfect example. She and Jason had discussed what they would do and why after he won and called it a night. Since then it has been constant back and forth. That’s been because of Paul not because of Jason. Once Paul was finished with her, she had two reasons for Jason to use the veto. She said she needed to find out who voted for Ramses. (That was hers, not Pauls) That also made no sense to me because everyone is in agreement that the vote was done just to cause some chaos. They realize that it wasn’t actually to save Cody. I understand someone wanting to know if an alliance member is lying to them but I don’t see how that should be the priority of the week . The other reason for using the veto was because she didn’t trust Mark to vote out Dom so she thinks it’s a better idea to take Jessica down and trust her to vote the way she wants. Really? No, it’s because Paul wanted Mark otb. Jason has gone back and forth but it’s mainly because he knew what made sense but Paul and Alex kept fighting him on it. I said I liked Jason awhile back and there are alot of jokes about how dumb he is. He may be but imo he has WAY better game instincts than Alex….I didn’t call him smart for the record. Lol

    • Tiare

      I agree it’s all Paul. I’m just shaking my head. He’s always doing the most talking. Wherever there is at least 2 people together, he makes sure he’s there so he can control the conversation.

      Mark is pissing me off talking about he is scared to talk to Dom alone. He wants Elaina to be in there with him. He’s lying because if she hadn’t approached him, he would have talked to Dom alone. You see how Elaina reacted when Mark says he talked to Dom about personal things. The first thing she asked if it was anything that he hasn’t shared witb her.

      I’m sick of BB this season.

  3. Avatar

    if I had a dollar for every time Paul mention his first season of big brother, I could have $500,000 by the end of the summer. lol jk, but I really hope the vote flips cause I’m still a Dom fan, and I’d love a vote flip to surprise the house, and bring it into chaos. Imagine, Dom stays, jess leaves, Cody back in, Cody glares, Cody brushes teeth, Cody stares, Cody gets Paul out, Cody stares, Cody brushes teeth, Cody gets backdoor in double eviction, Cody glares. It would be great

  4. Mel

    I’m going to be interested to see if and when Paul turns the tables on Alex and Elena regardless of how the vote goes this week. Raven, Elena and Alex are Paul’s strongest groupies. I beleive him about not being interested in a shomance. I didn’t know it was because he planned to have a harem. Anyway, Paul conned Elena into thinking evicting Dom was a good plan this week but once it’s old news, I bet he uses the noms this week for ammo. When he needs Elena and Alex against each other, he’ll remind Elena how Alex can’t be trusted. He can say “remember when she made a deal with you and then put one of our group otb.” He needs to settle down. He’s all over the damn place but we know that he is guilty of what Dom is accusing him of so he needs to overtake every conversation or prevent them from happening in the first place. Paul probably isn’t a mean person on the outside and the reason he wanted Dom to get the silent treatment was so she can’t plead her case to people. It was easier for him to tell people not to talk to her which he’s done repeatedly. Unfortunately, she’s made it easy for him because Dom is the one who has closed herself off from everyone. Basically, Doms actions after being put otb has turned her into just another woman in the house helping Paul get further in the game.

    • monkicorn

      I agree, I was really rooting for Dom but must admit you are right on this, she isn’t pleading her case, I can’t imagine how hard mentally and emotionally it must be to be in that type of situation, with everyone against you and no where to go, maybe that’s why she decided to just check out of the game , she maybe is at her breaking point? It just sucks it’s turning out this way… I can’t wait for things to flip on Paul, fingers crossed!

    • Avatar

      Never thought I would see the word harem used in any other place besides anime. I commend you Mell.

    • g8trgirl

      Harem. Love it!

