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Big Brother 19 – Will Josh Ever Make A Move?


Before I begin, I want to thank Mell for covering me today. I had a funeral to attend and haven’t been around a whole lot. It’s not like there is a whole lot going on, anyway.

The biggest story from the house is the fact that Josh appears to be finally realizing that he’s been Paul’s puppet all season long and is constantly forced to do the dirty work to piss off jury members. I’m guessing Paul still has PTSD from last year’s very bitter jury, so he is trying the ‘nice guy’ approach this year while pulling the strings behind the scenes. A side note is it would be hilarious if this jury respected big moves rather than behind the scenes strategy and Paul ends up losing to say Alex.  Actually, that would suck.

Paul’s manipulation will continue this week as he is planning on playing the good guy to Alex and act like she’s an ally in front of the rest of the house. Dumbass Christmas is actually on board with Paul being the tying vote which will allow her to personally evict Jason. What makes her dumb is that Paul is almost at the point of openly having 3 different alliances and nobody seems to really care. Josh is the only one on to this but every time he tries to talk to Christmas about it, she shuts him down and is almost blown away he would have a case of Independent Thought Syndrome. The other day she got so frustrated with him that Josh walked away from the conversation which made her erupt because “nobody walks away from her while she is talking to them”.  Unreal.


You could tell Josh started showing signs of ITS when Paul and Alex told him to mess with Kevin and Josh actually said no to them. He told them he respected Kevin too much to do that to him and has largely stayed out of it except that one fight when Kevin almost smashed Josh’s face in with a cup. To be fair, Josh was annoying that fight, but I think Kevin was already on edge from dealing with so much shit from everyone else that he just lost it when Josh told him to swear on his kids (something Kevin frequently does on his own).  The thing is that Josh’s ITS is going to get him kicked from the game before he has a chance to win $50k which was almost a sure bet a week or two ago. With Josh so widely hated in the jury, it was almost a certainty that Paul was going to take him to the end for the easy victory. Will that be the case now? The second Josh’s ITS gets back to Paul, I have a strong feeling Paul is just going to continue shit-talking Raven and Kevin to get exiting players to despise them so much that Paul will be able to beat them in the finals rather than Josh. I can’t see Paul allowing a free thinker to keep roaming the house with potential to spoil his obvious manipulation of everyone else – even if it means taking a riskier approach of sitting next to Kevin.

The big show should begin tomorrow night when the feeds return from the double eviction. Jason will be gone, but the second person is still pretty much a mystery. Odds are that it will be Kevin or Alex leaving which has the potential to be either dull or exciting depending on who stays.  If Alex stays, she can’t be stupid enough to think she’s still safe, so I’d expect her to pull a Raven and cling to Paul which may just force Christmas to finally wake up and allow Josh to do his thing.


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  1. Zach

    Josh will probably be the one to go in the 2nd eviction tomorrow if Alex wins HOH or POV. So really he only has 24hours to “make a move”

    • LO1004

      No way. Alex wants Kevin out so bad she’s practically foaming at the mouth for it. I, personally can’t wait for Alex’s eviction. It’s going to be a beautiful moment.

      • Zach

        So when Alex and Paul vote out Kevin and Josh and Raven vote out Jason and Christmas evicts Jason you don’t think that is going to trump her dislike of Kevin??

      • LO1004

        No. That’s why this move by Paul is perfect. Alex is going to blame Christmas and Josh for Jason’s eviction, so Alex is going to plant herself firmly up Paul’s ass to further herself.

      • LO1004

        Sorry, typing too fast. She’s going to blame Christmas bc she’s going to feel blindsided by her. So I think Christmas is more at risk. But w Paul’s influence over Alex, I still think she’ll want Kevin out. But when it comes down to it, Alex won’t have the votes to evict anyone really besides Kevin.

  2. Tinkerbell

    Kevin wants out……very-very badly. He just said – “God help me please.”

  3. Tinkerbell

    Thank You, Steve. My prayers for the family and friends of the person who passed away.

  4. g8trgirl

    I’m confused. I read on the last thread that Kevin is going to walk out rather than be voted out, which isn’t really going to happen??!! WTH is up with that?

    • Helen

      I posted the video clip of him telling Jason that is what he is going to do…he was also talking to Jason about it again today
      The interesting thing is Kevin is the only one who got his luggage to pack

      • Avatar

        Kevin should tell Alex that Paul promised to save him and us sending Jason home. That would make Alex manic, call Paul’s bluff and force him to have voted out Kevin. Kevin would go to jury for some peace and maybe AFP. Can someone please yell that over the wall to Kevin?

