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Big Brother 19 – Wednesday Feed Updates


It’s Wednesday in the Big Brother house which could be good for the feeds, or they can be incredibly slow.  I know, obvious statement. What I mean is that they’re really hard to predict. I think the tension is still there for some more blow-ups before tomorrow night, so I’ll be shocked if it’s a slow night. That said, if it is a slow night, it’s probably going to be a very slow night. Make sense?

On the bright side, we get to look forward to the veto episode tonight on CBS. That looks like it could be fun with Alex raging over getting the punishment. It will be pretty funny to see her face when Elena takes the cash from her.

Not much to go over that I haven’t gone over already, so let’s jump in…

  • 12:45 pm – Houseguests were allowed outside to practice a competition.
    • It is shuffle board style where they slide a disc across the surface…
    • I think it’s going to be for the first HoH competition as the PoV is a bit more physical, though don’t quote me on that if I’m wrong!
  • 12:55 pm – Paul is talking to Elena in the bedroom
    • He asks if she’s cool with Mark. She tells him they’re fine. I’m not sure why she’s trusting him but everyone does
    • Elena says she is annoyed that everyone talks shit about Josh behind his back but the second she mentions to him that he’s using a word incorrectly, everyone shits on her
    • Paul tells her she is fairly safe for now which is true, Paul wants to get out the guys first (like Boston Rob did)
  • 1:00 pm – Paul heads up in the HoH room
    • He keeps bragging how he called out Mark last night in the yard
    • Raven comes up and retells how Elena can’t stand Josh (big reveal there!)
  • Shout out to Mary J-D for the donation!  You rock!
  • 1:15 pm – Paul is still bragging about ‘calling out Mark’ last night. I’m going to have to re-watch this soon. Happened around 2am
  • 1:50 pm – Jason is in the HoH room with Alex and says that Raven is a huge pain in the ass.  Alex and Jason would be more likeable if they played their own game.
    • They have independent thoughts but still do whatever Paul wants
  • Today is the last day you can vote for the weekly favorite poll!
  • Shout out to Mary K for the donation!  Love you guys!
  • 1:52 pm – Kevin enters the HoH room
    • Jason asks where dumb and dumber went (Matt and Raven)
    • Kevin tells them during the fight yesterday, he asked Raven for a band-aid. She said she didn’t know where they were. She went in today to get one because she’s always injured
    • Kevin says tonight he’ll have Paul ask for a band-aid and Raven will leap over Matt to get him one (lol)
  • 2:30 pm – Josh and Paul are talking about Kevin and Paul is saying how Kevin is playing everyone
    • Paul tells Josh that Kevin was gunning for him
    • Paul says Kevin doesn’t like it when he’s not the center of attention.  True, but isn’t that the same about Paul?
    • Paul keeps going and then they go to find Kevin.  Sounds like Josh is going to ‘call him out’ at some point today?
  • Shout out to Chris W for the donation! Thank you!
  • 5:10 pm – People are still hanging around the house. No drama yet
    • Mark feels confident about the HoH tomorrow because he loves shuffleboard
    • Elena, meanwhile, feels like teasing Josh a little
    • Paul and Josh are play fighting and get a ‘stop that’.  I think this cast fights the most out of any cast both play and real.
  • 6:35 pm – So, I guess today is that really slow day I talked about.
    • Josh is talking about going to bed….
  • 7:35 pm – Cody is hanging with Elena while Christmas is talking with Jason. Nothing exciting 🙁
    • Time for me to take a break and watch the veto episode


Check back for updates


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  1. strwar1

    As much as I love Alex(sorry but I do) I forward to seeing her face when Elena takes the money from her and she gets the punishment.

    • Wendy

      Yes it will be nice to see how it went down.

      • Avatar
        Misty (131 comments)

        Yes, it was. Her little face got so red it looked like she going to explode. Bless her heart. :O

    • hogwild

      I’m glad Elena did it she knows she is the target after Cody and Mark are gone grab the cash and to hell with what the people who would still vote out in couple of weeks even if you didn’t feel about it.

    • Avatar

      #Tandam!! lol I just watched the episode….he’s no longer Josh he’s now #TanDamSTFU!!

      • Avatar
        Misty (131 comments)

        OMG, I know! I laughed harder and harder every time he said that! I think at first he really did mispronounce it because maybe he didn’t know the word, but after that with them laughing so much, I think he just kept it going. He sure did get corrected enough to know it wasn’t right.

  2. Wendy

    I am so tired of everyone in the house complaining about production and never obeying the rule with production. I think it’s time they are penalized for not wearing mic properly, sleeping, complaining about food supply, singing, everything. Penalties all day. Start with making them havenots or there has to be a proper punishment maybe even have two rule disobeyers handcuffed to each other for so many hours a day. I am so tired of there ungrateful entitled acting selves. Something needs to be done. Why do I not remember all the complaining from seasons past?

    • kneeless

      They never get punished for anything anymore. I too wish they’d crack down on things. If they did hand out punishments, then, they’d have more a of reason to complain.

    • NKogNeeTow

      Seems that I vaguely remember that if you were OTB and you disobeyed Production, you got a penalty vote. What happened to that? The other night in the bathroom, Production told Elena twice to put on her mic. She told them to suck her a$$….earlier that day, they told her 3 times that there was no napping (she was sleeping in the Rose Room in the middle of the day), she refused to get up until WIR came in and started talking to her about what he was going to do for her for her birthday (win HOH and backdoor Alex)….WTH?!?!? That pissed me off as bad as the night they kept getting the weather reports and Messi and Cody only got up for the first one then refused to get up for the rest of them….No penalties. No wonder the HG do whatever they want to do, there are no consequences.

  3. Avatar

    Our counterparts across the pond, this is action… Is BBUS headed there?

  4. Avatar

    This season is a country club season in terms of what they do or don’t enforce with these houseguests, compared to past seasons.

  5. Avatar

    Tonight’s episode will be another in a long list of predictability–making the season a yawn fest! Tomorrow Cody goes home (predictable) and then Mark will be the target (predictable). There really has been no reason to watch a single episode so far except maybe the battle back b/c that was anyone’s game. But the rest… all predictable with this cast.

    • Ann

      Battle Back was just as predictable? Who didn’t know Cody was going to win that?

      • Avatar

        The entire Paul Cult who thought their trusted leader had it in the bag that’s who!

      • Ann

        Cody against Cameron, Dom & Jillian. Now anybody in their right mind would have known Cody was going to win. I admit these people are a bunch of idiots & worship Pauls every word but I’m not so sure even the minions sincerely believed anybody but Cody would win it.

      • Sassy

        I don’t think they were surprised he beat the other outed guests, but they were stunned when Cody beat Paul.

      • Avatar
        Misty (131 comments)

        I know, right, Ann? They might as well have not even had the competition period. Just opened the damn doors and let Cody walk back in.

  6. Ann

    Anyway, it is what it is, Paul suckered them all in & they fell for it hook, line & sinker. Now that some of them have figured him out, let’s see who can wiggle off of that hook & if it can be done in time to win them that $500K.

