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Big Brother 19 – Veto Competition Results


That worked out pretty well.  I went out for a bit, relaxed, and took a nap that I’ll likely regret sometime around 3 am.  I wake up and see the PoV competition had just completed.

It was indeed the comic book challenge with the zip line thing, and Christmas was unable to play.  I’m sure her two fans will be disappointed in that.

Paul won the veto competition, and this brings a dilemma that may create drama in other seasons.  He is now at the point of showing his cards to Alex because there is no way he can use the PoV and risk pissing off Christmas and Josh for little to no reason at all. Saving Alex would be a shockingly weird decision that Paul simply isn’t going to make. So, what I predict will happen is that Paul will show Alex his pair of aces and convince her it’s a pair of 2’s – and she’ll believe it.


I can already see him telling her that Kevin is going home no matter what and Josh doesn’t want Christmas to be a pawn and be forced to pack her bags. He’ll say that she’s still safe, and may even vote for her to stay on Thursday night then in his goodbye message mention “If you’re seeing this, then I was clearly fooled by Josh and Christmas”. Of course, this would all work perfectly because Alex is too clueless to see except for the fact that she’s going to jury and will compare notes with the guy who was told that Paul was behind all of this (Jason). Josh’s goodbye message to him may be the thing that completely turns around jury and ends up creating a bunch of bitter people who vote for anyone sitting next to Paul. That would kind of be hilarious, but not at the same time because nobody in the house really deserves to win.

I love Kevin, but he is a floater to the extreme. I’ll be happy if he wins AFP or even doesn’t because he already is pulling in around $40k for this season ($25k prize plus stipend). Josh is just a puppet who sold his soul to Paul and hasn’t done anything on his own all season. Christmas is still in the house because she broke her foot and was a complete non-threat all season long. Sure, she’ll brag about how she went through the game with a broken foot and even won two HoH competitions without mentioning they were both thrown to her.  She’ll say she had to put up with so much pain and suffering without mentioning others had to also put up with mental pain and suffering and weren’t given drugs to get them through those periods. The thing that allowed her to stay in this game will probably be the thing she clings to as a reason why she should win, and it may even work, but it shouldn’t.

Back on track – It should be kind of interesting to see how Paul handles this veto. I will be shocked if he does it any other way than some variant of what I described. The chances of him being honest and then voting her out are slim to none unless Josh and Christmas tell him they’re going to rat him out if he doesn’t draw the line in the sand.  I’ll check back to see if anything happens with this, so stay tuned, but I’m sure Paul has it all under control – unfortunately.


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  1. Avatar

    I used to to be rooting for Kevin for AFPbut he has taken the meaning of floater to a new level and also agree on how you said things will more than likely play out.

    Buh-Bye Alex!! Toddle-oooo! Don’t let the door hit you on the a$$ on the way out!..well, maybe just a little. HA!

    • Rita

      I agree about Kevin, he was my favorite. I don’t think what he is doing now is actually “floating”. Is there a name for what he is doing? Maybe “ghosting”? It’s a waste of a HG spot when someone who wanted to play the games could have been there.

      He lost my AFP vote weeks ago.

      • Avatar

        I think you’d call it surviving. In that house full of cruel and dim-witted people, I actually understand not teaming up with anyone. Kevin’s still got my vote.

      • Avatar

        But Kevin wins at life….these folks seem to forget about the fall out from BB that faced, Andy, Ginamarie, Spencer, Aaryn etc….every potential employer or agency when they check out these folks or google their names (and yes they do that) will come across all the articles and Youtube clips of these folks. Once it is on the internet, it is there forever. BB is a few short weeks of their lives….maybe they win the battle, but battles mean nothing if you lose the war. Even 500K is not that much…escpecially after Uncle Sam takes his cut. Just ask past winners how much of their winnings they have left. It is not enough to retire on. They want fame, but in reality, how many famous former BB players are there? They seem to forget these facts. Tune in in three months time and find out how the world greeted them after it was over. True some get a few recalls each year at BB time….but even this show has a life expectancy, and they will be forgotten.

