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Big Brother 20 – Friday Night Updates

Good morning! This is a long recap so you’ve been warned. You already know Kaycee won the hacker comp which is rumored to have something to do with identifying things in rooms in the house. We’ll have to wait for the veto to discuss any outcomes and strategy because right now, almost anyone could go home. Steve mentioned last night, the comp is supposed to be OTEV.


Haleigh was convinced Kaycee won almost immediately. She said she could hear Kaycee jumping and making noises. (Tyler told KC he heard her too) She must have been near them during the comp and heard her celebrate or something. Hay also considered Scottie, Brett and JC as possible winners. At one point, she even doubted Rockstar. This came shortly after Haleigh, Fessy, Rockstar and Scottie solidified a 4 person group saying they trusted each other. Is it any wonder they’re a mess? They can’t trust each other for 2 hours. They may be one of the best worst alliances of all time. I root for them to succeed one day and the next, I root for them to fail just to see if it can keep happening. Don’t get me wrong, L6 has made their share of missteps in the game but nothing compares to Foutte/Hive. They are completely dysfunctional and I love them for it because they’ve given us great entertainment.

I’m not sure what I’d like to see happen this week. I was happy that the first 3 twists/powers failed and didn’t change the course of the game. Kaitlyn didn’t come back, Angela won veto and took Tyler off the block to undo Haleigh’s hacker win and Bay left with her power unused.  I don’t know if Haleigh was serious because she was mad when she said it but she talked about taking RS down and putting KC back up if possible. She’s mad the hacker power was used. (She really thought KC wouldn’t use it because Hay told her she was safe-wth?) If she was really going to do this, I wouldn’t be mad if Haleigh was able to undo KC’s hacker win. She could stick KC back on the block and Tyler might use his power app unnecessarily. It would be wasted if he wasn’t the target. If this happens, it would be the first time none of the twists changed the game at all and I’d like to see it happen. I like Tyler, KC and Angela and she did a good job last week as hoh  (not with jury management) but if one of them has to go then so be it. Haleigh won the hoh and L6 didn’t so if they have to lose someone…oh well. That’s what the BB purist in me wants to happen.

Having said all that, part of me wants KC to get picked to play and win, take Angela down and Tyler use his app. I’d be lying if I didn’t admit that I’d crack up watching Fessy walk around asking “what happened?” and RS would start yelling about white privileged rich kids. I think Haleigh may put JC or Sam up before Brett so all four L6 people could potentially be safe. I’d really love it if Sam went up and got evicted so they could “mercy kill her” as Sam says. It’s a great season when I know I’ll be entertained with either side winning!


Haleigh told RS and Scottie that she’d like to put KC back up and tell her she would’ve been safe but not anymore since she pissed her off by using the hacker twist. She also told them she was thinking about “pulling a Dan” and sitting everyone at the table. She said she’d make them all give a name of who they thought the hacker was. The persons name who was said the most would go on the block. If someone refused to give a name, they’d go on the block. There may be something to the jokes about stuff being pumped into the hoh room this year. She isn’t near Bay or Kaitlyn level yet but the hohitis is already visible. She was furious when the hacker used the power. She thinks if Tyler wins veto, he’ll do what she wants with it and she thinks if Brett wins, he’ll take RS off the block. I like Haleigh but what was the hell is she smoking? She spilled too much info yesterday about too many people without realizing she was doing it. Here’s more of what happened yesterday:

  • KC talked to Hay in the hoh. Hay asked if she won the comp and KC denied it. KC called her out a little on Hays reason for nominating her. (She said something about KC being close to Bay but voting her out in her nom speech) KC told her that Hay had also voted Bay out. Hay switched it up and said she didn’t like people telling Scottie she was trying to get him on the block last week. KC said she didn’t tell Scottie that and suggested they go get Scottie to ask him. Hay said no. (KC and Hay didn’t like each other before today and I don’t see it changing)
  • Sam seemed somewhat back to normal during the day yesterday but it didn’t last. She had a talk with Tyler and he was saying he didn’t like seeing her sad and gave her a pep talk. She started talking about noises he had surrounding him that reminded her of a rattlesnake. She said he had something wrong that he needed to get rid of. Before this talk, she’d randomly told him she thought he and Angela were a better fit than the two of them. She said she didn’t want to f**k him and looked at him like a brother. It came out of nowhere. (I said yesterday she was jealous of the time Tyler and Angela spent together last week and that’s why she told RS she wanted them both out of the house) They hugged and he reassured her but somethings still off with her. She hasn’t been cooking or crafting either!
  • Sybil, I mean Sam came up to the hoh room and asked Hay and Scottie who had the 3rd power app. They said they thought it was probably expired. Sam said “don’t be so sure.” She asked in her demanding way what would happen this week with different scenarios. Hay answered some things but said she didn’t know what would happen if she couldn’t put KC back on the block.  It wasn’t much of a conversation but Tyler better hope he uses the app before Sam spills the info.
  • Sam was in the storage room alone saying she wasn’t going to ruin opportunities outside of the house for some f*****g idiot. She said “You think I’m an idiot, well I’m not.” (I initially thought this was about Tyler but we later learn, it isn’t) RS and Hay are trying to give her extra attention. They know she’s upset with Tyler so they’re trying to steal her away.
  • RS, Scottie and Hay spent time going over possibilities. RS’s saying they made a weak move by putting her up and she’s back to being hostile towards the other side of the house. Scottie told everything he knew about L6. (He doesn’t know much) RS called Tyler a floater and Hay doesn’t think Tyler’s onto her back door plan. Scottie is totally back with team Foutte/Hive. They made fun of Sam for a while. They agree they can’t trust JC anymore and have Fessy halfway convinced of it.
  • RS went downstairs and got mad because KC was sleeping in Bays bed in the pink room. I understand being on the block back to back is hard (she’s the first to be on it 3x) but it’s just a bed. It’s not a Bayleigh shrine. Besides, RS and Hay just talked about finding out Bay was making deals behind their backs when she was there. RS made some comment about not trusting KC around her jewelry and wanting her to get out of their room (pink) and go back to her own. (blue) RS’s just mad and as usual, she’s forgotten she could need these people to vote to keep her this week.
  • Fessy napped so Hay got a break and got him out of her HOH room for a while.
  • Haleigh mentioned putting eyedrops in the coffee in the morning to make the other side of the house sick and then we got fish. (Hope she was joking)
  • RS got called by Jesse to make cupcakes and do curls. She asked Hay, Sam and Scottie to go down with her so she didn’t have to be with the other side who were in the kitchen. Those new friends she was trying to make the last few days…..ya, not so much at the moment.
  • Hay & Tyler talked in the hoh room alone. They mostly lied to each other. She wanted to know what he’d do if he won veto and if he would take RS off the block. He said he’d do what was best. She said she was bitter she won hoh during a Hacker week and let him know Angela and KC were both targets. (Too much info to share)
  • They guys were making jokes about the stuff that went on with Kaitlyn. Sam overheard it and was visibly upset. She said something to Angela about hearing people were “doing stuff” the first week and Angela said she didn’t know anything about it at the time. Sam said she didn’t either and didn’t want any part of it. She went to the have not room, started slinging stuff around and I think tried to tie the door shut. She kept getting called to the DR. She eventually went but was pissed.
  • Sam kept this behavior going. She went off on Angela in the kitchen. Angela tried to find out why Sam was snapping at her and different towards her suddenly. Sam said she hated everyone and this place and was different to everyone, not just her. Sam said “not everything’s about you Angela.”
  • Angela left, went to the geo room with KC and they listened to Sam and JC as they continued to talk. Sam keeps going on about the same stuff and how they have nothing to do and she has no one to talk to. JC explains they all feel stressed but she says she losing it and can’t take it. She’s even complaining about the way people eat. (She’s talked about this before, it annoys her) She said where she’s from eating is with family and it’s enjoyable. JC says they’re in LA and here, it’s a chore, like pooping. Lol He also told her they arn’t making a happy family show and it’s what they signed up for. JC said it’s the social experiment they signed up for and Sam said she “wishes they could rise above that.”
  • Brett asked Tyler what was wrong with Sam and says when he asked her about ingredients for something earlier, she said “why don’t you go ask Angela?” Tyler told Brett what she said about Angela and him making a better couple. Tyler says she’s mad at the world right now. (Tyler started actively flirting with Angela this week) Tyler thought Sam may be upset that he and Angela have spent more time together. (I did too)
  • All of L6 meet up to discuss Sam. Angela tells them what happened in the kitchen. Tyler realized they need to get JC’s vote locked down because they fear Sam will evict Angela. They briefly talk about whether Angela should be the one to come off the block but I don’t think they decide to go that way. (They should if they’re sticking with the group thing. Sam still likes KC and Angela just used a veto on Tyler so returning the favor would give less away) Brett thinks Sam saying she hates the game and wants to leave is a strategy. Tyler said maybe he could convince Sam he only tricked Angela into using the veto. (I do NOT think this is a good plan)
  • The punishments went on longer than they should’ve and BB is good about stopping them on time, usually early. I thought the Sam issue was delaying it at first but KC had to dance & sing and RS made cupcakes and nachos. They may need footage without Bay in it if they plan on showing more of it on the episodes. That may be why it ran late but it’s officially over.
  • Sam and KC talked and KC said she wasn’t the hacker but people lied to Hay about things that were said so she was put on the block. (They may be doing damage control here) Sam said “I know Angela’s mad at me. I never did anything to her or said anything to her either.” (People saw Sam saying crap to Angela, wth?) She said she’s making stuff up in her head that people are making fun of her. She misses Bay, says all the sudden Hay is talking to her and it’s wierd. She told KC the two sides have dissolved and now it needs to be about who people care about, who means the most to you. (Hate to break it to Sam but even if you played that way, the people you are close to would still create sides) Sam says Angela talks to her but not the way RS does and told KC she would vote Angela out over RS. She told her she could tell Angela, she didn’t care. Sam said she just thought the game was comps and she didn’t understand the voting and putting people up was part of it before coming here. (Pause for a pat on my back, I called this sometime back – short pause only since I’m sure I’m not the only one) Sam said she’s voting personal from now on. She said she feels like something bigger is going on that she isn’t aware of. (YES SAM, IT’S CALLED THE GAME OF BB!)
  • JC and Tyler meet up. Tyler tells JC he HAS to vote RS out this week. They agree they can’t tell Scottie stuff anymore. JC said Tylers job is winning comps and his is flipping votes.
  • RS continues to complain like a broken record.
  • KC and Angela plan to blow up Scotties game once the veto is over and noms are set. (I don’t think it will matter imo. He admitted to losing trust with Hive for a time)
  • Hay and RS are still talking about leaving Tyler off the block this week and going after Angela. Hay says  Tyler will be a lost puppy. (Hay thought Kaitlyn controlled Tyler and said last week that Angela was his new boss. She thinks she can step into the role if Angela is gone. Hahaha ha)
  • SAM MYSTERY SOLVED: Sam talked to RS to get her thoughts on Brett. She wanted to know if Brett was flirting and pitting the girls against each other. (That’s actually Hays strategy) She thought Brett liked her but sees him with Angela and thinks he’s just been playing her. She admits to having a crush on Brett.