    • Avatar

      If they do it will be a miracle. I can’t see anybody wiggling off the hook and having that naked feeling of not being popular, or socially accepted by the majority. As crazy as it is even Elena is looking for solace with Paul’s hook right now, and Mark is willing to oblige her despite the fact that Paul is a bigger threat for him.

    • Avatar

      I wouldn’t say he suckered them all in… i’d say that BB protecting Paul for the first month in the house (friendship bracelets and the temptation) made a lot of people gravitate to the only person who couldn’t even be nominated for the first month. And, that protection allowed Paul to sink his claws into everyone and to play fast and loose… when in reality without that protection, he likely would have been gone during Cody’s first HoH.

  7. Avatar

    Paul has an amazing skill for telling each of them the same story with different facts. There’s enough overlap there that even if they talk, they don’t notice the discrepancy. The information is the same but little tidbits (like who initiated the conversation or shared the information) are all different depending on who he’s talking to.

    And that they all drank the kool-aid. I can’t remember who it was but earlier two people were talking (alone, not with Paul) and they were talking about Mark and one of them asked what has he (Mark) done for Paul (to justify not going on the block). That should never have come out of any of their mouths but it does repeatedly. Crazy.

    • Avatar

      I hope in the finale that Julie brings all of this up and really ridicules them all for being clueless and for all helping Paul win the game. She has to ask… didn’t you all watch last season? Paul is playing the exact same game as he did last year. This cast needs to be ridiculed and embarrassed on national television.

      • Avatar

        Yes, I’m not clever enough to weave it all together but someone has to be!! I really want to see their faces as the montage plays back the same conversation 8 different ways x 100 conversations because it’s constant. Last night/this morning was the most clear to me its ever been but he’s been doing it the whole time.

      • Avatar

        In a perfect world, they would be embarrassed, but I think they would make excuses and blame other people. Besides, what they should be most ashamed of is all the bullying. I think they will be shocked when they hear how they are perceived in the world now..

    • Sassy

      Right, why aren’t they saying what has he done for me?

      • Ann

        As much as I’m a Paul fan, you would think that question would be swirling around in somebody’s head & it very well may be but you know what happens if you have a bad thought out loud about Paul & God forbid you speak on it because you know what will happen if they do.

  8. Avatar

    What we need is Mark to win HoH and to pit the members of Paul’s Cult against one another so that some truth can come to light and wake some folks up.

    • Avatar

      I’m not sure I understand how double eviction works – will someone be HOH for like 5 seconds? Because if that’s the case, I really am not sure which one I want Mark to win. I mean, I sort of need him to win the first one so he’s not voted out but I also sort of need him to win the second so he’s around for the week after!

      • AIO_7

        Hilary, Mark or Elana probably need to win the first HOH.

      • Avatar

        Hilaryl, yes, someone will win HoH and almost immediately have to nominate 2 people… and then they go to the Power of Veto comp… quickly have that ceremony and then move right to the vote. Winning the first HoH will be key for Mark… and then after the dust settles, he can at least see how it plays out and focus more clearly on the Power of Veto over the weekend. But, Mark and Elena are going to have to start winning or their days are over in the house.

      • Avatar

        Yes, they will did the first live eviction (where Cody will be voted out). Then they will do a quick HOH comp, the winner will immediately nominate 2 people, they will then play a quick veto, and then the 2nd eviction. If Mark doesn’t win the 1st HOH, he won’t be around for the 2nd one unless he wins veto. I’m honestly rooting for Mark to get the 1st and Elena to get the 2nd. This house needs to be shaken up so bad!!

    • Mello_One

      That would be Awesome, & Juicy! Spill ALL the Tea, but the way this season is going, I seriously doubt that will happen.

  9. Avatar
    DBett (2 comments)

    Very random and weird observation. I was watching the feeds from last night with the conversation between Kevin and Christmas. Is it just me or do they look alike?? Like father/daughter. Very similar facial features. I am not reading into it, but strangely similiar..

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  11. kneeless

    I didn’t think we would ever have another Victoria & by God, this year we were doubly “blessed” with Raven & Matt. And then, we even have Raven, who quite possibly, could compete with Kryssie when it comes to near-fatal injuries. So darn lucky we are!

  12. Alda

    That’s our girl! Lol.

    • Avatar

      Remove Kevin and Jason. Paul and combo of any of the 3 is final 2. Paul’s immunity and no one willing to stand with Cody the first week, sealed the deal for Paul

      • Avatar

        We will see if the jury is going to still be in the cult-like trance over Paul–or if everyone turns salty and realizes they all gave him the shot at the title and take it from him.

      • Avatar

        When Paul wins the 500k, the minions will look at it as a “team” win. Yes, they are that stupid. He’ll be like, “we did it guys” and they’ll all be winners, but only one is going to the bank.

      • kneeless

        The jury will vote for Paul, hands down. They will see it as good strategy & game play & they will be right because it worked for him. This afternoon, Cody told Elena if the end is Paul & one of his minions, he’ll vote for Paul.

      • Avatar

        @kneeless Cody may have said that so that maybe the minions would understand they don’t have a chance against Paul in the final so the minions might have to get Paul out before the finale. He may have to say it again at eviction, just a bit slower so they grasp the concept. He may have to also throw in that you are not all going to be runner up and get the 50K. Only one can get that. He’ll have to talk real slow and may want to bring out flash cards for the really clueless minions. His last words in his eviction speech will possibly be to congratulate Paul and that he has his vote at the end. Just to really hammer it in.

  13. kneeless

    Alex was talking, a few nights ago, about having or not having #s to get someone out. If they wait much longer to take out, let’s say Paul, they won’t EVER have numbers. They are such non-strategic people. Their strategy is picking a target & everyone piling up on said target. I just don’t get it. Such followers.

    I’m not sure what show Matt & Raven think they’re on. Not sure either one of them, even put together, has had a thought of their own.

    • Avatar

      Yeah they, as a whole, haven’t figured out yet that they need to actually strategize and think about their moves versus just all ganging up on Paul’s target for the week. They aren’t even thinking about who they send to jury and how those people will campaign against them in jury. Kevin seems to be the only one who is being nice to the player who is about to be evicted–showing signs that he’s thinking about the votes he’ll need later. The rest are just being as mean as possible–and when Matt and Raven are blindsided… it’s going to be glorious but it’s also going to be enlightening when they show up at jury and realize where they messed up… and Paul will be at the center of everyone’s hatred in jury.

    • Sassy

      Matt and #RavenSTFU strategy is working well for them right now. Every time they are close to being the bottom of the group, someone else takes center stage. They were suppose to be after Mark and Elena but now Kevin has moved into that spot.

  14. kneeless

    I took a 24 hr break from BB. I figured I wouldn’t miss much & somehow I was right. Just like a wash cycle, wash, rinse, repeat.

