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Big Brother 19 Wednesday Feed Updates – Drama Night?


I know it’s late but as I posted yesterday, I’ve been pretty busy this week. However, I just got around to watching Sunday night’s episode that featured the HoH competition and holy shit.  I wish I could have watched that competition play out live, it looked amazing.

Few thoughts on it…

  • Christmas is a beast. While I originally thought she may have had an advantage being on her scooter, she didn’t. In fact I believe her when she said the cast pressing into her shin was hurting like hell and just made things worse for her.  While she wasn’t officially standing there with one leg, I’m sure if she put all her weight down on her bad leg, it hurt quite a bit so she was likely resting on her good foot for the majority of the time. I gained a new level of respect in her after watching that.
  • The punishments were trash – no pun intended…. ok maybe some pun.  Other than the first one where they dumped garbage all over Cody, the rest were ridiculous.  It was also a bit frustrating to watch the entire house pile on Cody and Jessica regardless of their standing with everyone else. Sure it was a good strategy for those clearly against Cody to use it on him, but people like Mark just dug himself deeper in the hole. One thing that is not respected are flip floppers. Mark and Elena made the wrong choice by going against Cody/Jess and then trying to work with them a few days later.  Those two will be some of the first in jury because of that.  At least Matt and Raven remained on their new side (even though that will also land them in jury.. but after Mark and Elena)
  • Josh was annoying and pretty weird.  I get that he was trying to get into Cody’s head but at some point you need to realize how dumb you look doing it and stop. He should have realized this when he was doing Paul’s dirty work.

Alright, I expect it to be another slow day in the house as nobody is on to the vote out Ramses plan quite yet.  That could always change as the day wears on and Josh continues to lose his mind, but for now everything is set for an exciting night tomorrow.



  • 10:55 am – It’s workout hour in the BB house.  Paul, Matt, and Alex are ripping it up while Jason and Kevin are doing their daily walk around the yard
  • 1:00 pm – Cody retells Jess about a conversation he had with Mark
    • They were talking casually, and then the conversation turned to game (Cody and Mark).
    • When Cody asked what targets for next week, Mark said he doesn’t care so long as it isn’t him, Elena, or Paul
    • Oh man, this is going to be hilarious when Paul and crew betray Mark once again.
    • Cody wants to make the first move and take out Paul because then maybe Mark will come around (lol)
  • Jessica is now retelling a conversation between her and Paul
    • Paul said that she is making the right move because nobody will be pissed this week
    • Jessica tells Cody that she’s confused because people should be worried about pissing her off, not the other way around
    • He told Jess that it is indeed Ramses going home (he’s not)
    • It’s incredible how blind Jessica and Cody is. Almost the entire house is plotting behind their back
    • Jessica told Cody that she still doesn’t know what the curse is
  • The talk goes back to game
    • Cody says what they should do is put Matt and Raven on the block and then win veto and replace Matt with Paul to get Paul out…. nice dream, Cody, but you’ll never have that type of power in one week…. oh, wait..
  • 1:35 pm – Paul and Kevin get time alone in the apple room
    • He is retelling the conversation he had with Jessica
    • Paul is just confirming that he indeed has Kevin’s vote
  • I need to step out to pick someone up. Will return when I get home
  • 3:40 pm – Kevin, Christmas, Jason, Ramses, Cody, and Alex are in the apple room hanging around
    • Surprising to see Cody not up Jessica’s butt.
  • 4:10 pm – The group is chatting about random stuff and the Kevin mentions a former coach from MA who was arrested for child misconduct.
    • Apparently one of the victims is Kevin’s daughter’s best friend
    • He hinted who it was and said google it.  The guy is Danny Villa for those wondering
  • 4:40 pm – Cody and Jess have moved back into the HoH room to discuss their poor game strategy
  • 4:50 pm – Ruh Roh, there may be some drama unfolding…..
    • Jessica goes into the apple room to talk to Christmas and Elena and says she thinks Ramses is going to leave tomorrow
    • She is hearing stuff around the house and she thinks a flip is happening (it is)
    • Christmas is acting innocent but she obviously knows
    • Jessica is saying that Alex controls Jason’s vote, but she doesn’t get a feel for Kevin right now
    • Elena doesn’t seem concerned but she’s out of the loop. Christmas is staying as quiet as possible
    • Jessica is worried that votes are going to be rallied.  Elena is convinced Paul is with them
    • She thinks the flip vote is starting right now  (it’s not, it’s been underway for days)
    • Christmas is really trying to sell her alliance to Jessica
  • 5:10 pm – The talks break up and Jessica heads up into the HoH with Cody
    • Jessica is ranting how they’re trying to flip the vote
    • Jess thinks Paul is the flipper.  Oh boy, gonna go down tonight
    • She thinks Paul is keeping Elena in the dark on this (wow, Jess is actually right)
    • She doesn’t want to sleep tonight and is going to interrupt every conversation.  Little does she realize it won’t matter because the damage is done
    • Jess noticed how Christmas didn’t promise not to vote out Ramses
    • Kevin is the one who told Jess about the possible flip, and he went into the HoH room to let them know that he still isn’t sure but he’s just trying to help. Dude is playing both sides big time
    • Cody wants to see if he can get any info out of Jason. He says he has dominance over him and Jason just spills everything
    • Now Jess is subtly blaming production by saying people don’t like unanimous votes so the DR asks questions and it gets in people’s heads and flips happen
  • 5:50 pm – Cody confronts Jason in the bathroom
    • Jason is definitely feeling the heat but holding strong so far. He says he’ll talk to Alex about it.
    • The interrogation is over and Jason is still standing. Cody left and Alex joins Jason
    • Jason shows Alex what it was like with Cody…
  • 6:30 pm – Alex, Jason, and Kevin are in the storage room talking
    • Alex is saying there is a 10 o’clock curfew tonight.  Nobody goes to the bathroom alone. Everyone to their rooms.
    • Kevin keeps playing innocent
  • 8:00 pm – There was a lockdown in the HoH room to change a lightbulb, when the cams return, Mark is telling Jess that he is 100% with them

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  1. Avatar

    I agree 100%. I posted the day of the battle back that I wasn’t sure if it would help her or not, but after watching the comp, it was probably painful (like you said). Though they are awful, im rooting for jess/cody because they go against the cult of Paul. But EVERY punishment went on them? really? like I get it but still. And then josh bothers me because I want to like him, but then he just acts like a giant toddler. Like yeah he could yell at them, but to keep going…and going..and going drives me crazy. And for gods sake, can he learn any other insult besides meatball. Like it was kind of funny the first time, but now I want to throw the remote at my tv whenever he yells “meatball” at jess or Cody. And then there’s the following of Paul. Ive mentioned before, Alex really let me down. After the first night, with the “eat shit” remark, I really loved her, but then her dumb ass thinks she has a great secret alliance with Paul that she believes in. It’s smart to “align” until he’s not safe then secretly try and get him out, but trying to go with him to the end? hell to the no

    • The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

      Ike, what exactly is a “meatball” anyway? As an insult I mean. I’ve been trying to figure out why Josh thinks that’s such a good zinger. Maybe it is and its brilliance just doesn’t register in my native Spanish speaker brain, lol.

