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Big Brother 20 Friday Feeds – Nomination Day

Good afternoon, everyone!  What a night in the Big Brother house and what a great season so far. It is so refreshing to not have a veteran in the house for all the newbies to be star struck over and let float by to the end. These people are all out for blood and it makes for entertaining shows week after week.


Last night during the live eviction, Brett took his eviction speech and decided to throw RS under the bus. Now, unless something happened Thursday when the feeds were down and we didn’t see it, it was clearly a lie, but Rockstar’s own alliance ended up believing it. Kaitlyn’s land of denial where Tyler would never turn on her made her believe that Rockstar may have gone up and still voted to keep Brett after he ‘exposed her’ as a form of muscle memory. Don’t get me wrong, in a season like this where everyone is making moves, it’s not completely out of question to believe Brett and RS would make a pact like that just because nobody would expect it, but at some point, Kait has to see that it’s just Tyler. Right? Maybe?

Around 1:40 am last night, Rockstar finally decided to get revenge and walked around the house hitting a pan. Unfortunately for her, she actually held rhythm fairly well and many seemed to enjoy it. Here is Tyler and Rachel dancing to the sound (I know it’s hard to see the dancing in a still image, so use your imagination)


Around 2, Sam eventually told her to chill with it because it’s late so RS promised to continue her music today. We shall see if she does

Regarding nominations, it’s hard to say who Sam is going to nominate. She hasn’t been the most open HoH and hasn’t discussed her strategy – if she has one – with anyone. She knows that whoever she targets only has a chance to leave the house, so I’m sure that my influence her nominations. Even if purely symbolic, she is going to nominate two people who she wouldn’t mind going home (guesses are Kait and Haleigh). I doubt she’ll even think of a backdoor this week or in general. She is a straight shooter and doesn’t seem to be the type to play the shady game.

It’s going to be a weird week with the HoH knowing her nominations will likely be irrelevant so it may get even boring if Sam just tells them straight out that whoever gets evicted is going to have the chance to come back. We’ll follow that as the week progresses.

Enough rambling, time for updates…

  • 11:00 am – Most of the house is up and getting ready for the day. I don’t expect noms for at least another hour or two
  • 11:13 am – RS is in the bedroom with her pan when Kaitlyn comes in
    • (the pan is irrelevant to the story but just had to throw it in. She’s keeping it by her side)
    • Kaitlyn is concerned that her name is always being tossed out
    • RS asks why she keeps hanging out with him (Brett)
    • RS says that she would never talk to him if he did that to her (referring to the argument Kait had with Brett a few days ago)
    • Rockstar keeps mentioning how Brett made it personal. I’m not a huge fan of Brett, but let’s be real here. He didn’t make it personal. It was a game move. Rockstar made it personal by bringing her daughter into the conversation. She felt she had immunity to any game moves because it was her daughter’s birthday.  Not once did Brett mention her family at all
    • Now she is once again ranting about money and privilege. Please, stop.  She says: “team white privilege” or “team my dad’s a lawyer”. Stop, RS. Stop.
  • 11:40 am – Rachel is hiding in the HN because she said both Bayleigh and JC snapped at her already today
    • JC is grumpy. He’s been grumpy since they woke him up at 11
    • Sam eventually comes in and asks Tyler if he still needs to take a shit
    • She offered her headset to him so he can listen to James Brown while he takes a shit
    • Sam wants to let people take private and personal shits this week
  • 12:20 pm – Feeds are down for nominations
  • 2:10 pm – Feeds are back!
    • Haleigh and Kaitlyn are nominated
    • Kaitlyn not surprisingly is running around having a massive pity party. No sign of Haleigh yet
  • 3:00 pm – Rockstar and Fezzy are in the Jenga room chatting about the wild season
  • 3:10 pm – Kaitlyn laying in bed next to Fezzy now.  I wonder if she’s asking her spirits how this week will go
    • Everyone else doing random things. Some playing foosball
  • 4:00 pm – Rockstar is up in the HoH room
    • She’s about to spend some time complaining about Brett
    • So frustrating
    • Stop crying and whining and plan a strategy to get him out
    • She is whining about how Sam hates bullies but did nothing about Brett
    • RS is trying to explain the whole situation and said that 7 people said they were voting Brett out
    • Sam keeps saying she didn’t say who she was voting for. RS keeps repeating that she’s not talking about her. Poor Sam. Can’t understand
  • 4:15 pm – The conversation continues
    • Sam is giving RS a huge life lesson on fairness and equality
    • This is because RS tried to bring the ‘female empowerment’ aspect into the conversation regarding Brett and how he is (chauvinistic)
    • Sam tells her that she agrees with that but she also doesn’t agree with what the two she put up today are doing (Kait and Haleigh)
    • Basically, Sam is annoyed that those girls are just not strong women, but they’re going beyond that point and using their sexuality to their advantage. I’m sure she is thinking more of Kaitlyn as she mentioned how her brother has had a broken heart before and she doesn’t agree with that type of behavior
    • She is not bashing women or doesn’t agree with female empowerment but doesn’t see the need to go overboard like they are
  • 5:15 pm – A lot of game talk today. Mel is going to start a new thread to talk more about it!

