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Big Brother 20 – Double Eviction Coverage

Good evening, everyone!


As most of you know, I live outside of Boston, and you probably heard about the shit ton of explosions up here. Well, that happened about a mile from my house and roughly where I grew up, so it’s been a crazy day here but everyone I know seems to be okay and all is good. Things are calming down and I think they found out the problem.

That does mean I didn’t catch any of the feeds this afternoon, but most Thursday afternoons are dead as I’ve said nearly every week this season. People are just preparing for the live show and the only time it even gets remotely crazy is when a last-minute flip happens. They are not flipping and Haleigh will almost certainly be evicted tonight. The big question will be if Brett follows her out the door.

I forgot to say it when I discussed this, but I want to point out that Brett is not making a mistake in strategy, neither is L6 for going after him. Brett’s best plan was exactly what he suggested to Tyler which was let Sam or JC go after Angela and try to get into the f4 with JC, Sam, and Tyler. Kaycee is basically a lock to win against anyone in the house right now so if anyone takes her to the end, they’re dumber than Cody. Gettin Angela and Kaycee out without pissing them off and ruining their jury votes was the right move. The problem was that Brett didn’t have a great read on Tyler and didn’t realize that he was as close to Angela and Kaycee as he is.


Brett probably could have skipped even telling Tyler but he would have had to come up with a good reason for Tyler to throw the HoH to Sam or JC. Let’s be real, the person to win the next HoH will almost certainly be Brett, Tyler, or Angela so getting them to throw it was the key part of the plan. Brett may have offered to win the HoH himself and threw it to Sam had he known Tyler was in love with Angela, but he didn’t. This is a big reason why I suggested Brett work on a plan B a few weeks back. Rockstar was obviously not the right choice for that, but sticking with L6 will earn him 6th place unless he, Sam, or JC win the next HoH.

Now, it’s also not dumb for L6 to eliminate Brett. Now that they know Brett would gun for them, he has to go. That is the obvious move in this situation and there is no other way around it.

45 minutes to go until the show so I’ll stop this now. We’ll see the next HoH, PoV, and eviction play out on TV. I’m unsure if they’ll begin the second HoH live or later on tonight. Either way, I’ll start a new thread to cover the post-eviction feeds.

  • If you need to watch the live show, this link should work
    • Julie Chen is indeed hosting the show tonight
    • Again, I’m so tired of hearing “let’s go!”
  • Quick highlights of the week
    • Brett tells the DR it could be time to take a shot at Angela
    • Clips of Brett/Tyler talking. The downfall of Brett
  • First eviction –
    • Haleigh says Julie is amazing
    • Sam doesn’t have a speech prepared
    • Sam says if she leaves, she’ll take a piece of everyone. People in the house think it’s symbolic but the crowd laughs because Sam may be literal
  • Votes
    • Tyler – Haleigh
    • JC – Haleigh
    • Brett – Haleigh
    • Angela – Haleigh
  • Haleigh gets an enormous applause
    • Angela and Kaycee both throw Brett under the bus
    • This was to make Brett look bad so he’s shit on in the jury
  • Clips of old comps to study for HoH which leads us to this HoH comp…
    • This is a trivia thing with a point system.  I’ll try to update points
    • Brett – 4
    • Angela – 3
    • JC – 3
    • Tyler – 6
    • Sam – 5
    • Tyler wins HoH!
  • Tyler tells Brett to throw the veto and he’ll get the blood on his hands (what blood.. oh, Brett’s blood)
  • Nominations
    • Sam is trashing Angela when the show returns
    • Jc and Sam are up
  • PoV time!
    • A weird puzzle game where they roll a ball
    • Angela wins PoV
  • Veto meeting
    • She uses the PoV on JC and says this move is being ‘one step ahead’
    • Tyler nominates Brett
  • Speeches
    • Sam is sorry for doubting Angela and plans to keep being boring if she stays
    • Brett knows what’s going on. He says he’s played loyal but he understands the game move
    • Says don’t send him to the house with blockstar
  • Votes
    • JC – Brett
    • Tyler – Brett
    • KC – Brett

Julie signs off the air by saying “I’m Julie Chen Moonves” which is her way to stand behind her husband which means she will almost certainly be gone


Going to create a new thread for the HoH


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  1. Joy

    Once again, thanks Steve!

