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Big Brother 20 – Brief Afternoon Feeds

Good afternoon, everyone!


It’s Thursday, so it’s a super slow day in the Big Brother house and there is nothing to write about.  Post over.

Just kidding! This is Big Brother 20 and these people don’t take breaks on Thursday for some reason. While the feeds will be down a lot for production to prepare for the live show, I am still going to watch the feeds and see if anything exciting happens before the feeds go off for good (until the live show).

This afternoon, Tyler decided to randomly tell Sam that he has the other power. I’m not sure his reasoning behind it, but she didn’t seem too thrilled to be the one he told. She really just wants to spend the summer doing crafts and having a summer camp than actually play the game, so information like this may short circuit her brain. He did say that he almost lost his shit when production randomly put the cloud on the TV (last week?) so that was indeed a screwup by production but there wasn’t much thought put into it by the players. Good job, production. Right up there with putting Shelby’s DR session over the speaker during BBOTT.


Meanwhile, Haleigh pulls Tyler into the Jenga room to ‘repair their damage relationship’ but he says it was never damaged (it was).  Haleigh says that Kaitlyn told her several difference alliances he was part of, and how often Tyler talked game with her. She is trying to explain why she nominated Tyler with her hacker app.  Haleigh goes on to question if Tyler had an alliance with Sam (he says no, a friendship), then asks if he has a three-person alliance with Scottie and Sam (he says no and he wouldn’t tell Kaitlyn that if he did). Haleigh mentions ‘the core’ but Tyler says that was never with Sam.  They talk for a bit and Tyler tells Haleigh things like how he said good morning to Bayleigh every morning and he wasn’t trying to be rude. He also wanted to apologize to her if she wasn’t screaming in his face.

Alright, going to update this post later if anything comes up but feeds are currently down!

Random side note I forgot to mention last night – When watching the feeds on Saturday, I said it sounded like Tyler won the veto competition and the chat room I was in raged because Angela had the veto. I said it sounded like Tyler won and chose something over the PoV. I was right. Suck it, people in chat that day!


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  1. Avatar

    Can’t wait for Angela’s eviction speech to Bay. BUH BYE

  2. Helen

    Was listening to Tyler and Hayleigh talk..Haleigh tells Tyler she told Scottie she was never part of the “legendary move” convo but that she knew about it…well,now Tyler knows Scottie went back and told Hayleigh…way to go Hayleigh….

    • NKogNeeTow

      Told you they set him up to see what he’d do. And he didn’t fail. Not he is on L6/5/4’s radar. Scottie, Scottie, Scottie…Hell hath no fury like a rising phallus. And you rising phallus might just be your undoing. BB is no place for a cherry pop Sweetie. tsk, tsk, tsk.

  3. pkcable

    WOW, this season is action and drama packed! So much better than other recent season, where either a vet or vets controlled the game and all votes were “with the house” OR where 1 side just totally dominated and picked everyone off 1 by 1 from the other side. YES 1 side seems to be doing better, BUT the votes are close AND people from both sides have gone home.

    • kneeless

      I enjoy going into Thurs not being 100% sure where the votes are. In past seasons come Thurs I want to hurry through the vote ,because we already know who’s leaving, and get to the HOH comp.

  4. Avatar

    how the votes will fall
    Sam-Bay(That’s enough)(Angela will break the tie/Tyler vote canceled)
    Ty-Bay(if for some reason hay doesn’t cancel out his vote)
    Scottie-Bay(I see him voting her out, as he knows they dont have the votes

  5. ElaineB

    Let’s play “What if Bay stays??”……hey, I am not as optimistic as you all are.

  6. Shivani33

    The Cloud app icon appeared on all house screens minutes before everyone went to play their first hacker comp. It was shown sideways, which made it somewhat puzzling to decipher. Tyler saw it on the kitchen monitor and kept silent. Of course! Scottie saw it and went running to see if it was showing in the living room and confirmed that it was. Kaycee and Sam saw it, too. (So did I, and commented about it here.)

    It was a production error, but I have seen no players talk about it since. Everyone was too preoccupied by the immediate events of the hacker and subsequent Veto comp. Production seems to have gotten away with the goof not affecting the game. It was much easier to let this gaffe slide than when everyone heard Shelby’s booming voice during BBOTT fill the entire house.

    • TamTam

      Bayleigh and some of her crew talked about it yesterday. They also mentioned that since it was given before her power app that it’s cant be good anymore since it had to of expired already.

    • Avatar

      Don’t kid yourself. There are no “Production Errors” They knew full well what they were doing. Everyone in the House except for Tyler remembers there were 3 Power Apps. So in typical Production meddling they couldn’t let that happen. Must keep up the staged and false drama so they slightly exposed Tyler’s secret and sure enough he blabbed to Sam and I am sure it will be around the House by the time the go for the next HOH.