Everything with Sam makes more sense now that we can put it all together. She really didn’t even know what the game was so when people are strategizing, she thinks it’s people taking the “game” too far and not letting go of it once it over. (comps) It’s why she thinks the game is making everyone crazy. She thinks the planning and plotting is personal and unnecessary behavior. As far as the guys are concerned, she’s told Tyler he was like her brother so she’s protective over him. (Her brother was hurt in a relationship she once said so Kaitlyn was an issue, now Angela is) She thought Scottie had a crush on her weeks ago but thought she let him down easy.  (Its why Hay’s a problem for her) Sam told RS she thinks Fessy may be gay so Brett is the winner. We were right about this coming from jealousy, we just had the wrong guy. Regardless of the source, she’s lost it in there. BB needs to “mercy kill” her if Hay doesn’t because she needs to go.

Steve will be back with veto results later. Have a great Saturday!


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  1. strwar1

    Ok two things now? One,I think Tyler and Angela might make a great couple and idk but that is something I will say but who knows cause showmances are the death of a player and Two,if Tyler or L6 get the vetk today? That means Tyler will have to use his power app and both Kaycee,Anglea,and Tyler will be ok,but I think the eviction vote will be tough cause it might tie in the vote wihich means Scottie needs to switch at the last second but since he is in a Alliance?Probably the worst alliance in BB history cause it is funny that they act they can’t hurt each other(LMAO). Btw? Idk what will happen this week in eviction on Thursday? But here is hopefully seeing Haleigh and everybody in the Hive losing their shit for entertainment

    • Helen

      If Tyler were to win veto at this point taking Angela off ,Hayleigh would replace with KayCee…I think they have votes for KayCee to stay over RS as KayCee will cancel either Faysal,Scottie or Sam…pretty sure JC would vote out RS over KayCee. Not so sure if RS comes off the block..KayCee will go back up and Angela would join Bayleigh in jury….

      • Sassy

        I think Sam would implode if KC and RHS are on the block together. They are the 2 people she feels most connected to. Her vote could go either way.

      • Mel

        I do too. I think when she said she’d vote to keep KC, she meant against Angela. I’m not sure she would against RS.

      • Mr. Beardo

        I’m sorry for getting all sensitive H..

      • mona77450

        I thought they had discussed leaving the nominations alone if one of them won the POV. They would have the votes to save. Angela (Tyler, KC, Brett and JC) versus HIVE votes for Rockstar (Faysal, Scottie, Sam). one of which will be cancelled by the hacker. Correct me if incorrect

  2. Alda

    I always thought that Sam was very jealous of the different women in the house.I don’t believe one bit that she wants to be left alone.She wants them to fondle over her,and worry about her feelings.I have a relative like that.She would say how she didn’t want ANYTHING for her birthday.She didn’t even want anyone to make a cake for her.They better not!! Well,we didn’t.The tears and yelling of how no one cared were over the top! Sometimes you can’t win for losing with some people.

  3. JD

    At this point I think CBS needs to intervene with Sam. Her actions and thinking are not normal. She sounds like she is really having a mental breakdown. I’ve seen others through the years get flustered but Sam seems to be a real. It’s not enjoyable watching someone mentally breakdown. That’s not good drama. Hopefully in Sams case CBS will do the right thing. Someone’s mental downfall is not something that should be viewed for entertainment. Not in a serious case.

  4. JD

    PS Mel fantastic job of overnight update! Wowza!

  5. HappyHippo

    Brett?! That came out of left field! Great detective work Mel. I feel up to date now. Can’t wait to hear the veto results and see if Tyler uses his power and if he makes his alliance mad at all…still lots to play out with these “white privileged rich kids” ha!
    I do hate the punishment part where they can’t wash what they are wearing….yuck!

  6. Jay H

    One good thing about Haliegh being HOH, is we don’t have to hear her kiss Julie’s ass by telling her how beautiful she is when she’s voting.

  7. kneeless

    Hoping the veto goes to L6/5/4. Scottie & Sam were never my favorites, I tried to like them but now I am over them. RS, for being a fan of BB is playing to emotionally. Hay is too all over the place & she just plain irritates me! And Fessy, poor pretty Fessy, he’s just clueless! L6/5/4 & JC are playing a pretty solid game. I am still amazed that the 4 are still as strong, cohesive & trusting as they are. Brett’s doing a good job with his recon mission! Love this season!

