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Big Brother 19 Week 1 Favorite Houseguest Poll


This season I’m going to keep track of your favorite players and see how it looks as the season progresses.  I will probably drop players out of the poll when they’re evicted because even though it’s funny to see evicted people still more popular than remaining players, I want the graph to show where they dropped off.

With that said, let’s get the poll underway!

And I know a lot will pick Paul because you know him, but let’s see some newbie love!


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  1. AIO_7

    I voted Kevin….givin’ some love to the old guy.
    On the chick side for honorable mention, I’m kind of liking Alex, Raven and Christmas….for now.

  2. Alda

    I voted for Paul.Matt seems like a nice guy.I guess we’ll soon find out

  3. ElaineB

    I voted for Jessica, of course! Lol….not really. I voted for Christmas. Too me she has already shown good confidence in choosing the vote over comp (Cameron couldn’t believe it), adding that she wanted to see where she stands with the other HGs.

  4. Avatar

    I voted for Christmas as well. She seems like a woman who will take no crap and really like that

  5. Avatar

    i voted for raven cause shes so out there its fun,but i also like alex, ramses and megan. as for people i dont like while i liked paul last season i really wish they wouldnt put any vets this season,i guess its done.josh is a total freak and cody is annoying. as for the rest of the girls while i dont hate any of them did they really have to put dominique in? another clueless person who lives under a rock before entering BB? jocasta was fine,but then
    victoria and zakyiah(i think thats her name) and now her, lets put people that will actually fight for the prize…

  6. Avatar

    So glad to be back! Big Brother is my football, I plan my whole year around it. Ugh I’m so mad Paul’s back he was the worst thing about last season imo. What makes me even more mad is the fact that i actually liked Cameron, he kinda reminded me of Dan in a way. Whatever though new season new peeps. I cant wait to se what happens.

  7. Avatar

    Christmas is hands down my favorite!!

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