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I sleep with the remote in my hand as well

Big Brother 19 Wednesday Feed Updates

I sleep with the remote in my hand as well

Only one more day until the house is flipped on it’s head once again as the battle back competition takes place and Cody squares off against Dom or Jess to return back into the house  (Let’s be real, Jillian or Cameron are not getting by Cody).  I still put Jess in there because it may seem like a done deal that Dom is leaving, I won’t believe it for another 26-28 hours. There is way too much downtime right now for this vote to be completely settled.


Also, quick programming note. The feeds will likely be down for about 24 hours beginning at tomorrow night’s live eviction. This is because the battle-back will be taking place and they don’t want to spoil Friday night’s special episode by turning on the feeds beforehand and revealing who won the BB comp. I will remind you once again when it happens, but prepare to take Friday afternoon off!

Another note – the feeds are currently whacked out.  I don’t know if it’s a simple error or they’re really hours behind but as of 10 am (est), the feeds are showing 3:45 am when they should be around 7 am. We’ll see if the corrects itself later on.

  • 10:00 am – It’s wake-up time in the house!
    • Jessica gives Matt and Raven a surprise with a condom full of lotion under their pillow
  • 11:30 am – Feeds are on dog cam for some reason. Strange
    • I’m guessing Den of Temptation
  • 1:00 pm – Feeds still down
  • 1:26 pm – Feeds back, temptation sounds like it was accepted (shocker).  Hopefully we’ll find out who won
    • Still not sure who won, but Jessica seems relieved
  • 3:00 pm – Holy crap this house is boring right now.  Jess is staring at Mark and Elena asking them to kiss
  • 6:00 pm – Had to run some errands, looks like the night is as slow as the afternoon.  Hopefully the battle back stirs things up
    • Christmas is already working out because screw surgery!

Feed update – Feeds will go down tomorrow from about 4 pm until Friday night around 9 pm (pst)

  • 7:00 pm – Christmas is talking to Raven about Jessica. They think she’s been acting a bit sketchy
    • Ramses comes in and the talk breaks up

I’ll post some updates when they wake up!  Check back soon


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  1. Avatar

    ill have no life on Friday! bleh, but I guess I can get Lana’s new album to help pass the time

  2. Avatar

    If it turns out that they vote out Dom instead of Jess it could turn out to be the dumbest move this year. They have to at least consider a battle back and that Cody would probably win. That would put Cody and Jess back together in the house.Stupid! As much as I despise Dom this week is not the time. PS: with all the Bible thumpers in the house why is Dom the only one god is giving advice too. Wacko!

    • AIO_7

      If Grody gets back in the house with Jess Arias Manson, then I’ll be watching even less of the feeds than I am right now.

    • NKogNeeTow

      Jack, more than likely Dom will be voted out because Paul has decreed it. Paul seems to have a hard-on for Dom, and not in a good way. He has worked himself up so much against her that it now seems more personal than game play. And even if the house changes their minds and decide to keep her, she’ll pretty much kick that plan in the ass at the eviction ceremony. She told Josh the other night that when she makes her eviction speech, she’s going to tell them what she really does for a living and she’s going to expose a lot of people. Making a grand gesture during your eviction speech, can sometimes be your last act of defiance by letting the house know what you really think of them. But it can sometimes also seal your fate for someone who hasn’t quite decided whether or not to keep you. Double edge sword.

  3. Ann

    Can someone tell me why Natalie is suing James?

  4. Shivani33

    Ann Natalie Negrotti sent James Huling a cease and desist letter, but I don’t know that there’s lawsuit yet. The two areas of contention are that James came out on social media about Natalie cheating on him. This is weak sauce, because James also has said that their Post BB relationship was done for publicity “for the fans.”

    The other upset is that James started a Go Fund Me page for Natalie’s family in Venezuela and, after things went south between them, James ( again on social media) claimed that Natalie misused the donations. Natalie wants him to stop cyber sexual harassment, as her lawrer put it. Also, she said that she has the receipts to disprove his claims that Natalie misused any funds.

    • AIO_7

      Lames is a pest.

    • NKogNeeTow

      I never liked Natalie and I no longer like Jackass James, but if he was dumb enough to set up a Go Fund Me, then that’s his stupidity. If she wanted to bring her family from Venezuela, she could have set up her own account. As much as I hate to say it, if he set up the account in her name, then he has no say in what she used the donations for. He should have set up a fund for his daughter. If he’s spending the poor child’s support money on women and God knows what else, she’s going it need it.

