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Big Brother 19 – Winding Down A Crazy Monday


Well, that was a wild day in the house. I remember earlier in the season when Paul was talking about how great this cast was, how they all got along so well, how nobody was as mean as the people during his season, Blah blah blah. When he said that, I thought back to a conversation Frank had with Bridgette that stuck out to me. He told her about life after the show in a more realistic tone rather than the bullshit Paul feeds these newbies. He said that the reality is only a few people are going to talk to each other. They’ll be friendly and stuff in public, but there won’t be any big group gatherings or anything crazy like that. At most you’ll keep in constant touch with maybe 1-2 people and casual talk with a handful of others. I’m not sure why that stuck out with me. Probably because I assumed these people who say they’re going to do all this fun stuff end up traveling around together following the show. Looking back to Paul’s talk and seeing how bad people hate each other now it just shows once again how Frank was one of those rare honest and genuinely likable people we were fortunate to see twice on this show. Kind of a random thought, moving on…

Today had some wild ups and downs for people including some late breaking stuff I’ll get to in a minute. It was a relatively calm morning in the house with Jason feeding Raven whatever she wanted to hear in order to keep her happy. Feeds went down for the veto meeting and when they returned, hell had broken out. The reason is due to Jason not using the veto which seals the fate of either Matt or Raven (it will be Matt). If you want to watch it all play out, load up the feeds and flashback to 12:00 pm and enjoy the show.

End of story.


Just kidding!  Not in this crazy house.

The afternoon fight revolved around an unusually angry Matt who insisted he wasn’t angry and insisted he didn’t mind the game move, but really hated the fact that Jason went to the storage room for 10 minutes at the end of the veto meeting to delay the inevitable fight that was about to happen. He told Jason that he (J) is going to feel stupid and embarrassed for whispering in Raven’s ear that he’s going to pull one of them down after he nominated them the other day. Matt then continues to make a fool out of himself by screaming in this crazy voice and also basically tossing in the towel by declaring he is going to eat whatever he wants this week and not care.  Being a have-not, that all but guarantees a penalty vote if not more but he didn’t care because why would he start now? The ironic part of that Matt argument was that he and Raven were part of the group calling Jessica a ‘really expensive date’ when Cody threw away his game for her. After pouting, he took some Triscuits and Sprite into the DR and got yelled at but still insisted he was going to eat what he wants this week. Stay tuned for that…

Things started to calm down on the RATT (Raven and Matt) side of the fight but Kevin was still able to avoid everything until Christmas asked him if he was jumping in the pool. Apparently, he said yes and asked if she was going to. I’d know more exactly what was said and how it was said if the feeds weren’t so focused on Josh and Paul patting each other on the back for the ugliness of the house. Christmas decided that statement was offensive because she has a broken foot (did anyone know she had one???) but Kevin pointed out how she was hanging out by the pool the other day. That’s all he was asking her but it sounds like he just worded it the way Kevin does.  Again, I can’t confirm the tone because the feeds were on Paul and Josh but he really hasn’t had a problem with her so I don’t see a reason why he would have been malicious with his reply.


Christmas got her condescending tone that she used really well against Mark and tried to put Kevin in the same position but Kevin was not having any of it and told her she’s making a big deal out of nothing.  He pointed out how she was by the pool the other day and it was a harmless question.  After trying to egg him on some more it was clear that Kevin was able to do what Mark was not – make her feel stupid. Christmas started to calm down and then Josh jumped in to say that he heard Kevin ask that. Kevin pointed out that Christmas asked him first but Josh didn’t hear that, and he made Josh admit he was wrong which I’m sure was quite embarrassing on him.

Josh continued to badger Kevin while Kevin walked away and then brought up the $25k prize that Kevin took early in the season. Josh wanted him to admit that he took it, but Kevin replied that he thinks Josh took it. Josh told him to swear on his kids which was the breaking point for Kevin because he did not want his kids brought into it. He started dropping f bombs left and right and telling Josh he’s going to make him go pout in the DR if he keeps that up. Despite Kevin flipping out, Josh continued to push Kevin who was losing it and swearing again. When Josh called him a liar, Kevin went to grab a cup from the counter like he was going to hit Josh in the head.  The feeds cut for a solid 40 or so minutes and returned with everyone calmed down.

