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Big Brother 19 Week 5 Popularity Poll

It’s been an interesting week in the polls as Cody made a huge surge since re-adding him (along with other evicted houseguests) to the poll.  This helps put a little weight into how Jessica got the temptation because combining them shows they have a bit of a following. Sure, not as much as Kevin, but even Kevin fans can see that he didn’t need that specific temptation anytime soon.  I’m not trying to make excuses or sound like a Big Brother apologist, but it’s just numbers like this show me it wasn’t a complete fluke


The surprising thing was that Paul’s popularity actually increased during the ‘bullygate’ that went on last Monday. However, other big players involved (Alex, Christmas, and Raven) took some hits. One of the biggest people from the fight was the terminal double bird Raven who went from 71 votes to only 19!  That is out of 4k+ total votes. Ouch.  It shows her at 0% but if you’re wondering specifics, it’s actually 0.47%

I created a page dedicated to polls so you can easily find it on my quick menu (above) but here is the poll here…




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  1. Tiare

    The Veto ceremony was held. Who was it used on or was it used? I saw where Josh says he is pissed.

    • Avatar
      Kevin (137 comments)

      If he’s pissed about putting Raven or anyone up in marks place then boo frikin hoo. Ya wanna make big moves, sometimes ya gotta get bloody.

  2. Alda

    Mark used it on himself.Raven took his spot on the block.

  3. AIO_7

    I still say Jess goes. Chime in if you feel different.

  4. g8trgirl

    In looking at the poll, Alex took a HUGE hit, almost
    11 1/2%. Is it the ears? Lol

  5. danmtruth

    Than again Jess up the ante by going with the ears AND the choker collier
    # some how I think Paul is smart enough to see Ravans scam illness He has thrown out a few lines along those lines Just for good fun It would be nice to see Paul expose her fraud and get her evicted ,,, for the love and respect for the game ,,,, never going to happen
    # why is the zombie jumpsuit Paul’s new go to clothing choice ?
    # can we do the days challenge So Alex can STOP studying and beating Jason up over it
    # who is voting for Raven ? stand and defend your self

    • Avatar

      can we put a muzzle on Alex and raven? lol
      and just wondering, are they doing penalty votes?

      • Mel

        No, there would have been some if they were. Matt ate a lot when he was a have not but wasn’t otb. Jason snuck a chip. Elena is the worst. She been called out several times and it’s intentional. She kept sneaking to the hot side of the shower. Yesterday, she tried to eat a cookie that fell out of Paul’s mouth. Two weeks is rough so she’s ready to chance it I guess.

      • Avatar

        if there were, that could’ve hurt Elena a lot this week, Jessica as well due to past weeks, but still

    • AIO_7

      I’m voting for Raven to stay. It’s time for Jess to go.

      • Avatar

        id like for her to leave, but I want her to stay for a while to make the other side play harder. I’m fine with Cody leaving, since I somewhat liked jess without him. but it would be interesting to see him without her (he’ll probably be worse)

      • Alda

        It’s time for Jess to go.

    • Avatar

      Danmtruth,The cat ears AND choker, I can’t, I just can’t.

  6. ElaineB

    I watched a conversation with Raven and Josh about convincing Mark to not use the veto…on himself. Guess her ‘tell him he will be a hero’ (imagine Raven puffing out her ‘chest’ in a superhero pose) speech, didn’t work after all. Lol. She is a mess.

  7. Avatar

    Moving forward, who do you think will totally abandon ship from their sidekick if the other half was on the block, Matt leaves Raven, Jason votes out Alex, or Mark wises up and ships Elena out in future weeks?

    • Alda

      Good question,Ritchie.It won’t be Matt.Jason seems pretty loyal to Alex.So,I’ll go with Mark,just because he used the veto to save himself and not Elena.

    • Avatar
      Kevin (137 comments)

      Elena hands down. You watch, if Jessica does go home and someone other than Mark wins HOH, she will drop in a heartbeat. Wouldn’t it be funny if Cody wins HOH and Elena starts working him? All while Jessica watches the live feeds from her place. That would be choice.

