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Big Brother 19- Veto Meeting Results


Hey everyone! Been MIA lately for my own personal issues but since Steve is dealing with his own stuff today I’m here to update you on the veto meeting results.

As we know Jessica had a much needed string of luck this week and snagged the HOH and the POV. I’m not expecting her to use the veto today but it would be a great chance for her to take out a strong player (I hope not..I love Paul). But this is Big Brother so you never know what could happen. I have heard that some people have been getting in her ear about using the veto. Either way, we should know soon.


  • 10:55- Feeds went to animal cam. Has to be the veto meeting.
  • 11:40- Feeds still down.
  • 12:00- Feeds are back! Trying to figure out what happened.
    • Ramses and Josh look upset/pissed so I’m guessing she didn’t use the veto. Waiting for confirmation.
    • Jessica did not use the veto. Sounds like the house plans to send Ramses home.
    • Josh is walking around pretending to be really upset but goes to the apple room and talks to the camera laughing at how big of a mistake Jess made because while she thinks she is getting him out, the rest of the house is actually planning on evicting Ramses.

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  1. Cindy

    I’ve been coming to this site for several years but haven’t ever commented before. I don’t have the feeds and really love coming here to get all the BB updates.

    • g8trgirl

      Welcome Cindy!

    • Seattle Kari

      Welcome to you too Cindy, I’m Kari, waving to you from Seattle.

      Please ignore the the thumbs down, because someone out who the group is a jackass and just likes to do this to everybody..

      Small minds give attention on small things right? Haha let’s just see how many thumbs down I get on this post like I care..lol! 😉

    • Painter1

      Welcome Cindy,I to have been here since season6 people are great and info is good.I dont have the feed but this group will keep you WELL INFORMED, always enjoy the reading.

      • Cindy

        Thanks everyone for the warm welcome and the thumbs down doesn’t bother me at all. I wasn’t a fan of Cody an Jess but i kinda wanted him back in the house. I mainly wanted him back because i was so tired of all the Paul a** kissers and i must admit the drama be brings was nice also. I mean why waste a summer in that house just to hand the prize over to a vet. Such a waste.

      • pkcable

        I agree 1000% Cindy! We all know, barring someone else WAKING up, Paul has a cake walk to the 500k. So Cody coming back adds at least a bit of drama. And its fun to watch Josh implode and explode on camera, but eventually the HGs will get too tired of his act and vote him out! lol I can’t WAIT to see what he says at eviction AND to see the looks on Jess and Cody’s faces at Ramsey walks out the door!

    • Alda

      Hi Cindy,welcome from NJ

    • Avatar

      Hello from TN Cindy and welcome.

    • Avatar

      Why would you give a thumbs down to someone who is just trying to introduce herself? If you don’t agree with someone sure, it’s basically a non-verbal way of saying so. There is really no point if someone is saying hi, correcting their spelling, or asking a simple question. It’s very juvenile and lacks maturity. I think of it as the Josh affect lol.

      Besides that, there are people here put a lot into this site, and although not everyone sees eye to eye, at least for the most part, I think we are mature about it, and respect each others opinions. Personally, I enjoy reading what other people think. I often find it insightful and thought provoking. I don’t get the feeds either Cindy, and I like getting the updates as well. I look forward to reading more of your opinions. Cheers 🙂

      • NKogNeeTow

        Chris, pay the thumbs down no mind. It only means that either someone doesn’t agree with your comment (which they have every right to do) or our pet Troll, whom we let out once a year for 3 months to get his exercise. As I’ve said before, Trolls need love too. 😉

      • Avatar

        Oh absolutely, we are in agreement on that. Everyone should have the opportunity to express if they agree or disagree with any of the comments made either by commenting themselves or using the thumbs up or thumbs down options. As Cindy said, seeing thumbs down really doesn’t bother her. I just find it difficult to try and rationalize why anyone would give a thumbs down to someone who is just saying hi. In my world, it serves no purpose, and is not reflective of anything she said lol. I think your troll may have gotten wet at some point and multiplied lol. Let’s hope it don’t eat after midnight 🙂

      • LindsayB

        The more attention we give to the thumbs down folks the more they will do it. Ignore it and it’ll eventually either go away or at the very least stop getting the attention the so desperately seek.

    • Avatar
      Morgana (810 comments)

      Welcome! I was in the same position a few weeks ago! I still don’t have the feeds though.

    • NKogNeeTow

      Welcome Cindy! We have a lot of fun here 🙂

  2. Renee

    Is Jessica and Cody aware that they plan to take out Ramses?

    • Seattle Kari

      From what I can tell no, they’re being gullible just like they were last time..

      What I’d like to know is what they think they’re going to get out of getting rid of Ramses? He’s completely not a threat to anybody at this point. You think with the arguments between them and Josh he would be a bigger target?

      • Avatar

        Kari, what I see is Paul’s Posse want to keep Josh because he will vote the way that they tell him too so he’s a vote for them. Also, they know that as long as a Josh s there acting like an ass, it’s less attention on them and what they are doing. Ramses is a great kid but he doesn’t benefit them.

      • LindsayB

        Ramses is more likely to think for himself at some point. Josh is gullible and a shield to use later. It makes total sense to get rid of Ram because he’d be able to fly under the radar for a really long time. He may not be a detriment to anyone’s (Paul’s) game now but definitely will be in the future.

      • Mel

        They don’t think they’ll get anything from Ramses leaving because they don’t think he’s leaving.Jess said it would bother her for Ramses game to be taken away on her hoh. She put him up because she thought there wouldn’t be anyone mad about it next week. She thinks the whole house is sick of Josh and she thinks Elena knows what Matt, Raven and Paul are doing. Everyone says they are sick of Josh and this is the 1st week Elena wasn’t in on the plan. Jess kept saying her gut told her to take Ram down but she listened to Cody and Elena instead. Oh, well. That’s BB. Lol

      • Avatar
        Morgana (810 comments)

        Really though, how can Elena not know about the plan to take out Ramses? Everybody else knows.

      • NKogNeeTow

        The one that needs to be weary of his safety next is Kevin. He’s shrewd but lately he’s been running his mouth a little to much and taking a lot of chances. So far he’s been lucky, but the one funny thing about luck is, sooner or later, it runs out.