      • Ann

        @Susan Cran, I would rather have Kevin stay & fight back. Stir up some shit & cause major chaos. If Julie says Kevin, you are evicted. Kevin needs to open his mouth & sing like a damn bird & tell them how everybody got played by Paul so that nobody will trust each other. It don’t take a hell of a whole lot to set Josh off. I want Josh to bang his pots & pans at gimpy leg.

      • Jay H

        As much as I’d love Kevin to do that, I don’t think it’s his character. He’s too mature for this group to be successful.

      • Ann

        @Jay H, you’re right, Kevin wouldn’t do that. It’s just me getting pissed at this bunch of morons. I sure as hell wouldn’t have a problem getting even. I guess I’m just mean like that. Lol

  5. hogwild

    None of these people have made a move all season why would they start now?

  6. Tinkerbell

    Dr. Munchausen to Halloween Head….”It’s better for you to have surgery in the winter. There aren’t as many germs.” You heard it first on BB. Many firsts this season, none of them good.

    • Zach

      The reasoning behind her claim is actually scientifically proven although she uses it out of context, bacteria and virus’ do need a warmer climate for maximum optimal growth environment. But she didn’t apply the evidence correctly at all.

    • Ann

      @HobieGirl, I just saw on YouTube that little Ms Munchausen’s last gofundme acct was shut down yesterday, it had a little over $4600 in it. I’m guessing there must be some pretty pissed off people out there who got sucked into her bull-shit & gave her money.
      If she had kept her mouth shut when she came on the show & hadn’t started lying every single time her jaws flapped, she might have had a better chance at getting that $500k on just sympathy alone. She showed everyone her freaking belly box & told them what it was & tugged at their heart strings. If she would’ve left it at that, maybe they would’ve felt sorry enough to let her win.
      Now, me myself, my thoughts would be “Well, she’s got one foot in the grave & the other on a banana peel which means she’ll be going to glory soon so why give her the money because she can’t take it with her.” Just sayin!!!

      • Tinkerbell

        Way to go, Annie Girl. Three cheers, hands clapping….loudly! I love it!!

      • LO1004

        Haha omg that’s hilarious. I heard the Go fund me has to return all donations. Also, even w one foot in the grave her next of kin will still be stuck w all her medical bills unfortunately. However, cringe worthy moment: let me show my pacemaker to a random out of nowhere. What the hell was that.

      • Jay H

        Her coming on this show may be one of the worst things she could have done for the family scam. She has been exposed. Getting the local news or paper to do a report on all your illnesses to try to get free money might be harder now that everyone knows on a national level that you’re full of it.

      • Ann

        Raven’s mom is going to want to kick her sick ass when she gets home for ruining their scam. The old sea hag is already trying to do damage control. She was on youtube with a doctor & of course she did 98% of the talking & basically told him what he was saying.

  7. Tinkerbell

    Can’t wait to see Cody’s face when big bad cowboy walks into the JH. I told ya so will be on his lips. I wish he would show no mercy, but I really don’t think Cody will do that. Cody seeing his prediction come true will be payment enough.

  8. danmtruth

    Now we get to see how production hopes to spin this to make HG look likable

  9. Tinkerbell

    When Kevin is finally safely out of that den of rattlesnakes, whenever that happens……I’m ready for some serious prison type brawls to begin. Finally entertainment on the feeds. Bring it on!!!

  10. Avatar

    Bahahahahaha! The Bobby dude (celebrity…never heard of him) visiting the house:
    1) spot on impressions!
    2) Even HE knows they shoulda got Paul out right away!!! (not that they could, of course, stupid 3 weeks of safety!!!)

    • NKogNeeTow

      That tickled the hell out of Kel. When Bobby looked at that Friendship bracelet and said every time he looks at it, he will think of his time in the BB house and how these people are idiots for not getting Paul out the first week. Then he said that the first thing Raven did was show him her pacemaker. He then said “Next time you might want to start off with a handshake.” And they all think he thinks this is the best cast ever….LOL

  11. Avatar

    Wouldn’t you love to see Alex. Raven and Josh vote to evict Kevin and Paul votes for Jason? I like Kevin but would love to see the expression on Paul’s face when his plan fails.

    • Cindy

      That would be awesome Mary and exactly what i pray happens. The only problem is that poor Josh, eventhough he puts on a tough act seems to be a genuinly kind person that is apparently scared of the wrath from the evil halloween and Paul if he did that. Not to overlook how obsessed the disgusting raven is with paul.