      • Avatar

        If you’re paying taxes, you’re making money…

        From what I understand, the weekly stipend is $1K and if you win the 500K or the 50K 2nd prize, you do not get the stipend.

        Even the 500K equates to roughly 325K after taxes depending on if your home state gets a share and if you take the lump sum. I think the annuity is paid out over 40 years. The annuity alone could throw you into the next tax bracket if you’re close to meeting it. If you take the lump sum most people wind up even further in debt because they got stupid…

  2. Avatar

    The best part of Josh’s HOH hands down this time around, is that his reign is over a day earlier with an eviction, and then 24 hours later I get yet another HOH, POV, and eviction, how awesome is that?!

  3. Avatar

    It will be interesting to see how this week plays out. It will also the interesting to see how the jury feels when voting. I totally agree that now even more than before most of them are going to be bitter and not want to vote for Paul. I kind of like Paul but overall it has not been a good season to watch with him controlling everybody the way he has. He certainly is no Derrick!

    • Avatar

      He’ll never be Derrick so he’ll never be regarded as the top bb winner ever. If he actually thinks it matters that he was never otb he’s an idiot. He was nominted but because he was given 3 weeks of safety he didn’t “sit in the chair”. He can never say he wasn’t nominated for eviction, he was.

  4. Alda

    Steve,what you said is exactly how Paul will spin this one.He’ll be shocked that Christmas and Josh turned on Alex.Till she gets to jury and talks to Jason.On finale night,wait till the houseguests rat out what Josh told Jason in his goodbye message.Josh will pass out! Paul might too!

  5. danmtruth

    Can Josh convince love struck Xmas that doing the tie vote thing is bad for THERE game and only benefits Paul Will she even care ? Josh was trying to float the idea earlier that getting rid of Kevin first was the smarter move Not that it is but this is what Josh was trying to sell before he won HOH
    Paul is also looking at he was the villain in the comic Hope no one reads into this

  6. Avatar

    How ironic would it be that Xmas ends up in a F3 with the two men she cuddled up with?

  7. Avatar

    The other thing to consider about jury and voting is that the people there who want to be friends with Paul think that they are going to be best buddies when the show is over. They may not want to jeopardize that wonderful friendship and that chance for him guiding them towards Fame and Fortune by not voting for him in the finale. We have to remember who we’re dealing with in there unfortunately.

    • Ann

      Hopefully they’ll figure out he was lying to them about helping them with the fame just like he lied to them throughout the whole game.

      I f**king hate Uncle Sam. I hope Kevin blows up on her ass when she starts bullying him. Herman Munster already knows Kevin is not going to put up with his shit. Big ass crybaby. If he had any sense he would flip the script on her & defend Kevin when she starts her shit & blow her & Paul’s shit out of the water.
      I’m sick of this bs.

  8. Renee

    Well I planned to try to watch the live feeds tonight but I just can’t stomach them. I’ve watched 10 minutes of Paul whispering to Josh while Christmas is poping zits on Paul’s back.

  9. Zach

    Salty jurors are just something we are going to have to deal with going forward because of all the millennials and their sensitivity. 5 years ago the jury would have rewarded Paul for tricking everyone and getting the ones he couldn’t trick out. Now they will probably vote against him just like they did last year. Nicole was quite possibly the least deserving winner ever on BB and yet she still won because people voted for who they liked more instead of who deserved to win the game. In a twisted ironic ending, the only one to vote for Paul would be Cody, who actually has enough balls to admit Paul was able to manipulate them into turning on Cody and then knocking them off one by one after the only real threat this season was eliminated.

  10. danmtruth

    What is the attraction of popping zits on Paul First it was Elena than Raven now Xmas Are his zits some mystery aphrodisiac?
    Paul and Xmas trying to get the lie they are going to tell Alex to lessen the blood on Paul’s hands Also to convince Josh what to say to keep him docile and in line

  11. Tinkerbell

    It’s official, not changing my mind. I hate Chris-Ass the most.