  3. Avatar

    Jessica and Cody are two of the worst HOH’s ever. All they will have managed to do is evict non-threats Jillian and Ramses while doing absolutely nothing to build up an alliance of their own.

  4. Avatar

    Some people never learn.

    • Avatar

      I cannot wait to see their face when Ramses gets voted out nice kid sorry to see him go Josh needs to stay so he can bug the piss out of Jessica and Cody they need to go no one really likes them I know she has that halting hex it really does not matter the whole house does not like them anyway !!!!!!

  5. Colby

    Ram will be going home. What a waste of a HOH!
    I don’t like Jess, but am trying to be supportive of anyone that may challenge Paul just walking through this season. She should have gone with her gut. I blame Cody for it.
    And for me, this isn’t even as much about Paul as it is about Josh. I can’t stand the goober.

    • Seattle Kari


      Remember how he was saying he was going to let Jessica make all the decisions when he came back in? Yeah, okay..

    • Avatar
      Morgana (810 comments)

      I don’t care for Josh either, but I rank Josh higher on the humanity scale than either of Grossica.

    • NKogNeeTow

      Colby, Paul isn’t “walking through the season”. He’s actually working very hard. Whether you like him or not, it takes a certain amount of skill to get everyone on your side and maintain control. Yes, he was given a big advantage when he came into the house with 3 weeks of safety. He was also at a disadvantage by being a returning player. That made him an automatic target his first step in the house. So far, he’s handled himself well. Whether or not he continues to do so remains to be seen.

      • Colby

        We are all entitled to our own opinions. We would be a pretty boring bunch if we all thought the same.
        I believe he is being allowed to walk through this season so far because most of them can’t seem to grow a brain of their own, and those that have half a brain are afraid to use them. If they would put their heads together and talk, they might be able to come up with a whole brain or two, and realize they are just letting the bully walk away with it.

      • NKogNeeTow

        Don’t get me wrong Colby, even though I don’t agree with your opinion, I still respect it 🙂

      • Avatar
        Morgana (810 comments)

        The other HGs being clueless, mindless Paulbots isn’t his fault. Production wouldn’t really know they would be Paulbots. Plus, Paul is working hard at keeping his bots under his control. I actually like him more this season than last.

        I think that Grossica has been given more of an advantage than Paul, but Grossica isn’t using their advantages wisely!

      • Avatar

        I totally agree, Nkog. Paul is working his butt off to make sure what he wants to happen, happens. He’s doing a great job. Actually, he may be the only one doing that. Morgana, totally agree with you too. Don’t hate the player, hate the game! It’s not Pauls fault that everyone wants to be followers! Can’t wait to see the eviction!! This has been a great season!

  6. Avatar

    This reminds me of Dani Donato’s second season where she declared war on the vets and then she and her ally (can’t remember the name) went on a tear and won HoH three weeks in a row. However, due to some utterly stupid nominations and ill-advised opening of Pandora’s Box, the only thing they accomplished was getting their own ally voted out. Rachel came back into the game and I believe Dani was evicted the next week.

  7. Avatar

    What a wasted week. My eyes hurt from rolling them so much when Grody and Messica are talking… or whatever else they do the other 95% of the time with their mouths GAG

  8. Alda

    I don’t get the live feeds,just BBAD.If Kevin told Ramses to talk to Jess about the house flipping,if I said,why wouldn’t Jess have used the POV?Or did Kevin not tell Ramses?

    • Gerardo for AFP

      I went back and caught some of the earlier feeds from yesterday and I think I see what happened now. Originally I thought that Jessica figured out on her own that there may be a plan to evict Ramses, but it turns out that Ramses had spoken with her earlier and told her that he was concerned that he wouldn’t have the votes to stay (he mentioned specifically that the 3 votes to evict him last week had him especially worried). That conversation with Ramses yesterday afternoon is what caused Jessica to have second thoughts about leaving him on the block. But then she and Cody (with an unwitting assist from Elena) convinced themselves that evening that the entire house wants Josh out, so they should just leave the nominations alone.

      Since Kevin didn’t really tell Ramses anything specific about Paul’s secret plan to evict him, my assumption is that when he went to Jessica and asked him to remove him from the block, she probably just thought he was being paranoid again (as he was yesterday afternoon when they originally spoke). He didn’t have any new information to give her, and she already knew that he didn’t want to be on the block, so him speaking to her again probably didn’t raise any flags in her mind.

      • g8trgirl

        I’m glad you explained this because I was confused as well. I thought Ms.Messi knew the plan which didn’t make much sense in keeping the nominations the same. Now it does. Thanks!

      • Shivani33

        @gerardo I went back and checked around too, especially during 8 to 9 eastern while the show was on CBS. Your conclusions and mine match 100%. Neither Jessica nor Ramses had enough real information to get motivated and change course. Jessica had a hunch but has been too preoccupied with keeping her panties in a bunch around her ankles and having her all-access bunnyhopping with Cody be her biggest movement in her game. Cody reads social clues at zero speed. Plus he can’t tolerate either Josh or Ramses, and this blinds him even further.

      • Alda

        Thank you Geraldo.That makes sense now.

    • Colby

      He did. But I guess the tramp (Whorelena) was able to convince her that they would vote out Josh.

  9. Avatar

    As soon as Ramses name is announced as going out the door Josh is going to (verbally) jump all over Cody and Jess. If what we have been seeing is true, this was a terrible waste of an HOH. It would not have been the time to go after Paul since he still has 7 or 8 fans in the house actually voting for him to win it all but Jess should have at least gotten Josh out by putting someone next to him that Paul wants to keep more. I guess we’ll know for sure at the live eviction. Is it that difficult to sit down and list who Paul’s strongest allies are? None of Paul’s top 5 best buds were even thought to be nominated. She should have put Christmas (since Xmas didn’t want to deal at the HOH comp.) up next to Josh (who was trying to talk her out of making a deal during the same comp., through Paul’s mouth). Who is worse, the person who nominates the injured girl or the people who vote her out? No one would have voted out Christmas and Josh would be going home.

    • g8trgirl

      I feel bad for Ramses. The poor kid is going to evicted by surprise and all the attention will be on Josh’s shenanigans. Let’s hope he can hold it in til the kid gets out the door.

