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Big Brother 20 Friday Night Feeds

Good evening, everyone! It’s Friday night and as of 4:30 pm, still no noms


We did get word from the little bird in the house (we’ll call him Vegas/Grandpa Lou – or LouVegas) that many people were livid over the competition length last night. They heavily promoted it as an endurance comp and testing for the comp actually went well, but they just didn’t account for a physical freak like Fessy (someone so big). They’re pissed because they got tons of live feed sales that which many will probably be canceled because of the bust competition. Us bloggers don’t actually get credit unless the person passes their free trial period, so I don’t even want to check how many I sent.

That’s two major blunders from production this season because things didn’t go as planned. I wonder how often that happens every season. This is the first season where we’ve had an inside scoop dish all this gossip.

Anyway, what’s going on in the house?  Oh not much. Just a super completely awkward and uncomfortable conversation between Brett and Sam that literally made my jaw drop multiple times (and no, I am not exaggerating. I really sat there in shock). You can re-watch it all around 2 pm, but the good stuff happens beginning at 2:15 and goes on for a solid 30+ minutes. I also recapped it in my afternoon thread. To summarize – Sam basically confessed her love for him and they sealed a final 2 deal. She also literally told him and asked for confirmation that in her head, she had a secret final 2 from the start with him. She also said as the season ended, he was going to tell her he loved her and wanted to marry her. She.asked.him.if.that.was.true!!!! Really.  If you have the feeds and 30 minutes to spare, you need to flashback and watch it.


Alright, I’m going to jump into the nightly threads and also cover the noms when they happen

  • 4:30 pm – Scottie heads up to the HoH room to talk with Fessy
    • They begin talking about last night how Brett said he was actually the lone vote for RS and Scottie was lying. (another thing that really happened!)
    • Scottie said that every time he tried to confront Brett about that, Kaycee kept jumping in to argue with him. He thinks it was to protect Brett
    • Scottie thinks that Brett is pretending to be a ‘lone shark’ but he’s secretly working with the house (that’s true)
    • Fessy asks if this is how Big Brother is every year. No, it’s not lol
  • 5:10 pm – Feeds down for noms!
  • 6:20 pm – Feeds back
    • Scottie and Brett are nominated. Holy shit.
    • Wow
    • This is the face of someone who realized he may just dodge another bullet
    • Scottie is talking to Fessy trying to understand his reasoning. I don’t think he’ll ever understand it because Fessy can’t tell him the real reason (he’s jealous that Scottie is up in Hay’s business – my opinion and not what Fessy actually said)
  • 6:50 pm – People head upstairs to play some foosball
  • 7:05 pm – Sam found Brett in the HoH room
    • Luckily this didn’t turn into an hour long conversation
    • She asks if he knew it was going to happen. He says no but he had a good feeling
    • She says he has her vote. He’s her husband. Her fake husband.
    • Sam says there was a big fake fight after with Scottie and Fessy (it wasn’t fake but it wasn’t really a fight).  Sam thinks it was staged to distract from a backdoor
  • Brett leaves, Scottie comes in the room
    • Sam digs for info and says he’s up there on purpose. Scottie says it’s not on purpose. She says it was kind of mean then
    • She doesn’t believe it. She thinks this is all staged for the backdoor and probably won’t be convinced until Monday
  • 7:40 pm – Feeds go down for a little while. Not sure why
    • Oh shit, feeds went down because Sam’s lips started to swell after eating something
  • 8:24 pm – Feeds back, Sam is alive!
    • Meanwhile, Scottie is playing chess with his alliance
  • 9:20 pm – Fessy is upstairs in the HoH room and most everyone else are in the bedrooms waiting for bed

Check back for updates


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  1. HappyHippo

    Man Scottie talking to Fessy right now. This kid is smart, even calling Brett a “lone wolf act”. They better get him out before he makes it to the end

  2. leafhopper

    If Fessy wants to make a big move he should put Bret and Scottie OTB and backdoor Hay. Pretty sure she would never see it coming.

  3. HappyHippo

    What’s crazy about the comp though is yea maybe they didn’t account for a Fessy size player but Scottie, Tyler, AND Angela weren’t far behind it still would have ended way faster than before

  4. HappyHippo

    The Sam and Brett convo was the most awkward convo I’ve ever witnessed.., I was covering my eyes

  5. LynnD

    They apparently delivered Fessys brain this morning. So now that Scotty has had his time to totally feed that newly delivered brain he gets called to the DR way to go big brother

  6. Mello_One

    Everybody in the House is playing Big Brother, while Fessy is playing the Bachelor….Smdh?!

  7. HappyHippo

    So will he stick with his noms?

  8. Colby

    Can production be any more obvious?
    Wait for Scottie to change MF’s mind, and now call him for noms.
    Hopefully it didn’t work or Tyler may be in trouble. (maybe not since his talk with Tyler and Angela was all about him being honest)
    Maybe Sam.

