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Big Brother 20 – Friday Night Feeds – Nominations

Happy Friday, everyone!


I was out for a bit tonight, so I am a little late on the noms, but they were not supposed to be a surprise, anyway. As expected, Tyler put Haleigh and Scottie on the block together and one of them will be going to the jury house on Thursday night. Pretty much everyone who has talked about so far has just said this week will likely be a repeat of last except replace Fessy with Scottie. Veto could obviously change that, but if Scottie doesn’t win, it’s going to be hard to sell him to stay.

Most of L6 really doesn’t want him there for multiple reasons. The biggest obviously is that he was already evicted and should go right back out, but also because he’s a really strong competitor and has the chance to win just about any and all comps there are. Scottie is just one of those people who manage to handle these weird competitions really well and despite the performances last night, that attitude didn’t change.  It’s not just by chance that he has won or finished second in nearly every comp he has been in this summer. Some people just get these comps and do well in them. Tyler and Scottie are those people.

That also means he’s going to be gunning for the veto really hard and if he doesn’t win, it’s unlikely L6 will pass up a chance to get him out while they still can (and the backdoor option is almost gone).


With that said, let’s jump into the feeds and hope it’s not a boring week


  • 7:00 pm – Haleigh is upstairs in the HoH room and jokes how she doesn’t have a chance to ever get Sam’s vote
    • Meanwhile, Scottie is chatting with Brett in the bedroom downstairs
  • 7:40 pm – Tyler, JC, and Haleigh are still chatting for awhile
    • JC points out that Haleigh is the last one standing who has received the crap app
    • He also says she should fight with Sam for ratings. I agree
  • 8:00 pm – JC finally leaves
    • Haleigh comes up to Tyler and gives him shit for blindsiding her when he said he would tell her what he was doing
    • She asks what is going on and he doesn’t reassure her like he did last week
  • 8:15 pm – Haleigh is starting to get a little worked up but trying to control it
    • She feels different this time than last (and she is right, Tyler is acting differently)
  • 8:40 pm – Haleigh is still chatting with him. He looks done with it but is being patient
  • 8:55 pm – Haleigh has finally left the HoH room. Tyler can breathe
  • 9:20 pm – All my updates so far have been about Haleigh. She is the only one freakin doing anything today
    • She’s now with Angela having a stare down

Check back for updates


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  1. Helen

    Hay Ho up in HOH talking about how much bigger her HOH basket will be if she wins HOH again…
    She needs to go this week…

  2. LynnD

    LMAO HOH room TY JC KC & Haleigh talking about TY’s 6 pack in the fridge. Haleigh telling TY that him & Scottie should each drink 3 beers b4 the Veto comp tomorrow

  3. hogwild

    Unless Scottie wins the veto it will be a boring week if he wins and say JC goes as the pawn that could create some drama otherwise it’s SSDW.

  4. Holla Derrick

    Sams app failed.
    Tylers app expired.
    Bays app was evicted.
    1st hack didnt change much.
    2nd hack effected outcome.
    Battle back winner possibly gone right after.

    Whats next?

    • Sassy

      I love that the twists had little to no effect. Production will have to try harder next year.

      • Holla Derrick

        After further thought, Ive decided that the twists have effected the game. Tylers app may have allowed him to play a little differently. (Wanting hay to backdoor him) Bays app made it easier to target her and evict her. Hay claiming hacker put a target on her. And blockstar evicted by 2nd hacker. Scottie still has veto and this week isnt over yet to see how the battle back effects the overall game.

      • Holla Derrick

        And just the paranoia around the power apps early on, effected the outcomes

      • Sassy

        Holla Derrick – Great observation. I had not considered that. I absolutely think it changed how they played and who they targeted. Still glad they didn’t get played…

      • Joy

        hacker twist shouldn’t have been two weeks in a row, should of done one and then left HGs hanging and then POW hit ’em when they weren’t expecting it.

    • Patrick

      Sam’s app kept her in the house. Keeping Steve. Which could have resulted in Swaggy staying. Totally different game at that point.

  5. Mr. Beardo

    I bet ya Brett could shotgun that whole sixer in 90 secs..

  6. Sassy

    The convo was just starting to get good and FISH! They were talking about MF and his friends beating up taxi drivers. Hay said she thought he was kidding or just with the wrong crowd the first time but then… FISH!!