      • Seattle Kari

        I’d love to see a miracle, and see the truth will come out **before** the eviction.

      • Avatar
        Morgana (810 comments)

        I feel bad for Ramses too. He seems so young and innocent conspired to the rest of the vultures!

      • NKogNeeTow

        I know this is a long shot but wouldn’t it be funny if Messi got wind of the plan before eviction night and used her hex to stop the eviction? Of course she won’t waste it on Ram. She’ll save it for herself or her bed warmer. Just a thought…

  10. Mimi Ryan

    OMG ;( I really don’t see a lot of good coming from how Cody & Josh treat each other (and others). Cody is a piece of work and lacks a lot of appropriate skill sets, this impacts how he acts in the house. Yes he is a comp beast, but only when it serves him. There is no social game play by him that is worth a damn thing. Josh right now is being used as a tool by the house to get to Cody (& Jess). If Grody keeps being all over each other and not interacting with the house, then I guess has the upper hand until it doesn’t.

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  12. Avatar

    I wonder if Paul would even bother trying to win the HOH if he knows Cody or Jess can’t win it. As soon as they are out of an HOH comp., Paul could just drop out too. He has no blood on his hands and if Cody were to win it this week (Jess can’t) and put up Paul, whoever goes next to Paul is going home. Paul can sit back and let the minions pick people off and see what happens. I also wonder if his helpers tried to throw him an HOH, as they did last time, if he would take it. This past weeks comp. Paul was out in less than a minute if you recall and he appears to be safe. Even if he was up next to Josh, he would have still be safe.

    • Colby

      I don’t know. I think his ego is too big for that. He wants to be the one to boot Cody again.

      • Avatar

        I agree on the ego but it might make for an even greater ego trip to know he could just wave a wand and have someone else do his dirty work for him. Same result except he had someone else do it for him. No that is power! It’s like when the Emperor Palpatine had Darth Vader smacking around Luke in Star Wars knowing full well he could flick his wrist and destroy Luke at anytime. He had to show his power by having others doing his “bidding”. Sorry in advance for the Star Wars reference.

      • Colby

        Yep. But I’m pretty sure Paul would want that on his resume for the jury.

    • NKogNeeTow

      Paul and the group want Josh to get the next HOH. They want to use him to try to take out either Grody or Messi. The only thing wrong with that plan is that they don’t know she has the hex. But at least once she uses it they will know and she can only use it once.

  13. Avatar

    You guys make a slow day at work awesome! I love all the different point of views. Kudos to you ALL!

  14. Avatar

    If Paul is really smart (and he is), he’ll orchestrate a 6-4 vote to evict Ramses. Just to keep loose cannon Josh on edge.

    • NKogNeeTow

      That won’t be hard. The 4 who would probably vote to evict Josh are Mark, because as I’ve said before, he’s a p*ssy; Grody, because he’s an ass; maybe Cowpoke, because he already thinks Paul has to much power; and Kevin, because, that’s what he does.

  15. Seattle Kari

    I hate seeing another wasted HOH and someone that is not even a threat being kicked out. Maybe I’m wrong but has anyone ever seen Ramsay’s act weird or out of line? Or any kind of a threat?

    I wish to God everyone would get together, talk and see what’s going on, flip the vote back to Josh. Anybody with any common sense should realize Ramsay is not an issue.

    Maybe that was a prerequisites of being on Big Brother this season, you don’t have common sense? Haha..!!

    • LindsayB

      That’s the thing tho, Ram being seen as a non issue makes him an issue. He would just slide right to the end without actually doing anything. I think he is able to think for himself (unlike Josh) and would be a threat to Paul later. I don’t see Josh ever being a threat to Paul cuz Paul and xmas make him feel important. With the options presented, Ram is the right one to vote out if your on Paul’s team and we all know that everyone is on Paul’s team (whether they like it or not) except for grossica.

      • Gerardo for AFP

        I completely agree Lindsay. Paul mentioned that to Matt and Raven during his sermon the other night– this will be one of the only chances they’ll have to go ahead and get rid of Ramses. Otherwise, everyone will focus on bigger targets and he could just sneak his way right to the end.

        Another thing Paul mentioned when preaching to Matt and Raven about the virtues of keeping Josh is that Ramses is a lot “sneakier” than Josh. With Josh, what you see is what you get– you know exactly what type of game he’s playing, you know exactly who his primary targets are. In Paul’s case, he knows he can 100 percent trust Josh, so it makes no sense for him to ditch him now (Alex, Jason, and Christmas also feel strongly that they can trust Josh and don’t know what to expect from Ramses). Ramses also hasn’t been offering much of anything to the other HGs to incentivize them keeping him over Josh (it seems he’s largely banking on everyone simply being tired of Josh’s antics).

        Overall, if Grossica had pulled themselves off of each other long enough to really put some thought into this decision, they would’ve realized it’s pretty much a no-brainer for the house to keep Josh over Ramses.

      • Avatar
        Helen (5586 comments)

        Plus Ramses did not endear himself to Alex and crew the week Alex was on the block. He almost won it and Alex was none too happy with him nor was anyone else ……..he has not even trusted for a long time….

      • Painter1

        Rams is playing Andy’s game from seaon15 when he would just enter a room take information than report to Amanda and won that season. I think Rams reports to Kevin but still that’s why his NO THREAT is a threat.

      • NKogNeeTow

        And don’t forget, Ram almost won that comp that Paul & Crew told him to throw. He came so close that none of them have trusted him since.

  16. Shivani33

    It looked for awhile last night that Ramses could have tried to improve his chances. He didn’t use enough initiative after Kevin tried to help him. Jessica said it would break her heart if her HoH ended up sending Ramses home. However, she could have ousted Josh with nearly any other nominee except Ramses. She must have heard Paul bash Ramses before. She was in the house when Cody was gone, trying to mend fences. Paul frequently talked down on Ramses. Jessica fudged her own HoH.

