King Paul, would you like some food, maybe $500k?

Sorry for the late update, everyone. Had some morning errands I needed to run.

It’s veto day in the Big Brother house and the chances of there being a surprise nomination of someone other than Cody is lower than the chances of Cameron running back through that door buck naked screaming he is the Lizard King.


How do I know this? Because it was obvious, but also because it already happened…

PoV results – Paul took down Josh. Cody is up

Final noms – Cody, Alex, Ramses


  • 9:50 am – Jason is playing some pool outside while Christmas is inside talking to the house
    • The group inside are planning for Cody’s campaign.  I’m surprised they’re not trashing Ramses because that’s the new thing of the week
    • I’m also surprised Christmas is still in the house. Maybe they pushed the surgery back a day
  • 1:40 pm – I think my time above was messed up, so ignore that.
    • The house is still sitting around kitchen listening to Paul
    • Kevin is playing pool outside with Mark
    • I assume Cody and Jessica are in the pool doing whatever it is the hell they do in life
  • 3:30 pm – Paul is upstairs talking up Josh which is smart because it further cements him as a loyal soldier
    • Meanwhile, the frog twins are still in the water getting as much time with each other as they can
  • 4:00 pm – Elena has joined the frogs in the pool. First sign people other than Jason are reaching out to them
    • Meanwhile Dom is talking to Matt in the pantry about who needs to go next
    • They are saying Jess, but also Ramses because Ramses lied to their faces (he didn’t)
  • 4:10 pm – Paul is telling another story about Venice hours after his story about London
    • You know how some people go into the house and try to hide how rich they are (Vanessa)?  Paul just spits on that strategy
    • Paul “every other month I’m traveling” lol
  • 4:45 pm – Ramses is talking to Kevin and appears to be worried about being a sneak eviction this week
    • Kevin tells him if he’s evicted this week, he’ll take his place (he obviously can’t)
    • It doesn’t mean Ramses isn’t screwed next week
  • Note – Not sure I mentioned it but I am hearing Christmas’s surgery is rescheduled to Wednesday
  • Double Note – Christmas is out of the house but I don’t think for surgery.
  • 5:45 pm – The house made a cake for Dom’s birthday tomorrow.  Paul is making friendship fries.
    • Mark and Elena are outside on hammock.  Slow night
  • 6:15 pm – Christmas is back and Jess pulls her aside for a chat
    • Jess says that she really had nothing to do with her being nominated
    • Jess points out how she is upset that Christmas said she is playing both sides of the house because Jess never pretended to be on her side (this is true)
    • Jess feels Christmas is kind of being a mean girl and is the reason she’s being alienated in the house (I did notice Jess more social with Christmas out)
    • Christmas says she was never coming after her, and still doesn’t understand why Cody put her up
    • Christmas believes Jess didn’t have anything to do with the nomination.
    • Christmas says that she asked for her vote and Jess said yes.  Jess replied that she said she’d think about it and sleep on it.
    • Jess continues and Christmas cuts her off and says ‘would you like me to continue or would you like to keep interrupting’ … ouch
    • Jess apologizes for interrupting
    • Christmas says she took it personally when Jess threw shade, and probably shouldn’t have
    • Christmas is upset because Jess asked her how she was doing (weird)
    • Regarding the day she broke her foot.  Christmas says that nobody came down to see her. While in the backyard, Jess was kind of helping but not really
    • (note, Jess was the first one Christmas saw when she re-entered the house and she (Jess) gave her a big hug)
  • Long one
    • Christmas talks about how Cody whispered in her ear that you can see the bone sticking out of her foot in her opinion to play psychological warfare.
    • Jess points out how she was the first person to greet Christmas when she returned.  Christmas downplayed the interaction.
    • Christmas points out how Jess has had a really awful week and brings it back on herself and says that she also had a rough week (which is true)
    • Jess says she interpreted her conversation with Cody as a threat to Jess’s game.
    • Christmas agrees there was a miscommunication that day
  • 6:30 pm – The two are still talking
    • Christmas asks if Jess went around telling people that she (Chris) is coming after her.
    • Jess said that she told people that because she’s with Cody and Cody is a target.  Jess said they kind of go hand in hand. Christmas replies ‘they don’t’ (though they kind of do)
    • Jess says she is not trying to be catty. She just wants to live in the same house. Christmas replies ‘ok let’s just live in the same house’
    • Jess is not trying to be a villian. She is just taking it day by day
    • The two go back and forth for a little while longer all friendly then finish it up with a hug
  • 7:30 pm – Alex, Dom, and Elena are up in the HoH room talking about the game so far.

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