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Big Brother 20 – Final 4 Options

It’s a great morning! Steve stayed up late to give you the update on the final 4 hoh results and there isn’t anything for me to recap since the only feeds we saw were brief and from yesterday morning. Just like Steve, I recycled an image in case you’re trying to avoid spoilers. (If you are, you may want to stop getting on spoiler sites until tonight, just sayin’.  Stop reading now if you don’t want to know who won) I don’t think one last look at Sam’s craft table gives much away since I doubt anyone thought she would avoid eviction yesterday.


Sam left as we expected and had an interview with Julie and an audience that was probably CBS employees/guests. I wonder if her new BF was there?  I think Sam will have a good time in the jury house. She doesn’t care about the game so she shouldn’t have anything to be bitter over. I’m hoping for a jury segment tonight or tomorrow just to see how bitter they might be. Things have time to change but it at least gives us an idea of where their heads are as of now.

JC won the hoh last night according to the Vegas leak. Before they came out with the info, I saw it leaked on a podcast to Brent Wolgamott. It was from someone who claimed to be in the audience at the time. I didn’t run to the site to comment because it could have been a rumor or a bad joke at the time and hadn’t been confirmed. According to Vegas,  JC nominated Tyler and Angela last night. This pic doesn’t have anything to do with anything, it’s just one of my favorites. We know JC is NOT angry today!


Anyone reading the morning recaps knows I’m not upset by this news. It also seems like people who don’t even like JC are excited because it gives us some much needed excitement.  If you’re going to root for an underdog this year, why not root for one who’s actually played pretty well? (Sorry Foutte) Before all the conspiracy cry babies start in about it being tailor made or rigged  for JC, you should know the comp was “What the Bleep?” They do this one every year in recent years so nothing was tailored for JC to win. (Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure production wasn’t crying last night over it) On the flip side, we shouldn’t start getting excited about JC winning the veto.  I think the odds are higher Tyler will dumb Angela and start dating JC than JC winning the veto. Veto’s are usually physical comps and I don’t think he has a chance in hell of pulling it off against the comp skills of the other three. Sure, anything can happen but I’m not thinking about that scenario until I see it happen because I think it’s a waste of time.

I’m very happy for JC because not only did he get himself to the F3, he’s been trying hard to win one and he’s came in 2nd in a few of them. Here are some stats to show how competitive this season has been:

  • 10 of the 16 hg’s won hoh.
  • It was week 9 (over halfway) before there was a repeat hoh winner.
  • Only 4 of the 16 hg’s didn’t win a comp. (3 of the 4 left before jury)
  • Only 2 people out of the 16 were left out of a win or a punishment/task. (That doesn’t represent being competitive but does show involvement in what’s going on)

JC may have gotten himself into the F3 but the F2 will still be a struggle. (I’m only assuming, Tyler sure doesn’t tell us what he’s thinking, especially for a superfan!) The last sincere info we heard from him was when he said he wanted KC and JC in the F3 with him. (Don’t buy into the DR stuff that sounds scripted. I don’t think production wants to show what his plans are because it’s one of the only surprises left) Since Tyler said JC & KC, two big things have changed. He fell in love with Angela and Scottie came back to tell everyone how much the jury hated Angela so far. That makes me think he’ll want to take Angela. However, he’s still having F2 talks with KC so that made me think he wanted JC out and knew both Angela and KC would’ve taken him to F2. With JC winning, does he want KC out? Is he ignoring the jury hate for Angela, wants to stick to his original plan but wants someone else to do it? I honestly have no idea. If he’s smart, he’ll want to take Angela but if he wants that, he needs to slow his roll with KC and the F2 talk. Tyler tends to drop subtle hints before making a move and I’ve heard nothing like that towards KC. If he’d been doing that, I’d be more convinced of his plans. It sounds like I’m making Tyler the center of the BB universe but he is in this case. No one wants Tyler out so what he wants to happen becomes the most important piece of the puzzle.

Everything depends on the veto this week but no matter who wins it, there’s an upside and a downside for all of them. There isn’t the obvious “correct move” in this situation and that’s an indication of how competitive this season’s been.  It’s easy to say if JC was smart, he’d try to keep Angela in the house because everyone can beat her in the end. Downside: Angela would never take JC to the F2 so why would he want her in the house at F3? It increases his chances of being cut.

If Tyler has to choose between KC & Angela, (the most exciting thing that could happen imo) we think he should keep Angela too. She will take him to the F2 and he’ll probably beat her. Are we sure about that though? I DO think he beats her but I think Tyler is the only person who could potentially lose to Angela. (I think KC & JC beat her for sure) Hear me out before you start thinking I’m crazy. If you already think I’m crazy for other things I’ve said, hear me out anyway because you’ve already read this far, may as well finish.