      • Colby

        I’m dating myself here, but it is probably some take off of Archie Bunker calling his son-in-law ‘meathead’.
        Josh has probably been called that all his life. It fits him.

      • danmtruth

        urban slang contradictory; fat narcissist, especially one prone to deception and theft
        oxford dictionary ; 2North American informal A dull or stupid person.
        that’s the best I could come up with I’m 59 part Italian Grew up on the south side of Chicago in a mostly Italian and Polish area called Roseland So yes I heard MANY people called meatball Even my self when i did something dumb I fail to see the sting in the name

    • Colby

      Josh does act like a giant toddler. I picture him in a button up shirt, shorts with suspenders, and a bow tie. And a dunce cap!

    • Avatar

      Im not sure. I can say the first time I kind of laughed because it was a weird thing to call him, but the hell if I know what he really means by “meatball”. Maybe they can ask him whenever he’s evicted(not this week but later down the line)

    • Avatar

      Ditto 100% Ike–especially with the “meatball ” thing. Where did it come from anyway? I wish the house guests would stop laughing at it. It only encourages him to keep it up.

  2. AIO_7

    “And then josh bothers me because I want to like him, but then he just acts like a giant toddler.”

    Slosh will be Slosh.

  3. Avatar

    OK, so last night Jess and Paul were talking in the backyard about her dad and it went right away from them to the boring pool game with Josh and Cody then later in the kitchen she started talking about her dad again and that he died and there was money and they don’t know where it is and it quickly Went off of her out to Cody and Christmas and incredibly awkward boring conversation what are they trying to hide from the viewers it was actually something interesting that Jess had to talk about .

    • AIO_7

      ….”started talking about her dad again and that he died and there was money and they don’t know where it is and it quickly Went off of her out to Cody and Christmas and incredibly awkward boring conversation what are they trying to hide from the viewers it was actually something interesting that Jess had to talk about .”

      I’m pretty used to Production manipulating things by now. They cut out of an interesting convo. between Christmas and Slosh yesterday. With the feeds CBS promises you everything, but then only give you what the want.

    • Shivani33

      Kaye, I saw this too and was struck by the very quick cut-offs when Jessica talked about her dad. She said that when she leaves BB, she is planning to hire a private investigator, said that her mom had to get waitress work after her dad’s death, as there was nothing, no will found. There are quite a few photos on Jessica’s Instagram of her and her dad, from her early childhood throughout her life. From one of the condolences posted below one photo, it seems that her dad died suddenly and not from any prolonged illness. When Paul asked her what her dad did for a living, Jessica was so sad and vague. She said “business” but there were hints in what she said of something unusual.

      I think that production has decided to avoid this topic. Jessica can say how much she misses him, but anything further gets stopped. This could be for the best, not only for production but for Jessica and her family. If she’s really going to try finding out facts after BB ends, the less that she reveals on camera, the better. One thing is clear. Her dad’s death devastated her and affects her all of the time. And she keeps him with her wherever she goes, whatever she’s doing. She and I have that in common.

      • Avatar

        Thank you Shivani for the extra info, I was watching on Pop TV and by the time I got Roku CBS going, all cameras were on Christmas and Cody

  4. Avatar

    I hope Cody and Jess did not figure out the house is flipping on them again…their faces are priceless when this happens. I love it. Rather or not I want Ramses to go home is not relevant…I just like seeing shocked faces (And sometimes it’s our, the viewer, with the shocked face). lol Many times I have been caught off guard and wondered what the heck just happened! But..that is why I love this show. Unpredictable. Well, sometimes! 🙂
    Can’t honestly say I wouldn’t like to see Josh get voted out. His toddler behavior drives me crazy! He is a hand full for sure! However, the shock of the vote is better than having him walk out of the house. At least for this week.
    Steve…hope your dad is going well. Continued “good thoughts”!

  5. strwar1

    Ah I can’t wait for Jessica and Cody to get blindside this Thursday! This will awesome!! Luckily Josh is playing the depression and crying act and has not showed any sort of tell to Jessica and Cody what is about to happen!

  6. Avatar

    I think Jessica and Cody are confused about her temptation…..in ready updates on jokers it seems like they think they can “nix” 1 eviction vote for the next four weeks?
    Umm. No Jessica. ….you can cancel 1 out of the next 4 evictions…..it does not mean 4 weeks necessarily and also it’s one and done!

    • Avatar

      But hey. I’m cool with them thinking that!! I hope it’s a double eviction and mark gets put up and she uses it thinking she will still have it next week!

  7. danmtruth

    Helen i was with you on how clueless Jess & Cody are Than bam back on the double eviction bandwagon All I know if it does turn out to be a double eviction night I will wish I had some slop to wash down all the crow i will need to eat after giving you a hard time But till Thur :….. I DON’T SEE IT for this week

  8. danmtruth

    @shoelover , @nkogneetow . @gerardo, @g8trgirl . @addy08 or any of the other posters smarter than me (thats’s a big list ) Riddle me this One of the perks of HOH is a spy moniker No sound but you can SEE people in different rooms This is the second time Jess & Cody have had this Yet they still FAIL to see the not to clandestine plotting going on around them Top it off super (there’s that over used word )Big Brother Fan Elena walks around also not picking up any clues Am I mistaken about this ??

    • Avatar

      Ok. Now you have hurt my feelers there dan……

      • danmtruth

        never wanted too your way smarter in soooo many ways beside you hurt me by linking me with Paul Speaking of him what do you think of his idea having a comp to eliminate a HG

      • The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

        Oh come on now Helen, it’s such a commonly accepted fact that you’re brilliant, that Dan obviously didn’t even feel the need to reiterate that in his post. If there are four things I know, they are: 2+2=4, the law of gravity, Elena needs a sarong, and Helen is a genius. 😉

      • Avatar

        Lmao at dan and Gerardo……[email protected] Paul’s idea is actually very interesting…..just as good if not better than a double plus it’s something that’s never been done before……i love it!!!!
        @gerardo. Crazy yes. Brilliant. Lol. Far from it

    • The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

      I honestly just think Grossica are more interested in investing all of their energy into their mating rituals than into playing the game. It reminds me of last year when James kept convincing himself and Natalie that Meech was safe, because he preferred to spend his time and energy cuddled up with Natalie rather than keeping an eye on what was going on in the house and putting in some work to ensure things went his way.