Check back for updates


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  1. hogwild

    Nominate crazy chicks one and two that would make for a wild week.

  2. ElaineB

    Brett finally showed he was playing the game. RS keeps talking about how America knows….yea, they know you came unhinged and acted like a lunatic.

  3. Avatar

    Crayon needs to go, and take that White Privilege shit with her

  4. AIO_7

    Haven’t read Steve’s update yet, but I wanted to comment on last nights BBAD. I didn’t see a whole lot of it but here are a few takeaways.

    Right at the end Bay really lit into Chakra, she was saying that Chakra was getting her involved in things that she didn’t want to be.
    Brett has really gotten under Crayola’s skin. She is tearing up in anger at him.
    Sam laid down the law on who and when people could be in her HoH room. Looks like she is not going to let it become a flop house. Refreshing.

  5. Avatar
    WhereisPablo (545 comments)

    Since CBS feels the need to address the JC/Bayleigh issues on Sunday’s show per Julie last night, I wonder if RS will be reprimanded for her numerous “white privilege” remarks? Personally, I have not been offended by anything that anyone has said, since they are mostly buffoons anyway, but it is food for thought.

  6. danmtruth

    this is why we or I watch BB So many people making moves and trying to figure and keep up with everyones moves
    RS was banging the pans to anoy Bret but turned it into her banging like being in a drum circle
    These housepets do not know what to do without hanging out in the HOH
    Fessy has lost points in my book for NOT knowing who James Brown is – He’s so Pretty –

    • AIO_7

      Something is wrong with Fessy. I’m not quite sure what it is. I’ve never been able to form even the slightest bond with him.

      • Avatar
        WhereisPablo (545 comments)

        I agree… I really want to like Fessy, but I just can’t. I don’t dislike him either. He is just there.

      • hogwild

        He’s basically Matt from last season maybe has a bit more personality.

      • Alda

        I like Fessie.He seems to be a loyal guy.He expects the same back from his so called allies.He is hurting right now because he doesn’t know who to trust.I can’t blame him for feeling this way,

      • Jenny

        I had to stop and think who Matt from last season was. lol
        Fessie is okay but I don’t get why women are attracted to him. Apparently he did some modeling? I don’t see it, but hey, I don’t think Brett is attractive either, but based on his ego I’m guessing a lot of women do.

      • Wizard

        Fessy just wants to be loved, but doesn’t seem to know exactly what to do about it.

  7. Helen

    Omg. What is with the constant fish today?

  8. danmtruth

    The white Privilege is her code that he is a rich kid who does not need or deserve the money She has mention this a few times when talking about Winston & Bret in the past

  9. Seattle Kari

    Forgive my language but.. Oh my fucking god what is wrong with some people? I realize things get frustrating being locked up but they made the choice to be in there and they knew what they were signing up for.

    A grown-ass woman with three children acting like a petulant toddler throwing a tantrum? Seriously??!! What does the fact that it’s your daughter’s birthday have to do with anything? Your daughter probably wouldn’t even a thought about it other than emotionally having your back, but your tantrum is what’s going to make your daughter embarrassed as hell and THAT, imho, is what would have ruined her birthday.

    She needs to STFU and grow the hell up!!

