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Big Brother 20 – Friday Night Feeds

Good evening, everyone!


The afternoon has gone as planned as Angela and Kaycee were backdoored and a member of level 6 won the hacker competition. This should continue the very interesting week as the PoV is now going to be enormous tomorrow afternoon.

Here is how the house stands right now – I’m fairly confident that Kaycee is going to take herself down and put Rockstar up.  This puts a pretty weak player in the veto competition and by picking Tyler to play adds a strong one.  The veto competition should be Haleigh, RS, Angela, Tyler, and two out of the rest (KC, JC, Brett, Scottie, Sam, Fessy). Sam is another weak player but the rest of those options are pretty strong so winning the veto isn’t a guarantee. I briefly wondered if KC should keep herself on the block and pick Tyler which gives them 3 solid players in the veto, but with Haleigh as HoH, Brett would just replace Angela or KC.

I also briefly wondered if they could do that and then maneuver Haleigh into replacing KC or Angela with JC but Haleigh literally just told KC as I was writing this that she would be scared JC would go home if he was on the block (which makes me think that’s not a goal of hers).  So, scratch that. KC has to come off and Rockstar up. It’s the best way to keep the alliance together.



  • 4:40 pm – As mentioned above, Haleigh is talking to Kaycee
    • Haleigh tells Kaycee that she is a pawn. She thought that KC won the hacker comp but KC is denying it
  • Feeds down for hacker nomination change
  • Feeds back
    • Rockstar nominated
    • KC down
    • Tyler heads up to the hoh room and swears it isn’t him.  Haleigh is wondering why target her (because she’s weak)
  • 5:20 pm – Brett is upstairs with Haleigh and she is saying how she thinks it is Kaycee
    • Haleigh thinks it’s Kaycee because she heard her jumping a lot during the comp like she was excited.
    • Haleigh says that Kaycee may pick Tyler to play  (Haleigh is very intelligent)
    • RS and Fessy are up and Haleigh is now convinced KC is the hacker and is going to nominate KC if the situation presents itself. This is ironically what Angela did last week except Haleigh is actually correct
    • RS was taunting KC and Angela by walking by saying “BIG MOVES! Everyone is making BIG MOVES this game!”
    • What RS doesn’t understand is that Haleigh is HoH and level 6 is just trying to stay together.  They made a big move last week when they had power.  Stop being a baby, Rock
    • Fessy wanted to call them dumb for not picking a player who is strong in veto.  RS even says “instead, they pick someone who hasn’t won”… bingo. That’s WHY.  Jeez. Haleigh is the only brain in that bunch
    • Fessy says that Tyler is playing soft. He’s so bad
  • 5:55 pm – Tyler pulls Sam into the HN room to give her a pep talk
  • 6:25 pm – Brett is in the kitchen playing neutral to Scottie. He’s shocked people think he’s with Angela and crew lol
  • Angela, JC, Tyler, and Kaycee are in the bedroom hanging out.
    • The sad part about that sentence above is that I typed Kaycee before even seeing her because she follows Angela around everywhere
    • Got word that OTEV is tomorrow’s veto competition. It’s kind of luck. Let’s just say that Adam from BB13 won his season lol. It’s all about being able to find the right names in time so anyone really has a chance, even RS
  • 8:20 pm – Really slow night in the house. Brett helping Angela cook, Tyler showering.  Yay
  • 9:40 pm – Do we have something brewing? JC is giving Sam a lecture calling her selfish
    • JC is worked up because Sam wants to ‘open the floor’ or something and he’s stressed and doesn’t want to do anything but he sounds tired of Sam’s constant shit
    • The conversation goes on and on with JC just ranting.  Ugh

Check back for updates


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  1. kneeless

    I think Sam is going off the rails, again. She’s git Brett cornered in SR telling him how her mind is on hyperdrive.

  2. Avatar

    i expect Angela to come down as it will be obvious if Kaycee comes down

  3. HappyHippo

    I believe that’s what they are planning…Angela down RS up

  4. kneeless

    Wondering if the veto comp, this week will be comic books. Anyone else want to speculate?