      I think Grossica have a feeling something is awry, but all they’re willing to do about is go have one conversation with a HG (i.e. Elena, Paul, etc), ask them to confirm that they’re voting out Josh, and then get back to “boffing” (to steal Shivani’s phrase). They’re willfully blind in this situation if you ask me. Ignorance is bliss.

    • g8trgirl

      @danmtruth, they’re too busy doing the horizontal bop to notice anything outside the Fortress of Fornication. If they ever win HOH again, maybe the 3rd time will be a charm and they will have learned something. But I doubt it.

    • Avatar

      Anyways. I think the HOH tv shows hallway outside HOH,kitchen dining room area and possibly living room. It does not shoe APR,bathroom ,bedroom s or storage rooms

    • ShoeLover

      Nah… it’s words out of Jessica’s own mouth!! When her and Cody were changing the bed sheets, she told Cody to chill out because you have absolutely NO IDEA what they are saying, it could be ANYTHING, we can’t hear what all they are saying so it could be about every day life. So I will take that as they have really not thought all this through. I personally would want to go downstairs and find out the conversations instead of let it happen while creeping on them on the tv screen/surveillance monitor. So hopefully this helps

    • NKogNeeTow

      Dan, I think that HOH monitor only lets them see certain areas, like the living room, kitchen and upstairs hallway. I don’t think they can view backyard, bathroom, storage room or the other bedrooms.

    • NKogNeeTow

      Ooops, someone already answered it. The answer was so far down I didn’t see it 🙂

  9. AIO_7

    * “He [Cody] told Jess that it is indeed Ramses going home (he’s not)”

    Did I read this right, or have I missed something?

  10. Avatar

    Jessica and Cody are clueless. The people they think are with them aren’t and the people they think aren’t, are. Not to mention they think they have power they don’t. The voters have power.
    Right now I’d be happy to see Paul, Alex, Jason or Kevin win the game because they are playing and/or entertaining. I don’t care how well Jessica or Cody play I won’t be happy if they win as they seem to be vile people. It’s not enough they think they’re evicting Josh, they think they’re depriving him of the money he’d get in jury and that makes them happy.

    • Avatar

      I agree with you here. Paul, Jason, Kevin, and Alex are the most entertaining and should win at this point. Grossica are loathsome and vile… They are just plain mean-spirited.

  11. Alda

    Can someone please get a cover up for Elena,please.Is that too much to ask?

  12. AIO_7

    Whistle-Nut is wearing his orange jersey today.

  13. AIO_7

    Kevin is offering to Christmas to massage her one good foot.

    • AIO_7

      Then, after a minute, Hot Lips enters the room (bath area) and turns the conversation to, you guessed it. hand jobs.

    • g8trgirl

      Ok, is anyone else getting a little creeped out over Xmas and Kevin? Mind you, I haven’t seen anything, I only know from what I read here. This is a married man with several children who’s playing slap and tickle with a chick who’s old enough to be his daughter. Or am I reading too much into this?

      • Mel

        I think outside of the house it would be inappropriate but we’ve seen over the years that affection, dirty sexual jokes and touchy feely stuff becomes normal in that house. I still don’t get it but if such a great number of people get that way, (and many do) there may be something to what that house does to people. I still find it strange but I’ve come to expect it. Kevin also said as recently as today that Xmas needs to go soon. I also really like Kevin and will admit if we were discussing someone I didn’t, I may feel differently. I’m biased. As far as her age, she’s 35 and it seems more like a fake friendship that something creepy to me. He would come off like a dirty old man if she were 20ish imo.

      • Avatar

        I think it’s creepy and out of line on Kevin’s part as well. He has like 6 daughters and should be setting a much better example.

      • NKogNeeTow

        After reading Steve’s blog and seeing how Kevin is running up to Grody/Messi to betray the rest of the house, I’m kind of done with him. I’m actually starting to want him to get caught so he’ll have to pick a side. I’d have more respect for him if he picked one side or the other. That’s one of the other things I hate about WIR and SaddleBags. Between the Xmas situation (I hate people who cheat on their mates, even if it’s only temporary) and spying and running back to G/M as a snitch, as far as I’m concerned, as entertaining as he is, they can send his old ass home VERY soon.


      • Avatar

        I don’t think a little bit of affection is anything to be worried about. They are friends stuck in the house. If they start making out with each other, okay be concerned, but until then, I don’t think it’s a big deal.

  14. Shivani33

    The whole house is speculating bigtime about the hex, double eviction that Paul feels is coming next week, Elena and Mark talking without communicating at all, Jessica reporting everything Paul says to her to Cody. Paul telling Kevin that he trusts him more than anyone who’s in the game. Today is a tower of Babble.

    I hear musical accompaniment from West Side Story. “Could be! Who knows? / There’s something due any day; I will know right away./ Soon as it shows….”

    “Something’s coming, I don’t know what it is/ But it is/ Gonna be great!” Love this Big Brother.

  15. Zach

    So I get(sort of) what Kevin sees in Christmas, she’s got a pretty face even though I’m not into the muscle. However, what does Christmas see in Kevin? Any ladies want to give me some insight? He’s going on 25yrs her senior. I don’t get it. I’ve wondered this for awhile only now that the game is slow can I bring it up lol

    • The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

      I’m not a lady (obviously), but I’ll take a crack at your question. I think women are much less “visual” than we are, and Kevin does have a great personality and a lot of wisdom (and to be fair he’s 15 years older than me and could probably run circles around me in the gym). For instance, look at Elena (I know, I know but just stay with me for a second on this one)– she’s clearly much more interested in Paul than Mark, even though Mark is the tall, muscle-bound jock and Paul is much shorter and not “conventionally attractive”. But I think Paul’s confidence and “I don’t give a F” attitude is why Elena prefers him to Mark. In Christmas’ case, she is a bit older than the other women in the house, so she’s probably really drawn to Kevin’s maturity as well. At any rate, he’s married so they both better dial it back.