      • ElaineB

        Natalie used James to further herself in the BB game and then seemed to use him when they got out of the house. Now she is done with using him. Having said that, James comes across as desperate, needy. I agree, NK, that James should spend more time and expense on the for-sure female in his life, his daughter. Geeez, James isn’t even part of this season and he drives me crazy.

      • Shivani33

        When Elena said that James is her favorite former player, that said a lot.

    • Ann

      Nat used him until she didn’t need him anymore & that was plain to see even if you were blind. He should quit acting so desperate. I wonder who got the majority of his money after the show? I’ll bet it wasnt his daughter.

  5. Shivani33

    Who knows what the truth is between James and Natalie, though! Even Paulie Califiore has put in his two cents about it, saying that Natalie had always made it clear to James that she viewed him as a friend, not a lover. But I think that James gave her a ring after BB and that they were even fake engaged for awhile. For their fans, lol.

  6. AIO_7

    I’ve thought for a few weeks that perhaps Raven made it on to BB 19 through the Make-A-Wish foundation: Sure enough….

    Raven Walton‏ @walton_raven

    Cool facts: Ray was a Make-A-Wish kid.Then helped the mid south chapter raise money as she grew up. Her pic on wish star.

  7. Avatar
    Helen (4875 comments)

    Last year did the last two battle back contestants participate in the HOH challenge ? Seems like I remember Victor beating out at least one othe battle back person with all the other housepets in HOH comp….the wall?

    • NKogNeeTow

      Helen, that sounds familiar. I vaguely remember Victor had to battle 2 other people, with 2 battling at a time. The winner went on to battle the 3rd person. There were 3(?) different parts to the battle. I’m thinking that once he got back into the house he won HOH or he would have been voted right back out. I might be wrong about that. Maybe Steve or someone can clarify (Elena) it.

      • LindsayB

        Wasn’t it a combo comp? Last evictee standing was in and last person standing was HOH and that person could be the returnee.

      • LindsayB

        There’s been multiple formats for the battle back. There’s really no way to know what they’re gonna to do this time.

      • Avatar

        the first battle back was single person v person, with the dog walker vs Hosea, jozea vs victor, victor vs tiffany, and then he was back in. I don’t remember if he was eligible for that first hoh or not, but the second battle back was the endurance comp, so the entire jury was with the houseguests on the wall, but the last juror standing was back in, and if they outlasted the rest of the houseguests, they got hoh(this happened in like bb17 I think, but last year victor got back in, but I believe nice got that hoh with a deal with James)

      • Jenny

        I forgot there were 2 battle backs last year. Crazy!

      • Mel

        The combo comp was when they brought a jury member back. Remember, Davonne and Z jumped off together and we all made fun of Paulies short shorts during the comp.

      • Mel

        Victor won the battle back and the jury buy back comps. The battle back comps happened every week but they aired it as if it was happening all at once.

  8. Avatar
    Helen (4875 comments)

    Must be time for “den of dynasty”. Lol……I hope Kevin gets it!!

  9. danmtruth

    if my short term memory is not totally shot The did the POV comp in order So Cameron would start first against Jillian than the winner versus Cody Finally that winner takes on Dom or Jes Depending on the twist They come in for the HOH comp The other time yes they brought back all the eliminated HG had them compete during the HOH last person standing is in with a chance at HOH

    • Avatar
      Helen (4875 comments)

      So there could be a couple of ways they could do this battle back…oh god. Here goes my mind again!!

      • Shivani33

        @Helen There are too many options for this Battle Back, so what calculations can be made? The entire contest might be different – or the same. We’re making a big pomegranate fruit salad and taking our hibachi to the beach after Friday’s show. Midnight cookout with at least ten phones and tablets coming along between six of us bodysurfing Sanibel lovers of BB. Partying while Rome burns.

    • Colby

      dan, That is the way I remember it too.

    • Mel

      Yes Dan you’re right. The battle back comps happened as people were evicted. The jury buy back is when they all cam in together and competed for hoh against everyone else. Last juror standing got back in the house. Last person standing overall won hoh.