  9. Avatar

    wow, production should really let sam go, shes clearly not on her right mind

  10. HappyHippo

    Reruns here we go

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  12. Avatar

    If production is actually scripting this, they may try to convince Fester to put Sam on the block. They do not want her to self evict, but her actions of late are definitely indicators of depression and perhaps even un-diagnosed bi-polar.

    Of course, I am not a Dr., and I have never had a one on one conversation with her, so I could be off my rocker myself.

  13. caRyn

    Which hg got the $5k in the HoH comp?

  14. Jannie

    Good Lord, Sam’s like a 7th grade girl when it comes to flirting. I hope Brett doesn’t do anything to piss her off. If he goes home, she may just lose it.

  15. Mel

    Did anyone track how many times Haleigh got called to the DR today, especially for someone who didn’t win the hoh? She worked on Fessy or talked to Scottie whenever she came out of there too. We see you production…

    • Colby

      It’s almost like production doesn’t even care about being obvious anymore.

    • HappyHippo

      That’s so discouraging! I want it to be real ugh!

      • Zach

        Unfortunately, I don’t think it’s been real for a very long time. At least 10-12 seasons, maybe never.

      • Sassy

        It’s definitely more real this year than previous years. I’m sure production is frustrated that they can’t even give them an advantage without this bunch screwing it up!!! Why keep trying, just let the game play out as it’s intended.

    • Zach

      I think it’s funny, personally. They have always done this, only for whatever reason, this season, they aren’t trying to hide that they have influence on how the game goes.

      • mm22

        Nope they aren’t trying to hide there interference – I also
        think its been going on awhile for rating purposes

      • ShoeLover

        I just wish production ( if they interfered ) would step back!! This season has been pretty awedome!! I actually love the “NEWNESS” and wish it continued without interference!!! Brings back the old days of how Big Brother used to be… now if the housepets weren’t in it for some sort of fame on down the line, this would be a super awesome BB20!!!

  16. Colby

    If MF puts up Sam, I don’t think she will handle it well. It may just put her over the edge.
    Then again, she may be OK with it because she will get to go hang with Grape Ape and Bay.
    You just never know with her.

  17. Mel

    Ok, production pisses me off but….it would be funny if Brett and Sam went otb together…as a new shomance. Lol

    I think it will be Kaycee tho

  18. LynnD

    I am just now watching last night’s episode because by the time I had the time to watch TV I just jumped on the live feeds to watch the HOH competition.

    So I just wanted to say I absolutely love JC he is so cute. “I love USA it is the best country in the world” and this JC is one of a million reasons why we Love YOU! <3

    • Zach

      I personally think is a twerp who often pushes personal boundaries, especially early on before he got in trouble. That being said, he is growing on me as a player. I did a peer rankings a few threads earlier and I’m moved him to #3 behind The power couple, Angela at 2 and Tyler at 1.

      • LindsayB

        It was just a few weeks ago everyone hated him because he was too handsy. Now everyone loves him. Cracks me up. I think he’s entertaining and is playing a good game, but I find it hilarious how his earlier antics that some thought should’ve had him kicked out of the house have been forgotten.

      • Zach

        Grabbing people’s genitals is definitely not okay, especially people you just met. It is ironic that some have short term memories for certain things but other things they don’t let go, ever.

      • Mel

        Always loved JC. I have recaps for rec’ts. Lol

      • LindsayB

        I really don’t care about the crotch grabbing. Nobody seemed to be too concerned about it and they are all capable of telling him to stop. The viewers had more problems with it than the recipients of the grab.

    • Avatar
      WhereisPablo (545 comments)

      Yes Lynn, I can’t stop watching JC in his comp outfit! He annoys me sometimes, but I think he would be fun to have over for the afternoon.

      • Avatar

        You might want to hide the ice cream scoop.

      • LynnD

        Whereispablo. 1st LOVE YOUR NAME AND PHOTO

        2nd. In the beginning I was pretty unsure how I felt about JC. But through this game I too find him to be an evil little genuis that I love to watch. I too would not have a problem hanging out with him for an afternoon.

      • Avatar
        WhereisPablo (545 comments)

        Thanks Lynn! Same on JC. I thought he was creepy at first, but he is like an errant child that I can’t stay mad at. I feel like he would come over and tell me everything I need to change in my house, on my person and in my life and I wouldn’t be offended.

  19. danmtruth

    Why does production feel like it needs to interfere with a game that is going so well Talk about a gang that cant shoot straight Production cant help themselves from interfering

  20. leafhopper

    ugh!!! how long is this going to take???

  21. mm22

    I would think JC has Fessys ear more than
    Scottie but who knows

    • LynnD

      But Scotty was in his ear last and Fessy does not have a long attention span. And apparently he just received his memory with his brain this afternoon.

    • Helen

      He does…that’s why I think this one will piss JC off..he has complained about Fessy doing stuff like this before
      Plus Fessy basically told JC,Tyler,Angela and KayCee he wasn’t putting them up…even made a deal with Tyler and Angela to leave Scottie and Brett OTB
      So when he changes it spur of the moment like this he is showing people he can’t be trusted…stupid,stupid move
      This is after he preached his man of his word to Ty and Angela about 50 times in a 10 minute talk

      • Zach

        You don’t think Angela and Tyler wouldn’t pull Brett off the block to secure Scottie going home? They absolutely would. But I guess because you like them, that their deceit is just gameplay? It’s a serious question, if they made a deal with Fes to leave noms the same, would not them pulling Brett off the block also show they can’t be trusted?