      • danmtruth

        @gerardo I agree with much of what you are saying In Elena’s case part of her attraction to Paul is his “fame” Also his pushing her away. He is a Challenger Mark is to easy , to much of a nice guy She sees that as boring As for Xmas it sounds like she has a solid long term relationship With Kevin being married she feels safe with him Again you are with these people 24/7 The original attraction was not sexual but now it is building

      • The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

        Oh that’s true Dan, I keep forgetting these people think Paul is “famous”. And Elena definitely aspires to “fame” as well.

      • Alda

        I saw pictures of Paul without the facial hair,very attractive.Kevin’s pics from back in the day,also handsome.Pics of Elena from before she had work done,nice.Now,the young guys that I know wouldn’t touch her with a ten foot pole!

      • NKogNeeTow

        I don’t blame the guys you know Alda. She’s to skeevy.

      • Avatar

        I do not find WIR sexy or attractive at all. He looks like he has a little boy face on a body builder’s body, not the best look. Plus, my dog can engage in better conversations than WIR can… He’s just not smart, bless his heart.

      • ShoeLover

        Oh my gosh Morgana, that is sooooo true!! Little boy head on bodybuilder body!!

        Oh goodness now I have that scene from Chris Farley: Fat man in a little coat:

      • Avatar

        Fat man in a little cost, hilarious!

    • Avatar

      I find Kevin to be quite sexy ……he has a mature “bad boy” look about him……add to that he is intelligent…funny…and confident in who he is……I think a lot of younger women would be drawn to him

      • danmtruth

        Helen you described me minus being sexy , intelligent , and confident

      • Avatar

        I think that’s part of the sexy dan…..men that are don’t think or act like they are….

      • ShoeLover

        Me too Helen!! He has that certain je ne sais quoi about him, that pulls me in. I am 46, he could be my man crush!! Make me laugh, make smile, I like that, and it is sexy!!

      • NKogNeeTow

        Helen, I was crazy about him…until he went to the dark side (Grody/Messi). Now, not so much.

      • Mel

        Nk, do you think he went to the dark side? I just think he’s playing both side a little. He knows Jessica has dot and is doing her a solid in case Cody wins next week. As long as Jessica doesn’t bust him (I don’t think she will because she doesn’t have a lot of people to work with)then I think it’s smart. Dangerous but smart.

      • Avatar

        A very cute 46 at that, Shoe !

      • NKogNeeTow

        I’m just disappointed in him Mell. Once I read what he did, my heart (and yes I have one….well, maybe a small one) a little bit. I had such high hopes for him. He was one of the few I wanted to win. I don’t mind them being shrewd when playing the game, I just don’t like the two facedness of it all…lol

      • NKogNeeTow

        Cody….Jessica…..Dark Side…. 🙁

      • ShoeLover

        Awww!!! Thanks dmc!!

    • Colby

      Simple answer: She’s a horny bitch. And though it doesn’t stop her from flirting with them, all the other guys in the house are unavailable except the gay guy and the toddler. She thinks all guys want her.

    • Avatar

      Kevin is actually nice looking, especially for his age. He is hysterical and seems to genuinely care about people. He’s smart too. I can see why Christmas would appreciate that.

  16. Avatar

    It would be funny if the curse reverses the eviction, meaning if they evict Ramses, the curse kicks in and Josh gets evicted.

  17. danmtruth

    Paul telling Kevin that he trusts him more than anyone who’s in the game.
    better question is who did he not say that too Alex, Xmas, Josh, perhaps Elena and Raven even

  18. Avatar

    Kevin is gonna have some splainin to do when he goes home. 🙁

  19. Avatar

    I have a,dumb question. I a the time posted to the right of our comments EDT ? I seem to always be way behind everyone else.

  20. Avatar

    Ok, so I just answered my question. It’s 3:55 here and my post says 5:45 so the time stamp must be CDT, duh. Any way, remember a couple ofyears ago when the married chick, (Cristine?) was all over ,was his name Cody, don’t remember. Her name was trashed after that. Wonder what ever happened to her marriage.

  21. Avatar

    Interesting video on jokers about reaver…..munchausens by proxy ?

  22. danmtruth

    posted on reddit ; Jessica out of DR alludes to asking for morning after pill and getting a prescription for birth control because although she has a prescription at home, she didn’t bring it because she didn’t think she’d need it. –
    and we ALL knw every thing on the internet is true

    • The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

      I did catch the tail end of a Grossica conversation the other day in which she mentioned that she had started taking the pill but it takes two weeks to go into effect. Then Cody joked (I think it was a joke) that he has something to look forward to now…

      I was going to rewind it and watch the whole thing in context, but then I decided a) I don’t care about them enough to pick up my finger and rewind the feeds, and b) they’ve grossed me out enough this summer… no need to add to my own misery unnecessarily.

      • Avatar

        Cody, barf!

        I’m seriously believing he’s trying to trap her with a pregnancy because he knows outside the house she’ll have nothing to do with him and his brand of cray cray.

      • NKogNeeTow

        I don’t know why he’s want to do that Morgana. He doesn’t seem to have a relationship or at least, not much of one with the child he already has.

      • Avatar

        He doesn’t seem to actually think anything through. He’s guided by his dark side, and he thinks he’s in love with her.

    • Avatar

      Guess she used up all the condoms in her HoH basket, eye roll.

  23. Avatar

    Kevin just ratted them out!!

  24. Avatar

    Kevin looks like the fruit of the loom guys in that grape suit.

  25. g8trgirl

    One more day. He couldn’t keep his mouth shut for one more day. Ugh.

  26. Avatar

    I thought for sure it was gonna be Josh who blew it. How does this benift Kevin’s game? I guess theirs not much Cody and Jessica can do about t now except waste her temptation thingy and I can’t see them doing that to save Ramses.

  27. Avatar

    Damn there went my cheering for Kevin…. I wonder if Paul knows yet.

  28. g8trgirl

    I couldnt agree more,@gerardo he ruined it for us and Paul has lost some big time brownie points with me. Wait til@nkogneetow hears about this. She will not be a happy camper either. Lol

  29. Alda

    Geez Kevin,thanks a lot you snitch! He just ruined our eviction night and possibly his game!

  30. Avatar

    I am so mad at Kevin right now for spoiling everything!!

  31. Alda

    Someone should have wrapped his mouth with that plastic wrap!!

  32. Avatar

    Have any of you considered that maybe Kevin did this because he is trying to protect Ramses?

    • Avatar

      I was just about to say that! Also, a reason some people were saying they were voting out Ramses is because of the $25K and I think Kevin felt guilty about that. I could be wrong, but I am still on Kevin’s side til I know more.