    How is Elena going to react if and when she realizes that Paul, etc. kept her out of the”inner circle” all week? Or does she already know and has decided not to make waves? Mark has been too busy being upset about slop and busy kissing Cody’s ass to be strategic about anything at all. Josh wants to torment Mark and Cody as soon as he can stop pretending to be sad. And how are Cody and Jessica going to react when things don’t turn out their way? She wants to keep her temptation handy to save either Cody or herself during the next couple of HoH reigns and wouldn’t waste it on Ramses. Right now, she and Cody are looking like Dumb & Dumber. Jessica has left herself crippled to accomplish anything at all with her HoH, unless there is a tie vote. So far, that’s highly unlikely as long as Josh doesn’t lose his tiny amount of self-control. He would have lost it already if not for others reminding him to chill.

  17. Avatar

    If the Josh eviction remains a surprise to Cody and Jessica, it’s going to be like a reverse back-door. Except it’s the HOH that’s going to be stunned.

    As much as I wanted Cody back so they can shake things up, this is going to be funny !

    • LindsayB

      It’s going to be great. Especially when Josh starts talking shit to them. As much as it makes my skin crawl every time I hear his voice, I love when Josh goes bat shit crazy on Cody and/or Jessica.

      • Zach

        He’s like the annoying little brother I never wanted. Only I love it because he is annoying the enemy haha

      • Shivani33

        Plus Joshy can’t wait to be able to go at Mark. His Mark diatribes last night were hysterical. Camera talking at its best.

      • Avatar

        Josh will be at his finest. His rant after the hot sauce/pickle juice will be nothing compared to Thursday’s rant.

  18. Shivani33

    Elena has said that she spends $1,000 per month on makeup. Now we know how come she doesn’t spend much on bras. Someone had better hire her asap when the show is over, since she quit her job for BB. She could be one month away from looking like a bag lady.

  19. Zach

    Either everyone in the house has ridiculously good poker faces or I need to rethink my comment about Jessica having more game than I thought. Because, frankly, how does she not know that Josh isn’t going home. The whole house was having Josh egg on her and Cody, yet they are going to keep him over a floater like Ramses? This might as wel have been a HOH for Paul this week. He is getting exactly what he wanted. While not directly hitting the sloot and her boy toy, he is taking out someone who could later align with them.

    • Zach

      Evict* not keep

    • LindsayB

      She’s so blinded by her love for Cody that she can’t see what’s right in front of her.

      • Zach

        It’s sad and funny at the same time. If I ever got on that show I would be using my goodlooks as a weapon. Not getting sucked into a showmance and losing sight of what the real prize is. It’s like they forgot that there is 500k on the line. Not to mention every week they are there they make like 2,500 bucks.

      • Painter1

        Love? Maybe more like shes in heat.

      • ShoeLover

        That’s the whole reason I stated earlier about Jessica. She might have turned out to be a good player if Cody hadn’t returned. Blinders on from head to toe including noise cancelling ear muffs. Yeah she should wake up and remeber there’s $500,000 waiting to be claimed!! I wish production would zero in in their faces during eviction night for their stunned reactions instead of Ram and Josh.

      • LindsayB

        Oh I’m sure we will get a glimpse of their reactions. The cameras love Cody’s facial expression. His face will darken slightly and there will be a slight jaw clench. It’ll be amazing. Hopefully the secret doesn’t come out before Thursday.

    • Gerardo for AFP

      She’s not even paying attention Zach. She and Cody come up for air a few times a day, go downstairs for half an hour and make a painful attempt to pretend to socialize with the others, then head right back upstairs and under the covers. They have no clue what’s going on in the house.

    • g8trgirl

      This house amazes me insofar as being able to keep a secret. In all my years of BB I cannot recall a house that still has so many people and a secret is kept safe. Quite unusual.

  20. Shivani33

    Paul is crowing about how Grossica screwed this HoH. The feeds show that at least he’s crowing quietly. His confidence is building to heights unknown and he is seeing that the Josh /Ramses thing was all too easy for him to engineer. Over-confidence is destroying Jessica’s HoH. Paul better watch himself. No need to overdo the self-congratulations. Not that I blame him for being happy!

  21. Shivani33

    Paul as the returning vet probably makes much more money than the others. I’d enjoy learning what his reps got him.

    • Avatar
      Helen (5586 comments)

      Last year the house guests made 1000 a week…..returning vets got more but I don’t think it was anything more than like 1500 a week

      • Mel

        Returning vets usually get a flat fee and then the weekly stipend. Frank pissed somebody off by trying to act like he got more than the 25k the others got. There have been rumors for years that the reason they haven’t done another all stars is because the returning players they would want would charge too much to come back. They’re older now, more settled in careers and have too much to give up for 3 months. That’s why a lot of people believed Frank because he left a pretty good paying job to go into the house last summer.

  22. Avatar
    Helen (5586 comments)

    Anyone seen Lynn today? Was wondering if her all access live feed was still stuck?

  23. Avatar

    As long as Paul is safe this week I’m happy..He makes it interesting just as he did his previous season.Cant believe Cody won his way back in..Ty for this site I have been a fan on here for a few seasons..Love it..And God bless!

  24. Mel

    I hate to see Ramses leave, not because I think he’s good, I just like him. He had to put himself otb, his main friend left early and he was threatened to throw a POV that could save himself. Not the best experience or game so far.
    I think Jess thought if she didn’t put up people from the other side, it might buy her a week. She was too focused on Ramses not having a team to be mad at her. That’s true but he also doesn’t have a team to vote to keep him. She said herself that if she was with the other side, she would be thinking about keeping Josh in the game just to annoy her and Cody. I suppose she didn’t think on it long enough. There just arn’t enough hours in the day to have all that sex and think about strategy.
    She also said her first instinct was to put up Alex with Josh. I understand in her mind why she was trying to play it safe (even if it wasn’t ever going to work) but she could have put up Alex and still played it safe. She could have told Alex that she was a pawn to get Josh out. What was Alex going to say when she had just done the same thing to Jessica? It would have been “hey, I just trusted you, so I need you to return the favor.” It’s Ramses fault too for not being more persistent. Even if he didn’t understand what Kevin was trying to tell him, he should have lied to Jessica and embellished it to seem more panicked and make her doubt the votes. He’s the one otb so it’s his job to do it.
    I’m so ready to know if Elena panics when she sees that she isn’t in the know anymore. I read last night that Mark knows about the plan because Paul told him. If this is coreect, why wasn’t he telling Elena?