      • Helen

        Yes. But they would not have pulled Brett off…they would have left them and worked to secure a vote to send Scottie out…it would probably have come to a tie..leaving the final vote to Fessy so he could decide

      • danmtruth

        don’t forget they control the votes The best thing is to keep the noms the same That why they can get Scottie out Keep there numbers the same Fess does not play in the next HOH Plus they keep Fess and Hay thinking they can trust Bret

      • Sassy

        If Angela or Ty win Veto, they will leave the noms the same. They have the votes to keep Brett if Brett continues to play to Sam. Angela, Ty, KC and Sam. Allow JC and Haha to vote out Brett.

        I’m all about deception in this game. I’m a Ty fan, but would not have been mad at MF for going back on his word and putting him OTB. I like the game more than the players.

      • Sassy

        Dan – MF is never going to trust Brett because he sees him as a threat to his relationship.

      • danmtruth

        Sassy very true but it gives L6 someone else to distract and confuse Hay Beside Jc now Yes Fess as Mello_one said is playing bachelor so he will never trust Bret as you pointed out Sassy

  22. Zach

    If I’m being honest, I enjoy being an instigator here. I try to not be too disrespectful, but sometimes I push those lines. If I have offended anyone I apologize. I’m a sarcastic person by nature who often can’t help myself. That being said, I respect most of you here and enjoy the B.B. chat. However, I will continue to do what I do, which is annoy the hell of out most of you, while trying to stay within the lines of reason. That is all. Oh and Go Scottie and Tyler, you my boys, Blue!

    • Helen

      What fun would life be if everyone thought the same and had the same opinion?
      I enjoy hearing others thoughts on something…we don’t all have to think alije

      • Zach

        I lost it last night when I get like someone was painting me to be a sexist. For the most part I don’t go after individuals here, A. Because it’s petty and B. Because it’s more fun to go after groups of people. It’s why I typically cheer for the hated or underdogs. I think Tyler is the first favorite I’ve cheered for since Derrick and I probably would fight it more if Ty’s hometown wasn’t an hour from me.

      • Zach

        *felt like

    • caRyn

      If I am being honest, I will speak for MYSELF and say the line was crossed with me with your comments about everyone commenting here, on BB Junkies, being on the proverbial dicks of Tyler/L6.

      • Zach

        I didn’t attack you personally. I said it about a group. I don’t think that crossed a line because I didn’t say it to any one individual, if you did, that’s your prerogative, we can agree to disagree. Because I still believe that many people here allow their love for certain players to blind them to truth. For example some people saying Fes is smart to target Scottie because really they don’t want him to target L6. It isn’t smart for Fes to do that because Scottie isn’t targeting him and L6 next week absolutely will be.

      • caRyn

        A group on BB Junkies.

        Yes, Zach – We can agree to disagree. And I will leave it at that.

      • ElaineB

        From a viewer’s perspective, there is no ‘truth’. Each of their truths lie within their minds. What we do as viewers is speculate and form opinions.

      • caRyn

        Agree, ElaineB. Thanks.

      • danmtruth

        Zach its fine to have an opinion Its just if its what you believe and not just to make waves As someone who has gotten caught up in the pass who took a discussion down to a personal attack It never ends well It also is not the reason people are here Isn’t there enough negativity in the real world to bring it into this place Just lets have fun

      • NKogNeeTow

        New Thread. Clean slate. 🙂

  23. Helen

    I still have hope if he puts up Brett/KayCee…
    If….Angela gets picked for veto..she can pull KayCee down…Tyler can sit in his cloud …Bam. Either Scottie or Sam go OTB

  24. GoodGame

    Production! STFU!
    Let the Batchelor do what he wants to do!

  25. LynnD

    Well on that note I think Im going to watch OITNB (totally forgot it was back).. Just having the thoughts that production is controlling this HOH so strongly has me “Sam Mad”. I’m calling it a night before I have to curb stomp somebody.

  26. Mr. Beardo

    At this point I wouldn’t be surprised if the veto comp is a height contest..

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  28. Zach

    I’ll claim the last two adjectives, openly. I am a sarcastic jerk. No hiding that. lol

  29. Colby

    Brett and Scottie

  30. HappyHippo

    Looks like Scottie and Brett!

  31. Colby

    Nobody can say production didn’t try!

  32. HappyHippo

    I’m starting to really like Brett and it feels weird lol

  33. mm22

    I’ll take that as long as it’s Scottie up-hes too
    smart -gotta get him out

  34. dfdsgs

    So if L6 can win the veto, they should have the votes to keep Brett and vote out Scottie.

  35. Sunny

    Here’s a song to get stuck in your head – Let It Go – Let It Go – Let It Gooooooooooo!!
    You’re welcome! 🙂

  36. Patty

    Who is gonna be the back door target?

