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King Paul, would you like some food, maybe $500k?

Big Brother 19 – Veto Ceremony Results

King Paul, would you like some food, maybe $500k?

Sorry for the late update, everyone. Had some morning errands I needed to run.


It’s veto day in the Big Brother house and the chances of there being a surprise nomination of someone other than Cody is lower than the chances of Cameron running back through that door buck naked screaming he is the Lizard King.

How do I know this? Because it was obvious, but also because it already happened…

PoV results – Paul took down Josh. Cody is up


Final noms – Cody, Alex, Ramses


  • 9:50 am – Jason is playing some pool outside while Christmas is inside talking to the house
    • The group inside are planning for Cody’s campaign.  I’m surprised they’re not trashing Ramses because that’s the new thing of the week
    • I’m also surprised Christmas is still in the house. Maybe they pushed the surgery back a day
  • 1:40 pm – I think my time above was messed up, so ignore that.
    • The house is still sitting around kitchen listening to Paul
    • Kevin is playing pool outside with Mark
    • I assume Cody and Jessica are in the pool doing whatever it is the hell they do in life
  • 3:30 pm – Paul is upstairs talking up Josh which is smart because it further cements him as a loyal soldier
    • Meanwhile, the frog twins are still in the water getting as much time with each other as they can
  • 4:00 pm – Elena has joined the frogs in the pool. First sign people other than Jason are reaching out to them
    • Meanwhile Dom is talking to Matt in the pantry about who needs to go next
    • They are saying Jess, but also Ramses because Ramses lied to their faces (he didn’t)
  • 4:10 pm – Paul is telling another story about Venice hours after his story about London
    • You know how some people go into the house and try to hide how rich they are (Vanessa)?  Paul just spits on that strategy
    • Paul “every other month I’m traveling” lol
  • 4:45 pm – Ramses is talking to Kevin and appears to be worried about being a sneak eviction this week
    • Kevin tells him if he’s evicted this week, he’ll take his place (he obviously can’t)
    • It doesn’t mean Ramses isn’t screwed next week
  • Note – Not sure I mentioned it but I am hearing Christmas’s surgery is rescheduled to Wednesday
  • Double Note – Christmas is out of the house but I don’t think for surgery.
  • 5:45 pm – The house made a cake for Dom’s birthday tomorrow.  Paul is making friendship fries.
    • Mark and Elena are outside on hammock.  Slow night
  • 6:15 pm – Christmas is back and Jess pulls her aside for a chat
    • Jess says that she really had nothing to do with her being nominated
    • Jess points out how she is upset that Christmas said she is playing both sides of the house because Jess never pretended to be on her side (this is true)
    • Jess feels Christmas is kind of being a mean girl and is the reason she’s being alienated in the house (I did notice Jess more social with Christmas out)
    • Christmas says she was never coming after her, and still doesn’t understand why Cody put her up
    • Christmas believes Jess didn’t have anything to do with the nomination.
    • Christmas says that she asked for her vote and Jess said yes.  Jess replied that she said she’d think about it and sleep on it.
    • Jess continues and Christmas cuts her off and says ‘would you like me to continue or would you like to keep interrupting’ … ouch
    • Jess apologizes for interrupting
    • Christmas says she took it personally when Jess threw shade, and probably shouldn’t have
    • Christmas is upset because Jess asked her how she was doing (weird)
    • Regarding the day she broke her foot.  Christmas says that nobody came down to see her. While in the backyard, Jess was kind of helping but not really
    • (note, Jess was the first one Christmas saw when she re-entered the house and she (Jess) gave her a big hug)
  • Long one
    • Christmas talks about how Cody whispered in her ear that you can see the bone sticking out of her foot in her opinion to play psychological warfare.
    • Jess points out how she was the first person to greet Christmas when she returned.  Christmas downplayed the interaction.
    • Christmas points out how Jess has had a really awful week and brings it back on herself and says that she also had a rough week (which is true)
    • Jess says she interpreted her conversation with Cody as a threat to Jess’s game.
    • Christmas agrees there was a miscommunication that day
  • 6:30 pm – The two are still talking
    • Christmas asks if Jess went around telling people that she (Chris) is coming after her.
    • Jess said that she told people that because she’s with Cody and Cody is a target.  Jess said they kind of go hand in hand. Christmas replies ‘they don’t’ (though they kind of do)
    • Jess says she is not trying to be catty. She just wants to live in the same house. Christmas replies ‘ok let’s just live in the same house’
    • Jess is not trying to be a villian. She is just taking it day by day
    • The two go back and forth for a little while longer all friendly then finish it up with a hug
  • 7:30 pm – Alex, Dom, and Elena are up in the HoH room talking about the game so far.