  5. danmtruth

    These votes will get interesting Sam will have the same problem as last week Her only friend in the house RS will be on the block so I think thats a lost case
    Jc has always been a wild card This vote will be hard to hide He still has Scottie to pin the flip on
    BRET still feel he is solid
    SCOTTIE is another one who has a decision to make Stay with the stronger team or stay with a team he feels he can control plus he has Hay to play with
    all the others are a given
    ANGELA Solid group
    SO this week the vote cancel is big As are the undeclared Just think its only Fri who knows what the other days will bring

  6. HappyHippo

    Kc just called jc a lil fucker… not sure why

  7. Carl

    A perfect world for L6/5/4 woulud be KC pulls herself off block replace with either Rocks or Sam. Ty sits on the cloud.
    Bret gets pick for veto comp and miraculously wins. Pulls Angela down & Hail options would then be limited. Even if she Renominates KC… KC can void Fessy vote & either Rocks or Sam go to the little house.

  8. HappyHippo

    Well I guess kc pulled herself down not sure what the pulling Angela down talk was about

    • Mel

      They discussed it earlier because Sam’s acting wierd. Sam told Tyler that Angela was better for him than her and how she wasnt tying to f**k him, strange convo. They think Sam might still vote for KC to stay over RS but wouldn’t vote for Angela to stay over RS. They were planning for if the Noms stayed the same after veto.

  9. kneeless

    Hmm, last week when HaHo was the hacker it was a different story. She’s not taking it well that she didn’t win!

  10. HappyHippo

    Real Vegas just said POV is otev tomorrow
    That’s a pretty fun one

  11. HappyHippo

    Tyler stands a great chance of winning POV I think

    • Sassy

      I love Ty, but He’s won several, time for others to step up.

      • Jenny

        Sassy, every time I see your avatar I miss my lab! I used to take him to Florida every spring to play in the ocean. He’d jump over the waves to chase a ball and then surf back in with it. All he wanted to do was play in the water and fetch a tennis ball. yay dogs!

      • Sassy

        Awe! My lab/shepherd mix loves the ocean but my German Shepherd prefers to watch from shore.

      • Jenny

        Yeah, my current dog is a big ol’ mutt who is only 25% lab and she isn’t interested in swimming. I took her to a lake last summer and got her to follow me into the water, but the look on her face was “why are we doing this?”. Got her in just deep enough to paddle a bit but she really was more interested in wandering the shore line sniffing things.

      • NKogNeeTow

        Sassy, this isn’t the time for him to step aside and let someone else win. If he wins, he won’t have to use his app yet. If he doesn’t win, he will more than likely be Hay’s replacement. Since she’s out to get him and he knows it, it’s a matter of self preservation now.

  12. danmtruth

    Jc just planted the seed that the hacker is Hay Fess went running up their Hay with headphones on and ignored him Off he left in a huff

  13. Mel

    I don’t think Haleigh is even considering putting Brett otb. If she can’t get Tyler, I think she’ll put up JC or Sam…unless secrets come out. She’s already told RS, she’d settle for Angela leaving but Tyler is her first choice. She thinks her flirting has Brett under control and she doesn’t know he’s with L6.

    Haleigh really panicked when the comp was over. They quickly suspected KC and Hay said “maybe she won’t use it.” Really? She’s otb!!

    When Hay met with KC and said it bothered her KC voted out Bay because they were close, KC reminded Hay she also voted out Bay. Hay switched tactics and said Scottie told her KC was telling him Hay was trying to get him otb against Tyler. KC said she didn’t and said they’d go get Scottie right now. Hay said “no.” Hay told KC if she was the hacker she was going to get her to do something because she isn’t the target and Angela was. Hay said she really hoped no one put Tyler up 2 weeks in a row because that wouldn’t be right to do to him.

    This is why even tho I like Haleigh’s spunk, I stopped rooting for her. Her strategy and overall game is terrible. She really though she could get the person she put otb to use the hacker power together in making a decision. She thinks someone will actually buy that she doesn’t want Tyler out this week. She let it out that Angela is a target (even if it isn’t her top one) and she told on Scottie for telling her stuff L6 said to him. I’m not even sure she knows she’s done it. She told Brett her top 4 targets last night…in order!

    The alliance shares a brain and this week, I think RS has it. Hay was going to put up Sam until RS made Hay realize she needed 2 people from the other side otb.

  14. caRyn

    I haven’t been a fan of Sam since the beginning. I want her happy and healthy of course, but not a fan. With that said…what happened on Thursday with her wavering was good timing for L6. With everything that has happened since then L6 know not to confide in her with anything or rely on her for anything. L6 knows where they stand with her. Angela was not happy with Rachel acting the way Sam is so the trust is gone even if Sam wants to weave her way back into their side. If Tyler does use his app this week, he won’t need to worry about Sam and if Sam will tell anyone.