      • Mel

        I think Kevin would rather Ramses stay over Josh and thats why he told him to talk to Jess before the veto. I don’t think he will throw his game away to save him. Unlike some of the hgs, I don’t think he’ll throw it all to Paul either.

    • The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

      I did consider that, but as Mell pointed out, if he really wanted to protect Ramses why didn’t he do this BEFORE the veto ceremony? He could have 100 percent saved Ramses if he had given Jess some info when she could still done something about it (i.e. remove him from the block). By coming forward now with vague info, he’s still probably not going to save Ramses’ game– more than anything I think he’s just risking his own. I still say his primary motivation is to ingratiate himself to Grossica and

      • NKogNeeTow

        One thing he apparently forgot about is that Paul knows that he is the one who got the $25K. If or when Paul finds out what he’s done, he could just let the house know and then they all will turn against Kevin. Even Grody and Messi, because if Kevin had given them that info beforehand, they might not have put Ram OTB because he wasn’t guilty of anything. That means Messi sent home an innocent man.

    • NKogNeeTow

      Doesn’t matter Ford. By protecting Ram, he just put the other side of the house in jeopardy. I am totally pissed!

  33. Avatar

    CBS was funny tonight. Jessica knew exactly what would probably happen with evictions but for some strange reason decided not to use the veto. This has to be the most predictable season of BB ever!

  34. Shivani33

    Already Paul told Kevin to be careful what he says, when Kevin got caught out warning Ramses. But Kevin listens to Paul and then makes up his own mind. He’s got skills at giving just enough lip-service. Nothing that Kevin does surprises me. He does like Ramses more than Josh.

    Kevin likes to hedge his bets, and he is as tricky about it as he can manage to be, without going 6 feet under. He really is the older, popular dude who butters everybody up with humor and personable remarks and anecdotes. Paul is probably viewed by him as a smart baby boy but not as streetwise or as rich with life experience as Kevin would see himself, not by a long shot. Both are good manipulators, but I don’t think that Kevin is “all the way in” with anybody except himself. Although he likes Paul, Kevin doesn’t have a leader unless it happens to be convenient. I like the way the old boy plays.

  35. Avatar

    One of these days these people are going to realize that after veto ceremony the only power HOH has is a private room and what’s left of a basket of goodies…….

  36. The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

    Grossica having a major pity party in the Fortress of Fornication (thanks Dan). They lament that good, deserving people like them never make it to the end of this game (oh god, spare me please). Jess complains that people like Matt and Raven do nothing but stay in the kitchen all day but they’ll make it far, while everyone just gangs up on poor, defenseless Grossica who are great, wonderful, virtuous, and deserve to win. If she could do noms again, she would nominate Raven and Matt and probably backdoor Paul (yes, this is how you play Big Brother).

    The irony of Grossica’s statement is that they fail to realize that although Matt and Raven don’t win competitions like Grossica does, they always know EXACTLY what’s going on in the house. Wanna know why Grossica? Because they’re ALWAYS IN THE KITCHEN (or wherever else all the action is). Unlike Grossica, Matt and Raven never isolate themselves from the house. I’m not even a fan of Matt and Raven, but the fact is, Grossica should take a few lessons from them. Matt and Raven would never have gotten blindsided like this.

  37. The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

    Big Brother is so messy! Just when Grossica thought they could lock themselves in their HOH room (aka den of iniquity) all night and avoid the group, BB calls for an HOH room lockdown. LOL, sorry Grossica!

  38. Avatar

    Cody telling Jessica that he guarantees that she’s the most popular person of the season NT
    07/26/17 07:20 PM

  39. Avatar

    I am new to the comment section. I know WIR is Mark, but what does it stand for?

  40. Mel

    I’m loving Kevin more guys! (Agree with Shivani comment above) The only thing Kevin did was cover himself a little. Jess has no more power than she did before he told her with the votes. He didn’t spell out for her the plan and who was in it. He just told her he was hearing things so when it happens, she can remember that he filled her in. It’s the game Paul plays except Kevin can do it without saying vet repeatedly, talking loud (not as much this week-have not makes him mellow) and being bossy. I don’t even care about the blindside because I’d rather have good feeds tonight than 5 seconds of shocked faces tomorrow. We won’t see the best stuff anyway because it will be happening while Julie is interviewing Ramses. I like Paul’s game so far and that’s exactly why I’m liking Kevins.
    Anybody else thinking a tie isn’t too far fetched? It only takes 2. Kevin could do it for Ramses (because he doesn’t really want him to go) and also to try to play both sides. Jason could do it because he doesn’t want to listen to Paul. I don’t think he will…but he could. Anyone could do it so they can fake it to Jess & Cody while thinking it will still be 6-4 and that Ramses will leave.

    • NKogNeeTow

      I’d think that if anyone voted to keep Ram it would be Kevin, Mark and Cody. I don’t think Elena would because it would go against what Paul wants.

    • The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

      I agree with you that this is exactly what Kevin’s motivation was, but I just don’t see why this high level of risk was necessary for someone in Kevin’s position. He’s risking exposing himself as a “snake” to the bigger, more powerful alliance in order to ingratiate himself to the smaller alliance (who wasn’t gunning for him at all anyway). Paul already knows what Kevin is capable (since he’s the one who has put Kevin up to several of his deceptions), and he’s also nearly caught Kevin tipping Ramses off a few days ago. He also knows Kevin is very close to Ramses. Paul is not dumb, he will put 2 and 2 together. Everyone Paul has wanted out of this house so far has been evicted. I just don’t see why Kevin would want to risk moving up the target list this early.

      If this risk ends up paying off, hats off to Kevin. But I just think it was a major, unnecessary risk this early in the game. Also, I hope we get good feeds tonight but I’m not that optimistic– Grossica’s plan earlier seemed to be the “isolate, sulk, and complain about how unfair of a game BB is” approach.

      • Mel

        I agree. It’s risky but 2 things need to happen. Jessica has to tell on him ( I don’t know why she would at the moment because she’s grasping at straws for friends) and if that happens, Kevin has to be considered more of a liar than Jessica. The main reason I don’t mind the risk is because my complaints so far (other than the porn and Raven in general) has been that everyone is only playing for Paul and no one is taking risks and playing the game. If it blows up in his fave, he gambled and and lost. For me, that’s better than losing by default because you just handed it to a vet.

      • The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

        I don’t think Jessica would tell on Kevin, but she clearly got some intel today. That’s the thing I’m really concerned about. If Paul starts thinking about this too much he’ll probably realize there’s a leak, and the most logical “leaker” would be Kevin.