  15. Tinkerbell

    Press Release – Due to too many hours of live feeds, I officialy do not like any of the houseguests. Random thoughts – I wish Paul was wearing a Fitbit. The hours he spends running from room to room, going outside and then back in, up and down stairs…….he could be crowned the King of Steps. Another honor on his list of many. I like Kevin. However, he probably needs to borrow Jason’s big pink X helmet the first time he sees his wife. He has been letting Peg Leg slither all over him. If he’s going to lose his life/wife after the show, he could at least had better taste in women. Oooops, I forgot he is in the house. No good options available. Someone please take the Coke away from Alex. She talks as fast as an auctioneer. I hope she has fingernails left when the show is over. Wow, OCD with the nails. Matt is so obsessed with touching his mustache wth his tongue, must taste like the cereal. Okay, I will stop. I’m dozing off too. Sorry, just a P.S.- Watching live feeds right now. Cody, Elena and Mark are having a nice conversation in the rose room. Never thought I would say this, but I’m actually enjoying them – especially when compared to the wild dog pack up in the HOH room all together. Knuckleheads. Please don’t t throw rocks at me when I say this…..I really do hope Cody wins AFP. Just to throw it in the faces of the gang from the wild west, so they don’t get the money, and so they have to eat their words.

  16. Ann

    Paul goes from room to room so he can keep up with everybody’s conversations, he wants to make sure he’s not missing out on anything.

  17. Avatar

    Anybody ever been rafting? Usually you need a life vest as a smart pre-caution in case you hit a rough patch of water or fast moving currents; not Matt and Raven though. They aren’t floating, they abandoned that raft long ago for a palacial Stateroom on the Princess of the Oasis cruise line.

    They have upcoming stops in such places as:
    – Hawaii / all of this week they have been safe.
    – Baja Coast / Tomorrows Double eviction part 1 Cody is out in a yawner, they are definitely safe.
    – Isla de mujeres is up next / with Double evicition part two because Kevin will be the target and if he goes out I’d rather it be quick then a whole week of merciless piling on by Paul n company.
    – Extended stay in Acapulco all of next week / Mark will be front and center for eviction especially now that he has won some comps.
    – All inclusive beach side 2 day resort ashore when they make it to Cabo San Lucas the following week / as Elena or Xmas or Josh will be up next to be voted out.

    Besides some skype session votes on eviction nights, brief facetime meetings after eviction (usually the same night), for say about 3-5 minutes as the boss (Paul) has already lined up the next sitting duck, and a quick fly into town couple weeks ago so Raven could put a hit out on Jessica, and last week when they both flew back in to Win POV (Matt) and be a pawn in a one sided chess game (Raven), can it be any more carte blanche for them?

    They need to rename Easy Street after these two.
    All this BB production tinkering, influencing, and granting of unfair advantages across the board, with minimal enforcement of rules this season has resulted in major piles of crap gameplay such as Ravatt on a silver platter.×1000.jpg

  18. Cat Lady

    I disagree Paul is running everything. You’re not giving. Alex enough credit. She’s a tough cookie.. Alex is ruling.

    • Alda

      If Alex was the true HOH,Elena would be going home.

      • NKogNeeTow

        Who knows Alda. Stranger things have happened, she just might. Seems to me, if they really wanted to make Cody suffer, the best way would be to leave him in the house with the people he hates most on this earth. The only people he has that would back him are WIR, Lips and possibly Kevin and Jason. Now, start to subtract from that list. If Cody stays, that takes away say, Mark. Which leaves Lips, Kevin and Jason. Kevin already feels like his ass is in a sling and he doesn’t want anybody to draw back and launch him, so he’ll play nice with the Posse in order to stay. Now Jason, he’s afraid of his own shadow and no matter what anybody else tells him, he will follow Alex more than he would Paul. Since Alex is a follower of Paul, count Jason out. Which leaves Lips. Nobody likes her anymore, except WIR, who will no longer be in the house. Which leaves Cody as an army of 1. No matter what Cody does, his goose is pretty much cooked, but Lips might have at least 1 or more weeks left.

  19. Tinkerbell

    Oh.My.Gosh. – Paul is gathering his ganster mob and going after Kevin. Right now! Alex just said, mental warfare time again. “You act like an old man, you get treated like an old man.” I’m not surprised, but cannot watch again. Turning live feeds off AGAIN. This season is too brutal. Come on CBS production!!

    • Tinkerbell

      They all need to be committed, and put in the same cell.

      • Ann

        Are they seriously treating Kevin like that? I want to cry for him. He was crying in his bed because he misses his family. If they’re coming for him like that he needs to speak on everything he knows about everybody.

    • Tinkerbell

      Ann, They are after Kevin. As I posted the above, Paul was gathering his gang and they were following him to the Have Not room. Someone had scouted ahead and knew Kevin was in that room, by himself. The sight of it made me seriously nauseous. It really was like watching a real gang, thugs, marching in for the kill. I turned the live feeds off. I have seen far too much of that this week. The bullying is escalating at a frightening rate. CBS needs to be fined heavily and whatever other punishment can be placed upon a network, along with putting a halt to it immediately. I wish they would make them pull BB off the air, right now. It isn’t worth watching anyhow, and would cost CBS a lot of grief. What is happening in the house is unconscionable. People are getting tired of me saying I have watched BB since the first season, 2000. The only reason I say it is because I have witnessed the evolution. Hands down, this is the worst season ever. These people vicious, and when together, they are toxic. I have loved and enjoyed BB so much, but this season is just way too much. It’s supposed to be fun and light. This season is not a game. It became mob mentality. I’m so disappointed because I’m such a big fan. Every season has had it villains and questionable behavior, but this season is way over-the-top not acceptable. I’m sorry, I veered way off track. As far as the attack on Kevin, it will still happen. I read it was delayed by the mob because Alex was called to the DR, and another gang member went to use the bathroom. It will probably happen late tonight, or tomorrow morning. They are not going to drop the attack. After Cody is gone, they continue to attack their prey, Mark/Kevin/Elena. They are going to start falling like dominoes. It’s going to be fun watching them find out how disposable they are, and that their friends….are not their friends. I wish Cody could leave tonight. He has been attacked over and over again. In the live feeds he has kept himself together so well……against all odds. I wasn’t a Jessica/Cody in the beginning. I will never be a Jessica fan. She really is not a nice person. I feel certain Cody is going to get his heart broken. They are from two completely different worlds. After watching hours of live feeds every day, I have become a big supporter of Cody, and I hope he will win AFP. I would love to see the expressions on the faces of the wild west gang. None of them deserve anything. They were cast poorly, and will receive far more money than any of them deserve just by being on BB. I need to add, I have been a supporter of Kevin from the start, and still am to a degree. However, I have not appreciated the touchy feely between Kevin and the evil Scooter Leg. I know it takes two, but he needs to remember he has a wife. Will be interesting to see how things evolve when he goes home to her. I just tirned on live feeds for a few minutes, and then off again. Alex went down to try and break Cody and Mark, now she is back with her douches again. They are scheming. They want to crack Cody now, before tomorrow evening’s live show. I’m a victim of bullying. I just cannot stand this. Completely heart wrenching. I apologize for rambling, and for my typos/grammar.

      • Ann

        @Hobbie, I totally & completely agree with you. These people don’t act like adults & I hate the very thought of bullying anybody for any reason. Kevin is an older gentleman & does not deserve that bull-shit. I hope he blows everybodys secrets out of the water. Little do those immature fools know, their turn is coming.

      • Ann

        Big Brother has changed so much. I’ve watched every season & each season they get further & further away from the good ol’ days of BB.