  12. hogwild

    Thank god survivor starts in three weeks. I wonder if there is a survivor junkines site out there somewhere?

  13. Avatar

    Josh name dropping players like Dan G. and Derrick L. when comparing the aforementioned stellar game players to Paul and his “working the whole house this season” in phenomenal fashion. Hey may have known and even watched those past seasons of BB, but it’s clear he doesn’t know great game play (Derrick and Dan) from run-of-the mill slightly above average game play from the likes of Paul.

    • Avatar

      Idk, I might be in the Minority, but I didn’t like Derrick’s game. Derrick played the Game almost like Paul’s this Season, except for the Bullying, & Targeting HG to gang up on…

      As for Dan, he had that MIST going on, which I never understood…lol?!

      • Renee

        I agree. I did not dislike Derrick, and admired the fact that he was able to keep his LEO status to himself. However, he played with a weak cast that season and I do not believe he would have done so easily with more savvy players.

  14. Avatar

    CBS upcoming fall lineup is hurting real bad… a show with Bobby Moynihan (SNL) and Jaleel White (Urkel) doesn’t look interesting at all, but compared to this overall BB19 season, hell I’ll do a rerun marathon of that new show (Me, myself, and I) or even Discovery’s new season of “watch paint dry.”

  15. Avatar

    If they are going forward with the “tie” scenario, all Jason has to do is change his vote to Kevin and 3 to 1 Kevin leaves. But I wonder if Alex and Jason will wake up at that point and team up with josh or just think that was the plan all along. Ugh! Wake up Jason!

  16. caRyn

    Christmas and Paul’s DR started off the same way – mid part of the show. They said I want to win this Veto for two reasons…

  17. Ann

    Omg, if Kevin walks out of the BB house without being voted out & for that perv Jason, I am going to take a xanax before I do or say anything because I don’t wanna tear down what hurricane Harvey left of my house. I love Kevin but quitting when he’s so close to the end just does not sit right with me. Me being as hard headed, petty, stubborn & mean when I need to be, I’d stay just to piss them off. I feel like if I have to be miserable because of them, you can bet your ass we’re all going to be miserable. Maybe Kevin don’t care about the money but to me it’s the principal. Come on Kevin, fight back…
    No matter what he decides to do, I totally respect the man.

  18. hogwild

    I wonder how CBS will edit everything to try and make tomorrows vote not seem predictable when we all know it is?

  19. caRyn

    Christmas would not talk to me the way she spoke to Josh. Hashtag someone save Christmas.

  20. Helen

    Why are these people intruding in Kevin’s bedroom? They have barely acknowledged him all week……now bitchmas is sitting on his bed?

  21. danmtruth

    For all of Josh talk about how he stands up for himself He sure lets Paul boss him around Xmas just treats him like a child when she yells at him Even when they showed the fight on CBS tonight Where Josh left her in the yard She tract him down to the rose room Yelled at him for questioning Paul Than Raven walks in as Xmas is leaving Raven ask whats wrong She is told dont worry it does not concern you

    • Avatar

      Christmas is a hardass and I don’t have an issue without how she handled Josh when he walked away from her. Christmas has been very loyal to Josh, more-so than Paul and has had many heart-to-heart conversations with him. I think that is just their relationship. It isn’t a “showmance” it is more of a mother talking to their son and I like how she told Raven she didn’t need to know. It was a personal conversation between her and Josh and really wasn’t game related.

      • danmtruth

        Russell I agree Xmas has been Josh mother/confessor in this game I also enjoyed her putting Raven in her place It’s just in this game they usually like to lie and make up a cover story After all She and Josh do not want other people looking at them as a team How others dont see this is amazing
        The thing is with Josh and Xmas this time the student knew better than the mother/teacher Xmas still has this idea that her best game play is to do Paul’s dirty work Josh understands he is losing jury votes Xmas feels it’s beter for them to lose the votes so Paul can stay clean and make moves
        I still feel Paul wants to be standing with Kevin,Xmas and Raven in final 4 Thinking all will owe there game to him and have no partner Each not trusting anyone but Paul

      • Avatar

        I wouldn’t want to be standing with Raven if I were Paul. They don’t know what we know out here about her and she has had two people say she should win: Matt and Cody.

        Problem is that I don’t think there is a way to get Paul out of the game. If Kevin does what he says, then Jason could win HOH and possibly put up Paul and someone else, but who can he put up against Paul that would vote Paul out? He will probably end up targeting Christmas and Josh.