        I too want to see Kevin make some big moves, but I just question whether this was the right move for HIM to make and also his timing. I think the best case scenario for Kevin isn’t even worth it– even if this doesn’t blow up in his face, I don’t think he’ll end up in a better position than he’s already in (again, I don’t know of anyone who was coming after Kevin any time soon). I could’ve understood a big target pulling this move (since they NEED to make a move to improve their position in the house before it’s too late). But Kevin is not a big target right now. I think he could’ve laid low a couple more weeks before he needed to make a “big move”, especially such a risky move with a very small payoff like this.

      • Mel

        That’s true enough. It wasn’t a necessary gamble at this point. I don’t think he knows it but Raven, Elena and Alex have all said Kevin needs to go soon but Alex says that everytime she gets pissed and Raven & Elena don’t want to win so I’m sure he’s fine.

      • The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

        True, and Alex made that comment about Kevin a couple weeks ago before Cody re-entered the house. And even then she named her biggest target as Jessica. I think Alex is MUCH more concerned about getting Grossica out than she is with Kevin, and also her biggest ally Jason would vehemently oppose her targeting Kevin anyway. And as you noted, Elena and Raven are useless. Being their target is as good as being nobody’s target.

  41. Avatar

    I am as disappointed as anybody that the blindside is ruined, but Kevin is playing the game.

    He knows the game, probably knows how well Paul played last year, and how many final 2s and 3s he had.

    This is Kevin’s chance to flip the house, hook up with 2 comp beasts. And maybe, just maybe, Kevin has an hoh in his future. He has the brains and physique.

    If he or Cody can win hoh next week, then the game will change a lot.

    Otherwise, he can be a sheep, say nothing, and wait for Paul to backdoor him, like he will try to backdoor everyone else.

    This is a gutsy move, I hope it turns out well for him !

    • Mel

      Do you really think he trying to work with Jess and Cody? I honestly think he’s trying to cover himself if Cody wins hoh or Jess does something with her temptation. I don’t think he’s actually switching sides.

      • Avatar

        Why else would he tell them ? If he said nothing, and Jess was mad at him, who cares, he’s with the rest of the house.

        Unless he’s trying to get her to use her temptation.

        We will soon see !

      • The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

        I’m with @dmc on this one, why would Kevin need to just “cover” himself with Grossica? He’s not even on their radar, and there would be 6 other people (many of whom Grossica already detest) who also blindsided them. I definitely think Kevin was trying to make some kind of move, otherwise this wouldn’t be worth all the risk.

      • Mel

        I guess I’m thinking that he’s not on their radar but as they lose people, everyone will be targets. It’s the same way Paul is always playing ahead. He also spent alot of time with Jessica when Cody was gone and fake bonded with her over the Boston thing. It was a good time to plant the friend seed for use down the road. The entire house is TERRIFIED of Cody winning hoh so I can see where Kevin would think it’s plausible that Cody could keep winning for a while. I feel he’s completely with Paul, Alex and Jason but when people from his side needs to go, he doesn’t want it to be him. He may not have as much confidence in Xmas, Josh, Matt and Raven as Paul does either. Those people are team Paul. That doesn’t automatically make then team Kevin. When you put those 4 on the fence, that makes Kevins true group a whole lot smaller. Of course, he could just be a big dumb ass and I’m making it sound a lot better than it really is. Lol

    • danmtruth

      @dmc great call about Kevin and flipping the house Not to mention this unleashes Josh

    • Colby

      I agree about possibly flipping the house. He has watched Paul and sees exactly what he is doing. Number wise, if it doesn’t happen soon, there will be no way to stop Paul from picking them off to his advantage.

      Kevin could easily flip Cowboy. They talk all the time. He reluctantly does as Alex says, but I think that is because he feels like Alex is all he has. He sees, and has said, that they are handing the win to Paul.

      I think Mark would flip in a heartbeat if Elena will let him. She may be tougher because she thinks Paul will make her famous. But she MAY figure it out when she realizes they were being lied to this week, and is told that she is one of the next on Paul’s list to go. Not sure there because Paul is a good liar and will try to convince her differently.

      Kevin may think Christmas would flip too. She has said things against Paul here and there. But I don’t know. She is still offended that Cody put her up.

      Paul can threaten Kevin with the $25K info, but since he has already told everyone that Ram got it Kevin could easily deny it, and either way Paul would be exposing himself as a liar.

      I don’t think Ram will stay, but if he does, there’s one more on their side.

      That may be what the ‘falling in love with another’ talks have really been about.

  42. danmtruth

    We all want players to make BIG MOVES well whats this tan Not saying it’s a smart move Beside the only thing it did was ruin OUR chance to get that shocked blindside look on Cody & Jess Why would any of the votes change? Paul,Alex, Jason , Matt, Raven, Xmas was always going to vote out Ramses So their is your 6 votes (all do respect to Helen for my BB math )
    now it just means the people must confess to lying to each other
    Alex talking about what a waste of an HOH What was her big move beside just doing what Paul told her

    • Mel

      I’ve wondered about the votes too, not because Kevin said something. I’ve been thinking that for 2 days. Everyone wants deniability so if more than one person got the idea that one vote wouldn’t matter, it would be a tie. They all may be too scared of a tie to do it on this vote and if that’s the case, they’ll be fine. It has crossed my mind tho.

  43. NKogNeeTow

    Sellout Jr. (WIR) along with his concubine, are in the HOH room now. Guess they’re spilling their guts on everything else they know.


  44. NKogNeeTow

    What’s with the Feeds and can I get my monthly fee pro-rated please.

    Sorry, I’m just bitchy over Kevin and WIR.

  45. The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

    Feeds are back. Paul/Christmas/Jason/Kevin discussing whatever they just saw in the HOH room during the lockdown. Sounds like practice for tomorrow’s HOH comp. Josh walks in and Paul tells him to go start f*cking with Grossica NOW (I guess to mess up their concentration so they’ll forget what they saw for tomorrow’s comp).

  46. NKogNeeTow

    Everyone in the house is studying for something. Did Production show them something that they have to remember for the HOH Comp tomorrow? Did I miss something?

    If that’s the case, the ones who probably have the best memory are Kevin, Messi and maybe Alex and Paul.

