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Big Brother 20 – Counting The Votes

Good afternoon, everyone!


There is literally nothing going on in the Big Brother house today. They were woken up early and the feeds went down for about 3 hours which they likely shot the memory lane episode nobody really cares about. Jeff may have come in the house as well, but I care even less about him than the memory lane episode.

Side note – I’m seriously done with these houseguests they keep forcing on us. Jeff and Rachel are the worst with that. I tweeted today that she is going to be on the next season of The Amazing Race (as most already knew) but I didn’t realize this was her third appearance on that show! That combines with 2 seasons of Big Brother and appearances in BB14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 20, and Celeb BB. That is 5 full chances to win $500k-$1m and 7 guest appearances. She was also on Celeb Fear Factor but that’s a different network.  How does she keep showing up year after year?

Getting sidetracked. That brings me to Tyler and the rest of the final 3 and their odds of winning.  Note – be prepared to see plenty of Tyler on CBS shows in the future. I think he’s going to be the next Jeff.


Tyler won round 1 of the HoH competition which means Kaycee and JC will square off in Round 2. I’d put odds of Kaycee winning around 99.34% so I’m going to write this article like Kaycee already won. Round 2 of the competitions typically require a lot of running and dexterity and nobody in the house can beat Kaycee in those type of competitions right now.

For reference, here are the recent round 2 comps…

  • BB19 – Shoot slingshot at cutouts. Required a ton of running
  • BB18 – Run through that super long thing before sending a roller coaster down a hill. Tons of running
  • BB17 – Crossword puzzle that they had to scale a wall to complete
  • BB16 – Another scaling wall competition
  • BB15 – Scaling a wall
  • BB14 – Scaling a wall

Here are the possible scenarios…

JC vs Kaycee


Kaycee wins easily. Maybe 8-1

JC vs Tyler
For JC – Sam, Bayleigh, Fessy (3)
For Tyler – Angela, Kaycee, Brett, Haleigh, Scottie, Rockstar (6)

Tyler wins 6-3

Tyler vs Kaycee
For Kaycee – Bayleigh, Fessy, Rockstar,
For Tyler – Angela, JC, Scottie,


Leaning Kaycee – Sam
Leaning Tyler – Brett, Haleigh

This vote comes down to the final speech but I see Tyler winning 5-4

Let me break down the Tyler vs Kaycee votes…

The only easy people to decide on were Bayleigh and Angela. Fessy almost certainly would go for Kaycee as well and I think Rockstar would vote Tyler if she were alone in the game but she’ll likely copy her alliance. That is the same reason I can see Haleigh possibly voting Kaycee even though she really wants to vote Tyler. In the end, I think Haleigh sticks with Tyler because she respects the game and him. It will be tough because her alliance will pressure her to screw Tyler but I don’t think she will.


JC is also kind of a wild card because he shares a bond with Kaycee but I really think he has a crush on Tyler. Like a real crush and way more than he even jokes about.

Sam and Brett are also really tough. A week ago, both would be locks for Tyler. However, they are potentials for being upset over Tyler breaking the final 2 word. At the same time, they don’t really seem like bitter people and Sam without a doubt got along better with Tyler throughout the season and Brett bro’d up to Tyler when Winston left.

Kaycee has a ton of recent comp wins, but there is an argument to say she got carried for 3/4 of the season where Tyler basically had to scheme from the beginning. Tyler won the first HoH which put a target on his back and it was uphill from there. While live feeders know that Kaycee was more involved in the discussions than people realize, the jury won’t know that. They’ll just see Kaycee as a really good person who played possum and let Tyler and Angela do the dirty work.

Kaycee won one HoH and got out Haleigh in a very obvious move. She won 5 veto competitions but didn’t use the veto at all.  The ‘blood’ on her hands basically consisted of shooting a fish in a barrel.

Tyler won three HoH competitions and got out Steve (when it was supposed to be Sam but he flipped Kaitlyn), Scottie, and Brett – his ally. He also won the veto three times and used it twice. One of the veto uses was to backdoor Swaggy.