      • Avatar

        Dear Hobie,

        First and most importantly, I am so sorry that you have been a victim of bullying. You seem to have a caring heart. I don’t know you personally, but I am glad you are here.

        I agree. The bullying literally makes me sick to my stomach. What makes it even more disgusting is the look of glee on their faces when they talk about it and do it. It’s like they are addicts getting another hit. It is shameful and I truly hope these people face real and significant consequences in the real world. I have to believe that karma is coming for them.

        Even if the bullying was an acceptable strategy, which it absolutely is not, what is the point of seeking out Cody less than 24 hours before he is surely to be evicted? There’s no “game” to throw off. It is just cruelty for cruelty sake so these sick and twisted psychos can get their jollies. It is tragic and this is not behavior these people (and I use that term loosely) just suddenly picked up. Paul, Christmas, Alex and Josh are horrible excuses for human beings.

        So what if Kevin has talked to other people! They don’t have to attack him. If they want him out, they can get him out. What is the rationale for trying to break someone? How can anyone sit idly by and watch this happen over and over again without intervening? How can anyone witness a person become so ostracized, ridiculed and targeted without extending warmth and kindness to that person? How do these people live with themselves? I am truly sick.

      • Tinkerbell

        ANN, I so agree. When they attack Kevin, I hope he spills everything he knows. I hope Cody will do the same tomorrow night becore he leaves. After that, it will be chaotic in the house. I just want Cody to make it out tomorrow night before they break him. I never thought I would be a defender of Cody. How things change. Live feeds are going to be down tomorrow night after the live show. Darn it! That would be the best night to watch.

      • Sassy

        Kevin has SOOO much info about everyone. I hope he dishes it all and calls them all out. Not that I think it will make a difference, the Kool-Aid is powerful. They won’t believe anything Cody, Elena, and Mark say, but maybe if Kevin puts the dirt out there, they will pay attention.

    • Avatar
      Misty (131 comments)

      I know all of this was posted last night, but does anyone know if Kevin is OK? I feel so bad when everyone gangs up on one person. I cant even imagine how bad I’d feel if it were me in that house and everyone was doing it to me. I hope Kevin’s OK.

  20. jimbo

    Alex is running nothing. She fell under Paul’s spell and hasn’t had one original strategy idea since. She is Paul’s, completely. She so dumb, she thinks and has said many times that Paul would never do anything wrong or sneaky because his brand to the BB audience is “friendship,” and that’s all he cares about! yikes

    • kneeless

      Friendship was his game play last season. Other than the friendship bracelets he really hasn’t talked or said too much about friendship. That should clue some of them, but then again…

      • jimbo

        Yes, but Alex thinks Paul is committed to nice, fair play because he needs to uphold his “friendship” motto to his adoring fans. I’m not kidding, stevebeans wrote that she said that many times.

  21. jimbo

    For those who loved the Cody/Mark/Jess abuse, here it comes on Kevin now! Enjoy, you sadists out there. The Cult Leader Paul has spoken, and it will be done! Friendship for everyone!

    • Avatar

      Kevin should say he is going rip Paul apart in every DR from now on unless he stops his crew. He knows who’s in charge.

    • kneeless

      I am so tired of that being their “strategy.” And God forbid anyone talk to the person they decide to pile on. I think that is soooo stupid.

      • Ann

        They just haven’t pulled that bull-shit on the right person because I would seriously catch a case or 2 or a few in behind these SOBs.

      • ingodog

        I think that is awful too! I really don’t like that…….then when the man-child gets started

    • Tinkerbell

      @jimbo I pray to goodness Cody will tear them apart in his eviction speech. He has nothing to lose, and America’s votes to win. Let them have it, Cody. Time to share all of their dirty little secrets.

      • Avatar

        I’m having a fun fantasy about how tomorrow could go if Cody gets his speech just right.

        1. Kevin is well aware what the gang up tactic means for his longevity in the house because he was on the “inside” when they deployed it before. So, he no longer has anything to lose by switching allegiances. He also hates Matt. He votes for Matt.

        2. Mark finally wants to fight back, sees Paul for what he is, but he’ll need help and Cody is the guy to help …. votes for Matt.

        3. Jason has said multiple times to several people that he does not like the bullying tactics. I really don’t think he wants to be on either side of it. Frankly, it looks to me like it is wearing him down and he knows his number will be up as soon as Paul decides. It’s pretty much the only thing he’s ever said that is in opposition to anyone directly. He also hates Matt and may start to realize he should hitch his cart to a different wagon. I think he was intrigued by Cody’s proposal. And, regardless of some of the smack he has talked about Kevin, I think he likes him and will not want to see him be berated and attacked mob style, especially because if they start doing it to Kevin, Jason knows he won’t be safe either. He votes for Matt. This would be so freaking amazing since Matt used his veto to save Jason to put Cody on the block!

        4. Christmas thinks everyone is voting for Cody so she throws a hinky vote at Elena for taking the $5k just to scare her. Christmas is the conscience of the house …. I can’t even type that with a straight face.

        5. Josh, Paul and Raven vote for Cody …. obvi.

        That makes it 3 for Cody, 3 for Matt and 1 for Elena. Alex has to break the tie. She realizes that the tides are changing and Cody’s speech and earlier proposal really start to resonate with her, so she votes to evict Matt.

        Matt leaves. The cereal is safe in the BB house. Raven, like any parasite must find a new host to survive.

        How fun is that?!

  22. Avatar

    I read a suggestion that Zingbot should show up dressed as a minion. That would be awesome. I wonder if they would even catch the reference.

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  24. Ann

    Why did Paul forfeit going to Outback?

  25. Avatar

    This is so hard to watch. Watching someone not take themselves off the block and not want the veto is ridiculous. Even though I knew it was coming still sucks. Also if Cody only told Kevin about his daughter how does Alex find out to harass him later?

    • kneeless

      Cody told Kevin, Kevin told Paul, you can figure out the rest!

    • Avatar
      Misty (131 comments)

      I said this in the other thread, and I STILL don’t get it. Why does it matter if Cody or ANY of the house people have a kid? I don’t understand that at all. How is that something to use against someone?

      • Avatar

        Honestly, as disgusting as it sounds, there are ways they could use his daughter against him.
        For instance, to get him to “snap” like many of them have said they wanted, they could say mean sh-t like, “how do you think your daughter will feel about this or that?” or “what a great dad! You left your kid at home to be here”, those are mild examples… But you can see why he’d want to keep his child out of the mix. These people have turned into vultures! 🙁

      • Avatar
        Misty (131 comments)

        Thanks for explaining that Debi. I truly didn’t get it, but it makes sense now. And, that is truly fucked up. That should be a stipulation or a rule. No using family against other players. No one should go there no matter what. Damn.

  26. kneeless

    I really wish that some season, production, would somehow work into a challenge how America ranks the houseguests. It would be an eye-opener for this cast.

    • Sassy

      They spend a lot of time theorizing how America really loves them and sees them as the underdogs. They are in for a rude awakening when they get out.

      Paul initially told them, they would all get speaking fees and meet and greet. He told them the more air time you get, the more people love you. The crazier you get, the better, because production will pull that footage for the CBS show. A couple days ago, he told them they “might” not all get to be part of that. He says in his season, it was only him and Victor that were asked to participate… That still didn’t ring any bells for them.