    • LindsayB

      All Paul will have to do is let Elena show him her jugs for her to feel good about it again. I could see him telling her last minute so she doesn’t have time to think about it and change things up. She’s so ride or die for Paul I can’t imagine him not looping her in at some point. A lot could change depending on how he plays the whore puppet.

  25. AIO_7

    Here is a pic. of Cowpoke and his wife; she is right nice looking.


  26. BBBonbon62

    Watching Josh in HN room talking about the Meatball and how he(Cody) thinks all it takes is muscle and a jacked up body to win BB. Josh says its all about the numbers. He said ‘I’m no bully but I’m going to bully the bullies if that makes any sense.’ He is still going on and on and he flipped the Grossmance the double bird, lmao. He can be very entertaining at times.

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  28. danmtruth

    As i think it was Mell who said in an earlier post Following Paul when he had safety was one thing It does not meen people are with him Except you could fool me with how they are led around by him I just wonder how many final 2 or 3 deals Paul has We know that Kevin feels he has one with Paul Alex and Jason The big problem being that Alex Paul and Jason also have a final 3 together That makes Kevin odd man out It would not surprise me if Christmas and Paul dont have a deal in place This does not include fan girls Elena And Raven Both in search of fame and fortuen Paul will spin a tail to Elena not wanting to cause problems between her and Mark He will tell her before the vote
    Even with the final deals he has made some people talk about getting Paul out christmas keeps saying now is not the time The same with Alex and Jason Matt has talk to Raven about how big it would be to get Paul out And again they say not the right time This is sounding like seasons past BB17 Everyone wanted Vanessa out but always went after someone else Dumb personal thing
    So after Messi and Grody fooled themselves into thinking they spent plenty of “quality” time with the other HG before going back into the Fortress of Fornication that would make Russ Myers blush they got no useful information and will come out next week with Zero allies

  29. jimbo

    Disappointing that Jess/Cody made the mistake of putting Ramses up when they want Josh out, however, Paul and his Cult will be upping the ante and drawing a hard line in the sand with tricking Cody and cutting Ramses instead. Paul doesn’t know about the Halting Hex and this assures that Jess/Cody and any other sure ally can be saved this week. It gives Jess/Cody’s side two shots at winning HOH and doing a strong move — like putting up Alex and Paul. Paul and Cult can’t hide behind promises again after lying straight out this week. So, I’m not sure who will get the last laugh here. Nobody loves Josh anyway, so getting rid of him isn’t such a big deal to Paul’s side, especially since going blatantly against Cody is just going to cause a sure war immediately, and Jess/Cody have the safety of the Halting Hex in this war that Paul is starting over voting Ramses out.

    • Avatar
      Helen (5586 comments)

      well I don’t see Jessica wasting it on this eviction……she would have to save both josh and Ramses…..that leaves her 2 more evictions…..
      No one knows what the consequence is yet……it could be anything from a double eviction to something like the house has to nominate a 3rd nominee on eviction night…….

      • jimbo

        No, she will use it next week if they are put up. So, just to vote out Ramses (!) who nobody likes, they are starting a war where Jess/Cody are safe next week? I dunno, seems dumb.

      • Avatar
        Helen (5586 comments)

        Who knows. She may have to use it this week if there’s a double eviction and Cody does not win that HOH…or something unforeseen happens with the consequence…….in that case neither one will be safe next week……there are just so many unknowns that banking on being safe for the next two weeks because of that temptation would not be something I’d be doing…..

      • NKogNeeTow

        Not necessarily Jim. I may be wrong, but I though she can only use the Hex once. If that is true, then all the HOH would have to do is only put up one of them against someone else. She would use it to save either herself or Grody (depending on which one was on the block). That still leaves the house free to go after them again the next week when she no longer has the protection of the hex.

    • LindsayB

      The line between team Paul and grossica was already laid out. There is no trust or loyalty between those two groups.

  30. jimbo

    I guess, to put a better bow on my comment, that is it really worth the war by Paul right now just to get Ramses out? I mean Ramses isn’t on board with Cody and Jess, so why lie and cause the war to start over this?! Not to mention, as I said, Cody/Jess wont be fooled again, and they are safe next week, no doubt. Just seemed like a dumb aggressive move by Paul over little nothing Ramses.

    • Zach

      I know you’re in the Paul sucks fan club, but that’s just silly. Why would Paul and the housepets get rid of an enemy of their enemy? I’ve always been taught an enemy of my enemy is my friend.

      • jimbo

        It just ramps the war up this week. Obviously, by Jess and Coddys noms this week, they were playing low, getting out Josh. By Paul doing this lying — it is straight to full war next week against Paul — and Jess/Cody are safe next week. Not crafty.

      • jimbo

        And Ramses is no threat to Paul. Hes not even really on Codys side. Hes a nothing.

      • Avatar
        Helen (5586 comments)

        Look back on who Ramses said his primary person to target was……yeah. Right…it was Paul
        Paul is very smart in wanting Ramses out ……

      • LindsayB

        Here’s Ram’s F2 jury speech:

        I was able to get this far in the game without being seen as a threat…..

        Ram is a threat. Josh is not. The war already started weeks ago. This is just another battle. Another battle that Paul is going to win.

    • NKogNeeTow

      Jim: ‘Cody/Jess won’t be fooled again’……They already are.

  31. Alda

    I hope somebody decides to go after Mark.I don’t know how much longer I can watch him with that starry eyed smile watching and listening to every word Cody says.He kept telling him last night how he was so happy he’s back in the house,and how much he loved him.I thought I was going to puke in my bed!

  32. Avatar

    I just watched last nights episode. Did Josh just call himself your boy? lolololololololol America’s MEATBALL!!!

  33. Avatar

    Hi all, long time reader first time poster from AZ.

  34. Avatar
    Helen (5586 comments)

    Off Topic…

    Instagram=. Speedy weed delivery service

  35. Shivani33

    Paul said a little while ago that he wants the next 3 evictions to be Cody, Jessica and Mark. He doesn’t know anything definite about Jessica’s halting hex, though he suspects that she has it. If he tried a plan to evict Mark first, probably he’d have better luck. Mark has messed his game up with nearly everyone. There aren’t many people interested in keeping him around. Everyone sees that he’s been kissing up to Cody!