Check back for updates


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  1. Shivani33

    Cody campaign? Well, he did say that if Josh comes flapping his yap at him one more time, he’ll tell the world that Josh is a sexual predator and has to be kicked off the show. Another Cody remark, “my airtime is done.” Such a sport.

  2. Avatar

    Just read an interview of Jillian by US Weekly. If they interviewed her she’s probably not sequestered.
    BUT if no battle back I remember reading on CBS web site before the series started that there would be new guests and return players. Curios!

    • Avatar

      Maybe the battle back is between former BB players……another vet?

      • Shivani33

        Cameron, Cody and a vet, such as Victor?

      • LindsayB

        How would that even work? That would mean that these potential players would have to have been sequestered this whole time right? They can’t bring in someone who’s been watching the show and feeds.

      • Avatar

        This is season 19. There’s a huge pool to choose from…..

      • LindsayB

        Have there been any Cameron interviews? Why would he be able to come back but not Jillian? Her interviews make the whole sequester thing and buy back thing seem like it’s off the table.
        Bringing a fresh vet in? Maybe. This season is just weird.

      • Mel

        They can be sequestered and do limited interviews with a select few places. It’s happened before. I
        don’t know if that’s the case this season.

      • Avatar

        If they brought a vet back it would be Victor. But I think that would only be if Paul were in trouble of leaving. Since the hg’s are handing Paul the 500K roght now, there is no reason for the extra help. Plus, who would write HOH letters from home to Paul?

      • Avatar

        I’ve read interviews from Jillian too and that’s what’s confusing me about this special episode that’s scheduled and everyone talking about the battle back! Maybe they did let her talk to some reporters or maybe it’ll be a vet battle back. Who knows!!

    • Avatar

      It was just a thought. This year is one week shorter than normal so they don’t have to bring anyone back.

      • LindsayB

        I really hope they don’t. Although I’m happy when it’s one of the people I like coming back, over all I just think the idea has run its course. They have so many things in the game already that can turn it upside down that a battle back just seems too busy. Even for BB.

    • Avatar

      Plus. If you look…Meech has her twitter account suspended. She for one is not on twitter right now…..

      • LindsayB

        Oh gawd!!! The last thing I want to see if that cry baby!!! I’d bad enough having to watch mark and Josh cry and messica’s eternal pout. I can’t handle Meech breakdowns. I loved her snarkiness in the beginning but ended up hating her.
        If there is a battle back I guess I would hope it’s a group of vets who have been sequestered instead of the people who have left the house already. Megan and Jillian were both bad casting. Who knows about Cameron. Cody would murder someone.

      • Avatar

        if we’re being honest, would meech even do well to compete in a battle back? if it’s anything like last years, then you’d have to beat other possible vets, which she wouldn’t work well against.

      • Colby

        She may be going to host a comp or something.

    • Colby

      I read it. There is nothing in the interview except about the couples and her perspective on things that went on in the house while she was in the house.
      I guess BB might allow interviews in a BB controlled environment, with approved questions, as long as no information is given to the person being interviewed.
      I don’t know if Cameron had any interviews (except Jeff), but he wasn’t really there long enough to have anything to share.

    • stevebeans

      It’s on the 21st, so it could be Cameron, Cody, Jillian, next week’s evicted

  3. Avatar

    I’m sorry this is totally off the subject and all but… how were the have not’s chosen? I somehow totally missed that in the feeds and on the shows…. thank you 🙂

  4. JadedMage

    im just going to refer to cody as kotex anymore…

  5. Avatar

    Just a thought about Christmas’s foot. This is BB, lie and deceive. Only her and BB know the extent of her injury. She may come back with a walking cast and still be a more physical threat than Elana.