  15. ladycobra

    Sam should be ok for awhile. She had her kumbaya time when everyone was one big happy family waiting to be called to DR. Poor Poor RS, as we say in the south, bless her little heart. She does not get to stay in happy land for very long these last few weeks. I love it!!!!

  16. Helen

    Kaycee tells them they have to win veto and keep noms the same…they have the numbers…they are counting on JC vote? Crazy. I don’t trust him at all. He’s playing both sides

  17. danmtruth

    Hay; RS was on the block twice and got herself off twice with big numbers ? WTF !!!
    Now Hay remembers the cancel vote and they need 4 votes Fess Scottie and Sam ,,,, than ???

    • Jenny

      Well, gotta remember that RS doesn’t see what we see. All she knows is when she was on the block, she stayed, and had lots of votes to keep her. We know those votes were to evict someone and she was just…there…. I feel bad for her being one of the true misfits in the house. Aside from the toenail chewing (ick ick ick!) I don’t mind her. Not rooting for her but I don’t hate her.

  18. Mel

    Haleigh’s mad Rockstar was put up and said “you didn’t have a bigger move to make than that.” She doesn’t understand Rockstar isn’t the target, it’s called a strategy.

  19. HappyHippo

    RS just said”I’m sure the hacker will pick Tyler to play” Fessy “no if it’s kc she will pick herself”oh Fessy you’re so pretty lmao

  20. caRyn

    Haleigh wearing Swaggy C shirt yesterday. Crazy!

  21. caRyn

    On YouTube: Sam’s Breakdown to Haleigh on Livefeeds – Big Brother 20 (8/9/18)

  22. Mel

    I know L6 wants the best odds for a win with Tyler playing veto so they can leave noms the same. They’ll take their chances with the votes. The best odds for all of L6 to be off the block on eviction night is for KC to win the veto and Tyler use the cloud app.

  23. danmtruth

    RS so proud of herself She went down in font of TY ANGELA, and KC – wow big moves putting me on the block again big move
    STFU no one cares about you

  24. Mr. Beardo

    I get older and the housepets stay the same age..

  25. Mel

    Damn it! I just said RS had the brain this week that Foutte shares on an earlier comment. That will teach me…

  26. HappyHippo

    I love that hay ho thinks her who ha is powerful enough over Brett they he would vote out Angela over RS hilarious

  27. Mel

    Steve, you’re gonna have to slow your roll with those Hayleigh/intelligent comments. She pissed that the hacker thing was used and thinks it’s KC so she wants KC back on the block instead of Tyler now if RS come off. It’s entirely anger driven.

  28. caRyn

    Middle of July – Tyler: “I think I love Bayleigh and it sucks”.

  29. HappyHippo

    Well looks like Sam is fine with Tyler now and back to mothering him

    • Colby

      I don’t know. They did talk. But she pretty much called him a snake. She said she hears a sound that resonates from Tyler like a rattlesnake sound.

      • Alda

        Maybe the self proclaimed “witch”RS has changed one of the former housepets into a rattlesnake.

      • Daughter

        Sam-pleton only knows of simpleton things. She cried when he was nominated, mad when he plays the game. Actually mad when anymore plays the game. Whatevs Sam-pleton

    • danmtruth

      TY did a good job of bringing her back into the fold Still a long time till Thursday
      just remember Sam these words from Daze and confused : Well, all I’m saying is that I want to look back and say that I did I the best I could while I was stuck in this place. Had as much fun as I could while I was stuck in this place. Played as hard as I could while I was stuck in this place… Dogged as many girls as I could while I was stuck in this place.
      have fun Sam stay strong

    • strwar1

      Sam a mother to Tyler? I mean it is like she is the mom and is crying that Angela(she thinks Anglea has a thing for Tyler but idk since I haven’t seen it yet)is better for him. Like it is like she is the mom of him.

      • Mel

        Sam got jealous of Angela the same way she did with Kaitlyn and it’s the reason she doesn’t like Haleigh. Nothing motherly about it, that’s her cover.

      • LO1004

        Oh Angela definitely has a thing for Tyler. She talked about it in her HOH interview.

