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Big Brother 20 – Friday Feed Updates

Good afternoon, everyone! It’s Friday in the Big Brother house which means only one thing – Nomination day!


On a semi-related note, I’m just learning about accusations against CBS CEO Les Moonves who is going to be accused of sexual misconduct today (allegedly). Seeing as that’s Julie Chen’s husband, who knows what will happen, but it also did allege to happen 20 years ago which was before he and Julie married.  Hopefully, it doesn’t impact Big Brother, but you never know.

In addition to Les possibly getting the boot, we need to focus back on BB and who will be getting the boot from the house this week. With Bayleigh as the new HOH, there are quite a few options for her to choose from. Early reports are that she’ll go after Brett and nominate JC alongside him, but Scottie is not out of the woods considering he was wearing a Swaggy C t-shirt when he voted out her boyfriend. Either way, it sounds like a guy will be going home again this week which will bring the number down to 4-7 in favor of the girls. I know that should be an irrelevant stat considering it’s not a guys v girls season, but many of the girls in the house are talking about wanting another female winner so the guys need to band together sooner rather than later before they’re all gone.

Time for some updates!



  • 10:45 am – The house is up after a very late night for many of them. I woke up around 7:30 today and Fessy was still awake talking to Bayleigh (4:30 big brother time) so this may be an uneventful day
    • That is unless JC gets nominated and freaks out, which is always a possibility!
    • Random Winston memorial:
    • Probably more entertaining than the original
  • 11:25 am – Quick level 6 meeting (or is it level 5 now)
    • Brett is re-telling his conversation with Bay where she said nobody is really giving her suggestions
    • Brett says he is expecting to go on the block today with Scottie
    • Rachel is going to campaign to get rid of Scottie
    • Kaycee is confident they have the numbers if it is Scottie next to him (if JC votes with them, that’s 5 to 4)
    • Kaycee does tell him that Bay may put him up next to JC. (If that happens, Brett no longer has the votes)
    • Brett says that he knows he’s going up. The last thing he wants to do is toss out names so he’ll potentially lose votes
  • 1:00 pm – Kaycee heads up to the HoH room to chat with Bayleigh and Rachel
    • Before Kaycee got in the room, Bay told Rachel about her power. Kind of a weird move
    • Bay thinks that Tyler really loved Kaitlyn but she embarrassed him on national TV.  Wow, Tyler has these people played
    • She mentions that she really hopes that Kaitlyn doesn’t have a boyfriend (feeds switch)
    • Haleigh comes in and the game talk stops for now
    • Rockstar comes in and continues to act weird. She has been a completely different person today
  • 1:25 pm – Rockstar leaves, Haleigh follows along with Kaycee
    • Rachel immediately menti0ns how weird it is for Rockstar to be wearing a Swaggy C shirt today of all days (the day Bay gets HoH).
    • Bay says she’s aware and already called her out for that. She’s still upset that RS never wore that shirt during his eviction because she was scared of saying a big “fu” to the house.
    • Which is the point Rachel is making that suddenly RS is loyal to them now that they have power?
    • Rachel asks if she feels comfortable telling Kaycee about her power
    • Her alignment after today has got to be Fessy and her because she told her
    • Bay plans on using her power next week if Rachel or Fessy don’t win HoH
    • Rachel says she really wants to backdoor Scottie this week. Bay tells her that would be good for Rachel, not her
    • Rachel offers to be a pawn for some reason
    • When Bay entertains that idea, she backtracks lol.
  • 1:45 pm – Rachel leaves
    • Bay does a little camtalk before JC comes in.
    • Bay repeats how Rachel did say it would be a good idea for her to go up, but she wants to scare JC some more first
    • Rachel and Brett could be the noms at this point. We’ll see how the JC conversation goes
  • JC comes in
  • Rachel is in the other room talking to Angela. Going to keep an eye on that to see if she tells Angela Bay’s power
    • JC talks about how mad he is. Fessy took credit for something over him (the vote)
    • Bayleigh is telling JC about how she may nominate him but he’s keeping quiet
  • Switched to Rachel cam
  • 1:54 pm – Rachel spills to Angela about Bay’s power. That didn’t take long
    • Angela is excited because this pushes the l6 girls further, but they’re concerned because Bay wants Brett and Tyler out
    • Angela says to roll with it and keep trying to get Scottie out this week while worrying about next week next week
    • Rachel tells her that Bay’s list is Brett, Scottie, Tyler, and Rockstar. They are going to try to get her to bump up Scottie and RS up to the front
    • Angela says they’re still solid with level 6 but if shit hits the fan, plan B is those two, Kaycee, and Bayleigh.
    • Angela and Rachel are positioning themselves very nicely down the road
  • 2:25 pm – Bayleigh calls Fessy into the HoH room with Haleigh
    • They immediately go in on him for questioning Bayleigh’s decisions .. woah
    • Fessy and Haleigh actually get a little heated going back and forth because they’re tired of him sticking up for JC when he’s supposed to be on their side
    • Fessy then tells Haleigh she has to start acting like a better teammate and defending each other rather than just going up, finding she’s safe, then checking out for the week
  • 3:00 pm – Fessy and Tyler are talking together in the HoH room
    • They are realizing that the guys are the targets
  • 4:00 pm – Still no noms. I’m going to post the tweets of the week then go work. I’ll start a new thread when I’m home and noms are up!