  10. Avatar

    In Season 18’s battle back if you were evicted first and second (Glenn and Jozea) you battled first. If you won, you competed against the next evicted houseguest, etc.etc.. If you went last you could conceivably only have to beat one person and you were back in the house. So Victor had to win 3 in a row to win the battle back, which he did. I wonder if since Cameron was evicted first, he’ll have to win 4 rounds to get back in or if it will be a winner take all. In this scenario, Cody would only have to beat 2 people to get back in and Dom or Jess would have to beat only one. I guess that’s the reward for lasting longer than someone else.

  11. Shivani33

    Christmas hasn’t used her Ring of Replacement yet, except for the curse part, which created the 3 toads. She has told only Paul that she can replace one randomly chosen PoV player anytime. I think that she investigates often to gather intel about who is showing signs of wanting to evict her and is weighing her options about if and when to use her power stash. I think that Christmas is adept about not giving her own ideas away to anyone, including Paul. She maintains her social game pretty well with most players, too. Despite her injury, I still find Christmas to be someone to watch as a possible BB winner.

    • ElaineB

      I respect Christmas as a player and person. Gee, even with her serious injury, cast and crutches, she is independent as much as possible, and definitely less whiny than on-death’s doorstep Raven. Since Christmas doesn’t seem to be an albatross around anyone’s neck, I am ready for her to continue in the mix of things.

      • Ann

        LMAO, I’ve been thinking the same thing. She is always dangling around that man’s neck like a cheap necklace. He cant shake her ass off long enough to get at Jess like he wants to.

      • ElaineB

        Ann~ Don’t ask what a ‘pearl necklace’ is. Lol.

      • LindsayB

        Omg Elaine. You didn’t just do that. Lol. We are corrupting poor Ann!! I don’t know if my original motorboat comment was the beginning of a horrible thing or if it was the best thing ever. Ann, let’s just say you’ll probably be getting some more attention from your kids when you ask them about a pearl necklace.

      • ElaineB

        Just couldn’t help myself Lindsay! Lol. Actually I think this string of ‘Summer Lessons for Ann’ has turned out to be some of the most humorous I have read in a long time. Thx for starting it off!

      • Mel

        Did you see Raven put that trash bag on her leg last night to take a shower? She has toe stitches and that thing went up to her knee….just like Xmas has to do for hers. It’s getting so stupid, I’m not even having as much fun making jokes about her as I was.

    • NKogNeeTow

      Shi, in spite of Xmas’ social game, I’d be surprised if the makes it to the end. Most of the HG have been plotting her demise as we speak. I think they’re afraid that if she makes it to the end, she will win by admiration votes (oh, look at what a fighter she is…oh look at what a trooper she is….oh look how strong she is). Not-So-Raven is also on borrowed time (no pun intended). The only reason they haven’t pushed her out yet is because they know Xmas is stronger. A few of them want Cindy-Lou-Who out but don’t want to look like the one who booted the “dying girl”. They also know that if they let her ride it to the end, she’ll get the sympathy votes (oh look how frail she is…oh look how brave she is…oh look how she’s adapted to her mortality). These are 2 people they definitely have to cut if they want to stand a chance of winning the game.

      • LindsayB

        I’ll be curious to see any reactions from people once they are out of the house in regards to orphan Annie’s scamming family. She has completely drawn them in with her pity party. She may not stay around long enough for them to be mad at her. She is on borrowed time, ya know.

        We all have our lines we deem uncrossable in the game. For the most part, I have no lines. All’s fair in the game of BB. This one crosses my line tho. This and putting boogers on people’s pillows (and the rest of the things that nasty LNC crew did in OTT).

    • danmtruth

      @shivani33 I like your plan for Fri Anyway to get an invite i’m good at grilling and setting up beach boners
      We have lots of game play left Can I ask for a alliance scorecard Very happy we are not getting the names from production or the players Oh wait there is the AMF Paul named group what ever that is

  12. NKogNeeTow

    This Live Feed jumping back and forth is driving me crazy. It keeps repeating on itself on and off.

    I just realized (finally), why Production doesn’t warn them about singing. They just cut to fish. The fish are lovely. I do not wish to keep looking at them. Dole out some daggone penalties.

  13. Mel

    I wish someone would please give up the information about the temptation! Unless they talk to the camera, we may not know because who is Jessica or Dom going to tell? If it’s Alex, she could tell Jason but I could see her keeping him in the dark until they need it because he talks so much.