  10. Shivani33

    What if Bayleigh uses her power app and Sam loses “power” this week? Bayleigh is SO ready for Kaitlyn to get evicted. What will happen to Sam’s so-called safe week if another Power app gets used?

    • AIO_7

      My guess would be that Sam’s “safe week” is over this week come what may.
      Bay really lit into Chakra last night. Poor Chakra, she really doesn’t have a team. Even Tyler is giving her the cold shoulder.

    • Helen

      Bayleigh would be crazy to use it this week…pretty sure she has nothing to worry about…is Psycho worth wasting her advantage on?

      • Shivani33

        Helen, I remember Bayleigh telling Fessy that she was determined to hold her Power app in reserve for as long as possible. But she was lit last night against Kaitlyn, as we saw. We’ll see how Sam’s noms affect her. Bayleigh is misinformed about the carry-over from Sam’s app. Someone (like Tyler) could take advantage of that and possibly set a fire under her.

      • Helen

        Well…bayleigh has to use it before nom ceremony…so if for some reason sam picks her..she can’t change it…

    • Lynn

      I thought she had to use it before the nom ceremony? Too late this week?

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  12. HappyHippo

    I must give it to Sam. She is being firm and way less wishy washy than I expected! Now is that because of the power and their chance to revive themselves or did we just underestimate her? I’m loving this version of sam.

  13. HappyHippo

    Come on with the dang fish!

  14. Colby

    Sam insisting the HOH being private and restricted makes me wonder if maybe she actually knows more about BB in the earlier seasons and thinks the HOH should be like it was back then.
    Just sayin……

  15. Seattle Kari

    Thoughts on Sam, HOH, and the two “gifts” still left in play.

    first a question. Does anybody know if Sam and Bay have talked and that they know about each other’s Abilities to completely change the course of the game depending on the decisions made? I realize Sam’s is out of her hands now, but…

    If the two girls would work together, it would be super easy for Sam to nominate people just to nominate someone with no real meaning. then Bay could turn around and nominate people that they both really want out?

    I realize it’s not going to make a difference one way or another with who is nominated but it just was a thought. I don’t know maybe my menopausal brain isn’t making any sense?

    I absolutely love it, thus far, Sam is standing firm with it being her HOH and not just letting people come in and out at will. I think I’d be doing the same damn thing.

  16. HappyHippo

    Cut to old episodes must be time for noms!

  17. HappyHippo

    Here’s something fun Steve or Mel should do…predictions on what everybody’s comic book cover will be..I always love those

  18. JadedMage

    I can’t stop laughing about Sam wanting everyone to take private shits this week LMAO

    PS Please Nom RS and wacky life coach who really doesnt have a job and paid the $120 for the online life coach certificate program…

    Unless she got it off groupon for $20 LOL

  19. AIO_7

    “Sam wants to let people take private and personal shits this week”

    I understand the concept of a “private shit”, but I wonder what a “personal shit” is.

  20. Shivani33

    Brett will take sophisticated, white privilege personal shits. Kaitlyn will spew Exorcist diarrhea on everyone. Angie will sit on the crotches of her enemies and blast them to kingdom cum with bowel product while dressed up like Mrs. Roper. Fessy will poo on any girl who lets him, or he’ll wait and do it while one of his object of desire is sleeping. We haven’t talked about this aspect of Fessy yet, but yes, it is available for viewing on the feeds. I could go on but JC is too pornographic to describe. My delicate stomach, ya know.

    • Shivani33

      Oh and if Sam weaves a good doorknob string for the HoH toilet, Bayleigh might forget about crapping altogether and announce that she, as Miss Missouri, is preggo with the Second Coming of Swag.

    • danmtruth

      Shivani33 I think RS will just squat on the seat while using old leaves to clean herself Sam will get mad when RS refuse to flush because she sees it as a waste of water Lets just hope there is plenty of tissue paper for Scottie as he reminisce about his time as HOH with all those women crawling in bed with him

  21. AIO_7

    “Fessy will poo on any girl who lets him, or he’ll wait and do it while one of his object of desire is sleeping. We haven’t talked about this aspect of Fessy yet, but yes, it is available for viewing on the feeds.”

    HMMMMM, do tell. I haven’t heard about this yet. On a related note, I’m just wondering if it wasn’t Fessy who splattered the down stairs bathroom with shit. He was eating a lot of fake ham at the time. I suspected JC, but the more I’ve thought about it ……

  22. hogwild

    Have to say letting the house use your private crapper for the week is something new.