  6. Avatar

    Personally I think the house is going to flip and vote Ramses out and keep Cody……

    • LindsayB

      I disagree. Grody has more of a chance of winning comps that would put him in power or keep him safe. Ram has his own skills he brings to the table, none of which I can remember right now but he is considered more of an easy evict. There won’t be as many chances as flawless as this one to get Grody out. The majority of the HG can’t see past their own nose enough to try to align with them. Also, he has shown that he’s a loose cannon so an alliance with him would never feel secure.

    • feltso gudinya

      i am catching a whiff of homophobia in the house. they r all so quick to believe each others bullshit yet ramses tells the truth about his vote and no one gives him the benefit of the doubt. kevin, who is a kiss ass, glad handling story spinner is never questioned…..something stinks here…..the hate for ram is disproportionate to his actions so far……i am voting ramses for the next temptation…….

    • Avatar

      I doubt the house will flip. But if it does, it will be a spectacular coup on Cody’s part, and almost worthy of a championship.

  7. Shivani33

    10 votes plus Paul in case of a tie. Paul asked Kevin to not vote off Cody so that the houseguests would be confused about who did that.

  8. Avatar

    This season is so rigged its ridiculous. First Paul get friendship bracelets which i can understand to form loyalty to him as he would be first to go being a returning vet. However, then he is handed protection for 3 weeks setting up Cody for a big fail for a nomination. The final event just R for Ridiculous in this years BB and being rigged is when Christmas got the Ring of Replacement. Ya just gotta laugh, so no matter if Cody was picked to play for the POV she could just replace him with herself. If i were a house guest I would be worried about going after Paul as its obvious Production is Protecting him at least for the next couple of weeks.

    • Avatar

      very true, and if he is targeted, I’m sure some other twist or temptation will help him in some way, even if he can’t get it (i.e. Christmas getting it at that time). But then again, if you look on social media, Christmas is very well liked, so people could feel sympathy for her being on the block or her likability, but it’s still a little sketch

      • Avatar

        The temptations are set up long before the show begins……production didn’t just give Paul 3 weeks safety. We did….the first temptation poll had Paul as favorite to win it by quite a lot of people….2 one Christmas was the fan fav to win it….this week so far it’s Alex….so unless production is paying off America to vote for certain people I just don’t see it.

      • Avatar

        I agree the people voted, I like Paul I like Christmas. But the Temptations is a way for Production to control the game. I never saw a list published on the order of the Temptations, maybe I am missing that but its just seems to coincidental to me. If no list and even if we believe America Voted and the right person was picked to get the Temptation they could easily change which Temptation is offered depending on who is voted to receive it and the current game situation. I would like to just see pure game play forget the temptations at least the battle of the block is gone but to me this Temptations thing is worse. Just have to remember CBS is Gawd in the BB house its their show their rules and its on TV to make money. They brought Paul back for a reason and it was just not to be voted right out first vote. Cody has sense enough to go after Paul being a vet of the show, he just got shafted by the protection of Paul.

      • Mel

        The first 3 temptations were leaked at the beginning of the
        season. So far, they’ve done them in that order
        I do think production manipulates but I don’t think they can be switching the weeks since we saw it the first night.

      • Colby

        You can see what the temptation you are voting on is on the CBS website.

    • Mel

      So you’re saying they don’t actually count the votes?

    • LindsayB

      All these temptations are voted on. People love Paul and knew he needed it to stay. People love Christmas so it makes sense that she got hers too. The thing that makes these temptations so crazy is that they aren’t just a use now or lose it situation. Some things last all season. Some things expire in a few weeks. Getting a temptation could mean absolutely nothing if it’s not needed in the time frame. BB may or may not mess with the votes. We will never know. What they can’t mess with is how and when these temptations will be used because they can’t predict what will happen in the coming weeks. That’s not even including the punishments. They could be for a person, a group, of the whole house. The conspiracy theories about everything being rigged are getting ridiculous IMO. There’s just too many things up in the air for it to be rigged.

      • Avatar

        CBS didnt bring Paul Back for him to get voted right out, he is there for a reason. CBS is protecting him for some reason. I have not seen a list of Temptations and the order in which they are to be received unless im missing that somewhere. So it can easily be changed to the situation needed. Its CBS game and their rules they can do whatever they want…and I dont mean the game is rigged in its entirety but in certain events. Sure things may not go the way CBS would like them but the odds are tipped in the favor of the way they hope they go…its a game and a show to make money, not pure reality…other than that I like the show, just wish they would take out the temptations part…

      • AIO_7

        “What they can’t mess with is how and when these temptations will be used because they can’t predict what will happen in the coming weeks.”