      They really believe, they are in the right and America is going to see them, as Paul says… I almost feel sorry for them.

  27. Avatar

    Of course paul has to go from room to room to keep his actual obligations seeing as how him and BB Production are in bed together.

    Pre BB19 day1 festivities/
    Paul we would like to have you back on for BB19. “Okay but here is the deal, here is what I want…

    1. The friendhship theme that I branded last year needs to continue to this season, its paying major dividens right now.
    2. I want to be the only returning vet, no Victor, no other vets.
    3. America was stupid to make Victor AFP last season, so I will need $50K up front before I step foot into that house.
    4. I’m not doing slop.
    5. I’m not going to be a have-not.
    6. Vets are targets and I want immunity of some kind I’m not going out early at all.
    7. You can forget about a showmance, but get some friendship groupies (chicks for sure) up in here, make my game that much easier.
    8. I want some HOH comps that are not too complicated at all, but I can beast at if need be.
    9. I called people vulgar names and was an all around knucklehead last year, I ain’t changing so get with your sensor groups and turn em off.

    Productions response…
    1. We’ll keep the friendship theme going (our opening act)
    -give you some bracelets to make 8 people immune to eviction, as well as yourself
    -8 people will automatically be loyal to you, and that should automatically give you a major running start.
    2. We’ve got you here for at least a month, details later after Americas first temptation vote for you.
    3. In reality, America was never going to vote for you to return this season (besides the honoray Paul-Kool-Aid Company board of directors), so in regards to that $50K you were speaking of, well you won’t be getting that simply handed to you without some work of course.
    – $25000 of that will be going to one of the contestants (our way to get you back in with a temptation curse)
    – the other $25000 divided by 12 weeks of BB = $2,083 and that will be your weekly stiphened as opposed to $1,000 for the other houseguests.
    3. We’ve got a great supporting cast for your character show this season, along with that chick from Arkansas (the picture you took with her, she’s such a huge fan) so you will be a okay bud.
    4. You must constantly be working angles, playing the game, putting people together, manipulating every aspect, and with some coaching and behind the scenes manuevering from us, you will dominate this season.

    p.s. keep in mind that real fans who are astute and have a keen eye, will not be fooled in the least with your mediocre game vs a weak cast at best, but some editing on tv, lapses in certain rules, allowances to towing the line with other rules, you should pretty much coast.

    Welcome back friendship.

  28. hogwild

    What still amazes me is not a single one of these people have figured out that keeping Cody in the game and going to the finals with him would be as close to a guaranteed win as they could get it’s very likely Cody wouldn’t get any votes and at the most two.

    • jimbo

      AND, that Cody is really toothless right now. He has NOBODY and no VOTES. So, why in the world get rid of him over other more threatening players? Because Paul wants it, that’s why.

  29. Mel

    *I hate that bow Alex wears, looks like it should be on a 3 year old kid.
    *What look was Mark trying to rock during the veto comp?
    *Matt finally makes an episode because he won by default and he’s wearing a hairbow and a tutu.
    *Lucky for Elena that Cody is so hated. 99% of the time, taking the money after making that deal with Alex would have been a huge mistake.
    *Xmas getting a dr clip about a veto comp she wasn’t even playing was stupid.
    *Raven’s hair butterfly is dumb and the flirting clip of her with Matt felt a little creepy.
    *I’m hating how they’re editing Alex to look like a real player.

    Rant over

  30. Avatar

    I know there are a lot of people who don’t like Cody, so I’m sure this will be unpopular. The reason I like him is that I think he has integrity and a strong sense of loyalty, which isn’t surprising given his military history. Granted it affected his social game because he was unforgiving of the people who turned on him and had no desire to chit chat with people he didn’t respect. Pretty sure I wouldn’t want to talk to those people either to tell you the truth. But, I also respected that he called Josh out in the first comp for taking the golden apple to protect himself with no regard for his team. (I guess Josh isn’t offended when he’s the selfish one and somehow no one else in the house is offended by Josh’s disloyalty then, but the attack Mark for dropping Cody for targeting Paul and Christmas. So hypocritical!). Cody has not wavered on his opinion of Josh and he was absolutely right. Decent human beings don’t taunt people, but cry when people defend themselves and give it back. Josh is scum. There is no other description for it and Cody called it right away.

    Cody was right to try to get Paul out early, but Paul had an unfair protection to ensure the vet made it well into the game. The fact that the HGs still don’t see that amazes me. Alex is a slime ball because Cody gave her a leg up in the POV comp to enable her to save herself. He didn’t throw it per se, but as a comp beast, he also didn’t fight as hard as we all know he could have — out of respect for her. She has absolutely no appreciation and lacks respect for Cody as a competitor.. It’s a shame that Alex was so bewitched by Paul’s “star power” that she blindly follows him, but I have no respect for her. She is truly the Queen of Petty and I do not want to see her win.

    It must be so frustrating for Cody to be someone who actually wants to compete in a household of people who not only won’t let him compete, but also aren’t even competing themselves. I know he can be a hot head, but I think that is genuine frustration. His also definitely not the only hot head there, yet he is the only one called out for it. In fact, Paul uses the biggest hot head there, Josh, to do his dirty work all the time and that group finds it hilarious. It’s not. It’s disgusting and sad.

    Honestly, I feel bad for the guy. But, here’s where it is about to get good and where Paul us being shortsighted. Cody is about to have the rest of the season to convince every person walking into the jury house just how much Paul played them. They are followers in the house and they will likely be followers in the jury …. only Paul will have not control at all and Cody will be the only alpha for them to follow. I think the smart thing to do would’ve been to keep Cody in the house where he can’t poison the jury pool for weeks and let him pick off the less relevant HGs so that they would be pissed at Cody. Sure, it’s risky for Paul, but Cody knows he wouldn’t have the numbers to pick off the leader of the package time soon. Cody’s focus would’ve been on decreasing the numbers to even the odds. That would’ve taken a few weeks and Paul still would’ve had the numbers on his side enough when the dust settled to take Cody out closer to the end. Then, Cody is off to jury with a bunch of people who are still loyal to Paul and who hate Cody for evicting them.

    I read a comment earlier that they need to get rid of the backdoor. I agree 100%. It is overused, not creative anymore and, frankly, it is not very sporting and the chicken’s way out.

    • Tinkerbell

      2 Much Sauce, Agree 100%. I hope Cody will begin with his eviction. Tear them apart, and expose their secrets. He deserves AFP.

      • Avatar

        As much as I don’t want Cody leave, I absolutely cannot wait to hear Cody’s speech tomorrow!

      • hogwild

        If Cody was to win AFP and I hope he does I would like some kind of split screen shot so we could see the expressions of Josh, Alex, Raven and Christmas they all think they are so popular and the fans love them so much the look on their faces would be priceless.

      • Avatar

        I bet we see more of thr jury this season than we did last year. First, Cody’popularity will help keep people watching. Second, that’s where the action will be, whereas the house will just continue with the bully, purge, repeat gameplay. No thank you. I have a 14 year old daughter. I see enough middle school BS in my life. I do not need to watch it in my spare time.

      • Avatar

        Has he been putting a speech together? I picture him saying a very brief statement.