  7. Avatar

    also I now 100% believe Scottie will go before RS, thanks to, you guessed it Haleigh, she said she was never in on the throwing scottie utb, lol, congrats hal, you ruined, Bays game, your game, Fessies game, and now Scotties

  8. danmtruth

    L6/5/4/ set the trap and snared themselves a Shady Scottie

  9. Avatar

    I guess Reality TV should be renamed SEMI Reality TV since Production goes out of their way to accidentally on purpose expose things and their never ending tampering with the game. I get it’s there show and their network and it is all about creating false drama for ratings but we can hope BB21 is actual reality where production shuts up and lets the cast play it out. (We all know that will never happen. Production people want to keep their jobs. Maybe Casting should select better contestants. Just saying)

    Once again Players find it impossible to keep their mouths shut when they get something special. They get this nice advantage and two seconds later they feel compelled to blab about it. You tell one House Guest you may as well tell them all. I don’t understand the strategy. There is no honor among thieves they all want the Grand Prize. If you have a power and you tell them alliance member or not they are going to use that against you to win favor with the other House Guests. Translation “Keep your mouth shut!” But then again I am sure Production will find a way to expose your secret.

    Now is the time the players need to do what Paul FAILED to do and that is Jury Management. Tyler needs to kiss some Bay ass if he hopes to get her vote. I am sure Tyler doesn’t want to but pucker up butter cup.

    • Sassy

      Productions attempts to interfere have been pointless and have had little to no effect on the game yet his year.

      Ty can kiss Bays vote away unless he’s sitting next to Angela at the finale. There is NOTHING he can say or do to change that now. Bay has already cemented these events in her mind with her own distorted truth.

    • HappyHippo

      Yea I don’t like it when production interferes either but I agree with sassy that it hasn’t affected much this season. Hell even Kaitlyn failed at the given way back in…
      No amount of ass kissing to bay would work for Tyler. She is the victim and always will be. Screw her vote…most other people still like him.
      Hopefully we see bay biotch walk out today.

  10. Carl

    10:43am Rocks and Bayleigh
    Bay – are you pregnant for 9 months or 10
    Rocks – for 10 i think… you don’t actually know I mean it’s 9 .. Conceptions.. I don’t know how it works

  11. Apopkedave

    So, what TV show did Sam think she was signing up for?

  12. Avatar

    so do the feeds stay off all of today until after the eviction

  13. HappyHippo

    They should comeback on for an hour or 2 in between lockdown and getting ready for live show….

  14. HappyHippo

    I wonder if swaggy reads sites like these lol

  15. Helen

    Long lockdown today…hopefully bayleigh didnt “black out” in HOH and nut out again!!

    • Shivani33

      Helen, I hope that she’s past the anger phase of being unable to cope. Her behavior spoke for itself as she hijacked Haleigh’s house meeting/essentially non-game guilty plea for being the Real Hacker. However, this is Bay, so it’s anyone’s guess, as far as her and self-control.

      It’s often like watching 2 people battling each other, when we see Bayleigh. We hear her talk to herself, saying things like, “I am a good person, a role model, beautiful and a success. I can do it. I can handle these nasty people.” Then, she goes off and loses herself. She doesn’t even see her own anger or meanness. It doesn’t look as though she is capable of navigating her own mental or emotional well-being. For me, it is sad how skewed she is.

      • WhereisPablo

        She reminds me of a phrase I heard for the first time the other day. “She has lost the run of herself.”

      • Ann

        The girl needs to be tested & put on meds for that shit. Who wants to get so mad that they gnaw on their damn tongue? Something is not right in her head.

  16. Helen

    Sam really wants Bayleigh to stay…the person that creates the most disharmony in the house…hell of a time to turn on the people who kept you in the game Sam…

    • Ann

      Shit, I’m sick of Sam.

      • goldie

        So, so sick of Sam. Think she has smoked one too many joints! Just SHUT UP and go away!

      • Alda

        I wouldn’t be surprised if Sam is “acting”. She turns on the tears,goes into that baby voice and acts off the wall.She could be vying for AFP.She might be happy to walk with 25k.

      • ElaineB

        I don’t think has Sam has good game play, but she might continue to outlast more of the ‘competitors’, with her home spun tales of yore……and the constant use of ‘beautiful’ and ‘special’. Dammit, these HGs believes she really cares!

  17. Mel

    Sam’s vote is still undecided at this point.

