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Remember when Christmas yelled at Kevin for asking if she was going in the pool? This is obviously what he meant

Big Brother 19 – Wednesday Overnight Report

Remember when Christmas yelled at Kevin for asking if she was going in the pool? This is obviously what he meant

Today may be a little eventful even before the DE if Josh tells Jason that he’s voting him out early in the day.  Paul wants Josh to tell him right as they sit down on the sofas before the show starts. Josh isn’t bothered by taking Jason out but he doesn’t agree with Paul about how they’re going about it. Regardless of how today unfolds, we still have a DE to look forward to.  I was glad to see a new comp last night. The look on Paul’s face was funny because it looked like someone trying to fake being happy.  Paul has gotten used to being familiar with the comps. Alex is an idiot and normally I would say trying to win is the smart thing to do but not in this case since she’s so far up Paul’s butt. She completely trusts Paul so him winning the veto was best case scenario since it made all three of them safe. She wasn’t trying to win because she didn’t trust him,  she just couldn’t remember the plan. (unless that was editing which is possible) Here’s some talk from last night:

  • Kevin tried again to prepare Jason for what may happen. I don’t think Kevin’s convinced he’s staying because no one tells him anything but he sees what’s going on. Kevin’s already told Jason that Paul wants to win and he isn’t there to help other people win. He asked Jason why people would want to keep him over Kevin when Kevin does badly in comps. He assured him no one had told him this, it’s simply observation. Kevin said he knew he couldn’t win himself especially after Josh told everyone about the 25k. He said that’s the real reason he blew up at Josh that day. Jason asked Kevin if it was Paul and Alex’s fault if he got evicted. (hopeless) Kevin suggested that Alex and Jason make a deal if Jason stays that they will give each other an extra 50k to ensure they take each other to F2. (this is against the rules and I think Kevin went into DR afterwards so he was probably told he couldn’t say that) Jason also said that he hoped to get Mountain Dew instead of beer at the next party BB gave the hg’s so it doesn’t appear Kevin got through to him.
  • Alex and Jason did some studying at the memory wall to help Jason remember the days he won’t need to worry about. They also talked about not throwing any more comps. (too late Jason) Alex is concerned if it comes down to comp wins for the jury, they’ll look like losers and the jury won’t get that they threw them as strategy. (Paul is sure he can get Alex to throw the next one but I’m not convinced)
  • Josh was having a hard time over the Jason situation and Paul kept telling him to rip it off like a Band-Aid tomorrow. Josh said this isn’t how he likes to handle things and would rather be more direct. Paul mentioned again why Alex shouldn’t be otb initially. Josh said he feels sure they are due for a DE and Paul said that it must be a Sunday eviction instead. (Paul has predicted a Sunday eviction almost every week)
  • Alex thinks a lot of doors will be opened for them after the show but since the fame will be short-lived, they need to capitalize on it quickly. (Alex has also said she was there to win and not for fame like the other women)
  • Paul convinced Raven that Kevin is a better competitor than Josh because she wanted Josh to go before Kevin. He also told her she needed to gun for the HOH but if he used the phrase “this is gumpy” that meant he wanted her to throw it to him.
  • Raven had some of her usual conversations. She said her mom is like Snow White because all of the raccoons and animals come out of the woods to her when she calls them. She said she’s played the piano for 10 years, can play by ear and has a rare grand piano in her home. She said it was too expensive to have it restored. She later worried that her piano was out of tune since it had just been sitting there while Raven was gone. (does she have two because if it hasn’t been restored, I’m pretty sure it’s out of tune?)
  • My personal favorite from Raven was when she talked about her brother calling her mom a Bitch and her mom’s temper. She said her mom jumped off the porch and ended up giving her brother a black eye and bruises but that it was because a demon came and took over temporarily. (maybe a demon made Raven yell “woof, woof” and scream at Jessica & Cody?)
  • When the show is over Alex thinks people will call her Tiger and Raven thanks people will call her Gypsy.
  • Paul said when he was in college he would sit outside and play his guitar and all the women would open their windows and stare at him. (It’s as if we have Snow White, Pinocchio and the Pied Piper all in the house this year)
  • Jason admitted to Kevin that if the vote went to a tie, he was in trouble because he knew Xmas would vote him out.
  • Xmas stressed to Paul the importance of getting rid of Alex. She may have treated Josh badly but he did get in her head a little bit. Once Xmas was alone, she was saying that she knew Josh was right and could see what Paul was doing. She said they had to push Paul to get rid of Alex and she called herself a black widow because everyone she wants out is leaving.
  • When Raven was at the airport in LA, she said guys were asking her if she was there to be an actress. (I don’t know if these guys were from security and this happened while she was being cavity searched for suspicion of being a terrorist since she says that always happens to her in airports)
  • Alex cleaned the kitchen last night and I know that isn’t eventful. I’m so tired of seeing Ravens nasty sock feet on the kitchen counters and that’s all I could think of when Alex was cleaning.