  8. Avatar

    JC is so annoying. He thinks he is the smartest person in the house. Can’t wait for him to gt evicted.

  9. Rita

    I would like to see Sam get the “mercy kill” this week too!. She’s turned into a mean girl. Every year we say we want cameras in the jury house but imagine Sam, Brett and Angela in the jury house together!! I’d pay double the feeds cost to see that!

  10. LindsayB

    So, this Sam situation and the conversations surrounding it is interesting. Every season, there’s constant speculation about production stepping in. Sometimes there’s actual proof of them doing something, sometimes it’s just thrown out there as a possibility when the game goes in an unexpected direction. Any time it’s brought up, the idea of it makes everybody mad – which is fair because this is supposed to be a social experiment/game where production is supposed to stay out of it, right? But then a situation like Sam going crazy happens… or inappropriate words, or inappropriate actions, or perceived bullying, etc happens and all of a sudden lots of people (not all, obviously) are demanding that production step in. We can’t have it both ways. Yes, the argument could be made that something has “gone too far” but who has the right to determine that? Too far for one person isn’t too far for another. We all have different opinions and reasons for them. The only way to keep it fair is to truly let the HGs work it out. Bay went batshit crazy to the extent of accidentally drawing blood on herself. Nobody thought production needed to step in then. Why? Because she’s a delusional bitch? Sam losing her shit could totally affect the outcome of the game, so unless she is at the state of harming someone or herself, IMO she needs to stay in and work it out. Sam is a delusional bitch too, just in a different way. It’s up to the other HGs to be aware of it and adjust their game accordingly. This isn’t meant as a dig at people who think production should step in with Sam…. it’s just another way to look at it. Production stepping in too much with Sam with the attempt to calm her down could totally alter the game… and I think that would be wrong. Sorry for the long post, I guess I’m making up for being MIA for awhile.

    • Sassy

      I agree with you. She does seem manic at times, but they all go through that stage at some point. The house and exclusion from the outside world does make you paranoid and with this generation of having the world at your fingertips with the internet, makes it even worse. Seeing how they deal with the pressure is part of the fun we have as viewers. I can only assume that production has professionals keeping an eye on them to make sure things don’t go to far, as far as mental health professionals. I wouldn’t mind seeing her leave but that is for the house to decide. I am not a fan of production stepping unless they think there is harm to self or others, or someone is breaking the rules

    • JD

      My thing about Sam isn’t about a personality frustrated or otherwise. Sam is showing signs of a serious mental illness. Things she is saying yes in part are to get attention but some people who are deeply depressed unconsciously find ways to get attention so they can get helped. Her isolating herself in closets and rope making are signs of a call for help. She could be bi- polar or just a deep depression. I know from experience. Her acting out is different than other players having an outburst. When it’s a case of serious illness or breakdown then I say yes CBS needs to intervene. Bays outburst was different she was emotional. When she calmed down she wasn’t talking about herself in a harmful way.

      • LindsayB

        How do you suggest they intervene without jeapordizing the integrity of the game? If she really wants to leave, she can leave. Regardless of what they say to make her feel better. We are assuming she had a mental illness vs just being in a bad place mentally. I get really down and very isolated sometimes but that doesn’t mean I have a mental illness, it just means I’m going through something and need to get to the other side of it. I’m not saying same isn’t sick, I’m just saying we shouldn’t be armchair doctors.

    • Mel

      Hey girl! Glad you’re on here!
      The only reason I think Production should step in is becauae Sam has been begging to leave. Production is already heavily involved when they keep talking her out of it by telling her “she’s a fave but America will hate her if she quits.” They’ve talked her down multiple times already. If she wants to bail, let her bail. It would be the least amount of production involvement if they did it that way. They all act crazy but when they’re acting crazy AND begging to go home, they shouldn’t keep manipulating her to get her to stay. I know they all say wierd things but Sam talking about wishing she would die was very disturbing and goes beyond a game imo.
      We’ve been wondering where you were!!

      • Sassy

        Don’t they have counselors on staff? I’ve heard they go thru counseling after, but does anyone know whether they have professionals look at the questionable behaviors when it’s beyond the norm?

      • HappyHippo

        Yes I don’t think production needs to step in and pull her out or anything. They should never be the judge of who “is losing it” cuz like you said everyone loses it at some point. If she wants to leave she can. They cannot hold you against your will. I really think she has some major emotional issues as well as loving all the attention. I think it’s been awhile since we’ve seen a cast member with this much ups and downs….if ever. I won’t mind it when she leaves. She will prob enjoy the hell out of the jury house. Nobody playing the game anymore..

      • LindsayB

        Thanks Mel(l). How many times have people wanted to leave but were convinced to stay? More than we probably know. Was it wrong for that to happen every time? Just this time? For all we know, Sam could bounce back and be back to her usual self tomorrow. Or not.

    • Sassy

      I think It’s possible, that Sam is just jealous and angry. She may have said something about wanting to die, but she hasn’t done anything to make anyone believe she would go through with it. Haho and RHS talked about poisoning the the other side. I am not saying they would go thru with it and I believe that was said out of anger also, but the talk is pretty violent this year and the anger is high. On the thread last night, I commented how the house is extremely tense and it’s almost uncomfortable to watch at times.