  18. Ann

    Ty needs reprogram Sam, give her a jar of bugs, some string, plastic, beads, rocks, cardboard & her cigarettes & a lighter & sit her ass down in a corner away from everybody else to keep her occupied so she dont go screwing up the plan to get rid of Bay.

    • Sassy

      If she votes RHS out, I hope she leaves next week!

      • Alda

        She promised Ty she would always vote his way.Let’s see.Remember,she said many times she always keeps her promise,and never lies.

    • Shivani33

      Everybody will be eating crow if Bayleigh stays. Including Bayleigh. Too much stress for Sam to play the game and to cast a vote? Then ask her if she would consider taking one early, extra dosage of her happy pills. For crying out loud. Promise her a new Vita Mixer or a f* cking Electrolux…for her summer home. Does she want to get pregnant, too? Even that can be arranged. FFS.

  19. Snarky Jenn

    This season has made me come out of the shadows, where I have been reading junkies for a few years now, and comment. First off, how the heck does RHS NOT know how long a pregnancy is? She has 3 kids.. maybe she can count backwards… It’s been 624 weeks since her daughter’s first birthday…. *rolls eyes*

    Also, if Bay does NOT go home tonight, my hubby will find me in a fetal position under a table. That woman is 10 different shades of crazy and needs a time out in the jury house, big time! Sam is killing me. She needs to cut the cord with Bay and let her go. I like Sam, but this mother hen, and playing with her heart is honestly getting old.

    Hay’s damage control is amusing to watch, but not as amusing as the Hive’s reaction every week to the eviction outcome! Gearing up to watch tonight show… snacks – check ….. drinks – check …. Bay’s face when she gets evicted and RHS stays…. PRICELESS

  20. Avatar

    Sorry, just can’t hate on Sam I’ve got a sister just like her wants everybody to be happy & is usually very hard on herself. She’s also always making stuff for people (not necessarily things they want lol) but she has a good heart. But I do agree this probably isn’t the game for het

  21. Avatar

    If Bayleigh stays I cannot wait to see the comments on this sight lol will the hoh comp be on the live feeds tonight or will they be crowned before the episode is up?

    • Sassy

      Either Steve or Mel speculated the HOH will start after the show due to the amount of stuff they have to cover tonight. Did not say whether they thought we’d be able to watch on the feeds.

  22. Carl

    On Joker at about 2:20 Sam ask Kaycee why they can’t get the votes to keep Bayleigh.

  23. Carl

    2:20 over on Joker Sam ask Kaycee why they can’t get the votes to keep Bay

    • Helen

      KC should have said…because most of the house wants her out….to create harmony…

      • Shivani33

        Kaycee is nice. A good, nice friend. Has there been any evidence of her being clever or smart? Nooooo. Nothing so far. Her performance in memory or intelligence-based comps has been negligible. Is she hiding her light under a bushel? Your guess is as good as mine. Although, I have made my guess already. disappointedly yours, Shivani.

      • Helen

        KC was my top pick at beginning…her performance has been sadly disappointing…
        Brett also..while he is socially smooth..competition wise he fails
        RS has surprised me…everyone is viewing Bayleigh as a threat while she has only won a luck based comp..other than that she does not do well. RS has come close twice
        While I really want Bayleigh out,they may be voting out the lesser of the threats….as far as comps are concerned…

      • Avatar

        Bay is the threat both to peoples health and game wise(She has way too much power)

      • Helen

        Sam really likes Bayleigh…more than she does RS…so..I’m not counting on her vote…what may be funny is last night Scottie told Haleigh to vote with the house if she wasn’t absolutely sure of 4 votes..he then told her not to trust JC because he was telling L6 he was voting out Bayleigh..they also don’t think they have Brett’s vote…
        Will Scottie and Hayleigh vote with the house? To feel safe?

      • Avatar

        Sam also liked Rachel, Winston, and Swaggy she voted them out, also Sam likes everybody

      • Helen

        I agree Colby but I think the difference is she connected with Bayleigh on an emotional level when she was HOH and Bayleigh went up there and started crying …she became vulnerable in Sams eyes…ever the mother “protector”

      • Avatar

        she has to choose between Tyler or Bayleigh, if sam doesn’t evict bay, she will beat herself up over the fact she is the reason tyler left

  24. HappyHippo

    I really hate it when they cut off live feeds WAY ahead of the live show. KC and Tyler were talking about trying to convince Sam to vote bay out ugh! Sam was being very stubborn…At least each Thursday has kept us on our toes! Great season

  25. Avatar

    I think Sam will vote her out, Ty will say he is scared and he wants Sam to help him

  26. Helen

    I must say…they need to fire whoever did the mental health screenings this year..
    Bailey with an explosive temper that causes her to black out
    Sam who is so emotionally unstable she goes into meltdown mode over casting a vote

  27. ladycobra


  28. danmtruth

    With the feed down we don’t get to see all the last min deal and conversation taking place Angela & KC are talking non-stop Get out their and get the troops in order

  29. Avatar

    Swaggy said on Twitter that KC is bitter because she can’t have Bay. Is there any truth to this? I have seen Bay flirt with KC but not the other way around.