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  1. Avatar

    The way Raven constantly quotes ridiculous things she heard from her mother reminds me a bit of Adam Sandlers character in the movie The Waterboy.

    • Avatar

      I don’t have live feeds and only see what’s on TV but Sunday night I noticed Raven with her feet up on the counter in the kitchen and how nasty her socks were. I thought it was disgusting. Looks like Verizon

      • HappyHippo

        It’s so gross! So many of them put nasty things in that counter and then eat off if it! Xmas would put her cast/boot up there too. So nasty!! Manners anyone? Oh wait no your all assholes….minus Kevin of course

      • Avatar

        ****don’t know where in the world the last part of my post that says somethimg about Verizon came from…..i did not type that in. lol

        ALSO……have people not.seen Christmas with her boot up on the counter in the kitchen?? I’ve seen her do it all season, it’s disgusting. I cannot deal with dirty counter tops in the kitchen. I’m constantly wiping the counter tops in our kitchen. I would NOT want to eat anything after someone had their boot or nasty socked feet up on the counter. YUK!!!!

      • Avatar

        I would like to apologize in advance for what I’m going to say. I was watching BBAD a few weeks ago after one of Matt and Ravens “love sessions” I noticed something very disturbing. OK, I know the whole thing is disturbing but stay with me. LOL! Matt set up and got himself together and use the towel to take care of his “business”. He then went into the kitchen and used some of that same towel to wipe the counter down after preparing something to eat. Just thinking about it made me throw up in my mouth a little. Did anyone else see this?

      • Ann

        @SuzanneThomas, I totally believe you even though I didn’t see it. I’ve seen her dig in butt crack, dig her fingers so far up both nostrils until her knuckles damn near disappeared, dig in her ears & look at it & put her nasty fingers in her mouth, she picks at scabs & eat them & we all saw those nasty filthy used condoms, put her dirty feet on the kitchen counter & eat out of a bowl then run it under water & put it in the dish rack. The cow didn’t even wash the bowl with soap, she ran it under water & that was it. Oh, I’ve also seen her come out of the bathroom from using the toilet & did NOT wash her hands. Im sure Matt’s filthy ass wiped down the kitchen with his gross towel. Why not, I mean he’s only been wearing the same 2 shirts since the beginning of the season.

      • AIO_7

        Suz: I didn’t see it but it has been spoken about by many people here.

      • AIO_7

        Ann: You left out that Raven also popped quite a few of Matt’s zits. Probably a few of Paul’s too.

        She said…”O’, a good one.” When she popped this one.


    • Avatar

      Makes me call her Raven Gump…….

      • Ann

        @AIO7, dammit give me your address so I can come choke your ass. Popping zits, really? I was just about to dip my fish in some tartar sauce. There goes my dinner. What did I ever do to you?.