  11. Sassy

    Here on my thoughts on Sam’s love interests: she had a crush on Ty first and thought If she pulled him away from Kait, he might gravitate to her. When that didn’t happen, she moved on to Fuzzy, and did a lot of hugging and flirting with him. When she realized he and Hay were actually a pair, she moved on to Brett. Originally she thought Brett liked either Rachel or Angela, but now that she thinks Angela and Ty might have a thing going, Brett is alone and needs a girl. Who better than her.

    • danmtruth

      Sam spends a lot of time in the DR with production We know that each HG has a handler who is assigned to them Also there is a medical team that helps monitor what is going on including mental health professionals We have had people hide under blankets for days at a time only had two people taken out for inappropriate behavior So I think and hope they are doing there due diligence with the DR sessions

      • Jenny

        That’s true…. I had forgotten about, was it Audrey who hid under the blanket? I guess the difference is Sam is being vocal about it instead of going quiet.

    • Sassy

      And I forgot to mention, after Fuzzy didn’t return Sam’s affection, she asked RHS is he was gay 🙂

  12. Avatar

    I want Kaycee to win veto, use it on Angela, Ty uses power, JC goes up, RS goes home

  13. Sassy

    The HOHs drive themselves crazy by sitting in their rooms, staring at the monitors wondering what’s going on in conversations rather than being a part of the convos. They are creating their own paranoia.

  14. Sassy

    Angela and KC have a real conversation about what they do outside of the house. Ty walks in and they switch to game talk. They are going to continue to cause confusion in the house, by denying who has the hacker app this week.

    Sam was in the kitchen with the guys, acting normal Sam. She’s a different person when she’s around just the guys.

  15. Sassy

    Did they already draw for veto. It sounds like Fuzzy, KC, and Ty (Hackers pick) are the players.

  16. LO1004

    Thanks for the recap Mel, I wasn’t into watching 3 hours of BBAD today so it’s very much appreciated. Sam’s behavior is disturbing to say the least and I don’t love the way she treats the girls in the house. No one’s allowed to form bonds with the opposite sex in her presence? She’s acting like a warden of a boarding school. She’s a total liability. If she refuses to play the game, let her walk. I’m sure she’s stressing everyone out, not just herself.

    • Jenny

      Yes, thank you again, Mel. I watched BBAD but couldn’t keep up with the whispering. Tried regular CC and directv captioning and both gave up and just said things like “whispering” or unintelligible during the parts where I was lost. I don’t know how you can figure out what they’re saying!

  17. Sassy

    Brett must be the host of the Veto.

  18. Yael Sara

    With all that is happening with Sam and so much else this season including BB being so liniant it seems on the rule breaking – it made me curious. I was attempting to find a pdf of the nice book that sits in the storage room. Only looked so hard (sure will google more later) but did come across this


  19. danmtruth

    RS might have a hard time climbing the hill Sad but true
    Hay has a good chance Is good with days Is athletic Is not afraid with muck
    Fess seems to let thing effect him but his shoulder could be an issue
    KC we will see how much of a competitor she is
    Angela is good with days
    As always there is the pressure plus the chance of finding the name tags

    • Sassy

      I think Hay has a good chance, because she’s small. There are always things you have to go under. Her size may be an advantage. But it’s going to be an intense competition. Wish they would let us watch in the feeds!!

  20. Sassy

    Brett and Hay are having a convo about Sam’s behavior. They think she will self evict at some point. They also talk about RHS and KCs convo, Hay doesn’t believe RHS when she says that KC was cussing at Her. Brett said he missed it but he saw KC not long after and she was upset saying she cusses a lot, not meaning for it to be directed at anyone.

  21. Shivani33

    Who has won Otev recently? Mark (our Wreck it Ralph), Big Meech and Liz Nolan. Being just plain lucky can play a big element, and that’s great. You just never know with this comp. So hooray! Even if it’s silly, I would like to see Angela win otev. JC and Brett are the 2 non-comp winners who won’t be competing. Angie RS is the only non-comp winner to compete. C’mon, RS? Yeah, she’s the underdog, but so what? The heck with it.

  22. Shivani33

    I don’t buy it that Sam has a crush on Brett at all. This is a bag crammed full of b.s! It is some kind of convoluted head trip she’s pretending to take to salvage her dejected ego ‘cos Ty has other interests. She knows that “you can’t touch this.” Meow.

  23. Shivani33

    Not enough Cuban coffee yet for me. Angela has treated Sam’s personal snark at her with kid gloves. If Angelica sensed a real, womanly opponent for sexiness or charm, baby, the bitch would be back. Angela can dish it when she chooses. In this department, Sam isn’t EVEN a competitor. MEOW again.

  24. Shivani33

    People were passing Bayleigh’s parents’ home yesterday hollering, honking and all of that jazz. Police were present. There was a bit of a street crowd there, too. Talk about ridiculous.

  25. Avatar

    Maybe the best thing for Sam would be the robot again. She could have her downtime and when she feels better she can go back into the house.

    Please know my heart. That was supposed to be funny and light hearted. I really hope there is NOT a medical condition.

  26. Avatar

    I am watching BBAD & Rockstar was making nachos, sorry but after seeing how are cooks I would NOT be eating anything she cooked, just saying.