  12. danmtruth

    Paul and Xmas talking to Josh
    Paul laid out the plan ask Josh if he was ok with the plan 3 times Josh says yes So than Xmas ask so your good with this right because if you go off on a tangent I will fuck you over
    Josh ok but whats a tangent and no i’m not happy with the plan

  13. Tinkerbell

    Chris-Ass has the personality of a terrorist. Just now telling Josh – “Listen to me, and listen close you MF. I will light your ass up.” It has been going on, and still happening now. She is the bitch from H E L L. Please make her go away, now. As much as I dislike all of them, I would rather any of them win than her. She is a domineering intimidating bitch. She is vile.

  14. danmtruth

    What Paul and Xmas don’t know is Josh will spill the beans in his goodbye message to Alex
    Wow Xmas on her tirade against Kevin Wow What didn’t she say about him
    Josh i’m an honest person but everyone has attacked me personalty ,,,,,, WTF

    • Tinkerbell

      Hopefully she will get her just due when the season is over. I hope so much that enough people have witnessed the vicious person she really is…..and that it has an impact on her business. How she is in the game, is how she is in real life.

      • Tinkerbell

        Please let her world collapse around her pitiful brain. Even before I knew her personality, she just has an evil look about her…..and her laugh is like the Wicked Witch of the East – that she is.

  15. danmtruth

    Xmas: F*cking Kevin that motherf*cking c*cksucker. Did you guys flip a coin to f*ck me in jury? Because you’re a betting man

    Christmas: You haven’t seen C*nt Christmas come out yet. I will f*cking rape Kevin’s soul with my words

    this women is physio Was SHE not the one rubbing up on Kevin Now she is trying to tell Paul how HE DESERVES to win
    I cant wait till they see how Josh trash there plan in the goodbye messages

  16. NKogNeeTow

    Paul and Xmas just tried to snow Josh and he knows it and he’s PISSSSSSSSSSSSED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    He’s in the HOH cam talking and he just said PAUL is forcing him to turn on him!

    He said they must think he’s f*cking stupid.

    He said Paul didn’t play him, he’s been on to him for weeks. He said Paul is playing Xmas.

    He says he stood by Paul the whole game and for him not to fuck up his game but for an ally to do it when he’s been protecting him????

    He just said if the gets that scale, HE’S TAKING PAUL OUT!

    He said in his speech, he’s exposing the THREE of them.

    • The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

      Go get ’em Josh!!!! I can’t believe I’m about to say this, but oh well I guess it’s official now:


    • Avatar

      First off “good to read Ya!” But getting back to Josh….Josh Knew there was a Divide when he asked Bitchmas, “Between the Two Of us (Paul & Josh) who would you take to the Final 2???”
      Bitchmas ~ Idk, I can’t answer that right Now. Josh had a talk with himself, & said SHE IS GOING TO TAKE PAUL!!!

      Josh knew then, that he had to Clip Paul, & his HOH was the time to do it! Where Josh made his Mistake was confiding in Alex, that he wanted to take Paul out. Because Paul Grilled Alex & she Delivered on telling him that Josh wanted her to Win the Veto!

    • Colby

      I seriously doubt he will expose them in his speech. He talks big when he is by himself, but never follows through.
      It wouldn’t really make any difference anyway at this point. He has figured out that neither Paul or Xmas will take him to F2, so if they vote him out next, so what? He would be 4th instead of 3rd?
      But I think he really believes he can win some of the F3 comps (even though we all know the chances of him winning one are slim to none), so I don’t think he will say anything except in his GB message.

      • danmtruth

        Bitchmas does not understand why Josh keeps bringing up that Kevin threw the comic comp Paul is silent or comes up with the lame I think he is color blind Alex without understanding ask than why would they let him on So many comp are about colors Than Paul is like I’m not sure but Kevin has ask me a few times what color things were that he was putting on Than again he might had been trying to fool me Wow Paul fool you?