  14. Avatar

    just a thought, maybe one of the conditions for the temptation is to not talk about it, since theres been the great drama over dom/jess getting it, they want to keep it a surprise for wed/thurs/friday/sunday shows. I can say that I personally would love Dom to get it, because it could tell the house that America is not on your side, and could make people scramble to play the game, but I could see jess getting it to just waste on a week for when/if cody comes back in, and I was rooting for Alex for it until she basically wasted her “big move ” of an hoh, targeting a showmance didn’t happen, at all, so id be disappointed if she had it now, because shed waste it to save Paul since I see her being safe until jury honestly

    • Mel

      Same. I wanted Kevin or Ramses and that wasn’t going to happen. The ones in the running seem to be Dom, Jessica and Alex. I did the same as you about Alex and that’s like giving it to Paul at this point, Jessica will probably be getting Cody back so that’s too much help. That leaves me wanting Dom to get it. I thinks it’s between Alex and Jessica tho as far as the votes.

  15. Mel

    *Jason/Alex conversations:
    Alex orders Jason to go get Mark. Jason tells her no and says to do it herself.
    Alex is saying that they need Paul because everyone trusts him. Jason says that they should just all give up then because Paul’s going to win.
    (Have I mentioned how I like Jason a lot more than Alex?)
    *There is speculation Jessica may have got the temptation. She went to Mark and Elena to make sure she’s safe tomorrow. (Maybe to make sure she doesn’t waste it??) She seems very happy at the moment too.
    *Raven gets her stitches out this evening. I hope they have a chopper on stand by…just in case she codes or something. I can’t imagine she needed that trash bag up to her knee to shower last night when less than 24 hrs later she’s getting the stitches out.
    *Dom has been camera talking about putting Paul otb. This could mean she got the temp but she was talking like that yesterday too so it may just mean that… it wiuld mean that I have no idea what the hell she’s talking about.
    *Pauls talking about selling vintage stuff he’s collected.

  16. kneeless

    What’s going to happen tonight when Raven gets her stitches out? Stitch removal could be her 3rd terminsl disease and with all this stress. Let’s hope tonight isn’t time all her terminal diseases catch up with her.

  17. Avatar

    Any word yet on who got the Den of Temptation?
    Oh…and am watching tonight’s BB episode and when Mark was in the DR crying and sobbing over Dom being nominated, well i thought I was going to puke!

  18. Mel

    *Dom came off pretty well on the episode. I didn’t know if they would edit it to make her look crazy and Paul look like a genius.
    *Did they really have to make Xmas put that comp outfit on and then say she couldn’t play? She just had surgury, why make the girl change clothes?
    *Love Kevin but wow he sucked in the veto comp.
    *For the record, Paul looked like a dumb ass at the veto meeting.
    *Mark may have been sincere in the DR at the time because we don’t know when it was filmed.

  19. g8trgirl

    Paul looked like a real asshole for the entire episode. And I too could have done without Mark’s tears.
    I’m ready for tomorrow night to get here already.

  20. Avatar

    I read Raven and Matt were asking Paul if he wants to change the plan to evict Jess instead of Dom! These people really have no mind of their own. Why don’t they just hand over the win to him now. lol Paul is not about to throw all his hard work out of vilifying Dom this week because Raven feels insecure. This show has been so predictable I haven’t even watched the last 2 episodes or the feeds.

    • Avatar

      Totally agree Cyn!
      I watched the first 10 or 15 minutes of last night’s episode and turned it off…Hubby was in shock! LOL! I can always go back and watch it later.

      Hahaha @Mell about the “coding” comment re: Raven getting her whopping 5 stitches out and that garbage bag over foot! Ugh!

      @nkogneetow I was just reading over on joker’s about Raven going on and on about her and Matt’s electric “chemistry”, what an aggressive kisser he is and that when they were all in casting “she” said that Matt told everyone “We just HAVE to get that girl in the BB House!”. Going on and on and ON I tell you about how Matt said this and Matt said that about her!(finger down my throat-gag-gag). Oh my eyes! What did I just read? Raven complaining about about her foot pain! (stabs self in eye with a rusty fork).
      Can you even imagine what Matt’s thoughts will be when he gets out and discovers all of the scammer info and her raven-fake illness?

      • Avatar

        @I know what you mean. I’m usually excited with BB in general. We need some dramatic changes. I really hope people can start thinking independently. No one wants to win HOH except Josh, I think.

        I couldn’t get past the first two exchanges Raven sharing her kiss with Matt to Ramses. Their showmance is just odd.

      • Avatar

        Yep..the rave/Matt kiss discussion with Ramses is was the final curtain call for me too! LOL!

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