In terms of ‘blood’ and overall getting your hands dirty, Tyler wins by far. As much as Kaycee is a beast, this part of the game is really not even close. The social game is where Kaycee did really well at and not making promises she couldn’t keep. We saw from Paul that players really don’t like that no matter how good they are throughout the season. Kaycee’s social game will make the vote close and really possibly win her the season, but I just don’t think it will be enough to give her the win.

For the record, I do think she would have beaten Angela in the finale.


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  1. mm22

    Thanks Steve-I also think KC would win over Angela if they were f2

  2. feltso gudinya

    tyler has chosen love over money……..l’amour, l’amour, l’amour…..

  3. feltso gudinya

    more important……jamaican patties bogo at publix……..setting my alarm for six……

  4. Avatar

    KC threw 500,000 away when she kept Tyler over Angela.

  5. GoodGame

    Back from a Hurricane Florence Murder of my iPhone!
    KC wins this game if she is brought to the final 2. Let’s Go!

  6. mustangsally

    I hope to never see Rachel again, never liked her from her first season. Jeff’s ok. I can hear her whinny brats running around sounding just like her, poor kids.:)

  7. NKogNeeTow

    I’m always a day late and a dollar short. Just finished posting my ass off on the last thread then BAM! I find out there’s a new one…lol

  8. hogwild

    We know the old saying you can end up looking like the first letters of the word assume when you do it even so I’m going to assume the final two are Tyler and KC if so this is how I see the jury votes going.
    For Tyler
    Angela- For obvious reasons.
    Sam- She was a little ticked at Tyler but she was closer to him all season than she ever was with KC and will vote for him.
    Brett- He will put on show but I think he respects Tylers game and will vote for him.
    Haleigh- It seems like she has come to terms with the fact it was her poor gameplay that did her in and not hold it against Tyler.
    For KC
    Scottie- He had such issues with both Tyler and Angela the second time he was voted out I cant seem him voting for Tyler.
    Faysal- I just don’t think his ego will let him admit or come to terms with the fact Tyler just outwitted him.
    Rockstar – I honestly think she would vote KC just to do the opposite of Brett.
    Bayleigh- She seems like the one still the most bitter and would use this for payback against Tyler.
    This leaves JC and I really have no idea which way he would go his vote reminds me of Cody’s last season but for the opposite reason he didn’t like Josh or Paul and probably would have loved it if they could both lose where JC seems really tight and close with both Tyler and KC.
    My take on these votes is based just on the very limited and edited stuff we have seen from CBS so this observation could be right off the edge of the map.

  9. NKogNeeTow

    I posted before I finished my last comment.

    I’m really having a hard time deciding who I want to win (not that it matters or is even up to me). I’m also having a hard time on who to vote AFH. I’m torn between the F4. I decided last night to split my votes 50/50 every night between the 2 different ones each night and let the chips fall where they may. Last night it was Angela/JC, tonight it will be Tyler/KC and continue to alter the split every night till the voting closes. I know that seems like cheating but I honestly like them all and can’t decide.

  10. danmtruth

    First and foremost thanks for all the well wishes and words of encouragement From my BBJ friends & family Never think your words cant have positive effects on others
    Back to my take on the remaining players I think I got thru the HIVE house Minus Bret who has fallen back to his duchy frat boy You are a few years out of college Time to move on Still say he votes for TY over KC Not sure where he might go with TY v JC yet in the end I say game play he gives it to TY

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  12. danmtruth

    JC we all talk about Sam being Jealous of Angela when it comes to TY Yet who can deny that even tho JC jokes about it JC has a big crush on TY It was a sad bitter sweet moment with JC winning HOH His basket and letter just reminds him on how alone he is with no blood family supporting him His Final night guest should be interesting Dime store shrink here Could JC dislike for Angela be a double that she stole his man TY Also that she was like the women who his father cheated with
    JC or production have tried to keep up this idea that JC was making all these behind the scene moves Even his BIG move to get Angela out It was down to 3 choices so what was the big move ? JC did good in keeping Fessy confused But honestly how hard of a job was that
    what JC is hoping for https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F9B5HuwBYXE

  13. danmtruth

    back tract to Angela It’s hard to feel sorry for such a good looking women who on the surface has it all You can see she is not comfortable with physical contact with many It shows with her stand offish hugs The only two people she felt comfortable being with were TY & KC She work hard Was true to her people

  14. danmtruth

    KC whats not to like She was loyal to the end Say what you will I think she has most of the jury house with her against TY With her only missing Angela Bret for votes
    As someone said get her on American Nijia

  15. Avatar

    Sam is very angry and hurt by Tyler. I think she votes Kaycee. JC is gonna be fired up when Tyler evicts him or if Kaycee does, he will probably still blame Tyler. As crazy as it seems, I could see Rockstar being the swing vote!