The late breaking stuff was that as I was writing this, I noticed on the feeds that Kevin approached Josh and apologized numerous times and said he’d never hit him. He said to come outside later and they could have a one on one talk to clear things up.  Josh accepted his apology.  The other late breaking story was that this event was shortly after Jason, Paul, Josh, and Alex were sitting around the bathroom talking about Kevin (Timestamp – 3:30 pm).  Josh was clearly upset about the incident with Kevin and actually worried that he put a target on his back. Jason and Paul tried to convince him not to be worried and Jason took it a step further (MUCH too far) and said that if Kevin nominates him, Jason will “make him lose his $40k” (the $25 plus I assume the stipend). He says that he’ll start yelling all types of names to Kevin, and Alex jumps in starts suggesting the swears. Jason says he’ll yell “I’ll fuck your wife when I get out of here, and tie your daughters up to make them watch”.


Jason tries to make light of it by saying “where is the line??”.  While Alex is laughing naturally, Paul jokingly said “The line is gone!” and tried to deflect from that comment. Paul was clearly uncomfortable from that comment but nowhere near Josh who just started saying  “ohhh myyy goooddddd” and did not appear to be a fan of that joke.

So let me try to summarize this afternoon….

  • Raven brought back the crazy Raven which we knew was inside her
  • Matt made a complete fool out of himself by yelling over random things
  • Jason looked like a stand up guy for sticking up for his friend and not making him a pawn
  • Christmas couldn’t let a fight go by without getting involved
  • The same goes for Josh who looked like a scumbag
  • Kevin is a much more formidable opponent than Cody or Mark and I think really scared Christmas and Josh when he lost it
  • Jason completely did a 180 and looked like a huge scumbag for his comment
  • Josh once again showed remorse for being Paul’s attack dog
  • Kevin was the better man by apologizing for it all
  • Josh almost redeemed himself, shit on that, then kind of redeemed himself later on.
  • Jason redeemed his terrible double eviction HoH but then shit on that.
  • Christmas remained a terrible person.  Alex remained a terrible person
  • Paul managed to get out of it all without a drop of blood on him

I’ll try to get a night feed update soon but need a nap


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  1. Tinkerbell

    I would rat out every single loser in that house. Tell all….everything they have said and done. I just heard that Alex threw away all of the slop. She knew Kevin was looking for it.

    This is what I’m waiting for……prison yard , girl brawl. It’s going to happen. Could be tonight. They are ticking time bombs. Participants, Alex, Raven, and Christmas. I was going to place my bet, but as vicious as each of them are, there will be no man standing. Yes, I meant man. Hear the crowd roar.

    Thank you, Steve.

    • Tinkerbell

      P.S. – All season Halloween and Motor Mouth have been talking about “when” they settle down. Want to get married, have children. Good luck with that chicky-poohs. From what I have read, Halloween has two broken engagements, and fairly recently. Both mean girls talk about their former boyfriends……or girlfriends – whatever the case might be. Lots of “formers”…….and most likely that’s the way it will always be. Who could live with those wenches, and they should never be allowed to influence children.

  2. BBBonbon62

    @stevebeans I loved your thoughts on Frank. I too felt he was a truly nice guy, although I was not a huge fan his first time on BB. I immediately liked him when he returned and I was heartbroken when he was evicted. It’s not often that we find geniune, good souls in the BB house.

  3. hogwild

    Does anyone else get the feeling that sometimes these people forget there are live feeds going and people see and hear everything they say and do? That seems to be the only way to explain some of the crazy shit they say and do

    • feltso gudinya

      no….they have been playing to the cameras all season………

    • hogwild

      That maybe true but it’s been my experience when your angry and emotional that kind of stuff doesn’t register with you in any event the only people who really know are the ones in the house and not everyone is going to react the same some may be aware of the cameras others may totally zone out about them.

      • Avatar

        If making rape jokes that involve tying up people’s children just easily fly out of his mouth regardless of where he is…then I guess.

      • feltso gudinya

        losing ones bearings is a very infrequent happening….it involves disassociation, and mentally healthy people rarely undergo this behavior….in my experience….

      • feltso gudinya

        susan…..100 thumbs up you…facts only please…a sentence that starts with “in my experiece” usually tends to be an opinion, not a relevant fact useful to reach the best solution……imo….