      • Tinkerbell

        @susancran I wish I could answer your question. It’s wishful thinking on my part that Cody will give a speech. He has nothing to lose. I hope he exposes them as much as he can before he leaves. I have live feeds and haven’t heard Cody say anything about a speech. However, because he is trying to stay away from everyone as much as he can, they don’t show him on camera very often.

      • Sassy

        I think it will be short. Maybe “Congratulations on your win Paul!”

    • Avatar

      Been a Cody and Jess fan from the jump of this season so preach on, well said!

    • jimbo

      You’re preaching to the choir on Cody — I took lumps saying similar things since the first week. Correct about the backdoor, too. Or my idea — change the veto so that the VETO WINNER and not the HOH gets to re-nominate someone. This totally opens up avenues because the HOH can get a nomination turned against them.

      • kneeless

        Or just have the HOH & nominees play for veto or just the nominees. I wish the backdoor plan hadn’t worked well this summer. Of course, backdooring would not have worked as well if they weren’t thinking with one brain between them all.

      • Avatar

        That is delicious, Jimbo!

        The backdoor used to be exciting when it was used strategically. I’ve lost count of how many times it’s been used this season alone. Hell, it’s been used three times just to get Jess and Cody out..

    • KelBel

      Yesssss! @2_much_sauce! Yes yes yes!

    • Avatar

      Fyi Cody has a 1000 vote lead on the bbj popularity poll over second place. Hopefully production figures something out to keep Cody. Elana may have opened the door. They are watching a very popular player leave based on a site that is full of people who take the time to not only watch the CBS show but bbad, feeds and this website. Sincerely, the 45%

  31. kneeless

    I like how Alex said she wouldn’t have gone back on her word with Elena, regarding the veto, because all she has in the house is her word. She’s a BB fan, I’m sure she’s heard about “bouncing checks.” I wish Elena would have come up with the bouncing check comment!

  32. KelBel

    Can production let Elena know this is not Walmart & wearing a bra would be great? Since she left her job to come on BB, maybe this is all just a lengthy interview process for her to become a Walmart door greeter…

    • kneeless

      OMG, this afternoon, on feeds, Elena & Mark were alone in the rose room & Mark kissed her nipple. PLEASE!

      • KelBel

        Well they’re right there…she may have attacked him with it

      • Avatar

        That’s gross, but not as gross as Matt wanting “snapper” for lunch. WTF?! And Raven’s mom said Raven was a virgin.

      • Avatar
        Misty (131 comments)

        Kneeless, EW! That’s an awful visual you just gave me! LOL! I was just about to make a comment about that pic of her above in that purple shirt. I’ve NEVER known anyone that would wear something like that around anyone else. I mean, maybe their significant other. But a house full of strangers basically? Only a hussy would do that. Oh, wait……

  33. Avatar

    People keep saying it’s a game, but anybody that lies & manipulates that easily has had practice

  34. kneeless

    Alex keeps talking about “the team” & being a team player. I’m confused, when did BB become a team sport?

  35. Tinkerbell

    I stand in awe of the vast vocabulary and phrases of the houseguests:

    F*** you
    Mother F***ers
    My f***in’ God
    I will rip your head off.
    Maaannn, shut the f*** up.
    I hate that f***in’ bastard/bitch
    Bud, Bro, Dude
    Bitches, I’m not that girl.
    Like – insert a word, Like – insert a word, repeat at least 10 times.
    My toes are falling off, I have that disease too, my neck hurts, I can’t eat that, I’m dying, all with with a fake accent.
    My scooter squeaks, I need my pain meds NOW, carry this for me, they didn’t hold the door open for me.
    Who took my cereal that I hid just for me in the storage room
    I’m going to the D-u-rrrrrr
    Hold on….I need to read the Bible and do my Rosary beads before/after I savagely rip someone apart with the gang.
    Laugh obnoxiously as loud as you can.
    When someone asks a question, say yeah/no 10 times in a row as fast as you can.
    Blah blah blah
    Yada yada yada
    He was all Like… She was all Like… They were all Like…. We we were all Like…

    This only a few of many. As heard on BB live feeds. You’re welcome. Hahaha

    • kneeless

      You forgot Josh’s fav, “shut the f up.” EVERYTHING with these idiots is so predictable down to the last f**k!

    • Avatar

      We shan’t forget ….

      You big meatball!
      You linguine!
      He is so selfish using the veto on himself.
      He/she is so sketchy.

      And, drumroll please, my personal fave:

      He has little man’s syndrome (Paul about Cody, but I think Paul is shorter than Cody and much more Napoleonic)

      • Tinkerbell

        Hahahaha, love it!

      • Avatar

        “Kitty boo boo”

        Hanging my head in shame that I actually strung those words together ….

      • Avatar
        Misty (131 comments)

        YES! 2 Much Sauce, I DETEST “Kitty boo boo”. It’s like Xmas was just trying to come with something in the heat of the moment during the argument to sound like a badass and that’s the best she could come up with. Only it sounded really stupid and lame. Ugh.

      • Tinkerbell

        That honey boo boo crap drives me nuts! I don’t have an agressive bone in my body. However, if anyone got in my face and said that, I couldn’t take it. When Christmas kept saying it I could not believe Elena didn’t call her out. That was a shocker. As if Christmas isn’t already obnoxious enough, then to be even more condescending. I can’t stand that man-girl. I’m watching live feeds. It looks like Raven is coming down with another life threatening unheard of disease right now. Matt was comforting her. Guess she is gearing up for tonights’s live show. Oooops, looks like she is feeling better. Fixing her famous mac-n-cheese. Bless her sweet little Munchausen heart. The sicker she is becoming, the heavier her accent is becoming. Elena was just fixing a bowl of cornflakes, but I couldnt figure out what she was chopping and putting on the cereal. She chopped up chocolate candy bars. What?! Is she nuts, or is it me! I just watched an interview Jessica did, and read some articles. She said – “A big thank you to 90210 for my beautiful new mermaid locks.” She’s cashing in. Hahaha. Also brand new 16″ long eyelashes, witch nails, and more lip injections. Not as big as Elena’s fish lips, yet. The guy asked her if she is campaigning for AFP, and would she want Cody to win. She said she is campaigning and SHE wants to win. Hehehe. That’s your girl, Cody. Lucky sucker. America’s Sweetheart.

    • Tinkerbell

      Oh my gosh CBS, please stop this, everything, please. Make them play the “game”. Hearing them is like watching Lock Up. Paul is the pod boss. Planning, scheming, whispering, waiting cor the perfect moment. Kevin is with them now, so they will have to go adter Cody first tonight. How I wish Cody could leave. A person can only take so much. Last night Alex said she is going to take the red bandana that Jessica always wore. Cody always has it on his shoulder with her sweatshirt. That would just be the worst. Inhumane, cruel, vicious. I dont think Cody could survive that. It could be what breaks him. Nothing else has, and they know taking his comfort items from Jessica would be the last straw for Cody. I know I’m being repetitious, but CBS please stop these personal attacks, now. I hope the people who have bullied will face serious repercussions after BB, in their jobs and in their personal relationships. They talk about it, they know it’s a strong possiblity…..yet they continue their despicable behavior. Let the backlash begin. I worked with the Head Start program for 9 years. Those precious 3-5 year old children never came close to the atrocious behavior of these grown people. Shameful!