    • Ann

      I want him to let her think he’s going to help her bully Kevin & flip on her ass when she starts & leave her ass hanging.

  17. danmtruth

    Josh is blowing them up in his goodbye messages Help by the way Paul is trying sweet talk the evicts for there jury vote
    Don’t think he will take Paul to final 2 but not sure he will win that choice

  18. Avatar

    I have a Question, Maybe someone can answer….
    Are the P.O. Boxes in the HOH Room going to come into Play, before the end of the Season?
    And we all Know that Josh took the GOLDEN APPLE, will it come into Play at anytime?

    Thanx in Advance!

  19. NKogNeeTow

    ChristmASS told Paul to use the POV and put her up with Kevin so she can see his soul get crushed.

    This might be a chance for Josh to at least get her out. If Paul takes Gremlin down and she goes up, all Josh would have to do is tell Alex about the 3 of them and make sure she is so mad that she would be willing to get rid of either Paul or ChristmASS.


    Paul – Kevin
    Alex – Xmass
    Josh – Xmass

    That would leave only Josh/Kevin/Alex/Paul. Josh could try to pull Kevin and Alex, leaving Paul hanging.

    Oh well, one can dream…

  20. The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

    Paul, Hug-A-Dumbass-Day, and Josh have figured out based on the BB Comics comp that they are likely the “villains” of the season. They keep trying to pretend that they don’t care, yet they can’t stop talking about it. I’m waiting to see if one of them will break down and cry so I can drink their tears. Finally something worth watching!

  21. danmtruth

    Josh was a meatball Bitchmas had rockets and lasers on her scooter Cody was Stareman
    yes they are not happy

  22. danmtruth

    Ok so the string cheese they have are frozen Bitchmas and prison girl solution To sit on them Even if they are still in the package it’s gross

  23. danmtruth

    comics Paul was Potty mouth he was not happy poor baby
    Yes Xmas ex-boyfriend is Paul’s doppelganger

  24. The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

    Josh went downstairs to have a conversation with Kevin and now they are in the APSR doing a show for the live feeders. Kevin seems elated that someone is finally talking to him. He had been sitting in the room for hours staring at the wall and studying the days. It’s nice to see them getting along, as I think they always would have if Josh hadn’t allowed himself to be manipulated into attacking Kevin. I hope Josh stands his ground and refuses to antagonize Kevin this week despite what Paul and National Dipshit Day tell him.

  25. NKogNeeTow

    HOH: 9/9/17 11:33 PM PT: Josh cam talking about Alex.

    He says she’s not trying to play shady and he’s thinking of telling her everything.

    He says he’s mind f*cked and he feels bad.

    He says Alex is a great person and played a great game.

    He says Paul played the f*ck out of her and Jason.

    He says he hopes she understands he had to align with Paul because he knows she and Jason would take each other and not him.

    He said he’s going to talk to her before she leaves so she can take it back to the Jury.

    He said Paul is protecting his game he has to protect his.

    He says he’s not going to let it go down the way Paul wants it to go down.

  26. NKogNeeTow

    Paul is upset because his comic was Mr.Friendship Potty Mouth. He says he doesn’t get it. We do. He’s a POS. Isn’t that what you usually find in potties?

  27. NKogNeeTow

    Is it just me or does Gremlin look drunk doing the hula hoop?

  28. NKogNeeTow

    Annie, Hobie, she’s wearing a bra top again…lol

  29. The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

    Paul and Friday the 13th are in the hammock discussing how brilliant and wonderful Paul is. He tells her how he’s on the brink of convincing Kevin to throw the next HOH comp to him. He told Kevin “don’t you want to be able to argue to the jury that you made it all the way to F2 without having to win any comps?” They both laugh and Friday says “Oh Paul, you’re so good. I don’t know how you do what you do!”