      • HappyHippo

        That’s funny Angela is so hard to read on the crush aspect . She doesn’t really flirt that I’ve seen. Rachel it was written all over her face

      • Sassy

        Mel, I have been thinking that for awhile. She’s crushing on all the cute men, and that’s why she doesn’t really like the girls. She’s not threatened by RHS and once Swaggy was gone, Bay did not hang on the guys and KC, well, since she doesn’t like guys, she’s ok in Sam’s book.

  30. danmtruth

    And for RS ; Okay guys, one more thing, this summer when you’re being inundated with all this American bicentennial Fourth Of July brouhaha, don’t forget what you’re celebrating, and that’s the fact that a bunch of slave-owning, aristocratic, white males didn’t want to pay their taxes.
    have a good night RS

  31. danmtruth

    this is not a joke Someone get in their and teach BRET how to peel garlic ! it hurts me to see this

  32. Mr. Beardo

    Danmtruth have I mentioned that my wife grew up in Crystal Lake?

  33. Helen

    You can tell Sam is “off”. She doesn’t cook anymore…..

  34. danmtruth

    RS talking about KC walking around comfortable POT CALLING KETTEL BLACK ME THINKS ?
    Great thoughts by RS – Scottie brings up its about time for OTEV Hay agrees but our girl RS says no to early plus they have not done zingbot yet Yea they all agree it will be ZINGBOT this week
    these people never find the bottom

  35. danmtruth

    Rs Hay Scottie watching the tv that other side is sooo stupid OH ok

  36. Helen

    If RS goes home this time around,I think Scottie made a serious miscalculation by clearly showing he is not with L6. The 3 hour conversation with Hai-Ho over the chess table and being up in HOH constantly is gonna get him I think…Hayleigh has,not intentionally thrown him under the bus to both Faysal and Tyler…

  37. Mel

    Haleigh thinks Brett would use the veto to take Rockstar off the block.

    I’m just going to let that comment sit there alone so it can be absorbed.

  38. LO1004

    Lol I can’t w all this stupidity.

  39. Helen

    You lost me at Hayleigh thinks…
    Best case scenario is Kaycee gets pulled for veto…save Angela and Tyler sit in the cloud..If she puts up Sam she is going back on a deal made last night and she loses a potential vote to keep RS…plus one that Kaycee cancels would really put the down. Her other choice is JC…she will piss off Faysal and Faysal won’t vote him out…she could choose Brett but she really feels like Brett is on her side..wants a final four with him…
    Difficult choice for Hai-Ho ……

  40. LO1004

    Hay is pissed at KC for doing the same exact thing she did to Angela last week. Changing noms. She’s making my brain hurt.

    • Jenny

      I just don’t get that at all. Last week, she was SO HAPPY to be the hacker and do what she wanted. How can she possibly think it’s not fair this week? I don’t…. I can’t even.

      • Sassy

        She thinks KC should have come to her and they could have made a plan together. I’m confused as to why she would think the other side would work with her or do what she says/wants. I think Haho May have drank some Bay juice.

  41. Helen

    Wow. Sam up in HOH listening to music…first time I’ve seen her up there in a long while

  42. Mel

    Sam just asked Haleigh and Scottie who has the 3rd power. I don’t know where this is heading.

  43. Jenny

    My thoughts on last night’s show…
    1. The thing Hay was wearing is the base of the punishment outfit KC had.
    2. Bayleigh told Julie she was going to “be the bigger person” and apologize for the argument w/Tyler because yelling is not okay. Um. Dear Bay, Tyler isn’t the one who escalated it, and you were the only one screaming.
    3. I’d seen it on my laptop, but watching that screaming meltdown complete with blood in her mouth on my big screen TV was terrifying.

  44. Helen

    She’s back up in HOH….I hope she’s not going to tell on Tyler.

  45. Sassy

    What’s the deal with the feeds tonight. The cameras keep switching and all 4 seem to be the same room a lot!!

  46. ladycobra

    Sam never went up to the HOH last week. I think Sam will tell about Ty’s power sooner than later. Going to HOH, talking some game with them, L4/5/6 and especially Ty have lost Sam.

  47. Sassy

    RHS wants to win HOH after the double eviction so she can have the room and see her kids. She may want to make sure she’s staying before she makes plans weeks in advance. Scottie, HaHo, and RHS said they should be able to win the rest of the HOHs for the season between the 5 of them. Who’s the 5? HaHo, Fuzzy, RHS, and Scottie. Is the other San or JC?