  8. Avatar

    I would have to agree, but it would be nice and better for his game I think, if Jason cut the cord.

  9. Zach

    I should have took bets right after Mark won the veto on the over/under of how many handies he would get before the POV ceremony LOL now don’t lie if I had set the push at 2 most of you would have bet over haha!

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  11. ElaineB

    How many returning players have won?

  12. Ann

    Nah, Mark is as dumb as we think, it’s just that this is not that hard to understand, not even for him. If it rained brains Mark would not get wet, trust & believe….

  13. AIO_7

    Three days of sweet, sweet, love to go. Then back to the bottles and johns.


  14. Mel

    How the hell are Dom and Ramses below Raven?

  15. Avatar
    Kevin (137 comments)

    “Jody talking about amazing race. Cody wants her to apply them. She has never seen the show. Cody explains it to her.”

    I’ve thought about them trying to get on that show, following in Rachel & Brandon’s shoes… What are the chances we see them on that show. There’s no way in hell they’d do survivor…

    • Avatar

      Hell no, she’d never make it on Survivor, how would she keep those fake eyelashes on. Cody would be gone by the 3rd tribal counsel, no social game. They might do well on Amazing Race, you’re not as dependant on the other contestants although they’d probably get u turned.

      • Avatar
        Helen (5158 comments)

        I’ve tried hard to refrain from saying this but Jessica needs to go home soon! She is in desperate need of getting to a salon!! Her hair is seriously messed up and not to be mean but it looks scary!!

      • NKogNeeTow

        She has a great big bag of hair stored in the top drawer in the cabinet next to the shower. She pulled it out the other night…lol.

        The Zombie Queen said she brought 2 wigs with her.

        I think the only ones there with natural hair are Xmas, Alex and Lips….but don’t hold me to that.

  16. Avatar

    I hope at end of next week Raven and Alex are OTB.

  17. danmtruth

    do we know for sure it’s 9 in the jury ? The shame is DMW Raven will make it to the jury house and make more. money Will just sit around work on her tan and feed her face

  18. danmtruth

    @addy08 / Mell hellos you always have the answers

  19. danmtruth

    dumb things that bug me ;
    : people wearing rubber gloves to do the dishes ,,, your hands are that sensitive ?
    ; Raven cuts the cake licks the knife and cuts another slice of cake
    ; Alex telling the plot of Westwrold not only getting it WRONG but not understanding it was based on a movie Jason could not take it even he had to get up and walk away

  20. Mel

    Alex reminds me of those kids in school who tell on everyone for everything.

    Raven reminds me of the ones who tells on everyone for shit they did themselves…then cries and asks to see the school nurse.

  21. Avatar
    Helen (5158 comments)

    I still think it’s unfair to the other players that Christmas has been allowed to stay in the house..
    Sure they could have voted her out but that really should not have been put on them to do…….the first couple of weeks after it happened everyone felt bad for her so didn’t want to be seen as the azzhole that put Christmas OTB
    What good is she other than a vote? She can’t compete in most comps and the ones she does compete in she loses.
    I will be glad when she’s gone

    • NKogNeeTow

      I’m sick of all of these busted up b!tches in the house.

      Scoots tries to make you feel sorry for her by telling you that because of her injury she will never have full use of her foot again, or she can never walk straight again or if she’s walking her foot might fall off. All while wrecklessly rolling through the house without a license.

      DMW tries to make you feel sorry for her by telling you that if she eats to much she’ll die, if she has a baby she’ll die, if she takes a deep breath on any Tuesday at 2 o’clock she’ll die. All while doing high kicks and back flips wearing her harlequin makeup.

      Lips tries to make you feel sorry for her by telling you that she quit her job to come here, that she can’t pay her rent because she’s here, that her nipples might drop off because she came here. All while sitting there slowly batting her over exaggerated eyelashes and looking like she’s wearing a pair of those red wax lips you find at Halloween.

      I’d like to round up the 3 of them, handcuff them to a ’66 Ford Thunderbird and Thelma and Louise the hell out of them.