    Someone pass me a bucket please…

  30. NKogNeeTow

    The Gingham Dog and the Calico Cat are on the hammock.

    He is telling Calico that Gremlin said she is being weird and he doesn’t know what she’s trying to do.

    She says she hasn’t been weird with her, in fact she’s been kind of quiet with her.

    He tells Calico that Gremlin said Calico was acting like she’s(Calico) going home tomorrow and that she was going to the JH.

    Calico is telling him that she knows what Gremlin is trying to do.

    Gingham tells Calico (X) that Gremlin says Kevin is being super nice to her and that she also says that X thinks that she (X) is going OTB and out.

    He says maybe she thinks that he is pulling her off so X can go up. .

    X says Gremlin feels threatened. He says that Gremlin feels threatened because she sees how close he and X are.

    They start talking about Kevin. Paul tells her that he thinks that he can get Kevin to throw the HOH. She laughs and tells him she doesn’t know how he does what he does. (*insert gag here*)

    He tells her that when she blows up on him just before the HOH Comp, it will rock him (Kevin).

    He says he wants to have a convo with Gremlin tomorrow.

    X says Gremlin knows that if Gingham uses the Veto on her(Gremlin) that X will go up.

    He says he’s going to tell Gremlin that he’s torn and he’s sorry but he can’t use the Veto. He says he doesn’t want it to get ugly.

    X says Grem will have private conversations and make it aggressive.

    He says the only one he’s worried about is Josh.

    She says they have to keep him away from Gremlin because he folds.

    He says if he keeps her that he would be giving away all of his votes. He says he doesn’t think she would be vengeful.

    She says she didn’t blindside Jason. That he never came to her.

    Gingham Dog is worried about what she will tell Jason in the JH. (*For someone so confident, he is really stressing votes*)

    Calico (X) says she will bad mouth them because she’s petty.

    X is talking smack again. She’s telling him again about Jason telling her that Kevin told him (*whew*), that she was trying to make out with Jason (*he didn’t, she’s lying*). She says she can’t wait to blow up on him. She says she wants to rip his f*cking face off for trying to make her sound like a home wrecker.

    He tells her that he never promised Gremlin a F2 and he’s going to tell her that someone else can take Kevin out.

    She says she’s trying to decide what angle she should play with Gremlin. He says to just tell her that she(X) can’t beat her (Gremlin), so she has to take her out.

    They can’t understand why Josh is tripping so hard. She says he thinks everybody in Jury hates him. He says everybody in Jury hates all of them. He says he doesn’t know why suddenly Josh is worrying about Jury (*like he isn’t*)).

    He’s saying that he ‘s not going to beg for Jury votes (*apparently he forget that he’s begged just about ALL of them for Jury votes one way or another*).

    He says he’s going to have a long talk with Josh. She says he needs to tell Josh the why and how things works and that Josh needs Paul to pull him through (*again…gag*)

    She says Josh doesn’t even listen half the time, he just agrees.

    He says when he (Josh) makes a decision, he’s weak. She said she had to pretend to be weak with Jason’s eviction.

    She tells Paul just talk Josh through it. She says it usually takes him at least 3 times to get it.

    They wonder whether Josh has gotten out of the DR yet and worry that Gremlin caught him on his way out.

    He says the thinks Josh is going to lose it and he really doesn’t know what his mental stability is at this point.

    He is telling her that when Josh has to face the Jury, they will be asking questions fast and furious and will ask him what has he done all season.He says he fears what Raven’s question will be to him (Paul). (*Does she realize that he is actually TELLING her in so many words, who the F2 will be?…lol*)

    • Avatar

      I can’t decide if Paul is so delusional that he believes his own lies. Or if the crap we spews is just more of his game. Literally, how does a person keep all the BS they talk to everyone straight? Must have a lot of real-life practice.