  37. Zach

    Unless Scottie can pull himself off the block, Fes just sealed his own fate as being evicted next week.

    • HappyHippo

      They need to break him and hay ho up anyways

      • Zach

        I just don’t understand how someone who has a college education, can be such a moron. He will look back on his HOH as the mistake that led to L6 sweeping the next 4 weeks. Scottie will go this week, Fes next week, Haleigh the 3rd week and JC the 4th. Brett might consider trying to keep Sam over one of his alliance members but that will be the next time any drama or excitement unfolds.

      • HappyHippo

        He’s going to look back and see a lot of mistakes or at least people will tell him about them lol definitely completely stupid to knock out somebody on their own side and all because your gf flirts with him…Angela told Tyler why he was doing it earlier..it’s evident to everybody. Think with your head Fessy not anything else..but it’s way too late for that

      • Zach

        The sad thing is, with Haleigh being a 21 yr old female, he has no chance. Nowadays, 21yr olds are not interested in any committed relationships. Not only did Fes seal his fate in the game, he did it for absolutely no benefit.

      • danmtruth

        Painting in broad strokes with statements like “Nowadays, 21yr olds are not interested in any committed relationships.” Is not true People are all different Hay WAS honest with Fessy saying they were at different points in there life Her wanting to see and experience different things Him starting to look to settle down But yes Fess has been led around looking for love in all the wrong places His problem was he could not take a hint or NO for an answer

      • Sassy

        So fitting for MF, Damn.

        I was lookin’ for love in all the wrong places,
        Lookin’ for love in too many faces,
        searchin’ their eyes and lookin’ for traces
        of what I’m dreamin’ of.
        Hopin’ to find a friend and a lover;
        I’ll bless the day I discover
        another heart lookin’ for love.
        And I was alone then, no love in sight;
        and I did ev’rything I could to get me though the night.

      • Mr. Beardo

        That’s Waylon Jennings .

      • Ann

        Sassy, that song is from the movie Urban Cowboy. I can’t remember who sings it though.

      • LynnD

        Mr. Beardo Johnny Lee sings that song. Urban Cowboy is one of my all-time favorite movies

      • Avatar
        WhereisPablo (545 comments)

        Buford Uan Davis was the best looking man on the planet! I swear, even now, when I see Travolta, I see Bud!

  38. dfdsgs

    Fessy you’re bitching about honesty so be truthful and say I’m in a showmance with Haleigh and am tired of watching her flirt with you and Brett.

  39. Colby

    Brett and MF talking in the kitchen. L6 members must be biting their tongues not to laugh out loud.

  40. Helen

    Holy Batman! He nommed Scottie!!!!

  41. HappyHippo

    Fessy wearing a Swaggy c shirt(eye roll)

  42. Alda

    Good for you Fessy! Applause,applause.

  43. ElaineB

    Lol. Hay just can’t catch a break.

    • ElaineB

      She will probably try to cozy up to Tyler.

      • HappyHippo

        Then hopefully Angela will snap her head off

      • ElaineB

        That would be popcorn-snacking, good viewing Happy!

      • Helen

        She’s already there and starting…she’s not up in HOH with lover boy ..first time since he got the room
        She also is not off somewhere with Scottie’s head in her lap

      • NKogNeeTow

        Or Sam will curb stomp her AND stomp a mudhole in her.

      • NKogNeeTow

        Last night when she was in the HOH, she told MF she was going to talk to Scottie. MF asked her to bring his shorts back upstairs. As she was leaving the room Scottie was called to the DR. She told MF she would be right back with his shorts. When she got downstairs, Angela, KC and Tyler were trying to sleep. JC was in the bed with Sam, drunk talking and Sam was just carrying on a conversation with him. When HaHo came into the room, she laid on the bed next to Sam and joined the convo. Sam jumped up and went into her bag of tricks in the closet and pulled out a bunch of glowsticks. Sam, JC and Hay were jumping around having fun with them, then went into the pink room and started playing around with them. Meanwhile, MF was upstairs waiting for her for quite a while. It’s like she forgot all about him. He eventually wandered downstairs to the kitchen but went back upstairs without going into the room.

        What struck me as funny was she was just telling Scottie earlier that she didn’t want to go downstairs and talk to “those people”. But when she got down there she had a ball. I think that’s the most fun I’ve ever seen her have. She was like a completely different person. Maybe since she and Blocky always thought they had the most fun while the other side didn’t, she might start spending more time with them. Personally, I wouldn’t want her ratched ass around but whatever it takes to bring her into the fold, go for it.

      • ElaineB

        Hay is going to have to slum with ‘those people’ because her peeps are rapidly vanishing. I hope they use and set her free.

      • HappyHippo

        And before I went to bed last night she was playing foosball with KC, Tyler, and somebody else. Looked like she was having fun. Of course her most fun times were not with RS all she would do is complain!

