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Big Brother 20 – Friday Feed Updates

Good afternoon, everyone!


We’ve officially hit the part of the season where the house is on cruise control until the finale night when someone has to pick the person sitting next to them in the final 2 and we get to see if the jury is bitter or not. Up until that point, we’re almost certainly going to see Sam and JC get picked off over the next 6 days as there are two evictions this coming week.

Yes, it is boring, but most seasons are at this point.  The meat and potatoes of drama during every season typically happens early in the season and could last up until there are 5-7 people left in the house. More people in the house = more chances for drama, it’s that simple. By the final 5, everyone knows what they’re going to do and it’s all about winning comps to get it done. L6 is going to ride our their alliance until the final 3 and then we have until finale night to see who the final 2 is.

I may as well take this time to give credit where it’s due and to say that the remaining L6 players have done a tremendous job all season. They were mostly boring to watch but they got the job done and it was a really great team effort. When they were in trouble, they worked as a group and got out of the trouble. Kaycee saved the alliance by winning the hacker comp, and Tyler saved it when Haleigh won her hacker comp and nearly sniped him off.  They were complete dogshit when it came to winning HoH comps early in the season, and lost two people as a result (Rachel, Winston), but managed to pull through with only 2 losses despite this HoH run by non level 6 members

  • Week 2 – Kaitlyn
  • Week 3 – Scottie
  • Week 4 – Sam
  • Week 5 – Bayleigh
  • Week 7 – Haleigh
  • Week 8 – Fessy

Evicted during those 6 weeks were (in order) – Swaggy, Winston, Kaitlyn, Rachel, Rockstar, Scottie

That is pretty impressive no matter how you spin it. Level 6 was so outnumbered early on but the house couldn’t capitalize on it because they did a great job at hiding their actual alliance.  That’s why it’s hilarious to see Swaggy tweet things how he would have run the house if Kaitlyn didn’t screw him but the reality is that nobody in his alliance was very good. That’s why they blew all those chances to get strong players out early. If Kaitlyn didn’t betray him in week 2, the house probably would have talked Sam into getting him out during her eviction.  He made the classic mistake of going in and overplaying the game way too early which is nearly impossible for anyone to survive.

I am going to be in and out today so I’ll update when I can. I think the feeds may be down a bit over the weekend as we have noms, veto, and Bebe Rexha coming in to play a few songs.


  • 11:20 am – Sam, Kaycee, and Tyler mulling around the kitchen while Angela is getting ready in the HoH room
  • 5:00 pm – Feeds are down for what I assume is noms and possibly the Bebe thing although that may be later on. Would be weird for them to throw a concert right after noms but you never know
  • 8:45 pm – Nice mostly day off today. Went to the movies to see A Simple Favor. Pretty decent, worth checking out
    • Looks like it’s just in time. Concert is over and so are noms
  • 9:45 pm – Kaycee and JC are talking in the bedroom. Kaycee is telling him that he’s a pawn. Weird to target big bad Sam first but I guess she has a slightly better chance at winning a comp
    • He thanks her for telling him because it makes him feel better.  I’m sure it does feel better to finish fourth rather than fifth.

Check back for updates


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  1. hogwild

    Hate to say it but I really don’t think there will be anything of interest to update.

  2. SammyD

    I certainly hope that Julie Chen is renewed for future Big Brother episodes. We started with her and should end with her if CBS decides to cancel the popular show.

    However, for fun, who would be some host replacements? What about these suggestions?

    Simon Cowell
    Cardi B
    Ross Matthews
    Sheryl Underwood
    Shia Labeouf

    Feel free to add to this list.

  3. danmtruth

    We hear so many times about how HG wanting to be on other shows Like The Great American Race, Surviver even the Bachelor Yet we never hear about any of contestants on those shows wanting to be on BB I know there have been people who have tried out for both shows But never someone from the other shows being on BB

    • Jay H

      One, BB is too long for someone who has a career(if you stay for a while).
      And B, there’s too much exposure. I imagine some of the people we really like on those type of shows, would be much less interesting or liked, if you saw them 24/7.

      I have definitely noticed your point before though.

      • Shivani33

        I want a man to host and one who would look good in a bathtub. When not in the bubblebath, I want him to appear ONLY clad in a special brocade BB emcee customized HoH robe. A carefree guy. My first looksee would be Jerry O’Connell, Rebecca Romjin’s huzzband. He is a reality show lover. He hosted for Wendy Williams when she was recuperating recently. He was close in the running to be chosen as a co-host by Kelly Ripa’s morning shitshow, and Seacrest won. Jerry O’Connell is quickwitted. He has twins. He’d look great in a bathtub or emcee robe. What could go wrong!?

      • danmtruth

        I like the Jerry O’Connell call He is starting his new show on Brovo soon Than again he should be used to sliding between times to do shows

    • Avatar

      There were the two from Amazing Race that were on bb17 Um Jeff and Jackie i think?