      • Ann

        Lmao, you were dead on. The only thing you forgot was that damn Rapunzel hair hair that the hospice patient wears with the harlequin makeup. Was she wearing that long hair when her ass tripped down the stairs?

    • Mel

      They had a girl who claimed she was dying. I don’t think a broken foot was going to compete with that.

      • Ann

        Well then they need to quit casting these busted up half dead bitches because they can’t take the money with them if they’re dying any damn way. Plus they need to add a new rule, if you get your dumbass broke down to where you can’t 100% participate just like everyone else, you gotta take your ass home. I’m sick of this shit. Hopping her ass on Whistle Nuts back like a big ass kid & then them falling was their own damn fault. She should have had to scoot, hop , drag or crawl her ass right on back home.

      • Gerardo (Domini-CAN not Domini-CAN'T)

        Sometimes I wonder if BB had sent Christmas home due to her injury, would that have clued the other HGs in that Raven might be a fraud? I mean surely someone would have put 2 and 2 together and realized that Raven could not possibly be in as terrible health as she claims if she’s allowed to be in the BB house, while another girl got sent home with a very non-terminal foot injury.

  22. NKogNeeTow

    I am SO tired of watching this weak dance between WIR and Lips. Its like watching a lesson in Masochism vs Sadism. He’s the masochist who never gets tired of receiving pain and she’s the sadist that never gets tired of inflicting it.

  23. Shivani33

    Tapping my fingers waiting for some excitement. Elena, shutup. Alex, shutup. Raven, STFU. Columbus Day, close your legs to married men.

  24. danmtruth

    Columbus Day, close your legs to married men.
    Shivani33 it took me a minuet to figure that one so clever

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  26. Mel

    Death’s door said she doesn’t care if the show makes her look bad because the people on live feeds will see the truth. I can’t, I mean I really can’t!!!!

    She ate red meat again too.

  27. danmtruth

    Can’t blame her fo her parents were no original in naming her kids

  28. NKogNeeTow

    Did those 2 walking tapeworms not just finish eating spagetti and meatballs and cake, not 4 hours ago?

    • Avatar
      Helen (5158 comments)

      It’s no wonder her gastric stimulator will need new batteries in December….it’s constantly on!!
      She is shoving food in her mouth every waking moment! I swear she and Matt came on big brother to save on their grocery bill this summer……

  29. Mel

    I wrote new lyrics for a BB style Jack & Diane last summer. I’m not feeling that inspired with these idiots so here’s a short poem.

    Ode To Eviction Night

    Jessica will say good-bye to Cody’s stick
    Cody will still be a prick
    Paul just wants to have the bigger dick
    But Papa Kevin’s the one who’s slick.

    Josh is kind of trying
    Mark is always crying
    Christmas is high and flying
    Has Raven mentioned that she’s dying?

    Elena’s boobs have been overused
    Matt eats cereal and looks confused
    Jason will leave the house very bruised
    And Alexs’ lips & Paul’s ass have been fused.

  30. Ann

    That was accurate & cute. I loved it. Much Friendship….

    Do you know why Matt always has his tongue out? Something about that just ain’t cute!

  31. Ann

    I can’t listen to Elena’s flapping lips much longer & I sure as hell don’t want be listening to the psycho & his slut puppy lapping & licking eat others face & arms either.

  32. Ann

    Are ya’ll listening to Mark & Elena? Did I or did I not say the poor guy is as dumb as we think? I feel bad now because old saggy bags is not treating him right, she’s clearly using him & I don’t think he really understands that.

  33. Shivani33

    Paul was in the hot tub with Jason, Elena and Josh nearby him. He looked like he was burnt out by the company he’s forced to keep to play the game. “Anywhere but here” was written all over his face. Elena was sticking out her gut in that ridiculous purple swimsuit. She pouched it out on purpose, as big as possible and Paul was ready to barf. He said, “I don’t think I like what I’m seeing.” Her belly looked like a gigantic grape ready to explode. Before that, she told the men some remark about how her bathing suit was sticking into her vagina. Her game goes on over the same circuitry repeatedly – attract and repulse, attract and repulse. Mark had been out there with the group, too. He got that mad, pouty look like a bulldog from watching the Elena Show and he split. Well, Jessica did say to Cody that BB offers post-game therapy to the players. What about anti-nausea pills and eyeball rejuvenation spray? Never mind post-game. Those ought to be kept in the storage room. It’s California, so how about some big fat recreational blunts to suck on in the backyard?