    • Jenny

      good lord. Thanks for sharing. Matt’s high-pitched screeching is pathetic! And Raven sounds like the white trash that she is. Has anyone freaked out this badly before after being put OTB?

    • AIO_7

      Thanks, Ryn; I’m going to watch the second Youtube; I missed it all that.

      • caRyn

        You’re welcome. I don’t have the feeds so when someone stated (on the last blog) that it was on Youtube I had to check it out. I haven’t gotten anything done today because the BB house is in an uproar.

  4. AIO_7

    WOW, just WOW!! I missed all of that.

  5. caRyn

    Raven said to Jason that he could have said one of them was leaving this week so they could spend more time together. Matt & Raven are connected at the hip. I haven’t seen them without the other unless one is in the DR.

  6. Gerardo (Domini-CAN not Domini-CAN'T)

    “I don’t see a reason why he would have been malicious with his reply.”

    You’re right Steve, Kevin was not being malicious and Oktoberfest knows that. She was just waiting for any opportunity to start a random argument with Kevin because she knew her guard dog Josh would jump in and finally “call him out” like he’s been threatening to do for weeks now. These people are pitiful. I’m just so happy Kevin put them all in their sorry ass places today. Kevin is a G.

    • Helen

      Kevin’s stock is soaring again!! Hope Paul keeps egging his dogs on….Makes America love Kevin even more…..First time in 3 weeks Jessica is no longer top of the joker poll….by tomorrow Kool Papa will be back to number 1!!!!
      Way to go ……

  7. Tinkerbell

    Ann, Where are you?

  8. ingodog

    Remember that house guest Kaszar he was a really nice guy……….I think he was in with Howie and that group

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  10. Helen

    Matt got a penalty vote for eating as a have not. Now he is taking a hot shower….he hopes to get at least 30 penalty votes….
    Quite honestly. Someone may want to tell him that the last time someone pulled this crap was Chima from season 11…

    • Colby

      And now he is eating again. They should remove him from the game and have Jason nominate someone to replace him, like they did Cody. Then they could just skip the DE.

      • Colby

        But they probably won’t do that because if they remove him he can’t go to jury, so the jury numbers would be off.

    • Tinkerbell

      @helen I’m no longer sure how the penalties work. I wish penalties would prevent them from going to jury. That’s all that moron has lived for this season, except for being in bed with that cinnamon throwing nitwit. They deserve each other. Who else would have either of those hicks. Back to penalities, send them home. Going in they know the rules, and are warned releatedly. One strike, you’re out. They are getting paid for doing nothing. Send their butts home. Simple!

      • monkicorn

        Agreed @hobie and why not have it in the contract if the rules are broken there are deductions to the stipend/pay they are receiving? They have it waaaay too easy in this house!

      • Sassy

        Monkicorn – I have been saying that all season! If they penalized them financially, they would think twice!

  11. caRyn

    Kevin & Jason conversation in HOH room:

  12. AIO_7

    “Jason says he’ll yell “I’ll fuck your wife when I get out of here, and tie your daughters up to make them watch”.”

    It’s so stupid of Cowpoke to try to turn into a wanna’ be Paul flunky (or become more of a flunky). This is what Judas will reduce you to. Jason was toast after Kevin anyway, so he should have just maintained his dignity.

  13. Lynn

    So these people are now all mad at Kevin? He was attacked, provoked and disparaged. He didn’t take it laying down and so now We get “I’m so over him. Anything he says now is discredited because of how he reacted”-Paul. Well now I recall Little Nut Job going all ape$(;: and nearly inciting a riot as well as donning a dress to mock folks who were already down. What kind of “reactions” were those. Add hypocrit to his ever growing list of attributes.

  14. Avatar

    Here’s an interesting thought for you all to ponder.

    Christmas and Alex know they are on a nationally televised program that even has International potential. And yet they are acting as they are.

    What must they be like in person?

    The one thing we can all smile a bit at is the fact that when this season is over and Paul has won they will have to return to their lives in the knowledge that they gave away 1/2 million dollars with barely a fight. And that in the process they both came off as the worst society has to offer. Neither of them is destined to be “discovered” as I believe they both had hoped as a result of their involvement in BB. Quite the contrary I cannot imagine them being held a bit accountable when they return to the real world; either because of how condescending they both behaved or at the very least because of how poorly they played the game.

