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Big Brother 20 – Friday Afternoon Feed Updates

Good afternoon, everyone!


It’s nomination day in the house and we pretty much know who is expected to be on the block. Unlike Fessy, Angela isn’t going to waste her HoH week by nominating her own ally. This means two of Sam, Haleigh, and Fessy should be on the block together come Thursday night. Maybe JC.  It’s hard to say exactly who will begin the week on the block, but early guesses are Fessy and Haleigh. It really is safer that way because if they’re not on the block together, one could win PoV and save the other which causes a situation where people she may not want to be on the block are up there.

They are assuming there is going to be a battle back this week which means they’ll probably play it like that (and they’re right). For me, that would mean getting Fessy or Haleigh out because the entire jury right now is full of their allies so getting someone like Sam out all but guarantees that pair earns a number back (Sam is not winning any battle back comp). That said, it would probably be Scottie who really wants to go after Fessy but I wouldn’t bank on that assumption. If Scottie puts off his retaliation to Fessy even a week or two, that’s three strong players back together again going right after Angela and crew.

Unless of course they pull a Lawon and evict their own ally to compete in the Battle Back comp.  Although that’s something Fessy would suggest and he’s not HoH this week.  Maybe he’ll volunteer?


A random thought – I like how there weren’t many shoutouts last night. I understand the cast wants to get their shoutouts in during prime time and a small one isn’t bad, but it annoys me when they spend half their eviction time giving shoutouts after casting a vote. I think only two people did them last night and they were super quick.  It’s random what bugs me but for some reason, that’s always bothered me.  (that said, it’s always acceptable to shout out a close family member for an event that happens at or around the live show. Birthdays especially).  I know, nobody cares about the eviction unwritten rules, so I’ll shut up.

Speaking of annoying shoutouts…



  • 10:00 am – The house is starting to stir
    • Sam is already doing a little ass kissing because it can’t hurt
  • 10:40 am – Haleigh has a brief talk with Angela but doesn’t seem to get much
    • Fessy asks her what they spoke about but she said nothing
    • Fessy says that Angela needs to know how Brett was during her (Hay’s) HoH.  Haleigh says “unless they’re working together”. Haleigh gets it
  • 11:15 am – Haleigh asks Tyler why Brett was celebrating with them last night
    • This is the difference between the alliances. Last night, Brett celebrated with Angela and crew and Kaycee realized how bad that looked. She pulled Angela aside and came up with a reason why he was doing that. They made some excuse that Angela promised him something so he was happy but it was still weird.
    • Level 6 literally went and covered a base they weren’t even sure was going to be used just to make sure all their stories were correct.  When Haleigh hit toward that base, Tyler was there to make the play. Meanwhile, The Hive is voiting out their own allies.
    • JC is trying to convince Brett that Angela loves him. The guy never stops lol
    • He is smart to use emotions as strategy like he did with Fessy
  • 11:45 am – Fessy is asking Angela her plan and she tells him Haleigh will probably be a pawn this week
    • He is asking her all different questions like Sam and Haleigh sitting next to each other.  She says that Sam would go home
  • 12:30 pm – Fessy, Haleigh, Tyler, and KC are hanging out in the HoH room. Not much going on
    • Downstairs, Brett is working Angela a bit. I think what JC said got in his head
  • 1:00 pm – JC is talking to Angela. Let’s see if he says anything interesting
    • He is coaching her on the noms of course but he coaches everyone as he’s the BB pro
    • Sounds like Angela is prepping her reason for nominating Fessy
  • 1:20 pm – Haleigh was trying to have another little chat with Angela but it was going nowhere.
    • She leaves. KC comes in
    • Angela re-tells how Haleigh basically just sat there in silence and Angela wanted to tell her to gtfo
    • Angela’s reaction when KC says “should we save Angela” (from Haleigh or Fessy)
  • 1:25 pm – Feeds down for noms
  • 2:45 pm – Feeds back. Wasn’t noms. Was time for a small table
    • Very happy crew
  • Fessy and Haleigh move into the bedroom to talk
    • Haleigh says she will bet money that she’ll see her face
    • Fessy says that she’ll be sitting next to Sam – lol
    • Haleigh is certain she’s going up and going home. Fessy doesn’t think so. He’s so dumb
  • 3:05 pm – Fessy heads back up to the HoH room. Lucky Angela
    • He begins by saying he believes Sam is the target
    • Fessy leaves and Angela has this reaction
  • 3:15 pm – In the Jenga room, Tyler tells JC that Fessy wanted to get him otb as a pawn
  • 3:50 pm – Sam tells a story about how she went to a river and drank until she passed out with the windows down in her truck in the rain
  • 4:10 pm – We’re at the 150+ comment mark so I’m going to stop this thread and start a new one when noms are in!