      • Avatar

        @Russell James Yost
        Christmas is a Badass alright! Idk about anyone else….But I have had Supervisors like her, & its NO Fun?! Some folks don’t call her Bitchmas for nothing, lol?!

      • Jay H

        I’m not so sure about losing to Raven. That house is starting to see her for who she is, and I can tell they’re dying to call her out on her bs but have that fear of the possibility of it being true and being picked up on the cameras. When these people in now get to jury, with no cameras around, the shitstorm of Ravens lies will be flooding that jury house.

  22. Avatar

    I knew this was going to eventually happen to Paul and the past few weeks he has been performing a great balancing act with allowing these teams to fire at each other, but now with the numbers shrinking his strategy gets harder.

    I have a couple of thoughts on this and I know people will disagree, but my family won’t let me talk big brother anymore so I thought I would come here and send my thoughts into cyberspace.

    1. I actually understand what Christmas is doing. I have had weeks where I thought she was just a pawn, but she knows her time is limited and that she will be unable to compete in the last event so she is relying on one of two people, Paul or Josh, to pick her for the final two. I think she could beat Josh and I think Paul would take Josh even with his ITS lately, but I can not argue with that move. Also, I know Paul has been using everyone in their HOHs, but the fact Paul has refused to get blood on his hands and Christmas has not been afraid to take out big “house” targets may be an argument against Paul. Long shot, I know, but I can see her strategy and it makes sense.

    2. I think Paul is going to tie the vote. I have not been able to watch feeds so I don’t know if he has already been saying that or not, but I think Paul must tie the vote and make Christmas vote Jason out. Alex is just as temperamental as anyone in that house and if it is a 3 – 1 vote against Jason, then she knows Paul lied. He knows Christmas wants Jason out and sees no point in voting out Kevin. I actually believe Paul overplayed his hand this week and should have talked to Alex and told her he is going to keep her up on the block and let Jason go home because that is what the house wants. If he does tie the vote, then he raises Josh and Kevin’s awareness. If Paul manages to win HOH in the double he can nominate Raven and Kevin and get Kevin out of the house.

    3. Boy I wish Kevin could just win something…just something. I see that he is battle fatigued and when he stays tomorrow he will be shocked. If he somehow won HOH during the double I think you have a real chance of Paul or Alex going on the block because Kevin doesn’t give a f***. However, that is a long shot.

    I think that this cast really played right into Paul’s hands this season. I am curious how Christmas would have been without the broken foot, but there were too many stupid people in the house. Cody, Elena, Mark, Jessica, and Matt just played poor games and became such easy targets for the house to unite against that Paul could lay low and call his shots. This is the season that there needed to be a jury buyback instead of a battle back. Some players needed to get out of the house for a week to clear their heads and come back in with a new outlook.

    Paul has played a great game. However, I do think he made his first mistake by pulling Alex off the block. I’d have let her stay and tell her she is safe because Jason is the target regardless if she is there or not.

    I just do not understand why Alex would every believe she could beat Paul if they went to final 2.

  23. Avatar

    Kevin says he is going to evict himself on Thursday and blindside them all but Jason (who knows)
    It would be sad to see him go, but then again, I have to put myself in his place. A 56 year old man who has raised 7 kids and wants to be a good example to them in self respect and pride. When I think of it on those terms, Why would Kevin stay….so he can be humiliated and embarrassed in front of his friends and family? He is a proud man and sitting there letting these young punks do this to them in front of millions of viewers has to be killing him.
    He knows now he will never be F2….he knew the minute Alex was down and he went up. Paul told him to sit, stay and shut up and he did it because he thought Paul was his ride or die….and he knows now he isn’t. He knows he was duped.
    Final 3 and down, means nothing…only final two does, so why should he stay. He does not know he is the favourite….for all he knows everyone is laughing at the old man on BB 19.
    So what is his best revenge….screw up their game. He would be making the biggest move of the game….for the first time, someone would screw up Paul’s plan. Someone would own him for once. He is not going to get F2 anyway.
    The money is not worth his pride in his eyes at this point.
    Can you imagine the look on Paul, Christmas’s face, when Jason ends up staying…Paul would be kicking himself for pulling Alex off….LOL LOL LOL . It would also throw him off his game before HOH. Imagine Jason winning HOH…if he put up Christmas and Paul, I bet Josh would take the shot at Paul….
    Kevin in a round about way could be the one to screw over Paul’s game. And he would leave the game with his self respect on HIS terms.