    • danmtruth

      Bret this is the SAME conversation they have when ever one of them is the HOH iTS THERE TIME TO RUN THE HOUSE AND WIN ALL THE COMPS Then come Thursday they are sitting with mouths open as someone they did not expect goes home

  48. Sassy

    Scottie, RHS, and HaHo are talking about poisoning or at least making L6/5/4 sick. Discussing putting eye drops in coffee pot.

    • ladycobra

      I can’t believe Sam is going along with that. Based on the way she has talked I cannot believe she did not jump on them for saying that.

    • Ann

      That’s taking things to a whole new level just saying that out loud on national tv.

      Sam is going to tell, just watch & see. Ty should never have told her. I think he’s about to be in some deep doodoo.

      • ladycobra

        I think so too. It was bad enough that he told her yesterday or the day before but then he goes and reminds her of it tonight. I don’t know why she has dumped the ones that have been the best to her and saved her week 1 to jump on the Hay train (someone she said she hated) She has listened to the way RS talks about others and never heard anything close to that crap from the other side. I never thought I would say this but I wish she had gone week 1. Got a feeling her worth is going to fall in the houseguest rating polls.

      • Helen

        Her rating already is dropping….I kind of wish RS would pop off on KC….with her nasty mouth

    • Jenny

      Um. Pretty sure I’ve seen at least one TV show where eye drops put into a drink were used to murder someone. I hope Production pulled them all in and smacked the crap out of them. Not even funny.

  49. ladycobra

    A week ago Sam said that Hay would be so far up Angela’s ass that she would know what she ate for dinner. Is that Sam’s feet I see dangling from Angela’s ass?

  50. danmtruth

    more than singing now Why the fish for so long Maybe production has snapped And is laying down the law

  51. Sassy

    If L6/5/4 win Veto, it’s going to come down to JCs vote. It could go either direction. He’s the only one right now playing the middle.

  52. danmtruth

    Long way to Thursday lots to happen

  53. danmtruth

    wow Sam just came out of the have not room It look like she was trying to make a rope to hold the door closed Came out threw her hoodie on the bed and stormed off Angela and KC were in the blue room not sure what was going on

  54. Helen

    I am beginning to think sam is playing ALL of them…the shy,misunderstood,overly emotional girl who is really not a threat to anyone….one minute she is ready to self evict or take bayleighs place OTB,the next she is climbing up Hai-Hos butt to not go OTB…she’s either extremely bi polar or she is the ultimate gamer…

  55. Shivani33

    Sam now upset about Kaitlyn being erotic with Tyler, Brett, Faysal, etc. Evidently sparked by hearing JC joking about it. Sam to DR again?

  56. Ann

    I think Sam is off. Production had better get that woman some help before she really snaps. Something is wrong there.

    • Shivani33

      She appears to be having episodes. These are increasing both in frequency and in duration. There’s an off-chance that it’s an act. However, she’d have to be extremely psychologically acute to be able to pull off all of the nuances of someone on the precipice of surrendering her rationality.

      If there’s a nurse on staff, Sam could at least be somewhat examined to see how she’s doing. Vital signs and all. Sam needs to chill badly. DR sometimes sets her off, the players and the game disturb her. She’s having a major personal freakout about Tyler + any or every woman. She sounds as though she’s in prison and about ready to break out of the joint. There is no place to go in that house where she can collapse. It’s a regular American Tragedy. Cue the violins. Cue the whole f*cking orchestra.

      • Helen

        Increase her lithium…she may be checking her pills…bi polars are very difficult to treat. They don’t like to take the meds because it “slows “ them down…in their minds..whether the are on a high manic phase or a deep depression…

      • Mr. Beardo

        Take it easy on the doctoring

      • Helen

        Sorry didn’t mean to offend…just saying what I have been told by many of my patients when I worked in mental health facility…but I seriously mean no offense to anyone by it…I should probably just keep my mouth shut

      • Jenny

        I’m with you, Helen. I’ve seen a variety of mental illnesses first hand including a family member w/schizophrenia. If you’ve seen it a few times you do recognize symptoms of mania, borderline personality, etc.

      • Jenny

        Also I don’t know what is going on with Sam. I just wish they would let her leave if that’s what she wants. At least give her some private time with a professional to assess what’s going on with her. It’s a freaking TV show. If it’s damaging her psyche, get her out of there.