    • Renee

      OMG this made me laugh!

      Water Girl Version: “Raven, stay away from Matt. He’s the devil.” “But, momma, Matt showed me his penis and I liked it.”

  2. AIO_7

    ” (maybe a demon made Raven yell “woof, woof” and scream at Jessica & Cody?)”


  3. Helen

    Memos are flying in Department of Speculation this morning!!!

      • Helen

        First one……I posted last thread….Jason goes in first eviction followed by Raven
        2. Alex will win the HOH that sends Raven out the door tonight
        3. The second HOH will be won (thrown to) Kevin
        4. Kevin will nom Christmas and Josh
        5. Noms will remain same because neither Alex or Paul want to be OTB
        6. Josh will be evicted

      • Helen

        Also on number 4 there is a second memo speculating that Kevin will nominate Paul and Christmas….of course Paul or Alex will win POV which will ultimately lead to the Josh eviction

    • Ann

      @Helen, I speculate the sick girl’s mom is mad as hell at her right about now for flapping her damn jaws so much. She yapped so doggone much that she yapped herself right out of $500k. Wasn’t that scam their income?
      I noticed Raven only mentioned her bio dad once really quickly saying her mother divorced him because he wasn’t a good guy or some crap like that. I call BULLSHIT,,,, that man probably got the hell away from that cooky sea hag & the whole messed up lot of them. He didn’t want her trying to get him connected up to no belly box!!!

  4. AIO_7

    * “Alex thinks a lot of doors will be opened for them after the show but since the fame will be short-lived, they need to capitalize on it quickly.”

    LOL! Can’t wait until this miserable hag opens just her Instagram messages, that will be one of many “doors” she will want shut , immediately.

    • Avatar

      The only doors that will open quickly after the show are the exit doors to the studio…

    • Avatar

      @aio_7 I really cannot wait for Alex, Raven and Xmas, in particular, to get out and see that Jessica has already been on BATB and has such a strong following. I have no idea how long that will last for her but I just think their reaction will be priceless. I said this before (several times) – for Jessica, it paid off to be evicted early. She’s been able to capitalize on this while the show is still going on and people still care. I really can’t wait to see what the others do with their “exposure” when they leave.

      • Avatar

        BATB?? What’s that?? I’m out of the loop apparently.

      • Ann

        BATB, The Bold & The Beautiful.

      • Ann

        @Hilary, some of them had better do some ducking & diving &:some disguising because Raven’s ass is going to be in some deep doodoo.

      • Avatar

        I looked at her Instagram and saw the picture she posted from TBATB.
        I thought they usually waited till AFTER BB ended and had several people from the season on that show. I guess they needed a hooker type and she didn’t have to do much acting. lol

      • Avatar

        @Frank lol! I have no idea – I notice she’s not the first one to be on there and I saw in one of the recaps where they said they must have promised one of the girls a role on BATB in exchange for something (I can’t remember). I just think it will blow their minds that she was on it.

        @ann Yes, Raven is in for a big surprise when she gets out. I really think she’s about to have her head explode between the truth and what her momma told her. We’re about to find out exactly how complicit she is.

      • Avatar

        The TBATB has a history of putting reality game players on the show for walk ons..it amounts to nothing in the end but a brief bit of publicity for the show..Jessica will remain a bottle girl..this is not a big break. I still give her and Cody no sympathy pass..they were the OG bullies and people are putting on rose colored glasses now.

  5. Alda

    I am more interested in who gets HOH and who goes home in the double eviction tonight. This could be a big one.

  6. AIO_7

    Unbeknownst to him, off to jury for the rapey mouth guy.


    • Ann

      Where is Lindsay, has anyone heard from her? Please tell us she’s not in Irma’s path.