We have to remember, most of the jury has the impression that Tyler is a puppy who followed Kaitlyn around. They also think he’s done Angela’s bidding after Kaitlyn left. He isn’t given much time to change the way they view the situation during F2 questions and Angela’s been given credit for some of Tyler’s game so far. KC knows it isn’t true but if she leaves this week, she won’t even go to the jury house. She’ll meet up with the jurors at the filmed discussion that Dr. Will usually hosts. It’s also assuming that she’d even want to help Tyler because she may feel really betrayed if he keeps Angela over her. (If Angela wins the veto and evict KC, it would be fine but she still wouldn’t have much time with the jury)  If the jury votes for game reasons, based on what they may think, she could actually beat him. If they did the jury questioning the way they used to, I think Tyler would beat everyone and fairly easily. (That’s one of my biggest pet peeves with the game changes. The jury used to question the F2 for an hour or more, go back and discuss what they heard and then have the finale. Now they ask stupid questions and the F2 are lucky if they can work some game accomplishments into the answers. This was also back when the last juror had more than 5 minutes to decide who to vote for too.)

KC has the most clear cut choice out of anyone if she wins the veto but she isn’t planning on making it. KC needs Tyler to go this week but I don’t even think she’s considering it. Tyler is her toughest competition for the win imo. She said she thought they were just like Derrick and Cody and it’s too bad she’s ok with being Cody. I still think KC could beat Tyler but not easily and taking him is a BAD choice. If she wins the veto and cuts him, I think she’ll have played almost a perfect game. (maybe not exciting but great) If she has the choice, keeps Tyler and still beats him, she’ll have played a very good game. She can’t have “great game” status if she makes it harder on herself to win. (also just my opinion)

Everything we think we know is based on an educated guess and at this point, it isn’t even that educated. No one can really say this one should take that one. We don’t know what the jury will base their decision on and what they’ll see as important. Will they push past hurt feeling and vote for who controlled the game? Will they actually know who controlled the game? There’s no cut and dry choice for any of them this year on who they should try to sit beside and that’s what makes it so exciting. All 4 of them have done different things to get to the F4 and I’d be happy with any of them winning the game. The best player doesn’t always win but at least this year, a bad player won’t stumble into the win. (it’s happened before) The chance of that happening left with Sam and all her craft supplies yesterday.

I’m sooooo ready for tonight! Have a great Wednesday!



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  1. Avatar

    TMZ just announced Julie Chen will return to Big. Brother and it will almost assuredly be renewed

  2. Joy

    Thanks Mel, enjoy Wednesday, can’t wait for tonight. I’m in full agreement with you regarding KC, if she wins veto and takes off Angela and sends Tyler home, perfect game.

    If she wins veto and takes him to F2 you are right, why make it so hard on yourself? But I can see her doing this. Hope she doesn’t though.

    At this point any of the F4 could win and I will be okay with that. What I would hope for is Kaycee to win and I will give AFP (and even vote for) to JC. If JC gets F2 I’m probably voting for Brett AFP.

  3. Lynn

    Asked this question on the the other thread-because I’m always a step behind (maybe I can audition. For part of the Hive next season?). Will the veto be played today? Tonight? Or tomorrow live? Obviously, I’m absolutely can’t wait to hear who the final moms will be. But then again this season is so good we still won’t know who is going home until it happens tomorrow night. I might pull a Haho and chew my fingers until then.

  4. Avatar

    I look for KC to take Angela over Tyler hands down. Tyler will take Angela. Angela will take Tyler.

  5. Avatar

    Really great analysis Mel! Regardless of who I want to win, a case could be made for a good game from all the remaining House guests. The romantic me is still hoping for a Tyler and Angela finish, but at least we have some excitement for the coming week!

  6. Joy

    I want to see clips or shorts on the jury house and how they are getting on. Mel I liked it better too when the juries of past got to ask their own questions to the F2. I mean then you could see/hear who was pissed/bitter and it made for better TV than the we agreed on 4 questions, that is bs in my book. BB21 needs to go back not all the way but take from the best seasons and reboot BB.

  7. HappyHippo

    Well said Mel. Exciting end to a good season. Every single one has a reason to win and I’m so glad no floaters made it to the end!
    I would also like to give a preemptive stfu Swaggy! Hope he doesn’t get any airtime In the finale. Irrelevant…

  8. Avatar

    Kaycee is in serious jeopardy. She has to win the POV or she goes to jury. I don’t think that JC will try to win. In fact, it is in his best interest not to.