      • Jay H

        Brs1 has another good point.

        If I understood Dan correctly, he was saying that contestants that go onto Survivor, Amazing Race, etc, don’t go to B.B. following their prior game show appearance. They always do B.B. prior to being on the other shows.

      • Robin

        Maybe Jeff and Jordon?

    • Avatar

      The small game prize doesn’t make the show as worth it money wise. After taxes, they get about half of what the actual prize is. Not worth it of you already have your career.

    • Joy

      I remember reading somewhere that Fessy stated he had tried out for survivor and was on a waiting list. He also said he had auditioned for BB multiple times and I believe BB was hoping for someone else but had to settle for him. I get that those in charge of BB weren’t exactly thrilled with him and thought he was boring (dumb).

      • Joy

        “I get” should be I guess

      • Jenny

        someone mentioned a while back that Fessy was the alternate for Josh last year, and that this year they wanted to replace him right up until a couple of days before it started. Not sure why they couldn’t find someone else but they probably wanted the same “type”.

      • danmtruth

        Thanks I have seen many of the HG have tried out for other shows Many of the shows use the same casting agencies I’m talking about after people get on different shows you don’t hear about them hoping this leads to them getting on BB
        Now with BB we get too see more non comp time of the contestants So they will talk about wanting to parley the appearance on one show into a shot on another show I’m just saying while sitting on a beach at the tribe site on surviver I don’t hear them saying how when they get back they hope they could get on BB

  4. AIO_7

    I never thought I’d wish that Sam or JC would win a HoH; but I wish one of them would have won the one that Angela just did. That would have made this week interesting.

  5. kneeless

    Loved JC’s comment about royalty upstairs, gay couple together & maid in the kitchen. Even though he’s been a little shit he can be amusing!

    I have loved this season. Real gameplay, players who want to win, great blindsides, entertaining alliances and best of all…NO FORMER HG’s! Get kind of melancholy this time of the season. Will miss my summer guilty pleasure & all you fine folks here!

  6. AIO_7

    I never, ever, followed Amanda Zuckerman (now Zackman) on Twitter, but somehow, I just discovered, one of my e-mail accounts gets her Twitter feeds.


  7. AIO_7

    I just wonder how many loving staring contests we will have to witness between Tyler and Angela up in their HoH bed/love nest this week. blech…..

  8. LynnD

    Production is using their angry voice. Do you think all hell is breaking loose at CBS and production is starting to feel the pressure?

  9. Avatar

    i think the concert thing is today There was a glitch on the cameras for a second and I saw someone with a stage and a guitar or something. it was just a second.

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  11. Shivani33

    From Brett’s TV Guide interview by Sadie Gennis 9/14/18.

    What are you going to say to Rockstar when you see her in the jury house?

    Brett: I’m gonna say “What’s up loser, did you miss me! Well I’m gonna give you an offer you can’t refuse. How would you like to be best friends and talk as much shit as possible about Tyler and Angela?”

  12. Avatar


    I guess Angela get’s more eyelashes and eyelash glue in her head of household basket? She’s going to look Fabulous….

    Any guesses on noms?

    Nominate Sam and JC?

    Get KC to throw the Veto?

    Backdoor KC?

    If Angela and/or Tyler are Serious about trying to Win this thing, you’d think they have to try and KC out or she IS going to Win this thing.

    But then again, how many seasons do we see someone we Never expect to Win, like a Sam or a JC Win the game?

    • AIO_7

      “Get KC to throw the Veto?”

      If that were me that would be a HUGE red flag.

      • Barracuda

        If anyone this late in the game throws a veto or HOH they deserve to be voted out. I’m glad to see Brett didn’t last night even though Tyler was telling him too. He was just bad at it. Lol.

      • Avatar

        Tangela has to take a shot at KC thanks to Scottie’s jury intel, but I don’t know if it should be this week or not. I think if something weird were to happen and either JC or Sam miraculously wins veto, then you take your shot. If not, then send out JC. What L6 needs to remember is next week’s HoH combo is typically the before and after one where he three eligible houseguests stand on 1/3 of a wheel and answer “before “or “after “ one event occurs when compared to another. JC has a legit shot at winning that one, so knocking JC out may be their best play this week and, barring a comp win by KC, take her out next week.

      • CY aka FW

        As with Tyler and the double eviction HOH, which some say he should have intentionally lost (not I), take your opportunities and make shit happen if you want it to. Leaving it up to someone else or “next time,” cuts no ice here in the end game.