      • LindsayB

        Ann, I’m fine. Thank you for your concern. I’m on the west coast so am far away from that stuff. I haven’t been on much. It gets boring reading the same stuff and having the same conversations over and over again. Lately a lot of the recap and commentary is too skewed with the anti Paul bullshit so I’d rather watch the feeds myself to see whats going on. There’s actually plenty of conversations and interaction with Kevin. There’s also plenty of conversations that aren’t bashing Kevin. Ol

      • LindsayB

        Dropped my phone. Anyway, there’s been too much emotional ranting on here about the show so this just hasn’t been an enjoyable place to be.

      • Tinkerbell

        Hi Linds, So glad you are okay. I was going to send the search party out if we didn’t hear from you by this afternoon. We are almost to the end of this pretty boring season. I’m usually feeling a little sad by this time in the game. This season, I feel a little cheated instead. Wish BB20 wasn’t a year away.

      • Avatar

        Lindsay, I am in agreement with you. I’ve just not enjoyed this year nearly as much as past years. I’ve gotten to where I rarely read comments.
        Stay safe, if Irma goes through the middle of Florida you’re still in for some really bad weather.

      • LindsayB

        Thank you frank. I’m west coast as in Cali. Not west coast Florida. No hurricanes for me. Just lots of fires.

      • Avatar

        Glad all is well, Linds !
        Stock up on some marshmallows for thos fires.

        all the best,

      • Ann

        @LindsayB, I’m glad you’re ok.

      • NKogNeeTow

        Take care Linds. Those fires can be just as brutal as the hurricanes. I have relatives in San Francisco, Los Angeles and Calabasas. I was a service brat and lived in the Mojave Desert, so the extreme heat can be bad too. Hope you and your puppy baby are safe. 🙂

  7. Avatar

    Have spit my Diet Coke out on many recaps; however, choked when reading “It’s as if we have Snow White, Pinocchio and the Pied Piper all in the house this year” stomach still hurts…great now I’m Raven!

  8. The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

    **”Kevin suggested that Alex and Jason make a deal if Jason stays that they will give each other an extra 50k to ensure they take each other to F2. (this is against the rules and I think Kevin went into DR afterwards so he was probably told he couldn’t say that)”

    This is exactly why they shouldn’t cast people who are unfamiliar with Big Brother. Although I do like Kevin, this is just another example of why in general it’s better to cast people who understand how the game is played.

    **”Josh said he feels sure they are due for a DE and Paul said that it must be a Sunday eviction instead. (Paul has predicted a Sunday eviction almost every week)”

    It’s amazing that they even still listen to Paul at this point, he has been WRONG about almost everything (i.e. the battle back, the first DE, now the second DE).

    **”When the show is over Alex thinks people will call her Tiger and Raven thanks people will call her Gypsy.”

    No, we’re going to call you Scumbag and Scambag, respectively.

    **”she (Xmas) called herself a black widow because everyone she wants out is leaving.”

    No b*tch, everyone PAUL wants out is leaving. These people are so delusional it gives me a migraine.

    • AIO_7

      “It’s amazing that they even still listen to Paul at this point, he has been WRONG about almost everything”

      Some of the “wrong” he is doing on purpose. With a purpose.

      • The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

        And that’s exactly why they shouldn’t be taking everything he says as gospel.

      • LindsayB

        He said early on his plan was to start with giving good advice to gain trust then give bad advice to destroy their game and advance his own.

      • Avatar

        I am sure Paul has studied the history of the show, and knows they are due for the de tonight.

        Like Lindsay says above, he is throwing them off.

        If they aren’t prepared for the de, then they might get nervous for the hoh.

        Also, didn’t he say that he wants Josh to tell Alex right before the vote, that Jason is going ? If he does that, then she may throw blame Josh’s wsy for Jason being evicted. If Alex wins hoh, then she will nominate Jason & Alex.

      • Avatar

        This is a season where the only ways to really enjoy it was either by (1) watching only the CBS airing so you don’t know all the negative stuff or (2) by being a big Paul fan so your loving his game play. If you don’t fall into either of those categories your out of luck.