    • Avatar

      Is this true? Or is he going to just give a speech and tell them all to go screw themselves like Big Meech did and then be voted to stay?

      • Avatar

        The clip of his conversation with Jason is on You Tube…he sounded serious.
        Paul’s strategy of isolating Kevin would have blown up in his face and end up being the thing that messes up his game plan,… Karma for being a jerk. The DR must know about it by now….maybe Christmas is with Kevin because they tipped her off of what he wants to do.

      • Avatar

        Just watched…

        Too bad. Jason gets to play again and he will probably just take a shot at Josh and Christmas if he wins. Paul gets out unscathed just when I thought he overplayed.

        Don’t these people have to sign contracts? Do you know how many people in the country want to play big brother and get sent home every year and this will be two self-evictions along with multiple threats of self-evictions.

      • Avatar

        If Jason stays, Paul and the others cannot be assured of easily beating them in HOH and Veto….he could actually (gag) lose to Alex and Jason.
        Kevin is a decent man. He has one thing the others do not have. STANDARDS.
        He is not there to gain a TV show or fame. His self respect means more than any game…it is called maturity and knowing what is important in life.
        Leaving on HIS terms with some self respect is more important to him than money….Matt basically self evicted too…he just did it by being an ass.

      • Avatar

        Well there needs to be a rule about self eviction. If you self-evict, then you forfeit any winnings you had on the show.

        I like Kevin, but he chose to be on the game and receive an income and fame from it. It is an opportunity that many want and don’t get. Cameron was voted out because of his decision to take the cash and now he is taking his ball and going home. Jeez, so disappointing.

      • Avatar

        Browning, if Jason stays, then Paul is not exposed. He can stick with his plan was to backdoor Kevin. It is a free week for him. If Jason wins it will be Josh and Christmas on the block and then Raven will replace one of them if they win veto.

        I will say that Jason has won a lot of comps and a lot of people like him so he probably does not want to end up with him in final 2. Jason could probably beat almost everyone in final 2 right now. Cody, Elena, Mark, and Kevin would all vote for Jason.

      • Avatar

        Kevin and Jason have talked. Josh is on to him and Kevin has exposed Paul to Jason who would tell Alex.

        As for self evicting. I guess Kevin is mature enough to know life is more important that reality TV. How he is being treated is beyond the game. There is no game or money worth your self respect.

        I wonder how Paul will feel when he reads what his idol, Evel Dick thinks of his game play. Evel Dick is not impressed.

    • caRyn

      I don’t think Kevin is going to let the voting begin. He may just walk before that and production may be planning on it. Unless production talks him out of it somehow I think Kevin will do what he says he is going to do and self evict. I am on the fence about it.

    • Avatar

      If Kevin leaves maybe they will let “America” cast the tie breaking vote in jury. I suspect if he says he is leaving they will write him a check or promise him AFP. Cody had zero desire to be in jury with these people and could have easily just walked out too unless he was encouraged to stay with some cash or a guest spot on The Bold and Beautiful or something for his girlfriend.

    • Avatar

      Idk, but I think that the House Guest has to clear any actions they make out of the ordinary with the DR/Production. Jason just doesn’t know what a “Friend Indeed that he has in Kevin.” Kevin wants Jason to win the $500.000, & he knows that Jason is the only one left in the House that “can” actually beat Paul.

      I hate to see Kevin leave, because out of this Dim Season, he has been a small Light at the end of the Tunnel.

    • Avatar

      mature enough?

      I guess I am old fashioned and think that if you sign a contract it means something. I think that if you want to be on television 24/7, then you sign releases for that and if you self-evict, then you lose all money that you have earned during that show for not fulfilling that contract.

      Maybe that is already in there. I don’t know, but if you agree to be on big brother and beat out many other people then there should be some penalty for quitting.

      Evil Dick is just jealous. Perhaps this cast is a bunch of idiots or this cast is made to look like a bunch of idiots. I still think Paul is going to get exposed. Everyone always talks about Derrick, but he did have Cody as his right hand man. Paul has worked these fools over without anyone like that in his corner.

      • The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

        I am just absolutely astonished that Evel Dick has the audacity to criticize anyone’s behavior in the BB house. And that piece of garbage doesn’t even have the customary flimsy excuse of being young and immature to fall back on– he was damn near 50 when he was running around that house tormenting people and acting a damn fool.


    • Yael Sara

      Oh I hope production would step in if Kevin actually were to be considering walking out 🙁

      This episode is already like walking around with a bag of shit and that will put a rip right in the side.