  13. danmtruth

    There are 5 people with 3 TY,Angela KC playing as a block The only remaining people who have won a comp Sure you have Sam with one HOH win but TY did drop on that to give it up
    JC & Sam don’t stand much of a chance in mental comps So this comes down to how TY Angela and KC wants this to play out

    • Avatar

      Ty is definitely the odds-on favorite to win next week’s likely mental HoH comp (‘it’s likely “Before or After”. That being the case, he should try to knock out KC. Tangela beats Sam for final 2, then Tyler wins 8-1 with KC the lone vote for Angela.

      If KC doesn’t get knocked out, she wins, and wins big.

  14. Jay H

    Lucky for Brett that he gets to miss that backyard “concert”.
    I love how they edit those shows. You’d think the houseguests were their #1 fans, meanwhile they probably don’t know who the hell they are.

  15. HappyHippo

    Since reruns have been on for so long and the house is dead right now I guess it’s time to indulge in another oldie but goodie ….Tommy Boy

  16. Helen

    Tyler picked his order of evictions a few weeks ago
    He and KC F2
    Seems he’s sticking to that plan…first thing he did after Angela won HOH was to let her know how bad Sam was talking about her when he won HOH DE…
    KC will win BB20…..Tyler will walk away with second place,more than likely AFP,a trip to Hawaii and the girl

  17. LO1004

    If you have IG please go watch Winston’s live with Kaitlyn from last night. She has the ability to know exactly what’s going on in the house and she STILL DOESN’T GET IT! Her teeny tiny little brain cannot comprehend why it was necessary for L6 to take their shot at Brett. Amd she thinks it’s so mean to back door people. UMMMM you were the first to do it! Icant w this girl. And she wonders why she didn’t even make jury

  18. Seattle Kari

    Could somebody remind me what a the Bebe thing is and are they still going to the Outback dinner or was that cancelled this year does anybody know?

  19. Avatar

    Unless Angela and Tyler are sitting next to each other in finale night, neither will win. The bitter jury (maybe rightfully so) will vote for anyone over them two.

  20. Edsel

    In other BB news, Jason Roy has been permanently banned from Twitter. https://mobile.twitter.com/EvelDick/status/1040491079307591680
    Hasn’t changed, hasn’t learned anything.

  21. Avatar

    The thing that is “bothersome” to me is, Tyler said his ideal final 4 would be: him, Angela, Kaycee and JC. But then Tyler burns Brett for “loyalty” and “level 6 to the end”.

    Last week they (Tyler, Angela, and Kaycee) were talking about a potential Outback Steakhouse dinner, and all 3 admitted they would take each other to the dinner… leaving out Brett (the steak lover), but then he shouldn’t feel like he’s odd man out or bottom of the totem pole. None of them would’ve taken Brett to final 3 much less final 2, but get mad that he wanted to take the first shot.

    I guess that’s the joy of being under 30 and believing everything you say aloud.

  22. Tinkerbell

    BBAD – I’m really enjoying JC talking to the cameras. I wish he would have done more this season. I wasn’t a gigantic fan of Josh, but I loved when he talked to the cameras in what is now the geometry room. I didn’t like when Paul talked to the cameras last year. Arrogant poop. I enjoyed him in BB18, not last year. I know there’s nothing for the cameras, but I cannot take anymore of rhe lovebirds. G A G ! I’m rambling, time to go. I do hate that Brett is gone.

  23. CY aka FW

    Hi Tink. bye Tink. ☺

  24. Cat Lady

    I just don’t get people. They should know what BB is about..except for Sam.. but Brett being mad at Angela and Tyler says more about him. He was going to do the same thing to Angela or Kaycee.. This is BB.. respect the game and stop acting like a 2 year old because you didn’t get your way. Tyler, Angela and Kaycee have all played better than Brett and everyone else in the jury and for them to be upset is ridiculous because if they were any good they would have done the same thing.

    • Avatar

      I guess I saw it the other way. No way Brett makes final 3 unless he makes a big move, and they got mad that he “talked” about striking first.

      JC and Brett should have known getting Tyler to co sign an evict Angela move this early probably won’t happen.

      • Cat Lady

        If Brett wanted to make the move he had to do it on his own. He saw what happened when Fessy tried to make a deal this late in the game. Brett was lucky to make it as long that he did. He could’ve made final 4 of he kept to the agreement..if he wanted more than he’d have to win and do it on his own and he should have started sooner.

    • CY aka FW

      “Do unto others before they do unto you.”. Brett, much like his diminutive and devilish doppleganger, just never quite measured up all season as a competitor. His grapes are extremely astringent because of it. But, he had his amusing moments. And he’s going to make a wad of dough and pull a lot of tail just for being a jackass all summer. There is no downside for him, accept for a slight bit of butthurtedness. He’ll be fine. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=VO-UdXViyo0#searching

    • danmtruth

      well said Karen P how come they forget what the game come down to Tragedy & comedy Comedy is when someone gets hit with a pie Tradgey is when you get hit with a pie

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  26. NKogNeeTow

    First, I’d like to start off by saying Steve, Mel, how the hell do you do it? These feeds are boring as hell yet you still manage to get the most out of them. I’m so glad I live alone (I have a has-band), because, between you two and the other Junkies, I spend my time laughing my ass off while reading (although the highlight of this reading season was when Dan accidentally called Fukweed, Fuckit. I still cry when I think about that one). I swear I love all of you guys. You make my summer. If I wore a hat, I’d tip it and bow to you but since I don’t, I’ll just curtsy.