  16. Avatar

    Brett is not voting Tyler over KC. He is still loyal to L6, and Tyler turned on him too soon. Brett would vote for Tyler over JC.

  17. Avatar

    Oh NO!!!!! I was looking forward to the Amazing Race until I just read Rachel will be on there this season. I wish I could’ve skipped over that part and let the disappointment set in later.

  18. jimbo

    I disagree with the word “bitter” being used on someone who votes against you because you broke your FINAL 2 deal. To many, your word is an important thing. If you give your word to 4 people, and you lied to 3 of them, how does that make the three lied to bitter? YOU LIED! If someone votes against you because you’re a LIAR, they are voting against you because you lied, not because they are bitter! Maybe they simply aren’t impressed with gameplay which is based on lying. You don’t have to make four F2 deals to win — Dr Will and loads others didn’t make hoards of F2 deals. Perhaps, they vote against you because that is clunky gameplay. Not that they are bitter.

  19. Shivani33

    2 hrs. ago from Dr. Will: ” I know you guys are nervous, but try to relax – I’m the best in the world at this and won’t let you down.” Studio City is glittering as the jurors meet with him.

  20. Shivani33

    Angela has been lucky not to have had to go live in the jury house at all. She was saved from that experience by the order of her eviction being fourth. After tonight’s roundtable between Dr. Will and the jurors, everyone on the jury is sequestered in hotel rooms. Very likely the amount of time that Angela had with the others was very limited, until the roundtable. I would’ve loved to see that whole thing on film.

  21. Shivani33

    People have been wondering whether the jury members would influence Angela by telling her how many of them had a F2 with Tyler. Or would she sway them by emphasizing how well Tyler has played the whole game? There’s just that much time left, though – and Angela doesn’t spend a single night with them before the finale. Whoever goes out at F3 has almost no time with any fellow jurors, goes straight to “debriefing” and sequester.

    • aka beachgirl

      When you’re making final two deals on day three, it only makes sense to make them with multiple people. I’m sure that Tyler would’ve happily been in a final two with any one of the people he made a final to deal with. When you’re doing this early in the game you have no clue if the person you’re making the deal with will even be there at the end. So, since you can’t really control the entire game (even though he may have tried) you don’t know who’s going to get voted out by the other 15 people you’re in the house with. Multiple final two deals make perfect sense to me. And if any of these players would think rationally – they’d agree.

  22. NKogNeeTow

    I walked into the room after BBAD had started and so far…

    Tyler, KC and JC were laying in the blue room talking. JC got up to take a shower and KC and Tyler started talking about Days (?)

    JC instead, went into the Jenga room to work out. He got on his knees and did push-ups. He looked like a baby learning to crawl.

    Tyler asks KC if she’s hungry. She asks him if he is. He asks her if she is. *Yes, this is real*

    He says he’s bored so he’s going to cook something. *Because what else has he got to do*

    JC is being a brat tonight. He wouldn’t put on his mic and got multiple warnings. *Just like a child, he never did it when requested but did when he was ordered*

    He also keeps singing and has received multiple warnings about that. *Bob doesn’t sound in a very good mood tonight*

    KC gets a warning about “NO NAPPING”.

    Tyler is in the kitchen making some kind of concoction. Looks like barbqued salmon. He cut up lemon, THEN washed them. *Must be a Hilton Head thang*

    The strangest thing just happened. KC was on her way to the kitchen and a picture of Hay flash on the screen. Looks like she was wearing the dress from her punishment.

    JC went into the bathroom to shave. Tyler continues to cook.

    Bob tells the 3 of them to go to the SR. Pop has sent them a relaxation basket, complete with facials, facial mist, skin toner, scalp and foot massagers, bubble bath, body mist, shower gel, lotions, and potions.