    • Avatar
      Misty (131 comments)

      Hobie, I don’t think ANY of them could form a sentence without using the word “literally”. And that literally drives me insane. 😉

  36. Avatar

    Paul running the house with a stellar dominating game, or a watered down cast that makes him good like a Pro Basketball player would look good playing against some middle school kids?

    Friendship bracelets were given to Kevin, Raven, Dominique, Mark, Jason, Jessica, Ramses, and Elena

    BB19 Fact as of week 7 and 57 days in, this is what 9 gifted friendship bracelets get you…
    6 out of 8 (62%) original bracelet receivers are still here and in Pauls BB19 manufactured corner.
    5 out of 7 (71%) of the HOH have been won by team Paul
    5 out of 7 (71%) of the Veto winners go to team Paul
    6 out of 6 (100%) of team Pauls targets have been eliminated (including Cody’s second eviction to come)

    Week 7 = 6/8 (75%)
    Week 6 = 4/8 (50%)
    Week 5 = 7/8 *but there were no votes halting hex*
    Week 4 = 6/10 (60%)
    Week 3 = 8/10 (80%)
    Week 2 = 8/10 (80%)
    Week 1 = 10/12 (83%)

    On the average, team Paul original bracelet winners have held 71% of the votes each week since day 1.

  37. Avatar

    Really like that Alex got the camp punishment. Also, Christmas is so weird. She went on the other day about how Elena did not eat anything at Outback dinner except ice cream at end. How this put Elena in a bad light because of blah blah blah. In tonight’s episode they showed Elena eating dinner. In past I thought Christmas is looking for air time but Josh may be right about her being unbalanced on meds.

  38. Shivani33

    Kevin has a lot of dirt on Paul and could enlighten the rest of the housepets too much. This is the major reason, I think, that Paul wants Kevin gone asap. The quick DE process would be the ideal moment to evict him, because Kevin wouldn’t have a week to campaign or to spill the beans, especially about how Paul knew from day 1 that Kevin took the money versus what Paul told others last night. Paul told Kevin to cast hinky votes as well, while Paul has pretended otherwise. There’s a lot more that Kevin has heard from out of Paul’s mouth, and it’s making Kevin a liability. He might not have won any comps, but he’s the man who knows too much, and he’s a talker.

    If Kevin decides to tell what he knows, it would get others to talk and compare notes. Probably Paul doesn’t want to risk any of this, even with his assembled “confederacy of dunces.” Some would rather trust their idol. BUT why rock the boat?

  39. Ann

    I hate the little troll man’s voice & she talks so damn fast that it’s hard to understand her & she bobs her freakin head up & down like a little bobble head toy. That troll can put away some groceries too jus like the hospice patient.

  40. Avatar

    I’m going to want to see more of the jury house than the bb house for the remainder of the season. Move those cameras over!

    And I agree with a previous poster that the backdooring needs to be done with. Stop with the “drawing players” for veto. Everyone should be able to play for veto. It’s getting old.

  41. Russell James Yost

    Where has this Cody been all season!

  42. ElaineB

    Though I have cancelled my feeds, I am filling out the month watching earlier episodes of BB. It has changed so much, and the bottom line is for the dollar. CBS will do what they need to rake in money. Bringing back ‘popular’ vets seems to be one of the ways. I am disappointed, and for the rest of the season, checked out. Paul will win, it is rigged and a given.

  43. LindsayB

    Sooo…. this is sure to ruffle some feathers but I have to ask anyway…

    There’s so much complaining about how much production has supposedly stepped in to pave the way for Paul. How dare they!! Production needs to keep out of this and let the HGs think on their own right??


    Oh wait. Production needs to step in to stop all the big bad bullies. How dare production just sit back and let this happen!! Why aren’t they stepping in??

    Do you not see the hypocrisy in this? Which is it? Is production stepping in too much or are they soooo reckless for not stepping in enough? Or is it the third option that some of you (not all of you, this isn’t directed at one person) want production to step in when it’s something you like but step out when it’s something you don’t like. You can’t have it both ways.

    I’m sure someone is gonna take this personally and accuse me of being in a cult or drinking kool aid. If you’re gonna do that can you at least come up some new insults for the team Paul folks already cuz those are getting old and really aren’t that original. On that note, I’m off to bed. Good night BB peeps.

    • Avatar

      There’s no hypocrisy because production stepping in to pave the way for Paul to win and stepping in to control the bullying are two different things. People can want both but that doesn’t make it a hypocritical thing.

      I personally don’t believe or see how production is paving the way for Paul to win. But then again I’m not watching any feeds.

      • LindsayB

        I hear you but disagree. In a setting of a reality show/game where people should just do what they are gonna do, the whole point is to not have outside influence swaying their decisions or actions. Unless someone is in physical danger (being yelled at isn’t physical danger) nobody from production should step in.

        Some people choose to say production has helped Paul. I disagree but that isn’t the point of this. My point is that some of the same people who have complained that prod is helping Paul have also said prod should step in and stop him and the minions from berating someone. For those who want to bitch about them supposedly stepping in to help Paul to then turn around and say they need to step in to stop Paul is the very definition of hypocrisy.
        To further this point, in a way production has stepped in regarding their game tactics. I won’t call it bullying because I believe that is a word that should be used when dealing with children, not grown adults playing a psychological game. Prod has stepped in by way of how they edit the tv show. They have shown it to be not as intense as we’ve seen it on the feeds. That has cause people to complain that Paul, etc have gotten good edits. What that has really done is prevented kids who watch the show from seeing how intense the arguments get. So which is it? Is prod supposed to prevent kids from seeing the “bullying” or not edit the show in a way that hides how intense they get? Again, hypocrisy. By some. Not all.
        We’ve got to remember that the live feeds are our unedited glimpse into the house. Between the fights, sex, elenas underboob, and language young kids probably shouldn’t be watching them anyway. Those of us who watch the feeds are doing it at our own discretion knowing that we might see things that aren’t pretty. The “pretty” stuff is what airs on tv.

  44. danmtruth

    no matter what Kevin says The minions will buy into what ever Paul says He has already turned on Kevin Paul is letting Alex do his hard work of trashing Kevin
    Paul keeps telling Matt Raven, Alex, and Jason they are the final 5 Than tells Matt & Raven they are his choice for final 3 Than turns around and tells Alex & Jason the same thing nothing original their
    They dont understand why Mark does not trust them Yet all they talk about is how much they want to get him out
    The funny thing is Matt & Raven complaining that Mark spends SO MUCH time in the HOH room

  45. NKogNeeTow

    Did anybody else hear (around 11:15 PM PT in the Wave Room)…Paul said he wondered what people’s DR sessions are like. Alex said “They get you in there and tell you to say all this stuff…”

    Many of us have always wondered if they were prodded by Production to say certain things, but were never sure. I don’t know how to rewind (or whatever you call it) the Feeds, but I would greatly appreciate it if someone else would and correct me if I’m wrong. I may have misunderstood what she was saying. Try starting at maybe 11:10 PM, BBtime.