      • LynnD

        I know on my comments I have been pretty critical of Hay but I really don’t think it was her that was irritating me so much. But more of the company she was keeping. I think now that the two most negative people are out of the house you’re going to see a whole nother side of her. Like Mel said she is there to play the game and not taking it personally. Now if she can just get Fess to stop suffocating her

  44. kneeless

    Wow, I was sure since Scottie was with Fess right before noms he wiuldn’t get nominated

  45. Alda

    Who would want to win the POV and bring attention to themselves? Sam comes to mind.LOL. She would want Brett to stay.

    • Helen

      Hayleigh wants to play and save Scottie….why she would want to change his noms is baffling because it will really make him mad! Course she probably figures he is so mad in love with her that he will get over it and forgive her quickly

  46. Avatar

    Production hijacked my day and I got nothing done. Think my hubby will buy it?

    Bout dang time…but yay for scottie otb

  47. Mr. Beardo

    I’ll give credit where credits due.. Scottie ain’t scared to mix it up. He’s a scrappy lil weasel.

  48. Avatar

    The biggest more stupid more in B.B. history. Fessy is clueless and deserves to go next…. wow I’m shocked someone from his own alliance when they are bigger fish to catch

  49. leafhopper

    so Tyler goes to the cloud and throws the veto, sam wins pulls brett off, kc goes up? Scottie still goes home right?

  50. Painter1

    What was Scottie’s reaction to being other

  51. kneeless

    I think the only way Scottie doesn’t go home is if he wins veto. The only other hope he has is if HaHo won veto & takes him down OR if Scottie gets to Fess & Fess takes him off.

    • Zach

      It’s more likely that he needs to win veto otherwise he is done. Although the reboot might happen this week, which would be kind of funny, since Fes has already dug his own grave.

    • danmtruth

      He only has himself to depend on The other question is If Fess ,Hay Win veto does TY use his cloud app He only has it for one more week All he needs to worry about next week is Hay winning HOH

    • Helen

      Hai Ho would really piss off Fessy if she took one of his noms down!!! He already thinks she has something going on with Scottie…and he already don’t like it!

  52. Painter1

    On the block otb dumb auto correct

  53. LO1004

    I saw a snippet of Off The Block w RS and she was all upset telling Ross and Marisa how it’s so hard living in a house where no one likes you and how she thinks she cool and nice. I hope she watches back and makes some changes because she was not nice to anyone on the other side even when they tried supporting her. I had to turn it off. I can’t stomach watching people play victim.

  54. Russell James Yost

    While this is one of the better seasons in recent Bachelor history, this is one of the worst alliances I have seen in Big Brother history.

    Last week I felt for Hay because of the hacker. The Hacker did completely screw her and that sucks. I personally don’t like these extras.

    Fessy, no idea why he put up Scotty. I guess he is playing the bachelor like someone else mentioned.

    • LindsayB

      Why would you feel bad for Hay? The roles were completely reversed the week before when she was the hacker. She tried to do exactly what was done to her. She’s a trifling little cock tease and all that happened was KC showing her how to properly be the hacker.

    • Zach

      He listened to his peen instead of his brain. It’s pretty simple. What would be funny is, if he is evicted and then Haleigh and Brett get into a showmance and start dating afterwards.

      • LindsayB

        Brett is too good for Hay.

      • Zach

        I don’t disagree. I actually like Brett, but think he has mismanaged his DR goodbyes similar to how Paul did last year. The majority of the jury this season is going to vote based on personal vendettas not game play. I just think it would serve Fes right for being an idiot.

      • LindsayB

        I’ve said it multiple times already, I love the gb msgs. They have been so lame in the past, just full of “I love you’s” and “it’s just a game”. It may cost him the game, but the entertainment value to me is worth it. And, he’s just slick enough that he could possibly talk his way out of it if he gets to F2.

      • Sassy

        I like the GB messages too! I don’t think they will matter that much, unless the final 2 are from opposite alliances. As the jury fills with Foutte/Hive/Bash they will realize they got played by better players and they were their own worst enemies. I even think if Hay and Ty are F2, they may be mad at her for bad choices and taking away their opportunity to win.

      • Ann

        I agree with you Zach because it’s obvious Bay & the Seadonkey are a couple of vindictive little bitches. They won’t give Brett their votes in the end if he makes it no matter how good his game is or how much he deserves it.

      • aka beachgirl

        I think Ross and Marissa are fun. I’ve watched all their shows mainly to see what the evicted houseguest has to say. Rockstar, when questioned about Brett and his goodbye message, basically said that it was a pretty shitty goodbye message but at the end of the game, if he’s one of the final two, she would definitely consider voting for him. She’s a big BB fan and he played a good game. So, even though I am very glad she’s out of the house, she absolutely drove me crazy for a multitude of reasons, I admit she shows respect for the gameplay.

    • LynnD

      Ha actually had that coming. She did it the week before.

  55. HappyHippo

    Is Brett choosing to sleep in the HN room?

  56. HappyHippo

    Sam and Brett in the kitchen…she’s so awkward towards him now.. she’s trying to act all cute.

    • LO1004

      Did Steve mention the part when Sam asked if he was in a secret showmance w Hay, he says no, and she says are you sure? You had your head in her lap when I walked in and your face turned red and you adjusted your shorts. Lol. So. Awkward.

