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Big Brother 20 – Friday Night Feeds

Good evening, everyone!


Feeds were down for a bit today as the house did their trending twist and nominations (as of 9 pm est, no word yet on either or if noms were even held). Needless to say, it’s a busy house today made worse with them all being locked in and massive tension between the two sides. It’s going to blow at any moment, so we’re just sitting around waiting for that to come.

In this thread, I will hopefully reveal who won the power and crap app, and also reveal nominations, so stay with me here.

Plugs –


Updates –

  • 6:05 pm – Most of the house is eating around the table.
    • Missing from the table is Kaitlyn and Faysal who are in bed talking, and Bayleigh. Hmm
  • 6:18 pmRachel says that she got the least trending so she gets the punishment. Doesn’t say what it is yet
    • Swaggy is way more happy than normal but I could be reading into it
  • 6:45 pm – Feeds down for noms now I think
  • 8:00 pm – Feeds are back
    • Winston and Scottie are nominated as expected
  • 8:55 pm – Sam is talking to Kaycee
    • She asks KC if her punishment him some inner demon like her.  I guess she’s traumatized from it
  • 9:20 pm – Winston is just chatting about the week with Angela, not sure what will happen
    • He is hoping it all works out with Swaggy being backdoored but he knows there is always a possibility that he’ll be evicted
  • 10:30 pm – Slow house tonight, gonna go to bed!  Updates in the morning

Check back for updates


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  1. Colby

    Darn. Rachael just said she was least trending, but no word on what the crap app is. I was really hoping it would be JC or Swaggy.

  2. hogwild

    This is more than a little late last night I was going back and fourth between BB and baseball so I knew who got voted out but missed seeing the reactions when Julie announced it watched on CBS website little bit ago and the look on braggy and his showmance face when Steve was evicted was priceless. It was especially funny given that after he voted for Sam he said one down. Wonder if he’s figured out he’s not running the house yet?

  3. HappyHippo

    I really want him gone this week. I hope the BB Gods don’t give him the most trending

  4. danmtruth

    As was said in the last thread There is no way to verify the votes
    Add to that people who read these sites understand If you have someone you don’t like Just don’t give them ANY votes Even if it’s a bad question that fits them The person you don’t like to see on the screen It might be Swaggy But don’t vote for him
    Let’s see who got the good app if Rachel got the punishment
    More importantly who are the mom’s

  5. danmtruth

    Ment to add casual fans don’t understand how the voting works Giving production the shadow of a doubt

  6. Mel

    Rachel chose Yell for her crap app and it has something to do with Josh. Maybe he bangs pots and pans and yells at her or something.

    • Helen

      Production musta been reading my comments saying I missed josh and bring on the pots and pans earlier today. Lmao

      • Mel

        Actually I just got back on here to say that the Josh thing isn’t confirmed but I thought it was when I wrote it. It could be true but don’t depend on it.

    • Seattle Kari

      oh my God I hate to say this but that would almost be funny! Having Josh come in and do that periodically at her? As annoying as it was in this context that would be hilarious.

      • Helen

        They probably have a tape that they are gonna blast through the house at random times. Lol. Bet the other housepets will love her by the end of the week!!!

      • Ann

        I would love to see him come in while she’s sleeping & bang those pots & pans in her ears. I don’t want her to get one moment of peace.

  7. hogwild

    Anyone else get the feeling that Rachel really could not care less about winning and is only there try and use this to get an acting career going or get on someting like the Bachelor or the Bachelorette?

    • Sassy

      There are ALWAYS some of those. Bay is another one, hoping this boosts an after career since she sucks at the one she currently has. It must be painful to HAVE to help customers when she just doesn’t feel like it. HATE HER!!

      • ingodog

        I often wonder how they can return to their real jobs, after the way bash them on live tv. I wouldn’t be surprised if Bay was fired when she gets home.

