Big Brother 20 Donations

I want to give everyone a huge thank you this year for your donations! I’m not going to sugarcoat it, tips feel good! It feels good to get recognized for the hard working no matter the amount and probably keeps me staring at the computer longer than my eyes want me to, but I don’t mind!

Here is a huge thanks to everyone who has donated this year:
(if I missed anyone and you want to be added, please let me know!)

Thomas D ♦ Tamara S ♦ Richard C ♦ Tonya F ♦ Craig W ♦ Deanna M ♦ Jennifer L ♦ Evan G ♦ Aaron A ♦ Veronica C ♦ David G ♦ Mary Beth H ♦ Pamela B ♦ Shannon R ♦ Elizabeth W ♦

And some donations from places from companies that may want shoutouts as well…

If you are listed and want a link to any page you want, please contact me and let me know!