I do have to go out and work for a few hours tonight. I will likely do it after noms so long as there is no drama when the feeds come up. If you don’t see an update for a long period today, that’s why!

Check back for updates


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  1. Avatar

    if i were her i would put up rachel and angela OR brett and sam/JC. the former if she doesnt care about the fake female alliance and the latter if she does or pretend she does for now.

  2. AIO_7

    I wonder if Bay would move to get Tyler out?

    • Helen

      Backdoor maybe…she won’t risk him playing and winning veto

    • LynnD

      She just told a cpl of the girls up in her HOH room that she is NOT putting Tyler up. He had a rough week bc of it being his Dad’s b-day & he is heartbroken over Kaitlyn. Bay still thinks Tyler was completely into her & feels it was pathetic that Kailyn played him the way she did.

      • NKogNeeTow

        Also last night she had a conversation with him and to me, it looked like she was trying to pull information out of him. They were talking about what a comp beast he was. She said something about if he might be able to beat anyone in the house. He replied something to the effect that he can totally crush any competition if he wanted too. Like he would/could totally crush them. I kept saying “shut up, shut up, shut up”. I just thought it was a big mistake confirming what she was obviously trying to pull out of him. I do believe that it did give her pause for putting him up at this time. I think she wants to keep him as long as possible to have a strong competitor in her pocket. I don’t like Bayleigh that much but she’s no dummy. I love Tyler but I think sometimes he talks to much.

      • Jenny


  3. Colby

    I wouldn’t mind seeing JC leave. He can be very entertaining, but he is also very annoying. Especially getting us fished all the time because he won’t follow the rules.

  4. ClaireBear

    So I’m mostly a lurker, but, I found this interesting. I have SiriusXm and normally, on EW radio, they interview the latest evictee on Friday morning after the eviction ep. Not a word was said about Kaitlynn today, and no interview. I wonder if she’s in a room somewhere, asking her guides to guide her out of the emotional breakdown she’s having.

  5. ElaineB

    Okay Sam is now on my last nerve. The “You Are So Beautiful…” (please, stop singing), with RS, Bay, Kaycee, etc. is getting old.

    • Seattle Kari

      I really want to go into production ask them why in the hell they don’t enforce the rules? Something should happen if these rules are continually broken. Maybe the three times you’re out thing, put on slop (you have to eat just the way it comes you can’t make it fancy) made you do certain exercises continually or something like that…

      • ElaineB

        Production being so lax is inexcusable. Why the heck have rules, if they allow HGs to continually break them, with no consequences.

  6. danmtruth

    Sounds like Bret and Rachel Thinking Rachel won’t go nuts What show have you been watching As for Jc Bay is afraid that Jc will go nuts and be talking about her What your scared that someone on the block would be mean to her But Bret is the main target

    • Helen

      Lol. Rachel tried to get her to put up Angela last night…not sure what world Bayleigh is living in…she also is still talking about “Swaggy” coming back in a battle back….lol

  7. Helen

    Looks like noms are going to be…Brett and Rachel….

  8. danmtruth

    forgot to add Bay is not a big fan of RHS but again feels bad for her after what happened last week Bay would like to LET RHS get to jury for her family Also Bay is taking advice from Sam big time

  9. Helen

    Bayleigh told Rachel about her power app…she lied and said it’s good till 9 people (actually 8) and she also failed to mention she has no power over who is chosen as a replacement if needed at veto….