  7. Helen

    One thing in Scottie’s favor to stay…he’s going after JC
    Hay Ho will put up Tyler and Sam…

  8. Mr. Beardo

    Not sure if this applies to any current housepet but if I was in there I’d be whispering into every ear available..


  9. Helen

    Hay Ho has taken up residence in the HOH….gee,wonder why she’s not hanging all over Angela and KC this week….

    • Avatar

      They need to tell her to get the F out!

      • Helen

        I wonder if Angela is paying attention to the amount of time Hay Ho has spent this evening up in HOH with everyone except Tyler and Hay Ho downstairs? Will she make a snarky comment about it? I sure would. Lol

      • Tinkerbell

        Yeah – girl fight. Haleigh and Sam. Angela and Tyler. Angela and Haleigh. The possibilities are endless. JC and Sam. JC and anyone. Haleigh and Sam. Bwahaha. Let’s get this pot stirred up.

      • Sassy

        Angela is confident in herself and to classy to get into a fight with a girl over a boy. There are to many others available to her in 4 weeks.

      • Joy

        I get it that most don’t care for Hayleigh, but girl is trying to play BB. You gots to give the girl credit for playin’ the game. She is in there tryin the best she know/thinks how.

    • ElaineB

      I get that if your alliance members are eliminated, it is logical to integrate yourself into the existing HGs. What bothers me is when a HG lays all over them, and acts like they have been ‘best buds’ for the whole damn season. That is Hay’s MO and it pisses me off about her.

      • Avatar

        She is doing it again right now with Angela on BBAD..annoying

      • Tinkerbell

        She makes me crazy. Now she is laying in the middle of the dirty nasty living room floor. Holding her stinking feet up to JC. When he drags her she wants help. Really?! Disgusting. Always has to be the center of attention…..ALWAYS!

      • Joy

        I remember how “smart” I thought I was when I turned 21 and how it took a number of years to discover how stupid I truly was. Everyone’s path is different. But JC is a pain…crap on a cracker I thought I was passed this

  10. Avatar

    I think it would be more wise for the remaining house guests to evict Hay. In the goodbye messages, they could say “you have Fess to thank for this”. It’s going to be a bitter jury anyway, may as well blow them up again in the jury house.

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  12. ladycobra

    I am about ready to start a go-fund me page to ask for donations to pay the houseguest to vote out Hay. I’ll hire a plane to air drop the money down with a note if that is what it takes. I am getting desperate to see that girl walk out the front door. I can’t take watching her chew her fingers to the bone or her laying all over everyone. My last nerve with her is gone!

    • Tinkerbell

      Call Raven Munchausen first. She knows Go Fund Me well and can give you some hot tips. Lol She has an active one right now. Her 3rd or 4th.

    • Sassy

      either one of them leaving is a win. They are equal as far as comp abilities, they both have a lot of heart, they are smart and athletic. Haha is already feeling the weight of the block 2 weeks in a row and it’s affecting her emotionally. She also doesn’t have any REAL allies (I almost said friends but I do think they like her) in the game. Scottie is fresh from a week off and some may decide to work with him in the coming weeks. That’s is why I think Scottie needs to go!

      • danmtruth

        HaHo just to get her out of the HOH Also so I don’t need her to say the SAME THING over & over
        I do like when as HaHo is on a roll talking about how great it is they are starting to trust each other TY throws out their were you the hacker

    • mm22

      So is Haleigh the target this week?

      • Sassy

        I don’t think so, but if Scottie wins HOH, she will be.

      • Sassy

        I meant Veto

      • Helen

        For once I am cheering on a Scottie veto win….would love to see him win HOH next week and put JC OTB….he would probably put Angela next to him but that’s ok…JC would still go….
        Plus that will be double eviction week…he wouldn’t get to play in that HOH which means L6 can take him out the same night as JC….

    • FW aka CY

      Ladycobra, your ball python avatar is tres adorable. What is the color variant? Champagne? Is this a snake you own? Does he/she/it have a name?

  13. LO1004

    KC and Brett had a pretty funny conversation before. It was a nice break from Hay torturing Tyler. You put him up, he’s returning the favor. Accept it and let him live. I can’t listen to this for the next week.

  14. danmtruth

    Hay we are the only ones doing the most This is such a dumb argument complaint that as strong players they need to stop targeting each other and letting others slide

  15. ElaineB

    Though I wanted to root for her, I am just d-o-n-e with Hay.