  31. Avatar

    Fist off whoever writes this thing is a hater and should see there is more than one way to go about this game. Also pretty sure Christmas has more fans than anyone since she is a bestselling author and that is just one of her accomplishments compared to every other houseguest you has done nothing. I’m so over all the trash talk people give yet complain about the HG doing the same thing.
    Christmas if she makes to F2 could say she used Paul cause clearly she wasn’t going to be able to do it alone with her foot and why not take advantage of him. Also she has done a pretty good job at making people think they could use her until a certain point. So I wouldn’t say just her foot although that is part of things will be part of her speech.
    I don’t understand how Paul doesn’t have blood on his hands when he himself says he has had a hand in every eviction. These people mostly are all stating to pisisng me off and Kevin needs to stop acting like a victim when he isn’t! Josh should just say what he needs to to Christmas and tell her shut it if she doesn’t like it. He hasn’t had a problem in the past speaking his mind.

    I’m done thank you

  32. NKogNeeTow

    BY: 1:35 AM PT Paul/Xmas/Josh

    Kevin called into the DR as Josh comes out. He joins the love vultures in the hammock.

    Paul tells him he’s going to talk to Alex tomorrow and tell her he’s not using the Veto.

    They start Kevin bashing.

    Paul says that if the 8 (Jury) gets wind of the 3 of them, it will be bad. He says that’s the beauty of getting Kevin out next week because he will not have time to compare notes or tell them anything because Dr.Will will be there directing them how to vote.

    They say the wild card will be Raven. Paul thinks he can make Alex understand (*Aah, okay*)

    Xmas wonders how Raven can mess things up. Paul/Josh tells her because Raven knows how close the 3 of them were and knew about the plot to get out Jason/Alex.

    Josh says he doesn’t give a f*ck (*And will go upstairs and cry himself to sleep tonight*)

    Josh says he doesn’t give a flying f*ck and he only cares about 1 thing, and doesn’t want to hear anything else, he’s ready to get to F3.

    Frick and Frack are trying to talk to him about Alex. Josh is not feeling it. They keep trying.

    Paul is telling him how Alex is playing him. He says “Remember how she told me you were going to clip me”? Josh says I want to ask her about that. Paul and X quickly tell him NO, he should do that (*They are damn scared that Alex and Josh will start comparing notes*)

    Paul ask him why he’s questioning him. Josh ask him “WTF am I questioning”? Paul isn’t to fond of Josh’s new found attitude and starts talking ‘at’ him again. Start telling him reasons why he (Josh) should do this and that.

    He tells Josh that he has to tell Alex that if he uses the Veto, he lose the game so why should she be mad about it because it’s game. He says why would he (Josh) think that she’ll be mad at him.

    He says he’s a man of his word and when he says he’s going to do something he does it and to listen to him because he knows what he’s talking about because he played this game last year.

    Josh says he’s drained from that DR (*Can’t WAIT to see it*)

    They start talking about the potty mouth thing again. Paul says that he hasn’t called anyone a c*nt this year.

    Paul and Josh both say that Kevin told them that he(Kevin) had the best social game. Paul says he’s just jerking everyone’s d*ck.

    Paul tells him that he (Josh) has to gun it next week and win and blow up on Kevin. Josh says he will because he’s sick of Kevin and he lie about every f*cking thing.

    Josh then says he feels bad for Kevin. Paul says he does too, then turns around and says he feels bad for Josh because Josh feels bad for everyone else. Then ask him, if he needs to slap him again.

    Josh said he’s sad that in 2 weeks he won’t see them anymore. He says that whoever wins, will buy 3 tickets around the world and they are going to travel together. X said they can all sleep in the same bed together, Paul in the middle (then does that creepy laugh). (*This chick is over the top hard up*)

    Josh is hoping that they get booked on Meet And Greets together. Paul says he can make the one for Canada happen.