Check back for updates


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  1. LO1004

    The shout-outs bug me too, especially when every single one of them does it. If they want to show some affection on the live show, they can kiss their rings like Vanessa or tug on their ears like Elena.

  2. Avatar

    Crossing fingers that Fessy and Hayleigh go on the block. With maybe jc being a replacement nom. He has never been on the block and he would be hard to beat in the F2. Plus he kinda bugs me. Sorry :/

    • Colby

      No need to apologize for how you feel.
      While JC provides a lot of entertainment, he bugs me too with getting us fished constantly by deliberately breaking the rules.

    • Avatar

      He needs to see how it feels to be on the block

      • NKogNeeTow

        I know I’m in a minority here but I love JC and I still like Sam (hate it when she acts Sybilish, but still like her anyway). Sorrrrrey 🙂

      • Tinkerbell

        I didn’t like JC in his early touchy-feely days. I love him now……except for his incessant singing. I love that he’s a happy singer, but I’m done with fish every three minutes.

        I do NOT like Sam, at all. I’ve gone back and forth all season with her. She’s exhausting. I believe she does have “issues”, but it’s intensified by how she’s playing, or not playing, the game. Someone else would have loved to have had her spot. She knows exactly what she’s doing, she knows exactly when the cameras are on her. She turns it up, and down, for the cameras. She rarely joins in, isolates herself. I also think it’s ridiculous how nobody has wanted to put her up for fear she will wig out. What?! Come on, Play ball!! I also thought it was completely ridiculous when she tore the pillow open last night to make a feathered flying squirrel. If the DR didn’t stop her she would have dismantled the entire house and relocated it two blocks away. With all of her problems being in the house, I think it was a very poor decision to choose this time to quit smoking. She’s a good actress, I can give her that. Maybe a director will pick her up for Psycho IV. Sorry guys. If you need to TP my house, my address is – 186492706 Crabby Lane, Southern California.

      • Sassy

        I love JC! I’m tired of Sam, because t if this is her strategy, I give her props for her acting skills.

        Tink – you are too funny! I bet Crabbytree Lane is a fun place to be!

      • caRyn

        That’s Sam’s game – don’t put her OTB because she will wig out. Best unheard of strategy in BB history.

      • caRyn

        And her strategy is working.

      • Avatar
        WhereisPablo (545 comments)

        I’m right there with you Tink! JC has grown on me and I am totally over Hazel.

        “If the DR didn’t stop her she would have dismantled the entire house and relocated it two blocks away.”


  3. danmtruth

    As was said on the last post Seeing the L6 plus JC would be interesting to see how they would split up The game play would be fun to watch

  4. Avatar

    Why did Angela win HoH? That wasn’t supposed to be the plan. She and Tyler were supposed to lay low this week.

  5. AIO_7

    Assuming L6 is aware, or at least suspect, a battle back, then Angelica really has no choice but to put Fester and HoHa on the block.

  6. Avatar

    Oh, boy! Cannot wait to see the look on Fessy’s face when he and Hay go on the block! Perhaps that will be the moment that it all stinks in? Oh, wait. This is Fessy the dumbest player in the history of BB. It won’t sink in.

  7. Holla Derrick

    If Bayleigh wins back in, there will be 8 houseguests in the game. Her power app was good until there was 8 houseguests remaining. What are the chances she could use it?