      • kneeless

        I am not sure why these idiots hang onto every word out of Paul’s mouth regarding the comps, DE etc. Paul knew nothing about BB before he was on last season. The “fans” of the show should have a pretty good idea of what may come next. I am still trying to get a handle on why Paul is so mesmerizing. He is smart to capitalize on their stupidity.

      • caRyn

        Susan Cran, I like Paul as a BB player – both seasons. I do see the negative stuff on BBAD. I don’t agree with the negative and I am not blind by it. I would like Kevin to win and Paul to be F2. If Kevin isn’t able to pull off the win then I would like Paul to win this season.

  9. danmtruth

    All in the new path of Irma stay safe Your never to far from disaster in Florida it seems Natural or man made panic
    @nkogneetow post comparing Paul to the song Pusher Man right on If you don’t know the song Do your self a favor look it up on YouTube Curtis Mayfield Pusher Man on Soul Train Prepare to be drawn in to a grove that will make you move and smile
    Notice Paul playing the remaining women Xmas Ms Cougar Buns as she try’s to mother Josh thru the game Yet seems to want to be the Kings Main women Over laughs at all his jokes Ever thing he says is a brilliant game move Where ever he wants to visit she wants to go Miss her time tethered together
    Alex game player extraordinaire Keeps asking HER what the next smart move is Tells her all about the fame he got from being on BB
    Raven any crumb of attention Just like a stray dog She will follow

    • Avatar

      Wish Paul was gone by now, but at this point since he’s still there, I hope he gets to final two, he finally thinks he corrected his mistake from last year and took a player he knows he can beat ( since he made one of the stupidest decisions in BB history last year by not taking James ) then he gets 2nd place again, only to fade into the sunset playing with his back band in dive bars and selling his ugly ass clothes

      • AIO_7

        ” ( since he made one of the stupidest decisions in BB history last year by not taking James )”

        Lames would have beat him too, probably worsr. Meech, Natalie, Nicole and Corey are 4 votes right there for lLames. Add in DaVonne and probably at least one more. Paul knew the numbers, that’s the only reason he chose Nicole.

      • Avatar

        AIO- might have still lost to James, its possible. I’m going off of what the jury- minus Nicole, said to Will in the sit down. Of course that is probably edited and coached a little. They talked how James didn’t do shit all summer. Either way I hope Paul takes another L this season

      • AIO_7

        ” Either way I hope Paul takes another L this season”


      • NKogNeeTow

        Soul Train only plays about 3/4ths of the song. I only play the YouTube song without the video, it’s longer. The 3-4 minute version, the 7 minute version is half instrumental. 🙂

  10. Helen

    And the next contestant selected for tonight’s double eviction…

    Kitchen:Paul whispering to Christmas about Raven putting Josh down for not knowing about a brothel when she didn’t know herself. –

  11. Helen

    I am predicting a F3 of Paul….Alex….Christmas

  12. Renee

    If Raven wins HOH, I hope everyone eats everything in her basket and touches everything.

    • The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

      Is tonight’s HOH comp going to be that bean bag toss comp? (I refuse to call it by that other name…it makes me uncomfortable for some reason) If so, Kevin seemed to be doing pretty well at it earlier this week when they were practicing in the backyard…

      • Avatar

        I thought it was there as part of the Labor Day BBQ but I wouldn’t be surprised if it was part of the comp and was wondering that myself. Raven was REALLY good at it so that could bode well for her.

      • ShoeLover


        ( I refuse to call it by that other name… )

        I won’t lie, I giggled like a little immature school boy!!!

        Thanks Gerardo!! Been down the last couple of days and needed this little smile!!

      • Renee

        LOL, kind of like when my 70 year old male cousin was going around telling everyone we were having tube steaks at our cookout. In his mind, he created a funny name for hotdogs. My husband insisted that I be the one to clue him in. I just let it roll. I’m not sure which would have been more uncomfortable, finding out what that nickname really means, or having it come from a younger female cousin.