    I’ve decided that Mark was fooled by Paul, who let things slip about voting out Ramses when Mark was present. Mark got a certain look on his face, Paul saw it and very quickly turned it into a joke. Since a couple of days have passed and Mark hasn’t said anything, I think that he drank Paul’s kool-aid. But then, Mark being a sucker for Cody, too. He acts completely unaware that Cody doesn’t like him or trust him and uses him for info.

  36. Shivani33

    Raven doing her Swan Lake in the BY and Elena outdoing her with more graceful and flexible gymnast moves. Kevin looking on and muttering his favorite Raven line, ” healthiest sick girl I’ve ever seen in my life.” Kevin crushing on Christmas, and he said earlier today that he will protect “Blob” and vote to evict Ramses.

  37. danmtruth

    Mark saw it happen to Dom Now the straight out lieing to Ramses He knows he is next
    Will Josh become this years designated pawn like the rock-n-roll dentist John was
    I read on this post people are getting like the HG in trying to out guess production on what twist is coming next Just my opinion but sorry @helen I don’t see a double eviction this week They just have not promo it Part of the fun with these twist is we the public knows it’s coming but the HG don’t

  38. Mel

    Matt to Raven: Our best case scenario would be for Jason, Alex or Josh to win hoh. Even Xmas would be perfect.

    They NEVER thinks it’s good for them to win? That made sense when they were trying to stay in the middle but after this vote, that’s over. Do Xmas, Matt, Raven, Alex and Jason ALL think they can say they voted out Josh? Jessica may be more concerned with Cody and the hoh bed but I think she can still count to 10.

    • NKogNeeTow

      Mell, half the house doesn’t want to win HOH because they are SCARED…plain an simple. They think they can win by laying low all the way to the end. Afraid that if they win, they have to put someone up and as you hear them whispering every night, as long as they don’t make waves, they stay off the radar. Such chickensh!t people. The only one of them other than Cowpoke, who really wants to win HOH, is Josh…and he’s the one they make fun of the most. They even want HIM to win, so he can go after ‘the bad guys’. If they didn’t really want to play, they should have stayed all of their tired asses home and let someone who wasn’t afraid, get into the game. Over half the HG are a total waste of space.

  39. danmtruth

    i’m sure Jess our “spirituality hostess ” can count and make change I see Grody telling her he tried it her way now back to shock and aww No more Mr Nice Guy (?)

  40. Mel

    Last hour or so:
    *Xmas needs to do laundry but wants to wait until her meds kick in. (Maybe that’s what I’m waiting on too?)
    * Raven tells Matt that Cody won’t put her otb at all ya’ll.
    *Jessica/Ramses talking- She says moving forward she won’t put him in this position again. (Very true) He tells her Xmas told him that she would like to give Josh a sympathy vote. Jess tells him to tell Xmas that he’s not comfortable with that. She also says that Josh doesn’t deserve a sympathy vote and she sees no reason the house won’t want Josh out. She tells him that Alex may vote to evict him because she’s mad that Ramses broke her glasses. Ram says he didn’t break Alexs’ glasses.
    *Paul/Raven/Elena doing handstands in yard.
    *Hg’s see a rainbow in the sky. (I just thought it was nice so I thought you should know)
    *Paul tells Kevin not to share dates with anyone and if he does to give the wrong ones.
    *Jason/Kevin- Jason still wanting Xmas out purely because he feels guilty looking at her.
    *Kevin still thinking Raven seems extremely healthy.
    *Kevin sitting in the back yard looking like the prison pod boss.

  41. danmtruth

    @addy08 sorry mell

    Last hour or so:
    *Xmas needs to do laundry but wants to wait until her meds kick in. (Maybe that’s what I’m waiting on too?)
    # Thats why my wash doesn’t come out perfectly clean
    * Raven tells Matt that Cody won’t put her otb at all yall
    ## nothing about Mattrezt or that Cody is out of his mind
    *Jessica/Ramses talking- She says moving forward she won’t put him in this position again. (Very true) He tells her Xmas told him that she would like to give Josh a sympathy vote. Jess tells him to tell Xmas that he’s not comfortable with that. She also says that Josh doesn’t deserve a sympathy vote and she sees no reason the house won’t want Josh out. She tells him that Alex may vote to evict him because she’s mad that Ramses broke her glasses. Ram says he didn’t break Alexs’ glasses.
    ## oh poor clueless Jess why is it always the innocent bystanders always the ones to get hurt
    *Paul/Raven/Elena doing handstands in yard.
    ## underboob deaths door , and puppet master who to cheer for ,,, um no one
    *Hg’s see a rainbow in the sky. (I just thought it was nice so I thought you should know)
    ## no pot of gold here
    *Paul tells Kevin not to share dates with anyone and if he does to give the wrong ones.
    ## Paul needs to control
    *Jason/Kevin- Jason still wanting Xmas out purely because he feels guilty looking at her.
    ## dumb
    *Kevin still thinking Raven seems extremely healthy.
    ## Kevin can spot a con
    *Kevin sitting in the back yard looking like the prison pod boss.
    ## big truth with that description Mell spot on

  42. Mel

    Attn Nk: Update for our Josh fan club, party of 2 –
    Loving when he started asking America for a Care Pkg. and calling Jessica Linguine. “Linguine and her meatball.”

  43. danmtruth

    Josh is no where near the wordsmith you are Mell !Beside I think the boy is douche and can’t wait to see him cry his way out

  44. Avatar
    Helen (5586 comments)

    8:29 pm Jessica tells Kevin that she got the Temptation and she is not eligible for the block for four weeksand Punishment is for the person who nominates her.

  45. danmtruth

    Helen nice move /lie by our Whoestrezt Let the word filter out try to get some panic and paranoia

  46. danmtruth

    Production should neither conf rim or deny such question

  47. Avatar

    Is anyone stupid enough to believe that crap?

  48. Mel

    How’s she going to explain the punishment once Julie announces it on Thursday…..before Hoh comp? Why did she tell him anyway? That was stoooooopid!
    (Yes, I know stupid has a “U” but stoooooopid does not.)

    • Avatar
      Helen (5586 comments)

      It was totally stooooooped……..if Kevin does not tell anyone (which I highly doubt) he will know she was lying….if he does tell then everyone will know she was lying……
      Cause you know Julie or that snake thing will appear on the tv and tell all the house guests this is the consequence for the temptation being accepted….