    • FW aka CY

      Do you think he will shed a salty little tear for ruining a fine example of girlish gaeity’s chance at being a role model and champion? I see all these puckerish faces spewing hogwash about how brave/misunderstood/abandoned/and otherwise pathetic a figure he is, while being admirably educated and patriotic. I just wonder how this vaunted education was paid for – and to what sterling and standard application use he has put it to improve his own life and that of others. Exotic dancing, wasn’t it?

      Is it any less of a waste if the mind is gay, foreign and chromosomally challenged? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5pYAw6sxn_Y

      • FW aka CY

        I am certain that this site is some sort of experiment where they change the wording/spelling at random times just to see how we react when reading our irrevocably fucked up posts!

  9. kneeless

    Who knew the end of the season could be so exciting! This is the 1st season in a long time that I am OK with any of the f4 winning. It has been a fun season & best season in eons!

    I think Kaycee may be loyal to a fault with Ty. I think she needs to shed her team mentality & play for herself & $500k.

  10. Mr. Beardo

    I’m proud of that little fruit loop dingus! He pulled out a W when it really mattered. This should be super fun to watch play out!

  11. Avatar

    Thinking about it some more. Maybe JC does have an interest in winning the POV this week. If he wins the POV, he could use that as leverage to strike a F2 deal with whoever he decides to save.

    • Colby

      Unless he wins the final HOH I don’t think it matters who he saves or tries to make a deal with.
      L6 all have discussed that they would lose to him or Sam if they made it to F2.

      • Avatar

        If I were JC and I won the POV, I would try to use that to make a F2 deal with Kaycee. It seems like she would be the least likely to betray a F2 deal like that. If she did betray JC she would do so knowing that she was losing his jury vote. That’s at least some incentive to stay loyal to the deal.

  12. Shivani33

    I wonder whats going on with the remaining players right now. We still have the fuller house here, with our 3 North Carolina friends unable to go home until conditions improve. But the main thing is that we don’t have to worry about the oldest one’s need for oxygen. At 83, just the ride down here was exhausting for him. He and his companion have become Big Brother fans (!) but their dog, Rutgers, just doesn’t give a damn. He is obsessed with stealing catfood. Meanwhile, here I am living out the final days of BB 20 with 2 new JC enthusiasts!

    None of us can wait for tonight. It has been so fantastic to see a steamrolling sure thing get ALL SHOOK UP, thanks to Captain Underpants.

  13. Betty Boo

    Can Tyler win both? The game and AFP? Is that allowed?

  14. goldie

    I am a big fan of Tyler and I really, really want/need him to win. JC’s arrogance has bothered me all summer. I like Angela and KC for being strong women and focused on their game. There has been season after season of girls following the guys and using only their “feminine wiles” to get ahead. So sick of that shit!!

  15. leafhopper

    I think that if KC takes Ty to the F2 she will have played a perfect game vs a good game. I think she will still win the $500k and she will have stayed true to her one F2 deal. At this point I don’t have a favorite to win, it has been a great season and have enjoyed every minute of it! One of the best!

  16. Avatar

    I am surprised they kept JC – whatever.

  17. ShanFran123

    So, if KC wins the Veto and takes someone down, is the person left on the block automatically evicted, since there is no one left for a replacement? Or, if veto is not used, then will KC automatically vote out either Tyler or Angie? Do we expect this to all happen tomorrow night?

  18. FW aka CY

    New threadness – meat headness

  19. Avatar

    Well done, JC. The 3 houseketeers must be gobsmacked. If ever we needed live feeds it was now.

    I personally think JC deserves favorite houseguest just because he is always entertaining. So much of the other houseguest’s fun is even centered around “speaking JC”.

    Excited for tonight.

  20. Alda

    I am fine with Tyler,Kaycee or JC winning the whole thing.Sorry,I just never connected with Angela.

  21. danmtruth

    all that are left must know or think there is no way they can beat JC in a F2

  22. ladycobra

    Realvegas tweeted about JC’s and Ang’s DR session

    JC’s family did not send a letter for his HOH basket, letter was from a friend. Very sad DR session

    Angela: Said she isn’t sure if she would take Tyler and thinks her best shot is to win against JC. ‘Tyler will be there after Big Brother’

    Claims is on fence as of now and is ‘thinking hard’ because if she does take out Tyler that is a huge move. Thinks her comp wins, honest GBMs, & a big move could seal a win over dislikes.

    Tyler & Kaycee talk in storage room. Tyler says they screwed up getting rid of Sam. Kaycee says neither of them were a comp threat and no way of knowing and they can’t focus on that right now. He says “ya WE need to win that veto.” Both think Sam needed to go and be out of house but also say more sympathetic than JC. Kaycee says she will keep Tyler if JC wins veto and doesn’t use it.

    He tell her he will vote to keep her if she goes on block. They do the “coast2coast” phrase.

  23. ladycobra

    According to RealVegas KC has won the POV

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