    • Ann

      Eeeww, I gaged. Next thing you know, belly boxes all around!!!

  13. JadedMage

    people that give themselves nicknames are basically idiots…

    Boy Alex is in for a surprise when people lay into her for being such a mean girl. I hope she cries her ass off…

    Ain’t Fame a Bitch!

  14. Alda

    Does anyone think Alex will go home tonight? Isn’t that the smartest move?

  15. Avatar

    If someone has addressed this, I’m sorry…but how the heck could Raven compete in the veto last night and get punched in the stomach like that? Is that belly box real or fake? I wouldn’t put it past her to be fake.

  16. Renee

    I was kind of shocked that they chose that type of competition for the POV. I’m sure the hits and slaps couldn’t have been too hard, but I would think it would have been uncomfortable having something hit Raven in the stomach over and over. It looked like it hit right at her pace maker level. CBS should be concerned after having her do that comp and the slip and slide. If she doesn’t get 1st or 2nd place, she is going to sue them for causing distress to her pace maker. With the right lawyer, she could get much more than the 500K.

  17. Avatar

    What fame is Alex hoping to get? She is not attractive or interesting or has played a smart game or made any big moves that will get her in people’s memory.

    People who get fame from this game made an impression or impact. Everyone remembers Evil Dick, Jeff & Jordan, Dr. Will, Daniele, Brittany, Dan, Derrick, Janelle, Mike “Boogie” and god help me Rachel “I am Vegas”.

    Paul was brought back do his charisma on camera “FRIENDSHIP” became a stable saying. Once BB19 is over no one will remember Alex. They will remember Cody, Kevin and perhaps Josh. If it wasn’t for the Rape Jokes Jason would be a footnote as well.

    The rest of the cast I promise you will long be forgot a year or less from now. Whatever fame and fortune Alex is hoping to cash in on will about the same amount of money she has won in the comps so far $0.

    As far as calling her “TIGER” clearly the Woman has no self awareness. She is just not that significant of a player. Once Jason is gone Alex will fade into the woodwork much like Raven.

    People might remember Raven for the bounty of made up shit she spouts off. You may call them lies but I honestly believe she thinks this stuff is real and really happened. Not sure she can tell fact from fiction.

  18. Avatar

    After just now watching the latest path prediction for Irma, with it now looking like Miami just may very well be wiped off of the map, I wonder when they will tell Josh?

    Whether you like him or not, if/when he gets that type of news and being as family oriented as he is, it is really (understandably so) going to mess his ability to play these last few weeks.
    Thoughts and prayers to everyone in Irma’s path.

    • Tinkerbell

      @shan64 Agreed. Josh gets on my nerves, but this will tear him apart. He loves his family very much. I have been thinking about him so much with his family being in harm’s way.

    • Avatar

      I wonder if they have been in touch with his family and know whether they have evacuated or not. That would make a difference if they knew his family was not in harm’s way.

      • Avatar

        I’m sure with his family living smack dab in central Miami which is where they are predicting the actual eye of the hurricane to hit, that they are unfortunately in harm’s way.
        There is a mandatory evacuation order so hopefully they have left.

      • Avatar

        But yes hilaryl, at least if he knew his family was safe it would ease his worries a bit.

      • Avatar

        Yes, definitely in the path of the hurricane. I meant in terms of whether they even tell him would maybe depend on if they knew whether the family had evacuated. If they have, then I don’t even see the point of telling him. If they haven’t, I personally would want to know.

    • Avatar

      This is why I would never go on this show. I would not want to be away from my family if something bad happened especially something so potentially catastrophic. Of course I am not young enough, thin enough or attractive enough anyway! Lol!

  19. Helen

    Another one of ravens stories debunked….

    Our records do not indicate that Ms. Walton attended or graduated from Belhaven University.