    I certainly hope not but what a twist that would be.

  8. danmtruth

    Wow I wonder if production has even thought about that That would sux BIG TIME

    • Houseguest Doug

      Are you serious? Why do you think they are doing a battle back. They’re hoping Bay wins. They want drama and ratings. Who would cause more drama and tension than Bay being back in the house.

      You all heard her comment when she left. She played the race card saying “You no longer have to worry about the big B woman in the house”..

      Her eviction has zero to do with race and more to do with her crappy bitchy attitude.

      If you recall when she was HOH she was strutting around like a Queen and trying to bully people into being on Team Bay.

      Just keep her ass in the JH and she can plan on being with Swaggy C and Swaggy C Jr.

  9. mona77450

    If Hayleigh and Faysal are on the block I expect Hayleigh to have the worst reaction and look to Kaycee and Brett to console her. Sm will console Faysal. This will be fun to watch.

  10. GoodGame

    The Vegas leak has confirmed that the Jury Battle Back Comp will be a PREGNANCY TEST and whoever is positive will WIN a trip back into the house.

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  12. HappyHippo

    Dang way to cover your asses level 6/5/4! They don’t stop playing …smart, love it

  13. HappyHippo

    Fessy talking to Angela in hoh room…very awkward lots of silence. Could he be anymore stupid?
    Brett said it perfectly this morning when I got up.. he said you can’t be arrogant and stupid. You can be dumb and nice or arrogant and smart.

    • Avatar

      Brett is wrong. There is no correlation between arrogance and intelligence. I know a lot of arrogant people who are not intelligent. Conversely, I know a lot of intelligent people who are not arrogant.

      • HappyHippo

        No what he is saying is you shouldn’t be not that it’s impossible. Fessy being arrogant about making “a huge move” by sending his own ally home.

      • Sassy

        I think it was his sarcasm. He was not saying you can’t be those things but rather it’s less acceptable.

    • Tinkerbell

      Every season there are people I just cannot stomach, for a variety of reasons. This season there are too many to write about. As far as Fess, I gave him the benedit of the doubt for a while because I thought he probably had a kind heart. He probably does. However, this guy is Crazy Nuts Clueless. Delusional. What a dweeb. I get embarassed everytime he schemes, thinking he’s playing the best game in history. He needs to not talk, ever. He’s completely out there on Mars. He seriously is not smart enough to know that he needs to get out of his car when he reaches a destination. His head, on his shoulders, is so immensely gigantic, I can’t believe it hasn’t exploded. He needs a swift kick in his behoncos.

  14. LO1004

    Fessy and Angela talking….I hear music clear as day. Anyone else hear it?

  15. HappyHippo

    Could we get noms over with people so we can see sad fessy and hay ho

  16. Mel

    I’m with Steve about the shout outs. They just got to be so much in recent years that’s it’s annoying even if it isn’t a game thing. Last night wasn’t bad and I barely notice them when they do it as they’re walking out of the DR after the vote. It makes you fell like they arn’t wasting tv time since they’re already walking anyway.

  17. Helen

    Please don’t do anything stupid Angela…Fessy and Hayleigh must go OTB together!!!!!!!

  18. Colby

    MF makes himself at home in Angela’s bed. I would be telling him to get out, and especially get your shoes off of the sheets!

    • Malia

      OMGosh…..I have a no shoes in the house policy and it bugs the hell out of me to see shoes on the furniture and he has shoes on in her bed?!?! There are chairs and a couch there for a reason. Stop being rude!

      • Sassy

        Ty must have grown up in a house like that. He just took off his shoes to get on the HOH bed. And any time he sits on beds downstairs he keeps his feet off the bed.

      • NKogNeeTow

        I’m the same way Malia. I have shoes that I wear only in the house. When I come inside, the outside shoes come off and the inside ones go on. It drives me crazy to come into the house and walk across the floors after walking on God knows what in the street. I also have driving shoes so I won’t have to drive in high heels or mess up the backs of my good shoes. My anal retentiveness is showing again 🙂

  19. Sassy

    Is she really thinking about NOT putting both MF and Haha OTB?