      • HappyHippo

        Yes that’s partly where I covered my face. So embarrassing

      • Helen

        So far Sam thinks:

        Faysal is gay
        Rockstar is fun
        Tyler has rattlesnake sounds coming from within
        Brett is secretly in love with her and she now considers him her fake “husband”
        Haleigh is in love with Brett and using Gay Faysal to hide it from everybody

  57. Avatar

    WOW… just read what Sam said and did today! They as in the whole house need to agree no matter who wins veto someone comes down and Sam goes up OTB… BB should be pushing this… This poor girl is not far from totally checking out of reality!

  58. Helen

    Sam tells Scottie she is going to the little house with Rockstar and walks out of the room as Scottie says he doesn’t understand what that means

    Here we go again!! Put her OTB…send her ass there

  59. Avatar

    BB can send her home from there and give her vote to America

  60. HappyHippo

    Just saw this tweet that made me laugh
    FOUTTE-five of us that Tyler evicted

  61. Shivani33

    Sam just had an allergic reaction to something in the food. It’s always something.

  62. Colby

    Sam and Brett in the kitchen eating something he made. She asked if it was especially spicy or was it just her. Cameras switched to the group talking on the bridge. Suddenly Sam says something about something swelling up, and they all are telling her to go in there (DR I guess), she said she isn’t allergic to anything, and the feeds cut………….. Uh oh!

    • Sassy

      Oh no, her fake husband is trying to poison her! Fake divorce time!!

    • Shivani33

      Even mother nature is telling Sam that she is better off leaving this game. It has become tedious observing her compulsion to make every little piece of the game about her neediness. There are soap operas for that.

      • Colby

        It didn’t sound like she was just trying to get attention. It didn’t show her, but they all looked a little freaked.

    • Colby

      I hope they keep epipens on hand.

    • LO1004

      Feeds have been down for a while for this. I hope it’s nothing serious.

      • Colby

        Me too. Anaphylactic reaction can be deadly.
        My grandson is allergic to ants. Has to have an epipen everywhere he goes just in case he gets bit.

      • LO1004

        Awww that makes me sad. My niece has a nut allergy, I hate it when kids have to carry an EpiPen everywhere.

      • Tinkerbell

        Awww, Colby and LO, I’m so sorry to hear about your grandson and niece. It’s frightening enough, but so much more with children. That’s just terrible. So scary. I’ve been allergic to bee stings since I was small. I panic when any get near me. Eight months ago I was suddenly allergic to Amoxicillin. Due to knee replacement, had to take Amox before dental procedures. I had never had problems with it. That time, within a couple of minutes I went into anaphylactic shock. Two fire trucks and an ambulance later, I was in the hospital. The funny/bad thing is my son is my dentist . First time he had ever had a medical emergency in his office. You’re welcome, son.

      • LO1004

        That is SO scary Tink. Glad you’re ok! I’m allergic to bees too and I freak out and lose my mind if one comes near me. I will also never walk on grass w out shoes on again. Lesson learned.

      • Tinkerbell

        I understand, LO. Most of my stings were barefooted. It took me a while to wise up. Ha

      • Colby

        Thanks. It is scary.
        He just turned 4, and there are ants everywhere here in Texas.
        Tink, glad it turned out OK. I guess we do what we can for our kids. LOL

  63. Helen

    I must hand it to casting..they really upped the ante from Raven and all her ailments from last year with Sam!!

  64. Avatar

    I heard on news the other day that they are having a sever epipen shortage.

  65. Avatar

    ! doctor said it is ok to use expired epipen if you can’t get one and are desperate

  66. LO1004

    Ok, while feeds are down. Anyone else getting a Jeff and Jordan vibe from Angela and Tyler? They aren’t too affectionate, but there’s a clear chemistry. It’s cute.

    • Avatar

      nope not.. but do think they are trying to keep it from love getting in the way of their game…

    • Tinkerbell

      I think they will give it a good ole try when they are out of the house. Cute couple, share some of the same interests from their part of the country, and enjoy some of the same thungs. Both athletic and outdoorsy. I just added that word to the new dictionary.

      • NKogNeeTow

        As long as they wait until after the show I’m fine with it. The only showmance I’ve ever liked was Jeff and Jordan, but I’d rather they not have them while in the house.

      • LO1004

        Exactly, they aren’t disgusting to watch but they are so sitting in a tree.

      • ElaineB

        Jeff and Jordan actually had conversations, flirted, had fun, and didn’t ‘hit the sheets’ like so many of the slut-mances or recent seasons.

  67. Mr. Beardo

    I really do hope it’s nothing serious but Sam has been showing signs of needing a hot beef injection all day.

  68. Helen

    Still developing! Sam is still in the DR and doing OK now.

    Medic saw her immediately. Doc has power to request she is held for 12 hours or brought to facility for observation due to risk of post-anaphylaxis. Not sure will.

    TBA if she has to go offsite for monitoring.