    KC plays masseuse and gives Tyler and JC scalp massages.

    Tyler continues to cook as KC goes to take a shower. JC says they’re going to have an LGBT dinner.

  23. Jay H

    I’m not sure why, but it drives me nuts when the contestants suck up to “CBS”. It rarely pays off for them.

  24. Shivani33

    Ooh. A photo of Haleigh, listening intently during the roundtable, just leaked. She looks stunning! She looks positively ravishing! Her hair and makeup are to die for perfection! Her green, natural fiber halter top divinely accents her eyes! She so deserves to be assaulted by compliments like she lavished on Moonchen.

  25. NKogNeeTow

    JC wants to do the facials tonight. Tyler tells him no, it’s supposed to be done after a shower. JC read the back of the package and told him it didn’t say that.

    Tyler mixed the rice with the quinoa. JC told him he shouldn’t have done that. Tyler told him then sit there and pick the quinoa out of the rice.

    JC sings a little bit and gets a warning. JC says something and Bob says “Sorry”. Tyler tells Bob that’s alright and to not let JC get to him.

    Dinners ready and JC and Tyler are setting the table. They’re getting everything ready while they wait for KC.

    This is going to be a s-l-o-w night folks. I’ll try to stretch it out as best as I can. Steve and Mel are good at stretching 2 lines into an editorial. I, on the other hand, am not.

    JC tells Tyler about the time he ripped a pillow and put the feathers on Brett’s head while he was sleeping and he got a warning telling him to not destroy the pillows.

    Tyler tells JC he’ll make the steak tomorrow (he marinated a steak last night). *For some odd reason, I feel the need to keep apologizing for all this excitement*

    JC tells Tyler that the food smells good. Tyler tells him he made the sauce himself. JC is telling him about a sauce that Angela made and that it was really good. *That might have been the nicest thing he’s said about her so far*

    Tyler finds some beans in the fridge and decides to add them to the menu. Papa John’s Oven Baked Beans.

    KC has joined them. She asks Tyler what he put in his sauce and he tells her. They are ready to eat and all sit down for a family dinner.

    Tyler says tonight’s dinner is brought to you by Pop TV.

    I just noticed that the table is a lot smaller, almost the side of a round card table. A bench is also missing.

    Tyler says they eat this then pass out. JC says yes, then they are ready for bed.

    Dinner is bbq salmon, rice and quinoa, sauteed veggies, and sliced bananas. I don’t like anything but the salmon but it looks good.

    JC keeps trying to sing “I Want It That Way” (Backstreet Boys). He catches himself and stops. He’s been singing it all night.

    Casual dinner chit-chat.

  26. Shivani33

    It was kind of obvious that Angela dressed up beautifully to be evicted. I was so happy that she wore some FU high heels (in neutral!) to tower over Julie Chen when greeting her. She might not have heard what Julie said about her yet, but dressing well is some sweet revenge. Angela can look back on that with bittersweet pleasure.

    • Jay H

      I’m curious, not doubting you, how do you think she heard about Julie’s shit talk?

      • Shivani33

        I said that “she might not have heard what Julie said about her yet….” I don’t think she knows yet. Unless she heard it from DR. She has heard the Ice Queen nickname, that is for sure. Angela has talked about her portrayal as a woman with a heart of steel. She has talked about being worked over in DR. You might not be a woman, but Angela will be glad that she wore those heels to talk to Julie. Most of us remember what we wore at big moments, down to the last detail.

      • danmtruth

        She showed just as much poise as Bay if not more As Julie was fawning over Bay While it seemed Julie wanted to send a dig in on Angela But Angela was too classy

    • Avatar
      WhereisPablo (545 comments)

      I agree Shiv. Angela walked out like she owned that stage and in my opinion, made Julie look several rungs down on the “glamour” ladder. I was glad that she was the one of L6 to go, but loved the way she left.

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  28. NKogNeeTow

    During dinner, they are discussing all the alliance names Hive went through, starting with FOUTTE. Tyler tells them what FOUTTE stands for and JC and KC laugh.

    They are making fun of Swaggy. JC calls it “Backdoor To The Future”. Tyler says it all seems so long ago. JC says you couldn’t go into one room with less than 6 people there. He said he wanted to die.