    • danmtruth

      Ms.S as I have said before either her husband cooks or her kids eat A LOT of take out and fast food She says how they eat healthy Yet she treats a knife like a foreign object Does not know how to slice ,cut any veggies No walking into a kitchen is like walking on the moon to her

    • Cindy

      Not to mention i never see her wash her hands before or while she’s cooking. Nasty

    • aka beachgirl

      To be fair, I believe I heard that the knife is not very sharp. Looks like it’s made out of plastic. How sharp could a plastic knife be? Anyway, still with you, would not eat her food because I constantly see her licking stuff off her fingers and those fingers go right back to the food. I can’t believe none of the houseguests gathered around the bar area haven’t noticed this and said something.

    • mona77450

      I was watching the feeds last night and just before B.B. called her to make the cupcakes earlier, she was in the HOH bed with her leg propped up cleaning between her toes. I don’t think she washed her hands before she came downstairs and I know she didn’t before going to the SR to get the supplies and start mixing. Yuck! I was praying no one would eat them.

  27. Sassy

    Sam to RHS – you are the only girl I have connection with in here, so I might as well make the best of it with those I have connected with: you, JC and Brett.

    • Sassy

      I guess KC is on her shit list. Sam is not going to take it well when Brett votes with Level 6/5/4 to evict her best friend.

      • ladycobra

        The ironic thing about Sam is she has chosen as her new best friend the person who has talked a lot of crap about her as did Bay. I don’t remember any of L4/5/6 calling her a hillbilly or other names like RS has. RS even made the comment that she wished Sam would stop working out with her and leave her alone. I would hate to be Sam’s friend. I would always be on pins and needles worrying about saying or doing the wrong thing. I don’t think the way she picks her friends is any different than how she would pick them in the real world. Her friends are probably here today and gone tomorrow either by Sam’s choice or trying to be her friend drains the energy out of someone quickly.

      • Sassy

        I agree. She claims to be all about love and togetherness, then picks the most negative person in the house to be BFFs with. She talks the most crap about everyone! She’s not even loyal to those she’s loyal with.

  28. amareels

    RS and Sam are getting on my nerves! What is the time stamp of this alleged fight between KC an RS?

  29. Sassy

    RHS tells Sam – Angela is a pretentious spoiled bitch and she needs to take the pole out of her ass and dance around it. She cries about being on the block again and how it’s just mean that someone put her back on the block. She thinks her kids are going to say she’s the “block star”. She claims being there is a humbling experience. I haven’t seen anything humble about her. She’s mad no one wants to get to know her…

    • danmtruth

      Hay told RS they should not spend so much time together It is putting a target on them and they will get put on the block together RS got mad She started to name people calling them all assholes Bret she was kind of thinking better of but still does not like spending time with Sam has nothing in common with Jc is just a little bitch and is always with those other people So she tells Hay I guess I will just go sit in a corner by myself !?!? Not to judgmental are we

    • Shivani33

      Brett is killing me with the amount of hairspray he’s been using for his helmet-head. He is going all-out for his hosting job today. Obviously RS is going for the dearly departed Bay’s Miss Congeniality title. She’s beginning to sound like Lenny Bruce, except for her stupidity factor. It must be high time for one of her white privilege rants to go full-tilt. The blame game is thick but not as thick as her head.

      • Sassy

        If she stays OTB, I’m sure you will get your wish!

      • danmtruth

        As a reader of Lenny Bruce out side of the profanity is there anything else that makes you equate the two together

      • Shivani33

        You and I remember 1965, when How to Talk Dirty was “shocking”. I was a young girl and had his book on order before it hit the streets. I had read every Playboy interview and article about him. (The original and very first 1953 Playboy mag was waiting in the attic for me to find, thanks to a much older brother.) I used to go buy Playboy from our local college newspaper store when I was still in elementary school. I’d pay to have the clerks gift wrap it. Tee-hee. I was a handful.

        I do think that RS believes she can shock people and get them to think. But it’s not 1965 anymore. Anyhow, it’s not really the profanity. That’s just her salad dressing. What surprises me is that she believes that her concepts are cutting edge. She WISHES. Lenny was a marvel, still worth reading and hearing to this day. Funny and heartbreaking, analytical, courageous and lost in heroin. Blockstar? Never an original word out of her trap.

      • danmtruth

        Shivani33 Thank you so much for clearing that up Yes he was a person ahead of his time A great critical eye of society The hypocrisy of many of the morels of leaders at that time Hugh Hefner was a big supporter of his Often paying for much of his defense team You can see why George Carlin always credited Lenny for much of his work
        For all of Blocky’s social activism speeches When she had the chance she back down to keep in the running for money It is nice that there is no evidence that bay told her not to sabotage her game

    • NKogNeeTow

      That shall be her new name. From henceforth, she will be known as BlockStar! Funny thing is that the other night JC said that as long as she’s there her ass will be on the block every week. And if she comes down, the next week throw her right back up there. He had L6 in stitches about her.

  30. NKogNeeTow

    OMG, who said Scottie was a genius? HeidiHo was telling Brett and Peabody that she can get $60,000 for one of her ovaries. He asks her if she gets to pick which one. Sometimes I think to listen to some of these people, you need a bottle of vodka and tranquilizers.