  5. danmtruth

    shallow thoughts from a simple mind ;
    # Paul has gotten what he wants Not only a strong player who is a threat to his game He alsl has the house looking at other targets Alex cannibalizing her own SMALL team by now wanting Kevin gon
    # Paul can not be to happy that they did not put Mark up Paul wanted that to force Elena to vote his way Also to plant miss trust between Elena and Alex
    #Kevin must know his final 3 deal with Alex and Cowpoke is dead If Kevin is smart he would understand Alex Jason and Paul have there own deal
    #Cody return if it happens will be a boost to Paul As Cody thinks it’s best to play with paul andknock people off Then beat him man up Even tho we all know Paul wont let that happen
    # Paul pulling out James pranks Knowing little things will mushroom to bigger things Alex stupid cat ears and coke Who hid them who dumped her coke Short sheeting the beds Josh will be push to far All smoke to distract the HG

  6. Avatar

    Of course it would be smart to get rid of Jessica (an avowed enemy that has already tried to strike a blow to you), but Paul’s arrogance may be his downfall in the weeks to come. Since the blowup with Dom and the very effective nonstop smear campaign that has virtually turned her into a villain in the eyes of most in the house, the damage there may prove to be too great as she (Dom) may still be walking out the front door.

  7. danmtruth

    Even if Cody comes back it’s just another target for the other showmances to worry about At this time Jess is just one vote and a disposable player for Paul

  8. Colby

    I want Jess out before jury, but I don’t think I really care who goes this week.
    WHAT IF the decision of the battle back winner coming back in is simply a house vote, but it has to be unanimous? Jess would never vote to keep Cody (assuming he wins) out, but all the others might.
    I would like to see Cody come back.
    Then they can vote her out next week.

    • Mel

      I think if someone accepts the temptation it will allow the battle back winner to come back in. That’s my guess.

      • NKogNeeTow

        Just thought of something. Does anybody remember a convo Alex had earlier, with her crew? It was something about the next temptation. Something about when it’s presented maybe they shouldn’t accept since they don’t know what the consequence is. They were saying that since they don’t know what it is, maybe they shouldn’t take the chance and tempt fate because the trade off might be far worse. Does anyone else remember that? If so, please correct me if I’m wrong. Maybe it’s just a conversation I WISH they had..lol

      • Mel

        I do remember that. I’m assuming Jason and Kevin were ignoring her on that advice tho. I can’t imagine anyone not taking it especially when they find out its the last one.

    • danmtruth

      @jane can I say your a cold hearted women lol give them one week together than pull the carpet out from under them

      • Colby

        I don’t like her!
        And I think he would do much better in the game without her as a distraction.
        He said himself in the beginning that she would be his downfall.

  9. Mel

    Mark and Josh played pool for a bet of drinking pickle juice and hot sauce. There was a dispute over who won. Mark ended up throwing the glass of juice at Josh and in his face. Josh is PISSED and said it wouldn’t have been too bad if it was just pickle juice but it had hot sauce in it. Josh is upset that Mark said Josh isn’t a man of his word. Josh is saying that Mark doesnt want to go there because last he checked he wasn’t backstabbing and trying to get one of his own members out. I don’t know how this will play out.

    • Colby

      I guess Josh went and got ketchup and threw it on Mark.
      They are acting like children, and Josh probably needs his diaper changed.
      They both need a time out.

      • danmtruth

        as i said these pranks and bets were going to get someone in trouble Josh has gone back on a few bets Jason talk to him about this a few days ago There has been tension between these two for a week or so From Mark not wanting Josh sitting behind him during chess Each time they played pool

      • Mel

        Dsmn. Josh is calling Mark out now on how he reacted when Cody did his interview with Dom I think. He’s putting it out there. They may think Josh is crazy but the stuff he’s saying is the same thoughts some of these people have had. This could go south really fast.

      • Mel

        Josh saying that Mark wanted Paul out week 1.(Paul is hearing this) He us saying he can hear Revenge talking about him 24/7. Says he isn’t playing it safe by cooking and washing dishes. He says Mark made it personal and he’s making it about game. He’s calling people p*ssies. Josh starts saying that Jessica didn’t come talk to the outsiders until she needed them. He tells her “let me tell you something my friend, your word is shit!” Mark questions Josh about saying he was going after Paul and Josh says that was the word in the streets. (Those damn BB streets will get you every time)

      • Mel

        Raven…not revenge.lol

    • Alda

      This argument could last awhile.Mark should have known better than to throw hot sauce at Josh.What was he thinking? Mark was really riding Josh last night on BBAD too.He’s acting very brazen all of a sudden.I really don’t care for Mark or Elena.