    There is one odd thing about today’s turn of events. At least I am again slightly interested because there is at least some small piece of hope that Jason, Josh and Kevin might team up and take out the trash. Very, very slim. But at least a glimmer of one….

    We shall see.

    • Zach

      There is no such thing as bad publicity. If you’re a sports fan look at Lavar Ball the crazy psychotic dad of basketball rookie Lonzo Ball. Lavar has been a psychotic sexist grade A asshole and it has gotten him exactly what he wanted all along, the spotlight.

    • Avatar

      I agree with Zach. Christmas has 534,000 instagram followers. Whoever is running her account while she is on the show is scrubbing all of the negative comments from her page. I also don’t know that in the supplement world (despite her supposed message of overcoming obstacles) her aggressive behavior will be frowned upon. I assume the same could be said for Alex but for her it will be a little harder because she isn’t established or have the following that Christmas already has. Either way, there will always be people to fawn over someone who has a little bit of celebrity.

  15. Helen

    Anyone think Raven will go after Alex? Raven pretty much figured out Alex was the other vote against Matt and was trying to frame Kevin

  16. Helen

    PS. I can not wait till Alex is OTB!!

  17. Russell James Yost

    I was pretty happy when I clicked onto BBJ and saw Matt and Raven still highlighted and Kevin was left alone.

    Okay, so there is no shot taken at Paul and Matt is heading out the door this week. I am trying to rationalize the remaining players strategy.

    Raven – If she somehow won she would target Jason or Alex. If either won the veto she would put Kevin up. She is probably a target next week although if I were Christmas and Josh I would try and recruit her. They won’t.

    Jason – He has to survive next week and if he wins HOH again, then taking a shot at Paul would make sense since all that is left is Christmas or Josh who really are not much of a threat to him. Which means he will probably put up Kevin and Christmas in an effort to backdoor Josh. (assuming Raven is gone) I think he has made himself a pretty big target this week. He needs Alex or Kevin to win HOH.

    Alex – No idea what type of a game she is playing. She really believes Paul will take her to the end in her secret alliance and she is on everyone’s radar. She is just a female version of Josh.

    Christmas – I still have hope, but every week that hope is waning. I feel like Christmas is intelligent and she knows a huge part of her game was taken away when she broke her ankle. I think she would rather take Josh than Paul to final 2 which means she will keep Paul until final 3. However, she probably won’t be able to compete to try and get into final 2 with Josh.I just don’t understand why she doesn’t try to create an alliance with Kevin. It would be so easy to do for her.

    Josh – Starting to come around to Paul, which means that Christmas will probably let Paul know about Josh’s indecision and he will end up on the block next week. If he won HOH next week he would target Alex and Jason.

    Kevin – It is time for Mafia boss to somehow win an HOH. I think he has seen enough to possibly target Paul, however I don’t know if he would get the votes unless he back-doored him by putting up Josh and Christmas. However, I can’t see Kevin completing a successful backdoor because he probably can’t win veto and if someone like Jason or Alex won they would not pull down either of them. He would still need Raven in the game to somehow force a tie because Paul owns Cowpoke and Alex.

    Paul – If Paul decided to win HOH this week, then he could just put up Kevin and Raven and eliminate a floater without any blood on his hands. I think he knows how big of a threat Jason is and would take him out next week if Kevin or Raven got pulled off the block. He could then let someone else take a shot at Alex.

    This cast is unimpressive, but so was Steve two years ago. (If you haven’t noticed I am still furious about him winning) There is always a possibility that something can happen. Even with all the variables I am very impressed with Paul’s discipline this season. He has won when he needed to win and has effectively deployed a strategy of the others firing torpedoes at each other.

    • Zach

      The only thing I disagree with is Steve. He knew he was socially and physically challenged so he used his brain, played smart, alliances with the right people and then took out the biggest threat in the game after winning the final comps. I truly appreciated his game because of his limitations and his ability for compensate for them in other aspects.

      • Russell James Yost

        I remember his conversation with Johnny Mac and how he was worried about being perceived as a threat and Johnny stopped him med-sentence and said, Steve you don’t win anything…

        He won because he knocked out Vanessa, but Vanessa owned that season.

  18. Tinkerbell

    Why can Jason whistle and it’s okay? That whistle drives me crazy.