    I don’t know whether to shake my head or to scratch it.

  31. NKogNeeTow

    BlockStar told HeidiHo early this morning that when they play the word game, her word will be UNDERESTIMATING. She said before she left, Bay gave her that word to use because it was the longest one she could think of and because they have underestimated her all throughout the game.

  32. Sassy

    There are clips on Twitter if Bay doing interviews after the show, surely if she’s getting this much info, they can’t have a battle back

  33. HappyHippo

    Hay just said it’s definitely not otev ha

  34. NKogNeeTow

    Peabody, BlockStar and HeidiHo says comp won’t be OTEV. HH said it isn’t played until there are very few people. I think they get dumber as the sun goes down.

  35. danmtruth

    Her and Swaggy are pitching to be on the Amazing Race already Those are not stars or hearts there eyes Those are money signs How will the baby elect that chance They will start the bidding soon for the baby pics

    • Avatar

      I think I just throw up in my mouth a little bit. I DON’T want to see them on amazing race or any pictures of their off spring. That poor baby would only wear swaggy c onesies.

      • danmtruth

        Swaggy is cashing in best he can right now Good for him building his and her brand Selling shirts Hope he is smart with his money good luck The only one I don’t see running around trying to cash in is Steve Even Winston has been doing meet & greets

      • Jenny

        I can’t imagine anyone wanting to meet Winston. Then again I can’t imagine paying to meet anybody just because they were on TV.

  36. NKogNeeTow

    BlockStar just told HeidiHo and Peabody that she’s use to a lot of respect because she’s an expert in her field and she doesn’t get that respect in this house. She says that everyone she knows calls her for counsel and look for her and call her for advice, even people hit her up on social media for it. She says she’s kind of an unofficial live coach. I swear guys, you can’t make this shit up. She’s saying it as I type…lol

  37. NKogNeeTow

    Brett is sitting in the HOH with the headphones on and nodding his head like he’s listening to music. Bet you the damn thing isn’t even turned on…lol

  38. Mel

    Do you think we could get some bb6 level gloating after the veto comp? After the Kaycee/RS arguement, they seem pumped up. Kaycee was talking like she probably would before her football games and we know RS will go nuts if herb side wins.

    • Sassy

      There is no doubt RHS will be full of herself if her side wins. I’d love to see KC pumped up. With all the crap and as nasty as RHS is, I’d love to see them dish it back at her.

    • NKogNeeTow

      What happened Mel? I was out most of the day and didn’t turn on the feeds until a little after I got in. When did KC and Blocky get into an argument and about what? Damn, I miss all the good stuff :-/

      • Mel

        It wasn’t on the feeds. We just heard both versions shortly after. KC’s version: RS started on KC asking her “why her when there were 6 other people to pick from.” (Putting her otb) KC said she wasn’t the hacker and she was gonna go off if anybody asked her that anymore. She’s tired of being asked. RS said something about not cussing and KC told her she was a grown ass woman and would say what she wanted. RS said something about it not being fair and other people not being otb. KC said something like “welcome to bb.”
        RS’s version: KC came at her saying she was a grown ass woman and she had to let KC know, she’s a grown ass woman too.
        KC was pumped for the comp during her retell to Angela. If they arn’t exaggerating, we’ll probably see a clip on the episode.

      • NKogNeeTow

        Thanks Mel and let’s keep our fingers crossed for the clip.

      • Sassy

        Why do they think this game is about being fair?

  39. NKogNeeTow

    Okay, so HeidiHo and MessyFessy are talking in the kitchen. She is telling him that BlockStar has a 17 letter word for the word comp (this is what they think the comp will be). She tells him to use the word RESPONSIBILITY and she will use the word UNDEFEATED. She said they (the 2 of them) will help Blocky find the letters for her word. Is that legal? Can they do that?

    She’s back to c*ckteasing him again. She told him that if The Hive wins tonight, she’s going to be so cocky and he can come up there and they can take a bubble bath together and do other things. He now seems like a very happy boy *Bet he’ll have to sit on that barstool for at least 30 minutes before being able to get up and walk*

  40. NKogNeeTow

    HeidiHo is telling BlockStar about her horses. Blocky is so enthralled with hearing about them. Wonder if she’ll lock herself in the bathroom later and silent scream?

  41. NKogNeeTow

    JC went into the HOH wearing the peanut suit. He said last night that he wanted to wear it for the Veto comp. He also said that Production played the song for him when they saw him wearing it.

  42. NKogNeeTow

    He just told BlockStar that he’ll wear her penalty outfit tonight. Alright, a round of ripeness for everyone!

  43. NKogNeeTow

    HeidiHo is telling Blocky and Peabody that after their Veto win tonight, she and Blocky are going to make her speech, go up to her room and get drunk, talk about everyone in the house, let Angela come up and tell her/Blocky why she should stay, then she’s going to take everything she says and throw it away and throw in her face, the same thing she said about Sybil, then go to bed.

    Sounds like HOHitis comes with a slice of vindictiveness. Problem with this little Twit is that she’s only this cocky when she has or thinks she has power. Otherwise she’s just a nail chewing, whining, conceited, puddle of sh!t. Next week her ass will be scared, whispering and crying again. She’s only this brave when she has a whole bunch of people in front of her, and that only last as long as an HOH does. Once that week is over, those roaches will look for a new corner.