  69. Avatar

    Hi everyone, I am new to this forum. I am in Canada and unfortunately they do not let us purchase the live feeds. I continually read this site and the Jokers site to get info. I have found this season to be the most frustrating of all. I cannot understand how a group of people cannot see there is an alliance in the house. I cannot understand how stupid a move Fessy just made. Okay I get that he is jealous but come on…..hopefully he is not teaching any of your children. While I love Tyler’s game, I hate his game. I hate it because some of these people are going to be extremely hurt when they find out he was playing them. I do hope the person who pointed out they all seem to understand this is a game is right. Otherwise a some of them will be deeply hurt. As far as Brett and Angela go, there is absolutely no reason for their meanness in their goodbye messages. They truly are spoiled privileged jerks. With respect to Sam, I am very worried that she truly needs a psychiatrist. The signs are very much there that something is wrong. I hope B.B. gets her help. I also hope she is okay based on what just happened. Thanks for letting me comment. I hope everyone has a great evening.

    • Tinkerbell

      Welcome to our family, Girl. Enjoyed your comments. Glad to have you here from way up there in Canada. You guys are our great Northern neighbor.

    • Sassy

      Welcome to the board girl! Anyone that is hurt after, should not have been in this game. They are competing for 500k, it’s as much of a social game as it is physical. They should really watch the show before being cast to realize this happens every year. Most of them this year “say” they have watched the show or at least binge watched before entering the house.

      • Avatar

        I get what you are saying Sassy. But the level to which L6 has gone to be deceitful is further than I have seen any other player go in the seasons. I guess I am talking more about how they laugh and joke about how stupid the others are. It is one thing to hide something and play both side and to get them to vote your way or blindside them, but it’s another to sit there and really pretend to care and then laugh and make rude and mean comments about how stupid they are. I get it’s a game but to what level do you take it when people genuinely think you care and are friends. Just a thought.

      • Sassy

        In my opinion the Hive has been far worse with critizism than L6. I believe most of them will not take it personally after it’s over and if they do, maybe they learned a life lesson before they get involved with something in the future they should check it out better to see if it will hurt their feelings. This cast came to play, and I think in the end, they will realize it was a game.

    • Tinkerbell

      Girl, Disregard the one thumbs down on your comnent. Someone loves to get their jollies by going through with random thumbs down.

      • Avatar

        Thanks Tinkerbell. Thumbs down do not bother me. I love everyone here can share and respect the opinions of others.

  70. Mr. Beardo

    I know I tmi on here too much sometimes but I’m a paramedic and most anaphylaxis is easily remedied if caught quickly. I just hope she didn’t have a bad reaction bc of whatever production is giving her..

  71. Helen

    Feeds were back for like a hot minute then back to fish
    Idk what the heck I’m paying for this year…live feeds or an online aquarium…

  72. Avatar

    Where they making her come to the DR room each day to collect her meds? If they weren’t and they just gave a bottle of them to an unstable person, she could end up being the highest paid contestant in BB history.

  73. Shivani33

    The kitchen crew now includes Sam, still wearing Crockstar’s old apron. She’s baaaaaaacccckkkk!

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  75. Helen

    Hayleigh has been avoiding Scottie like the plague this evening…her attention has turned…to Tyler of course
    Scottie…L6 tried to tell you!!! But nooooooo…Even Tyler has told him a couple of times privately. She is bad news

  76. Colby

    I do feel kinda bad for Scottie, playing chess by / against himself.
    But he is choosing not to join the others. Sam was trying to get him to hang out earlier.

  77. Tinkerbell

    What the frick!!! Fish again, and always! We need new camera guys or whoever controls things. This has been the year of the fish. Sick of it!

  78. NKogNeeTow

    “Meanwhile, Scottie is playing chess with his alliance”…OMG, that picture!

  79. Colby

    I think I might rather watch fish than to watch MF lay in bed on all 4 cameras. 🙂

  80. Mr. Beardo

    Y’all are awesome btw. There’s a lot of down time ridding a bus, broken by moments of sheer panic. Normally it’s sports but y’all are my anchor.

  81. Helen

    JC whispers to Tyler he needs to get Brett to pick Tyler to play veto..
    That is a stupid idea….he’s already made a deal to leave noms the same…don’t go back on it Tyler….
    I mean if Ty wants to win to assure his own saftey great…but don’t mess with noms please

  82. Mel

    Hide the veto is supposed to be the comp tomorrow per vegas

  83. ElaineB

    What concerns me about Sam, is not what concerns all of you. If this gal was really in medical emergency, physical, mentally or both, she would be gone. I envision her continuing to offer self eviction, they keep her in the house. string her along….BOOM, there is Sam in F2 explaining how she duped all the HGs and America….dammit, give her the money!

    • Sassy

      I don’t think they will let her get to F2, JC might squeak in but not Sam. Don’t hold me to this, I have been wrong on numerous occasions.

    • NKogNeeTow

      I mentioned that last week Laine. I was watching her one night she was up by herself. She was clearly playing for the cameras. That when I began to wonder, is she crazy or just crazy like a fox. I came to the same conclusion as you did…IF it’s not an act. I said if she was acting, then she’s doing a good job. You just don’t know with her.