  20. Tinkerbell

    I hope his family was able to leave, and a safe place to stay. I’m sure they are very anxious about Josh as well. I sure would be. Such terrifying times. God bless and protect our fellow Americans.

  21. Avatar

    Are you guys still surrounded in Smoke & Haziness up there??? It was so bad down here we couldn’t even see the Mountains! Take care Girl, the Fires in Cali are Fierce this year!

  22. danmtruth

    I feel like it’s Dec 27 nothing to do but year end retrospectives
    No matter my dislike for Paul The best move of the season was his With a lot of help by Poor game play of Jessica After Cody came back and Jessica won the HOH She made the cardinal mistake of nominating someone for personal reason in Josh This is where Paul step in to say yes this was what the house wanted Instead of staying in her lane and being the hated girl Jessica thought she could turn the house Paul took the opportunity to turn the house against her What Jessica did not understand that HG dislike her and Cody more than Josh This was when Paul establish his hold Proving to people he could save someone on the block
    Jessica would have been better to put Paul up even if they did not have the votes It would had been smart to also put Alex up then Cody would not have been good with that So who else to put up with Paul Jasson back to Cody protecting Alex So that leaves Xmas
    In all Paul was able to take his number one enemy to waste her HOH with getting Ramses out

  23. Helen

    Last year both Paul and Victor were on BATB…as waiters…..this year it’s Jessica as a waitress

  24. Helen

    Oh no!!! Irma is getting ready to hit and right behind is Jose which has upgraded to CAT 3!!!!!!

  25. danmtruth

    I hope they do let Josh know his family is safe This is not something to play around with It would be terrible to play another few weeks Only to walk out to news like that It is beyond the control of production

    • Helen

      I agree….I really think that they need to tell josh!! Stop worrying about their production schedule and what it might do to their ratings or their show!! Josh has the right to know his family and everything they have spent their lives working for are about to be devasted….his family may evacuate to safety…but their home and probably a lot of things that can never be replaced are about ready to be destroyed….homes can be rebuilt yes but there are many things left behind in emergencies that all the money in the world can never replace…..

      • Avatar

        The hg have no idea about any of the hurricanes and they won’t tell them and shouldn’t unless their family is involved. Just causes them useless worry. Remember the year of 911 and one girl had cousin that I think was in one of buildings? I think they finally told her but cousin ended up fine. Another year, Frankie and Darren’s grandfathers died. They told them and they had option to leave but they didn’t. They will not tell them about anything going on in world unless they have family affected.

  26. Jenny

    Many of you have mentioned Mommy Dead and Dearest. I watched it and yeah, it sure sounds a lot like Raven’s life. It definitely makes me feel sorry for Raven, if she was raised to believe she is dying, and Mama encourages every little sneeze or ache is a sign of yet another fatal disorder, that had to screw her up bigtime. She learned to get attention for being sick, she was conditioned to act sicker than she feels. And the way she has gained weight while away from home makes me really question whether Mama was doing something to cause her to be so thin and to believe she can’t eat all these foods that she now is suddenly able to eat. I really hope she gets some help.

    • Tinkerbell

      No pity from me, now, or ever. She knows exactly what she is doing. She has been playing her games, and trying to dupe people, for far too long. Time to pay the piper. Time to face the music. She has been making a bad name for people who really do suffer with issues she says she has, but she does not have. She not only lies about medical issues, she lies about every single thing. If her lips are moving, it’s a lie. She is a terrible for all od the damage she has caused to others…..and I’m not talking about the BB house.

  27. Tinkerbell

    Can any of them PLEASE just speak plain ole English. I guess I’m just getting pretty testy. Their fake accents are pushing me over the edge. Between all of them excluding the one and only person with a shred of any normalcy left, we have – Russian, Armenian, Irish, British, Spanish, Scottish, and Romanian. If you can speak the language, do it! But you can’t, so STFU with your lousy fake accents.