    Gremlin is in the Rose Room, covers pulled over her head like Audrey (*AHAHAHAHAHA…Doesn’t feel so good, does it?*)

    Josh and Paul go to the kitchen. They start to dance and sing “You’ve Got A Friend In Me”. They start laughing and Paul says everybody hates them. Production say “PLEASE STOP SINGING”

    Gremlin is trying to sleep.

    Josh ask Paul if they really curse that much. Paul says yeah, he guesses so.

  33. NKogNeeTow

    Kitchen: 2:08 AM PT Paul/Josh

    Josh is saying that either Jury sees who he is or not.

    Paul says if he has to make that choice, he’ll take Josh (F2).

    Josh says he feels like he’s going into depression. Paul tells him that he better get use to it because it’s going to get worse as they get closer.

    Paul says if he(Josh) ever feels that way (depressed), just call him and he’ll fly him out to LA.

  34. NKogNeeTow

    Sorry about that, my Chrome keeps crashing and I keep losing the feeds.

  35. NKogNeeTow

    The Three Stooges still in the BY reminiscing (trashing the past and current HG).

    Alex has finally gone to sleep. (*She couldn’t get to Josh before they did*).

    Kevin must still be in the DR.

    They are just rambling and joking about various things now.

    Xmas says she’s lost her mind in this place just send her back to Iraq.

    Josh ask Paul what his fans are thinking. Paul says he just calls them f*cking fools and weirdos. He says they’re awesome and funny and photoshop his face onto things and sends them to him.

    Josh says he has no idea what he’s walking out to.

    Xmas says she can’t wait to see Josh walk out and get mobbed by fans.

    X says they need to figure out how to protect her toe when they get out so no one steps on it during the party.

    Josh ask them if they can all sleep together in the HOH on his last night. Paul tells him after Thursday, the HOH room will be closed for good.

    They speculate when and what the next HOH Comp will be. They are also speculating on what day Alex and Kevin will be leaving. Paul says it has to be Sunday or Monday.

    Paul tells them once they are F3, they get 2 bottles of champagne and food and they get to sit around and trash everyone. He says then, POP will give them little things to do. Josh ask if they will have the yard. Paul says yes. Josh says he’ll just walk the yard.

    Paul says there has never been F3 that were as close as the 3 of them.

    Paul says he’s going to shower and they all go inside.

    Paul ask them if Kevin was crying when he came outside. He says he looked like he had been crying. X said he did not look well.

    X and Josh stand in front of the Memory Wall gloating and whispering (*can’t make out what they’re saying*)

    They start smiling and waving bye to various pictures on the wall. Josh tells her he needs a hug.

    She tells him that there has never been in the history of BB that 3 people have pulled together and swept house. She leaves to get ready for bed.

    Josh tells Paul that what’s amazing is the amount of food they wasted. Paul says that what amazes him is the amount of milk the people in the house drank. He says milk isn’t for human consumption, it’s for baby cows.

    Josh ask him if he’s coming upstairs to shower. Paul ask him if he was kidding. He says he hasn’t showered downstairs in weeks and not only that but when Jessica was HOH, he even showered upstairs then.

    They go upstairs to the HOH. They start to talk about Josh’s brother and sister. (*Paul takes long showers in the dark, but hopefully he won’t tonight, so maybe Josh will do some more cam talking*)

    Paul tells Josh again that he will talk to Alex tomorrow. Josh ask him to explain it to him again because he still doesn’t understand how Alex knew she was going OTB.

    They start to talk about X and Alex. (*3:00 AM PT Cam 3)

    Paul asked Josh if he gassed out during the Comp. Josh says yes, but he was tired.

    Josh turns out the lights. Paul gets in the shower. Production calls Josh to the DR. (*Hopefully when he gets back Paul will be gone and Josh will talk*)

    Josh back from DR (*It was a short one*). Paul still in shower.

    X just went to bed. Kevin lying in bed awake.

  36. NKogNeeTow


    Paul is out of the shower and he and Josh are talking in the dark.

    Kevin is still lying awake in the dark.