  24. Avatar

    Bloggers, no need to apologize when busy, appointments etc! Well unless you’re making the big bucks! In that case we expect info on time and on point!

    I’m having a difficult time watching this season! Aside from Kevin and his eff bombs: he is the only HG with any level of ‘ cuth, class and character! These are people who can lead with great intentions. People who truly enjoy spending time with others: learning what makes each of us who’ve become. The idea of doing this in a game setting is a doubled edge sword. The people who truly believe they will win, are the same people who use “game” to justify becoming lower than pond scum!
    The money, ha, that’s the real coup! $500,000. Any of the fools will clearly pay bills, pay families bills, buy a house (have no clue what that means in yearly costs. Someone wii sport a car….then we’ll forget who won….but any that have children will need to know why they can’t lie and cheat in monopoly football cards etc. Survivor is just as misleading, outlast, outwit blah blah to outwit someone, let me make it simple, teacher from Iowa on Wheel or Jeooardy answering first!Lying is not outwitting it’s nitwitting! Case and point “Boston Rob” toted how people lose because they make alliances and then get greedy. The one athlete that went to the end with Rob until Rob slit his throat ignored him at reunion and have not spoken again over money which I’m sure is long gone!!!
    Each show has introductions first, never fail, next everybody is telling everybody “DONT TRUST ANYONE” how about “TRUST EVERYBODY”! Promise ending will be the same!
    Another point which gets lost on we average folks! These people are narcissists, otherwise they are not trying out for shows! Narciccism is a personality disorder in the DV5. It cannot be treated brace based narcissisit never believes they are wrong; sound familiar?

  25. danmtruth

    With all the talk about production influencing people in DR sessions I find it hard to believe they will not try to talk Kevin out of it Lets see how many DR call out Kevin gets now

  26. NKogNeeTow

    I was sitting here watching Steven Colbert and Sheila E is sitting in with the band. As they went to commercial, she started playing “Pusher Man” by Curtis Mayfield. All of a sudden, the first thing that popped in mind was Paul. He is the perfect example of the meaning of the song. He gives them what they want and is who they need, to control them.

    As I’ve stated before, I don’t know how to post links but maybe AI, Hobie or someone can post the link from YouTube or Google Search (use the 3 minute one, the 7 minute is more instrumental). Maybe some of you will see what I’m talking about…maybe not. WARNING: The “N” word is used 2 or 3 times, so some might find it offensive. But I ask that you keep an open mind and listen to the “content” of the song. Maybe it will remind or partially remind you of Paul.

  27. Avatar

    There is a part of me that wishes before Kevin leaves he would steal Trejo, and when Paul wakes up tomorrow he would find Trejo’s severed head in bed next to him.

    That would make the season for me….

    Hey Kevin….Leave the game and take the Cannoli

    • Avatar

      Geraldo you are on to something.

      How about some retro video games that don’t need an internet connection. I bet Kevin would stay if he had GTA Vice City ready to fire up and let some stress out. Hell, even collecting some Mario 3 whistles would be a nice distraction.

  28. The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

    They really need to give the HGs a deck of playing cards or a Monopoly board or something when the numbers start dwindling down like this. I don’t know how they do it– I would be going out of my mind with boredom sitting around doing absolutely nothing all day for like 5 days out of the week. I would probably self-evict. Or with this cast I’d probably just get up and punch them all in the throat so I could get ejected from the house.

  29. NKogNeeTow

    Kevin finally found some common ground with Gremlin. She’s been ignoring everything he’s had to say for the past few weeks but once he started talking about football, they are actually having a conversation. She is actually talking TO him instead of AT him.

  30. NKogNeeTow

    Jason just told Kevin not to self evict because he doesn’t want him to look like a chump and he doesn’t want to look like a chump. Kevin says he won’t.

  31. Avatar

    I hit the rewind to try and find that conversation between Kevin and Jason and ran into Raven messing with a pillow talking about absolutely nothing. Awesome

  32. Tinkerbell

    This is a Just In Case video. Just in case you haven’t had the pleasure of watching Walking Dead Chick clean her ears. It’s an unamed disease that makes her cough. It will probably be deadly.


  33. Avatar

    Gotta love Jason and Kevin comparing favorite actors in Robert Duvall, Val Kilmer, and Mark Wahlberg.

  34. NKogNeeTow

    Two people were hit with a lighting bolt tonight, Jason and Xmas.