  34. Avatar
    Helen (5158 comments)

    Well is everyone ready for smack down Tuesday? There has been a pattern so far this season and I’m curios to see if my theory is correct….Sunday is laundry day and very boring..not much of anything going on…Monday is POV ceremony and we usually see the beginnings of the storm brewing after ceremony…Tuesday is “smackdown”…..cage fights,cat fights abound with a no holds barred rule in place all in preparation for cool down Wednesday as we head into the cliffhanger for Eviction night Thursday. We all look forward to ass kissing Friday as we head into nomination ceremony…..and finally we have the auditions on Saturday for the final contestants in Smackdown Tuesday’s main event…

  35. Shivani33

    Paul and Kevin out in the hammock, agreeing to be F2. Paul said it sucks but he’s playing for second place, and no one will award him the win. Paul’s got a case of the blues.

    Paul told Kevin that Raven and Matt are getting on peoples’ nerves. He said too that Christmas must be really nuts, to be that successful, have that body, be able to cook and still not be married. Kevin said yeah, he’s thinking of marrying her.

    Alex hurt Cowboy tonight by punching him hard. (Kidney shot.) I’m incredulous that she gets away with it. Pipsqueak dude-bitch says her rosary and beats men, makes the sign of the cross and then bites. Time to call the exorcist.

  36. Shivani33

    Apparently Raven’s oddball mother told the world on social media that Raven is a virgin. A woman who lives near their family responded furiously that Raven the Virgin screwed her husband, who met her at the virgin’s dance studio. Evidently the cyber attacking got heated enough to amount to personal housecalls and to somehow involve Raven’s brother, the furious woman and her family, plus the local cops. The story made it to BB news items and then disappeared without a trace. I happened to run across the lurid tale late last week. It was written so full of pronouns that it was almost indecipherable. An hour later, having regained my patience, I went back to read it again and oh my! It was gone. The mess that the Virgin is going home to just keeps snowballing into an avalanche.

    • Gerardo (Domini-CAN not Domini-CAN'T)

      “Apparently Raven’s oddball mother told the world on social media that Raven is a virgin.”

      Raven’s mother must not have a subscription to the live feeds…

      • Avatar
        Kevin (137 comments)

        Technically if she’s never had it the old fashioned way, she’s still a virgin, despite taking it any other way imaginable. I knew a girl a long time ago who was engaged that said she was maintaining her virginity by taking it up the A$$ and being an oral queen.

      • Alda

        Unless Raven’s mother is her siamese twin,how would she know that Raven is a virgin?

      • Avatar
        Kevin (137 comments)

        Wishful thinking? lol!

    • Avatar
      Kevin (137 comments)

      Don’t be surprised if BB execs are also trying to tamp this down. They read the forums and social media as well. They are protecting their brand… Now the trailer trash from Arkansas bullying is classic. That town is a blip on the radar screen between Memphis and Little rock. Blink and you’ll miss it. Very small and a typical town where everyone knows everybody’s’ business. I’ve driven past it meany times on my way to Hot Springs for the weekend. That whole family is nuts.

  37. danmtruth

    At the very least someone in casting has a lot of explaining to do If you remember they gave Raven one story line of the ghost hunter The GP was just a small side story Raven flip the script on them and made her GP her main story line
    The sad part is to most of the production exec and even some CBS programming exec Any outside press coverage is good It gets there brand out in the public domain

  38. Avatar

    I just finished watching last night’s after dark.I have always thought Mark was the dumbest person in the house, but now am convinced he is the dumbest person in the world!!!!!!!! Telling BETTY BOOK ,He thinks he will be mean to her and

    she will like him more. ..She replied ” I don’t think you are supposed to tell me “. Duh
    On another note.Has anyone ever seen jessica wash her hair ????seriously. …

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