Hey everyone! Been MIA lately for my own personal issues but since Steve is dealing with his own stuff today I’m here to update you on the veto meeting results.

As we know Jessica had a much needed string of luck this week and snagged the HOH and the POV. I’m not expecting her to use the veto today but it would be a great chance for her to take out a strong player (I hope not..I love Paul). But this is Big Brother so you never know what could happen. I have heard that some people have been getting in her ear about using the veto. Either way, we should know soon.



  • 10:55- Feeds went to animal cam. Has to be the veto meeting.
  • 11:40- Feeds still down.
  • 12:00- Feeds are back! Trying to figure out what happened.
    • Ramses and Josh look upset/pissed so I’m guessing she didn’t use the veto. Waiting for confirmation.
    • Jessica did not use the veto. Sounds like the house plans to send Ramses home.
    • Josh is walking around pretending to be really upset but goes to the apple room and talks to the camera laughing at how big of a mistake Jess made because while she thinks she is getting him out, the rest of the house is actually planning on evicting Ramses.