  10. danmtruth

    Whole Shit Bay just told Rachel about her POWER !!!To get her to be a pawn They STILL think it was an Americas Favorite vote That got her the power Yet Said that Tyler and Scottie would be her targets next week with her power They both think it is Jc So Rachel will know that it might be her and Bret on the block

  11. HappyHippo

    So bay just told Rachel about her power and exactly what it does. I think that was a bad idea. Especially cuz she could remain anonymous after using it (that is part of it right?) Rachel said she won’t tell. Yea right

  12. Avatar

    For some reason I’m starting to think her noms are going to be Scottie and maybe Sam?? She told Rachel about her power which means she trusts her… who is Rachel close to? Brett! I don’t think Bay will put him up.

  13. LynnD

    It looks like she is nominating Rachel & Brett. She wants Brett out. What’s even funnier is Bay thinks she will tell Tyler, Scottie & JC how to vote. BWAHAHAHA!

  14. Seattle Kari

    oh my God! Shivani33’s post above mentioning JC and his “little underpants” made me thinking of perfect new nickname for him!


    The way he is offering all this advice to different people it’s like he’s thinks he’s captain of the BB house?

    Not sure if anybody else has brought that up before but I couldn’t resist sharing just in case, lol…

  15. Seattle Kari

    About Bay’s power. if her mom’s get changed With the power of veto can she turn around and change them right back? Or just wait and use it later on if it stays the same? I can’t remember if she had a time limit on her, or how long it was if so.

  16. Avatar

    once again another boy is gonna go, here we go with talk about periods once they are all out

  17. HappyHippo

    So Angela already knows about bays power lol!

  18. AIO_7

    Rachel just spilled Bay’s secret beans to Angela. That didn’t take long.

  19. danmtruth

    Guess who goes on the block next week Not smart Bay How will Kaycee feel that Bay did not share this with her

  20. danmtruth

    wow RHS and Fess wearing the Swaggy shirts PAAALLEEESEEE
    Rachel just told Bret she thinks they will be put up but there is a backdoor plan so they need to win the POV

    New battle lines being drawn but lots of twosomes Some people have multiple twosomes
    Tyler Captain Underpants
    Tyler Kaycee
    Captain Underpants Fessy
    Fessy Bay in his mind
    Rachel Driftwood
    Not to mention the larger groups that are playing each other

    • Sassy

      This whole group is playing hard, with the exception of Ashley…

      • Shivani33

        For a long time, Rachel’s trust of Angela has concerned me. For the first time, Rachel seems to be having genuine doubts about Angela being her ride or die. Rachel said that if Angela wants to help her own team, how about she get off her ass and at least try to win some comps. I hope that Rachel follows her instinct about this and watches her back. Angela and Brett are like a pair of cold fish. Angela might even be an attractive looking but mummified dead fish.

      • Wizard

        Attractive looking mummified dead fish… I’m cracking up over that one!

  21. FutbolGT

    Not looking forward to this week. The more I see of Bayleigh, the more I dislike her. She started off on the wrong foot for me right from the start with her comments about only helping people if she absolutely has to as a flight attendant. I also hated how she played the victim regarding JC’s comment/convo last week (and continued to use the m-word numerous times even after he told her that it is as offensive and hurtful to him as the n-word is to her).

    Now I just read on another site that she was having a discussion with Faysal about if she should nominate JC and said: “if I don’t nom JC that little thing has to be loyal”. How rude and utterly inappropriate! She can’t leave soon enough for me.

  22. mm22

    Can hardly wait till Tyler hears of bays power-or wait does he already know?

  23. danmtruth

    Fess & Ty talking and understand that after this week it will be down to 4 guys

  24. Helen

    Having a hard time watching feeds this year…95% of the time it’s like watching paint dry….they may all be playing the game but they are all in all a boring group doing it…

    • jimbo

      Im with you. Its hard to get fully into this season for some reason. There’s no one to really hate, and no one to really like — so it is just like….blah. I am annoyed by the Haleigh/Fessy duo, though. She’s a “boy” user, and he’s just kinda dopey. They are starting to grind on me. Still have to say that I maybe, root for Tyler the most. He’s into the game and not so dull.