  23. AIO_7

    I think that I’ve found Rockstar’s inspiration for hair color …


  24. Shivani33

    A couple of nights ago, Faysal was spooning Haleigh, who was already sawing logs. He stuck one hand down the back of her pants into her nether region. His other hand went down his own pants. Half asleep, I wasn’t sure if I was seeing things or really watching Fess in action. I went over to Jokers comments to see if anyone else was watching this, and the night owls were talking up a storm about it.

  25. Helen

    I notice that housepets have chosen amongst themselves who will be HN next….hope this is one of the times they go by who dropped off wall first,second,third and fourth….
    Crayon head…your it…

  26. HappyHippo

    I hate how the feeds are down for so long for something that you know only takes a few min…I feel like we miss a lot of initial reactions

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  28. HappyHippo

    Yea but they usually take at least an hr…I hate it

  29. Mel

    Waiting for Kaitlyns meltdown if and when she gets nominated. Hayleigh said she won’t be surprised if it’s them. Good thing because I’ll be surprised if it isn’t.

  30. HappyHippo

    I want to see every last second of that meltdown!

  31. Shivani33

    Rachel said that Scottie volunteered to be a have-not, along with Bayleigh, Kaycee and Rachel herself. It didn’t sound like Rachel was just guessing.

  32. HappyHippo

    Bring out the crazy Kaitlyn!

  33. Painter1

    If Shakra loses it I need to look up YouTube and hope someone posts it.

  34. AIO_7

    Feeds are back!

  35. AIO_7

    Sounds like it may be Chakra and Haleigh up.


  36. Shivani33

    Hearing that Sam told Kaitlyn that she’s the opposite of female empowerment and said that Kaitlyn and Haleigh don’t respect themselves. Rockstar, unnominated, trieds to hug Brett, who simply told her that he is all out of hugs.

  37. danmtruth

    The next big question Who will Bayliegh go to to jump ship RS is on an island not many people want to work with her It would be foolish for Bay to tell anyone else about her power or use it to save either of those two
    Next question is will this be an unanimous vote to evict BSC That would be crazy

  38. hogwild

    I really hope crazy chick two goes up as a replacement nom.

  39. HappyHippo

    Heck yea speech was about female empowerment…the nice way of calling her a ho. Go sam!
    Love how she just said to Tyler I would never disrespect blah blah blah I have a dad, a brother(who now we know why didn’t sign a release to be talked about!) and a boyfriend…eek she hasn’t gotten the memo

  40. danmtruth

    With the yarn rags Princes Leia buns RS looks like a forgotten extra from the show Emerald City or a Mad Max movie

  41. AIO_7

    Pity party; though I’m sure that Brett and Tyler are smiling within …


  42. Helen

    Is it just my perception or is everyone acting like Sam did something wrong? Like they are not happy with her noms?

  43. HappyHippo

    Would anybody like a slice of humble pie? Oh wait BSC Kait ate it all

  44. danmtruth

    Just to keep BSC from throwing them under the bus Not sure if anyone would believe her Than again who would have thought Brets speech would have caused such chaos

  45. hogwild

    Not bad noms by Sam neither is exactly popular in the house and she can calm them down if she wants by telling them the power she had goes to whoever gets voted out and they have a chance to get back in the game.

  46. Mr. Beardo

    So bummed Chakra Con, Hay, or RS(as a replacement nom) will get a second chance if evicted. That being said I hope Sam lets them stew all week. It’d be smart of Sam to let things play out and if one of them comes back to let them know it was her power that saved them. She’ll be able to say I gave you TWO chances to save your own ass.

  47. HappyHippo

    I’m happy with the choices. Just wish Kaitlyn would get kicked out and no power used though

  48. Stephanie

    Has anyone seen any kind of Steve / Swaggy C interviews or social media posts since they have been evicted? Just curious if they are truly evicted or being sequestered?

  49. AIO_7

    Sam. and Rach. having a long convo..