    Kevin told Jason that he’s alright with leaving but if you think about it, it would make more sense for the house to vote Jason out then him, because he can’t win anything. Kevin was then called to the DR. Once he left, Jason laid there quietly, then suddenly said “Fuck”. He looked like he was going to cry. That’s when you could see he had his light bulb moment.

    Xmas had gone to bed in the HOH. She kept taking but without her mic, so you couldn’t tell what she was saying. She finally put on her mic and said she sees what Josh was saying and she knows he’s right. She said she knows Kevin needs to go and it breaks her heart that it has to be Jason. She talks more, then we get FISH. When cam comes back , she is saying “Paul makes me smile. Now that’s a little nugget of information.” She says “I’m going to come out of here and discover whether my heart is broken or healed.” (*WTH?!? Could some of you have been right? Is she falling for Paul? Enough to forsake her game so he can win this year? And if so, is she fool enough to think he’ll reciprocate? YIKES!!!*)

    In the Rose Room, Paul and Josh are talking in the dark. Josh is crying…of course. Paul is telling him not to feel guilty and to keep his eye on the big picture and think about next week. He says they are so close. Raven is in the next bed pretending to be asleep but listening. She turns over towards them and opens her eyes for a few seconds, then closes them and continues to pretend to be asleep (the cam zooms in on her and her eyelids are fluttering a hundred miles an hour). When they finish talking, she starts fake talking in her sleep. She first says “I want pizza”. Paul and Josh starts laughing. Then she says “Fine Matthew, fine, fine.” They giggle at her. She then says “Thank you”, then “No”. (*That b!tch is so phoney…*rolling eyes*)

    • The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

      “She finally put on her mic and said she sees what Josh was saying and she knows he’s right. She said she knows Kevin needs to go and it breaks her heart that it has to be Jason.”

      Umm, hello, earth to Christmas! It’s not too late you jackass! Why are you going to go through with a plan that you “know” is wrong?? Especially when your closest ally (Josh) has been trying to advise you against doing it and would be completely on board with changing the plan?? *facepalm*

      “Paul makes me smile. Now that’s a little nugget of information.” She says “I’m going to come out of here and discover whether my heart is broken or healed.”

      Well, that answers my question… *triple facepalm* *barffffff*

      • Avatar

        It seems more and more that Xmas is playing for second place. She is playing with house money at this point because most feel she should have left the house, actually left not just taken a few day trips out of the house. She sounds proud to finish second to Paul. Does she know the difference between $500K and $50K? Is the extra TV exposure worth the $450,000 difference? I don’t know. Maybe she thinks it is. But saying you won something always sounds better than saying you got second place.

  35. NKogNeeTow

    Xmas is still awake. Laying there in the dark watch the monitor. If I didn’t know better, I’d think she was waiting for Paul. Earlier, she announced she was going upstairs to pack her bag. He told her he’d be up later. He never came. She DOES have a rather sad look on her face. (tee hee hee)

  36. NKogNeeTow

    She finally gave up, turned over to go to sleep…or cry. (Again, tee hee hee).

    All of our little darlings are in their beds now. I think they’re down for the count.

    • Tinkerbell

      I think Cougar Buns has had the hots for Paul all along. She hasn’t hidden her lust well. Early in the season every time Paul would talk about going on a trip she would say…..”I want to go too, we can share a room.” Anytime she has had the chance, she has him draped across her lap…..rubbing his back, and fingers in his greasy hair. One time it looked like he was nursing……disgusting. She was so content. She is awe struck, hangs on every word he says, and wants to be near him as much as possible. She has, and is, defending him to the death…..$500,000. She seriously worships and adores him. Her eyes light up, and her laugh is so over-the-top with him. Tonight I saw the feed you are talking about. Yep, the chick is in love. Last night something similar happened. I guess she had been in the DR, and came out crying. Josh and Paul were in the kitchen. She went in the bathroom, and then up to the HOH. It was pretty obvious she thought Paul would follow her….he did not. Once she was in the room, she paused a moment, then went back out. She hollered down to Paul to ask if the fish were fed. That short conversation went back and forth with a few questions. It was very-very obvious she was trying to get him to go upstairs……he did not. She went back in the room, deep in thought…..and waiting hopefully for her intended to walk through the door. She then went outside where he was. The cougar chick is in lust. Interesting thing is – at the beginning of the season Paul was talking about his perfect girl. Petite, no tattoos, really girly girl, loves sundresses. A few other qualifications, but those stood. The answer to her question is going to be, broken heart. Sorry little Chickadee.