  84. Sassy

    Scottie is subtly trying to get Haha to talk game, but she chews her fingers instead. They are playing chess and he talks about how the game is all about pawns, etc.

    Now he’s in the kitchen with KC. It’s awkward but they are talking. He’s so weird and lost. I feel sorry for him. They talked about Scottie eats with chop sticks, she said it was scary. They talk about mating rituals, he says if he showed her the mating rituals everyone will be all over him. He tells her if she does it in a bar, she will attract ALL the slobs. He makes references to the game throughout. He’s pretty witty! They end with a hug, it was really nice. I think these people really do like each other.

  85. Colby

    So, what do they show on BBAD when everyone has gone to bed?

    • Sassy

      I’m watching the feeds. There are still people up. Scottie is talking to the fish and Haha is in the DR. Most of them are still awake, in bed having convos. They aren’t usually sleeping during Bbad.

    • Avatar

      I was just wondering why at 10:30pm on a Friday 6 people are in bed?!? Seriously these people really aren’t worth the feeds!!

      • NKogNeeTow

        @Juli, the feeds really haven’t been worth it that much this year. Usually it doesn’t get this dull with this many people in the house. I think this group is use to being more active and there is just nothing to do in there. At least when the yard is open, they can sit by the pool or play pool.

    • NKogNeeTow

      People sleeping or different rooms with people sleeping. That’s when I start to read the chat. They are pretty funny most of the time.

  86. Sassy

    Brett and JC talk in HN room – Brett asks if he gets HG choice, what should he do? JC said pick Ty, he asked if he’s already playing, who else? JC doesn’t want to play but reluctantly says he will. This is one game he might be good at, or at least have fun destroying the house.

  87. Tinkerbell

    That psycho whacked out Sam needs to go home. Her Mom needs to commit her for a full evaluation. I would not be in that house with her. She is back down in her rabbit hole, and pissed at everyone. A little bit ago she wanted everyone to go to sleep so they would leave her alone. Keep in mind nobody was bothering her. This is after she talked allllll day long, talked their ears off. Tonight she said to JC…”Shut up. I’ll come over there and smother you with a pillow.” She is evil. I’ve never heard vicious threats like her’s….except for Bayleigh. I believe if Sam was mad enough she wouldn’t hesitate to take someone out. Then take the “body down to the camp where her brother and the dogs are.” Goodness only knows who else is buried there.

    • NKogNeeTow

      In all fairness, I do think she was joking with him when she said it because after that, they began to laugh about something (can’t remember what). She did go to bed but a bit later got up and went rummaging in the closet then back to bed.

      • mm22

        I would hate to be the production employee that
        drew the short straw n had to clean out sam’s
        closet-I think she puts up a curtain n BB keeps
        telling her to take it down….any guesses what’s
        in there? If Brett goes missing I know where to

      • Avatar
        WhereisPablo (545 comments)

        ” rummaging in the closet ”
        Can you even imagine what is in her closets, cupboards, etc. at home?

  88. NKogNeeTow

    Okay Boys and Girls, only 15 minutes of BBAD left and I’m pissed that I wasted this much time on it. I need to get up at 5:30 in the morning and I’ve forfeited almost all my sleep on these clowns.

    Goodnight and have a GREAT day tomorrow!

  89. Helen

    Who do you think Faysal will replace Scottie with when he comes off the block on Monday?

  90. Helen

    Does anyone know how many times each housepet goes in the house to look in hide the veto?

  91. Ann

    Helen, do you know what the conversation between Sam & Brett was all about? I missed it.

    • LindsayB

      Ann, Steve explained it a couple of threads back. I’m not sure which one it was but he went into detail. In a nutshell, Sam thinks they’ve had a secret final 2 from the beginning and that they are in love and will get married after the show. Definitely go back and read Steve’s play by play of it because my recap doesn’t do it justice. At all.

  92. Ann

    Thank you LindsayB………

  93. delabear

    What happened to everybody?

  94. LynnD

    Watching production trying to get the houseguests up at 7:30 reminds me of what it looks like when I’m trying to get my teenager up for school. usually after 15 minutes I’m yelling and losing my s***. To have her reply “why you gotta yell at me?”

    Nevermind JC IS my teenager: Production “JC please go to the diary room” JC: “JC? Are you f’n kidding me?” As he lays down and goes back to sleep.

  95. LynnD

    Ok Sam has just became Cybil. She just told Brett its too quiet in the house Brett said I thought you liked it quiet in the morning. She told him No I like noise and on to another story.

    Feeds down for HOH

  96. LynnD

    I can’t wait to see the priceless look on Sams face when the veto is over and she walks back into that hotmess of a house.

    On that note I must go do my Saturday BS.

  97. Alda

    Hayleigh and Tyler were picked for veto.Fessy asked Tyler if he wins veto to keep noms the same.Fessy says he will guarantee Tyler and Angela safety for 2 weeks,if they return the favor.Haleigh told Fessy to make sure he mentions her in the deal.He didn’t!

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