  25. ElaineB

    It is funny that RS is in the HOH ordering Bay to put up Brett, talking about “when she is HOH”….lol, the chick can’t win a comp or get off a rock wall.

  26. Wizard

    Wouldn’t production be making Bay take a pregnancy test? I mean some of these comps cannot be good for a pregnant woman, like the rides at Disneyland .

    • FutbolGT

      Honestly, I wouldn’t be worried about the stuff they do while pregnant (minus drinking any alcohol that they’re given). But then again, this is coming from someone who played competitive tennis my entire pregnancy (both times), summited a volcano, played pool volleyball, etc all while pregnant (and all with my OB’s blessing). The recommendation now a days when it comes to physical stuff is that if you were doing it pre-pregnancy, then you’re fine to continue while pregnant.

      • Jenny

        danm you’re right, it shouldn’t be any of our business. Wish she could have just talked about it w/the DR in private so nobody would know what may or may not be true. I bet Swaggy is on the edge of his seat hoping to god he’s not gonna be a daddy! If they aren’t ready, let’s all hope this is just a false alarm. I don’t really like Bay but I feel bad that the world knows she’s going through this.

      • ElaineB

        I don’t feel bad that the world knows she is going through this…..make a choice to have unprotected sex with someone you hardly know, on a TV show, that is on feeds 24/7. You play……….you just might have to pay.

      • Sassy

        I don’t feel bad either. They know they are being watched. If you don’t want the world to know, don’t put it out there. Unfortunately, all of us judge these people with our comments.

      • Sassy

        Swaggy is all about “Queen B” , his term not mine. He posts constantly on Twitter. Neither of them seem upset about whether or not she is pregnant. It’s their life, if they are happy either way, then it doesn’t matter what the rest of us think.

    • FutbolGT

      That said, if she’s really as late as she says, then it should show up on a test if she’s actually pregnant. So I’d think they (and Bay herself) would want to clear it up one way or another instead of all the speculation.

    • danmtruth

      Its a shame this has become a topic I understand they are on a show that films 24/7 That they should know better Still there is a line It has not been brought up on the show except that she thinks she might be late I just feel we need to step back let production and her work this out if need No need to jump in the mud of innuendo

      • FutbolGT

        They might not be putting it in the episodes but we all know there is a lot that goes on that isn’t in the episodes.

        My understanding is that she’s had numerous discussion about being late, how late she is, etc. There has also been comments about her boobs looking bigger, her being tired, etc. Questioning if there has ever been a BB baby too.
        Plus, back while Swaggy was in the house, there were the discussions about her getting Plan B (not sure if she ever did or not).

        Don’t get me wrong, they’re all adults and free to make their own choices. I try not to judge. But I do feel like it’s been a little more than innuendo on the feeds, even if they aren’t addressing any of it in the episodes.

      • Jenny

        well that’s weird, I thought I was responding to this thread but apparently I posted in the one above. oops.

        either way… I feel bad for Bay & hope it works out for her/them

      • Jenny

        I think it’s all for the best to leave it out of the episodes. We all know about it, but a lot of America just sees the CBS show and never knows about what we see on BBAD or the feeds. No reason to humiliate her any further. Didn’t Rachael have a pregnancy scare her first season after she & Brendan got together?

      • FutbolGT

        Jenny – I vaguely remember Rachel having a pregnancy scare too. And I fully agree that CBS should not include it in the episodes. It ought to remain as private as possible (in a world where you’re taped 24/7). But when you discuss it in front of the cameras (outside the DR), we feed viewers/blog readers are going to know and wonder.

        As I addressed in another comment, I’m not a Bay fan. But I do hope for her sake that it’s simply a scare like Rachel’s. Because I doubt she was planning for or prepared for this if it’s not. And I wouldn’t wish that on anyone.

      • Sassy

        There have been several through the years that have requested the Plan B pill. Some were more open than others. She doesn’t seem upset…

  27. Sassy

    Julie has put out a public statement fully supporting her husbands and his denial of the charges. In the statement she says she’s known him since the late 90s and has been married to him for almost 14 years… it’s smart of her to put that in, gives her a little distance in case it’s founded.