  49. NKogNeeTow

    Gawd! Everyone is in and around the pool. DMW is telling them that she can’t dive below 10 ft. of water or she’ll explode (where is a pool with a deep end when you need one). She also can’t go through metal detectors or be scanned by wands (what about cattle prods? Can I chase you around with one of those?). She also can’t get insurance (wait until somebody starts an investigation on all those Go-Fund-Me accounts).


  50. NKogNeeTow

    She’s still talking 🙁 I’d just like to check her into a morgue and sit there and wait to see what happens…. To much?

  51. NKogNeeTow

    Still talking…..Now she says some doctors don’t believe that she has a real disease and it’s all in her head.



  52. Mel

    Who does Kevin tell first? Paul or Jason? Longshot odds are for Nobody.

  53. NKogNeeTow

    Cowpoke looks like he wants to bash his head against the edge of the cement pond.

  54. danmtruth

    Funny listening to Raven talk about how brave she is How she came on the show to spread the word Does production have any moral responsibility to stop this scam artist Now she is talking about how she wants her funeral to go

    • NKogNeeTow

      I know Dan, I know. And it’s driving me bananas listening to her. She’s even changed the mood around the pool. She’s a genuine boner killer…lol

    • Gerardo for AFP

      I’ve been thinking about this issue Dan (whether production has a moral obligation to interject). The conclusion I came to is that although I find it despicable all around, ultimately “scamming” the HGs for game purposes is allowable (as Kevin and Jason have already demonstrated, anyone who thinks critically about her illnesses given her behavior in the house should at the very least question whether she’s exaggerating her prognosis).

      However, my biggest issue is that essentially CBS is giving her a platform to scam the audience into giving her money as well. Especially when they aired that “tug at your heart strings” segment in which she discussed her disease and supposed prognosis in detail. To me, CBS airing her proclamation that her disease is terminal and she has limited time to live was them legitimizing her BS and pushing her scam over the top. That’s the part that I find difficult to swallow (no pun intended).

      • Mel

        That’s what I have the hardest time with also. Hopefully they will even it out and do a segment on her contradictions…but I doubt it.

      • danmtruth

        @gerardo i agree To many people here something on tv and take it as the truth The damage is done We were lucky to have the one poster @lisa / Browing share with us her dealings with this

      • LindsayB

        I think it’s disgusting what she’s doing. Unfortunately CNS would be walking a very thin line if they tried to say she’s lying. It would set them up for a lawsuit. As far as people giving her money goes, my thoughts on that is that she’s a horrible human being to scam people like that but at the same time anyone who just blindly gives money to someone without researching the situation is an idiot.

  55. NKogNeeTow

    Red Room: Paul/Xmas

    Paul: “I’d never f*ck you so don’t f*ck me unless it’s a good f*ck.”

    Xmas: DUMBFOUNDED!!! Takes her a minute to recover, then “What”?

    He repeats it. She shakes her head as if to clear it, then says “Oh, you just threw me with that one. Don’t do that to me.”

    *And in her eyes, I saw a glimmer of hope……*

  56. danmtruth

    Paul has moved on from this week and is now laying the foundation to get Elena or Mark out Using the same words as he did on Dom Calling them SKETCH Complaining that they keep questioning the vote They are next on Pauls hit list Beside Cody and Jess

  57. danmtruth

    Alex & Xmas talking about how Raven needs to go soon
    #Josh was telling family and country not to worries that it’s all an act Than Alex comes to reassure him That there might be talk about people voting to get him out to just stay calm What does Josh do he starts to panic Stop just trust your people
    ## After Raven spent all that time talking about her grave illness How she cant eat things Cant stand even the smell So now she is making a grilled cheese sandwich for Matt and her :…. WTF
    ## Xmass looking at her like she wants to break Raven in half

    • Mel

      Xmas will actually talk to Josh. Everyone else is using their scam as a vacation from him. Alex told him “you can’t hang out with us.” Even Dom made an occasional trip to do something. He old be fake sad and not be completely isolated. Feeling sorry for the little doofy fella…what the hell is happening to me? It’s bothering me that Ramses is leaving and his game sucks, I’m in love with Kevin but he talks too much, I like Jason who has an occasional light bulb go off and Alex just walks over and smashes it along with his manhood. I’ve always taken pride on my cut throat viewing skills. I’m the girl who can root for the asshole as long as it’s a good game . Im going soft. I might have to drink a lot of liquor, use a lot of swear words and break out some of my power tools tomorrow just so I can shake this feeling and toughen back up.

      • danmtruth

        Liquor and what kind of power “tools” are you talking about ?!?

      • Mel

        Dan, I should clarify. I wouldn’t drink the liquor and use power tools together. These would be separate activities. To answer, other than my drill, I’m a huge fan of woodworking tools and saws. I’ve built some very ugly things over the years trying to learn. It’s just a hobby. I’m getting ready to try to make some doors and cabinets for a utility room.

  58. Avatar
    Helen (5586 comments)

    So I just went back and listened to Julie about Thursday night…..she said…..As a result of Jessica accepting the temptation a consequence will be released on the house and to turn in next Thursday to find out what it is…..that it will change the game for everybody……..

  59. danmtruth

    Grody and Jess talking game and have no clue Cannot read people On the bright side they Jess can help Cody get the Fortress of Fornication ready with one hand while holding up her towel So bad game play Mix in sex thats been the story of there time in BB

  60. NKogNeeTow

    Xmas and Josh in the Wave Room, discussing days for the upcoming comp.

    Xmas: “What are you good at”?

    Josh: “Mental”

    Oh ohhhh

  61. Shivani33

    I do not know how Jessica can stomach that uncouth caveman as her lover. He eats and chews like a St. Bernard. Then he tops it off with great big belches right in her face. And he’s not even a client!

  62. danmtruth

    what was even funnier was he had no idea what she was talking about After explaining they will quiz them on what days things happen His answer was I will start studying WTF???
    As for mental didn’t he go to that airport terminal game ? how well did that go

  63. NKogNeeTow

    Wave Room: Xmas & Josh

    Josh, talking about the “new” Cody: “The old Cody left and a stunt double came back in.”

    Xmas, talking about her relationship with Cowpoke: “I think it’s a sexual thing with him. He likes me”. (In the words of William Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream…”What fools these mortals be”.