    • Mel

      Feeds cut. Is it because of a fight or do you think production just wants to spank them?

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  11. Avatar

    Can someone explain to me the “Eugenia” thing?

  12. Mel

    Earlier today:
    Jason-I don’t think you should trust Paul 100%.
    Alex-I don’t but he can’t lie in front of America because his brand is friendship…

    Jason-Everyone thinks he will be there. (Talking about final 5)
    Alex-He’s a vet. Duh.
    Jason-That’s why we should get him out.

    Jason-I’m not using the veto.
    Alex-You need to tell Paul
    Jason-Why? He’s not our parent.

    Jason-Let’s not use the veto.
    Alex-What are you going to tell Paul?
    Jason-Did you not hear the conversation we just had?

    • danmtruth

      @addy08 this is what I cant understand about Alex She says she is a BB fan watch last year Does she not see the similarities The BEST she can hope for is second place It’s strange that Jason is the person who see’s whats going on

      • Mel

        That’s what gets me too for any of them who watched last season. He’s playing the same exact game. He just gets to say the word “vet” 50 times a day now.

    • Avatar

      Why is it so important for Paul to go far in the game? (see convo between Alex and Cowboy) Do these hg’s think Paul is a celebrity and if they get to be friends with him, he will help them to fame and fortune after they leave the house? Remember when the $500,000 was the big prize and not just “making it to jury”? The 500K is almost like a bonus if you listen to some of these people. He was pretty much only famous for being on BB when he arrived last year, if you google some other hg’s they are just as “famous” as he is right now. When you bring back one veteran player into the game they have no choice but to think he/she is all knowing. As least last season with 4 vet’s there was no one vet who was looked at like an untouchable, infallible, game genius who, for some reason is better to have in the house than out.

  13. NKogNeeTow

    OMG! They are all at the pool (even Dom) and Josh is not only spilling the tea, he kicked over the pot! Jess decided to try to get in the middle of it by “calling him out”. HE’S NOT HAVING IT! She keeps trying to make the house think Josh is a liar. He tells her that no that Cody’s gone, she’s trying to reinsert herself to get back in the group and stay in the house. He tells them how Mark and Cody planned all along to backdoor Paul. He tells how Jessica has been trying to orchestrate trouble all along. She tells him to leave her alone (mind you, SHE was the one who came after him…and he was right, she was trying to impress the group).

    Now Mark is trying to make like the cup in the face was a joke. Josh STILL isn’t having it. And he’s not backing down. He’s letting anyone and everyone have it, who ask for it. He says they can send him home next week but he doesn’t care he’s not backing down. *A lot of them aren’t laughing so much now*

    • Mel

      Nk, This was glorious!!

      • NKogNeeTow

        Mell, I’m loving this AND Josh!

        That damn idiot Cowsh!t trying to shut Josh up, is really getting on my nerves with his scary ass self. As jumpy as he is, he has the NERVE to try to calm Josh down. I say let Josh rip! A whole bunch of people aren’t going to sleep well in the house tonight. Everybody will be scrambling to do damage control. It may have cost Josh a one way ticket next week, but at least he left setting off bigger grenades than Cody….IMO.

    • danmtruth

      Matt and Ramses just sitting back trying not to laugh
      Josh is back to crazy town He thinks yelling and shouting people down will make him look good Is there anyone who will defend him ? Was it right for Mark to throw the cup in his face ? NO Was it righ for Josh to bring it out ? NO He lost and should be drinking it anyway
      Paul is so happy no one looking at him His classless snake dress and war paint / skin shedding is long forgotten

      • NKogNeeTow

        Dan, just because Josh lost and should have downed the concoction, is no reason for Mark to throw it in his face. That was just WRONG on SO many levels. Mark stepped over the line. He was lucky he was in the house. In the outside world, that would have either gotten his ass whipped or worse. Don’t get me wrong, I really don’t like violence, but some people make you want to hurt them sometimes. And I’m not buying Mark’s excuse that it was a joke either. Not only did he know what he was doing and did it intentionally, he has been pushing Josh all week. Every time Josh said something to him, joking around, Mark would give him a somewhat attitude.