  16. danmtruth

    as they say now Hay is on Angela’s dick Well at least working on someone who CAN vote Than again its all the same crap she just told TY Who laugh telling Angela how dumb it was Now Angela needs to listen to it from the jackass mouth

  17. Avatar

    Imagine this: Scottie wins POV (not an unlikely outcome), uses it on himself and Tyler puts up Sam as pawn replacement nom. Hay ho and Scottie go to Brett and JC and tell them that, if Hay ho goes, then the inexorable sequence of evictions will be Hay ho / Scottie / Sam / JC / Brett, with an F3 of you know who. They tell Brett and JC (who’ve been having similar forebodings) that the only way to stop that is for the four of them to form an alliance, starting with voting out Sam. If they could sell that (and stick to it), there would actually be some fun BBTV to watch for the rest of the game.

    • mm22

      Interesting-but doesn’t Haleigh want in with L4?
      I don’t know why she hasn’t tried the Brett jc angle yet.
      Sam is an unreliable alliance member you just never
      can depend on her vote-too bad cause I would take
      sam over Haleigh in that senerio

  18. Avatar

    BTW, during the first 2 or 3 seasons, the houseguests were allowed to have as much booze as they wanted. I remember watching the shows and thinking how boring it was watching all these houseguests getting drunk and carrying on every night.

  19. FW aka CY

    OMFG – see if you can identify: Rockstar, Sam, Scottie, Julie, Haileigh, Baileigh, Fessy, Tyler’s hair and guess who’s pulling the string in this Alaska Thunderfuck video. funny shit https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XhJkW7hU1jk

  20. Yael Sara

    With enough now for everyone to have two beds of their own, why are Brett and JC sharing a bed.

  21. Seattle Kari

    is there a reason why there’s only one half not?

  22. Seattle Kari

    You know, talk all you want negative about Sam (we all know she has her weird issues) but if it weren’t for her the house would look like shit. Personally I don’t see why some tease her about that. And here just watching AD she prepped the morning coffee. Frankly, I find that thoughtful.

    Am I mistaken that there used to be rules that the house guests could not go to sleep until the AD was done filming? Now we get to just sit there and watch them sleep? I don’t think I’ve ever been more excited, LOL..

    • FW aka CY

      I don’t know about old rules, but those sound like they’d be good ones. They did sign up to be on-tap entertainment for the watchers. They are being well paid. They ought to be reminded of that.

      Sam is such a complex amalgam of pros and cons, and quite unstable. I don’t think, however helpful she is (when not plotting murder with the voices in her head), she would be difficult to be near. She needs nearly as much stroking as she does being strictly left alone. I think she’s by far wins the trophy for Hardest To Live With – and that’s saying a lot, since there is a reeking, lecherous, pervert dwarf also in line for that prize.

  23. FW aka CY

    What are suggestions for more productive and potentially successful tactics that Hay and/or Scottie might pursue other than bawling and trying to crawl up the fly-season-tight sphincters of Angela and Tyler? I would think that, from their perspective, JC and Brett would appear the most loosely affiliated and have potential for being turned. Sam needs a friend. She prefers men and women homelier than she. Scottie should work Sam and JC hard. Hay needs to try dropping the pity party and try pointing out the likelihood, to Brett and KC, that they are on the bottom of their alliance. If one of them wins the veto, seeds will have been planted and, perhaps even sprouted. An HOH win by anyone, but Angela, could cause a tremendous shake-up if the house guests were primed for it.

  24. mm22

    Maybe it will be brett that makes a big move-
    He has to do it before #’s get to low n he needs
    someone that can win comps on his side-Tyler n
    Angela I think are stuck together like glue as is
    Angela n KC. Now could be the time Brett gather
    the odd ball squad (he probably won’t cause he thinks
    hes F2 with ty but so does everyone)

    • FW aka CY

      I think he is flirting with the idea of making a big move, but the stars have to align for it to happen – meaning he, JC – or a receptive Scottie – HAVE to win an HOH first to put Tyler and Angela on the block together.

  25. Jay H

    When Ha earlier in the season talked about putting eye drops in people’s drinks, I had no idea how dangerous it was. Now it’s a whole new level of crazy…


  26. danmtruth

    fuckweed not fuckit

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  28. FW aka CY

    Oh – I get it. BTW – CY=fweed, on my bedroom tablet. Couldn’t remember my log-in, so created a different account.

  29. Nancy McNamara

    I would like to thank everyone here for all the laughs I get reading some of the comments. I would not have a complete BB experience without the CBS show, BBAD, feeds AND BBJ!

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