    • caRyn

      In the beginning Christmas and Paul were close. Spent more time together. Someone made the comment to Paul that Christmas was his old lady and Paul put some distance between himself and Christmas. Paul went into a conversation about he would not be in a showmance.

  37. Tinkerbell

    Kevin, Please don’t go. Don’t leave us alone with those freaks. Who will make us laugh and smile in this dismal season.


  38. Tinkerbell

    Felts, Lots of prayers, thoughts, and love heading to you across the many miles. Watching coverage on tv. Terrifying, devastating.

  39. Tinkerbell

    P.S. I apologize for being a thread hog.

  40. Helen

    Now I am totally confused….I don’t know what is going to happen tonight with Kevin….on Monday after veto and again earlier today I was convinced that he was going to get up and walk out of the door tonight…now tonight I don’t think he is unless he is voted out…I am also confused as to why Paul is dragging his feet about getting Alex out next? I can’t believe he would seriously consider taking her to F2….
    I truly hope Kevin does not walk….giving up with only 12 days and a wake up left after putting up with these idiots for an entire summer just don’t sit right with me…

    • Avatar

      I read on another site that supposedly Christmas, Paul and Alex were told to lay off Kevin by Production. Sounds like they want the double eviction to go thru and don’t want him self-evicting. If that is true Production should have put their foot down earlier, Kevin seems to really like the idea of walking out after this week.

  41. Ann

    I know g8 said she was preparing but it would surely ease my mind if she & her mother got out. I’ve been praying for them & Felts & his family. I pray everyone comes out of this thing ok. Those hurricanes & tornadoes ain’t no punks & they don’t discriminate.
    Felts, let us know that you are all ok please.

  42. feltso gudinya

    hey guys….school’s officially closed…time to focus on battening down the hatches…the latest tracking has irma hitting land in my neck of the woods…we r as prepared as can be…my students were scared because they just spent the week looking at harvey devastion….florida is already mobilized…..i have been keeping myself busy to stave off anxiety and fear…it’s hard to concentrate on anything but the storm barreling towards my beautiful neighbors and neighborhood…i so love it here and i fear it will never be the same again….

    • Ann

      It’s so good to know that you & your family are safe. It’s such a hard thing to go through especially not knowing how things will be after it’s all said & done. Did you remember to do all the things you told me to do? Cash, water, food, gas & oh, nail down anything you don’t want blown away. I know I’m rambling but I’m nervous. Please stay safe & keep Mrs. Felts safe. Let us know that you & your family are safe when that thing is gone. God Bless & you & your family will stay in our prayers.

    • Renee

      Safety first, take care of your family.

    • kneeless

      Thanks for checking in & giving us an update Felts. To everyone in Irma’s path, stay safe & stay smart. My thoughts are with all of you. Praying all in her way remain safe.

    • Tinkerbell

      Felts – YAAYYY, There you are. It’s sooooo good to hear from you. We have been concerned about you and your family. Thanks so much for checking in. I think you might kind of like us. I guess we kind of like you too. I know you are as prepared as you can benn I know already are, but please be safe. I’m watching the Weather Channel. I saw you in line at one of the stores. I was so glad to see you are stocking up. Seriously, I’m a nervous wreck about this. Why are you doing this to us?? Sending lots of prayers and love across the miles to you and your family, and everyone in the path of this monster. Please check in whenever you can.

    • NKogNeeTow

      So glad you are okay Felts. If it’s not to much to ask, I’d like to ask you and everyone in the path of disaster to try to check in with us at least once a day if you can. I know BBJ is not a priority with you in such a time as this, and none of us know each other personally, but we do consider ourselves as family here and we would very much like to know that you guys are all safe. 🙂

    • caRyn

      Good to hear from you, feltso. I am not far from Sarasota. We have a guest house section in our home. It has an entrance of its own. Your family can stay with us if you want/need to.
      Here is my Facebook and if you are more comfortable your wife can message me. All I want is for everyone to be safe.

  43. Avatar

    I think going to F2 with Christmas would be a big mistake for Paul. Due to her injury and med’s she has been taking she could not rely on physical or metal strength to move her forward. While she has started stupid arguments she has also been friendly, flirty, upfront and the one thing Paul really has not been…loyal to his allies. I think this cast could end up giving it to her depending on how they decide to judge the winner. Besides Cody they have all been obsessed w Paul while in the house so it’s hard to say what time away from him in jury will do.

  44. Helen



    Tonight’s double eviction will have Jason walking out to meet Julie,followed closely by Raven.

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