        Josh has been joking around with the HG lately, because they have been talking to him and he thinks he’s their friend or rather they’re his friends. They are NOT. They only use him for a number and because they know he’s loyal. They talk about him something awful, behind his back. They do it to his face to, but he just thinks they are kidding with him. Does Josh not know when to quit sometimes, yes….But I truly believe that he’s probably the nicest and most honest person in the house. There is a naive childlike quality about him. Does that qualify him to be in the BB house, probably not. But he’s there now so that’s that.

        Now my friend Paul is trying to do damage control with Elena and others. The dance has begun…

    • Colby

      I don’t like Jess, but what she told him was for him to stop telling her he loves her and calling her Boo Boo, and to leave her alone. Tells him he acts like his word is good, but he lied to her and they know it.
      There is something seriously wrong with him.

  14. Avatar

    Paul you gotta wake up and adjust your game immediately. Wearing skirts and black war paint and bashing Dom every chance you get is not a $500K game winning strategy. Alex, somewhat openly I might add has shown some noticeable resistance to you and your demands and wishes with this weeks HOH and Veto business. Jason wasn’t exactly cow towing and stepping and fetching either as he openly as well just denied your requests for use of the POV.

    You need at least two loyal soldiers moving forward to the end game as it is very obvious you are not beloved as you think you are. Kevin is definitely one of those soldiers all about team Paul. He informs, gathers intel, and follows your requests without hesitation.

    The other soldier is yours and yours alone and its knocking at the door just waiting for you to open it. And that would be Elaine. Her cuddling and caressing your hands and forearms the other night, her rubbing her twins on your back and allowing her shirt to fall down so you could help put it back on her shoulder, and that soft kiss on your shoulder can lead to no other conclusion that she is totally enamored with the legend of Paul.

    She has even ran to Mark basically at your behest to keep him in check and on board. Best part about her, you dont even have to showmance her. She can be your “I will fall on the sword for you ally”, much like Danielle was for Dan Gheeslings funeral season (BB#10).

    You aren’t my guy, but I need you in the game further down the line so you and Team Cody (if he gets back in) can go at it late in the season, after trimming away the excess fat (floaters), which would make for an awesome prolonged tv viewing summer.

  15. Avatar

    Christmas is a joke. Shut your crippled non playing a$$ up. So now she wants to accuse Dom for throwing her name to Cody for going on the block? And the bearded snake on the sideline cheering on. These people are complete morons. Let’s blame Dom for everything. How can this woman fight against a group of people who are so far up Paul’s a$$ they can’t think rationally.

    • Avatar

      Christmas fails to realize most of the women in the house was intimidated by her. But yet she wants to call Dom out knowing her pal Jessica wanted her out. But let’s kick Dom’s back in while she was alrdy blindsided by her group.

      • Avatar

        With Josh hollering and be very combative and vulgar as well, I wonder if Alex and company will be SCARED of Josh like they are of Dom?

      • Avatar

        @Ritchie yea I’m sure they are all terrified or “uncomfortable” now.

      • Mel

        Cyn, I can almost hear the cynicism in your keys when you type that. Lol
        I completely agree.

    • NKogNeeTow

      Cyn you know we don’t always agree, but I’ve got to back you on that one. Xmas performance was only to throw the dogs off her trail. She knows she’s just as guilty of everybody else with deception. Not only her but each and everyone of them sitting around that pool are all guilty of something (BB-wise). Dom is the scapegoat of the week. Josh just lined himself up for next week. In the meantime, Xmas gets to act appalled, and Messica gets to limbo out of the limelight (for the moment). Notice how when Dom asked Xmas a questions, she turned it around and aimed the gun back at Dom. *Want to make a liar mad? Ask him a question*

      Yes they are scared of Dom. But after Josh cut loose on the house, they are now all scared of each other. To quote McDonalds….”I’m loving it”

  16. Mel

    More ranting from Josh. I included some of it above.