  20. Sassy

    Haha making her pitch on how the “fake” alliance is solid and they all trust each other and they are all good competitors. MF talking about how to set yourself up for the next week. Great advise on how not to run your HOH.

  21. AIO_7

    HAHO … “I think the four we have right now really trust each other.”



  22. Houseguest Doug

    Carrying over my post from the previous page…


    I would like to invite a member of the CBS Production Team to come on here after the show final episode and dispel all the rumors and insinuation that have been made about Production.

    They can hide behind a fake name. But it would be interesting to get the real perspective as to why they do what they do and why they interfere so much and see if they actually do manipulate the game and give info to the contestants to create drama and action.

    Just be nice to get the facts for once instead of theories.

    • Mel

      I’ve always gone off of things hg’s have slipped up and said on the feeds and mostly what past players have said. Not the bitter ones, I’m talking about the wnners who have no reason to lie.

    • Avatar

      Love the idea Douger, but it won’t happen. Again, I do love the idea but allow me to explain why they would never do it.

      For the first so many seasons of Big Brother, I was a huge fan. I stopped watching after season 8, the one with Evel Dick. That was the year of “America’s player”. It was then that I realized how easily the game could be manipulated, but only to a certain degree. I believe that the DR sessions are filled with the planting of ideas that they feel will make the show more interesting in hopes that the particular house guest will take the bait and cause a bit of drama.

      They manipulate first through casting. They spend a lot of money creating a cast for the season. This isn’t a bad thing. It keeps us entertained. They also manipulate through the DR sessions.

      I do not think the show is scripted. It is simply manipulated.

      I also do not know why, after all these years, I decided to watch the show again. Whatever the reason, I am very happy that I did. This year showed they messed up a bit. They have an alliance that actually is playing the game. No matter what is thrown at them, they stick to their own game plan.

      This is frustrating the hell out of the production staff. They want drama and L4 simply isn’t giving it to them. This also explains why Julie Chen gave that interview where she bashed the members of level 6, particularly Angela. Angela is the most stubborn in the fact where she will not give them any emotion at all.

      Of course, I could be wrong. When the production crew saw the popularity of Evel Dick, they wanted to recreate that every single year. Evel was authentic. I have seen many youtube video segments of the years between season 8 and now. It is painfully obvious that many of the fights and arguments are very “over produced”.

      All that being said, I am enjoying watching this season, because L4 is giving production the finger every single day. They are playing their own game, and not the one that CBS is trying to give us.

      • AIO_7

        Great points, brs; had you been watching a few years ago Victor, Paul and Natalie (who was HoH) were all set up to put Nicole and Corey, a showmance, on the block. Natalie and Nicole had hardly spoke all season, but Nicole with one sentence to Natale got her to flip and put Paul and Victor on the block. Conveniently CBS had a close up of that quick conversation for the network episode. Nicole went on to “win” that year.

      • Houseguest Doug

        “Best laid plans of mice and men”…

        Yes, I love the way L6 is playing and I am more than certain that Production is pulling out all stops to try and swing the tide. So much so they practically handed Fessy the HOH.

        What they didn’t count on is back to back HOH’s by the what used to be the Floutte alliance would have their own members sent to JH. I have no doubt Production throws their hands up in the air with the other stupidity of that so called alliance.

        I also feel the reason they are using the battle back is they need to add a compelling reason to watch the rest of the season. If there is no battle back and Hay goes home this Thursday and they do a double eviction which means Sam is sent packing to. You have L6 with the house to themselves and get ready for a snore fest. Ratings killer.

        My guess Production want Scottie or Bay back in the House to shake thing up and add some spice.

        Issue I have is if Bay gets back in the House and is not sent packing at the first opportunity. I like you will say to hell with this show. (Can you tell I don’t like her as a player. I am sure she is a good person but I hate people with a bitchy attitude and bully people. Also, not a fan of coincided people. She is all of that.)

        I started out not liking Brett and I am still not a big fan, but I do find him very amusing. Note I said amusing not funny.