    • Sassy

      Eek! Moonves statement says he recognizes decades ago, he may have made advances on women that made them uncomfortable…

    • AIO_7

      Sounds like it’s “founded”. I think he has even admitted to making “some women uncomfortable.”

      • Jenny

        I quit a temp job because the boss, who was twice my age, kept hitting on me. It was a city code enforcement office, and he lived right down the street from me. I begged the temp agency not to tell them why I quit because I was afraid he’d make my life hell. It was “uncomfortable” when he’d look me up and down and say I looked “nice”… and “we gotta get together”. The day he called the office and asked them to put me on the phone so I could look up a document for him, which was clearly a ruse to talk to me, and he asked “do you look nice today? I bet you look nice today” was the last day I worked there. THAT was uncomfortable. Holding someone down to kiss them against their will (if that is what happened) is WAY past uncomfortable!!!

    • NKogNeeTow

      Maybe I’m being a Negative Nellie, but what has how long she’s known him or been married to him have to do with it. People have been married to serial killers for years and not know it. I’m not saying that he’s guilty. That’s for someone else to prove. I’m just saying that I don’t think the length of their relationship matters.

      • Sassy

        Unfortunately, I think it will matter. I agree that a spouse does not always know what the other is doing and should NEVER suffer consequences because of it, especially if they had no part in the actions. But in the public opinion, people will judge her for it and her popularity makes a difference in viewership, which her job depends on… Possibly by making it clear they were married after the alleged offenses, it could save her job. I love her as a host, and think it could possibly change the dynamics of the show if she leaves.

      • caRyn

        Ditto. And about those serial killers – sometimes the “trophies” are in the house and body parts too. Js.

  28. Helen

    If bayleigh goes ahead and noms Brett and Rachel and noms stay the same I would say Racheal has a good chance of going home….there was a conversation with some of level 6 awhile ago and she was the one who was the most dispensable….but yeah, I can see a 5 -4 vote with Rachel leaving…

  29. Avatar

    I’ve watched since the first season and have been a faithful reader of Junkies for probably five seasons or so. I’m finding that reading this site gives me more laughs than the show these days. It’s good to see familiar names on here who are able to make sense out of the nonsense, so I don’t have to! All of your posts are appreciated, especially our fearless leader, SB and Mel. It’s all been said way better than i could, so I rarely post. That underpants comment above gave me a good literal-laugh-out-loud! I guess Tyler’s my favorite to win if he can hang in there. It’s a good, crappy season, gotta love it. Ya’ll have a great Friday night.

    • LynnD

      I have watched since season one also. I have been a part of BB Junkies for some years now. Got admit I can’t always read all the comments because I sometimes start reading them at work and get in trouble lol. It’s horribly addicting. I just have to say I love this site and I adore the people in it and I appreciate being able to keep up with what’s going on the best I can through all of you. It’s not often I actually get to sit and watch the feeds so today has been a real treat for me. I have been enjoying them extremely. I’m sure my fiance and my daughter are not going to be overly thrilled with me this weekend I’m already wrapped up in my blankie in the reclining chair with my iPad.

      I also am rooting for Tyler

      • danmtruth

        It is a fun little dysfunctional family No guilty pleasure here just pure enjoyment reading all the comments

      • NKogNeeTow

        Vic and Lynn, most of us have been together here for a long time. We might disagree with each other at times, but we always have fun and we pretty much support each other. And yep, Steve and Mel are the best on the blogs.

        Now, let’s pour one out for some of our old Homies that are missing in action this year. WE MISS YOU!

  30. LynnD

    I just want to say how amused I am that while they are getting yelled at for singing, Sam asks if they can just tell them the name if a song.

  31. LynnD

    Rachel. Brett and Angela sitting around trying to figure out who has the other power app. They’re so convinced JC has it and there as convince Tyler does not. I know I haven’t been able to watch the feeds a lot but I really thought they knew Tyler had it. Totally wrong I think Tyler is going to be in trouble with them when they find out.

    And with that the feeds are gone.

  32. danmtruth

    This is where the girl power thing falls apart Rachel is right to worry about the vote RHS is no fan of hers It is that Bret is up their Also Hay is not a certain vote in her favor Than the guys Fess &TY might want to save a guy along with Captain Underpants The boys might be able to swing Scotties vote Than again Scottie is worried about needing to compete against Bret not thinking he can beat him So he might want to take the shot

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