      • Ann

        Me too Sassy, she urks the shit out of me. She’s a spoiled, self entitled litter brat.

      • Ann

        Ingodog, Bay does not deserve to have that job when she gets back because she flat out said on national tv that she doesn’t help anybody unless she just have to & she’s a flight attendant if I’m not mistaken. She also talked about how she doesn’t like her job. If I was her boss & she came back after the show I’d tell her ass to kick rocks.

  8. HappyHippo

    On a side note have y’all seen that crazy Christmas from last year is knocked up?

  9. Helen

    Good grief. Feeds are still down. Did someone flip out at the 5 minute nominations ceremony?

  10. Ann

    What was her reasons for putting Winston & Scottie otb?

    • Mel

      She’s saying Winston is her target and Scottie is a pawn. I honestly don’t think she cares if Scottie goes home but she’s not telling people that. I actually think she’d rather have Winston go home but for now she’s rolling with this new alliance. That’s what happens when you make decisions based on silly emotional reasons.

    • Colby

      Earlier she was saying she wants to backdoor Chris, but she was all over the place when deciding who was going up, so who knows. She has told them both they are pawns.
      But things change quickly in the BB house, so anything could happen.

  11. hogwild

    I’m pretty much indifferent about these nominations I would really like to see a backdoor on either braggy or his sidekick.

    • Mel

      I don’t care either. I don’t want one side to run things for too long so for that reason, I wouldn’t mind Swaggy getting a power if he ends up on the Block for drama. I’d be okay if Winston left because I don’t care for him but he gives me better feeds than Scottie does so I’d be okay if Scottie left too. If Swaggy left, I’d like to see Baleigh play without the shomance but for now, the egos of the 2 of them together make me laugh. That’s what I like about a season with a lot of crazy people. There will still be someone to entertain me no matter who goes home.

    • Yael Sara

      @hogwild i’m with ya 1,000% on that.
      The question for me then becomes with the other being voted out and the other left who would be more of the vengeance when left in the house and fight harder. That being said, I’d get Bay out… Swaggy won’t came swinging any harder when still left after she goes out the door

    • ElaineB

      For a backdoor get rid of Bay. I know I am in the minority, but I want to keep in the big egos, like Winston and Swaggy. It will be an early trip to dullsville if the egos and those who annoy us, get evicted.

      • Sassy

        Bay being evicted would be fun. Swaggy would again be bewildered by the lack of followers he has… Shot to the ego.

  12. Helen

    If anyone has a playback ability on feeds…could you rewind to about 8:29 …PSR. Feysal and Chris in kitchen. I caught Chris saying something to Feysal about “power of safety” and feed immediately cut away….

  13. Ann

    I just really need to know for sure that Braggy didn’t get most trending. That’s bugging the crap out of me. Somebody please tell me he didn’t get it.

  14. danmtruth

    Week should move a bit faster lots has to happen POV names pull on Saturday Than the comp POV ceremony my Monday to give people on the block 3 days to campaign Let the drama heat up

  15. danmtruth

    Ann I have not seen or heard But it would not surprise me

  16. Jenny

    I’ve been trying to figure out who Rachel reminds me of… it’s Ben Seaver! From Growing Pains! I’d attach a link to a google image but not sure that’s allowed. Anyway you’re welcome.
    I haven’t been reading all of the comments so not sure if anyone has mentioned “Rock Star” (gag) looks like Toni Collette meets Liza Minelli… Angela looks like Poppy Montgomery, and Brett looks like that Dell guy (dude, you’re getting a Dell!) meets Zach Braff with a bit of Emilio Estevez thrown in.
    And JC looks like a cross between Jeff Garlin (the dad on The Goldbergs) and Gary Coleman.
    I think the other celebrity look-alike’s have already been identified.

  17. Shivani33

    Why does Rachel jerk all the time when she’s communicating? Is this a thing now? Is it neurological? She makes herself just about unwatchable. What a waste, with her splendid dancer’s figure!