        Yeah, Lind., but they can tweek any rule that they make. It’s their game, the rules are their own.

      • Mel

        I agree but they did blatantly change the care packages last year after the winner was announced. It’s the first time I saw then change something that was in writing. However, the BB contract all the hg sign basically says they can change almost anything without notice. It gives them total control. They can pretty well do whatever they want except kill the players. Lol

      • AIO_7

        ….”So it can easily be changed to the situation needed. Its CBS game and their rules they can do whatever they want”

        Thanks, Monica; I said the same thing but a minute after you. I didn’t read your comment first.

      • AIO_7

        “I agree but they did blatantly change the care packages last year”….

        Mell; you could have left out the “but”. That’s exactly what Monica and I are saying.

      • Avatar

        I agree, Lindsay! All the “it’s rigged” stuff is just ughhhh!

      • danmtruth

        i’m not saying it’s rigged but you can put things in motion Mentalist and magicians do it all the time They give the allusion of free choice and randomness Was there ever a chance someone was not going to take the first temptation of the money So Paul is now in Next why would Paul not take safety He knew the kind of protection that as a vet he need Production does not care who wins It just wants to put on a good show The show needs to have sides To let viewers get interested in the contestants It is fun to watch how these people try to play each other This season seems to have more self proclaimed superfans I even believe Kevin knows more about the game than he lets on

    • Colby

      The temptations are voted on and I don’t think they mess with the votes.
      I do think the three weeks of safety was ‘set up’ for Paul with Production knowing that as a Vet he would have the larger fan base to win it.
      I’m sure the temptations were decided long ago, but I guess we will never know if the order they are offered in could change since there is no published list, at least not that I am aware of.
      And we all know that the DR messes with their heads to try to steer them one way or another, but they can do as they choose.
      But sometimes things do appear a little too sketchy to be coincidence.

    • LindsayB

      How are the temptations rigged? Between having multiple weeks to use you temptation or punishment, multiple people having them at the same time there is no way to use them to rig the game. BB can’t control what’s going to happen in a couple of weeks. They just can’t. They can introduce a new temptation that could help a certain person but it’s not going to change who has outstanding ones to use. There’s too many moving parts to rig it. Is Paul good tv? Absolutely. That’s why they cast him. You won’t see Jillian be next year’s vet. I think the format and timing of the tempts/punishments actually fixes the issues brought up with last year’s care packages. I guess if your mindset is that the whole thing is rigged for Paul then why do you bother to watch?

    • Avatar

      I’m not a huge Paul fan but as far as the show being rigged in his favor, imo I just don’t see that!
      Take the the Candy Crush HOH competition for example. You can’t “rig” it for that ball to make it to AND in the hole.
      Anyone who was playing had just as much of a chance to make that shot as Paul did and become the new HOH.

  9. Mel

    What have I missed about Mark? Why is he so obsessed with figuring out the Ramses vs Kevin vote for Jillian?

  10. AIO_7

    Watched about five minuted of Candy Crush last night. Saw Frankie with his eye liner; saw DaVonne; saw Paul mugging for yet another camera. I said “No, just no; NEVER CARED”…..and switched the channel.

    • Mel

      AIO7, I gave it 30 minutes. What can I say, I was tired and my reaction time was slow!

    • Ann

      I recorded it but hadn’t had the chance to watch it yet.
      Right now all I want to know is has anything changed with the plan to get Cody out? I just want his crazy ass gone NOW.

      • AIO_7

        Ann; I can’t see any scenario where Cody stays. I’m sure even Production wants him gone ASAP.

      • Avatar

        If Cody would make just a small effort to campaign he might be able to do something but his massive ego has hampered Cody since day one..at least Paul can PRETEND to be humble and make fake friends for the sake of the game.

  11. Avatar

    Paul and Christmas can’t get another temptation but they can get the curse. That could change the game. After Paul’s safety is over he’s gonna have to win a bunch of comps to go all the way or he’s gone. Same for Christmas and with a bum foot she doesn’t have much of a chance…unfortunately.