    • Avatar

      Swaggy is a moron

      • Ann

        ColbyF, Swaggy is not a moron. Swaggy is a BIG DUMBASS MORON!!!!
        I hope Bay flips out on him & bites his tongue off.

    • Shivani33

      Kaycee said yesterday that she doesn’t like Bayleigh. She did like her, but it has changed. She said it to Tyler and Angela, and it seemed to be a reluctant conclusion. Kaycee is turned off by Bay’s capriciousness and her cruel streak.

      Young Swag is blind with infatuation. This too shall pass, if he lets himself think about it. But will he? I wonder how many baby mamas/kids he has already. When the Season began, a photo was published showing him sitting surrounded by 3 women holding babies or toddlers. There was no accompanying statement giving any specifics. I don’t know if these were his kids or not.

    • Snarky Jenn

      Hey Swaggy…the village called. They’re looking for their idiot.

    • ElaineB

      Let’s see how invested Swaggy is in Bay and yakking about all his dumb BB theories on Twitter, when Bay is eliminated once and for all, with no chance of return. At least at this time, she is still in the running for 500K……the Big Swag would love a piece of that.

  30. Sassy

    On Twitter, they are saying football takes precedence and we might not see the first part of the show. Is this true and how do we find out?

  31. RAY SAY

    Bay has to go, too much baggage, starting to play the victim, I guess she think its ‘Affirmative Action’ BB

  32. Helen

    Sam has really just blown me away today with her indecision…for weeks she has let it be known Tyler and KC are her main priorities….she told Tyler long ago as long as she was in the game she would have his back…it just is not making any sense to me why or what changed ?

    • Snarky Jenn

      Maybe Moonshine withdrawal. I though Tyler was her “ride or die?”

    • ladycobra

      JC told the group last night that Sam told him that JC and Fess are her favorites. I think her favorites change as the wind blows. She told KC that she is like 50 first dates, she starts new every day. I believe there is a lot of truth to that. Her favorite changes based on what is said to her by whom first thing in the morning and then things fester in her head all day. I think Tyler lost her due to the house meeting. For some reason her heart went to Bay not Tyler. Sam is also not remembering that she promised Angela that she would vote the way she wanted her to. I believe L4/5/6 has lost Sam. Sam needs to go. She went from the top of my list to the bottom. I don’t know why she decided to even play this game unless she never really understood what it was all about Sam said she may move to LA, she would be eaten alive in any big city.

  33. Mel

    Tyler didn’t stay on top of Sam enough this week. No one bothered to tell her Bay was the target until today. Who knows what going to happen? Lol

    • Shivani33

      Sam cannot stand feeling discluded, as we know. Tyler has been awfully busy staying on top of Angela. Tee-hee.

      • Helen

        Tyler gets a little too complacent with alliance members….he has a habit of focusing on one person and disregards the rest for long periods of time…he did the same thing with BSC psycho chick…almost like he just takes others loyalties for granted…

    • Alda

      Sam is ALLOWED to go up the steps and into the HOH room.Maybe she’d learn a few things if she mingled more.

  34. danmtruth

    As for Bay and Swaggy should take a hint Christopher Guest said it beast ; If you’re deluded, you live in a place where there isn’t everyone else’s reality.
    That sums up Bay she is all knowing all correct Incapable of doing anything wrong

  35. danmtruth

    Another Thursday another question about the vote As many of us are counting Boonedox is waiting to have either celebratory Turtle cheesecake Or drown your sorrows turtle cheesecake Everyone ready

  36. Helen

    2:42 JC asks Sam if she is ok in PB and if she wants to talk to him.She says she don’t know.She just needed to take a Faysal break.Says she is in a different spot than before.She is still not going to tell anyone what she is going to do..

  37. Mr. Beardo

    I just saw on BSC’s ig that she’s hanging out with Donny, Kevin and Josh. What an odd crew..

  38. Helen

    Sam has been in the DR for over 15 minutes with only 45 minutes to go until live episode. Not normal.


  39. caRyn

    New thread.

  40. Helen

    She said when they call her to the DR during live show she is going to refuse to vote. She was told she can’t do that. She stayed and cried most of the time. Then tried to leave the DR through the side exit (which would be a self eviction) but was asked to stay.

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