    Now, on with the show…late start…doesn’t matter…

    JC said Jury sucks. *But since he likes to perform in front of people and there are more in the JH, I’d think he’d have more fun there*

    He tells KC that they really underestimate people in this game. He says everyone always wants to know what’s in his head but won’t talk game with him.

    KC assures him he is good and Sam is going home. He thanks her for telling him and says because no one ever tells him anything.

    KC tells him Sam cannot win Veto. He says yes because if she does, he’s f*cked.

    Tyler in HOH snuggling in bed with Angela.*They do have a nice way of communicating with minimal words. I’m just tired of watching it. Why is it that when I look at them, Romeo and Juliet comes to mind*

    Tyler and Angela watch JC on the monitor and laugh at him. Angela says it’s hard to believe he’s a 25 year old and he looks like a little kid.

    JC is talking to the cam in the LR. He says he really hopes Angela doesn’t win this. He says but that’s between you and me. Then he says she really doesn’t deserve it.

    He says he has so many things in his head and this week is going to be intense. He says welcome to Big Brother. He says he’s not going to do anything crazy.

    He says if the week goes as planned, next week he’s going to start planning his speech. If not, then he’s going to Jury. He tells Orwell it sucks to be on the block.

    He sits next to Orwell on the green sofa and asks him (Orwell) if he wants to give his speech first or should he?

    KC comes in and asks him what he’s doing and he stops talking to us.

    In the HOH, KC is telling Angela and Tyler about her earlier conversation with JC about his disappointment with being on the block. Angela asks what did he think, that she was just going to nominate one person?

    In the LR, JC is still sitting on the sofa with Orwell and tells him he avoided sitting on the green sofa all season because he thought it would bring him bad luck.

    He is sitting there with his legs crossed and looks like a 9 year old boy. *I hope Mel uses this shot tomorrow*

    The HOH (T/A/K) are watching him on the monitor and laughing. Angela says that is the saddest thing they have ever seen. She goes to the balcony and asks him to come up.

    He goes into the HOH and Angela tells him she’s sorry she didn’t talk to him first (before putting him OTB) and told him he’s the pawn.

    She explains why she did it. He says it is what it is and he’s not going to hold a grudge. She tells him he was never her target. He tells her she really doesn’t have to feel bad. *He still wants her gone though*

    In the HOH A/K/T/J (Sam is in the DR), asking each other who would be their celebrity crush. JC says he definitely likes people who are quieter than him because he talks a lot and it would be too much to be with someone like him.

    JC asks KC if she’s ever seen a penis in person. She says yes but she’s never slept with a guy. He says he’s never slept with a girl either.

    JC says he wants Justin Bieber to notice Tyler. He said Bebe Rexa noticed Angela. They discuss whether or not Bebe is gay.

    They ask JC if he ever noticed that Brett put pieces of raw bacon in his shoes. He was surprised. They asked him didn’t he notice the smell. He said he thought the smell was from the socks that Production gave him so he never wore them again. They laugh at him.

    Tyler goes down and finishes cleaning out the fridge since Sam is still in the DR. She’s been in there over an hour.

    Sam comes in and helps Tyler then they finish the dishes and Tyler says he’s tired and going to bed. She thanked him for helping her.

    Sam is alone and sitting on the stairs eating ice cream and beer. She goes into the bathroom and she and Tyler talk about how today was a good day.

    Tyler leaves and she briefly talks to herself. As she’s coming out she passes JC. She says she’s going to bed. He says he’s going to take a shower then go to bed. He asks if Tyler is taking a shower. She tells him no, he’s upstairs.

    KC in bed, JC getting ready to shower.

    Sam in bed smiling and talking to herself and the camera. The camera zooms in creepily close, focusing on her eyes, then pans to her picture on the wall, then back to her.

    She says she’s right where she’s supposed to be. *Contrary to public opinion*

    She says everything happens for a reason then thanks Big Brother, tells BB love you, then turns over to go to sleep.

    Tyler and Angela in the HOH bed with lights off, entwined and whispering. Kissing noises and minimal movement under the sheets but it’s hard to see or hear anything. A little talking but no mics.

    With that, BBAD is OVAH! Since the house is so quiet, Feeds would almost be a moot point so I’m just going to end it here and call it a night.

    Goodnight everyone and have a GREAT day tomorrow!

  27. Painter1

    Thx NK and goodnight to you.

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