  28. Tinkerbell

    Come on, Josh…..tell Jason now. You have to do it now – and not like Paul instructed you to do. Not 30 seconds before eviction. Come, time to redemn yourself.

  29. LindsayB

    I must’ve missed everyone’s concern about Paul’s family and the huge fire near them. When the HGs got locked inside because of all the smoke and ash in the air I’m sure he was concerned. He mentioned the other day that something was said during a DR session that had him bummed. There was a lot of speculation about that, none of which was nice. No thoughts about the biggest fire in LA history possibly affecting the person who’s from LA. There’s a lot of moral superiority tossed around here so it’s funny that there’s no concern for Paul’s family right now.

    • Tinkerbell

      Thank you, Lindsay. I’m so sorry. I had no idea a fire was close to Paul’s home and family. That is so horrible, so frightening. Southern California fires are terrifying. Almost every square mile is highly populated. I’m so sorry I didn’t know. My fault. I have been glued to the Weather Channel. I pray that Paul’s family will be safe, and everyone in Southern California. So terrible……..

    • The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

      I didn’t realize that either Lindsay. I’m from the DR and grew up in Miami, so I’ve been a little on edge this week with all the craziness going on with Irma. I guess I had my blinders on and completely missed what’s been going on in California. I definitely hope and pray all is well with Paul’s family. All these natural disasters the past couple of weeks have been insane.

    • Avatar

      It’s a good point, Linds. I honestly don’t follow enough to know where the hgs come from, but hopefully they are okay.

      Additionally, Harvey has dominated a lot of news time, along with the threat of Irma – twice the size of Andrew folks – so the California fires haven’t had the exposure they deserve.

      Let’s hope for some of that necessary rain in California” and hope you guys are spared any further damage.

      All the best,

    • LindsayB

      I realize the hurricanes have been more in the news than the fires. The smoke and ash in the backyard was a conversation the other day on here so I know there are people who both know about the fires and know that Paul is from there. I whole heartedly believe you guys that you didn’t know. I also believe there are plenty of people who did know and chose to ignore it because it’s Paul.

    • Summer

      You didn’t miss the “concern” comments. It isn’t that we are not concerned, it just simply didn’t enter our thoughts. It has nothing to do with Paul or YOU or Alex or Jessica. If you wanted to bring it to our attention you could have said it in a much nicer way if you have real concern. Might want to check and see where that “moral superiority” is really coming from. And by the way concern is an emotion. You have mentioned for us to keep emotions out of it because it is a game. I do not operate that way. It is a social game with human beings. We are not robots. Please do not tell us how we to view the cast and direct us on how we are to comment. With that said, hope everyone everywhere is safe.

  30. Avatar

    I also had no idea about the fires. All news coverage has been on hurricanes. We had several fires this past fall from drought. The worst was in the smokey mountains park area. So sorry to hear that news. I will pray for those affected.

  31. Ann

    Omg, I didn’t know either Lindsay. That’s why Paul was sad after he came out of DR. I honestly thought it was just part of his game play. My heart goes out to his family. Praying for everybody affected by these horrible disasters. I’m so sorry.

    • LindsayB

      I don’t know for sure that’s why he was upset but it would make sense. Having the ash and smoke in the air would be enough to concern him. I could see him asking about it and not be given any answers. The man loves his family, friends, and animals very much. Having a fire that’s obviously so close would be something that would scare him.

      • Tinkerbell

        Absolutely, @lindsayb. My heart and prayers go out to Paul, his family, and to beautiful Southern California…..including all of the courageous firefighters working endlessly. God bless and protect everyone. I’m an animal lover. Anytime there is any kind of natural disaster God’s precious animals are on the top of mind. They are sweet gifts to us.

      • NKogNeeTow

        I do hope his family is okay.

  32. Avatar

    Watching veto and hoping for a face plant.

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