  18. Shivani33

    Brett has been pointing out Sam’s way of playing the game as a “liability” to any L6 who will listen. He doesn’t like having her as an ally because she won’t keep her mouth shut. During one of his talks about Sam, he implied that she’s a hick. He was hardnosed about it. Ugh. He wants his alliance members to remind Sam to cool it. He wants them to do it on a regular basis. It was as if Brett were handing out assignments. Who made him the big cheese? He might be right that Sam isn’t subtle, but he is NASTY. Nasty boy.

  19. Shivani33

    The rockstar lady is barely noticeable. As my grandma would’ve said, she needs a good washing. She reminds me of Rosie O’Donnell in the Flintstones. This is a bit terrifying. Whorrific.

  20. Helen

    Tyler and Psycho Chakra have got something going on…he pretends it’s just “game” but the two of them can’t keep their hands off each other. I’m amazed none of the other housepets have caught on to this “showmance” because they are so out in the open with it…I said right at the start that these two were going to be the Cory/Nicole of this season…..I’m gonna double down on that ….

  21. Avatar

    BB has finally pulled me back in with this season. However, if Chris (grown men don’t call other men “Swaggy”) leaves I am out. Who else is interesting on this cast? The “Level “ alliance would take over the house and we would start seeing some unanimous votes as the other side is decimated. I see it coming! Which is why there is no doubt in my mind that Chris got the power app. No way PROD is letting him leave this early!

  22. danmtruth

    Psycho chakra just wants to be wanted by some body Than go running back to her boy friend She wants to be a star Thinking now she is this great actress fooling everyone The question now is who is she playing Winston and L6 or her old alliance Fonte Some how I don’t think she even knows

  23. danmtruth

    I don’t see either alliance lasting long Seems to be people with there eyes open as to where they stand in there alliance So are always looking to move up That was Chakra reason for switching She saw Chris & Bey Than Faysel & Hayley She was odd person out

  24. hogwild

    Anyone heard about who got the advantage in the app store yet?

  25. Alda

    I just finished watching BBAD.I’m trying to pick a favorite that i enjoy seeing or listening to,and i just can’t.I hope in time I’ll care about one over another.They all seem so childish.I know who I dislike the most.That would be Winston,that has to laugh at every comment he makes.He cracks himself up! They all are a quirky bunch,that’s a given.

    • hogwild

      I like Sam I know she won’t win but a redneck girl who welds being in the south myself I gotta root for her.

      • Colby

        I like Sam too. I agree she won’t win. Right now they are using her for numbers and are thinking they may be able to use her advantage to save one of them. I hope she at least makes it to jury.

      • Helen

        Sam and Kaycee are my favorites…I originally had a final 3 pick as Sam,Kaycee and Scottie….now I am not so invested in Scottie . Still no spoilers on who got the advantage app….still not sure about the brief exchange between Chris and Feysal in the kitchen yesterday when Chris said something about a “power of Saftey” and the feed immediately cut….I can’t imagine production would allow Chris to be evicted this early..his behavior was certainly different yesterday after the App Store….he hasn’t been out and around other housepets until after App Store yesterday…a little disappointed in Rachael’s crap app. Feysal had his first Hamazon delivery not that long after picking that app…nothing for Rachel yet…

  26. danmtruth

    As much as I don’t like her I think Rockstar is setting herself up well She has the ear and is in the head of Faysel Bey, and Hayley She is able to hint at things and watch them run with it She is handling Faysel like Christmas did with Josh She is being mother confessor with the girls who go to her to tell her there secrets Bigger yet to get advice and direction Its just that most of this bonding is being done by being bitchy spreading lies about people spreading false facts This has been an effective strategy in the past and will probably work again

    • hogwild

      I find her going by the name Rockstar a bit silly even so the fact she seems to be one of if not the only person in the house not looking for someone to play grab ass with is a plus for her.

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