  50. Avatar

    Sam is spitting some truth about Hayliegh and Kaitlyn’s strategy!! lol I find it interesting that she now claims to be on the level 6 (now 5…or does she make it 6??) side of the house but I would presume she automatically falls to the bottom of that totem pole. I’m not sure but I believe this is how the house is divided:

    Level 6 – 1. Brett 2. Tyler 3. Rachel 4. Kaycee 5. Angela 6. Sam
    Foutte – 1. Hayleigh 2. Bayleigh 3. Fessie 4. Scottie 5. RS
    Floater – JC
    and then there is fair weather Kaitlyn

    Anyone else see it differently?

  51. Avatar

    Sam calls Fessie harmless and precious….poor guy. lol

  52. Shivani33

    Some houseguests were chuckling about Sam having made a fort inside her HoH room and production insisting that she dismantle it.

    • Avatar
      WhereisPablo (545 comments)

      I was wondering where she would scrounge around to talk when she’s alone in the HOH room. Maybe since they made her take the fort down she can crawl under the sofa?

  53. Mel

    My nom prediction was much better than hoh winner. Am I glad Sam will call Kaitlyn a ho in tv? Yes
    Do I think her reasons are stupid in a game sense? Yes

  54. Mel

    Hayleigh is sure she’ll go home and doesn’t want to play or be there anymore. If she doesn’t shake this, I’ll be disappointed because I’ve seen her as more of a gamer than this. Besides, she guessed last night she’d probably go up because she never tries to talk to Sam.

  55. Shivani33

    Haleigh is hurting, Kaitlyn has been self-righteous (while crying and saying she won’t play victim) and RS has entered the land of what she seems to think is surreality, calling BB a nightmare and wondering if she’ll wake up and discover it is all a dream.

  56. Avatar

    RS screaming Brett is Dick!! but she is the one following him around and harassing him.

    • ElaineB

      This morning she told Kait she would never talk to him again. Now she is in the HOH whining to Sam about how Brett won’t give her the time of day, and she just ‘doesn’t understand’. Guess noms made a difference in whether she gave a sh** or not.

      • Jenny

        That whole pots & pans thing is just stupid. It’s been done before – twice. It’s annoying. stfu RS

  57. Mr. Beardo

    I’m trying out some new nicknames.. How’s Weepy Herman for Kait?

  58. Colby

    Somebody needs to tell Rainbow that those balloon pants make those thunder thighs look even bigger.

  59. Avatar

    Haleigh? Seriously?

  60. hogwild

    I would really like to see rainbow hair go up as a replacement nom and go out then fail at the battle back Kaitlyn is bad but at least I can mute the TV when she is on I can’t adjust my set enough to make rainbow hair tolerable.

  61. danmtruth

    Jc and Tyler seem to have a final 2 along with Kaysee and Tyler The boy is covering his but

    The old FOETTA need to get there heads out of there collective rectal ducts Haylie has a much better game than BSC Kait Get up and mingle

    Feeds suck 2 feeds on a lone BSC in the jenga room WTF !!

    RS now going into poor me I miss my kids Your the one who left Why is Haylie, RS, talking about self evicting Stop feeling sorry for yourself

  62. Avatar

    Yay, things have finally gotten interesting. Why are there only 3 have nots, aren’t there usually 4?

  63. HappyHippo

    I can’t with BSC Kait baby voice! Can eviction night be tomorrow?

  64. danmtruth

    This year would be GREAT to have a 2 hour reunion show at the end of the year Just to see what everyone feels AFTER seeing all the shows

  65. HappyHippo

    I would love to see kaitlyns reaction to Tyler in all the shows! She’s so delusional

  66. HappyHippo

    Sam just told Kayleigh that she wanted to give them a heads up last night but they wouldn’t let her. What the hell? People have told people tons of times who they were putting up

  67. Lynn

    Hahahah- Sam truly is crazy with the heat and can’t scratch it! She’s totally bamfoozled Bay/hay/Scottie/fizzledstar. I’m cracking up!

  68. Avatar

    How ya going to cry about your daughter’s birthday, when you chose not to be home for it, just my thought

  69. HappyHippo

    The convo between sam and BSC Kait is brutal right now. She has referenced her bf so many times and said oh he will just say oh that’s how Kait acts. Yikes

  70. danmtruth

    The terror rein of BSC Kait has started Her visions should start rolling in soon Everyone will be running to avoid being left in a room alone with her

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