    Thanks 🙂

  46. danmtruth

    it has been said before how they want to get certain sound bites Like during the veto comp Jason talks about how the only thing he needs to do is keep it on the map Surprise Surprise he shoots it out of bounds Just how much production tells them about game play of others is always up for debate In the past producers have said that they often will re-shoot DR session till they get the shot they need Also how they will hint (nudge nudge wink wink ) to get a reaction Say like ; Alex how upset would you get if someone took your pillow : Next thing we see Mark taking the pillow
    It is interesting a week ago they were talking about double eviction and a plan This week no such plan has been discussed I’m sure Paul has laid out the order now seems to be in order Mark , Elena
    Two Raven STFU moments First Matt was telling how Raven was on her hands and knees scrubbing the kitchen He would hate to think what the kitchen would look like if not for her Next Alex talking about Jessica and what she spends on cosmetic surgeries and how selfish it was for her to come on the show to win money for more cosmetic surgeries ;;wait for it ; Raven jumps up yah when i need it for every 2 years when i need a new touches her stomach

  47. NKogNeeTow

    Sorry Mom, your daughter’s not virgin, and that was no blowjob either. 8/17/2017 12:45 AM PT. Camera 3.

  48. NKogNeeTow

    His idea of an afterglow is laying there with his tongue hanging out of the side of his mouth while the camera gets a close up. Guess he’s contemplating how long to wait to go get his post-coitus bowl of cereal…..

    I spoke to soon, he’s up and on the move…

  49. NKogNeeTow

    Okay, he just went to the bathroom then emptied the trash. Must be holding off on his cereal for a bit. I’m still betting that he’ll eat a bowl before the night is over.

    He’s just laying there playing with his beard. If he wants to be productive, get up and clean up that nasty azz room.

  50. danmtruth

    Can i also add the mouth tongue thing with Matt is just too weird These two are going at it Not sure 12:54 – 12:57 not ready to call Masters & Johnson But next to them you have poor gentleman Mark trying to get to second base

  51. danmtruth

    Was Matt getting rid of the condom with the trash run For his bank account I hope he wore a condom Better not be dumb enough to believe the I can’t get pregnant BS Would not surprise me if instead of birth control She was taking fertility pills

  52. danmtruth

    Poor Alex 1:30am camera 4 dancing to her own rave party alone

  53. danmtruth

    3:40 am in Chicago land time for bed these HG have no energy Can’t blame Paul so maybe blame production

  54. Renee

    This crew will go in the books as the most forgettable players and possibly the cause for many to decide to watch something else.

  55. Shivani33

    Elena amused herself by dumping out the ice trays, and scattered ice onto food in the fridge and threw more ice into the sink as Mark dried whatever landed on the floor. Alex, Paul’s sputtering little Man Friday, watched from the HoH room. Alex poured sugar into a baggie last night and put salt into the sugar container. Maybe she’ll blame this on the new kitchen menace, Elena.

    Paul and Alex sent Jason down to the wave room to spy on Kevin, who was in there with Clodumbo Day. Soon Paul, bored out of his wits listening to Alex, joined Cowpoke, Kevin and Clodumbo. He looked much happier, as Cowpoke told a very funny joke about an Irishman and a goat.

    At one point last night, Raven and MattRess, taking a f*ck break, paid their obligatory asskissing visit to Alex, etc. in the HoH room. A conversation ensued between Raven and Alex, busy being hound dogs about Mark, Kevin and mostly Elena. Between Raven’s mumbling drawl, minus nearly all consonants, and Alex eating every rapid-fire word out of her yapping mouth, who the hell knows what either of them was saying? And who gives a damn!

    • Tinkerbell

      @shivani33 I saw that too. I turned the feeds on around 3:06 a.m. Elena had just finished with the ice and was going to bed. Mark ate cereal and peanut butter toast. I had the same thoughts you did. That squeaky mouse voice speaking 1000 words per minute is going to blame her dirty deeds on Mark and Elena, or whoever Paul Manson wants her to. Little punk face troll sitting up in her ivory tower! I have seen Matt go to the kitchen many times in the early morning hours, eating cereal like he hasn’t eaten in six years. Apparently sex with virgin Raven makes him feel the need for Fruit Loops, just like the person he is. Just now turned feeds on again. First thing I hear is Paul saying…..F my ass. I wish I could throw his sorry butt in prison and let the “big guys” grant his wish, at least 25 them. In addition to being the biggest losers in BB history, they are all dirty nasty slobs! Matt, Raven, Halloween – all have their feet on the counter. They all chew with their mouths, smacking all the way. The house is nothing but a giant garbage heap, germs and bacteria everywhere. Freakin’ science project. Like watching something grow in a petry dish (sp?). Those losers are the biggest bunch of dirty nasty people. The show should be called The Lives and Times of Bullies and Porn Wannabes. That’s what this season is. I’m so angry, I feel like I could spit nails. I love BB, but this year we were robbed of our summer fun. At this point I just want Cody out of the house in one piece. After that, who cares. Many animals/insects are cannnibals. Let the devouring of each other begin. Ahahah

      • Avatar

        @hobie Wait until the have the comp where they hid something in the house with their name on it and go in one at a time to search. Whoever’s name doesn’t get found is the winner. It was the comp where James dumped all the food out just to make a bigger mess. If they do that comp this season, they may not clean up the house and I don’t think most of them would even care. The best part would be if they do that comp, trash and dump all the food and afterwards go into the storage room and the cupboards are bare. Eat off the floor pigs!

      • Tinkerbell

        @antsal Oh my gosh! Ahaha How could I ever forget that. I hope they do it again. With this bunch of knuckleheads it would be even crazier than with James, plus I think more than one of them would do it. Last night Elena was already talking about dumping all of the milk out, pouring it over Josh’s head, or on his bed. She’s hanging on the edge, so she’s ready to roll. Hahahahah. Another confrontation I want to see is between Alex and Raven. This past week Raven was in the HOH by herself rummaging through Alex’s HOH gifts, and used her brand new makeup. I was hoping Alex would notice, but she didnt. I can’t stand either of them. Being the mean spirited and self-centered people they are, a confrontation between them would be prime time entertainment.

  56. Shivani33

    Wreck it Ralph keeps striving to please Elena, who told him that she’s on the verge of blowing up at Josh. So good old WIR changed his nomination prospects to Alex and Josh. Probably Junkie commenters know this already. Of course, WIR has to win HoH first before he can waste it. Since I can picture Elena gluing herself to Paul’s backside if Mark gets evicted, I think that she could be influencing Mark’s thinking processes with this ulterior motive on her mind.

  57. Avatar

    I didn’t get to know Cameron but none of the houseguests this seasons could be categorized as a genuinely nice person. That is one thing they all have in common. (Granted they may be kind to people they care about in real life.) Can you imagine someone like Jordan being cast this season? She may have needed to self evict.

  58. Avatar
    Misty (131 comments)

    I cannot stand that shiny red lipstick that Elena wears all the time. Its hideous and it makes her lips look even bigger “if that was even possible!” and it makes her look even more like a blow up doll than normal. I wish Raven would steal that from her and blame it on someone else since she likes to take things so much. Now, THAT we’d really benefit from.

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