        Whatever happens happens I guess. But it would be great if Production had the balls to come on here and speak freely.

      • AIO_7

        “I am sure she (Bayoche’) is a good person”…

        I’m not.

      • Sassy

        I’m not sure she’s a good person, even her entry video was bitchy.

      • Avatar

        I am positive that Bay is not a “good” person. I am also positive that CBS wants to portray her as being a good person.

        Evidence: anyone watching the feeds or BBAD witnessed her many times saying “crazy white people” or things along the lines of “I hate these white people”.

        If Angela had said the same thing in reverse, CBS would have shown it as much as possible.

        The person that Bay was in the exit interview was the act; the things she said in the house was the real person.

      • kneeless

        I’m sure in Bayoche’s head, she’s a good person but in reality she is an entitled, spoiled brat who only cares about herself…and maybe Skanky C (just a little, as long as she’s getting her way)!

      • HappyHippo

        What they showed is pageant bay. Fake

      • Wizard

        Bay is not a good person. She’s an entitled, manipulative, whiny, bully!

        I agree with you. If she comes back, I won’t watch any episode until she is evicted! I give no foxes about her skin color or anybody else’s. I dislike her personality and she lacks the basic characteristics of any caring, rational human.

      • Avatar

        Bay is nothing but a POS

    • caRyn

      Production are the parents and the hg are the children. Children sometimes listen to their parents and sometimes they don’t. Depends on the child.

      As I said on the last thread, this is entertainment and I am entertained so production does not owe me an explanation.

  23. AIO_7

    Fester and HoHa really feeling comfortable thinking they are part of the clicke’.


  24. Houseguest Doug

    Angela has no other option that put put Fessie and Haliegh.

    Fessie will fall on his sword to try and get her off the block or at the very least try to convince the other HG to evict him. This will not work because unlike the HIVE, L6 actually has a brain and they will send Hay the stronger player to JH.

    I hope Scottie wins the battle back as he will go full bore on trying to get Fessie out. Worst case would be Bay coming back. I am done with the temper tantrums and the bitchy attitude.

    If RS flukes out a win (she won’t) that would be good for L6 as she is an easy target to send right back to JH.

    Haliegh would present a problem but L6 has the numbers and would be able to send her or Fessie packing.

  25. AIO_7

    She will keep putting different curls, clips and pins in her hair; then undo it all and start all over again. Then to just comb it all out and put a hat on.


  26. AIO_7

    I still think these two have a small crush on each other …


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  28. AIO_7

    It’s as if HoHa is still HoH …


    • Helen

      Hai Ho isn’t about to move her nail chewing azz out of that HOH bed!!!
      Just do noms so Hai Ho and Fessy can slither off and tell each other how dumb Angela is

      • Sassy

        Even after Angela told her she wanted to be alone, she still wouldn’t leave. Angela’s speech is good, if she goes thru with it. Angela is the best HOH. She pretty dry otherwise.

  29. AIO_7

    *** Though I’m chewing my nails, I am actually listening to you, Kaycee ***


  30. AIO_7

    Fish …. Looks like time for noms..

  31. Avatar

    Oh that JC! Working his head games on Brett now geez!

  32. AIO_7

    If I may quote Zack … HoHa, get off of Angelica’s dick.


  33. Helen

    Good grief!! Angela finally gets them all out of HOH. Goes back up there after being in Jenga room with JC and Hai Ho right back in there!!!

  34. HappyHippo

    Oh my gosh hay ho give Angela her room!
    They said they are doing a lock down soon I believe..

  35. HappyHippo

    Hay ho Finally leaves and Angela shakes her head at the camera lol

  36. danmtruth

    Might have found Sam’s relative or her old hairshop


  37. danmtruth

    feeds on rewind hope this is nom meeting time

  38. Mel

    Hoh lockdown. Small table?

  39. Houseguest Doug

    Side note…

    If Paul is such a great player of BB. Why was he not selected to do the Amazing Race this year?

