Good afternoon, everyone! It’s Friday in the Big Brother house which means only one thing – Nomination day!

On a semi-related note, I’m just learning about accusations against CBS CEO Les Moonves who is going to be accused of sexual misconduct today (allegedly). Seeing as that’s Julie Chen’s husband, who knows what will happen, but it also did allege to happen 20 years ago which was before he and Julie married.  Hopefully, it doesn’t impact Big Brother, but you never know.

In addition to Les possibly getting the boot, we need to focus back on BB and who will be getting the boot from the house this week. With Bayleigh as the new HOH, there are quite a few options for her to choose from. Early reports are that she’ll go after Brett and nominate JC alongside him, but Scottie is not out of the woods considering he was wearing a Swaggy C t-shirt when he voted out her boyfriend. Either way, it sounds like a guy will be going home again this week which will bring the number down to 4-7 in favor of the girls. I know that should be an irrelevant stat considering it’s not a guys v girls season, but many of the girls in the house are talking about wanting another female winner so the guys need to band together sooner rather than later before they’re all gone.


Time for some updates!



  • 10:45 am – The house is up after a very late night for many of them. I woke up around 7:30 today and Fessy was still awake talking to Bayleigh (4:30 big brother time) so this may be an uneventful day
    • That is unless JC gets nominated and freaks out, which is always a possibility!
    • Random Winston memorial:
    • Probably more entertaining than the original
  • 11:25 am – Quick level 6 meeting (or is it level 5 now)
    • Brett is re-telling his conversation with Bay where she said nobody is really giving her suggestions
    • Brett says he is expecting to go on the block today with Scottie
    • Rachel is going to campaign to get rid of Scottie
    • Kaycee is confident they have the numbers if it is Scottie next to him (if JC votes with them, that’s 5 to 4)
    • Kaycee does tell him that Bay may put him up next to JC. (If that happens, Brett no longer has the votes)
    • Brett says that he knows he’s going up. The last thing he wants to do is toss out names so he’ll potentially lose votes
  • 1:00 pm – Kaycee heads up to the HoH room to chat with Bayleigh and Rachel
    • Before Kaycee got in the room, Bay told Rachel about her power. Kind of a weird move
    • Bay thinks that Tyler really loved Kaitlyn but she embarrassed him on national TV.  Wow, Tyler has these people played
    • She mentions that she really hopes that Kaitlyn doesn’t have a boyfriend (feeds switch)
    • Haleigh comes in and the game talk stops for now
    • Rockstar comes in and continues to act weird. She has been a completely different person today
  • 1:25 pm – Rockstar leaves, Haleigh follows along with Kaycee
    • Rachel immediately menti0ns how weird it is for Rockstar to be wearing a Swaggy C shirt today of all days (the day Bay gets HoH).
    • Bay says she’s aware and already called her out for that. She’s still upset that RS never wore that shirt during his eviction because she was scared of saying a big “fu” to the house.
    • Which is the point Rachel is making that suddenly RS is loyal to them now that they have power?
    • Rachel asks if she feels comfortable telling Kaycee about her power
    • Her alignment after today has got to be Fessy and her because she told her
    • Bay plans on using her power next week if Rachel or Fessy don’t win HoH
    • Rachel says she really wants to backdoor Scottie this week. Bay tells her that would be good for Rachel, not her
    • Rachel offers to be a pawn for some reason
    • When Bay entertains that idea, she backtracks lol.
  • 1:45 pm – Rachel leaves
    • Bay does a little camtalk before JC comes in.
    • Bay repeats how Rachel did say it would be a good idea for her to go up, but she wants to scare JC some more first
    • Rachel and Brett could be the noms at this point. We’ll see how the JC conversation goes
  • JC comes in
  • Rachel is in the other room talking to Angela. Going to keep an eye on that to see if she tells Angela Bay’s power
    • JC talks about how mad he is. Fessy took credit for something over him (the vote)
    • Bayleigh is telling JC about how she may nominate him but he’s keeping quiet
  • Switched to Rachel cam
  • 1:54 pm – Rachel spills to Angela about Bay’s power. That didn’t take long
    • Angela is excited because this pushes the l6 girls further, but they’re concerned because Bay wants Brett and Tyler out
    • Angela says to roll with it and keep trying to get Scottie out this week while worrying about next week next week
    • Rachel tells her that Bay’s list is Brett, Scottie, Tyler, and Rockstar. They are going to try to get her to bump up Scottie and RS up to the front
    • Angela says they’re still solid with level 6 but if shit hits the fan, plan B is those two, Kaycee, and Bayleigh.
    • Angela and Rachel are positioning themselves very nicely down the road
  • 2:25 pm – Bayleigh calls Fessy into the HoH room with Haleigh
    • They immediately go in on him for questioning Bayleigh’s decisions .. woah
    • Fessy and Haleigh actually get a little heated going back and forth because they’re tired of him sticking up for JC when he’s supposed to be on their side
    • Fessy then tells Haleigh she has to start acting like a better teammate and defending each other rather than just going up, finding she’s safe, then checking out for the week
  • 3:00 pm – Fessy and Tyler are talking together in the HoH room
    • They are realizing that the guys are the targets
  • 4:00 pm – Still no noms. I’m going to post the tweets of the week then go work. I’ll start a new thread when I’m home and noms are up!

I do have to go out and work for a few hours tonight. I will likely do it after noms so long as there is no drama when the feeds come up. If you don’t see an update for a long period today, that’s why!

Check back for updates