    I swear there isn’t a thing JC eats without bananas. The other night he put it over his dinner and he had it over half of his plate tonight. I’m surprised he hasn’t swung up the handrail and hung from the balcony.

    JC asks Tyler what he thinks is his best quality. Tyler says he has a pretty good mindset. Then JC asks him what’s his worst. Tyler asks him to tell him what his is. JC says that he can’t control himself sometimes. He says it’s good to be honest sometimes but not always.

    Tyler says he doesn’t get mad or when he does, he doesn’t show it. JC tells him that he (T) is either happy and smiling or crying. Tyler said that when Bay was yelling at him he was mad and when the Hacker put him OTB he was mad, that he blew up.

    Tyler said he was mad a lot of other times, he just can’t remember. JC says he only remembers Tyler being mad one time. KC asks JC if it turned him on. JC says Oh God yes! He says that even when Tyler is mad he doesn’t even look it.

    JC and Tyler argue over who won the Veto when the Hacker put Tyler up. JC says it was Tyler. Tyler tells him it was Angela. JC says Angela claimed it but Tyler really won it. Tyler laughs at him.

    Tyler keeps spraying his face with the face mist and says it really changed his life. JC says he still looks crusty and greasy…lol

    KC wants to have teatime in the bedroom. She looks at the basket and asks if they think someone handmade it. Tyler says Sam made it.

    They go through the basket, deciding which mask to put on. JC goes into the bathroom to put his on and Tyler and KC said they aren’t going to do theirs and not tell him so he’ll be the only one.

    JC comes out of the bathroom looking like Leather Face. *I can’t remember the name of the horror movie* Tyler takes his hair down to fix it and JC starts to sing the song he made up for him, only he sings it about Winston.

    They go into the LR and sit and drink their tea. They sit down and tells Julie, it’s teatime. They mention how in the beginning the sofa was so full of people. They reminisce about their time in the house.

  29. NKogNeeTow

    More general chit-chat with bouts of silence.

    Tyler says Julie is going to announce “Houseguest, there is a surprise battle back and Swaggy and Steve will be battling their way for a chance at the final 2”.

    They start talking about Sam. Tyler says RS told him how she got Sam on their side. She said she talked to Sam about the game whether she wanted to hear it or not.

    Then they start talking about RS. They laugh because she thought there were only 3 people working together. Tyler says more like 5 or more. *JC STILL hasn’t caught the hint*

    KC says they (the 3 of them) survived it all. JC said Hay had a chance, that no one was targeting her, and she blew it. They move from her to Rachel. They discuss who voted out Rachel.

    They start laughing about when Winston was voted out. They say Fessy never knew anything. They start laughing about how they always knew what was happening and who was going home and the other side never knew.

    JC is making fun of Fessy saying that he would ask “did you lock the votes” and he had to tell him that’s not how it works. They are cracking up over this.

    JC goes and removes his mask and Tyler tells him he looks 10 years younger. Tyler says that he can’t wait until they get out and see how they look now compared to when they got there. He says he feels like he’s aged 10 years.

    KC goes to brush her teeth. JC and Tyler continue to sit on the sofa and talk. They start to make fun of Rachel again. JC said she was so dramatic.

    Tyler says he can’t believe it’s been almost 100 f*cking days. He and JC count back the time to March. JC says he had just come back from L.A. Tyler says he was in Austrailia. *What the hell kind of lifeguard job does Tyler have that he can travel all over the world and WHO do I have to kill to get one like it?*

    JC says the only thing they’ve had to do for 3 months is talk to each other every day. Tyler says that’s more most people do with their friends. Tyler says that he feels like he can talk to people now. He says this experience is something that they will have to talk to people about for years to come.

    KC is back. Tyler tells them he’s going to be talking about OTEV until he’s 80. They say poor RockStar. JC tells Tyler that when he gets home he’s going to buy a TV, lay in bed, watch the show and go to the gym.

    Tyler says he’s not sure if he could watch it but he does want to see what everyone else sees. JC says he wants to see Zingbot.

    JC is sitting alone on the sofa (Orwell is on the other sofa). He just stares around the room for a minute. Like he’s trying to remember everything. KC is in bed asleep. Tyler must be in the bathroom.