  19. Mimi Ryan

    Wow, Christmas is horrible with peeps, Alex is horrible with peeps, Jason needs to hold his own and now that the Veto is done and done, Mattress needs to accept their fates as they are. Josh needs to get a reality check. Kevin is Boss, Paul is a gnome. Damn, people, damn. Let’s see how this continues to play out. STFUR said, she was glad Jason wouldn’t be able to play in next weeks’ comp. I pray Kevin steps up and wins an HOH here ASAP. I’d love to see what the Boss has to play.

  20. Yael Sara

    Doesn’t Kevin practically do everyone’s laundry in the house? So, what is the issue if he doesn’t cook everything he eats. I realize that is so minute compared to everything else… Am I missing something.

    Watching the noon time, when the box was wound up and #Raveninthebox popped out

  21. Avatar

    I’m so glad Jason stuck to his guns. I am pulling only for him and Kevin (because I find them likable and hilarious). I was so worried he would cave and when I saw he didn’t, I felt a little glimmer of hope that maybe he would open his eyes and see Paul and Alex for who they are. But after seeing him join in on the bash Kevin sesh post ceremony, I am super confused. What was the point of sticking his neck out for Kevin (which put an even bigger target on himself) only to turn on him immediately after?!? It makes no sense!!!

    I watched the videos of the Jason/Maven and Kevin/Josh fights and both were painful to watch. I actually felt bad for Jason because he was trying to defend himself to Maven while also not outing Paul and Alex’s role in it but they just hung him out to dry! HOW DOES HE NOT SEE THIS? Maven kept questioning why he claimed to be doing what the house wanted (which they assumed was to get Kevin out) and then went back on it. When Jason realized Paul/Alex were not gonna help defend him in the argument, he should have said, “this IS what the house wants, they want one of you out because everyone is tired of your shit”. Instead he let Matt continually call him a bitch, punk, and pussy and he took it to protect Alex/Paul. WTF?!? And then the argument with Kevin was even harder to watch. He was seriously confused about why Christmas was freaking out about a simple question. She was screaming at him like he murdered someone. I’m glad he held him ground but it’s now given the rest of the house more ammunition to use against him. The things they were saying about him afterwards were awful. Alex and Christmas are two seriously vile, disgusting humans!!!

    Like everyone else, I’m seriously SO frustrated with this season!!!

    • Avatar

      Also, the comment Jason made is way beyond inappropriate and will make it hard for me to continue to pull for him. He stooped to the levels of Alex and Christmas.

      • Helen

        I guess Jason’s family have apologized for his comment….most are not accepting it because Jason made the comment,not his family

      • caRyn

        I can’t find the apology on Twitter.

      • Tinkerbell

        Jason’s comment is completely unacceptable. He should be kicked out or punished. In my mind he has become nothing but trash. If he was able to say that so readily, he does it all the time. Also, last week he kept saying inappropriate things about Josh’s Mom. I can’t stand Josh, but family is off limits. Jason kept pushing it. Josh told him no….but to no avail. Someone, I don’t remember who….finally told Jason to stop. I’m sorry, in my book, Jason is pure garbage. Not that way in the beginning, but he has shown who he really is…….a fool and a creep! I’m ready for the thumbs down.

  22. Avatar

    Raven has said at least four times that Kevin is “sucking [soneone] off” … does she not realize the irony of what she’s done for all of America to see? And why does she assume it’s Matt going and not her, especially with her shit fit today? It would be bye-bye Assclown if I was voting….

  23. Helen

    Matt ….. is essentially Taunting BB (eating, shower hot water, eating, drinking soda) & laughing about it

    Did he not sign a contract? WTF is production doing? I would think if they let this go on Chima from season 11 could make some big bucks from CBS….they kicked her to the curb…no money…no jury..no after production party for doing the same think the schmuck is doing!

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  25. Avatar

    I see Matt is trying to get enough penalty votes to assure eviction. I think that is total BS! Chima was removed from the house because she broke the rules for herself. Matt is doing it to prevent someone else from getting evicted. I personally think he needs to be removed and either leave Raven on the block as a single person and get voted out or Jason is allowed to place another person on the block as a replacement. Matt is essentially hijacking the process for selfish reasons by breaking the rules.


