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Big Brother 19 Wednesday Feed Updates – Drama Night?

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I know it’s late but as I posted yesterday, I’ve been pretty busy this week. However, I just got around to watching Sunday night’s episode that featured the HoH competition and holy shit.  I wish I could have watched that competition play out live, it looked amazing.

Few thoughts on it…

  • Christmas is a beast. While I originally thought she may have had an advantage being on her scooter, she didn’t. In fact I believe her when she said the cast pressing into her shin was hurting like hell and just made things worse for her.  While she wasn’t officially standing there with one leg, I’m sure if she put all her weight down on her bad leg, it hurt quite a bit so she was likely resting on her good foot for the majority of the time. I gained a new level of respect in her after watching that.
  • The punishments were trash – no pun intended…. ok maybe some pun.  Other than the first one where they dumped garbage all over Cody, the rest were ridiculous.  It was also a bit frustrating to watch the entire house pile on Cody and Jessica regardless of their standing with everyone else. Sure it was a good strategy for those clearly against Cody to use it on him, but people like Mark just dug himself deeper in the hole. One thing that is not respected are flip floppers. Mark and Elena made the wrong choice by going against Cody/Jess and then trying to work with them a few days later.  Those two will be some of the first in jury because of that.  At least Matt and Raven remained on their new side (even though that will also land them in jury.. but after Mark and Elena)
  • Josh was annoying and pretty weird.  I get that he was trying to get into Cody’s head but at some point you need to realize how dumb you look doing it and stop. He should have realized this when he was doing Paul’s dirty work.

Alright, I expect it to be another slow day in the house as nobody is on to the vote out Ramses plan quite yet.  That could always change as the day wears on and Josh continues to lose his mind, but for now everything is set for an exciting night tomorrow.


  • 10:55 am – It’s workout hour in the BB house.  Paul, Matt, and Alex are ripping it up while Jason and Kevin are doing their daily walk around the yard
  • 1:00 pm – Cody retells Jess about a conversation he had with Mark
    • They were talking casually, and then the conversation turned to game (Cody and Mark).
    • When Cody asked what targets for next week, Mark said he doesn’t care so long as it isn’t him, Elena, or Paul
    • Oh man, this is going to be hilarious when Paul and crew betray Mark once again.
    • Cody wants to make the first move and take out Paul because then maybe Mark will come around (lol)
  • Jessica is now retelling a conversation between her and Paul
    • Paul said that she is making the right move because nobody will be pissed this week
    • Jessica tells Cody that she’s confused because people should be worried about pissing her off, not the other way around
    • He told Jess that it is indeed Ramses going home (he’s not)
    • It’s incredible how blind Jessica and Cody is. Almost the entire house is plotting behind their back
    • Jessica told Cody that she still doesn’t know what the curse is
  • The talk goes back to game
    • Cody says what they should do is put Matt and Raven on the block and then win veto and replace Matt with Paul to get Paul out…. nice dream, Cody, but you’ll never have that type of power in one week…. oh, wait..
  • 1:35 pm – Paul and Kevin get time alone in the apple room
    • He is retelling the conversation he had with Jessica
    • Paul is just confirming that he indeed has Kevin’s vote
  • I need to step out to pick someone up. Will return when I get home
  • 3:40 pm – Kevin, Christmas, Jason, Ramses, Cody, and Alex are in the apple room hanging around
    • Surprising to see Cody not up Jessica’s butt.
  • 4:10 pm – The group is chatting about random stuff and the Kevin mentions a former coach from MA who was arrested for child misconduct.
    • Apparently one of the victims is Kevin’s daughter’s best friend
    • He hinted who it was and said google it.  The guy is Danny Villa for those wondering
  • 4:40 pm – Cody and Jess have moved back into the HoH room to discuss their poor game strategy
  • 4:50 pm – Ruh Roh, there may be some drama unfolding…..
    • Jessica goes into the apple room to talk to Christmas and Elena and says she thinks Ramses is going to leave tomorrow
    • She is hearing stuff around the house and she thinks a flip is happening (it is)
    • Christmas is acting innocent but she obviously knows
    • Jessica is saying that Alex controls Jason’s vote, but she doesn’t get a feel for Kevin right now
    • Elena doesn’t seem concerned but she’s out of the loop. Christmas is staying as quiet as possible
    • Jessica is worried that votes are going to be rallied.  Elena is convinced Paul is with them
    • She thinks the flip vote is starting right now  (it’s not, it’s been underway for days)
    • Christmas is really trying to sell her alliance to Jessica
  • 5:10 pm – The talks break up and Jessica heads up into the HoH with Cody
    • Jessica is ranting how they’re trying to flip the vote
    • Jess thinks Paul is the flipper.  Oh boy, gonna go down tonight
    • She thinks Paul is keeping Elena in the dark on this (wow, Jess is actually right)
    • She doesn’t want to sleep tonight and is going to interrupt every conversation.  Little does she realize it won’t matter because the damage is done
    • Jess noticed how Christmas didn’t promise not to vote out Ramses
    • Kevin is the one who told Jess about the possible flip, and he went into the HoH room to let them know that he still isn’t sure but he’s just trying to help. Dude is playing both sides big time
    • Cody wants to see if he can get any info out of Jason. He says he has dominance over him and Jason just spills everything
    • Now Jess is subtly blaming production by saying people don’t like unanimous votes so the DR asks questions and it gets in people’s heads and flips happen
  • 5:50 pm – Cody confronts Jason in the bathroom
    • Jason is definitely feeling the heat but holding strong so far. He says he’ll talk to Alex about it.
    • The interrogation is over and Jason is still standing. Cody left and Alex joins Jason
    • Jason shows Alex what it was like with Cody…
  • 6:30 pm – Alex, Jason, and Kevin are in the storage room talking
    • Alex is saying there is a 10 o’clock curfew tonight.  Nobody goes to the bathroom alone. Everyone to their rooms.
    • Kevin keeps playing innocent
  • 8:00 pm – There was a lockdown in the HoH room to change a lightbulb, when the cams return, Mark is telling Jess that he is 100% with them

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