    JC is just sitting there, staring off into space, occasionally playing with the tag on his teabag, but continuously staring. The house is eerily quiet.

  30. NKogNeeTow

    Tyler tells JC from the other room that he looks so lonely. JC says he is lonely. Bob ask Tyler to put on his mic. Bob thanks him.

    Tyler goes to bed, leaving JC sitting in the LR. JC says to himself that he’s going to brush his teeth and go to bed. He goes to the kitchen, washes his hands then toddles off to the bathroom.

    In the bedroom, Tyler tells KC that Angela would wake up in the middle of the night and couldn’t get back to sleep because she had a thought. He said it was like she could sense things. He then covers his head with a shirt and KC covers her face with her pillow.

    JC is on his way into the bedroom, singing his Tyler song. When he gets into the bedroom, Tyler tells him to sleep on the end bed but he says he doesn’t like that bed because of the light from the hallway. Tyler tells him to go sleep in the other room then. JC says he’s going to close the Berlin wall.

    KC asks them if Pop gives them things after the show is over. Tyler says he thinks so. They discuss what might happen tomorrow and Sunday. KC is trying to figure out the schedule.

    None of them have on their mics and the audio is really bad in the bedroom. KC says they only have 4 more days. They are speculating about the second part of the comp again and what it might be. Tyler says they’ll see and it’s almost done.

    JC says what if tonight’s the last night and the finale is tomorrow and they didn’t do anything to enjoy themselves. Tyler tells him he should always enjoy himself. Bob announces “HOUSE GUEST, REMEMBER TO ENJOY YOURSELVES”. JC thanks Bob. Bob says “YOU’RE WELCOME”.

    JC goes to the bathroom, then back to the bedroom. JC says they should turn out the lights. Production turns them off then says “YOU’RE WELCOME”. They laugh and JC tells Bob he’s such a hater. Bob again says “YOU’RE WELCOME”.

    JC gets into bed and asks Bob to talk to him. Bob doesn’t respond.

    All are in bed asleep. I hope you all are too. Have a GREAT day tomorrow! 🙂

  31. mm22

    So funny …JC gets told by bob don’t destroy
    the pillow yet Sam was allowed to dismantle
    half the house

  32. mm22

    Thanks NKog … when u wrote JC
    toddles off I laughed out loud -the added
    humor mixed in with your updates
    are great

  33. FW aka CY

    Thanks for another night of playful badinage and broadcasting, funky mama. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rUpP7CnW4yA

  34. ladycobra

    I saw where it seems a good many of you peeps live in Fl. We will be moving to The Villages in about a year. We have been down several times to look at houses and check out the golf courses. Heat was not that bad when we were there, no worse than Georgia’s heat and humidity. You guys have me worried now that I may not be able to deal with the heat. I sure don’t want to spend my golden years in a house trying to stay cool.

  35. Avatar

    Ladycobra I live in The Villages. This year was the worst year for the heat. Too hot to even golf.

    • ladycobra

      I keep telling my hubby that it may be to hot down there for him to golf everyday. He doesn’t believe that it is ever to hot to golf LOL I am a fair weather golfer, it can’t be to cold or to hot. Are you happy living there Dana? We are getting very excited. So much to do there.

    • feltso gudinya

      and yet in southeast florida most days barely hit 90 degrees……how weird is that?…..the villages r also located in central florida….move closer to the coast…..

  36. Avatar

    Ladycobra, I used to absolutely think it was heaven on earth, but now from November to May, it gets too crowded. If you don’t buy a priority golf you won’t get on the Championship courses in the winter. Also, make sure you ask about the bonds on the houses, the realtor usually won’t tell you about it till they have youre reeled in. Try to buy in Sumter county, taxes are lower. Personally if I were you I wouldn’t buy south of 466A.

    • feltso gudinya

      folks, they’re talking about the worst place to live in florida. no one wants to pay any taxes so of course the place is a backwoods disaster……the boca delray area is lush, green and beautiful………….just driving around town is a sensual experience…..u get what u pay for……

    • ladycobra

      Thanks for the tips. I am familiar with Sumter county, that is where we have been looking. Plus they have a Sonny’s in the square, gotta have my Sonny’s.

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