    They selected former All-Stars and winners from BB and Survivor to do the Amazing Race. Yet Paul (Mr. Wonderful just ask him) was not selected to play. But guess who was and is playing? That is right NICOLE. Jessica and Cody all ready played and won Amazing Race.

  40. mona77450

    Per Jokers….Angela said if she gets o pick the HN this week it will be Brett, Hayleigh,and Faysal. Woo Hoo! Adds insult to injury!

  41. Holla Derrick

    For the battle back, I think it would be fun to see an individual comp where they reveal results after. And after they show the best score and they think they know who won hoh, they announce that there was 4 other competitors. Just add to the surprise.

  42. Sassy

    This is a LONG nomination ceremony!

  43. Helen

    Wow. 1 hour of downtime on feeds for a stupid table!! Unreal

  44. Tinkerbell

    Sam got her hair “did” today, by herself. She and Tyler are now hair twins. Only difference, Tyler’s looks good.

  45. kneeless

    I think Fess is the child who got left behind!

  46. kneeless

    Hay: “I can’t stop biting my nails
    Fess: huh
    Hay: “they’re bloody & stuff…”

  47. HappyHippo

    Oh my gosh!!! Fessy leave her alone!!!!! Give her her hoh room!!! Do noms already!!!!!

  48. Helen

    Fessy back up in HOH…..

  49. Helen

    Fessy…to Angela….I really want to work with you!! STFU….

  50. Tinkerbell

    Haleigh’s deep heavy breathing is so annoying. It’s so magnified because of the mic. She must have sinus or other problems. I don’t intend to be mean, but I guess I am.

    While I’m griping about things, I’m going to drive over to the house and WD40 that Have Not door. Makes me coo-coo. The noise itself, and also drowns out the conversations they are having.

    I’m going to have a cup of coffee. I’ll be all better very soon. Haha

  51. LynnD

    I don’t think I have ever seen JC sitting alone & speechless?

  52. Helen

    Was it around 5 last week when they finally got around to nom ceremony?

  53. Malia

    I might be alone here but I think Ty and Angela are adorable. Enjoying their comfy conversation in the HOH room.

  54. AIO_7

    Feeds are back but they wont show Fester and Heidi Ho.

  55. danmtruth

    The nice thing about Angela & TY is they are not just laying on each other all day & night They are not swapping spit and driving there tongue down each others throat

  56. danmtruth

    WHY OH why is Hay sitting in the center of the HOH bed eating Get out !! it’s not your room

  57. Helen

    Hayleigh back up in HOH and straight into the HOH bed!!
    WTF is wrong with her?
    Good Grief. Do noms and give Angela a freakin break!!!

  58. Sassy

    Haha comes in HOH and immediately, gets in the HOH bed, under the covers. Her BFFs are not in the bed, what makes her think she should be! Angela was called to DR!! Yeah.

  59. Malia

    Time for Noms…old episode on right after they called Ang into the DR

  60. danmtruth

    she just got called to the DR hear is hoping

    Yes Mel they have the SMALL TABLE now wow that long of a lockdown for that

  61. danmtruth

    In anticipation of what I hope Angela will do in putting Hay & FESS OTB


  62. danmtruth

    if you don’t like that song for Angela taking down Hay & Fess


  63. Avatar

    Ugh….nothing yet!!!!

    K check back in after bar bingo and pull tabs.

  64. danmtruth

    Just trying to pas the time with some songs

  65. Helen

    Feeds down awhile now…probably took them an hour just to clean up the mess Sam had going on at the table just before noms. Lol

  66. hogwild

    Dam they are taking their sweet ass time with these noms. No real reason for the following link just something to do.

  67. HappyHippo

    Come on already people. Hay ho and fessy you are nominated. Done. See how quick that was.

  68. HappyHippo

    Finally they are back!

  69. HappyHippo

    Hay ho and fessy are on the wall woo hoo!

  70. Sassy

    Feeds are back. Still waiting for hints. The house is somber.

  71. caRyn

    I would save my best speeches for the live shows so that they were not edited.

  72. Sassy

    *new thread*

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