  2. Mr. Beardo

    Glad you and yours are good Capt. Steve! It’s been a pleasure to watch an alliance work in such harmony this season. That should end tonight but here’s a shout out to their synchronicity..


  3. AIO_7

    “As most of you know, I live outside of Boston, and you probably heard about the shit ton of explosions up here. Well, that happened about a mile from my house and roughly where I grew up,”…..

    NBC Nightly News covered it, but barely, because of the hurricane coverage. It’s natural gas. Do you have natural gas coming into your house? Thank goodness I’m total electric; I don’t trust gas. That type of thing happens all too often.

  4. AIO_7

    I’m hoping that Brett wins the first HoH so that he can throw a wrench into Threes Company (thanks Lynn) plan to 86 him.

  5. danmtruth

    First fukweed look at the top of the page in the header with all the HG pictures there is one link to customize your avatar hope that helps
    Steve thanks good read We are spoiled this season With L6 working well together All putting in the work So yes the game gets personal now The tough thing is as fans you want to see good game play rewarded Yet in the end you want to be standing next to someone you can beat

  6. danmtruth

    Sit Back Relax and Strap It Down!!! lets go

  7. Seattle Kari

    I have not been watching the news today so I didn’t hear about the explosions in Boston How scary!!

  8. AIO_7

    Buh bye, Heidi ……………………………………………………………………………………………………….ho.

  9. Jannie

    Sam – “if I leave here tonight I’m gonna take a piece of every one of you with me.”
    YIKES! 😀

  10. danmtruth

    jury vote order as I see it with Hay being gone
    KC- NO one will beat her Jury gives it to her
    Sam – big Bitter vote
    JC- bitter pill for Bay but the others are just as upsetting for her
    TY- Might still have some flippers left in Foutte
    Bret – sorry bro just to much
    Angela – To much female bitterness

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  12. AIO_7

    Did you hear the audience laugh when Martha said “If evicted, I’ll take a piece of each of you with me.”?

  13. danmtruth

    GBM were well played You KNOW TY went with the party line and blame Bret also In the end after Bret is sent to jury either tonight or next week I see him voting more on a game level than bitter like Foutte

  14. AIO_7

    Come on, Brett! Win on when you really need it.

  15. Wizard

    Why didn’t Ty throw that comp?!?!? Ty was sitting in a good place for himself, and he needed to play next week & now he can’t enjoy the HoH room with his hunny for a week!

  16. Avatar

    I really don’t like Tyler right now. His showmance might be the first one I actually don’t like.

  17. HappyHippo

    Why am I mad that Tyler is telling Brett to throw it…ugh!
    Glad you’re ok Steve!

  18. Jannie

    Tyler just told Brett to throw the Veto.
    Looks like Brett may get the old backdoor…

  19. HappyHippo

    Stop cutting to fish on a live freakin show!

  20. Avatar

    Brett better play and win veto! Don’t listen to Tyler.

  21. delabear

    Love to see Brett win veto and use it, forcing Tyler to nominate KC so she sees where she stands with him

  22. ladycobra

    Don’t think Brett will throw it. That look he gave Tyler looked like he had a light bulb moment

  23. AIO_7

    Come on, Brett !!!!

  24. Avatar

    Brett better sing like a bird- it won’t help though. He doesn’t have the votes.

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  26. HappyHippo

    Tyler told her to pull off jc

  27. Wizard

    I don’t think Brett threw it. He’s just not very good at comps it seems.

  28. delabear

    ok. I officially now am rooting for KC to take it all.

  29. Avatar

    I’m just tired of the fish jumping in…

  30. mona77450

    This is so vindictive the way they are getting rid of Brett. From the lies to Hayleigh in the GBM to the backdoor. Kaycee will get Brett’s vote

  31. AIO_7

    JC almost has to vote with the house; doesn’t he?

  32. Wizard

    Brett is so mad, and JC & Sam are so stunned!

  33. Lynn

    This is how you play Big Brother.

    • Avatar

      This is how you play it, but not how you win it. Now Angela and Tyler HAVE to get rid of KC, JC, and Sam. They can not win against any of them.

      I have no problem with them voting out Brett. That is the game. I do have a problem with the low class douche bag way they went about it.

      Well, at least they can take that trip to Hawaii that Tyler took off Brett.