    Josh to Jessica: Don’t come for me. Don’t come for me. (She decided to get involved- I think she’s trying to get back in good with Elena and Mark)
    Josh to Jessica: Recruit 10 of you, make up your lie and then come for me.
    Josh says: When Elena talks she comes with facts and says he has nothing but respect for her. Tells Jessica she’s got nothing.
    Josh to Jessica: You rallied against a girl that was supposedly a part of your team.
    Jessica is saying that Josh lied to her because he said he would vote out Xmas.
    Josh says that Xmas knew that.
    Josh to Jessica: Go to the rooms, start hiding, start building up your story.
    Jessica tells Josh to leave her the f*ck alone.
    Josh asks: Does anyone else got something to say cuz I got all day?

  17. Avatar

    I got a coke and smile with popcorn to boot, keep the drama coming!!!

  18. Avatar

    Julie always tells us to “expect the unexpected”. Well as of now, I’m expecting Paul to steam roll through the rest of the house. So here’s to hoping that Jess stays, Cody returns, and they’re able to continue making this season fun by taking a legit shot at Paul next week!

  19. NKogNeeTow

    Pool: Josh/Xmas/Paul/Jessica/Elena/Dom:

    After things calm down (a bit), Dom decides to ask Xmas a few questions about why she back stabbed her. Xmas has a few questions of her own, such as why did Dom tell people that she was the secret vote. Dom tells her that they all thought that. Xmas keeps pressing her, asking did “she” say it. *(Mind you, 4 of people Dom is talking about, are sitting right there and not saying a word)*. Dom tells her again that they ALL thought that. Xmas shuts her down and Dom leaves. After Dom leaves someone (can’t remember who, think it was Cowpoke), came over and asked what happened. Paul was QUICK to speak up and tell what happened and how proud he was of Xmas for shutting Dom down (this is because he’s the MAIN culprit and he’s trying to throw Xmas off his trail). This pumps up The Gimp’s ego and she goes on an all out tangent berating Dom. Of course the rest of the Bobble Heads join in.

    Now everybody is mad a Josh, but they say it’s because he overreacted. Really it’s because he just basically blew everyone’s game up but none of them can admit it or the others will know what they’ve been up to. I am so on Team Josh right now. Even Josh said that if Mark had only thrown the hot sauce below his face, it would have been funny but throwing it in his face (nose and eyes), was not cool (it wasn’t). Cowboy and Alex are giving Josh the once over for saying all those things. Cowpie (OF ALL PEOPLE) told him he should keep his mouth shut (talk about a Goddamn pot talking to a Goddamn kettle!).

  20. Lynn

    Who heard the little mean guy (Paul) tell a whole kitchen full of house guests to “tell Dom to go back and hide in a corner”. Must’ve been when someone told him she was going to talk to Christmas. I heard him. He’s a real nice fella. #meanassesneverwin

  21. Avatar

    When Christmas looks back and realize who was the main culprit questioning her integrity (Paul) while she was in the hospital and how everyone was chiming in she will feel stupid for attacking Dom like she did.

  22. Ann

    Dammit I’m missing the good stuff. Today is my son’s 31st birthday so I cooked a few of his favorites, spaghetti with Italian sausage, fajitas, oreo cheese cake & apple dump cake so I was busy.

    Did Paul really wear the dress or whatever he was going to put on to torture Miss Cleo? I see Josh is on the warpath today. What the hell happened today? Lol

  23. Lynn

    Haha. Kevin: as Jessica walks by him in the yard “wow! I wish I had a swing like that in my backyard”. Kevin’s gameplay.

  24. Ann

    Miss Cloe had the nerve to say Elena wasn’t loyal to her when she was the snake stabbing Elena in the back about Mark.

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