  44. NKogNeeTow

    MessyFessy rationalizing and analyizing the game. Trying to sound all smart and stuff. He so pretty.

  45. NKogNeeTow

    Awww shucks! Blocky talking smack again about Angela. Says she’s bitchy.

    HeidiHo whining “I just want to have a good week”. *I’m sure Angela felt the same way*. She is talking big shit too. She says she would LOVE to break the tie. She says if that happens, she will be drunk with power *as opposed to now?*

    They say they know for sure they have Sam and don’t see Brett choosing the other side because it wouldn’t be very smart. They say they just have to secure JC.

    She says she doesn’t want to backdoor Tyler and never intended to. Says she’s always wanted Angela…*Now wait one goddamn minute…What have I been listening to the last few days?*

  46. NKogNeeTow

    Damn Blue Room whispering too low. Makes it hard for me to be nosey 🙁

    From what I can hear, Brett is spilling the beans. Guess the headphones really were off…lol.

    Hi Ho Hi Ho, it’s back to the HOH I go….

  47. ladycobra

    KC is the queen of one liner comebacks. In the last couple of days she has shut both Hay and RS down.

  48. NKogNeeTow

    KC, Drifty, Tyler going over things for the Veto. Meanwhile, up in the House Of Horrors HeidiHo, Blocky, Peabody, are wondering about their ratings and rankings. *face palm*

  49. NKogNeeTow

    In the House Of Horrors, they are wondering what they can do to make people watch so their ratings will go through the roof.

    They are discussing their goodbye messages to the past HG and laughing at them. *Wondering if they will still be laughing in the next coming weeks while sitting in the Jury House pondering where they went wrong?*

  50. Helen

    Wish they would just play it and get it over with!

  51. NKogNeeTow

    BlockHead…I mean BlockStar said she’d support Paris Hilton for President.

    HeidiHo says she thinks Kanye West will run. They then proceed to trash Kanye. *Hope they never read this Blog or we’re going to get our asses dragged all over the place*

    HeidiHo says that when she leaves the house she wants to pull some kind of publicity stunt, she just has to find a celebrity. They start to go through celebrities who they rank from A-D. Heidi brings up someone named Jenna Marbles. Blocky is confused. I think she was thinking of Jenna Jamison.

    Heidi is happy right now. She say she has over half the house in her room right now. She says these are the people she loves. *Hope she feels the same way when half of that half eventually puts her ass on the block*

    They (Hay, Blocky, JC, Brett) all sit in the room and yell out Sam’s name (trying to get her up in the room). Blocky tells JC to go get Sam and bring her up their. *I think they(H/B) just want to show the other side of the house how many people they have*

    • Jenny

      According to Google Jenna Marbles is a “youtube personality”. RS bringing up Paris Hilton? was she being sarcastic? because…um…. entitled rich kid to the extreme
      I don’t get this obsession people have with being famous. I’m glad I’m a nobody because I can go out without being followed by people w/cameras, and if I do something stupid nobody is writing or tweeting about it.

  52. NKogNeeTow

    MessyFessy went down to get Sam.

    JC keeps getting called out for singing.

    I wish Production would deduct 1 point for everything they do before the comp. Is that mean?

  53. NKogNeeTow

    That idiot JC keeps singing and we keep getting fish. If I wanted to see fish, I’d buy an aquarium.

    Does anyone know anything about Angela training for the Olympics?

  54. Helen

    What are they waiting for? Seems late today

  55. danmtruth

    get another studio so you can run these in an air-condition studio Not worry about the temp in the backyard Lets get a move on

  56. NKogNeeTow

    Just for the record, for all those who think I’m talking too much, it’s not for the people commenting on the board now. We’re all watching the feeds together. It’s for the ones who don’t have the feeds and who don’t get BBAD.

    I’m just giving a blow by blow. Don’t worry, Mel with 1 L will clean it all up tomorrow and make it aaalll better 🙂

  57. NKogNeeTow

    Brett just called to the DR (He’s hosting the comp), so they might be getting ready to start.

  58. NKogNeeTow

    MessyFessy, Tyler, Sybil and KC in the kitchen.

    KC is pounding on the counter real fast. She is READY!

    Sybil is pounding the hell out of some meat. She ain’t ready.

    • Mel

      Lol, she wanted to win before but RS annoyed her. Now I think she wants to win and shove it in their faces. Ppl on twitter will have to stop calling her furniture after this week.

  59. NKogNeeTow

    Re-runs just came on so IT’S HAPPENING!

    Keep your fingers crossed guys. Feeds should be down for a while. I’ll keep checking them periodically, but by then, Steve will probably have a new thread up and my dumb ass will still be commenting on this one. Oh well, guess I belong in The Hive *shrugs*

  60. Helen

    Well if L6 does not win veto today they will be down to 3….Hive will have the numbers and take out whoever they want in the event they win another HOH…sam is basically voting with hive now, I can see Brett flipping over if numbers go to 3,so will JC.
    I don’t want to see L6 go….

  61. Alda

    Lets go Level6/5/4.Be ready to RUMBLE!!!

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