  47. danmtruth

    If Paul spills the beans on Kevin winning the 25K Kevin just says Paul has known for a few weeks and has lied to everyone when he said Ramses had it One of the reason given for putting him on the block
    Nice to see someone else challenging Paul’s grip on the house Now other people might be ready to send Paul home

  48. Avatar

    Well NK. If it makes you feel better go check jokers ….they have pretty much the full convo between Kevin and the Medusa…..looks to me like although production called Jessica out on her lying to Kevin about her temptation they have neglected to let Kevin know …….
    That is something to grasp onto …..slim but something

  49. danmtruth

    It’s not good to study in a large group to many ideas people think they know best Not to mention people giving bad info Just listen to the yard boss Many years of card counting Xmas trying to confuse Elena now Who is Josh studying with Might be best to be by himself To much info is not a strong point

  50. Shivani33

    Kevin said that during his life he’s had lots of fantastic opportunities and that always, he’s blown it. I’ve remembered this remark of his ever since.

  51. The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

    Paul and co are very concerned about Elena winning HOH tomorrow–she knows the images they saw earlier very well. Paul inadvertently got some information from her earlier regarding Mark and Grossica. In order to try to distract Elena from studying, Paul asked her what’s going on “up there” (i.e. between her/Mark and Grossica). She takes the bait, assuming that Paul knows or senses something amiss, and tells him that she doesn’t like what Mark is doing with Grossica. Now Paul is even more concerned, and is hoping she will either throw the comp or will realize after the blindside that she needs to stay away from Grossica.

    Side note: Josh and Mark got into yet another spat. I guess Mark walked into the HN room and felt someone had messed with the pillow arrangement on his bed. True to form, he takes a very hostile tone with Josh (the one person Mark isn’t afraid to take that tone with) and implies that Josh messed with his bed. Josh was not having it…

  52. NKogNeeTow

    Damn Verizon. My TV is stuck on stupid and I can’t change the channel. I like to watch 1 room on POP and the other on the Feeds 🙁

  53. NKogNeeTow

    Hey, where has Cyn been lately? Did she give up on the game because Dom is gone?

    Cyn….Annie….COME BACK!

  54. NKogNeeTow

    Is it just me or is everyone giving each other the wrong information?

  55. NKogNeeTow

    Another thing I’m wondering, people keep telling Josh to mess with WIR/Messi and Cody’s heads. It doesn’t seem like they’re really concerned about him at all. What if Cody/Mark gets aggrevated (sp) to the point that it becomes physical. Either one of them throw the first punch and they go home or they force Josh to and he goes. I don’t like the game they’re playing with Josh. That idiot Alex goes in the HN room and messes with pillows after seeing what just happened the last time. She knows that Mark and Josh will blame each other. I just don’t like it.

    In the meantime, WIR is upstairs playing chess with the other object of his affection.

  56. NKogNeeTow

    Wreck-It-Ralph and Grody playing chess like they don’t have a care in the world. Do they not realize that there is an HOH on the line? Grody might stand a chance because he has the other Bed Bug to help him study in the privacy of their Fortress of Fornication, but WIR just ain’t that bright. He needs to study something other than Elena’s chest.

    • danmtruth

      Cody does not play chess He uses the chess pieces to play checkers Talks about making a 5 jump movie What a maroon
      paul still trust Kevin as he talks of having 8 in his group Paul is trying to mess with Elena BIG TIME This is what I find funny People on this board have called Kevin a rat for his game move But love Paul’s game play by lying to peoples face and messing with people like he did with Dom Now what he is doing with Elena Telling Josh to attack Jess, Cody, and Mark Telling him America loves stuff like that I understand it’s a game In the end you need to back stab most of your team It’s just to me Paul often cross that line between game and personal
      as fans we want a good game Two sides Yet people are mad that someone goes against Paul wishes

      • NKogNeeTow

        “What a maroon”……I could picture Bugs Bunny when you said that…lol

        And I’m one that gets mad when someone goes against Paul’s wishes 😛

  57. Avatar

    I don’t think Cody cares…..he has medusa protecting him right now with that temptation…..
    Something is “off” about Cody. (Other than the obvious)
    I just wonder how much of his past is true and how much is a made up fantasy..

  58. Avatar

    My husband all during tonight’s episode was laughing at Josh’s milk dud nipples

  59. NKogNeeTow

    Funny convo between Kevin and Cowpoke in HN Room:

    Kevin:” Are you going to miss Ramses”?

    Cowpoke: “No. I don’t believe in him. I can’t see how somebody so you is so conniving. I feel like he listens to information, then goes and tells it to someone else”.

    Kevin….QUICKLY changes the subject….Cowpoke is getting a little to close to the truth maybe?

  60. NKogNeeTow

    Bed Bugs are taking a shower together. Another Cootie infestation.

  61. The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

    I feel like I haven’t bashed Raven in a while… let me take care of that now. Has anyone seen that “Raven Exposed Party” video on YouTube? Probably not a lot of new information for most of us, but it was a nice little fix for my Raven hate addiction. Ok, I feel better now. Carry on.

    • Shivani33

      Since the majority of the housepets planned to stay unavailable to any Jessica campaigns tonight, the house is lacking in any rambunctious hijinks. Raven hasn’t had her kitchen rampage, and Elena is wearing plenty of clothes (!) and avoiding contact with her non-boyfriend, Wreck It Ralph. Sex is dead so far as the BB household heads near midnight with their brains churning to remember all kinds of stuff which might never be necessary to remember. The only one who freaks out every now and then is poor Steroid Wreck It Mark, who gets all snitty about missing couch cushions and vagrant pillows, while Paul grins devilishly.

  62. danmtruth

    Raven is in for a rude awaking when she gets out of the house will she be booed like Christine in season 16

  63. The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

    Does anyone think it’s possible that Alex and Jason might eventually turn on one another? They were just having a little bit of an argument about the way Alex treats him. Apparently Mark has been stirring the pot, asking Jason why Alex is being such an a-hole to him lately, and it seems that actually got into Jason’s head a bit. Jason says there are also some things that Alex has been keeping from him, which makes him nervous.

    Alex claims that she’s only treating Jason like an a-hole because it’s part of their “act”, and if she were to change now people would get suspicious (huh?). She also says that she only keeps certain things from him because she knows he’ll slip up and say them around the wrong people, and she also claims that she always gives Jason a heads up when she’s going to withhold something from him. Alex says Mark is trying to drive a wedge between them and it’s working because Jason is questioning it– that’s exactly what Mark was trying to accomplish. Alex also calls Jason stupid at some point during this exchange.