    Matt is screwing with the integrity of the game. Like the HGs or not, the rules have to be followed. Sit his ass down and tell him the consequences of his actions. His actions should not be allowed to disenfranchise the others voters. Sounds faintly political and I apologize but damn, it’s so transparent. Tell him either to play by the rules or he risks Raven’s stay in the house. Not that I would care if she did get shown the door at the same time. Its the integrity of the game that concerns me. It will set a precedent that will be followed by other showmances going forward.

    Disengage soapbox…..

  26. AIO_7

    Shouldn’t these two be making sweet love with only 71 hours left?


  27. AIO_7

    Looks like Cowpoke has joined the bash Kevin team.


  28. LindsayB

    A lot of you are big cowpoke fans, especially after leaving the noms the same today. He’s funny and likable. He’s also a dimwit who has said some off color things that have been forgiven because he’s just so dang cute. If anyone else would’ve said some of the redneck like things he’s said we’d never hear the end of it on here. That’s all fine and good. I like the guy too. Here’s my question: he’s bashing Kevin just like the rest of them, if not more right now. The rape comment even went past my threshold. Does this all get swept under the rug because you hate Paul more than the rape comment? Are you still team cowpoke?
    I often feel like I need to add the disclaimer that I’m asking a legit question with zero snarkiness. I realize that since I’m very direct it can be taken both ways. I’m very curious to hear your answers, especially if you’re still team cowboy after everything that was said today.

    • LindsayB

      New thread. I’m gonna copy and paste this on it.

    • Russell James Yost

      I agree Lindsay.

      I hate to say this, but if you are going to evict someone for throwing a punch, then making a comment about raping someones wife and having their children watch should be ground for eviction.

      This thing may grow some legs in the next few days.

    • Zach

      It’s that way in society as well though Lindsay. Certain people can say and do things without repercussions, while others can simply walk the wrong way and be ripped up and down. It’s just how we are as human beings. Not saying it’s right or wrong, it’s just the truth.

    • Avatar

      I have been really confused by Jason’s bashing of Kevin. By his actions toward Kevin, he acts like a friend – he didn’t put him up OTB, helped him re-make slop and so on but every day for a week or more he’s been trashing him. I haven’t quite figured out why. This last comment, whether in jest or not, shows a side of Jason that is not a good look for him. There’s really no rebounding from that. I am curious what Kevin’s family has to say about it. Jason was never going to win. He has one or two more weeks tops. He might have really been in strong contention for AFP (if Jody doesn’t have it locked up) but I think this probably blew his chances for that. I won’t feel bad when he gets voted out.

      I don’t like Paul but I’m not one of those people who blames Paul for everyone else’s horrible game play. I feel like Paul has capitalized on all of his opportunities. Those opportunities have been there for everyone else too but they have not capitalized on them because they either don’t have the mental capacity to understand how certain things help/don’t help them or because they don’t care or both. I don’t care for mob mentality which has been the formula for the entire season. But that is something they are all doing, not just Paul. I do believe Paul is orchestrating everything but their reaction to his efforts are on them. He doesn’t get off clean though. He knows everyone’s pressure points and he’s pushing them for the sole purpose of breaking them. He’s doing it indirectly but it’s still on him.

      I am curious to see if we can get any sense that Production lets them know how badly that comment was received on the outside. I would love to watch them all start back pedaling. They are so obvious when they “perform” for the camera.

      Honestly, at this point, I’m down to Team Kevin which is pretty worthless since he can’t win comps.

    • Tinkerbell

      @lindsayb Hey Linds, Agree completely. Instead of posting again, I wrote above at 9:32 P.M.

  29. danmtruth

    This is so funny that Raven and Matt are crying about being backdoored Never a problem when they were doing it Than the crazy part of Mattress getting advice from Paul to CALM down we still are in the house and have next weeks HOH Than he thinks he needs to say that Xmas & Josh are still working with them
    Can a man with no face come in and kill Littlefinger Paul, Cersie Alex, The red Witch Raven Lets to a GOT crossover
    Kevin is smart enough to understand who things work First target someone than start a fight with them Make them look untrustworthy Nice how he did Paul’s hinky votes and now is being called out While Paul takes a vow of silence
    Paul give the flout a rest not funny Played out

  30. jimbo

    “Not a drop of blood on Paul.” Maybe no blood to the HGs, but not to the TV audience. To the TV audience, Paul is in a swimming pool of blood, the key cog of the summer of BIG BULLY.

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