  64. NKogNeeTow

    Oh and I keep forgetting to say….WELCOME BACK AMYELIZABETH! 🙂

  65. NKogNeeTow

    Pool talk…..poop talk…..Can you hear the sound of me banging my head against the wall?

  66. Shivani33

    My favorite bit from the Josh and Christmas chat was when Christmas was schooling Josh about how to act Thursday when the votes are reveal that he’s been saved.

    Christmas: You’re supposed to act surprised.
    Josh: What’s the surprise?

  67. NKogNeeTow

    HN Room: Josh/Paul/Cowpoke/Kevin

    Josh: “If it’s a mental comp we’re fucked”
    Paul: “You’re fucked”

    Cowpoke: “Mark and Elena are in the backyard”
    Kevin: “Oh, is it “From Here To Eternity” out there”

    *Paul’s playing “The Princess and the Pea”. He’s whining because he can’t sleep in the HN bed*

    Kevin: “Christmas use to work out till Jason ran over her”

    Josh to Paul: “You sleep in the fetish position”
    Kevin: “You mean the fetal position”?

    Xmas joins the room and crawls in the bed beside Kevin. Starts massagaing his arm and hands. *She’d better be careful. If he’s the Godfather, that must mean the Missus is the Godmother, and likely not the nice one.

  68. NKogNeeTow

    MattRess and Not-So-Raven are having a little tiff. He sounds like he is really getting annoyed with her. Could it be? Is he finally seeing the light? Inquiring minds want to know..

  69. NKogNeeTow

    MattRess: “I’ll bet a lot of guys think you’re cute until you open your mouth”

    Not-So-Raven: “Paul thinks I’m cute”

  70. Avatar

    I’m dropping by to say, Josh is the biggest idiot I’ve ever seen. I cringe every time he talks.

    That is all.

  71. Avatar

    I think that regardless of who HOH is (Cody or Jessica), that the majority of the house is still controlled by Paul & whoever that side of that house wants gone is gone. The HOH in this instance has less power than usual don’t you think?

    • Mel

      Paul does have alot of control over people at the moment but the hoh (jess) also won the veto. Her power is over once the veto ceremony ends just like every HOH but she had the control this week to force Pauls side to make a tough choice or an easy one. She chose to give them an easy decision. Jessica is too busy trying to keep the peace and save her Temptation until the last possible eviction it can be used rather then taking control of the game now while she’s in power to do it. Thursday should be great regardless of what happens because unlike last year and James always spilling the beans, it seems like this year people are shocked every week.

  72. Avatar

    Any thoughts on what is next now that the Den of Temptation is done for the season? Anyone see any additional twist coming or will it be big brother as usual (double eviction etc..)

  73. danmtruth

    We always complain about no big moves early in the game When in fact the big moves often come latter When these big groups of 8 or 9 need to start feeding on each other That’s why what Paul is doing now in hanging the sketchy tag on Elena and Mark Now people will watch them with a more suspicious eye
    @addy08 / Mell that’s impressive that you are practicing woodworking I have tried and understand the enjoyment and the frustration of building something I’m sure your better than you think

  74. Avatar
    Helen (5586 comments)

    I must admit…this week I’m stumped….I keep going back to Julie Chen saying that this Thursday the consequence will “change the game for everyone”….
    That sounds pretty major

  75. pkcable

    Wouldn’t it be funny if Paul was actually twins?

    I’m JUST KIDDING!!!!!!!!

  76. Avatar
    Helen (5586 comments)

    If I were Christmas I would be hinting that I got the 2nd temptation which gives the right to replace a nominee….
    Leave it at that……let them guess nominee for what? It’s not a lie…..but I bet it would make Jessica and Cody plus anyone thinking of nominating her a little nervous…..

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  78. Avatar
    Helen (5586 comments)

    Yipeee!! They finally got the thumbnails fixed on the feeds!!!!

  79. danmtruth

    We all know that Grosica are safe for one more week no matter what happens with the HoH If Cody pulls out another win than it looks like jury house will be the Anel Anex of Fortitude for them
    Could the consequence be about jury ? Or that next week id Double Eviction night with those two as first jurors
    Kevin’s From Here to Eternity went over most of there heads
    Someone better get Xmas a copy of the movie Goodfellas so she understands whats waiting for her outside of the house with Kevin’s wife
    fetish, fetal position is all the same to the samba meatball

    • NKogNeeTow

      Another thing that went over their heads was when Kevin mentioned the song “A Whiter Shade of Pale” by Procol Harem. Paul asked who that was. Kevin told him a band from the 70’s and asked him, haven’t you heard of him. Paul said hell no, he was born in the 90’s…..lol….These young whipper snappers.

  80. Avatar

    I would love to see Jess & Cody get put up, just so Jess has to use the hex on herself & see Cody leave once again…Or if she has to use it on him just to see how own self get voted out the following week..

    • NKogNeeTow

      JB, I think that the Hex cancels the eviction period and neither person will be evicted. In which case, they would have to try again the next week, but at least they would be safe for another week. If that happens, they would have another chance to win HOH or POV.

  81. Avatar
    Helen (5586 comments)

    Hard to believe there have been no spoilers out there floating around as to what the house consequence is this week

    • Shivani33

      Helen, It really makes sense for the curse to be what you’ve been saying all along – double eviction. Plus, maybe Julie will say, ” I have a surprise for you. Expect the unexpected. No one is going home this week. Next week, however, 2 houseguests will be leaving the Big Brother house. That’s right, everyone! It’s time for a double eviction.” Just another speculation.

  82. danmtruth

    Just before people go to vote Jess needs to stand up and “cast” the spell That will stop the vote than on to HOH i would guess after the HG pick therd jaws off the floor
    Great song “A Whiter Shade Pale” Kevin can pull them out While playing pool with Paul after that Kevin broke out some Stones “Sympathy for the Devil”

  83. danmtruth

    Helen you are a bulldog on this twist

  84. danmtruth

    where ever your at thats where i want to be as it sounds like a fun place

    • Avatar
      Helen (5586 comments)

      Well tonight I’ll be cheering on my favorite pot stirrer of all time……dirty 30 Johnny Bananas!!
      I can’t waste all this crazy on big brother!! That would be unfair!

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