    Paul tells Josh (AGAIN) that he is going to talk to Alex tomorrow and what he’s going to say. He says he has to much respect for her not to tell her.

    Josh says for Paul to do what he has to for game, but he doesn’t want it to look like Josh forced him to do it.

    Paul tells him that if Alex comes to him (Josh), to talk to him, just know that he didn’t throw him (Josh) under the bus. (*Sounds like a set up to me*)

    Josh ask Paul, why did he put on so much cologne to sleep? (*BAHAHAHAHAHA…to tease a certain holiday maybe?*)

    Josh tells Paul, he thinks he’s going to shower. (*Still got my fingers crossed that he’ll talk to us*).

    Paul plays with his beard then says goodnight. Josh ask him to turn the monitor off for him. He does then leaves.

    Josh climbs into bed, puts on his earphones, says a prayer. Looks like he’s going to sleep.

    Paul goes to the Rose Room, climbs into bed with You-Got-It-But-I-Can’t-Get-It Day, who is already asleep. (*Guess he put on all that toilet water for nothing*)

    Oh oh, looks like Ms.Thang was faking sleep a little. When he got in bed, she had her back to him and was on the other side of the bed. After he got in, she ‘suddenly’ stirred, turned over, moved under him and wrapped herself around him like a python. He’s whispering something to her but it’s so low you can’t hear. 3:26AM PT

    She spooned him. He said “Are you ready”. He’s whispering again, but it’s still hard to hear.

    She’s playing with the hair on the back of his neck. (*One thing I’ll give her, she’s persistent if nothing else*)

    Her hands keep moving slightly under the covers (*above waist…don’t get excited*)

    Now she’s giving him a rear head massage.

    Josh is restless but he won’t talk to us.

    Meanwhile, back at the ranch….still massaging those follicles.

    Hand just went down the waist and around. (*For the love of God Josh, please put on your mic and talk so I can change cams*)

    I think Ms.Rushin-Hands-And-Roamin-Fngers has finally fallen asleep.

    Think I’ll do the same. Have a Great day everyone! 🙂

  37. LindsayB

    I don’t mind Josh’s goodbye messages. He’s working with what he’s got, which isn’t much. He’s proven over and over again that he is a total wimp so it makes sense that the only way he can act on the paul situation is to do it this way. I’ll be curious to see how it plays out in jury. At the very least it may put to bed the idea that production is doing anything and everything for paul to win. The goodbye messages are heavily edited and they don’t show every one of them. The fact that they chose to show that last week is obviously not pro Paul. It’s pro stir up the game. It’s pro excitement. It’s pro tv ratings. It’s pro producing a tv show in a way that makes the show interesting.

  38. Avatar

    Doesn’t matter what’s said. It’s what’s believed. I’m sure everyone of them will have a self aware moment when it’s all said and done, just as I’m sure some people in this forum will get a dose of reality as well. Some of us already have. It’s the people who have a sense of reality from the start and can separate the wheat from the chaff that can see through BS. Reality is a bitch sometimes…… But hell, we all get bitch slapped from time to time… It’s the people who are honest and upfront from the start that usually can move on with dignity…

  39. Avatar

    HEY HEY….HO HO … Alex the Ho must go!

    Hey Hey Ho Ho … Alex the Ho must go!

    LET’S GO KEVIN (Clap clap clap clap) LET’S GO KEVIN (clap clap clap clap)

  40. Avatar

    Do the evicted HG get to see all the goodbye messages, even if the viewing audience isn’t shown them?

  41. Avatar

    I like to know from all the Paul haters what do you think Big Brother is about? It’s a game and he’s playing it well. If you read their bio’s Paul is the only one to do charity work. Yeah he’s tough playing the game but That’s the game doh.. He got the 3 weeks saved..if that was planned it was deserved because he was the only veteran. Gives him a fighting chance..otherwise why bother to come back..they always target vets first.. I say he’s playing a excellent game of BIG Brother and if the Jurors can’t see that They’re petty.

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