      • Barracuda

        Agreed. I think if Tyler or Angela are sitting beside any of JC KC or Sam, they will lose. And I hope we don’t have the “showmance” as final two.
        And Tyler finally called it a showmance! Did he ever do that before?

      • Wizard

        He hasn’t called it a showmance on the show officially. I also agree that Ty has to sit next to Angela in order to get the money. I would be happy if Ty or KC took the money, but I don’t want anybody else to win.

      • Avatar

        Has a showmance ever made it to final 2 before? I mean it would be interesting if they did. Just for history sake.

  34. danmtruth

    WOW game play at its best Like it or not this is why we like it

    • LindsayB

      Exactly. I would’ve liked Brett to stay longer but this was the smartest move L6/5/4/3 could’ve made. What were they supposed to do? Just wait for him take one of them out? It’s not like Tyler heard from someone else that Brett wanted Angela out. Brett told him that. They would’ve been stupid to not take advantage of the DE to do this. Even Brett understands it.

  35. Wizard

    “You got played soon,” flipping EPIC one by Julie!

  36. Wizard

    I hope Brett really does respect the game play and doesn’t vote bitter!

  37. delabear

    “I’m Julie Chen Moonves. Good night.” interesting!!

  38. LynnD

    I’m not yet done watching the episode I’m actually at the part where they’re fixing to play the veto. But I cheated had to jump on here to see what was up. All I got to say is Brett you had it coming. Should have stayed loyal to your alliance they would have been loyal to you. SORRY NOT SORRY!!!

  39. Avatar

    Wow Julie!!! Added your husbands last name tonight at the end after you messed up Brett’s name. Interesting move.

  40. Jannie

    I wish Brett would have spilled his guts about Level 4 before he left. At least give Sam and JC a heads up.
    JC is the only one left who would nominate Tyler. Sam would nominate Kaycee and JC. I heard her tell Angela, “I will never doubt you again.”

  41. ElaineB

    JC and Brett were talking more and more. Who knows where Brett’s thoughts would have been after a few more convos. Brett didn’t win comps, and that hurt him. Okay off to watch the show…………thx Steve!

  42. Avatar

    can’t believe they saved JC

  43. NKogNeeTow

    Now how many of you watched Julie’s hand when the show came on, to see if she was still wearing her ring?
    And she used her full name Julie Chen Moonves at the end of the show. She has NEVER done that before. A statement of where she stands. I also like that she had the courage to show up tonight instead of bow out. I applaud her professionalism.

  44. Avatar

    I hope Julie isn’t gone – that would be terrible to punish her for something she didn’t do.

  45. hogwild

    Well that went as predicted now if Angela or Kaycee wins HOH more when than if Sam and JC OTB with Sam most likely the one to go with JC to follow. If Kaycee wins I really hope she goes after Tyler or Angela to take out one of the last threats to her leaving both them in the house decreases her odds of making final two she has to know this neither is taking her to the final two.

  46. Avatar

    Brett had more dignity in his eviction than they had in the process to eliminate him. Still, epic move. 100% credit, notice I did not say blame, goes to Tyler. He has, by far, played the best game this summer. Steve’s eviction, getting Kait to backdoor Swaggy, all of the wins, he has played the best.

    Now that he is not able to win the HOH, this is their chance to bounce him. That is the only “epic” play that is left in the house. I hope it does not happen.

    KC and JC would make the most interesting final 2. I think that is the only combination that will make the jury be split.

    F3 has to know this. That is why, JC will be next out. Then they will have Brett and JC in the house, and they will definitely sway the jury.

  47. FW aka CY

    Fortune favors the bold – and ept.

  48. NKogNeeTow

    I haven’t Steve’s thingy yet or the comments. I just jumped right in at the end when the show was over, so forgive me if any of this has been said before…

    Anyone notice that Hay almost stood up before Julie even announced the vote?

    JC looked dumbfounded when Tyler nominated him.

    Even when Brett was named as the re-nom, JC still had a scared look of disbelief on his face.

    JC voted to evict Brett because once Brett was the re-nom, JC could see the writing on the wall. I wonder how this will affect him the rest of the game. He’s always been so cocky thinking he was controlling things. Brett’s abrupt departure let him know he isn’t.

    Julie to Brett, “You got played son”. Glad she hasn’t lost her sense of humor.

    JC still looked shaken at the end of the show.

  49. AIO_7

    New thread, Y’all.

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