  64. The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

    I made the terrible mistake of checking in on Grossica in the HOH room. A shirtless Jessica (with a strategically placed towel) is laying on a shirtless Cody (no towel). Are they discussing strategy? Studying for tomorrow’s crucial HOH comp? Of course not. Cody is telling Jessica how he has been emotionless throughout this entire experience except when he talks about her. He can’t help but smile when he talks about Jessica. He didn’t mean to fall in love with her, it just happened. *barffffffff*

  65. The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

    Ok one more thing about Raven…well actually about her mom. She said her mother was 23 when she gave birth to her. That means her mother is only 45?? Damn that scamming life must be rough.

  66. NKogNeeTow

    I think I hate DMW and MattRess more than I do WIR and Hot Lips.

  67. danmtruth

    how any human can put up with that cackel of what she calls a laugh is truly a medical mystery the high pich laugh the dumb voices No sex can be worth having to listen to that

  68. NKogNeeTow

    Oh oh, WIR seems to be a little pissed at Elena. Could this mean trouble in paradise?

  69. The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

    Trouble in paradise– Mark and Elena are arguing because Mark feels Elena has been ignoring him. He tried to study with her earlier and she wouldn’t. Then he was pissed about the pillows on his bed, and she never came to check on him (and these people call Josh a big whiny man child?). He also mentions something about not liking that she brought up him wanting to give Dom a sympathy vote last week in front of Grossica. He wants them to trust him, he’s always honest with them, and Elena saying that somehow might cause Mark to look dishonest in their eyes (little does Mark know, Cody has told Jessica multiple times that he does not trust Mark AT ALL).

  70. The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

    No wonder Mark is so melancholy lately. He’s torn– he loves both Cody and Paul. He told Elena they’re the only two people he can be himself with. Unfortunately for Mark, this bromance love triangle will not have a happy ending.

  71. NKogNeeTow

    WIR and Elena are having the STUPIDEST argument in history.

  72. NKogNeeTow

    Wreck-It-Ralph’s game is going to be WRECKED tomorrow. Elena stormed out of the Wave Room and slammed the door. He looked dumbfounded!

  73. NKogNeeTow

    She’s got this fool on the ropes. He keeps apologizing and making excuses for things that aren’t even his fault. She’s just cutting him any way he turns. Some people just don’t know when to cut their losses and walk away. He needs to start walking.

  74. NKogNeeTow

    He’s pleading his case. She’s giving him the silent treatment.

    DUDE, just walk away!

  75. NKogNeeTow

    She almost hit him with Paul’s line….NEVER CARED!

  76. NKogNeeTow

    Damn people have me eating junk in the middle of the night. I hate them.

    • Shivani33

      LOL!!! It’s Days of Our Lives. I just had to make myself stop chewing bubblegum way too hard & fast, and those two mofos broke up before they ever really got started. It’s been tense. It’s been pathetic. Paul the relationshit counsellor strikes again, and I, for one, thank him.

  77. NKogNeeTow

    Keep your Feed on him Gerardo. It’s only a matter of time before he starts to cry.

    There’s nothing ever sadder than,
    A begging woman and a crying man.

  78. Shivani33

    I watched Liz and Julia Nolan offer their take on BB19. Liz said that Jessica works as a bottle girl at Hyde. I’m familiar with Hyde in Miami but not L.A., where Jessica does her thing. Liz knows and likes Jessica from work, and the twins support her & “love” Cody and their showmance (gag me) but not any other BB19 romances. This Season, they can’t stand Paul anymore and like Alex and are batty over Kevin. Julia doesn’t want to go out for pizza with Josh, despite his crush on her. Julia really looks overly thin & bony. It was kind of alarming. Both of the twins are as ditzy and jazzed-up as ever, hyper and obnoxious, more shallow than a shotglass. Julia’s nose is too long and sharp on her face from her excessive weight loss and looks like a knife. Or a scabbard, hahaha. She “prefers older men” so some of her geezers NEED to take her out for several pizzas and a huge slab of cheesecake.

  79. NKogNeeTow

    Matt’s got his head buried in a bowl of cereal again. And I have no idea what she’s eating out of that cup. Guess there’s nothing like a little late night snack after a night of Zombie sex.

  80. The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

    LOL Big Brother I hate you! As soon as Elena was done crushing Mark’s soul and he was sitting there on the verge of tears, they called his ass to that DR in a hurry. They were not going to miss their opportunity to catch him blubbering his way through another DR session.

    • NKogNeeTow

      Damn you Gerardo! I just jumped back over here to type in almost the same thing…RROOFFLL.

      The BB staff is SHAMELESS I tells ya. They didn’t miss a beat. The good ole catch em while their raw trick! Bet they’ll have to cut that DR session down from 3 hours. To bad we won’t be able to see the entire thing. That boy was M-I-S-E-R-A-B-L-E!

  81. NKogNeeTow

    Welp, guess that’s all folks. See you later. Same bat time, same bat channel 😀

  82. The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

    Well aside from that wonderfully horrific Elena/Mark meltdown, a couple of other noteworthy things tonight:

    **As I mentioned earlier, Jason seems to be getting fed up with Alex’s condescending ways. Personally, I wouldn’t mind seeing Alex get evicted in the coming weeks, as I think Jason would be much better off without her in the long-run. His ideas are always better than hers, but she’s such a know-it-all that she won’t even listen to them. But since she’s his “ride or die”, I doubt he’ll ditch her unless she gets voted out.

    **Speaking of “ride or dies”, I think Josh could be on his way to acquiring one– Christmas. I know it sounds weird, but it seems she’s really taken a liking to Josh, and she even confides game related discussions to him that she doesn’t share with anyone else (including Paul). Maybe Christmas is realizing that Paul has a F2 with half the house, so she better start accepting applications for another partner in crime. It will be interesting to see if she can rein Josh in.

    **I think the feeds only cut to the HOH room once tonight, and that was probably around 10pm. After that, it must have been one long terrible, horrible, no-good, very bad Grossica sex marathon up there. I guess they wanted to get as much of their mating done as they could before they have to give up the private room tomorrow. I wonder what they’re going to do moving forward– go at it in the storage room?

  83. Avatar

    Was there something odd going on with Cody about 3:45,am?
    Also did anyone catch the conversation around midnight where Kevin was telling people about being called to DR ? I guess no one could understand what he was talking about?

  84. Avatar

    I wish Mark hadn’t come on the show at this time. He stated his mother passed not too long ago and I don’t think he was in any shape emotionally for this.

  85. Avatar

    Omg. Josh is on fire this morning!! He is gonna get punched

    • Avatar

      THAT I would like to see! Mark has NO chance at winning this game and the only way he would get famous would be to knock Josh out! He might actually get some followers, because he is acting like teenager. Following Elena like a puppy and getting upset at the drop of a hat.

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