  12. Avatar

    Real Simple…think about this…what where the odds someone hit the button for $25,000 and nobody would know they did it…LOL…This let Paul back in the game… 100% If CBS wanted to make it Iffy that someone hit the button they would have made it $500 but they made it $25,000 Heck we ALL would have hit the button. Since this point Paul has received the Friendship Bracelets and 3 weeks of protection…CBS WANTS PAUL IN THE GAME!!!!

    • Avatar

      A bunch of people said they hit the buzzer but Kevin hit it first.

      • Avatar

        yes lucky Kevin…the point is its did not matter who won but that someone hit the button to let Paul back in the game as a returning Vet. Had nobody hit the button no Paul…thus 25K to hit it as opposed to $500 😉

      • Avatar

        Had nobody hit the button, they would have found a way to get Paul in anyway. Paul made himself available for the show for the summer. They wouldn’t say ” sorry Paul, we can’t let you in the house, nobody hit their button”

    • Mel

      I agree. My point was only that CBS didn’t cheat. They play the odds instead. That’s the largest in-game prize BB has ever given away so the odds were huge that at least 1 of 16 people who are there for money would bite. It’s the same with the safety temptation. The odds of Paul getting it we’re extremely high because he already had a built-in fan base to give him votes. They’ve also had competitions geared towards a particular person’s strengths that they would like to stay in the house because they are good for ratings. The way the care packages were handled last year was outright cheating. The only thing I’ve seen so far this year is playing the odds. It’s definitely manipulated and it always has been Feed watchers hate it and we always have in the same way we hate the girl next door edit given to a slut. It is what it is because if they think showmances and returning vets will up their ratings, they’re always going to do it and keep them on as long as they can. Without ratings and TV viewers, there is no BB. Girl, you’re preaching to the choir. The way they handled the care packages last year it’s why
      I’m not voting at all this year. I know I can’t stop it but I’ve found it irritates me less if I avoid it. Lol

    • LindsayB

      I think they could’ve offered any amount and someone would’ve taken it. It was anonymous.

  13. Shivani33

    Dominique and Mark had another private talk, meaning she talks and he listens. She indicated that Jessica and Ramses are the next two targets and talked about what their strengths and weaknesses are. She is a little concerned that people will start liking Jessica better, minus Cody. Also, Dom said that she has no desire to work with Ramses at all, because he lied to her. My hunch is that Mark suspects that Kevin has been lying about different things, as opposed to Ramses. But Mark keeps that to himself.

    • danmtruth

      I always laugh when i Hear the HG talk about honesty and who lied to them Yet everyone hides facts about themselves Has Dom told people about her education Her true job ? NO Mark is lying to the other contestants not telling of the deal he has with Dom Just as most of the HG have their ride or dies to the end

  14. Colby

    What is wrong with the thumbs?

  15. Avatar

    Something is weird about this Christmas foot thing…..Raven said she went today so the could be a ” solid” cast on Christmas foot as opposed to the boot type cast she has now,,,,,why would they do that if she’s having surgery Wednesday…..they would just leave it as is as opposed to casting and having to take it off in a day……

  16. Avatar

    Trouble is brewing…elana made a move towards Cody and Jessica today…now Christmas is in with Jessica and they are making up…..Matt was over and the pool today…no one was able to hear the convo because Jessica and Cody did not have microphones on…….bye Ramses

  17. Mel

    Well you know once Cody’s gone, Jessica will do some damage control. She’ll be back in with the girls in no time. Elena hasn’t ever completely given up on her. Xmas and Alex may not go for it but those two don’t like each other so I don’t see them teaming up against Jessica. Jason or Ramses are probably in more trouble than Jessica is at the moment.

  18. jimbo

    STUPIDITY = HGs being more worried about Cody instead of Paul. Paul is the greatest cult leader since Jim Jones. As if Cody could have manipulated HGs like Paul is. To win this game you need to know the threats, and it is not a non-verbal Marine.

    • Mel

      Jimbo, he has to be non-verbal or he would risk accidentally making a victim noise

      • danmtruth

        victim noises like everyone is against me No one would just do as i told them

      • jimbo

        Hmmm….Cody’s old alliance members (the couples) left him because he didn’t tell them he wanted Paul out. That got them just soooo mad. boo hoo But, now, Paul is planning moves with Kevin (throwing in a hinky vote to confuse everyone this week) without telling “the couples.” Proves my point…the couples made a stupid move trusting Paul instead of Cody. All “thecouples” did was empower Paul and Xmas. Nice going.

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