  57. Helen

    One thing for certain..she’s making production earn their paychecks the last few days!!

    • LynnD

      Helen I completely agree with you on your above post Regarding her meds. I have a cousin with bipolar and she would act like she’s taking her medication and actuality she was getting rid of it throwing it away and hiding it so she wasn’t on her meds at all. This would definitely explain all her highs and lows and her outbursts. They might want to make sure she’s actually taking that medication when she’s in the DR. What will production do if she actually goes through with one of her many violent threats.

  58. danmtruth

    DR is closed for the night was the announcement

  59. Sassy

    OMG!! Sam wants to have a house meeting to open the floor for people to talk? Does she not remember how that went over 2 days ago?? Or does she want it to explode again? The house has a lot of tension and it’s uncomfortable to even watch. They are going to start getting really nasty!

  60. Helen

    Tyler would be wise to come clean to his alliance members about his power…before Sam blows up his game….

  61. Shivani33

    Notice when Sam snapped at Angela, Angela told Tyler about it. He said that when he tried talking with Sam, it didn’t work. Angela hasn’t done anything to earn Sam turning verbally treacherous. I don’t think Angela wants a showdown with Sam but sees her as being unsteady and unpredictably off the chain. Sam cannot enforce a house meeting. Why pretend?

  62. Ann

    When Sam saw Ty trusted Angela enough to let her keep the VETO instead of keeping it & taking himself down that started the crazy-train’s engine. Then when Angela took him off the block & said “Thanks for trusting me” , that started the crazy-trains wheels in motion because Sam thought she was Tyler’s #1 after the Psycho was evicted. Not to mention Ty stopped paying attention to Sam. To top it all off, when Ty told Sam about his power app she was pissed because he didn’t trust her enough to tell her a long time ago like she did about hers but yet he could trust Angela with his BB life. Now to cause the crazy-train to start running off the rails, she’s seeing Angela in her spot with Ty as his #1 & she is not taking that very well at all. Ty had better watch out before Sam’s LOCOmotive runs his ass over.

  63. Shivani33

    There’s not a person in the house who hasn’t talked about putting Sam on the block, and especially lately. Sam has been a problem. Her craptalk to Angela was worded like sheer jealousy.

  64. Helen

    Well. bayleigh wasn’t the only one..Sam and Kaycee talking in geo room..saying how regular they always are been haven’t had a period since they’ve been in the house…neither of them are considering pregnancy as a cause…they think stress…

  65. Mr. Beardo

    My dogs def don’t get the yard for a min..

  66. Ann

    I think that by Sam not realizing that lying, cheating & manipulation was a part of the game, it really did hurt her to think that Ty could’ve been lying & manipulating her all along & she feels stupid. She thinks she’s being made fun of & laughed at just like everyone made fun of the Psycho because remember, Psycho thought she was Ty’s #1. Sam feels used by Ty & she’s hurting & it’s sending her over the deep end. Just my opinion.

    • Ann

      All of that added to the fact that she’s late. Hormones are a mother f*cker right now.

      • Avatar

        Plus, she’s a smoker and can’t get outside, she’s a pot smoker and can’t have a joint and I remember her saying that we was drinking so much before she came in the house that if she hadn’t come to Big Brother, she probably would be an alcoholic. All of this can really intensify the stress she’s already feeling.

    • Avatar

      I liked Sam for a while, and each week I like her less and less. Why in the world wouldn’t you watch a season or two to figure out what you’re walking into? She acts like this is a church retreat or something and how dare anyone strategize or actually compete for the prize money. Someone should just flat out ask her… are you no longer interested in winning the money… and if the answer is no, then volunteer to go on the block and stick to that.

  67. Seattle Kari

    The people I would like to see going next.

    Sam. ( I have to admit that breaks my heart. ) RS, Fay, JC, Scottie.

  68. Seattle Kari

    I’m not sure if this happened to anybody else tonight but POP TV blacked out for a few minutes during the first half hour of BBAD.

  69. Helen

    Well…Sam is feeling like a “giddy schoolgirl” around…Brett…she don’t want to feel that way..she’s afraid of being hurt,especially on National TV….not sure if she really means Brett or if it’s really Tyler…was asking RS if Haleigh and Brett have a “thing”. Explains some of her odd behavior…

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